June 2012 Sunbeams Arrivals and Birth Stories!

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June 2012 Sunbeams Arrivals and Birth Stories!

Please post your birth stories here! No comments please. I will update the arrivals as more babies arrive!

June 2012 Arrivals

Jaime (sometimes) Lucas Graham 4 lbs 2 oz 17.5 inches

Kayla (Kayla1981) Nora Alice 5 lbs 6 oz

Amy (mamato6) Mia Rose 6 lbs 1 oz 17.5 inches

Renea (nea458) Wesley Evan 5 lbs 12 oz 18.5 inches

Jen (MrsJD) Gavin Alan 8 lbs 7 inches 20 1/4 inches

Mara (Marite13) Zintis Piet 9 lbs 5 oz 22 inches
Kristie (kristie_b1) Max 7 lbs 6 oz 19.75 inches

Lillie (wlillie) Matthew Derek 8 lbs 8 oz

Rebecca (RebeccaA'07)Abram Linden 8 lbs 20.5 inches
Amanda (shroutbabymama85) Jayden Ray 5 lbs 11 oz 19.5 inches

Lexi (lexirunner) Henry 8 lbs 1 oz 21 inches
Adriana (ammoss890) Daniel Ryan 8 lbs 2 oz 21 inches

Jubilee (jubileerose) Lily Rose 6/12/12 9 lbs 5 oz

Sarah (dsbwn3) Gavin Michael 8 lbs 6.6 oz 20.5 inches
Terra (greenmylife) Rose-Lynn Annie Lemieux 7 lbs 10 oz 20 inches

Christa (lulutheleo) Hannah

Audra (boilermaker) (Seth William) 7 lbs 4 oz 19 3/4 inches

Jess (IronMate) Cora Ann 10 lbs
Daisha (MommyD) Vivian Eden 6 lbs 15 oz

Brooke (brookie13) Finn Hudson 7 lbs 14 oz 21 inches

Jen (JDBabyHopes) Sam 8 lbs 8 oz 21.5 inches

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4/25/12 - I called my doctor for a blood pressure check. Mommy intuition is real! I had the feeling something was wrong and am so glad I followed up, since I didn't have an appointment for another week. My blood pressure was 170/110 at the doctor's office. They sent me to the hospital for monitoring. I was admitted and my doctor eventually came in and said we were going to do a 24 hour urine draw to check my protein levels and give me the first steroid shot to help Lucas' lungs. He also put me on blood pressure meds, which helped to bring down my BP to around 150/100ish. Oh and my labs were perfect. My liver was functioning fine.

4/26/12 - This entire day was a waiting game. We needed to finish the urine draw and get the 2nd steroid shot, and those wouldn't be done until at least 9 PM that night. I was pretty bored... Josh was really busy at work and my parents were watching Savannah. My best friend came over during her lunch break, but that was pretty much the only company I had until Josh got off of work that night. We finished my urine draw and got Lucas his last shot... unfortunately the results wouldn't be in until the morning... boo! Labs again, we're good.

4/27/12 - Lucas's Birthday! Around 8 AM, right after I had finished breakfast (thank god) my nurse came in and told me my doctor ordered no more food and that we were going to have Lucas that evening. I was so hungry the rest of the day.. I couldn't even drink, but I kept sneaking in the bathroom to wet my mouth. I had some visitors in the morning.. my MIL came to town and my parents brought Savannah over so my MIL could take over her care. After that I was left alone until around 6 when Josh brought everybody back. I told him they better stay the hell out of my room if they even smelled like food... and to not bring in water or anything. LOL.. I was an angry, hungry pregnant woman. So 7:30 rolls around and they roll me into the operating room... the worst part of the whole thing for me, the epidural/spinal whatever they gave me. It took the lady like 8 tries to get it in my back... it freaking hurt. Josh was waiting outside the room and he said he could hear me moaning... the pressure is unbelievable and painful. My poor doctor, I thought I was going to crush his fingers.. he had to switch hands at one point, haha. I was also nauseous on and off but they were giving me stuff through my IV that helped, thank goodness. Anyways, she gets it in and they get the curtain up.. Josh finally gets to come in. It took the doctor a few minutes longer than he expected to go through the scar tissue and at 8:17 PM Lucas Graham entered the world.

