July 2012 Sparklers - Arrivals and Birth Stories

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July 2012 Sparklers - Arrivals and Birth Stories

Please post your birth stories here! No comments please. I will update the arrivals as more babies arrive!


June 1 ~ Carter Ryan ~ Aggiegirl06/Amanda

June 14 ~ Zachariah Samuel ~ MrsDisel/Lee-Anne

June 15 ~ Charlette Jordyn ~ Lorah

June 25 ~ Kinley Catherine Alice Elizabeth ~ Maddys_Mommy/Jessi

June 26 ~ Ryan Joseph ~ MommyQCT/Jackie


July 3 ~ Ronan Raymond ~ aqualin21/Maggie

July 5 ~ Paisley Florianna ~ carissar/Carissa

July 5 ~ Avery Elizabeth ~ augustgirly

July 5 ~ Harper ~ EveC/Eve

July 10 ~ Daniel Benjamin ~ SunDevil28/Andi

July 14 ~ Alijah Maddix ~ Weimerbaby1

July 23 ~ Caroline Eva ~ nmpiche/Nicole

July 24 ~ Trent Alexander ~ ftmom/Kyla

[/SIZE]August 2 ~ baby boy ~ lowermainlandmamaof3

July 26 ~ Dante Alexander ~ readytoplanmom/Rachel

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This is going to be long, but I want to write it all down while I can remember what happened so one day we can look back at Carter’s birthday.

Thursday, May 31 I was discharged from Labor & Delivery after my cerclage removal and told to come back when my contractions were 4-5 minutes apart lasting at least 40 second per contraction. DH and I went to eat with his family that night. I remember feeling really full really fast at dinner and my feet had started to swell again. We went home and I took a bath in hopes of relieving some of the swelling and went to bed shortly after midnight. I had been having some trouble sleeping in recent weeks and I remember lying down and thinking how strange it was that I was this tired so early in the night.

I woke up Friday, June 1 around 8:00am and immediately felt the pain in my hands from the overnight swelling. I had taken my wedding ring off a few days before just as a precaution and replaced it with the first ring DH ever got me from James Avery. I had to work some magic just to get that ring removed without cutting it off. I got up and almost couldn’t walk to the bathroom my feet were so swollen and then noticed that even my face was starting to show signs of swelling. I ate breakfast and got back in bed as DH was leaving for work so I could keep my feet elevated. I ended up falling back asleep for a few hours, which was strange still since I had 8 good hours of sleep already.

When I woke up at noon I knew the swelling was not normal and I needed to call my doctor, especially since it was a Friday and I didn’t want to wait until Monday to see someone. I made an appointment for 1:10pm and used the next hour to clean up some of the house and pay some bills. Oh, how I wished I had used this time to take a shower!

The first thing they did at my appointment was take my weight. When I left the hospital on Thursday I weighed right at 140 pounds, and I typically was putting on a pound per week the previous few weeks of pregnancy. Imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale and it said 150 pounds!!! I knew that couldn’t be right, as did my nurse, so I stepped off and stepped back on and it was still 150! She had me go to the bathroom and then she re-checked me on another scale and I was still 150. We were shocked, and I knew something had to be wrong for me to go up 10 pounds almost overnight. The bad news was almost confirmed after she took my blood pressure (which is normally in the 115/60 range) and told me I would have to wait in a room so someone could come talk to me.

My favorite nurse, Kim, came in and checked out my swelling and told me I was showing signs of pre-eclampsia and needed to go back to Labor & Delivery to be monitored. I knew the only way to handle pre-e was to deliver the baby and asked her if this was “it” and she said it really depended on my blood work and that they would draw my blood once I was in L&D.

I raced home and packed our hospital bags just as DH was getting home from work. I caught him up and told him this could or could not be the real thing, but we needed to get packed, just in case. The night before I had sat down and typed up my hospital bag list, and I’m so thankful I had that to look off of because my brain was going 150 miles per hour at that point. We didn’t even have the car seat installed so we threw the boxes in the back of the truck as we left and prayed we would be sent home so we would have some more time to prep some things back at the house.

