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July Firecracker's Spaces!

Welcome to the Firecracker's Spaces thread! Please only post here once to claim your space and update (edit) your space as much as you like- with whatever you like!

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Kristin's Space

A little about me:

I'm a camera-crazed mother to Alex, wife to DH Tom, fur-mom to miniature-dachshund Rooney, and part-time lawyer working (well, TRYING to work) from home.

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy

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DH and I met in late July, 2003. In September of 2003, he got an offer to move to California for work, which he turned down, after a lot of agonizing, leaving me quite relieved that I wouldn't have a new relationship end due to "bad timing." The relief was short-lived, however, as in April, 2004, he received another job offer, this time in Chandler, Arizona (Phoenix area). It had become clear that DH's current job would eventually be eliminated, and he felt he had to take the job to advance his career. That left the big question - what about our relationship? After many discussions, debates, some tears, a short-lived breakup, more discussions, and some creative planning, we came up with a solution: I would go to Arizona with DH for 60 days, to make sure I didn't hate it there, the relationship was moving forward, etc. My bosses were kind enough to let me telecommute for this period of time, so that I wouldn't risk my job by leaving. And so, in June, 2004, I left for Arizona. By the end of the month, DH and I had signed a contract to buy a house together - scary! In July, 2004, we closed on the house, and in September of that year, we got engaged. We were married in April, 2005 in a private ceremony in Hawaii, after trying to pick a neutral location for widespread family and friends, agree on a budget, etc., proved more stressful than just focusing on what was important - getting married! We did have a reception in Arizona in May for family and friends - too bad it was an outdoor reception and the temp soared to 115 that day!

In 2006, DH started getting new job offers within his company, and after much back and forth, we decided to take an opportunity that would base us in the Indianapolis area, surrounded by his family, and much closer to mine. We spent the first weekend of October, 2006 house-hunting, the second weekend driving cross-country, and the third, um, getting me knocked up. Smile I had been off the pill since May 2005, following a vacation in England, and who'd have guessed I'd get pregnant while staying in a temporary apartment waiting to close on our new house!


The short version: Alexander Thomas was born on Wednesday, July 18, 2007 at 4:08 p.m. He weighed in at 8 lbs, 15 oz, and was 21" long. He was induced after missing his due date by three days, with his mother becoming increasingly impatient as her feet swelled beyond recognition...

The long version (cut and pasted from what I posted about a week after he was born):

As expected, we had to induce, as Alex remained stubborn right up until the scheduled date, and was clearly too comfortable in his current accommodations, despite attempts at an amicable eviction. We went into the hospital last Tuesday night at 6pm, 3 days after my due date, and they gave me my first dose of Cytotec to ripen the cervix at about 6:45pm. I started feeling contractions for the first time by 7:30pm, but they were the non-painful ones, where you can just feel your uterus tightening up. Feeling them then, it was pretty clear that I had not had any previously, because they definitely felt different than Alex's kicks and other movements that I'd experienced. My doctor let me order some food around 8:00, since I'd hadn't had much of an appetite and last ate around lunchtime, and then we just tried to sleep, being interrupted periodically by nurses for additional Cytotec doses (3 in all) and antibiotic IVs.

My OB decided to show up early, so I was awakened at about 5:45 am and given a chance to shower before she arrived. By about 6:30am when she checked in, I had begun to make some progress, and was about 90% effaced, but only 2 cm dilated and at -1 station. The OB broke my bag (DH said he could actually hear it "pop"), and I was started on Pitocin at 7am, after getting a new IV (due to uncooperative veins) at which point the waiting began, with my OB telling me it could well be 12 hours before we were near the end.

I started out without an epidural, but was amazed at how quickly the contractions started feeling different. Initially, they just felt like cramps, then particularly bad cramps, but the nurses suggested that I try to hold out as long as possible, as it would be easier to monitor the effect the Pitocin is having if I was able to feel them and report on my degree of pain. But they also said not to wait until the last possible minute, as it would take about 15 minutes to page the anesthesiologist, and another 10-15 to put in the catheter for the epidural. By about 8:30 am, I was frankly pretty darned uncomfortable, and it was just a matter of how much longer I thought I could hold out. I wasn't able to do deep breathing throughout the contractions, due to the pressure at the peak of each one, and even the short quick breaths weren't providing much relief - I felt like I was doing nothing but focusing on breathing and dreading when the next contraction would come. Somewhere around 9am I decided I was done - things were moving too quickly for me pain-wise, and I knew I wanted the epi in the long run, so it didn't make sense to continue to hold out much longer. Unfortunately, my timing wasn't ideal - a woman down the hall beat me to the punch, so they told me it would be a "few minutes." Factor in some complications down the hall and a doctor who didn't appear to be in a rush to get to me (great, she's slow, busy, and having a bad day - just my luck!) and it wasn't until 10:30 until I actually got the drugs - ugh. Actually getting the catheter put in was one of the things I dreaded the most, particularly since I was at that point contracting every 2-3 minutes and knew I wouldn't be able to get the catheter without at least one contraction during the process. Add to that the fact that you're supposed to remain "absolutely still," and I was convinced I was going to move and end up paralyzed. Not a fun process, but man did that thing work fast. From the time she hooked up the line, I did not feel a single contraction - the nurse asked me how one of them felt, and I truly looked at her like "huh?" because I had NO clue I'd just had one. Ahhh - relief. I did have some nausea and developed the shakes, but it was preferable to the pain, so I can't complain too much.