After surgery I was put in the recovery area of the surgery department while the nurse took forever to get my stuff done. I had to be put on magnesium sulfate and given antibiotics. I finally got to see Lucas again when he was about 14 hours old, the kind nurse wheeled my bed into the NICU. Later that day I was up and walking. I was released on Monday 4/30, still on BP meds and super swollen, but so glad to go home.

Lucas Graham - He didn't cry right away. It took him what felt like forever, but it was probably only a minute or two. Josh could see him and said he was breathing but just not crying. I remember asking why he wasn't crying and my doctor told me that sometimes with c-sections it takes the baby a minute because they're kind of in shock. Finally I heard that little cry and was so happy. Josh got to go over and cut the cord, take pictures while they weighed him, etc... then they brought him to me to see. He was breathing on his own for a few minutes so they were able to do that. While I was looking at him he started grunting, so they whisked him off to the NICU for some oxygen. It was so different from our experience with Savannah, I think we were both a little shocked, but happy.

Lucas was on oxygen through a nasal cannula for only 2 days... he was off by 5/1. He kept yanking it out. After that he just needed to learn to eat, which he finally did after 3 weeks in the NICU. After showing he was gaining weight and eating all his feeds, he got to come home, 4 weeks and 1 day after his birth.

Picture below is big sister loving on her brother the day he came home.

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I went in at 0900 on 4 June to begin the scheduled c/s process. I honestly wanted Wesley to arrive earlier that way I could deliver VBAC as I did with my second daughter. I began to have contractions, without being induced, that were a couple of minutes apart but still went ahead with the surgery. They gave me a spinal and it was fantastic! I had a horrible experience with my first c/s (could feel things that I should not have been able to feel). It took a while for him to come out and they had to use the suction because he was so low in the canal (just chilling!). He did not cry at first but there was no alarm. He was already going to be a quiet boy. Once he was out, they showed him to me and he was soooo tiny. It was an emotional experience because I was elated he arrived but saddened because my husband was unable to make it. We could not even Skype in the OR so he had to wait about an hour after the delivery to finally see him. The highlight of the moment was when they actually handed me Wesley to hold while they were giving me my tubal ligation and stitching me back up. I was able to bond with him and ecstatic since a majority of doctors do not allow this. I wanted that bonding experience and they allowed me to have it knowing that this was my last pregnancy and giving my situation with my husband deployed.

All vitals were fantastic but it did take all day for his temp to reach 98 versus 95 degrees. They had to place him under the warmer several times. During the deliver, I heard the doctors remark on how small my uterus was. Maybe that is why I have tiny babies? Do not know. All I know, Wesley was my last.

He came into this world weighing 5lbs, 12oz, at 1153 in the morning. He was 18.5 inches long and his head was 13.5 inches around. Such a tiny baby but a healthy one. I lost a lot of blood and my iron levels are very low so I am now on supplements for 6 months. He took to breastfeeding really well which is great for me since I did not have much help in the hospital (lactation consultant was on vaca and others seemed not so helpful). My mom was able to help me along and I maintained my patience (something I did not really have in earlier pregnancies). As of this morning, my milk has arrived! Which is a good thing considering I took Wesley into his ped appt yesterday and they told me that he lost almost a lb! He was 5lbs, 12 oz when born, 5lbs, 7oz upon discharge, and now he is at 5lb, 1oz. SO...I had to give him a bit of formula last night because he was not peeing (only pooping). It helped him pee and he has been on breast ever since. I bf almost every 3 hrs and he sits on each breast for about 15-25 minutes each time. He is so great at it which is helpful to me! However, he prefers my left over my right and my left is VERY sore because that is all I could practically give him at the hospital.I have an appt with the lactation consultant Tues and another weight check for him. So far, I have lost 15lbs since delivery (Monday). It will slow down -it always does.

