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    Baby #2 Due
    July 11, 2009

    First BFP was on HALLOWEEN 2008 (at 13 DPO.)
    Tested again Nov 5 (at 18 DPO) and this came up:

    There was no denying that beautiful BFP!

    Had bloodwork done early on....
    16 DPO- 216
    19 DPO- 1453

    I had a m/c in July '08 and then again in Sept '08. This pregnancy has been nerve-wracking but such a huge blessing. I enjoy everyday and am so happy and blessed to be pregnant again.

    My appointments:

    U/S at first appt showed a gestational sac and yolk sac. (5 weeks 6 days along.)

    U/S at second appt showed a healthy baby with a heart beating at 176 bpm. (9w6d)
    Pic of that U/S:

    There was no U/S at my third appointment, we just listened to the beautiful heartbeat! It was at 162 bpm and was very easy to find. (13w6d)

    I had an unexpected appt on Feb 2 because of some spotting. The spotting ended up being a sensitive (but fully closed) cervix. Had another u/s and Baby looked very healthy and happy. Heartrate was 168 bpm... and that little one is ACTIVE!

    BIG ULTRASOUND WAS FEB 13! Happy early Valentine's Day!
    It's a girl!

    her profile

    her little girl 3-white-lines money shot

    February ended up being a scary month for this pregnancy. I had bleeding on 4 separate occasions that month (3 of them being at the end of the month) and had to be closely monitored because of it. As of today, March 28, I haven't had any bleeding for 5 weeks... so I'm feeling better about things. I'm still taking it easy, though!

    Appt on March 3 showed that things had improved from when I was bleeing. Baby looked great with a heart rate of 155 bpm.

    Next appt is March 31!

    My belly shots:

    6 weeks:

    8 weeks:

    14 weeks:

    16 weeks:

    18 weeks:

    20 weeks:

    24 weeks:

    27 weeks:

    I can't wait to give Ellie (baby #1) a SISTER!
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    Proud Parents!!!!!! Alicia - 33, and Kevin 38

    We have 5 beautiful children. My daughter Madison died not long after birth. She was 7lbs. 4oz. She had a head full of curly black hair. She had a disorder called a diaphragmatic hernia which doctors were sure could be fixed after birth. Unfortunately they could not repair it. She's in Heaven. My DH and I were married March 15th, 2002, and he has taken the father role to my oldest 2 children, Brianna and Brandon. I met Kevin over the internet in an AOL chatroom. He lived in Michigan and I in Mississippi. After a 2 year friendship, we met and fell in love. He drove to Mississippi 2 months later to marry me so my kids would not have to leave my family!

    Now my other 4 children are a handful! I have a 13 year old daughter, whom is very studious, mature for her age, and caring, a 10 year old son that has ADHD and a love for life and adventure, a 5 year old son that is trying to figure out exactly where he fits in, and a 1 year old son that smiles 24/7!





    Noah was definitely our last baby. We were on fertility drugs to get pregnant with him and it took 2 months of Clomid and Metformin to get him. My husband and I were not trying this time. One night of passion a week after my 33rd birthday got me pregnant, fertility drug free!

    Due Date is July 10th, 2009 - ticker is calculated for July 8th according to second U/S.
    I am having a planned c-section, number 5, on July 1st or June 30th. Dh says July 1st sounds better!

    Noah broke my digital camera, so I will post sonogram pics, belly pics, etc. soon!
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    Alright... this is my space! I'll update later!

    Baby # 2 Due July 26, 2009
    DH 7/04, DD 10/07

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    BFP 11/17/08
    ovulation: 11/9/08
    EDD 8/3/09
    first appointment:12/16/08
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    ~Ayelet & Yoram
    Tani 7/6/04
    Odeliya 3/8/07
    NJ, USA to Israel 12/29/08
    Yitzchak, 22.6.09
    Asa'el, 14.10.11
    Welcome baby boy!! 26.7.13

    Rambling on at http://milkandhoneymomma.blogspot.com
    facebook and twitterID: ayeletschwell

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    Talking jsb8t's little one thread

    Saving my space!

