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    Matthew McLear 27/7/08 3.40pm 2lb 8oz

    Matthew was due October 16th 2008.

    I enjoyed being pregnant again, and had a trouble free pregnancy as long as it lasted.

    At 27 weeks I woke up and I had chest pains. Through my chest at the front and between my shoulder blades at the back. Not excuriating pain, but pretty sore I had this wiht hollie, the first sign of my pre eclampsia and as I have a bp machine at home I checked myself and it was 1**/114 (I only remember the lower number). I knew this was high, so called the pregnancy asessment unit at my local hospital where i had been going for all my checks. They said to come in. So I called my mum and went to collect her to come wiht me.

    At the assessment unit they checked my bp and it was still as high, so I was taken along to the labour suite. They then put me on a bed, took blood and gave me medication for the bp. I then met wiht my consultant and told I would be transferred to edinburgh (our capital city and the top special care baby unit in the country), my bed and baby's bed had been booked. They got prepped for the ambulance, and got bp stabalised enough to travel. Dave arrived, I said goodbye to Hollie and we were off.

    At Edinburgh Royal Infirmary I was taken to labour suite and put in high dependency on the bp machine, it was recording my bp every 15 mins. I was in there overnight on betablockers and gettign blood taken and bp measured. It all stabalised by the next day and I met wiht the consultant on duty. She said my blood tests showed the condition and functioning of my liver and kidneys and platelet count, these were all quite low (This is called HELLP syndrome: H aemolysis EL (elevated) liver enzymes LP (low platelet) count. Hellp is a variation of pre e) and she would expect me to get 2 weeks at maximum before they would have to deliver. At this point I had been diagnosed wiht eary early stages of pre e and hellp and the liklihood of it going away completely was minimum, all they could do now was stabalise it as long as possible And then the balancing act began I had bp measured hourly, urine intake and output recorded hourly, bloods at 6am and 6pm all to monitor the pre e and hellp. I met wiht the peadetrician from special care who explanied the risks for Matthew. I was only 27 weeks and he was saying he would be very pleased if I could get to 28 weeks, and then 30 weeks.

    So then I was transferred to the antenatal ward and just had to wait. And this was the awful part. I hated it, cried everyday, everytime someone spoke to me everytime hollie and dave left, every night not knowing what the next day would bring. I clung to the hope that I'd get home there was a glimmer of hope on day 3 when they considered allowing me to my mother in law's house which was closer to the hospital than our home, so I could get back in time if the condition deteriorated. I had to wait on the 6am blood results to decide. But they came back wiht the platelets having dropped again By day 6 my condition had deteriorated to the extent it was nearly time. I had made it to 28 weeks plus 2 days. My consultant sat wiht me on that morning wiht her head in her hands teling me this was the hardest decision of her career to deliever today or risk another day whcih is like a week for Matthew in the womb. I begged her not to let me get to the stage of neading a General anaestheic for delivery, I had that wiht hollie and missed her birth She decided to do bloods at 2pm and take it from there. At 2pm the platelets were still extremely low but had stabalised. So they left me another day.

    And Sunday 27th July was the day. I was 28 weeks plus 3 days. And again, i was a complete mess, crying and crying wiht guilt, worry, relief, excitemnt, nerves, everything. Dave was finding it very difficult too, the atmosphere was awful, we fought that morning and were barely speaking by the time the section time came. It was just so stressful. I remember pacing the room and being told my bp was through the roof and I would need to stay in bed until my turn for theatre, and I just sat there and cried. My midwife who'd been on duty for a few days sat and just held me. She came to theatre wiht me and everything, she was lovely.

    In theatre it all went ok, they struggled a bit wiht the epidural, as I was so swollen wiht the pre e, there was nice music, the theatre staff all lovely, relaxed and a whole team of people ready for Matthew. I watched the whole thing in the mirrored light on the ceiling Matthew came out after just 10 mins and let out a screech lol, they held him up and my first thought was wow, he doesn't look like what I expected lol He was also absolutely tiny he got taken away while I got stitched up but brought back again because he was fine

    and so that's it.... my last baby Matthew is very stable, has a long road ahead of him, but he's a fighter, and he's doing extremely well. What becomes of his development in the next 6-12 months we will deal wiht, as a family. I love my boy, and I love my family, we'll get there.
    Suzanne, mummy to:
    Hollie Jan 06
    Matthew July 08
    Robyn Oct 09

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    Heidi's Space

    ~ JULY 23rd. 2008 ~

    Luken Emery - 9:09pm. 9lbs 10oz. 21.5" 40wks to Heidi (kiss_the_fiddler) Adopted by his other mommy, Kara, on August 5, 2008 at 11:00am.

    6 months: 23 pounds, 2 ounces.
    7 months: 24 pounds even.
    7 months, 3 weeks & 2 days: 24 pounds, 8 ounces.
    8 months, 4 weeks, & 2 days (one day shy of 9 months): 24 pounds, 3 ounces (yes, less than before), 29 1/2 inches long!