2 hrs after delivery (I know I am jumping around), DH was able to Skype in and look at his handsome son for the first time. He tried so hard to keep it together but could not. He said he will always regret not being there at such a special time and I try to reassure him that he goes where he goes because he is told. He knows this and it just hurts his heart a lot. He is going to miss out on the little phase of Wesley as an infant - he loved this stage with the girls. He wants me to keep his inbox full of pictures and talks to him when he can. Watching them interact over a computer screen puts a smile on my face and secretly allows me to cry at night. It is a tough time right now for me dealing with all of this- and then some other issues with my mom who vowed to help but -ugh.

Pictures below. I am sure I left some things out.

Thank you for all of the prayers. They were answered and we are blessed!Going home...

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Zintis Piet's birth story

On Wednesday, June 6, I woke up just around 9am, and came to full awareness that I was having contractions. Contractions that felt like REAL contractions, not just the Braxton Hicks I’d been having for months. I decided to try to get up and take a nice, long, hot shower before Joel or Beni woke up. My contractions continued in the shower and as I got dressed. They seemed to be coming fairly close together, so I went downstairs and decided to time a few.
I found out that they were indeed coming every 2-3 minutes. I got pretty excited. For some reason I had been ridiculously obsessed with this baby’s birth date, and 6/6/12 was one of the days I wanted Kong to be born. But I was also hesitant to get too excited just yet, as I’d had one day the previous week when I really thought something might be going on as well, and obviously, it hadn’t. At this point I was easily walking and talking through contractions as well, even though they were still coming fairly close together.
Throughout the morning I puttered around the house- making food, cleaning, doing laundry. I was certainly becoming more sure that this was it- so I was intent on cleaning up the birthing space, tidying up common spaces that would be occupied by my support team, etc.
At some point mid-morning I called my midwife and my doula to let them know that I was having regular, easy contractions. I remember at that point I was still able to talk through contractions, but they required me to move with them too- I would doing a solo labor dance, swaying my hips, etc. Things still felt quite easy though.
Around noon I called my mom to tell her that today was the day, and she should plan on coming out to be with Beni. She said she would try to be there by around 2.
Joel and Beni were busy… they went to the store to buy bike helmets, so I went upstairs to lie down for a while. I read my book a little, and eventually had a nap as well. Contractions slowed down a bit while I was napping, and I got nervous that maybe it had all been a fluke. I decided to get up and stay on my feet and see if things picked up again.
I continued to putter around downstairs, while Joel and Beni went for a bike ride wearing their new helmets. Contractions picked back up in intensity, but they were still spaced slightly longer apart- anywhere from 3-6 minutes.
My mom showed up around 2:30, I think. We chatted and she didn’t notice my contractions- I had to tell her I was having them. But they were coming! I know I hadn’t eaten lunch, but I really wasn’t hungry. I ate a protein bar just to get something in. Then Joel and I decided to go for a walk. At some point before we left the house, contractions got intense enough that when they came, I had to stop and focus and breathe. I was leaning and swaying through them as well.
As we left the house to go for a walk, we got as far as the mail box, and another contraction came. I leaned over and put my hands on my knees, and leaned my forehead into Joel’s belly. It just so happened that right at that moment a guy was driving by- the side of his truck said “Animal Removal”. He was on his phone, but slowed down and put the phone down to ask if we were ok. Joel said yes, but the guy responded, “Cause I can just throw her in the back if you need me to!” It was pretty funny. Once the contraction passed we set out for our walk, leaving Beni playing with my mom. Walking definitely did its thing, because our walk turned out to be very short in distance. We were having to stop every 15-20 feet or so for contractions, and I was fully leaning on/hanging on Joel when they came.
