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Thread: July Firefly Master Info! Spaces,Arrivals and Stats!

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    Danielle's Page

    Married to My Best Friend Tony: Sept 25, 2004 on the Shores of Mono Lake.
    Together Since Jan 2000
    We have a great time together. We love to ski, climb, hike, kayak, take river trips, travel, and walk our fur baby, Soko and cuddle with my kitty, Jaspur.
    We will always remember our first two angels.
    We are now really excited to be adding an new person to our lives together. Tony can't wait to drag our little one in a sled while we ski, and teaching him/her how to make a pizza and french fries down the slopes.
    So...here are a few pics of our adventures....

    An Early Spring Kayak on the reservoir, which our house sits on.

    World Cup in Germany June 2006, TG I wasn't pg, What a great party.
    An uneasy Soko on the ice after a nice Skate
    Jaspur in her favorite spot in the Sun

    Belly shots, so far....

    9.5 weeks

    14.5 weeks

    18 weeks
    Pics of the babe coming soon...
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    Mia June 7.7.08
    Leila Jade 10.8.10

    Mia in Yosemite

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    me pregnant


    Jenny-28. Mommy to Scarlett October born June 08

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    Tana's Space

    Due date: July 17th 2008!

    Its a girl! Most likely her name will be Scarlett Rae! I cant wait to meet her!

    View my belly and baby show:

    My furry babies:

    Missy age 7, English Bulldog, hobbies: lounging and sleeping

    Simon 5 months old, French bulldog, hobbies: biting, snoring and sleeping
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    Cindy's Space

    I am 28 and my DH Dave is 30, we are expecting our second child on July 24th, 2008. It's the same due date our DS had but he was born July 1st, 2006. We kept our son a surprise and plan to do the same with this little one. If it's a boy we will try for a third and if it's a girl we'll be done.

    Pictures to come.

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    Right here, talkin to u lol


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    Click HERE to see my Pregnancy Space

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    Crystal's Space

    Expecting Baby #2 July 1st

    Eleanor Melody May Born July 3, 2008
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    UK, South East


    Sam, 20 - DSO, Chris, 20
    Expecting baby #1 - Charlotte Emily, EDD: 11th July 2008
    BFP = 7th November 2007

    First scan: 18th December 2007 - Only 10 and a half weeks, too early for NT.

    Second scan, NT: 2nd January 2008 - Scan pictures weren't very good due to bub being more than just a little awkward...

    The big U/S: 3rd March 2008 - It's a girl! And still being awkward, had to go for a walk halfway through the scan because she refused to cooperate!

    Girlie things!:

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    July Fireflies Birthdates

    Arrivals: 87 Total

    Blue Team : 40 arrivals
    Pink Team : 47 arrivals

    ~ MARCH 31st. 2008 ~
    Aybra - 1lb 9oz.14 1/4" born at 26 wks (CourtneyS)
    6 month stats: 16lbs. 24-26 inches

    ~ MAY 1st. 2008 ~
    Kylee Grace - 2lbs 7oz (Jessica81)

    ~ MAY 23rd. 2008 ~

    Pierce Aiden - 9pm. 5lbs 7oz. 34 wks (Rossy2)

    ~ MAY 26th. 2008 ~

    Jamie - 2lbs 10oz. 14 3/8" 32 wks (kas123)

    ~ JUNE 8th. 2008 ~
    Shriya - 6:48pm. 5 lbs 11oz. 18 1/4 inches, 36w2d(nsurti)

    ~ JUNE 9th. 2008 ~

    TWINS! Alexander George (Alex) - 3:55 pm 5 lbs.14oz. 19 3/4" 36w3d (hollyloo)
    Maxwell Murphy (Max) - 3:56 pm 5 lbs. 3oz. 18" 36w3d (hollyloo)
    ~ JUNE 16th. 2008 ~

    Vivian - 10am. 5lbs.12oz. 18 1/4" 37wk 4d (SummerTan)
    6 month stats:15lbs. 9 1/2oz. 25 1/4"

    ~ JUNE 20th. 2008 ~

    Alana Adele - 9:40pm. 6lb 6oz 19" 38wks+(moosie)