We called our moms on the way to L&D so they would know what was going on. Honestly, I had just checked out of a 3-day stay at L&D so I’m sure they weren’t really thinking anything of me going back. I told them both that there was a very real chance I would deliver today, and a very real chance they would send me home if my blood work looked okay.

We got checked into L&D right away, monitor on, urine sample taken via catheter (ouch!), blood work drawn and then just had to wait 45 minutes for the results to come back from the lab. In the meantime my nurse, Vanessa, was taking my blood pressure every 10 minutes and I was looking way better that I did while I was at the office. DH and I breathed a sigh of relief and thought we were probably going home.

At 5:00pm on the dot Vanessa walked back in and handed me the phone and said Dr. P wanted to talk to me. I immediately knew that wasn’t good. Dr. P proceeded to tell me that I had all the signs of pre-eclampsia: the swelling, protein in my urine, the rapid weight gain and the high blood pressure. She said the blood work tests for something in my liver and my blood platelet count, among other things. I think she said my liver enzymes were high and my platelets low, and I was past pre-eclampsia and had a very serious condition called HELLP Syndrome. She said we needed to deliver the baby right away, and she was in the car on the way to the hospital for my c-section. I asked about a vaginal birth and she said her fear was that by the time I had dilated to 10 centimeters and was ready to push the damage to my liver would be so severe and I might be looking at a life-or-death situation. Yikes! After we hung up I told DH what she said, and I remember being really calm about the entire thing. It was like as soon as she told me I needed a c-section I relaxed and knew it was all in God’s hands and He was going to take care of things from here on out. And we were going to meet our baby!

After that things got fast and furious. DH called our moms back and the nurse threw scrubs at him. We had 2 more nurses come in my room and Vanessa started my IV while I signed consent forms and another nurse hooked up all sorts of machines. Vanessa walked me through what was going to happen which made me feel a lot better. She also mentioned that after the c-section I would have to go back on the magnesium for 24 hours to help the pre-e/HELLP. That piece of news was more discouraging than the c-section news because I knew how I would feel on the magnesium and that is NOT how I wanted to spend my sons first 24 hours with him. She assured me it would be a much lower dose since we weren’t using it for pre-term labor and were instead using it for HELLP. (They had me at a level 5 magnesium drip the previous 3 days in L&D and this time I would only be on a level 2 dose for the first 12 hours, then down to a level 1 dose.)

By 6:00pm most of our family was there and both sets of parents came back to see us. We took a few pictures and prayed together in a circle around my bed, which really helped me. Minutes later Dr P was ready and they had me walk back to the operating room. By that point the swelling was so bad it went all the way up to my hips and I couldn’t bend my knees. I had to walk like a peg-leg back to the OR which was funny to me at the time.

I walked into the OR at 6:23pm. They left DH outside while I got my spinal, which did not hurt at all except for the position you have to sit in for the needle to be inserted. I seriously didn’t feel anything and then they had my lie down and started prepping everything. I remember thinking (as my legs were quickly falling asleep) that it felt like I was at Seattle Grace Hospital from Grey’s Anatomy and Dr. McDreamy was about to walk in the room, lol!

Once they pulled the sheet up in front of my face I got really scared. I started shaking really badly and thankfully DH came back at that time with Dr P. He was so cute in his scrubs! Dr P asked me how I was doing and I told her I was scared and I thought I could still feel everything. She told me she was pinching my belly with special tweezers right then and I wasn’t feeling it, which helped just a little. They didn’t strap my arms down and I was shaking so badly I had to hold onto the metal bars that were holding the curtain up.

At 6:40pm I heard the best little screams from the other side of the curtain and Carter was born! They lowered the curtain so I could see him and then took him to the baby bed to get cleaned off. I remember crying so hard since he was screaming and meant that his lungs were developed, which lowered his chances of being in the NICU after he was born. DH left me and went to be with Carter.

