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    finally adding a belly pic. 26 weeks

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    I'm finally figuring this all out. My space! I will update with pica asap.

    My first baby:

    the DH:

    The fam:
    Xmas 08 med.

    The bean:
    u/s med.

    14 weeks:
    14 weeks med.

    16 weeks:
    16 weeks med.

    18 weeks:
    18 weeks med.
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    EDD July 23rd

    10 dpo, midday: I *think* I see a line 11 dpo: No doubt now! I got a BFP!!!!

    Beta at 12 dpo: 289!!

    First ultrasound at 7 weeks.

    NT scan at 13 weeks: Baby is healthy and measuring a full week ahead of my LMP, so EDD moved from 7/30 to 7/23. Woohoo!
    18w 0d: Had a "sneaky" u/s done at work. Looks like I have a complete placenta previa and it might be a girl.
    19w6d: The BIG u/s.....It's a definitely GIRL!!! After emptying my bladder and having a vaginal u/s, looks more like a partial placenta previa. Baby is measuring 4 days behind my EDD
    23w6d: Had another u/s because I lost part of my mucus plug. My cervix has gone from 5cm to 3cm, but is still within normal. Baby looks healthy but is measuring 1.5 weeks behind my EDD now. The tech saw some scar tissue between the placenta and cervix, which is strange since I've never had any surgeries or infections. The placenta has moved a couple milimieters from my cervix but is still considered marginal. It needs to move more than 2 cm from my cervix to avoid a c-section, so I'll have another u/s between 28-30 weeks.

    27w6d Had another u/s and the placenta moved totally away from the cervix! WOOHOO! Baby is measuring within 3 days of her due date now, and looks just like her big sister!

    Belly pics:

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    Didn't realize this was here! As soon as I figure out how to post, I'll throw some pics up!

    Recent appts:
    Dec.31st= Ultrasound after not hearing heartbeat through the doppler...the little bean was spinning and bumping; making too much noise!

    1/28= Heard strong heartbeat on doppler (first heart rate was 184bpm, this one was a little slower but not by much); had 5 vials of blood drawn, ugh.

    2/10= Colposcopy for abnormal pap...

    2/19= In-depth ultrasound. Lowered risk of Downs by 50% everything looks good.

    2/25= Hr 140 bpm; had 3 more vials of blood drawn as they forgot certain tests the first time! Ugh!

    3/25= Unscheduled ultrasound- everything looks great! Tiny bumps on my hands were an allergic reaction to something (not sure what)...

    4/22= Glucose screening test and ob appt.; update: failed glucose screening

    5/3= 3 hour glucose screening; update: failed again-dx with gestational diabetes

    Will meet with nutritionist for gestational diabetes diet. Bleh.

    5/18= Baby shower! Got all the big things I need. Family and friends were very generous!

    5/20= Found out that I missed not having gestational diabetes by two measly points! MD says I have a bada** placenta that is just pumping out too many hormones. Said not to worry too much and they'll control it with diet. Had an ultrasound. Everything is measuring within normal limits, my weight gain is fine, no excess of fluid and baby is measuring 1 week ahead which is fine.

    6/4/2009- Meet with midwife, Jessica, due to wanting to try a waterbirth...will meet with another one in two weeks. I kinda hope I don't get the midwife I just met with...I might punch her during labor! Baby is still turned the right way and measuring 1 week ahead.

    6/9/2009= Meeting with dietician. She said that everything looked good and that I was doing all the right things with my diet. BS need to be retested just to verify.

    6/19/2009=Next appt with a midwife, Debbie.
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    EDD July 17th

    First, here are some pics of my DH, myself and my gorgeous daughter Nelly.

    So I'm in Montreal for a couple of months over the summer and I go back home on Oct.6th all enthusiastic about the fact that my almost 8 month old daughter Nelly is finally sleeping through the night, eating pretty well and not breastfeeding as often. I'm not as famished all the time and I'm exercising more and life is pretty good. DH and I are finally getting our lives back!

    Nov. 4th/08 I'm at aerobics class and 10 min into a fairly easy workout, I'm all dizzy and I have to lie down and rest. Instructor asks me if I've had breakfast -- yes, I have -- I look like I haven't worked out in years when I'm in pretty good shape. I'm puzzled.

    Nov. 5th/08 I have some brown spotting ... Oh so that's why I felt faint yesterday, I must finally be getting my period back. Maybe now my body will get back to normal. Well it's either that or maybe I'm pregnant. Haha. Isn't that funny?

    Nov. 6th/08 More spotting.
    Nov. 7th/08 And a bit more today. But still no period. Starting to get suspicious.