    ~ JUNE 23rd. 2008 ~

    Joshua Gage - 12:15pm, 7lbs.3oz. 20" 38 weeks(rickypaige)
    6 month stats:17 1/2lbs. 28 inches.
    Parker Jack - 6lbs 11oz. 19 inches 38w3d.(claysmom)
    6 month stats:10lbs 4oz. 24 inches.
    Dylan Patrick -11:21pm. 7lbs 5oz, 19.5 inches 38wks3d(coulditbe)
    Natalie Paige - 10:10PM. 6lbs, 17 1/2 inches (Petunia Pea)

    ~ JUNE 24th. 2008 ~
    Sofia Elizabeth - 6lb.14oz. 20 inches (vancam)
    Darcy Dallas -10:07am. 5lbs 2.8oz 19" 37wk6d (sarahbeth_311)
    6 month stats:16lbs 8oz. 26 1/4 in

    ~ JUNE 25th. 2008 ~
    Lilac Vegas - 11.20am. 6lbs 4oz. 37weeks(cindy1)
    Greta Jean - 1:33 P.M. 7lbs.6oz. 18.5 inches 38w5d(Ike's Mommy)
    Scarlett October - 9:50pm. 6lbs.10oz. 20 inches, 38wks (jennybeats)

    ~ JUNE 27th. 2008 ~

    Olivia Elizabeth - 8:00pm. 6lbs 12oz. 18in. 39wks4days (TerriG)
    Clara Helen - 11:57pm. 6lbs.10oz., 21.5" (Winky_the_HouseElf)

    ~ JUNE 28th. 2008 ~

    Jackson Alexander - 2:45am. 6lbs 12oz, 20.5 inches. 39wks 4days (purduemom2be)

    ~ JUNE 29th. 2008 ~

    William August - 6:20pm. 6lb 7oz. 20 in. 37wks 4days (Lauryn13)

    ~ JUNE 30th 2008 ~

    Emerson Brooke -1:50pm. 7lbs 6oz. 20.5", 38 wks 4days (t_dellinger)
    Avery Grace -18:29pm. 6lbs 15oz. 19 3/4", 37wks1day (tryingforababy2007)
    William Duane, III (Trey) - 6:47pm, 8lb 2oz. 20 1/2", 38w,5d (mrsbeever)
    Carter Ryan - 9:50pm. 7lbs 10oz. 19 1/2 in. 40wks (KKDarr)

    ~ JULY 1st. 2008 ~
    Neil Frederick - 4:06 PM. 6lbs 13oz. 20" 40wk.5d (newcalimom)
    6 month stats:19lbs 4oz. 28 1/4"
    Brayden Cole - 5:34pm. 7lbs 8.3oz, 20" , 39wk 1day (blueyesongod)
    Fiona Jane - 8:23pm. 8lbs, 20", 39 wks (theresad440)

    ~ JULY 2nd. 2008 ~
    Amelia Grace - 8lbs 6oz, 19in 39 wks (islandgirl05)
    Peyton McKenna Huff - 7lbs 8.5oz, 19" (PHuff)
    6 month stats:18 lbs 5oz. 26 1/2"

    Everit Ross - 9:18 AM. 8lbs 3oz, 20"(girlisrad)
    6 month stats: 20 lbs 10oz. 27 inches
    Rinnah Ellis - 9:23am. 8lb 11.5oz, 20", 40w2d (thaigirl1)
    6 month stats: 14lb 8oz. 25 inches.
    Elijah Stephen - 12:30am. 10lbs 6.5oz. 21 1/2", 40wks (kris_w)
    6 month stats: 19lbs 5oz.
    Charlotte Emily - 2:51pm. 5lb 9oz. 38w5d (little.twists.of.irony.)

    ~ JULY 3rd. 2008 ~
    Eleanor Melody May - 9:16 pm. 7lbs 0.9oz. 19 inches. 40w4d (pixybellestarr)

    ~ JULY 4th. 2008 ~
    Alyssa Kate - 11:26am. 7lbs 14oz, 20.75" 39wks 1day(shaunsmom)
    Sophia Elizabeth -(Tiffany96)

    ~ JULY 5th. 2008 ~

    Kylie Dale - 11:47 am, 8lbs 1 1/4oz, 20 inches, 38 wks 6days (lkja2327)

    ~ JULY 6th. 2008 ~

    Owen Riley - 3:55pm. 7lbs 4oz, 20.5 inches, 37.5wks(loveapom)
    6 month stats:18lbs 1oz. 27 1/4 inches