DH told me later that I kept telling the anesthesiologist that I couldn’t breathe and as soon as they took Carter out he gave me something in my IV to help me calm down. DH said I asked him if it was a margarita, lol. DH also told me that he glanced back my way when he was with Carter (on the other side of the curtain) to see if I had calmed down any and caught a glimpse of what Dr P was doing. He said that was the only time he got lightheaded and it reminded him of a war movie where the soldier’s insides were open and the doctors all had their hands in my belly.

Shortly thereafter DH and baby left since the temp in the OR is so low and went to the newborn nursery so he could have all of his vitals done. Since they were in another room I don’t even know what his APGAR scores were and didn’t think to ask the rest of the time we were in the hospital. So I was by myself at this point, with only the anesthesiologist to talk to on my side of the curtain. I don’t think I ever really calmed down after that “margarita” he gave me. I later learned that it was my body going into shock, which is completely normal. It took them 35 minutes to get me sewn back together which was honestly, awful. All I wanted to do was see the baby and have DH back by my side to calm me down. During this time the doctors were all talking about their vacations and another doctor they all knew who just had a baby. It was surreal- just like Grey’s Anatomy!

Finally at 7:15pm they wheeled me out to recovery and DH was there waiting for me. I have never been so happy to see him! My favorite nurse, Laurie, was also there and was going to take care of me for the rest of the night. She warmed me back up from being in the freezing OR and got me ice chips while DH told me all about Carter and showed me all the pictures he had taken. I kept asking Laurie when I could see and nurse Carter, but she couldn’t tell me since he was in the nursery. He was finally brought back to me at 8:30, almost 2 hours after he was born! Thankfully he had no problems nursing and Laurie gave us some time to have skin-to-skin before I had to start the magnesium and he had to go back to the nursery.

We got moved to our L&D room and they started the magnesium at 10:20pm. We were able to have visitors come back to our room so we saw our families and spent some time with them while we were waiting on Carter back in the nursery. I remember being really tired at this point, and just so relieved that he was here and I was no longer pregnant. And not dead, obviously!

Carter was able to join us at midnight and I fed him again before he had his first set of visitors. My mom and sister stayed so they could see him before they went to sleep, but everyone else went home. My cousin and his wife also got to meet him that night. Carter had his first dirty diaper while they were all there, and I wish I had it on video. DH was changing his diaper (he has NEVER changed a dirty diaper in his life) and freaked out at the meconium. He was having a hard time getting him cleaned off when Carter gave him another present- one they went all over DH and his bassinet, lol! My mom and sister were both trying to help him and everyone was cracking up!

At 3:00am my BP spiked and they had the nurses move me onto my side (I still couldn’t move, plus I had in a catheter). Of course, this was the exact moment the nursery nurse brought Carter in for his next feeding. It was awfully painful having to be on my side after the surgery and try to nurse at the same time. It was not a very successful feeding.

Carter stayed with us the rest of the night, which was wonderful. We basically stayed up the whole time listening to him coo and watching him move around and just falling in love with him.

Carter is absolutely perfect and such a blessing to have. We praise God that he was born healthy at 35 weeks and didn’t even have to go to the NICU at all. He was 6 pounds, 7 ounces and 18 ? inches long.

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Zachariah Samuel
Born June 14th, 2012 at 4am
6lbs 15oz and 19 ? inches long

A little background info first….

At my 20 week ultrasound they discovered that our baby was missing his left kidney. I had a follow up ultrasound 2 weeks later to confirm that finding. I however, didn’t find out about this until my 24 week appointment. After losing my first son to Potters Syndrome 2 years before (he had NO kidneys) this hit a bit too close to home and I was a nervous wreck afterwards.