    EDD: 8/5/09 (although 7/29/09 is more realistic)
    BFP: 10/28/08

    I'm calling my OB tomorrow to set up my first appointment, so wish me luck!
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    Jennifer's Space

    belly pictures

    Its a BOY!!! (2/10/09)

    my little boy's feet at 18 weeks, 4 days

    hands and face

    first hard kick felt by Mommy AND Daddy: 2/21/09
    first movement seen from the outside: 3/17/09
    EDD 7/10/09
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    Nov 2008


    Baby #4 Due 7/11/2009

    u/s pics coming soon...

    pregnancy calendar

    Lilypie 3rd Birthday Ticker

    Lilypie Kids birthday Ticker

    Older DS (19)

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    Stacey's Space! (paciencia)

    The story:
    After 3 early losses, DH and I were talking about adoption. Then I got this "feeling" that I needed to try IVF before we went forward with any adoption. IVF worked and we are THRILLED! We transferred two embryos, and found out that they are BOTH doing great! Yep, it's TWINS!!!

    The top two BFP's are too faint to see clearly on the Internet, but there is no mistaking #3 at 12 dpo!

    Bring on the Belly Pics!:

    3 weeks-109
    4 weeks-112
    5 weeks-110
    6 weeks-112

    Important Dates:
    11/30-First Positive HPT
    12/4-First Positive Beta (14 dpo=300!)
    12/23-First u/s (saw two beating hearts measuring perfectly!)
    8/13/09-EDD (but Twins will probably come in July)
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    ~Stacey (31) ~DH (29 ) 5/22/04

    Proud Mommy of Cosette Alegr?*a and Kiana Denise
    Born at 34 weeks 6 days.

    July 8, 2009 (07-08-09)
    4 lbs. 6 oz. and 3 lbs. 11 oz.

    My August Space #22
    Our two sweet girls are here!

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    Dec 2008

    Smile Michelle's Space

    Michelle's Space
    BFP: 11.29.08
    EDD: 7.30.09

    Some pics from the greatest day of my life so far... the day I married my best friend!!
    July 26, 2008