    For the record: March 19, 2009
    Today I joined the gym. My bp was 138/82. I weigh 220 pounds. I have a BMI of 33.4. My measurements are as follows.
    head: 22 5/8 inches,
    neck: 14 1/2 inches,
    right upper arm: 14 1/4 inches,
    left upper arm: 14 3/8 inches,
    chest above boobs: 41 1/4 inches,
    chest at nips: 47 1/2 inches,
    chest under boobs: 40 1/2 inches,
    waist at belly button: 45 inches,
    high hips: 49 5/8 inches,
    low hips: 48 7/8 inches,
    right thigh: 29 1/2 inches,
    left thigh: 29 3/8 inches,
    right knee: 17 3/4 inches,
    left knee: 17 5/8 inches,
    right calve: 16 7/8 inches,
    left calve: 16 7/8 inches,
    right ankle: 9 1/4 inches,
    left ankle: 9 3/8 inches,
    right wrist: 7 inches,
    left wrist: 7 inches.

    Heidi's Accountability Thread
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    Mine and Peytons space....


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    *~**~ }i{ Nidia & Noah's Space }i{ ~**~*

    ♥ C, N & L!


    Noah 7/9/08
    Lucas 5/8/13

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    Gwen & Jack's Space

    EDD July 12, 2008

    Jack Ryan’s birth story

    I started having somewhat regular contractions, 10 minutes apart, on July 9th. These felt different (very crampy) than the contractions I had the rest of the pregnancy. But after several hours (and the kids waking up) they stopped. So Jack was not to be born on July 9th.

    I had sporadic contractions on July 10th, but nothing measurable or timeable. I had my midwife appt with Paula at 3:15, and had her check to see my progress. I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. So there was some progress going on. Paula seemed to think that I’d be delivering within 48 hours.

    We went to the pool around 5:15, and I realized I really needed to have my mom here just in case I delivered in the middle of the night. I called her and talked to her about it, and she agreed. Whew! I was having contractions about every 4-5 minutes, lasting only about 30 seconds, and I could walk and talk through them. We had dinner at the pool, and stayed until it closed. I figured it was my last time there for 6 weeks. A woman in the locker room asked when I was due – imagine her surprise when I told her I thought I was having the baby that night!!

    The contractions seemed to stop while I was putting the kids to bed and snuggling with them. So I went for a walk around 9, chatting with my friend Ann on my cell phone. I had about 4 contractions during the walk, but nothing that made me stop. It was frustrating!!! Mom arrived a few minutes after I got home. I asked if she wanted me to wake her when we went to the hospital, and she said we didn’t need to. Rich and I went to bed around 11. I woke at 11:45 with the first “serious” contraction. I stayed in bed for about 90 minutes, trying to relax through them. I finally got up at 1:15, and checked in with my groups online. I couldn’t really tolerate sitting at my desk, so I decided to shower. The wall held me up through several contractions in the shower. I got into bed after that, and finally woke Rich at 2:30 because I couldn’t do it any more on my own. He helped me relax through several contractions, but then decided he needed a bowl of cereal. So we moved downstairs where I labored on the sofa. He joined me for each contraction, eating in between. From the time I woke him (since he had the watch) the contractions were every 5 minutes and lasting a minute. He showered around 3:15, and when he returned, I told him to call the midwife on call (Wendy). He seemed to think we had plenty of time, I knew we didn’t. The answering service had him on hold forever (it seemed to me) and I told him to hang up and call back. He was still on hold with the second call but finally got through. Wendy called back and told us to come on over.

    We left the house at 4am, and my water broke on the way (no towel in the car, ack!). I was so worried about having to push in the parking lot, we couldn’t get there fast enough! We got there at 4:10, and I told the nurses I was feeling “pushy”. Luckily I didn’t have to go through triage. Wendy checked me, and I was 8cm and 80% effaced. They asked a million questions (procedure) and luckily Rich could answer them all for me. One of the nurses commented that I was making labor look easy. Trust me, it wasn’t! I was in transition, the contractions were on top of each other, every two minutes. Wendy had me turn to my side. I either moaned or said something about pushing … Wendy said not to push (she didn’t have gloves) and then immediately announced that the baby was crowning. Never thought I’d be pushing on my side! Everyone moved quickly, they couldn’t even get the bed broken apart. Wendy got her gloves on just in time. Jack arrived very quickly at 4:45 am. His APGARS were 8 & 9, despite being blue when he came out. He had the cord wrapped around his neck and was struggling to breathe as he was still filled with fluid. They got him suctioned and warmed up and I got to nurse him after that. He hung out with me for a little over an hour before they took him to be cleaned and measured. He had a full head of brown hair and looks to be brown eyed. He was 8lbs 7oz and 20 inches long.


    At 6 months Jack was 17lbs 1oz, 50% and 27 inches, 75%

    And here's a picture of him on his actual 6 month birthday

    Gwen, Mommy to Andrew, Jordan, Natalie & Jack

    My blog - all things family, photography and crafty

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    Sarah and Sadie's Space

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