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    Default July Firecracker's Spaces!

    Welcome to the Firecracker's Spaces thread! Please only post here once to claim your space and update (edit) your space as much as you like- with whatever you like!
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    Kristin's Space
    A little about me:

    I'm a camera-crazed mother to Alex, wife to DH Tom, fur-mom to miniature-dachshund Rooney, and part-time lawyer working (well, TRYING to work) from home.

    DH and I met in late July, 2003. In September of 2003, he got an offer to move to California for work, which he turned down, after a lot of agonizing, leaving me quite relieved that I wouldn't have a new relationship end due to "bad timing." The relief was short-lived, however, as in April, 2004, he received another job offer, this time in Chandler, Arizona (Phoenix area). It had become clear that DH's current job would eventually be eliminated, and he felt he had to take the job to advance his career. That left the big question - what about our relationship? After many discussions, debates, some tears, a short-lived breakup, more discussions, and some creative planning, we came up with a solution: I would go to Arizona with DH for 60 days, to make sure I didn't hate it there, the relationship was moving forward, etc. My bosses were kind enough to let me telecommute for this period of time, so that I wouldn't risk my job by leaving. And so, in June, 2004, I left for Arizona. By the end of the month, DH and I had signed a contract to buy a house together - scary! In July, 2004, we closed on the house, and in September of that year, we got engaged. We were married in April, 2005 in a private ceremony in Hawaii, after trying to pick a neutral location for widespread family and friends, agree on a budget, etc., proved more stressful than just focusing on what was important - getting married! We did have a reception in Arizona in May for family and friends - too bad it was an outdoor reception and the temp soared to 115 that day!

    In 2006, DH started getting new job offers within his company, and after much back and forth, we decided to take an opportunity that would base us in the Indianapolis area, surrounded by his family, and much closer to mine. We spent the first weekend of October, 2006 house-hunting, the second weekend driving cross-country, and the third, um, getting me knocked up. I had been off the pill since May 2005, following a vacation in England, and who'd have guessed I'd get pregnant while staying in a temporary apartment waiting to close on our new house!


    The short version: Alexander Thomas was born on Wednesday, July 18, 2007 at 4:08 p.m. He weighed in at 8 lbs, 15 oz, and was 21" long. He was induced after missing his due date by three days, with his mother becoming increasingly impatient as her feet swelled beyond recognition...

    The long version (cut and pasted from what I posted about a week after he was born):

    As expected, we had to induce, as Alex remained stubborn right up until the scheduled date, and was clearly too comfortable in his current accommodations, despite attempts at an amicable eviction. We went into the hospital last Tuesday night at 6pm, 3 days after my due date, and they gave me my first dose of Cytotec to ripen the cervix at about 6:45pm. I started feeling contractions for the first time by 7:30pm, but they were the non-painful ones, where you can just feel your uterus tightening up. Feeling them then, it was pretty clear that I had not had any previously, because they definitely felt different than Alex's kicks and other movements that I'd experienced. My doctor let me order some food around 8:00, since I'd hadn't had much of an appetite and last ate around lunchtime, and then we just tried to sleep, being interrupted periodically by nurses for additional Cytotec doses (3 in all) and antibiotic IVs.

    My OB decided to show up early, so I was awakened at about 5:45 am and given a chance to shower before she arrived. By about 6:30am when she checked in, I had begun to make some progress, and was about 90% effaced, but only 2 cm dilated and at -1 station. The OB broke my bag (DH said he could actually hear it "pop"), and I was started on Pitocin at 7am, after getting a new IV (due to uncooperative veins) at which point the waiting began, with my OB telling me it could well be 12 hours before we were near the end.

    I started out without an epidural, but was amazed at how quickly the contractions started feeling different. Initially, they just felt like cramps, then particularly bad cramps, but the nurses suggested that I try to hold out as long as possible, as it would be easier to monitor the effect the Pitocin is having if I was able to feel them and report on my degree of pain. But they also said not to wait until the last possible minute, as it would take about 15 minutes to page the anesthesiologist, and another 10-15 to put in the catheter for the epidural. By about 8:30 am, I was frankly pretty darned uncomfortable, and it was just a matter of how much longer I thought I could hold out. I wasn't able to do deep breathing throughout the contractions, due to the pressure at the peak of each one, and even the short quick breaths weren't providing much relief - I felt like I was doing nothing but focusing on breathing and dreading when the next contraction would come. Somewhere around 9am I decided I was done - things were moving too quickly for me pain-wise, and I knew I wanted the epi in the long run, so it didn't make sense to continue to hold out much longer. Unfortunately, my timing wasn't ideal - a woman down the hall beat me to the punch, so they told me it would be a "few minutes." Factor in some complications down the hall and a doctor who didn't appear to be in a rush to get to me (great, she's slow, busy, and having a bad day - just my luck!) and it wasn't until 10:30 until I actually got the drugs - ugh. Actually getting the catheter put in was one of the things I dreaded the most, particularly since I was at that point contracting every 2-3 minutes and knew I wouldn't be able to get the catheter without at least one contraction during the process. Add to that the fact that you're supposed to remain "absolutely still," and I was convinced I was going to move and end up paralyzed. Not a fun process, but man did that thing work fast. From the time she hooked up the line, I did not feel a single contraction - the nurse asked me how one of them felt, and I truly looked at her like "huh?" because I had NO clue I'd just had one. Ahhh - relief. I did have some nausea and developed the shakes, but it was preferable to the pain, so I can't complain too much.