The OB came back in again around 11am, at which point I was fully effaced, 3-4 cm, and at 0 station. She was pleased with the progress, and planned to come back to the hospital again between 2 & 3pm, again saying it could still be evening until the real action started. One of the nurses checked me again a little before 1pm, and I was up to 5-6 cm and between 0 and +1. Over the next hour or so, they started talking about making sure my OB was in fact coming back around 2pm, as the pace seemed to be picking up. I could tell the baby was dropping, because I started feeling pressure, but not contraction pains, low down in my pelvis. The OB arrived around 2:15pm, and I was up to 9cm, still between 0 and +1. Because of his position, she said she might let me keep contracting even after I hit 10cm, to give him a chance to "labor down" in an attempt to minimize the amount of time I spent pushing, which she warned could take up to around 3 hours. I hit 10cm by the time I was checked at 3:00, and was at +2, so they started getting things ready for me to push. I started sometime after 3:15, and Alex was born at 4:08, so I thankfully came in under an hour, and well under the doctor's 3-hour estimate! The pushing part was so weird - I got pretty scared right beforehand that I just wasn't going to be able to push hard enough or the right way, and that I'd end up with a c-section. The actual pushing process didn't hurt too much because of the epidural, but I felt like my head was going to explode from the way they had me holding my breath during the process - it was hard to focus on pushing down low as opposed to not passing out from lack of oxygen! I do remember feeling that we were very close to the end when I finished a contraction and could feel that the baby's head hadn't slid back and felt like it was parked halfway out! DH was an awesome cheerleader - he got much more involved than he originally intended to. He was originally one of those "I'll stand up way by your head and hold your hand and try not to see anything" guys, but he ended up holding one of my legs during the contraction, and actually watched the head crown and much of the delivery itself. He just drew the line at cutting the cord. Smile And one of his first comments after they took Alex away to clean him was "should we never speak of this again??" But he was truly amazed, and I'm glad he didn't miss out. As posted earlier, Alex was born at 4:08 on July 18th and weighed in at 8 pounds, 15 ounces, and was 21 inches long. The nurses were taking bets as they went to weigh him as to weather or not we had a nine-pounder - not quite, but a little closer than I'd expected!

I did end up with a "scratch" (my OB's description of my 2nd degree tear) and had to get stitches, but the pain from that hasn't been too bad. I've felt stronger every day since the delivery, although still not 100%, but that's probably as much from the sleep deprivation as anything else! Alex slept almost constantly in the hospital, and we kept wondering if we were born with some kind of angel baby that would sleep through the night, but things changed literally as soon as we got home - figures! I tried to breast-feed in the hospital, but between Alex's sleeping and relative lack of interest in feeding initially, some problems with him latching on, concerns about my supply, etc., we ended up having to supplement with formula Thursday night because he still hadn't peed, and we were at risk of him not being discharged on time. The formula did the trick, and although I continued to talk with lactation consultants and tried to nurse in the hospital on Friday, it just became harder and harder, as he would fuss horribly within five minutes of trying to latch on to me, but would be instantly soothed by the formula. Needless to say, we are now exclusively formula feeding, as I truly feel that his demand exceeds my supply and ability, particularly in light of my prior surgery. Part of me feels like maybe I gave up too soon, but I really believe it will be for the best over the long run, particularly taking my sanity into account!

Alex has been sleeping great during the day while at home, and really has a great disposition. We're just struggling now with the 12-4 am time period, which seems to be his fussy time, and is wiping us out. We figured out on Monday that part of the problem is that we weren't giving him enough food in one sitting, causing him to wake up more often. We were feeding him 2-oz premade bottles that we got from the hospital, but once we got home and made him a 3-oz bottle from the formula, we discovered he would gulp down the whole amount (or at least 2-2.5 oz) and sleep for anywhere from 3-4 hours! That's what we get for having such a big boy! His longer sleep appears to be in the morning, between about 9:30 and 2pm, at which point he takes a slightly smaller feeding and sleeps until around our dinner time. For whatever reason though, after we feed him around 10pm-12am, he struggles more to get to sleep, with or without a pacifier (which keeps falling out), and we're up almost constantly, or on about 15-30 minute intervals until his NEXT feeding around 4am, at which point he FINALLY sleeps until about 7 or 8 in the morning. I know this is all entirely normal, but it's frustrating when he's sooo good during the day! My mom took over feeding hm last night so that I could try to get some sleep, and darned if she didn't have better luck than I did. He ended up with a fussy period from about 9-11 this morning, which I was much more alert and able to deal with, but now we're just waiting for him to give us another BM, as he's done nothing but pee since about 7:00 last night...

DH went into the hospital yesterday, and struggled with the lack of sleep. Today should be better for him, but he's going to the Jimmy Buffett concert tonight, which I think is crazy, but it's been an annual thing for him for YEARS.

We had Alex's first weigh-in at the pediatrician yesterday, and the nurse thought he looked just great! He's back up to 8 lbs 12.5 oz after dropping to 8 lbs 10 oz in the couple of days after his birth, and she had no concerns that he'd reach his birth weight before his two week appointment. His color is great, he seems to be handling the circumcision well, etc. And of course we just think he's the cutest thing in the world. Smile He loves to sit and sleep with one or both of his hands up near his face, in a "thoughtful" pose, but I think mostly he's just thinking about his next meal or diaper change.

Our dog has handled everything pretty well - he doesn't seem to appreciate the middle-of-the-night wake-ups, and he's very interested in sniffing Alex, but he's responding to our "off" commands and not getting too close or trying to jump on Alex or lick him. I think he knows something's up, but he hasn't shown any behavioral changes to indicate that he's stressed out by it. I just think he appreciates the quiet times. He's asleep at my feet right now, in fact...

Alex's first DITL - Nov. 07:

2008 Montage:

Recent Pics

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Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com
Make your Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com

Jesse and I met knew of each other in highschool, but never really talked. When he moved back home after leaving the Marine Corp we found each other online and have been inseperable since Smile We finally tied the knot after 5 years of putting up with each other lol!

Our Wedding day-September 13th, 2009

Easter 2008: The Happy Family Smile

Little man Aidan was born July 6th, 2007 weighing 6 lbs. 9 oz. and was 20 ins long.

3 Days Old-First Night Home




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Robert and I were married in Las Vegas on October 22nd 2005

Robert and I met thru mutual friends. We grew up only 2 hours away from each other, but had never met. We both grew up in Western Montana (near Missoula) but met and lived in Billings. I was just getting out of a marriage, and wanted nothing to another man, but for some reason, he kept coming around. After acquiring all the debt of my x-husband, I moved in with Robert for a short time to get my money situation fixed (or decide to move back home). Things ended up working out with each other, and we became inseparable.

We became official the first Thursday night football game of the season. I asked him to marry me the next April. Yes, you read right. I asked him to marry me. Ok, it was an accident;

We had been drinking, and then I (being a woman) thought that we’d have a conversation right before we went to bed. In the middle of our conversation, I asked him if he was serious about our relationship. He did not answer. He was passed out. SO, I gave him a soft jolt in the side. It ended up being a very hard punch in the kidney. He jumped up screaming, “WHAT!”.
“So, are we getting married or what?” I asked, not really meaning to ask him to marry me.
“Yeah, whatever, Just let me sleep.” Was his answer.
Not so romantic, but it’s definitely a story to share.