By the time we got back to the house it was around 4pm, and we awaited our friend Mary’s arrival. I knew that Linda, the midwife, was at Jessica’s, the doula’s house just a few minutes away. I had been in touch with them, and let them know about the intensity of my contractions. They also knew that for now I was comfortable laboring the way I was- just taking it easy, hanging out with my family, etc, so they were just waiting for a call from me that I was ready for them to come. I think I might have gone upstairs to lie down again for a while- maybe an hour? I was doing really well at not watching the clock, so I don’t really know.
Once Mary arrived, we all hung out in the kitchen for a while. She had brought loads of fabulous food along with her, and set about prepping it all and setting it out. The kitchen counter was covered in fruits and cheeses, breads and salads. It all looked delicious, but I think I only managed to eat one strawberry at that point. As during my last labor, I was not hungry at all. I did make a point to try to keep myself hydrated. As Mary continued to prep things, and Beni ate dinner, I just hung out and leaned on the counter having contractions. Contractions had grown in intensity again, and I was even getting close to wanting to moan through them. I know I was doing loud, focused breathing through them, because I heard my mom explaining to Beni why I was breathing like that. Beni seemed fine, and unphased, but interested.
Just before 6pm, I had another contraction that was quite intense, after which I let Joel know that I was ready for Linda and Jessica to be present. I told him to call them and tell them to come over, and that I was going to go upstairs and get in the shower.
I had not been in the shower long when I heard Linda and Jessica arrive. Not more than a minute later, I also felt my water break right at the end of a contraction. I had been kneeling on a white towel in the shower and looked down to see that my water was not completely clear. I suspected meconium, and Linda and Jessica confirmed that when they saw it. As in my labor with Beni, as soon as my water broke, my body naturally started pushing during contractions.
I stayed in the shower for a few more minutes because it really did feel good, but, I wasn’t that comfortable, and the water started to get cold, so I decided to get out. When I got back to the bedroom, I labored standing up while Linda listened to the baby’s hear beat. The baby had one very significant deceleration in heart rate which really worried Linda. She asked me to lie down to see if the baby’s heart rate would pick back up, and stay up during the next contraction. At this point she also insisted on checking my dilation and baby’s position, as she really felt baby was going to need to get out SOON. I was nearly complete in dilation, and when I changed position Kong did better. Linda brought up transferring to the hospital, but, my instinct told me that we were ok, and I said I wanted to stay home unless it was an emergency. It was not, so we stayed.
I continued to labor on my side, holding Joel’s hand. I definitely had a bit of that “rest and be thankful” stage, where contractions spaced out a bit again, and I was able to nearly sleep between them. It felt a little silly, because I didn’t feel like I’d worked THAT hard up until that point, but, I needed the rest for what was still coming!
Around 8pm, Jessica said I’d been in this position for about an hour, and asked if I would like to try something different. My pushing had grown a bit more intense, and I can remember thinking that the more effort I put in, the sooner this baby would be out, so I decided to move. I’m sure I labored in the bathroom for a while, and when I reached down to see if I could feel the baby, I could still only feel myself. I was bummed, hoping that I would have felt the baby’s head.
I went back into the bedroom and continued to labor in upright positions. I stood, I squatted, I kneeled. Some positions were easier than others, and at the suggestion of Linda and Jessica, I attempted the harder ones (like squatting), telling myself again, that the more work I put in, the sooner the baby would be out.