    The OB came back in again around 11am, at which point I was fully effaced, 3-4 cm, and at 0 station. She was pleased with the progress, and planned to come back to the hospital again between 2 & 3pm, again saying it could still be evening until the real action started. One of the nurses checked me again a little before 1pm, and I was up to 5-6 cm and between 0 and +1. Over the next hour or so, they started talking about making sure my OB was in fact coming back around 2pm, as the pace seemed to be picking up. I could tell the baby was dropping, because I started feeling pressure, but not contraction pains, low down in my pelvis. The OB arrived around 2:15pm, and I was up to 9cm, still between 0 and +1. Because of his position, she said she might let me keep contracting even after I hit 10cm, to give him a chance to "labor down" in an attempt to minimize the amount of time I spent pushing, which she warned could take up to around 3 hours. I hit 10cm by the time I was checked at 3:00, and was at +2, so they started getting things ready for me to push. I started sometime after 3:15, and Alex was born at 4:08, so I thankfully came in under an hour, and well under the doctor's 3-hour estimate! The pushing part was so weird - I got pretty scared right beforehand that I just wasn't going to be able to push hard enough or the right way, and that I'd end up with a c-section. The actual pushing process didn't hurt too much because of the epidural, but I felt like my head was going to explode from the way they had me holding my breath during the process - it was hard to focus on pushing down low as opposed to not passing out from lack of oxygen! I do remember feeling that we were very close to the end when I finished a contraction and could feel that the baby's head hadn't slid back and felt like it was parked halfway out! DH was an awesome cheerleader - he got much more involved than he originally intended to. He was originally one of those "I'll stand up way by your head and hold your hand and try not to see anything" guys, but he ended up holding one of my legs during the contraction, and actually watched the head crown and much of the delivery itself. He just drew the line at cutting the cord. And one of his first comments after they took Alex away to clean him was "should we never speak of this again??" But he was truly amazed, and I'm glad he didn't miss out. As posted earlier, Alex was born at 4:08 on July 18th and weighed in at 8 pounds, 15 ounces, and was 21 inches long. The nurses were taking bets as they went to weigh him as to weather or not we had a nine-pounder - not quite, but a little closer than I'd expected!

    I did end up with a "scratch" (my OB's description of my 2nd degree tear) and had to get stitches, but the pain from that hasn't been too bad. I've felt stronger every day since the delivery, although still not 100%, but that's probably as much from the sleep deprivation as anything else! Alex slept almost constantly in the hospital, and we kept wondering if we were born with some kind of angel baby that would sleep through the night, but things changed literally as soon as we got home - figures! I tried to breast-feed in the hospital, but between Alex's sleeping and relative lack of interest in feeding initially, some problems with him latching on, concerns about my supply, etc., we ended up having to supplement with formula Thursday night because he still hadn't peed, and we were at risk of him not being discharged on time. The formula did the trick, and although I continued to talk with lactation consultants and tried to nurse in the hospital on Friday, it just became harder and harder, as he would fuss horribly within five minutes of trying to latch on to me, but would be instantly soothed by the formula. Needless to say, we are now exclusively formula feeding, as I truly feel that his demand exceeds my supply and ability, particularly in light of my prior surgery. Part of me feels like maybe I gave up too soon, but I really believe it will be for the best over the long run, particularly taking my sanity into account!