    ~ JULY 7th. 2008 ~
    Scarlett Rae - 6lb 8oz. 20.5 inches (Tana0730)

    Mia June - 1:03 pm, 6lbs 4oz. 19 in, 39w5d (ddublino)
    Isaiah Michael - 3:34PM. 7lbs 9oz. 20 inches, 38wks 5days (Jeni1220)

    ~ JULY 8th. 2008 ~

    Connor Patrick - 9lbs 12oz, 21in, 39w 6d (pitlove)
    Daemon Aras - 2:16pm, 7lbs.11oz. 20 inches 39w2d (awini8 )
    6 month stats:17 1/2lbs. 27 1/4 inches
    Matthew William -16:39, 6lbs.10oz., 20" 38wks 1day (klebanik)
    Catherine - 10:06pm, 8lbs.4oz.(furbabymama)

    ~ JULY 9th. 2008 ~
    Noah Christopher - 8:45pm. 5lb 6oz, 18 1/2 inches (nidia)
    6 month stats:19lb 6oz, 26 inches.

    ~ JULY 10th. 2008 ~

    Natalee Renee - 2:27 PM. 8lbs 6oz. 20 inches, 39 wks1day(Weezlesgirl)

    ~ JULY 11th. 2008 ~
    Lillian Edith - 2:42am, 8lbs 5 oz, 21 inches, 39wks 5days (Bellatrix)
    Jack Ryan - 4:45am, 8lbs 7oz, 20 inches, 39w6d (coolmama72)
    6 month stats: 17lbs 1oz. 27 inches.
    Tanner Bryan - 12:12pm. 6lbs 7oz 18 in. 38w3d (emtmama04)
    6 month stats:14lbs 10 oz. 25 inches

    Rylee Elizabeth - 12:15pm, 6lb14oz, 20 inches, 39w2d (Jeffniner)
    6 month stats:16lbs 9.5oz. 25.25 inches.

    ~ JULY 12th. 2008 ~

    Olivia Laura - 5.38pm, 7lbs 6oz, 39 weeks (clare**)
    Tanner Bradley - 6:01pm, 8lbs 11oz, 21 inches, 39 wks (IBLove)

    ~ JULY 13th. 2008 ~
    Mollie Jean - 5:01pm, 8lbs 1.8oz, 21 1/2 inches, 39w4d (hjohnz815)

    ~ JULY 14th. 2008 ~

    Brady Alexander - 5:43am, 7lbs. 8oz., 20.5 inches, 39 wks 2 days (nygirl23)

    ~ JULY 15th. 2008 ~
    Margot Grace - 4:55am. 8lb 5oz. 21". (the boys and mama)

    ~ JULY 16th. 2008 ~

    Ronan - 9:47am, (cudastina)
    Patrick James - 7:25pm. 10lbs 3oz. 21", 40w 5d (Nikki2285)
    6 month stats: 24lbs. 29 3/4 inches

    ~ JULY 18th. 2008 ~

    Dina - 2:27 am, 6lbs 12oz, 18 1/2 inches, 39w 3d (CeeTee)
    6 month stats: 16lb 15oz. 25.75 inches
    Sydney Laine - 12:10pm, 8lbs 11oz, 20 1/4 inches, 40w 4d (Leigh_Anne)
    6 month stats:19lbs 4oz. 27 inches
    Shawn Karius W. - 2:05am, 6lbs 7oz, 20 inches (kridda_88 )
    Rogan - 11:20pm, 6lbs 13oz 19 1/2 inches (sugspop)

    ~JULY 19th. 2008 ~
    Jayden Caleb -9:21am. 8lbs 11oz. 21" 38 1/2wks. (lynn81)
    6 month stats:19lbs 11oz. 28 inches

    ~ JULY 20th. 2008 ~
    Leo Charles - 1:35am. 8lbs 2oz. 21" 41 weeks (Emilys3Guppies)
    Wyatt (Wyatt08 )
    6 month stats: 21lbs. 26 3/4 inches

    ~ JULY 21st. 2008 ~
    Lilah Marie - 12:33pm. 7lbs 7oz. 21" 39w5d (casseymia)

    ~ JULY 22nd. 2008 ~
    Andrew - 8:46pm. 9lbs 7oz. 22 inches (angeley572)
    6 month stats: 21lbs 2oz. 28 1/2 inches
    Gabriel Eugene - 3:17am. 8lb 14oz. 21.5" 40w4d (BigRed79)
    6 month stats:18lbs14oz. 28.5"

    ~ JULY 23rd. 2008 ~
    Lilah Aubrey - 4:27am. 8lbs 4oz. 20.5" (SaucyVidel)

    Luken Emery - 9:09pm. 9lbs 10oz. 21.5" 40wks to Heidi (kiss_the_fiddler) Adopted by his other mommy, Kara, on August 5, 2008 at 11:00am.