We’ve had our ups and downs, trials and tribulations. We work on things, and we work with each other. It’s not always a joyride, but it’s a ride I’ll never regret.

Aislynn Jean Mancini
Born 7/25/07

Newborn Baby Girl

Aislynn has taught me more things than I ever imagined. Sounds so cliché, but it really is true. Above all, she has taught me patience, fear, and undoubted love. It’s been amazing watching her grow, change, and learn.

Robert and I tried for 11 months to conceive a child. This would have totaled 2 years, 11 months total for me trying to have a baby. It’s a roller coaster ride I’d never wish on anyone. We scheduled a meeting to visit other options (adoption) when we finally got our BFP. I cried, as most would imagine. After seeing so many bfn’s, I honestly never thought I’d see a positive test. It was AMAZING.

Some of My Favorite pics

Kilynn Cooper
Born 1/22/09

Names that we have "decided" on previously
Kiah (again)
Don't forget DH's favorite-Cooper.
Due to some tragic news from distant family, I have decided that I am not able to use the name Kiah.


Weight Tracker
Pre Aislynn weight - 165 (gained 60lbs)
Pre Baby Sister weight - 188 (goal is to gain 25lbs)
Due date weight - 220
Current - 197

Just about Me
I was born and raised in Western Montana. I currently live in Utah. I'm waiting for the day that we get to move back to Montana, but it doesn't seem to be anywhere in the near future.
I rode a HD Sportster until we decided to have another baby. With the realization that I wouldn't be able to ride much for another year, I decided to sell my bike. That was a hard day. However, I have a fund to plan to buy a new bike in the spring of 2010. I get excited everytime I see the bike I want. The HD Crossbone. Oh yeah!!! I've got a few tattoos, and the gear to go, but that's about as far at the biker chick goes. I talk tough, but there's no bite behind it.
I graduated from the University of Montana with a BS in Business Management. I'm currently putting that degree to good use in managing a household, toddler, husband, and pregnancy.

Blinkies and signs I Love
Birthboard Blinkies

Current Signature

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A little about me....
I am just a girl that likes hello kitty Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting, beer and wine tasting, Starbucks Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting, baseball, cosmos, pomegranate mojitos, Tarina Tarantino jewelry, reading US weekly and People, spending time with my husband and daughter, the Twilight series, watching anything involving Martha Stewart, baking, going to movies, shopping, tattoos,and my afternoons with Oprah. I have a pug named Fenway. So yeh, there is Jen in a nutshell.

My husband I went to college together at Cal and met at a party. We were best friends until both of us went away for weekend trip and we were finally honest about our feelings for each other. We got married at the San Francisco Zoo on August 5, 2006. We wanted to have a baby right away and three months after our wedding we found out were pregnant with Kaleigh.
My favorite pics of my husband and I at our wedding...

The first time I got to see my daughter...

I am currently in this crazy journey to lose weight and be happier with myself. I will post pics on here soon when I get a minute.

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Let's see... it all started back in 2000 when DH and I met on yahoo personals; we met up a few weeks after we began talking in March and the rest is history!! We were married on June 4, 2005 (hence my user name - our first 2 initials and our wedding date).

Here are a few pictures from our wedding:

On October 29, 2006, we discovered we were expecting our fist child. We only had to try for 2 cycles before we got our BFP!

My pregnancy was pretty uneventful and normal. We found out on Feb 14, 2007 that our baby was a girl.

At 40 weeks 6 days, I went in for an ultrasound and NST to see what was going on and decide when I would induced. During the ultrasound we found out my amniotic fluid levels we low so they sent us right to the hopsital for an induction. The rest of my birth story can be found here.

Video of the first time she crawled:

Here is Kayley on her first birthday:


Late Updated: 10/29/08

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My space

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Counting the days until Thanksgiving break! My students are getting antsy, as am I! My grandmother just celebrated her 90th birthday! We went to visit her today...


I'm a 31 year old high school teacher, wife, and mommy to Molly. I love my job, but I don't see myself doing it forever...I'm getting another Masters degree in School Library Media. Whee hee! That will be perfect...

We want to start trying for #2 in the spring, but I'm scared. How will we manage two kids? So many people manage so many more, but I can't imagine it! Bye bye free time, I guess! Smile


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I’m Alexandria (20) and DH Adam (22). We started dating July 2006, moved in together October 2006 and during that time Callie was conceived. Got a BFP November 2006 (picture was on my phone but got deleted) and was completely unplanned. EDD was July 28, 2007 then got pushed up to July 27, 2007. The time between then and Christmas was very blurry in that family life was a roller coaster due to the situation. By the new year things were all better and we were enjoying the pregnancy. We got engaged August 2008 and got married June 20, 2009.

3D/4D U/S appointment ~ 36 weeks 1 day (last picture I have for belly shot)

I was induced at 41 weeks 1 day. Back at my 39 week appointment I was 3 inches dilated at 75% (or something like that) effaced. I was admitted into the hospital on August 4th and administered pitocin around 6pm. My water broke shortly after 4am on the 5th of August and Callie was born at 12:14pm on Sunday, August 5th.

Callie's Current Age

Our Wedding/Marriage

Our TTC Journey


Current Siggy

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Mine! Biggrin

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:butterfly: Nikol's Space :butterfly:
Under construction...last update 6/22/09 (but still VERY far behind!)

Hello my name is Nicole (screen name is NikolS, since there always seem to be so many "Nicole's" out there, I try to be different Wink ) I attended the University of WI majoring in Hospitality and Toursim and minoring in Spanish. I also attended university in Scotland for a semester in 1997, which was to so the least very educational. I loved it and hope to get to return some day. I am 31 years old and live in Wisconsin. I am married to Mark and mommy to Zoe Mae.