    Maternity Pictures

    Our pregnancy timeline so far:
    11.29.08 - BFP!
    12.3 - My 26th bday
    12.4 - Trip to ER for spotting and cramping... told we would miscarry.
    First U/S @ ER showed heartbeat of 74. We left devastated.
    12.8 - Follow up Dr. appt. with OB. Blood showed a rise in hormones!
    Most likely diagnosis of bicornuate uterus. Continued spotting.
    12.11 - Second U/S showed heartbeat of 127! Continued spotting.
    1.2.09 - 3-D U/S w/perinatologist. Heartbeat 170!
    Confirmed bicornuate uterus. Continued spotting/bleeding.
    1.13.09 - Met new OB and heard hb - 150-160 bpm! (Happy birthday DH!) Still spotting.
    1.30 - Follow up appointment with peri. to monitor cervix and baby - AMAZING! Baby is growing on schedule, cervix is holding strong, and spotting is GONE!!! Couldn't be better!!!
    2.2 - OB appointment - fine. not too exciting.
    2.13 - Peri appt. to check cervix... Looking STRONG, LONG, and CLOSED! Dr. predicts baby GIRL!
    2.27 - Peri appt. to check cervix and baby's anatomy check @ 18 weeks - Went SO well! Baby GIRL is happy, healthy, and growing beautifully! Doc called her beautiful multiple times! Cervix is doing just fine as well. Get to see peri at least two more times. Couldn't be happier!
    3.3. - OB appt. First time being fundus is measured... measuring at 16. 3 lbs gained in last month. Not bad!
    3.12 - HALF WAY THERE!!! 20 weeks!!!
    3.13 - Peri appt to check cervix - still looking good! Went through preterm labor with nurse. Will probably only have one more peri appt. bittersweet.
    3.20 - Daddy feels our little girl kick for the first time!!!
    3.24 - We decide Grace Elizabeth is her name!
    3.27 - Peri appt to check cervix and baby growth... everything checks out beautifully! Doc calls our baby "a million bucks!" We no longer need to see him. So bittersweet - no more peeks at Gracie, no more time with Dr. Pircon, BUT no longer in the "high risk" zone either!! WOO HOO!
    3.31 - Monthly OB appt. @ 22 weeks - went OK. Discouraged she wasn't as optimistic as Dr. P. Told to relax and not do as much since I have had some BH contractions already. Total weight gain 10 lbs.
    4.21 - OB appt. @ 25 weeks. Things are looking "normal" says Dr. M.
    5.5 - Time for every two week appt with OB! 28 weeks. Drank the fun orange drink for GTT, got a shot in my bum for the RhoGAM, and I've gained 18 lbs so far. Not too bad all and all.
    5.19 - OB appt. @ 30 weeks. Nothing special. All things are going well and looking good!
    5.31 - Move to new condo in West Allis!
    6.2 - OB appt @ 32 weeks. Dr. M checked her position and she is head down! Such a great surprise to get a peak at Grace too. All things are going well! 24 lbs gained total (I think).
    Also our first Baby Class! LOVED it! Talked about different positions and laboring things. It was great!
    6.4 - Last Day of Work for the school year!!!
    6.9 - Second Baby Class: toured L&D... very nice to get a peak in there. Excited to go back in July and have my baby girl! Then practiced different positions with birth ball and Brock. Very fun!
    6.15 - Call dr. because of lower back pain and cramping. 1st vag exam by Dr. P (new doc to me) says I am dilated, she can feel Grace's head engaged in pelvis, and thought she could feel membranes. Get to PNAC immediately. Get a nice scan... Grace is about 4 1/2 lbs and measuring beautifully! Cervix checks out OK as well. Go to L&D for monitoring. Ctx every 2 to 5 minutes. Get hooked up to IV. They slow down. New doc there says I'm 1 - 1.5 cm dilated. But there was no change while I was there. So they sent me home after a few hours. Crazy!
    6.16 - OB appt @ 34 weeks: Dr. M not surprised my visit to hospital but is pushing for 36w. If we make it that far, she won't try to stop labor. Says I need to "take it extremely easy" for the next few weeks...
    Baby Class 3: Went over basic newborn care. B changed a diaper of a crabby baby doll.
    6.21 - Baby Shower in Michigan! Decide to go, even with excitement of last week. So glad we did because it was great to get away and see the in-laws. Lots of fun things came our way too! So blessed.
    6.23 - Baby Class 4: Go over pain management choices. Learn a lot and still excited/determined to do a natural birth.
    6.25 - OB appt @ 35 weeks: Nothing new. Weight gain total 19 lbs. Went down a few lbs from last week (I think I stayed the same since I was pumped with fluids @ hos. night before)
    6.28 - Baby Shower in Racine! Mom, Aunt Leslie, Ashley, and Maddy came for a few days to help with the nursery and throw a baby shower. Saw Bon Jovi too! We are so blessed and pretty much ready for Grace to arrive!!
    7.3 - OB appt @ 36 weeks: We made it! Yay! Measuring a little behind but will wait to see how it looks next go around.
    7. - OB appt @ 37 weeks: Full Term! Went over birth plan. Heard HB and it sounds great. BP and weight is fine too. Another week down...
    7.15 - OB appt @ 38 weeks: Not much progress, but some. Measuring 35/36 weeks. BP 100/70. Weight is fine. 2-3 cm dilated. Head down in 0 station! Things are lining up to be a routine and problem-free delivery! Come on, baby girl!

    Things coming up:
    7.24 - OB appt @ 39 weeks
    Anytime now: Grace's arrival

    12.11.08 U/S @ 7 weeks . . . . . . . . . . . 1.2.09 3D U/S @ 10 weeks, 1 day

    . . . . . . . . . . .

    1.30.09 U/S @ 14 weeks, 1 day. . . . . . Doctor says "Think Pink!"

    2.27.09 U/S @ 18 weeks... She is right on target - happy and healthy!

    Some fun pics to share:
    Hanging out with my hubby:

    At the airport with my little sister and brother (and my very mature DH!)

    My darling little brother tickling Gracie at the airport!

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    Default Steffany's SPACE

    TTC #2 for 2 1/2 years
    BFP on Nov. 20th (18dpo)
    EDD JULY 29th, 2009

    Baby #1 DS born 06/06 is 3 1/2 now...hoping for DD!!

    He's so cute...my lil man
    Another one of DS
    My handsome DS 3 yrs old
    Our Family Xmas 2008
    7wk U/S

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