    ~ JULY 25th. 2008 ~

    Finley Anne -1:21 pm. 8lbs.14oz., 19" (scubaj43)

    ~ JULY 26th. 2008 ~
    Ada Kathryn - 8:30PM. 7lbs. 20in. (cybergal)

    ~ JULY 27th. 2008 ~
    Matthew - 3:40pm. 2lb 8oz. 28w3d (suzemumtohollie)
    6 month stats: 11lb 14oz
    Journi Dacia Maria - 5:23 pm. 7lbs 7.7oz, 20inches (Beertje)

    Ryan Elizabeth - 8:04pm. 7 lbs 1.5oz. 21 inches (karenk69)
    6 month stats: 14.14 lbs. 26 inches

    ~ JULY 28th. 2008 ~

    Weston James - 6:11am. 7lb 1oz. 21 1/4" , 40w2d (~HollyBear~)
    6 month stats: 17lbs. 26 inches.
    Elle Lorraine - 8:14am. was 7lb 15oz. 19 in. 39 wks (Jenny_Penny123)

    ~ JULY 29th. 2008 ~

    Noah Ross - 4:06am. 21 in. 41w 4d (~Serendipity~)
    6 month stats: 21lbs. 29 inches

    Savannah Joi - 5lbs 15oz. 17". 35wks. (PWammy)
    6 month stats: 15lbs. 26 inches

    ~ JULY 30th. 2008 ~

    Esme Grace - 3:44am. 7lbs 7oz. 20" (nu mommee)
    Isla Dawn - 10:19am. 7lbs. 19 1/2" (Ash2005)
    Reese Alizabeth -7:45pm. 7lbs 15oz. 20" (Lola1980)

    ~ JULY 31st. 2008 ~
    Barrett John - 2:00pm. 8lb 6oz. 21 1/2" 40w2d (Tetons)
    6 month stats:18lbs 8oz. 29.5 inches

    ~ AUGUST 1st. 2008 ~
    Caden Alexander - 3:38PM. 8lb 11oz. 20 inches (kimmie preggers)
    6 month stats: 20lbs. 28 inches

    ~ AUGUST 2nd. 2008 ~
    Evan Michael - 2:02pm. 7lbs 12oz. 21" 41w1d (LazyDaisy)
    6 month stats:18lbs 15oz. 27 inches


    Brisbane_Mumma - 2009

    Beertje - 2009

    Suzemumtohollie (Suzanne) - 2009

    girlisrad Chart - 2009


    Leigh_Anne - TTC#2 Chart
    nygirl23/Karen - TTC#2 -not trying/not preventing, Actively trying May/June 2009


    thrashej - TTC#2 - Spring/Summer 2009
    Bigred79/Brandie - TTC#3 - Summer 2009
    awini8/Alicia - TTC#2 -Summer/Fall 2009
    blueyesongod/Deidre -TTC#2 -Fall/Winter 2009
    kris_w/Kris - TTC#4 - Fall/Winter 2009
    SummerTan - TTC#3 - Spring/Summer 2010
    LazyDaisy/Kristin - TTC#2 - May/June 2010
    CeeTee/Chany - TTC#3 - Summer 2010
    kridda_88/Krista - TTC#2 - Date not set


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    Default the birth story of alex and max:

    the birth story of alex and max:

    on monday, june 9, i had a regular checkup with my regular ob. the night before, i had called the on-call doctor because i was having contractions about every 12 minutes or so. so, when we arrived for our appointment, they wanted to hook me up to the monitor. i was on the monitor for a while and then my doctor came in and did a check of my cervix. he didn't say anything out of the ordinary—just the usual chit-chat. then he checked the tape for my contractions and announced he was going to step away to make a phone call.