    Alex has been sleeping great during the day while at home, and really has a great disposition. We're just struggling now with the 12-4 am time period, which seems to be his fussy time, and is wiping us out. We figured out on Monday that part of the problem is that we weren't giving him enough food in one sitting, causing him to wake up more often. We were feeding him 2-oz premade bottles that we got from the hospital, but once we got home and made him a 3-oz bottle from the formula, we discovered he would gulp down the whole amount (or at least 2-2.5 oz) and sleep for anywhere from 3-4 hours! That's what we get for having such a big boy! His longer sleep appears to be in the morning, between about 9:30 and 2pm, at which point he takes a slightly smaller feeding and sleeps until around our dinner time. For whatever reason though, after we feed him around 10pm-12am, he struggles more to get to sleep, with or without a pacifier (which keeps falling out), and we're up almost constantly, or on about 15-30 minute intervals until his NEXT feeding around 4am, at which point he FINALLY sleeps until about 7 or 8 in the morning. I know this is all entirely normal, but it's frustrating when he's sooo good during the day! My mom took over feeding hm last night so that I could try to get some sleep, and darned if she didn't have better luck than I did. He ended up with a fussy period from about 9-11 this morning, which I was much more alert and able to deal with, but now we're just waiting for him to give us another BM, as he's done nothing but pee since about 7:00 last night...

    DH went into the hospital yesterday, and struggled with the lack of sleep. Today should be better for him, but he's going to the Jimmy Buffett concert tonight, which I think is crazy, but it's been an annual thing for him for YEARS.

    We had Alex's first weigh-in at the pediatrician yesterday, and the nurse thought he looked just great! He's back up to 8 lbs 12.5 oz after dropping to 8 lbs 10 oz in the couple of days after his birth, and she had no concerns that he'd reach his birth weight before his two week appointment. His color is great, he seems to be handling the circumcision well, etc. And of course we just think he's the cutest thing in the world. He loves to sit and sleep with one or both of his hands up near his face, in a "thoughtful" pose, but I think mostly he's just thinking about his next meal or diaper change.

    Our dog has handled everything pretty well - he doesn't seem to appreciate the middle-of-the-night wake-ups, and he's very interested in sniffing Alex, but he's responding to our "off" commands and not getting too close or trying to jump on Alex or lick him. I think he knows something's up, but he hasn't shown any behavioral changes to indicate that he's stressed out by it. I just think he appreciates the quiet times. He's asleep at my feet right now, in fact...

    Alex's first DITL - Nov. 07:

    2008 Montage:

    Recent Pics

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    Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com
    Make your Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com

    Jesse and I met knew of each other in highschool, but never really talked. When he moved back home after leaving the Marine Corp we found each other online and have been inseperable since We finally tied the knot after 5 years of putting up with each other lol!

    Our Wedding day-September 13th, 2009

    Easter 2008: The Happy Family

    Little man Aidan was born July 6th, 2007 weighing 6 lbs. 9 oz. and was 20 ins long.

    3 Days Old-First Night Home



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    Default Updated 2/22



    Robert and I were married in Las Vegas on October 22nd 2005

    Robert and I met thru mutual friends. We grew up only 2 hours away from each other, but had never met. We both grew up in Western Montana (near Missoula) but met and lived in Billings. I was just getting out of a marriage, and wanted nothing to another man, but for some reason, he kept coming around. After acquiring all the debt of my x-husband, I moved in with Robert for a short time to get my money situation fixed (or decide to move back home). Things ended up working out with each other, and we became inseparable.

    We became official the first Thursday night football game of the season. I asked him to marry me the next April. Yes, you read right. I asked him to marry me. Ok, it was an accident;

    We had been drinking, and then I (being a woman) thought that we’d have a conversation right before we went to bed. In the middle of our conversation, I asked him if he was serious about our relationship. He did not answer. He was passed out. SO, I gave him a soft jolt in the side. It ended up being a very hard punch in the kidney. He jumped up screaming, “WHAT!”.
    “So, are we getting married or what?” I asked, not really meaning to ask him to marry me.
    “Yeah, whatever, Just let me sleep.” Was his answer.
    Not so romantic, but it’s definitely a story to share.

    We’ve had our ups and downs, trials and tribulations. We work on things, and we work with each other. It’s not always a joyride, but it’s a ride I’ll never regret.

    Aislynn Jean Mancini
    Born 7/25/07

    Newborn Baby Girl

    Aislynn has taught me more things than I ever imagined. Sounds so cliché, but it really is true. Above all, she has taught me patience, fear, and undoubted love. It’s been amazing watching her grow, change, and learn.

    Robert and I tried for 11 months to conceive a child. This would have totaled 2 years, 11 months total for me trying to have a baby. It’s a roller coaster ride I’d never wish on anyone. We scheduled a meeting to visit other options (adoption) when we finally got our BFP. I cried, as most would imagine. After seeing so many bfn’s, I honestly never thought I’d see a positive test. It was AMAZING.

    Some of My Favorite pics

    Kilynn Cooper
    Born 1/22/09

    Names that we have "decided" on previously
    Kiah (again)
    Don't forget DH's favorite-Cooper.
    Due to some tragic news from distant family, I have decided that I am not able to use the name Kiah.