DH and I met in the summer of 1999 and we were married at the Candlelight Chapel in Las Vegas on 12/31/2002 - yes on New Year's Eve (which also happened to be my 26th birthday):

Just for fun.......baby pics of DH and I:

A few other random pics of DH and I:

We lived in Madison, WI for awhile in an apartment and purchased a home in early 2000. We now live north of Madison in a small community. We are hoping to purchase a bigger home someday........oh, to dream :):

We found out we were pg in early November of 2006. DH decided on the name Zoe. I decided on the middle name of Mae after my grandmother who had passed away from cancer a few years before. This is baby girls first picture:

Baby shower June 2007:

My belly at 40 weeks. Unfortunatly for me I had a computer malfunction and lost all of my other belly shots Sad

I went to the hospital to be induced on Thursday, July 26th, 2007 and the induction did not work with Cervadil. I went home for the weekend and went in for another induction (this time including Pitocin) on Monday, July 30th at 6:30 a.m. Zoe Mae was born Tuesday, 07/31/2007 at 4:08am:

Our first family photo:

Our first family trip (Zoe almost 2 months old) to Door County:

Zoe's baptism (12/23/07) and first Christmas:

Zoe turns 1:

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Pyzam Family Sticker Toy

Get your own Family Sticker Maker & MySpace Layouts.

I'm Chantel, 28 and I am engaged to Josh, almost 28 and the proud mommy of Rebecca Cora, 1. Josh and I have been together for 3 years. We met at the bar and he asked me to dance, then I never saw him again untill about 6 months later when I started working at a pizza place he worked at. It was a wonderful courtship and we officially became a couple April 13 '05. Moved in together in Novemeber. In August '06 we moved to Edmonton Alberta and had so much fun. We played darts and shopped the famous West Ed. mall. In October I found out I was preggo. We ended up moving back to Ontario in November.
Josh and I pre-baby

Belly at 38 weeks.

Becca was born on July 3, 2007 at 6:29pm via emergency c-section. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. I wish to never do that again! I am so glad she is here safe though. She had a heartrate of 210 and the doctors couldn't figure it out. They transferred her to CHEO, the childrens hospital and those wonderful people fixed my baby! They shocked her heart and got it into a normal rythem. I got to take her home when she was 4 days old. I have never loved a human so much and I can't even explain the feelings I have for her.

Daddy and Becca at CHEO and mommy and Becca and Cheo

My little pumpkin...

She surprised me though, red hair. How the heck did that happen?? Still a bit of a mystery...
She is a wonderful little girl with a temper and a beautiful big smile. She lights up my days and fills my heart with all the magic in the world. I am reliving life through her. She is so smart, saying about 70 words at the moment (16 months old). She loves to be outside and walk (on her own).

I am a SAHM and will be untill she is in school, then I am not too sure what I will do. I might workl or volunteer. I enjoy painting and taking pictures and going for walks. My fav. shows are House, the Fringe, One tree hill, ER, simpsons. I love music and I love to play the piano. When I grew up I wanted to be a singer or an accountant.

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Myspace Comments, Glitter Graphics at GlitterYourWay.com

Myspace Comments, Glitter Graphics at GlitterYourWay.com

[COLOR=Red]♥Noah Allen


[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]♥Emma Claire



Some more pics of Emma. She is now 2.5 and has the most beautiful happy personality. She loves to read books, and loves playing with her big brother. She is currently working on potty learning and doing a pretty darn good job.

A few new pictures of Emma Claire. She is now almost 4, in 1.5 months.

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My space!

:eek: I need to get busy!!! I am behind!

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Hi! I'm Sandra (24) married to DH Chris (27) since June 10, 2005. We live in Saskatchewan, Canada.
I am a SAHM ~ when I was little I wanted to be a teacher. When I was in high school I realized I'd just love to be a mom! I love to sing, act, and read.
Chris and I started dating in October 2004, got engaged in January 2005, and got married in June 2005. We met at church - we 'knew of' each other during high school but since he was 3 years older than me, we didn't really get to know each other. By the time I came back from one year of university in Utah, our age difference didn't matter so much! Here are some pics from when we were dating!

Our Wedding Day ~ June 10, 2005

A year after we got married, we decided to start TTC. After only one month of trying we got a BFP in July 2006. The EDD was March 31, 2007. I miscarried at 8 weeks, in August 2006. We decided to start trying again in November - luckily after only one cycle (again!) we conceived our July 2007 Firecracker! Here are some pictures of DH and I (plus my 35 week belly) on our 'babymoon' in Toronto and Niagara Falls.

Ella Marie was born on July 17, 2007 after 23 hours of labor. She was 7 lbs 8 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. My water broke around 1:00 pm on July 16th, and she came in to the world at 12:20 pm the next day. I pushed for 2 hours with the aid of a heavenly epidural - here are some pictures of our newborn princess.

Ella's First Year Slideshow

In May 2008 we decided to TTC baby #2. Once again, first cycle produced a BFP on May 31, 2008!

Here are my belly pictures from my pregnancy with Eli (No one knows how I managed to stay vertical during my last few months) :

Eli Jeremy arrived 10 days late on February 9, 2009. The night before I was scheduled to be induced, I started having contractions and 10 hours later Eli was born, at 10:27 am. He was 9 lbs 7 oz and 22 inches long. Here are some pictures of our newborn prince!


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sparkle - http://www.sparklee.com

I don't have too many pics on this computer, so I'll have to start with what's in my photobucket account.

I'm Kristen :).

DH and I met in the spring or early summer of 1998. We worked at the same grocery store and he was my boss (gasp!) on the night crew shift. We hated each other at first, but by early fall we were hanging out a lot and we officially started dating Oct 30, 1998. In August of 2001 we went on vacation to California. We drove to San Francisco and spent a couple days there, then we drove on down to Huntington Beach. The first night there we were walking on the beach at sunset when DH proposed. I was so surprised! No wonder he had been "sick to his stomach" all that afternoon...heehee.

My Wedding Day -- Sept 07, 2002

There's a lot in between, but lets get to the good stuff. In September 06 we decided to go off the pill and see what happened. Figured it could take awhile for my cycles to regulate, etc etc. I had my period 10/02/06 and didn't start a new pack of pills the next week. We tested either on Halloween or Nov 1st and got a BFN. I wasn't too surprised, or saddened, as I figured it would take a while to get pregnant. On November 18th I was sick as all get out. I thought I had eaten something bad at dinner the night before, but DH said maybe I should test again. I still hadn't had AF, but chalked it all up to things regulating after being on the pill for 10+ years. I took a test. Nothing, not even the control line, so DH went out and picked up another pack of tests. As soon as I peed on the thing it was 2 bright pink lines! No question about it, but I still took another test the next morning. Sorry, no pics of my BFP. I didn't even realize people did such a thing until I got here to pg.org :lol:.