During all this laboring, one of the lovely parts of being home was that Beni was able to come and go as she pleased. I often heard hers, my mom’s and Mary’s laughter drifting up from downstairs. And then I also heard when Beni and mom would come upstairs and stand in the doorway. My mom did an awesome job explaining to Beni that soon she would have a baby brother or sister, and that I was working hard to get the baby to come out. At this point in labor I was definitely very vocal, moaning and grunting through contractions/pushing, and I heard Beni imitating my sounds. It was very cute.
Being home also intensified my need for Joel’s support. He barely left my side during labor. I clung to him, hung on him, leaned on him, squeezed the crap out of his hands…. And he just kept telling me I was doing great. It was a very different experience than when we were in the hospital for Beni’s birth.
At nearly 8:40, according to Jessica’s notes, I spoke out, wondering aloud, “Why isn’t this baby just sliding out!?!” I remember at that point feeling a bit frustrated- I knew it was getting dark, I felt like I’d been laboring a long time, and I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. Of course, as it happens in labor, just when I thought I couldn’t go much longer, I was actually way closer to then end than I could imagine.
I knew at this point that the baby was getting low as I was starting to feel that dreaded ring of fire again. I also felt a need to pee, which may have been real, and may have just been a perceived need due to all the pressure baby was putting on all my parts as he descended. But I insisted that I wanted to go to the bathroom. So I waddled in there, and sat on the toilet for a few more minutes. Joel came with me, and I continued to push hard while in there. Linda knew the baby was very close, and she asked that I come back into the bedroom to push Kong out.
According to Jessica’s notes, I went into the bathroom at 8:52. By 8:57, I was back in the bedroom, and mom and Beni were in the doorway watching. Beni was grunting along with me, and I was pushing with all my heart. I asked for counter pressure from my midwife. This pregnancy had brought so many issues (hemorrhoids, swelling and the such) for me in the nether region, I had no interest in adding massive tears to the list. The ring of fire was INTENSE, and I hated it. I could feel the baby’s head coming down, down, down, and then the burn, burn, burn of my body stretching to its limits. After one or two of those contractions I could also feel the baby’s head slip right back up- and although the relief was immediate from the burning, I also knew that there was only one real way to end the hurt all together. So I pushed with renewed force, and tried to keep the baby’s head from slipping back up between contractions.
At this point I was standing next to the bed, leaning over into Joel who was kneeling on the bed, but sort of curled forward over his knees. I rested my head on his shoulder and grasping both of his hands, pulled against him, as I pushed. This put him in a great position- his head just in the right place- for a pretty direct view of his son being born.
At 9:06pm, one contraction after his head was born, the rest of Kong entered the world. He was handed through my legs into my arms, and I sat down on the bed to look at him. I was very excited to see if Kong was a boy or a girl, but, Linda wanted to hear his heartbeat and suction him a little given the few tough spots we’d faced in labor. So it took a few extra-long seconds of rubbing him and checking him over, before I finally lifted the blanket and got hold of those squirmy legs, and saw what was between them! Kong was a boy! An overwhelmed (in a good way) Joel told Beni and everyone else, that Kong’s name was Zintis Piet.
We later found out that Zintis weighed 9lbs 5oz, and was 22 inches long. And the reason why he wasn’t ever going to slide right out- his head measured a massive 15 inches! He had the biggest head my midwife had seen in nearly two years- she hardly believed it! Beni joined us on the bed almost immediately after he was born, and was in awe of her little brother.
We snuggled up in bed and mom and Mary brought me a couple of plates of berries and bread and cheese, which tasted like the best thing I’d ever eaten at that point. Zintis settled in to nurse and promptly peed and pooped on me. Eventually, we all got cleaned up and dressed and finally at some point past midnight Beni went to bed, and near 1am everyone went home.
It ended up being all I could have hoped for in our first home birth.

