June 2013 Arrivals and Birth Stories!

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June 2013 Arrivals and Birth Stories!

:yahoo::yahoo:Our June CuddleBugs Arrivals:yahoo::yahoo:

*please feel free to post birth stories in this thread, but no comments. You may post a separate birth story thread for comments!*

May 24

Emalyn Grace (Kia - quonsetmom)
3:25 am
5 lb 10 oz
18.5 inches

May 30

Jonah Jack (Leah - Momma Leah)
4:15 am
8 lbs 5 oz
22 inches

June 2

Matan Lev (dinzy)
8:37 pm
7 lbs 8 oz
20 inches

June 3

Saylor Daniel Rose (Noelle - elleon17)
2:29 pm
6 lbs 15 oz
19 inches

June 4

Madelyn Brielle (Laurie - pollo_la)
10:39 pm
6 lbs 5 oz
20.5 inches

June 6

Hudson David (Ashley - akpufa)
7 lbs 3 oz
18.5 inches

June 7

Giavanna (Jackie - jax225)
7:59 am
7 lbs 3 oz
19.5 inches

Ethan Maverick (Sandra - sandraleigh)
9:32 am
7 lbs 2 oz
20.5 inches

June 15

Wynnie (Mary - MJDttc)
5:08 am
7 lbs 8 oz
19 inches

June 17

Marshall Lewis (Heather - heatherbella)
4:12 am
8 lbs 10.5 oz
21 inches

June 20

Roman Louis (JoTrapp)
3:07 pm
8 lbs 15 oz
22 inches

June 21

Ainsley Grace (Lynn - Clarkton)
9:46 am
8 lbs 4 oz
21 inches

Noah Bryant (Patience - PatienceW)
1:55 pm
7 lbs 12 oz
20.5 inches

Aiden Allen (Jessica - Babymaybe2)
5:45 pm
7 lbs 3 oz
19 inches

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My body started preparing for labor long before my water broke but the big change was Sunday. I had an episode of bleeding and went into L&D as contractions started. I was sent home and returned a few times before it was for sure baby day.

My water broke at 1:50 pm Thursday afternoon. I was sure it was happening Wednesday night because I could feel the bubbles like with elora so slept on a towel. When it broke I was telling my sister in law about thinking it was going to happen and we were joking around and I pretended to strain when I stood up and bam, it did happen. Lol funny timing. I waked around a while at home and kept checking my pads to make sure it was the real thing and after 3 pads and soaking my couch I was sure.

We went into my OBs office to be checked and she was in a delivery so had to wait there in the waiting room contracting away for about an hour. When we did get checked I was 2 cm plus. The nitrocine (sp?) strip was negative but Dr G wanted an ultrasound to be sure. The u/s showed a high leak, low fluid, and that she had not grown since my u/s the Monday before (10 days). Regardless of amniotic fluid leaves it would be baby day with no growth so we were sent straight to L&D.

I was given penicillin right away because I did not have the GBS swab done, that hurt very bad. It was too concentrated and stung from my iv site in my wrist all the way to my heart. After being monitored a while I walked the halls for two hours trying to get the contractions to strengthen.

They started pitocin at 8 to strengthen the contractions and thry were picking up and getting stronger but still not too bad. At 9 I got my second dose of penicillin and it did not sting. At 9:30 I noticed a dripping from the iv pole and called the nurse and sure enough, they were trying to induce the floors labor, not mine. Lol. They straightened it out and dr G was there shortly after to check me. I was 4 cm (10 pm) and she broke my forwaters (above Ems head).

I then got a walking monitor and walked about an hour more, tho I only made it one lap really because they picked up and I had to stop and sway and breath and stick my butt out (don't know why but it helped a ton). Got back to my room and labored there standing a while longer, my sister scratched my back and that seemed to help too. I then called for my epidural.

They started my epidural around 12:30 and I got 3 zingers on my right side before getting a good straight down epidural. When it took I got a catheter which I never had with elora. I was only allowed to lay on my sides and couldn't sit up at all. This was also new as I kinda half reclined on my back with elora. It was a bad epidural, I couldn't move my legs and they were so heavy but I could feel every contraction. It was the scariest feeling not being able to control the pain or my body. I felt like I was falling off the bed and was balling. I hated being out of control.

I was advised to press my button so I could get more relief but instantly felt it go down my back and into my legs, not helping the contractions at all. I continued crying and freaking out. They told me to keep pressing the button but I knew it wasn't going to help and didn't want to but ended up pressing it 4 times!