Fast forward to 35 weeks (June 7th) I woke up that morning and after laying around in bed for an hour, I realized that I had not felt the baby move at all since waking up. So I moved around a bit in bed, poked at my belly trying to feel SOMETHING!! I got up and drank some pop hoping that the sugar would get him moving. I laid back in bed and continued to try to get him to move. I had been trying to get him to move for at least an hour and had felt nothing at all that morning. I was extremely worried so I called my doctors office and told them what was going on. I was in tears by this point trying desperately not to sound hysterical. They told me to go to labor and delivery as soon as possible. So I had my MIL drive me in and called DH to let him know what was going on.
I got to labor & delivery and hooked up to the monitor. They found his heartbeat within a few moments and monitored him for a good half hour. My doctor also ordered an ultrasound. After my NST, an ultrasound tech brought in the ultrasound machine. My doctor came in after the ultrasound to give me the verdict. The fluid was low (at half of what it should be) and that we’d have to deliver soon. They kept me over night for monitoring, hooked up to an IV for fluids and gave me an ultrasound in the morning then sent me home with instructions to take it easy, keep my feet up and to come back on Sunday (June 10th) for another NST.
My amniotic fluid was low and that was why I couldn’t feel him move that morning. So My doctor was going to do a NST every 2 days to keep an eye on him. She also told me that I was most likely going to deliver within the next 2 weeks, and that I should get ready. So I did. We went home and had my family come over and we totally cleaned the house from top to bottom and I finally got the baby’s stuff ready, which I had been putting off until the last minute. I went to my NST on Sunday and everything was fine.

June 12th - I had my 35/36 week appointment the following Tuesday, I went to that and my doctor did an ultrasound in the office. The fluid was even lower, so she had me do a NST in the office. After my NST, she said that she wanted to induce me. My fluid levels were going down, not up. She didn’t want to leave him in there any longer knowing that. His heart looked good on the monitors though, so we went ahead with the induction.

My doctor walked us over to L&D and to my room. She wasn’t on call so I was left in the care of the on call doctors. It bummed me out that she wouldn’t deliver, but I was just happy that the baby was going to be born and I could relax a little knowing that he’d be there soon.

They hooked me up to the monitors and an IV for fluids, plus antibiotics for group B strep. They had just did the group b strep test that day at my doctors appointment and the results wouldn’t be back for a few days, so they were treating me as positive for GBS to be on the safe side. They inserted the Cervidel at 1pm and I had my first contraction about 20 minutes later. The cervidel started contractions but they weren’t very strong or consistant, athough about 10pm I did have a couple strong ones that I had to breathe through. It thinned out my cervix to 50% which was pretty thick when I started. I started out thick and at a about 1 and a half centimeters.

June 13th - After they took out the cervidel (at 2am), they let me sleep. Although it was impossible to sleep with those monitors on. Due to his low fluid, we had to have him on constant monitoring, so I had no choice but to keep them on.
Around 6am they came in and started my pitocin, then at 9am they broke my water and put the internal monitor on the baby’s head (so I didn’t have to have the monitor on my belly.)

They checked my cervix every couple of hours. By 2pm I had made it to 3 cm and still 50% , and by 4pm I was ALMOST at 4 cm. Around this time too, they started to notice dips in the baby’s heart rate every time I had a contraction, which meant that baby’s cord was being compressed. So they made me lay on my side (which isn’t very comfortable while having contractions.) That didn’t do much good, so they decided to add more fluid to my uterus to cushion the baby’s cord. That did the trick and baby’s heart rate was back to normal.

I reached 4cm, I don‘t remember when, but it stopped there. My cervix refused to dilate any further. They kept upping the pitocin, but that didn’t help. My contractions stayed about 3-4 minutes apart and stayed at the same strength. The pain was tolerable, not too bad. I tried moving around as much as I could with all the wires and such that I was hooked up to. I sat and rocked on the birthing ball, I squatted for the longest time, I stood and rocked or walked around in the little space that I had which wasn‘t much at all. This went on for hours and every time they checked my cervix, it remained the same and I got more and more discouraged and at times even cried a little bit.