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what an incredible journey to this mans little arrival...jayden ray arrived 06-10-2012 sunday at 2;45 am. weighed 5lbs 11 oz and was 19 & a half inches long. jayden came into this world a full term baby, precisely 40 weeks 2 days with all the spunk a baby could give.

jaydens journey to the world started on friday june 8th at midnight. i was scheduled for an induction for what i thought was just having a overdue baby, long behold it turns out his induction was based on a car accident that happened several weeks prior to the big day. no complications came from the accident however my ob told me during this journey the decision was based on the accident and a possible rupture they caused examining me when i had the car accident.

so friday the 8th was a very uneventful kind of day. my family as well as dhs family was pumped for jaydens arrival so we all made a day of it, nested like crazy. my sil, mil and i made a day of it....did a bit of shopping, helped me put some final touches on the babys room as well as make my house more baby friendly. can i tell you they really did try to work this baby out of me, lol but like i said my baby had spunk, he'd arrive on his good ole terms lol.

my side of the family was pumped too, it truly is amazing on the strength i had cuz with everyone blowing up my phone i really didn't get the amount of sleep i wanted going in...looking back i really got aggravated that everyone kept bugging me but glad i had the support of more than i needed.

so with that said midnight rolled around friday, my mil, dh and i all piled into the car to go the hospital and jaydens journey began. we got to the hospital checked in, and all that good jazz. around 12;30 my doctor started me on cervadel. what a weird contraption of induction medicine, a long piece of string that mostly looked like a shoe string, but its purpose serves to ripen a cervix. after i was given this, i was told it would take 12 hours to get the ball rolling...ok, no biggie, could get the sleep i needed. the docs gave me ambien and i called it a night. no objections thusfar.

so the next day, i woke up waited for the next step...i got checked shortly after 1pm. the cervadel being removed and get my cervix checked. by that time i was only dilated to 2.5 and was awaiting the next induction meds. by this time my dad and my stepmom had shown up and really helped me. after getting checked and having some pretty strong contractions i was put on two different pain meds. the first, i couldn't remember the name but it did not even phase me...the second, which was morpeine helped but made me god awful sick. all i remember thinking was feeling like a crackhead with dt's because i had the shakes the whole time, puked even with a sip of water...it was hell. but i managed. so of course contractions got stronger and after the 2 different pain i decided for my own personal pain management. keeping active, got out of bed, go rock myself through the contractions since i was still on the baby monitor. it helped big time. don't know what it was but couldn't lay in that bed. everytime i did it felt like hell. so with the contractions getting pretty regular instead of starting the next induction meds, at 2pm when my doc came in, she broke my water. (didn't even know she broke my water. the contractions were strong enough and with the morpheine making me into linda blair off the exorcist lol i thought it was another cervix check.) i realized though real quick what was going on, cuz it felt so good at the time for my water to finally break. it literally was an expierence to feel my water break. all of the pain i thought i went through, felt better for awhile. can not describe it. anyhow so i asked my doc about the epidural...we discussed my wishes and so about an hr later i received the epidural. not bad, i was scared as can be but honestly looking back, i'm glad i did. everyone kept saying i got one of the better epidurals, because i still could move, just no pain until i delivered. after the epidural i spent some time with family until i konked out and woke up to 10cm.
this is where it gets good, i woke up dh...told him it's time, had my crazy mother calling my room, dh answered...all he could say is hello, and i picked up the phone, slammed it down. i was sick of people trying to smother me. i told him to go get my dad and let the doc know IT WAS TIME. my dad came in i told him it was time, and when the doc came in i told her i felt it was time, and i wanted to push. after checking me and telling me i was at 10, i allowed my stepmom to stay since she was actually there for me and not smothering me, and dh was there too. dh got sick maybe like 10 minutes into it. i told him go get air. and i'd ask for him when we were close since my stepmom was there and she got me in the mindset i needed to be in.
when it came to actually pushing, i started at 2am, and honestly as a ftm i did not know anything about what to do...this process was new to me, i really did try. the docs and nurses coached me through 4 different birthing techniques. the typical way of birth, tug of war, birthing bar and finally squatting while pretty much having whoever on each side of me in a headlock. the tug of war technique was ok but simply was not working. i just could not fathom the whole birthing bar technique, but for some reason, being able to do the squatting position and pretty much choke out the nurses i had on each side worked. my stepmom was coaching me still, (didn't want her to see the ole hoo ha so she faced me and talked me through things) with trying all the different methods i was getting tired, frustrated, was sick from the morpheine, and from where jayden decided to #2 in me before he came out so i told my stepmom go get james (dh). things geared up and once he came in there that was the last bit of support i needed to naturally push jayden out. before he came in i was really did go through hell, had the shakes from the meds they gave me, weak from all the various techniques, pissed everything i was trying wasn't working, i was convinced i couldn't do it but like i said when james came in, he was the strength i needed to finish. when he came in i let one of the nurses free from the choke hold, put james in the choke hold. he jokes about how i choked him out but yet again wanted to show him love at the same time. but it helped, cuz it wasn't even 15 minutes that he came in that jayden was finally out. the only complications jayden had was #2'ing in me before he came out and what dh told me is jayden had his cord around his neck on his way out. makes me glad i didn't look down to see his head. i just wanted to push him out and be done with the pain. i felt everything even with the epidural. with jayden #2ing in me though the nicu people came in, cleaned him really quick then made him cry....but he came out healthy. gave us both antibiotics. his every 12 hours, mine every 2hrs since i had a fever coming out of delivery. i really hated the antibiotics for both of us, especially mine. i had nurses bugging me every 2 hours and i did not sleep good at all. the good through all of that though was jayden was term and got to stay in my room the whole time. i loved that part of it. the only downside but ok is that i had alot of people behind me supporting me...however i felt smothered at times. for something i did not think i had the strength to do, i am amazed i got through it. it truly was an expierence.
my comic relief
-having people tell me to scream then when i do, telling me to literally shut up cuz other women down the hall could hear. lmao, i screamed are you f'ing kidding me-you told me to scream!!!! uggh, let's do this!!! i apologized. i'm almost a little embarrassed to have my 6 week follow up with my doc but i know she understood. so! she was really awesome the whole pregnancy even with the delivery. i know she was stern with me because of the cord situation and the #2jayden did. dh said she knew but did not want to scare me.