    Weight Tracker
    Pre Aislynn weight - 165 (gained 60lbs)
    Pre Baby Sister weight - 188 (goal is to gain 25lbs)
    Due date weight - 220
    Current - 197

    Just about Me
    I was born and raised in Western Montana. I currently live in Utah. I'm waiting for the day that we get to move back to Montana, but it doesn't seem to be anywhere in the near future.
    I rode a HD Sportster until we decided to have another baby. With the realization that I wouldn't be able to ride much for another year, I decided to sell my bike. That was a hard day. However, I have a fund to plan to buy a new bike in the spring of 2010. I get excited everytime I see the bike I want. The HD Crossbone. Oh yeah!!! I've got a few tattoos, and the gear to go, but that's about as far at the biker chick goes. I talk tough, but there's no bite behind it.
    I graduated from the University of Montana with a BS in Business Management. I'm currently putting that degree to good use in managing a household, toddler, husband, and pregnancy.

    Blinkies and signs I Love
    Birthboard Blinkies

    Current Signature
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    Aislynn 7/25/07 ~ Kilynn 1/22/09
    My personal Challenge http://lcmancinichallenge.blogspot.com
    TTC #3 Since Dec '09
    Reed Aslan, Always in our prayers.

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    A little about me....
    I am just a girl that likes hello kitty Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting, beer and wine tasting, Starbucks Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting, baseball, cosmos, pomegranate mojitos, Tarina Tarantino jewelry, reading US weekly and People, spending time with my husband and daughter, the Twilight series, watching anything involving Martha Stewart, baking, going to movies, shopping, tattoos,and my afternoons with Oprah. I have a pug named Fenway. So yeh, there is Jen in a nutshell.

    My husband I went to college together at Cal and met at a party. We were best friends until both of us went away for weekend trip and we were finally honest about our feelings for each other. We got married at the San Francisco Zoo on August 5, 2006. We wanted to have a baby right away and three months after our wedding we found out were pregnant with Kaleigh.
    My favorite pics of my husband and I at our wedding...

    The first time I got to see my daughter...

    I am currently in this crazy journey to lose weight and be happier with myself. I will post pics on here soon when I get a minute.

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    Let's see... it all started back in 2000 when DH and I met on yahoo personals; we met up a few weeks after we began talking in March and the rest is history!! We were married on June 4, 2005 (hence my user name - our first 2 initials and our wedding date).

    Here are a few pictures from our wedding:

    On October 29, 2006, we discovered we were expecting our fist child. We only had to try for 2 cycles before we got our BFP!

    My pregnancy was pretty uneventful and normal. We found out on Feb 14, 2007 that our baby was a girl.

    At 40 weeks 6 days, I went in for an ultrasound and NST to see what was going on and decide when I would induced. During the ultrasound we found out my amniotic fluid levels we low so they sent us right to the hopsital for an induction. The rest of my birth story can be found here.

    Video of the first time she crawled:

    Here is Kayley on her first birthday:


    Late Updated: 10/29/08
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    My space

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    Counting the days until Thanksgiving break! My students are getting antsy, as am I! My grandmother just celebrated her 90th birthday! We went to visit her today...


    I'm a 31 year old high school teacher, wife, and mommy to Molly. I love my job, but I don't see myself doing it forever...I'm getting another Masters degree in School Library Media. Whee hee! That will be perfect...

    We want to start trying for #2 in the spring, but I'm scared. How will we manage two kids? So many people manage so many more, but I can't imagine it! Bye bye free time, I guess!

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    I’m Alexandria (20) and DH Adam (22). We started dating July 2006, moved in together October 2006 and during that time Callie was conceived. Got a BFP November 2006 (picture was on my phone but got deleted) and was completely unplanned. EDD was July 28, 2007 then got pushed up to July 27, 2007. The time between then and Christmas was very blurry in that family life was a roller coaster due to the situation. By the new year things were all better and we were enjoying the pregnancy. We got engaged August 2008 and got married June 20, 2009.

    3D/4D U/S appointment ~ 36 weeks 1 day (last picture I have for belly shot)

    I was induced at 41 weeks 1 day. Back at my 39 week appointment I was 3 inches dilated at 75% (or something like that) effaced. I was admitted into the hospital on August 4th and administered pitocin around 6pm. My water broke shortly after 4am on the 5th of August and Callie was born at 12:14pm on Sunday, August 5th.

    Callie's Current Age

    Our Wedding/Marriage

    Our TTC Journey


    Current Siggy
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    Wife to Jesse (October '96)
    Mommy to Ethan (July '07) & Gabriel (December '09)

    Follow my journey to a healthier me! http://cmlhealth.blogspot.com/

    Parenting blog http://christian-ap-momma.blogspot.com/

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