June 14th - The doctor was coming in about every hour to check my cervix his self and allowed me to go until about 3am on the pitocin. At 3 am that morning though, there still was no change in my cervix, It was still at 4cm and still really high. I was extremely tired. I felt beat…..
The doctor came in one more time and explained that they were going to do a c-section. By then I was just done. I had nothing left in me to give. I’d pretty much labored from 1pm June 12th to 3am June 14th. It wasn’t horrible pain, but it still hurt and drained my energy. I told the doctor, “Okay…..whatever…..I’m done.” I felt defeated and tired. I just wanted to sleep. (A quick side note, the only good thing about me getting a c-section was that my doctor got to be there to assist. The doctor that delivered my first 4 children. Technically, she wasn’t the doctor who delivered but she was there helping during the surgery and was there when my son was born. That made me extremely happy. So I can say that the same doctor delivered ALL of my kids!!)
They prepped me for surgery, I signed the papers and DH got in his little hospital get-up. I wish I would have gotten pics of him Blum 3
They wheeled me into the operating room at 3:30am exactly. (I remember looking at the clock as they wheeled me in.) They transferred me to the operating table and the anesthesiologist did my spinal. OMG that was horrible!!! It was worse then my contractions. He’d put the thing in my back, then I’d feel this awful shooting/burning pain down to my left hip. Then he’d ask where I felt it. I’d tell him, then he’d do it again but this time I’d feel it on the right side. Ugh, it was horrible. My doctor sat with me and held my hands while he did this. I’m so glad she was there, since DH wasn’t allowed in til after they had the curtain thingy up. I remember telling her that this was so much worse then having to push a baby out. It was such a comfort knowing she was there for all of this.
After my spinal was put in, I remember feeling my lower half get nice and warm, where I’d been shivering just moments before because it was SO cold in there. I told them “Oooh at least my body is nice and warm now.“ The anesthesiologist heard that and said “awww that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard!” LOL I couldn’t help but laugh about that.

DH was finally let in the room and they did the c-section. It was awful. Every second of it. I couldn’t feel pain, but I could feel all kinds of pressure and them moving around down there. At one point I could feel major pressure on my stomach area, and I asked them “What on earth are you doing down there!!??” Then I hear my doctor say “Oh don’t worry, that’s just me on your chest.” LOL all I could think was…”Ummm okay” It was weird. I think she was pushing on my stomach area trying to push the baby down because he was so high up.
At 4am we finally heard them say “He’s out!!”. He was immediately given to the pediatrician (not shown to us over the drape), he did whatever he did and we heard Zach cry not long after he was out.
Some point after that DH turned white and said he was sorry but he had to leave or he was going to pass out…..so he left the operating room. He still doesn’t know why he felt that way.
So there I laid all by myself on the other side of the drape…..waiting. I felt faint by this point. I felt super tired. I remember struggling to stay awake. I asked them how much longer it was going to take. They said about 10-15 minutes. Not long after DH left the room, the pediatrician brought the baby over so I could see him. I only saw his face, but he was beautiful. He opened his eyes and looked at me. He was crying when he was brought to me. I touched his cheek and started talking to him and he immediately stopped crying. It made me feel good…..like my voice calmed him down or something. I gave him a couple kisses then the pediatrician took him to the nursery where they put him on oxygen and an IV for his low sugar. I’m not totally sure what they did with him while he was there because I was still in surgery, plus everything that happened afterwards.
After they left with the baby I don’t remember much. I think I passed out after that. I had been trying my hardest to stay awake. I thought it was just because I was so tired, but they said I lost a lot of blood so that might be why I was struggling to stay awake.
I do remember them rolling me over and them taking my spinal out. OMG I was in so much pain. I could feel everything. It BURNED so bad. Then I remember them switching me to the bed and rolling me out of the operating room. They stopped at the nursery and let me see the baby from my bed through the window for a moment, then I was wheeled up to the ICU for an hour. I remember being in so much pain. I kept asking them for something for the pain and it felt like forever before they gave me anything. They gave me morphine but that didn’t do anything. So they gave me another dose…..still nothing. Seems like they gave me another dose after that but I’m not sure.
I was SOOOO tired. I don’t know why I didn’t just fall asleep…..I think in my mind at the time, I thought I needed to stay awake, even though I wanted to just fall asleep. Maybe it was the pain that was keeping me awake. I stayed in the ICU for an hour, then they took me back to L&D.