-then choking out the nurses and dh...priceless. lol. dh was horrified but supportive. i appologized to the nurses, even though they said it was ok, lol i felt bad....looking back though i think they underestimated my strength. and hope i didn't hurt them but dh still laughs.

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Hi everyone! Thanks again for the well wishes and support through this journey. We got home today.

Ill keep this short and sweet. Basically early Wed my water broke, but it was a trickle not a gush. Contractions took some time to start - while I waited I packed, called husband, and doctor. When DH got home we went into doc - he check me and confirmed I was in labor and to go to the hospital. Shortly after check-in water gushed and contractions picked up but not strong enough to make progress. 2 bags of pitocin and a bunch of hours later still no progress. Doc informed me that in a few more hours Id hit 24 hours of water breaking and he would advise c cection. I told him to just go ahead....no need to wait a few more hours. So he did. She was born 7 lb 10 oz. 20 inches.

Name: "Rose-Lynn Annie Lemieux."
Rose = Frederic grandma.
Lynn = my mom's given middle name.
Annie = Annie Lennox song Sweet Dreams playing the moment she was born.
Lemieux = "the best" in French which is DH last name.

Im pretty sore. But she is super healthy. And we are super happy. Basically, no matter how she got into my arms - that's what is most important to me.

The coolest thing was the radio on in the OR. While Sweet Dreams was the song when she was pulled out. Her first cries were to Sara Mclachlan's Arms of an Angel. And when my DH brought her over to me during clean up - James Blunt "Beautiful" was on. In that order. Ill never forget........I think that will be my advice to pregnant moms from now on. Vaginal or Cesarean, music is cool.

Thanks again ladies! Go June babies and June mamas!!!! Im looking forward to a great summer - and getting to know all your little ones.



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Around 6 o'clock in the evening on the 10th, Nick and I were outside planting some pretty new flowers in my flowerbed when my neighbor came by and joked "You're going to send yourself into labor working like that!" Nick works nightshift so around nine we were laying in bed watching television and relaxing before he had to leave and I started getting these terrible sporadic pains in my lower abdomen. I blew it off thinking it was just a few "practice" contractions, I wasn't due for another week atleast.