A few pics from our "babymoon" in Maui. (Jan 2007)

Some belly pics...

I took this pic after dinner on June 26th. My mom wanted me to email her a pic bc she wanted to know if I'd dropped. Had I? It didn't matter; I started having pretty regular contrax about 5 hours later.

Alexa was born June 27, 2007 (38w 1d) at 2:13pm. She weighed 6lb 8oz and was 19 3/4" long.

Our first family pic

And I just love these pics of daddy and Lexi in the hospital

Alexa's first year, month by month

These comparison pics always get me! Going home (1 day old) and 11 months old...

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I'll take this one!

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Shaylen and Shelley's space!

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My spot! Fun!

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How fun! We'll snuggle in right here below Jill... Smile

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I met my soul mate in college in 1995, we were friends. We started dating in 1997 and eventually married in 2004.

We wanted to have a baby and we started trying in 2006, we lost our first one and found out thru a U/S scan. It was a missed miscarriage and I was so devastated that we took a little break on trying so hard and we just had fun.
During a Halloween party I felt so tired and pooped. This was me during a Halloween party, I was soo tired and attributed it to allergies:

Little did I know I was pregnant!

Son was born on July 3rd via a scheduled c-section. He shares the same birthday as his Dad. It was the best present I could ever give my DH.

Then he turned 1...
He wanted out from my grasp... lol.

Dh and B, enjoying their time together.

This is Brandon on a typical weekend day, just running around in his jammies

DH showing B what's over the horizon.

Like Father, like son... lol

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Myspace Comments, Glitter Graphics at GlitterYourWay.com

Myspace Layouts

I'm just gonna slap a bunch of stuff on here and organize it later!

Let's see, DH and I had been dating for about 7 1/2 years before we were married, Oct 28, 2006. Apparently Kenton was conceived that night. Dunno how that happened - lol!

Pregnant belly shots!

And then Kenton arrived July 20, 2007!

Here's the birth story:
My "in labour" post:
Well, I've been up off and on since 11:30 last night with contractions that keep waking me up. I don't know if this is normal, but every odd one has a small BM with it that is wreaking havoc on my hemorrhoids. Finally at about 4:30, I decided to hop in the tub and at least try to calm them down with a sitz bath. So I got up and went to the bathroom and had some bloody show. The bath hasn't sped anything up, but they sure haven't stopped, either.

So, hopefully this is it! I decided after the bath to just stay up for a bit, I can't sleep anyways and the contractions are harder to deal with laying down. I'm making some eggs and toast, mostly cause I'm hungry but also cause I want to make sure I have something in me if this really is it!

And the "It's a Boy!" post:

Kenton Alexander Martin arrived at 2:39pm, Friday, July 20th, 2007. He weighed 7lbs 6oz, and was 54cm long (I have no idea how many inches that is, sorry).

Short story:

Woke up at 11:30pm on July 19th with cramping, very uncomfortable, nothing painful, but enough to wake me up. This kept up till morning basically, then we went to our doctor's appt at 10am. The doc checked me out and I was at 5cm, so she sent us home to get our stuff and then we were to go to the hospital right away.

When we got to the hospital, about 45 min later, the doc checked me again, and I was 6cm, fully effaced, -2 station. She broke my water at about 12:15 and the Doula arrived about 15 min later.

They had hooked me up to the monitoring machines and were waiting for some sign from baby about how he was doing with the contractions before they took me off the monitors and I could walk around. Things progressed so fast that that never happened. Suddenly the contractions were one on top of the other and next thing I knew I had to push. Even I was surprised (yet relieved) at how soon I got to that stage. They checked me again and I was fully dilated, after being in the hospital for maybe an hour!

So I started pushing and after about another hour, Kenton was born. To everyone's amazement he was sunny-side up! I had no major back pain and the whole thing was drug free even! They were going to give me gas (at my request), but couldn't because I had to have oxygen. I didn't even get an IV or catheter or nothing, so proud of myself! I did end up with a third degree tear, and major hemorrhoids. The bonus though, is that Kenton arrived just in time to get us a private room!

So, we're home, about 24 hours after Kenton was born. Morris is quite interested in the new addition, but doesn't know what to think yet. Everyone was quite amazed at how fast things happened, especially for a first baby coming out upside down! I was told to head straight to the hospital at the first contraction for the next one, lol!!

My plans now include going to sleep as long as possible. Didn't get much last night. I will update with a full story in the birth story section probably tomorrow, and get caught up on all the births I missed!

Congrats to all the other new mommas out there, too!!

Our one year anniversary:

DITL, One year ago:

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My space!

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Our space under construction

Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com
Make your Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com

Our Wedding December 23, 2004

Our two year infertility journey finally ended with this:

My pregnancy
7 weeks~
11 weeks~
19 weeks~
24 weeks~
28 weeks~
34 weeks~
39 weeks on the way to the hospital~

Elliott's room

Elliott Paxton Horn born via c-section July 16 @ 12:29 pm. Weighing in at 8 pounds and 8 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.
Our first pic~

Elliott's first bday
Pics to come

Our Family now
Pics to come

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My space Smile

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I like #27 Biggrin

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Saving a spot fo Brayden & I Smile

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Daisypath Anniversary Years Ticker
Daisypath Anniversary Years Ticker

DH and I met our junior year in high school in 2003 and have been together ever since. Right after high school we moved out of our parents houses and in together. After a year, we got married (basically eloped) at 19.

1) In high school. 2) At our prom.

Our wedding portrait. We sent this picture out with hand made announcement cards to tell everyone we had gotten married.

Then about a year after that we got a surprise BFP! (sorry it's blurry!)



The day before my due date, surprise! My water broke. It took a while for my labor to really get started but eventually it did on its own and Kostas was born on his due date!! 07/10/07


Also, here's my weightloss ticker. I am not having an easy trip to pre-preg weight, so it is taking me a while but I am determined to get to my pre-preg weight and lower!!

Created by MyFitnessPal - Free Food Diary


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Pen's Space!

Daisypath Anniversary Years Ticker

Daisypath Anniversary Years Ticker

Hi there Im Penny but please call me Pen! This is me ...