    when he came back into the room he was all smiles. he said, "let's have some babies today!!" tripper and i were kind of stunned. my doctor set up our c-section for 3 pm and sent us across the street to the hospital. he wasn't on delivery duty that day, but did our c-section anyway—yay!

    on the way over, we took a detour so tripper could get some starbucks. it was around noon and all we could talk about was how in a few hours we'd be parents. needless to say, i cried a lot. happy tears!

    we got to the hospital and they put us in a labor and delivery holding room. they pumped me full of fluids and let our friends and family come to visit. at about 2:45, the anesthesiologist came to do the epidural. ouch!! once that was in and my body was numb they wheeled me into the operating room.

    tripper, who looked so cute in his scrubs, was up by my head the entire time. he kept kissing my forehead. i remember asking him if he thought they had started cutting me yet and before i could get the question out we heard alex screaming!! they held him up over the curtain so we could see before they took him across the room to check him over. one minute later, they held up little max. all i could see was his tiny little foot. so amazing.

    once they had me back in one piece, they took me over to recovery. tripper and i watched the nurses take all the measurements for alex and max and get them all cleaned up. max's blood sugar dropped a bit, so tripper gave him his first bottle right there. i'll never forget watching him hold his baby for the first time. makes me cry to think about it!

    the next few minutes are kind of a blur. i had a throwing up incident and the next thing i knew i was up in our room. they wheeled in the boys a bit later and then let our family and friends in as well.

    all in all, an amazing experience!


    36w3d take-home twinkies!

    alexander george (alex)
    born: june 9, 2008 at 3:55 pm
    weight: 5 lbs., 14 oz.
    length: 19 3/4"

    maxwell murphy (max)
    born: june 9, 2008 at 3:56 pm
    weight: 5 lbs., 3 oz.
    length: 18"

    ttc #1 since april 2005
    bfp (!!) after ivf oct. 2007
    alex and max born june 9, 2008
    36w3d take-home twinkies!

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    Birth Story- Lilac Vegas

    25.6.2008 11.20am

    6lbs 4oz

    Sunday 22nd June- France the midwife came round to check my BP and urine and sent me to hospital because my BP was very high and there was ++ protein in my urine.

    They started me on a 24hr urine collection and did some blood tests to check my liver function.

    I stayed overnight and they let me have my own room as one of the other women on the ward was really annoying and complained all the time! PVP stayed with granny and granddad and Aunty Lucy.

    Monday 23rd June- PVP visited with daddy and liked the pictures of elephants on the hospital floor. We had to persuade her not to kiss every one. She was very good while I had my BP checked and ate a massive tea of macaroni cheese and chips in the hospital canteen.

    They gave me Labetelol and sent me home overnight to rest, on the condition that I came back the next morning for more monitoring.

    Tuesday 23rd June- up all night at home with a bad headache so went to the hospital at 7.30am, dropping Rosie with Granny on the way. When we got there things moved pretty quick and they told me not to eat in case they had to do a C/S that morning.

    The locum consultant did my 1st internal at 10am and said I was ready to be induced – bishops score =6 and offered to rupture my membranes there and then. The whole place was really busy so I waited till the afternoon to be induced.

    I had the Prostin gel at 4pm and walked around for HOURS to try to get things moving. I had contractions and back pain and a bit of gas and air, as well as a few baths and paracetamol but ran out of steam in the middle of the night and had a sleep for an hour. Then walked about to move things on again.

    At 9am they moved me to the labour ward and broke my waters with a hook! The dr was concerned so they said I had to go on continual monitoring, but the belt thing kept falling off every time I sat up with a contraction so they had to attach a foetal head monitor. The pain got quite terrible and I had a pethidine injection- the midwife explained that it wouldn’t take away the pain but I would care about it less.

    I really wanted to stand up, so they let me despite all the monitors and wires. As soon as I was up I had to push and they made me get back on the bed. The midwife shouted for the dr and a 2nd midwife and they basically held me on the bed by my legs! I pushed 3 or 4 times and out she came! The dr showed us that it was a girl, and sewed me up- I had a 2nd degree tear and had a few stitches.

    Lilac had Apgar scores of 8 and 9 but was pretty sleepy. She wouldn’t BF so we gave her some formula after around an hour. She has BF fine since then!

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