I went to bed at 10 after Nick left for work. I woke up at 1 o'clock on the 11th with the same pain. It felt like I had to have a BM so I spent the next couple hours pacing the house, going back and forth to the bathroom. At 3 the pain was so intense that I called the hospital and asked for their opinion, which was to come get checked out. I called Nick to let him know then called my aunt who managed to get ahold of my dad before he left for work. I realized there were pauses and started timing while I waited for my family, the contractions were a steady 2 minutes apart.

I think I was in denial until this point, I was so worried I'd go to the hospital and just have constipation and embarrass myself. I live about half an hour away from the hospital and the ride there was rough but manageable. Nick met us at the hospital and they admitted me. The first time I was checked I was 4-5 cm and stretchy. After this my memory gets a little fuzzy. I tried to wait out the contractions but by the time I got all of the bloodwork done I was ready for the epidural. Everytime they tried to put a needle in me my vein would blowout, they said it was because of the stress. Baby started having decels on the monitor so they put me on oxygen and had me change sides to help him out. They also attached the internal monitor to baby's head.

My doctor made it to the hospital at 7 and checked me again, I was at 6-7 cm and 90% thinned. After this I was given the epidural and it was amazing! Everything went very quickly after that. My water broke on its own with a bit of a gush. The nurse explained to me that there was meconium in the fluid and that baby would need to be monitored a little more closely. I rested for a little while and around 9 I started feeling a lot of pressure. The nurse checked me and said "he's right there!" She said she could see his hair and he had a lot of it. They got everything set up but my doctor had gone into surgery so they were trying to delay things until he could be there. The nurse called it hormones but for some reason my entire body started shaking and I just could not get it to stop. Doctor Olsson finally showed up and I pushed through two contractions and baby Daniel was born at 9:38am!

Daniel Ryan was born on 6/11/12, a healthy 8.2lb, 21 inches and as perfect and beautiful as he could be. Smile

I'm so deeply in love with this child, it's incredible.

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Gavin Michael Birth Story

I went in for my 39 week apt on Tuesday the 12th and everything looked good and I was still 4-5cm and 70% thinned out. I asked what we could do to get things going and he stripped my membranes. I had been having regular painless contraction since Saturday the 9th which were about 2-3min apart. We left the apt and I felt a lot of cramps and contractions. We went shopping to see if we could get things moving and the contractions stopped that evening. At the apt we were told to be at the hospital that next day at 8am to be induced. We go to the hospital and get checked in and put on the monitors and the contractions were still 2-3mins apart but with no pain. I was the 6th girl from my doctors practice to come in that morning so I sat in a over flow room on the monitors for a few hours and by then the contractions had stopped. Around 2:30pm I finally got to see the doctor when he checked me I was 5-6cm and the Dr. didn't want to break my water just yet because they didn't have a Labor and delivery room open yet it was around 3pm when I got into a room they put me back onto the monitors and by then I start having contractions that I could feel they asked if I wanted a epidural and I said I wanted to wait a bit and see how it goes. They broke my water and I was monitored for 30mins and they came back in and said they were on the floor doing epidurals and if I wanted one now is the time. I went with it. It was around 4pm when I was all set up and relaxing. They watched me for a little and came in because my contractions stopped due to the epidural and they gave me pitocin. Once that was started I could feel the contractions and a ton of pressure right away. They said when that pressure got worse to call them but I thought it was bad enough and tried to relax they gave me a extra kick on the epidural and I couldn't feel a thing no more than 20mins later she came in to check me and yelled out the hall " WE NEED A DR NOW" I was shocked I just got comfortable and it was time to push and meet my little boy. They got me all set up and I pushed 6 times and he was here they put him right on my chest. He was perfect!! Gavin Michael was born at 4:54pm 8lbs 6.6oz and 20.5inches long they did a quick check and did skin to skin and I tried to nurse him. I was shocked at how fast it went!