And this is Ash my DH

So a bit about my family. Im 34 and DH is 36. DH and I have been together for 15 years and married for 10 years! We have 3 kids, Brooke Marie who's 9 (almost 10), Jade Paris who's 7 1/2 and the youngest family member Alexander Harrison John who's just turned 2!

Our engagement

Wedding day

We also have 2 angel babies.
I lost a baby at 6 weeks on 27th October 1994
and we lost our darling baby Taylor at 12 weeks pregnant who's due date was 16th November 2004

( a poem i wrote when i lost Taylor)

2 hands 2 feet
a face, ears, eyes and nose
heart beating fast
kicking away in my tummy
my baby Taylor
and I was your mummy

The time wasnt right
so we had to part
you had to go away
but my baby Taylor
you will forever be in my heart

I was your mummy
you were my child
in gods arms now
play happy my baby Taylor
so gentle and mild

The girls, Jade Paris whos 7 1/2 and Brooke Marie whos 9 (almost 10)

when they were younger

Pics from when i was pregnant with alex!

Its a boy!!! OMG (thank goodness i was laying down when the sonographer told me!)
I then spent the whole scan crying and thanking the sonographer for having completed my life hahaha

I went into premature labour at 29 weeks and very very nearly gave birth!
I was put in an ambulance and blue lighted to a different hospital miles away
as my local hospital didnt have a NICU bed for Alex.
DH was still at home trying to get someone to look after the girls and was then making the 2 1/2 hour journey to me whilst i was all alone, in labour (with a lovely midwife though).
I had the baby warmer wheeled in and the NICU baby docs standing by the door!!
But finally things stopped. A Picture of my contractions

Alex didnt have a very good start to life! bronchiolitis 3 times, chicken pox and then he got shingles aged 17 weeks! Here he is with Shingles.

Alex aged exactly 16 months!


DD2 Jade in hospital very very poorly with infected chicken pox. She got this the day i came home from hospital after having given birth to Alex! Spent the first week of Alex's life separated as i had to stay in hospital with Jade Sad

My poor baby


Well Alex turned 2 years old!!! OMG since when did my baby get to be 2 years old??? He has discovered terrible two's ughhhh. What Alex wants Alex get's and if he doesnt then oh boooy does he let you know!!!! He loves playing with toy cars, planes, watchig Peppa Pig and In the Night Garden on tv. Hes still not got all of his teeth through.

Hes currently cutting 3 teeth all at the same time so this may be partly to blame for why hes such a grumpy bum at the moment? !

Well after all this time of worrying about his speech .. or rather lack of it! We got referred to see a consultant. Not only for his speech but also because of his recurrent bouts of Tonsilitis, the fact he has abnormally large tonsils and gets so poorly. Anyway we have discovered that he has hearing problems due to fluid behind his ear drum. Hes going for a hearing test on 30th July to find out how bad his hearing is. ALso the consultant has said he wants his tonsils out ASAP as they are so huge hes worried about his breathing being compromised if he gets another bout of tonislitis. It was a shock to say the least and im very worried but tbh i just want to get it out the way now. Hes also having grommits put in both his ears. So just waiting for the op date to come through now.

Oh and my knee ...... I redislocated my knee cap for the first time in 15 years a couple of months ago. I have been in plaster for almost 6 weeks now and was splinted for 2 weeks too. I had an MRI scan on my knee on thursday and have to go back on this thursday to see the consultant to see if he has managed to plan an operation to be able to fix my knee. Also i think the plaster cast is coming off. Im very nervous! Im managing to keep working for now, which isnt ideal but i have been told that when/if they operate i will need to be off for 3-4months so its important that i work as much as possible now! Will update when i know more

Oh and get this, DD2 is also waiting to see if she needs grommits put back in her ears! AND have her addanoids out too!! Dear god thats 3 possible ops within the next few months!!!!!!!!!!!

for up to date news then check out my online diary/blog .... Ramblings of a Mad English Woman! (link below)

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Deleting...I really don't remember to keep up with this spot.

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Nana Marie's spot here...

Well I am the grandmother, Nana Marie. You know my daughter Sarah as Sarahsunshine. This is her family.

Get your own Family Sticker Maker & MySpace Layouts.

Here's a little background.

DH and I met in The Peace Corps and taught school in Nigeria, West Africa for two years. We were both just out of university at the time. We traveled a great deal, then married. I taught school (French, English, reading, literacy, English as a Foreign Language, etc) while DH got his PhD in Computer Science. We then moved to Canada while we awaited the birth of our first child, our son. (Now 37!)

Five years later Sarah was born.
Historical photos below!

Our tiny wedding in 1968

Waiting to meet Sarah!

And here are our two children. Notice that Sarah wore foot casts for her first year.

Althoughh 5 years apart, they were very fond of each other!

Sarah has always been fond of things athletic:

Sarah was a great figure skater, but she soon let me know that what she really wanted was to be a hockey player!

As a family we were fortunate to travel a great deal.

To France

To Hawaii



And more...

She loves the outdoors and canoeing...

Acting and singing (Little Shop of Horrors)

and clowning around!

At university she studied salamanders as part of her degree in wildlife management. Then it was on to turtle research for her Masters and PhD.

Her life took many twists and turns, and she grew with each of them. Here she is at her grandmother's memorial service.

September 3, 2006 was her joyful marriage to a wonderful guy and along with a husband she gained a stepson. Smile

June 17th, 2007 was the amazing water birth of their perfect son, Reed Aslan.

Adored by all...


Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am a diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on the ripened grain.
I am the gentle Autumn's rain.
When you awaken in the morning hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Hopi prayer-

"We bought a little reed boat and, with the help of one of the villagers who took us out on the lake , we put some of Reed´s ashes on the little one and let it float away."
See the Reed Islands:

And a new chapter begins.

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Hello! My name is Stephanie and I'm 30 yrs old. I met my husband, Eric, in 2003 when we both worked for the same insurance company. He was a medical director and I was one of the nurses. Most of our conversations then were work related, and I never thought of him as someone I'd date. In the summer of 2005 he left the company, but we'd still see each other out socially as people from work would go out for food and drinks sometimes, and he would meet up with us. In April of 2006 I gave him my number so he could meet up with me and a friend after the work outing. We ended up not meeting up, but he started texting me and occasionally calling. He wanted to get together, but I had doubts because I knew he was much older than me and didn't think it would lead anywhere and I didn't want to waste my time. We finally went on our first date August 28, and we took it pretty slow in the beginning. That is, until I found out I was pregnant on Nov 7! Eric moved in a few months later, and we were married May 31 of this year.
Ani is the best thing that ever happened to me. When I first found out I was pregnant I was actually happy, even though I wasn't married and was only in a relationship for a few months. But I knew Eric was the one and that Ani would truly be our blessing. She amazes us everyday.