When I got there I remember just wanting my husband. It seemed like forever, but he said he was at my side as soon as I asked for him. DH said it was bout 6am when things started going wrong. I was just laying there with my eyes closed listening to everything around me. I remember laying there listening to the nurse. I heard her say that my blood pressure was low. 50’s over 30’s I don’t remember how low it was exactly. She checked it 2 more times and then said she didn’t like how low my blood pressure was, then went off to find the doctor.
Next thing I know there’s nurses everywhere. I’m not totally sure what they were all doing or how many there was. I know one was on my left side putting in an additional IV, so I had an IV in both arms. They were taking blood samples, and sending it off to the lab. Another one was taking my blood pressure every 5 minutes. At this point they didn’t know why my blood pressure had fell so low. DH said my face was as white as the sheet I was laying on.
DH was sitting off in the corner. He said he felt so helpless, that all he could do was sit and try not to cry. He texted his mother (who was watching our kids) and told her that she better start praying because I wasn’t doing too good. So she sent my father in law to the hospital. I remember hearing my sister in laws voice and my husband talking to her. I could hear it in his voice that he was crying. I think it was at that point that I realized that I wasn’t doing too good……All I remember was being tired and the need to sleep SOOO bad, yet for some reason my body wouldn’t give in and sleep. In my mind I HAD to stay awake.
The results were back from my blood tests and it seems that my hemoglobin was a 5 or 6.….something like that. The doctor said that they needed to do a blood transfusion. So while they waited for the blood, they lowered the head of my bed so my feet were higher then my head, to keep the blood going to my vital organs. They brought the blood in and hooked it up to my IV. I don’t remember too much after that. I must have been in and out of consciousness because I only remember bits and pieces. I do remember them discussing sending me up to the ICU for the rest of the day and over night because they could monitor me better up there. I guess they had to bring in all the nurses they had on staff plus additional nurses.

They took me up to the ICU after my blood pressure was stabilized and they gave me a button to push for pain meds that I could push every 10 minutes if I wanted. So I finally had some relief from the pain. I think at this point I finally allowed myself to fall asleep, but I was woken up every time they came in to take my vitals. I don’t remember too much about that day. I was just in and out of sleep.
They took my blood pressure a lot, but it eventually went back to normal levels.
During my entire stay after my c-section, I had 4 things of blood put back into me. I also had to have a CT scan to check for internal bleeding. I guess while I was in surgery they had cut an artery and that is why I lost so much blood. I didn’t learn this until just last week from my husband. So the reason for the low blood pressure and blood loss made no sense until just recently.
I stayed in the ICU until about 7am the next day (June 15th). I got to see my son for the third time, a brief moment, as they were taking me to my room back in L&D. DH had brought me pictures while I was in the ICU and I had them taped above my bed so I could see him. He also brought me pictures on his phone and videos for me to watch of him. He was so sweet…..even though it was heartbreaking to see him hooked up to all those tubes. I’m just glad that they didn’t need to transfer him to a bigger hospital.
He remained on oxygen for an entire day and then some. He was finally brought to me the second day sometime after noon. I held him for the first time about 30hrs after he was born. I didn’t get to nurse him until he was 2 days old because of my CT scan. I feel like so much was taken away from me and him because of my c-section. DH didn’t even get to cut the cord. Everything was so different with this one because he was premature and missing a kidney. So they took extra precautions with him. I’m glad they did, but I wish things could have been different.
We went home on the 17th. I was an emotional wreck by the time night came that day. I felt no emotions while I was in the hospital. It all came out when I got home. I sat and cried for the longest time. DH just sat and held me and let me cry. I felt so violated by everything that happened. I don’t know why I felt that way, but I did. It was all so horrible. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and it played continuously in my head. I try not to think of it now. I guess I’m trying to forget it.
I’m pretty much back to normal now. My incision healed well, Thank GOD!!! Zachariah is doing well. He’s up to 7lbs 4oz as of last Monday. He has what they call “Breastmilk jaundice”. his doctors aren’t concerned about it. We had his kidney looked at and the doctors say he’ll be fine. We just need to monitor him for infections. Other then that he’s a normal healthy baby, and we couldn’t be happier with him!