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Thread: July Firefly Master Info! Spaces,Arrivals and Stats!

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    Deidre's Space
    BFP on 11/10/2007
    EDD on July 7th, 2007
    My Story
    After trying to conceive for 12 months off and on, I started noticing sore bbs for at least a week before I even took a test. The last time that I got a BFN I cried all day, so DH told me to hold off until at least a week after expected AF. It was the night of my college rival football game that I had had enough waiting and we decided to take the test that night. We stared at the Clearblue digital for it seemed like forever, and then it clicked to Pregnant! I screamed and started laughing so hard. My biggest dreams had come true in my sister's apartment bathroom!!! The journey has been good so far with my first appointment behind me and 30 weeks before me. My baby has a 167bpm heart rate and is settle quite safely in my upper uterus. Dh is happy, but finds it all surreal. I bet when he hears that heartbeat and see defined limbs it will all sink in. Its so amazing how much I love this baby after only seeing it on screen once. :heart:
    Our Wedding Day
    November 19, 2006
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    My First Baby Picture at 8weeks2days
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    Second Ultrasound at 11weeks4days
    Belly Pics!!!

    Now welcoming BRAYDEN COLE!!

    Brayden's birth story starts with a false labor trip to the hospital. I began having 5 minute apart contractions at 37 weeks. The contractions progressed to 3 minutes apart, but after being in the labor and delivery room for 4 hours with no cervical change I was sent home to "labor down". For the next week, I still had contractions coming every 3-5 minutes, which took a big toll on my body. At my 38 week doctor appointment, I allowed him to do an internal hoping to hear of some change, but alas there was none. He still couldn't feel the head, so he offered to do an ultrasound to make sure Brayden wasn't breech. As he was looking at the ultrasound, he noticed that Brayden was super high in my uterus which worried him because my blood pressure was slowly rising. He asked what I would like to do, and I told him that I would like to wait another week to see how things progressed.

    After that next week, I was feeling miserable. I was still having contractions, and I could physically feel the affects of my high blood pressure. At my 39 week appointment, my blood pressure was 150/95 which is considerably high in comparison to my usual 108/70s. Also, after checking out Brayden's heartrate, it was in the 150s in comparison to his 130s. At this point, my doc, Caleb and I decided the best option was a c-section. I really did not want o go through an induction just to be forced into an emergency c-section. So, we scheduled it for the next day at 5pm.

    That morning at my mom's house, I woke up to a deluxe breakfast. My mom treated Caleb and me to bacon, eggs, biscuits, and sugared strawberries. She knew that I couldn't eat 8 hours prior to the surgery, so she wanted my belly to be full in the morning so I wouldn't be starving by 5pm. After eating I tried to sleep as much as possible, and by 2:30pm we were heading out the door. I was admitted at 3pm and was put on a mineral drip to prepare me for the csection. At 5pm, I was wheeled into the operating room. I was so nervous about the spinal, but I had the sweetest anesthetist and his boss was there to supervise. They made me feel very comfortable, and by the time they were finished I hadnt even noticed that the spinal was done.

    Things went very fast from here, but the next thing I know, my doc had the googoo dolls on the radio and was chatting with me about the red hot chili peppers. After making my incision he told me that he is going to have to push Brayden down b/c he was still so high. He had to get on his feet to push, and I felt the pressure up in my lungs, but the most beautiful noise came next. Brayden's first cries brought tears to my eyes, and boy did he cry. I don't think he stopped crying until he was in Caleb's arms.

    The first thing I remember when I saw him was that he was the exact image of Caleb. He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and I couldn't wish for anything better. Brayden came into this world at 5:34pm. He weighed 7lbs 8.3 oz and was 20 inches long. He had a headful of hair and big wide curious eyes.




    Brayden Cole - 5:34pm. 7lbs 8.3oz, 20" , 39wk 1day (blueyesongod)

    6month stats

    Weight: 15lbs 5oz- 25%
    Height: 25 1/4 inches- 25%
    Head: 15 inches- 10%


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    Jackqui's Space

    EDD July 22nd
    hoping for a girl
    thinking its a boy
    we'll see come feb 5th!

    BFP on Nov. 13th (around 12-13 DPO)

    bit blurry taken on phone

    Baby at 12weeks

    belly pictures

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    Default Here I go again!

    After 5 1/2 years, i am now expecting my 3rd child! I feel really weird starting all over again-we just bought our first house in March and i can't imagine babyproofing all over again! My husband Troy & i have been married for almost 10 years. We have an 8 and 5 year old and one angel we lost in between. I am praying daily for a safe pregnancy! And that this baby will calm my 2 wild boys down!
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    DH Troy 3/21/98
    Mom to Austin (11), Jordan (9) & Kaiden (2)

    x 3

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    Ashley's Space
    Ashley, mama to little girls

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    Heather's Space

    EDD JULY 16

    Hi everyone! I am Heather and my DH is Steve. We were married on Oct. 28, 2000. We have two children, DD is 6 and DS is 4. I am waiting for my first appt to tell the kids about the news! Can't wait!