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ASHA's spot!!

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April and Kaitlyn's Space

A little intro...My name is April, I'm 27 years old, living in Massachusetts. I met my DH Jayson in June of 2000 and we were married on May 28, 2005. We decided that we wanted to start trying for a baby in the fall of 2006. I ended up getting a positive pregnancy test at the end of October 2006 after our first try. (Poor DH was really hoping for more "trying" :p) On July 6, 2007 at 6:03pm our daughter Kaitlyn Olivia was born. She weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 21 inches long. She had a little bit of red hair and was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen in my life!
And now for some photos!
Our wedding day, May 28, 2005

On the "Green Monstah" at Fenway

About 6 months pregnant here with Kaitlyn

My Katie (1 day old)

15 Months Old

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Corri & Caleb's spot!

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Glitter Graphics Maker & MySpace Layouts

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Brian and I on our wedding day - July 30, 2005

Just us being goofy on our 1st Anniversary

On November 11, 2006 - There is a little beanie

In March 2007, we had a 3D/4D sono - Our 1st pic of Julian

Me preggo - 38 Weeks

Julian Thomas - Newborn - July 16, 2007

Julian Thomas - The Toddler Years

My 9 year old son - Kristofer

My 14 year old son - Jaymz

UPDATED: ***** June 20, 2009

Jul will be two next month!!!!!

Here is some updated pictures!!!

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Jen and Austins Spot

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Pyzam Glitter Text Maker

:wavehello:Hi, I'm Lindsey. My husband, Jason, and I met in August of 2000 and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. We moved in together after about 6 months of dating and he finally proposed after 2 years.

We were married on September 14, 2003.

We enjoyed married life for a few years before the baby fever started kicking into overdrive for me. It took some convincing, but Jason finally came around to wanting to try for a baby, too.

So, in April of '06, I finished up my last pack of BC pills and we got down to baby making business. I was pleasantly surprised when I got pregnant pretty much right away, then crushed and heartbroken when we miscarried a couple of weeks later.

It was very hard on both of us and we decided to wait for a few months before trying again. I started to get discouraged when month after month I wasn't getting pregnant. I was beginning to wonder if something was wrong with me. I was tracking my cycles and DTD on my fertile days and nothing. AF was visiting every 28 days like clockwork and I was really starting to hate the witch.

Finally, I decided to just relax and put it out of my mind for a while. Maybe I was trying too hard and stressing myself out. Well, that must have been just what I needed. On November 6, 2006, the day my period was due, I woke up to 2 beautiful, blazing pink lines:

Ah, it was the most gorgeous thing and I couldn't even wait for Jason to get out of the shower to show him. We were both thrilled, but also a little apprehensive and were very cautious to get too excited in case things didn't go the right way again.

At our first u/s, we knew things were going to be just fine and a sense of relief and immense joy washed over us when we caught our first glimpse of our "spaceman":

The pregnancy went very well from then on and I loved every minute of it. Well, not every minute, the morning sickness, heartburn, frequent trips to the potty, sleepless nights, etc., weren't so enjoyable, but it's so hard to even remember those things now. I loved watching my belly get bigger and bigger and feeling that little person kick and roll and hiccup was the most amazing feeling in the world. I really missed that part!

This is my favorite shot from my pregnancy:

Then the big day came and changed our lives forever.

Jaxon Montgomery S.
July 9th, 2007
8 lbs., 8 oz., 21 inches

Now, we're over a year in and I can't even remember what life was like before Jaxon. It's been an amazing journey and it just keeps getting better and better...

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I'll take this spot....

Will update later

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Pyzam Glitter Text Maker

Bryan and I met when we worked together at a Steak & Ale restaurant. He was a cook and I was a hostess; he was 18 and I was 16. We became friends, but nothing more. I went off to college a couple years later, and we lost touch. When I came home for Spring Break my sophomore year, by some twist of fate, we bumped back into each other. We hung out all Spring Break, and then when I came home for summer, we started dating. We got engaged 3 months later, and we were married May 20, 2000.
wedding Photobucket

After we got married, we spent 6 years finishing college, getting my masters, finding jobs, and traveling. Then in August 2006, we started trying for a baby. I got my BFP on November 21, 2006.

Our 1st sonogram: December 28, 2006, EDD: 7/28/07

Our 2nd songram: February 28, 2007, EDD: 8/1/07: IT'S A BOY!!!!!

Belly Shots:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

On July 5 at about 8:00 in the morning, my water broke, though I was not sure that was what it was at the time. I was at 36 weeks and 5 days. Bryan and I went up to the hospital, and when they checked me, fluid gushed out (Jack's head had been blocking my cervix). They wheeled me over to L&D, got me an epidural and on pitocin, and at 8:39 pm, Jack was born, weighing in at 6 lb, 7 oz and 19 inches long. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. No pain, and no problems. And Jack was beautiful, with a full head of dark hair.



1st Year Montage

Jack's 1st Birthday!

NestBaby Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

In May 2008, we started trying to conceive our second child. I got my BFP on July 24, 2008. I took Jack to get a Big Brother t-shirt, and that is how we told Daddy and the rest of the family the news. Brooke Allison was born on March 27, 2009 at 1:44 pm. She weighed 7 lb, 2 oz and was 19 in long. Jack was not sure what to think of her for a while, but he is warming up to her.

Jack's Big News!

 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

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DH (Jason) and I met in 2000. We had gone all through school together. My best friend lived down the street from him and his best friend lived down the street from me yet we never talked to each other until we worked at Staples together. We were married in June 2005.

August 4, 2007...the day my world changed forever. Maddie was born at 3:15am, 8lbs 13oz.

April 6, 2009 is when our new bug is due. We don't have a name yet but it's a girl!!!

Some pics:

DH and I at Oktoberfest 2008


BFP with the new baby

Daddy and Maddie on birth day

4 Wheeling...this used to be a BIG part of our lives now it's just a big part of Jason's life...I don't get to go very much anymore Sad

I will add more later!