    Nov.8-11/08 I do a pregnancy test at home just in case, there's no way I could be pregnant, really. What are the chances? I never even got my period back. I just pee directly on the stick instead of in the special container, so I get the whole stick soaking wet and the color leaks all over the thing. I can see both a + and a - due to the leaky color. Non-conclusive test, I think.

    Nov. 11th/08 Get through a really tough step aerobics class. I did well, but still feel somehow off kilter. Lightheaded. More tired than usual. I should go see my OBGYN. Maybe I'm anemic, as my MIL suggested.

    Nov. 16th/08 The Dr. listens to my symptoms and she says, "maybe you're pregnant". I go in the next room for a blood test and before I'm even out the door, the lab lady says, "ooooh you're SOOOO pregnant"!! BFP!!!

    NOV. 16th/08 First U/S to date the pregnancy. Gestational age is 9 wks and 5 days. EDD JULY 16/2009

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    EDD: July 20th, 2009
    Birthday: July12th, 2009 @ 9:02am

    My DH and I are High School Sweethearts. We met on our Army JROTC class in the ninth grade. I remember him coming up to me and starting a conversation as I studied for my history test. I even ignored him at the beginning, and all that got got engraved in my mind was his honey & green colored eyes. After 2 years of persuading me, we started dating at the age of 16 on 03/03/03.

    How could I have said no to him. We were both in the end of our junior year in high school. I was blindfoldedby a friend and taken to a room that he had fixed up. As she left me at the door, he greeted me with a big bouquet of roses. There was table in the center (red rose petals leading to it) all nicely done with candles and glasses (filled with cider of course). As music played in the background, we had lunch that he had cooked for us. When we finished eating he asked me to slow dance with him. As we danced he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. He is so amazing. Always there for me, supportive and encouraging. Love him so much.

    On 08/26/08 he proposed as we had dinner with our whole family. On 03/03/08 after 5 years of dating we got married.

    wedding websites

    A few months later...on November, I found out we were expecting a baby for July. We are so excited, can't wait for our little miracle.

    As the baby grows, I can feel more of a motherly feeling. Through months of morning sickness, nausea, heartburn, and many more bodily changes, you still grow to love that little one causing all the discomfort. I found out I was having a boy on February. I only have one sister who is younger, so I never cared for any boys. Having a boy is different, but I'm glad. Something new, something that is all mine, to learn and love.

    11/29-30/08 Took two home pregnancy test, both were positive.

    12/01/08 Had an appointment at the clinic for a pregancy test, and it is confirmed that I am pregnant.

    12/10/08 First prenatal visit. Got my prenatal vitamins and iron pills.

    1/06/09 Very first ultrasound. Got to see my tiny baby. According to this u/s I am due on July 20.

    2/19/09 Second ultrasound. It's a BOY!!! They checked his measurements and anatomy.

    3/03/09 Anniversary of 6 years together, and 1 year married. Love him so much.

    3/14/09 Appointment went well. Heard baby heart beat. Doc told me the ultrasound shows a small mass in the uterus that is benign, and not to worry because it won't affect me nor the baby.

    4/11/09 Took my 1 hr glucose test. Drink tasted horrible.

    4/17/09 Happy 23th Birthday DH!!!!

    4/27/09 I am 28 weeks. I changed my doctor and today is my first visit with him. The doctor said the baby is too big. He is weighing around 3.5 lbs and he is suppost to be around 2 -2.5 lbs. Told me to try to stay away from sweets.

    5/11/09 I am 30 weeks. As soon as he measured my belly, he told me the baby is big. The ultrasound confirmed that the baby is big, and is measuring around 32 weeks. My previous clinic has still not send my information to my new doctor. He is concerned about what my glucose test results are, and hopes to receive them ASAP to be more informed on my progress. Overall he says the baby looks really healthy. He confirmed that the baby is a boy.

    5/12/09 I received a call from the doctor. He finally received my 1 hr glucose test, and the result are high. I need to go in tomorrow to have the 3 hour glucose test from 10am-1pm. Not looking foward to taking it.

    5/13/09 Took the 3 hrs glucose test. Another nasty drink. Almost puked, but stopped it by drinking water.

    5/18/09 I called the doctor for the 3 hrs glucose test results and I failed it. He said no more sugar for me. NO juice, no cake, no candy, no cookies, zero sugar if possible or I might end up getting a C-section. I have such a huge sweet tooth...already feeling the sugar withdrawal as I'm typing this.

    5/29/09 I am 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Doctor said baby is measuring two weeks ahead, so still a big baby ; he measured my belly and said I was 36 cm (I'm suppost to measure 30 to 34 cm at most). I got an ultrasound picture of his face. He has not turned head down yet, so he sits on my belly. I was told that the bump that I constantly feel on my right top of my belly (and sometimes push in as it hurts), is the babies head.