    First appt: January 3

    Pic at 11.5 wks
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    My name is Erica, and I am pregnant with #2 - EDD is July 7! I am a stay-at-home mom to my daughter Ally, and I've been married to DH for 4 years.

    Here is a pic of my husband and I on our honeymoon (we went to Hawaii!)

    Here is my daughter on Halloween 2007...she was Elmo of course. That's our Corgi Nala in back of her

    Here's a pic of our new little bean taken at our second ultrasound at the end of December

    We had our big ultrasound on February 18, and we found out we are having a healthy baby boy!!! Here a few pics from the ultrasound:

    Josh's birth story:

    On June 22 around 7 pm I started having what I thought were BH contractions, but started becoming more regular. I started timing them, and when the were about 6 minutes apart lasting about a minute, I called the hospital and spoke to the on-call doctor. He said to come to the hospital and they would check things out. Got to the hospital around 9:30, and when they checked me, I was about 3 cm dilated and about 50% effaced. So, the nurse said I probably wasn't going anywhere.

    They hooked me up to the monitor, and I tried to get some sleep in between contractions. Around 2 am, they started getting really bad, and I was in a lot of pain. I was 4 cm dilated and so they gave me an epidural...felt good after that I fell asleep, and in the morning when the nurse checked me, the contractions had slowed down a bit, so the doctor broke my water, and then around 9 or so gave me pitocin to get things going, which it did...within two hours, I was fully dilated and ready to push. Josh came out with 4 pushes!!! Because it was such a quick delivery I was in a lot of pain, and had a second degree tear in a few places, but all in all it went pretty well! He weighed 7 lbs 3 oz and was 20 inches long. I cried when he came out, which is weird because I didn't with my first.

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    Shannon's Space

    My Story

    My name is Shannon, and my DH and I had been TTC #2 for almost two years. We had no trouble conceiving DD, who is now 3 years old. Of course we were completely shocked to learn after the initial testing that DH has a devastating low sperm morphology. Our specialist told us that it was a miracle that we conceived DD, especially without any medical intervetion. Before seeing my specialist my OB/GYN had me go through 3 rounds of clomid with no sucesss. Then we moved on to our RE and completed our first IVF w/ICSI in July of this year with a chemical pregnancy. We took some much need time off before our next cycle. And, this one worked! We are pregnant with one little baby girl and we are estatic.

    EDD July 28, 2008
    Its a GIRL!!!

    IVF #1: 7/12/07 Transfered one "okay" blast Chemical Pregnancy
    IVF #2: 11/10/07 Transfered two blasts: Beta: 13DP5DT: 919 16DP5DT: 2,462 18DP5DT: 4,360

    1st ultrasound at 6w1d, We have a heartbeat!! 121BPM
    2nd ultrasound at 7w1d, We STILL have a heartbeat!! 133BPM
    3rd utrasound at 8w1d, Measuring 8w4d with a heartbeat of 171BPM
    1st OB appointment 1/3/08 -Great! got to see little bean on U/S again!
    NT Test: 1/14/08 -Normal, HR 154 BPM
    Next OB appointment: 3/31/2008
    Follow-up Ultrasound to check dialated kidneys: 4/22/2008 - DIALATION ALL GONE!!!

    Belly shots

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    *~*Kristin's Space*~*

    More to come!

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    Cassandra's Space
    EDD: July 21
    Postive HPT: Nov 12

    My fiance and I have one daughter, Loren, who is 1 1/2. We are expecting our second on July 21.

    Appointment Log
    1st Appt: Nov 27 - Saw the heart beat
    2nd Appt: Dec 18 - Got to see the baby dancing around
    3rd Appt: Jan 10 - Another ultrasound but couldn't hear the heartbeat. Also had Nucheal Testing
    4th Appt: Jan 16 - Ultrasound to measure my cervix. Everything was good. Heartbeat was also at 153
    5th Appt: Feb 6 - Heartbeat was around 140.

    Weight Log
    Prepregnancy - 240?
    1st Appt - 238
    2nd Appt - 235
    3rd Appt - 233
    4th Appt - 237
    5th Appt - 232
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    baby growth

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    Jenny's Space

    Hi everyone! My husband Michael and I eloped in May of 07. This is both of our second marriages, but neither of us had children during our first marriages. Since we are both getting up there in age, I'm 33 and he's 41, we decided to start trying for a baby right away. After 5 months TTC, I finally ovulated and we got our BFP on 10/30/07! I was about to start clomid on the next cycle. I guess it just took my body some time to adjust to being off birth control.

    We had our 20 week u/s on 2/11 and found out we are having a baby girl with 10 fingers, 10 toes, 4 chambers in her heart, etc. We are naming her Catherine and calling her Catie for now while she is little.

    My screen name furbabymama is because I am mama now to 6 furbabies (pets). When we met, I had 3 dogs and a cat and he had 2 dogs. So now we have a brady bunch of animals. Thought I would share some pictures with you. Thanks for visiting.

    Me and Michael

    My boys Jack and Hank

    My little Lilly

    Michael's Girls Zoe and Xena

    ..and the bravest kitty of all time - Devon

    My growing belly:

    And our little baby GIRL Catherine:

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