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About Me

I am a 35-year-old wife, mother, and teacher living in Portland, OR. I grew up in Maryland, but have been to almost every state in the US. In my early 20s, I lived a nomadic life, but would occasionally stop for a few months here and there. Here are some of the places I lived during the years 1993--1996: Asheville, NC, Albuquerque, NM, Lexington, KY, Canton, OH, Santa Cruz, CA, Baltimore, MD, and Olympia, WA. I stayed for a long time in Olympia...long enough to finish my BA in liberal arts and a Master in Teaching degree. Chris and I moved to Portland so he could go to graduate school in January 2003. I did NOT want to leave Olympia. I took a job teaching in a private school in 2004 where I taught language arts and social studies to 5th--8th graders and I was the homeroom teacher for 7th grade. I also coordinated the student council and co-directed the drama program. I stayed there for 3 years until the school decided to go K-5, which put me out of a job. In 2007 I began teaching reading to all 7th graders at a middle school in Southeast Portland. It is very challenging, but suits me much better than private school. I was raised Lutheran and even taught the 3/4 Sunday School class (my first teaching job) and art at VBS, but have since left all religion behind and I guess you could say I'm a total skeptic. As for politics...I am as liberal as they come, but not a judgmental person and do not snub my nose at people with different views.

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy

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The Family

Chris and I met in Olympia, WA in July 1999 at a bon voyage party for a couple of our friends (they are Danielle and Roxanne in my friends on facebook). I had seen him around campus and around town. He worked at the college bookstore, so I would see him when buying school books or smokes. I was an older student (25) and I assumed he was about 19 or 20. And I also assumed he liked boys...lol. So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered he was only 1 year younger than I am and hetero. We began dating and within 6 months he moved into my 3 BR apartment with my roommate and I when we finally got rid of this other nasty guy we had as a 3rd roommate (long story). By June of 2000 we were living by ourselves and have ever since.

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My name is Amanda. I have an amazing DBF and together we created a beautiful baby girl, Ava Lucy.

He's my DBF. I met him 3 years ago while working together. He was one of my bosses Wink About a year later (September 5, 06) we started dating, and soon after we found out we were preggers. It was a very happy accident!

Here's DBF and I on hallowe'en. We were the farmer and his wife (Ava was our Chicken)

And at my work X-mas party this year (2008)

Ava Lucy
We welcomed our little red head into the world on July 8th 2007 at 3:45 pm. She weighted 7lb 8oz and was 19in long. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I would not change anything for the entire world!

About 37 weeks

Coming home from the hospital

2 months

First Hallowe'en

First Christmas

Playing in the snow

1st Birthday


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Our spot!

***** U N D E R C O N S T R U C T I O N *******

We are super busy trying to find a house and get out of our 880 sq ft 1 bdrm condo.

XP from Pregnant with Twins board....

All taken in the morning before breakfast. It really expands after just 1 meal!

DH snapped a photo with his phone
32 weeks (measuring 38 weeks)

35 weeks (measuring 42 weeks)

I'm a statistics freak....
Pregnancy by weeks, Belly measurements at belly button around waist in inches, belly (uterus) measurement at dr. appt by weeks, weight gain

Pre-pregnancy : 120 lbs
18 wks - 39"
19 wks - 40 1/2"
20 wks - 40 1/2"
21 wks - 42 1/4"
22 wks - 42"
23 wks - 43"
24 wks - 44"
25 wks - 45" - measuring 32 wks - 150 lbs
26 wks - 45"
27 wks - 46 1/2"
28 wks - 46 1/2" - measuring 37 wks - 157 lbs
31 wks - 46 1/2" - measuring 38 wks - 155 lbs
32 wks - 47" - measuring 38 1/2 wks - 159 lbs
34 wks - 47 1/2" - measuring 42 wks - 161 lbs
35 wks - 47 1/2" - measuring 42 wks - 163 lbs
36 wks - 47 1/2" - measuring 42 wks - 163 lbs
37 wks - 47 1/2" - measuring 42 wks - 164 lbs
37 wks - had my babies!!!

Post partum
1 wk 142 lbs! (-22 lbs lost half the weight gained!)
2 wks 137 lbs
6 wks 128 lbs
7 1/2 months 122 lbs

My favorite shirt ever:

So I peek in at them in the belly at 18 weeks and already caught them fighting!

5 weeks old. Alana the Couch Potato

6 months old. Hanging out in their high chairs.

8 months old. Trying to crawl. Alana's notorious "broken leg army crawl".

8 months old. Alana's broken leg army crawl gets faster! Wink

14 months old. Daddy's Storybook Rap

I know there's a lot of Alana....I've got a some of Avery that are in the process of getting uploaded Wink

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Hi I am Karen and this is my spot. Smile

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My space

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I'll update more later as time allows.

Pics from the pumpkin patch:

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Pyzam Family Sticker Toy

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Jeff and I met just after I graduated high school, 10 years ago. We got engaged July 7, 2000 and planned to get married one year later. However, due to some medical/insurance reasons we had to postpone the wedding until August 7, 2004, on the 5th anniversary of us "officially" being a couple. We just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.

Wedding pics

After we got married I had to search a good, since I had just graduated from college. I finally found one about 6 months later. We knew we wanted to have a family, but needed to wait for a bit since I just started working. August 2006 is when we started trying, but then nothing happened. First part of October we finally went on our honeymoon, 2 years after the wedding. We went to Disneyland, Sea World, and a few other places. It was so much fun and we were so glad went when we did, because a few weeks later I got my bfp! I always think of that Kudos commercial from years ago, the little girl rambling on about Disneyland...and the is my little brother so and so buy mom calls him her little souvenir. Cause that's what Peyton is Smile


We waited to find out what we were having until she was born, which drove everyone crazy but we wanted the surprise. We'll do the same with the next.

I cried when I found out she was a crazy, though I probably would have it was a boy, I was quite emotional.

It's a Girl

Peyton Beth was born June 25, 2007, 12:27pm. 7lb 5oz, 19.5 in.

5 days old

12 months later

First Birthday

Second Birthday

These days Peyton is very active and she is quite sure she is a princess.

She loves to dress up

Peyton with her buddy (dh)

Of course she loves cars, her she is trying to drive grandpa's car

Dancing at the Jason Aldean concert

Trying on daddy's helmet

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