    5/31/09 Baby Shower! I got two gift cards, a baby 3 in 1 (swing, infant seat, and rocker), Baby Bath with Spa and shower hose, alot of diapers and baby wipes, tons of clothes, bottle warmer, and baby item organizer (that I can hang on the changing table for easy access), a second rocker n' seat (which we exchanged for a diaper bag), baby wash & lotion, and surprisingly only 1 bib and 2 blankets. It was a small baby shower, but it was fun. I also found out that I might have a second baby shower; we will see.

    6/15/09 I am exactly 35 weeks today. DH was able to go with me (the last time he was able to join me was around April). My BP was high, but the nurse repeated the process a few minutes later and it came out lower. She asked me if I was running or anything. I was in a rush getting there (almost was late), so she said it most likely what contribute to my high BP results and wasn't concerned. DH asked dr again for the gender and dr responded "It's a girl." DH was like "No!" Then dr said "just kidding, a boy." My belly still measures 36cm. Anthony's HB is good and he is still measuring ahead, so dr said he doesn't think I'll make it to EDD. I am now going to start my weekly appointments.

    6/19/09 Anthony got us all alarmed today. I was feeling cramp like pain and vomiting. Called my OB's office and he wasn't in so the nurse said to go to the hospital. DH got out of work and took me to the hospital. Everything seemed fine so the nurse only hooked me to an IV. While taking the IV I felt the horrible pain come back, DH called the nurse in. She confirmed that I was having contractions and checked my cervix. She said that I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I was given a shot to try to stop the contractions. I was put to walk for an hour to see if the contractions decreased or if they created change in my cervix (which meant I was going into labor today!). After the hour my cervix was still 1 cm. I was given the option to: stay for observation or go home to bedrest. Now I am home with bedrest and waiting until further progress or next OB appointment.

    6/22/09 I am 36 weeks today. This baby is getting me anxious! He still has not turned. He is in a breech position with his feet down. The OB said he can't deliver him like this. It would have been better is he was butt down, making space for the head to come out. Feet first, he said, there is a possibility that his neck might break by getting stuck on an unopened pelvic bone. So hopefully Anthony Flips! or else it is a c-sec for me. I gained 2lbs in 1 week,I am now 186!!! Baby seems to be in a diet his weight is looking better each time. He isn't too big anymore, still measuring ahead but weighing around 6lbs 10oz or so. I'm so glad. With his growth rate,for a moment I thought I was having a 10 pounder child, that would have been painful.

    6/29/09 I had my 37 week appointment. My Dr was in a rush (he was called in to deliver a baby), so he didn't have much time. I saw him for around 5 minutes at most and wasn't able to ask him questions that I have. That got me annoyed. I gained 4 lbs from last week, and my feet were super swollen as well as slightly high BP. Anthony's HR was 143 and he is looking good. He is still breech and my fundal height is 38 cm. My Group B test came back negative, so yay for that.

    7/6/09 Dr said that Anthony looks good. I have very high BP, so the Dr wants to see me in two days to see if it is still high to make a decision on what to do.

    7/8/09 I went to my appt and the Dr was not there (he had 6 deliveries). The nurse took my BP and it was still very high. I was told to go immediately to the hospital, so they could run some test on me. After waiting from 11am to 3pm for blood test and monitoring the baby, I was finally told that everything except my BP looked good. They called the Dr and he ordered for me to stay in the hospital until he got there to check me. Three hours later at 6pm, the nurse walked in and told me he was not going to be able to make it, and would schedule me for a clinic appt in two days. So I spend 7 hrs in the hospital for nothing!!!

    7/10/09 My BP went down. Again the baby is doing well, but due to him being breech the Dr finally scheduled a c-sec for this next Sunday 7/12 @ 8:30am. I am so nervous and anxious about everything.

    7/12/09 My scheduled c-sec (@ 38 wks+6 days) early in the morning (8:30 am). Anthony Dilmer C. was born at 9:02am, 8lbs 6oz, 19 in long, and measuring 38.5cm head. He is so adorable, I am truly in love with my little man.

    ***7/20/09*** EDD First time Anthony sucks his thumb to sooth himself. It was so cute.
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    DH (Ben) and I at our wedding, June 13, 2004

    Birth Story:
    Ethan Benjamin O______
    born June 21, 2009 at 38weeks, 4 days
    7lb, 7oz
    19 1/2 inches long

    Went to dinner with friends on Saturday June 20th, but called it an early night and went to bed around 10:00ish. At 11:30 I woke up when my water broke. At first it was just a trickle, but by the time I got to the bathroom it was small gushes. Then the contractions started. Ben helped me set-up the Hypnobabies CDs and I started listening to them in the living room. Much to my surprise, I hated being on the birth ball, and I quickly discovered either hands and knees, or leaning against the wall felt best. I was feeling the contractions pretty strongly, and mostly in my back, as the baby was sunny-side up. Ben started to get the birth bag ready to go to the hospital. I was feeling the contractions stronger and stronger, so we started timing them. We both questioned whether we were timing correctly when we discovered they were a minute long coming every one to two minutes apart. This went on for over an hour. Then we called the midwives and checked in with them. At this point, I decided that we needed to go to the hospital to get checked out at least. The ride to the hospital was very uncomfortable and felt like it took forever. We arrived to the hospital around 2:30am on Sunday, June 21, 2009. When we got to the hospital we went into triage. They checked my blood pressure and pulse and I answered general questions. Then we had to wait for a space in triage to get an internal check. At this point, Ben thought we’d probably be going home and wouldn’t be admitted still. I think he felt this way because I was doing so well with the contractions just breathing through them. After a little bit a space opened up and I got checked by Lucie, one of the midwives. Much to everyone’s surprise I was 8cm dilated and our baby was coming that day – a Father’s Day gift for Ben! Also the first day of summer! We were taken up to the Alternative Birth Center room where we got settled. At that point, I probably should have told Ben to get the birth bag from the car, but I really needed him by my side and didn’t want him to leave. The contractions kept coming and I found the best position was leaning face first against the wall. Ben was rubbing my back most of the time and I just kept trying to breathe through what was now pain, not just strong pressure. This went on for awhile. Eventually I tried the ‘birthing tub’. This felt good on my back, but I couldn’t stay in for very long as I was feeling restless and just couldn’t. Around this time I just felt like I couldn’t handle things anymore and Ben had to coax me through the contractions. After some time, around 4:00am, I felt like it was time to push. Lucie checked me and I was almost fully dilated with only the rim of the cervix present. At that point, I was told I could push so that’s what I started to do. I know some women say the pushing feels good because you are finally doing something with the pain and pressure, but to me it felt awful. My back was killing me and the pressure just felt enormous. I was having a really hard time pushing and it felt like the baby wasn’t coming out. Lucie, the nurse and Ben kept telling me I was making progress and to keep going, but after awhile I felt like they were lying to me! I was getting very tired at this point. Lucie and our nurse both commented to Ben that I must have been an athlete as my legs were so strong. After what felt like forever, we could finally touch our baby’s head and he really was getting closer. Unfortunately, he just wasn’t coming out – he’d come out a bit, then go back in. For a while, we just kept doing this as his heart rate was extremely stable. I could tell the nurse and Lucie were a little surprised he was handling the contractions and the pushing so well. Eventually, this wasn’t the case. The baby’s heart rate started to drop and was at 80bpm and Lucie and I decided that an episiotomy was necessary to get him out of the birth canal. So the episiotomy was cut and I kept pushing. Finally, at 6:48am, after 2 ½ hours of pushing, our baby was born! I turns out that he had his hand up next to his head, so I had been trying to push both his head and hand through at the same time! Not to mention he was sunny-side up.

    Our baby was born with a full head of black hair, blue eyes, Ben’s nose, and a mixture of other features we haven’t figured out yet! I held him on my chest for a little while, but he wasn’t interested in breastfeeding. At that point, my placenta detached and I started gushing blood, in fact a little too much blood. So I was given a shot of pitocin to stop the bleeding. It didn’t stop for a bit, so Lucie asked the nurse to start putting an IV together as I might need one. Thank goodness, it stopped right after she had the IV ready! Ben was holding his son at this point. Then the nurse took the baby and weighed him at 7lb, 7oz. and gave him a bath in our room with daddy watching. I was cleaned up and stitched.

    Then finally, we were left as a family of three to get to know each other. We marveled over our son’s features and mulled over a name for him, finally deciding on Ethan Benjamin O______. Life was good! We spent over four hours in the ABC room. The nurse was so surprised that I went to the bathroom so many times during those hours. I felt a little dizzy from the blood loss, but otherwise good. After this time, I got into a wheel chair and we were wheeled up to our postpartum room. We kept Ethan with us the whole time and I just didn’t want to let him out of our sight!

    Overall, the birth went fairly well. I was very glad to have done the Hypnobabies classes as they really helped with the pain tolerance. I have a really low pain threshold and I think I would have been a mess without Hypnobabies. I was very pleased to get the natural birth I wanted without any drugs. The only interventions I had were the episiotomy and the pitocin shot after Ethan was born. Both seemed necessary at the time, and afterwards as well. I think we made the right decisions throughout our birthing time. Most of all, I was thrilled that our son was healthy and happy and that we had created our own little miracle! I’m still amazed at how much happiness and joy he brings into my life.

    August - relaxing outside

    Ethan's First Christmas

    March 2010

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