They checked me at 2 and i was 6cm then put me on oxygen to calm me down while the anesthetist came back to give me something different. After that relief I was much calmer and more relaxed. At 3 I was fully dilated and they called in dr G.

I started pushing at 3:12 and was making good progress right away. I could see her head and hair in the mirror so I knew ware to push but couldn't feel the urge like with elora. (I blame all the meds). They went to prep the field and dr G to gown and I started to throw up.

I heard my mom yell "she's coming" and thought "no ill finish throwing up then push." I guess the nurse turned around just in time to catch her head. dr G ran over and pushed the mirror out of her way so I couldn't see the rest. Ema was born at 3:25 onto the unsterile bed, not broken down or anything, the cord around her neck twice. I realized my mom was right when I felt the pressure release. 13 hrs 35 minutes after my water broke, and 13 minutes of pushing.

We did the delayed cord clamping and dh cut the cord then it was skin to skin for a while. My placenta was delivered on its own (yay) and I had no tearing or episiotomy and needed no stitches.

I didn't notice her leg till they took her to the warmer to clean her up, weigh and measure her, and do her foot prints. 5# 10 oz 18.5 inches long. I guess when she came out her leg delivered normally then sprung up above her head. The on call pediatrician was called at 7am to come assess. She ordered X-rays right away and the radiologist ordered both leg xrays again and ultrasounds. A pediatric orthopedic surgeon was then called and came after his late surgeries to diagnose her with congenital knee dislocation and he put her knee in socket and set it with a splint made of items in the nursery. The hospital hasn't seen a case in 20 years. Other than her leg she is healthy!

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I had been in for an appointment earlier in the afternoon. The doctor checked me and I was at 3.5cm, but baby's head was still floating around. The doctor wanted to check to see if the cord was blocking the way, the most painful check I have ever had! It wasn't so the doctor was pleased about that. The rest of the evening I was feeling crampy and had quite a bit of bloody discharge, but I had some the previous week, so I didn't think a lot about it. I figured the cramping was from rough check I had earlier in the day. That evening I went to church and taught the preschool aged class, mostly sitting down, and of course I had about over the double the number of kids I normally do!

I continued to feel crampy and fell asleep on the couch like I had been doing for the past couple of weeks. A contraction woke me up at 3 am. Not unusual, I would normally wake up to a contraction at about three o clock every morning like clockwork, and then I would go to bed. So I went to the use the bathroom and brush my teeth. I was still having some contractions, and I sat on the toilet for a few minutes and that made me feel better. I went to bed and after I laid down for a few minutes, I thought, "This is not going to work!". I went back and sat on the toilet, and by this time DH was awake. I was really starting to hurt. I threw my last minute item in my bag and told DH to get up and get some clothes on, we needed to leave NOW! Thankfully my mom was at our house and she stayed with the kids.

Neither one of know exactly what time we left the house, we didn't think to look at the clock! We woke up my in-laws as we pulled out of the driveway, and they called a few minutes later. I called the birthing center to let them know we were on our way and they said they would have a room ready. We got a couple of miles down the road and DH was like, "Maybe you should call back and them to have the doctor ready, so I dialed but I couldn't talk, the contractions, by now, were one right after the other. So DH talked to the nurse, I'm not even sure what was said. DH was driving about 90 MPH down a 2 lane state highway that has a 55 MPH limit! When we finally got on the four lane, he hit max speed on the car (108 mph).

We pulled up at the door at 3:57, where they had someone waiting on us. I could not walk in and requested a wheelchair. There were only two nurses working and they couldn't find a wheelchair! I was thinking, "this is a hospital and you can't find a wheelchair!". They finally rolled out the reclining chair from one of the birthing rooms, and rolled me in. It had wheels like a desk chair and it got hung up on every rug along the way. I'm sure it would have made quite a funny scene in a movie! We got in the room at 4:04, yes 7 minutes to get a chair and roll me in!

The nurses were pulling my pants off as I was standing up, I immediately crawled up in the bed, and the nurse, who was a friend I went to school with, checked me. I noticed that I didn'really feel her checking me, and I asked if she could feel his head. She said yes and the other nurse rushed out of the room to page my doctor.

They were putting my IV in and breaking down the bed as the doctor came rushing in at 4:09. He cleaned me up and we immediately started pushing. The doctor was great at reminding me to push at the burning and his head was out in no time. After his head was out, the doctor saw that baby had a double nuchal cord so he told me to stop pushing. After that things slowed down a little as I would give little pushes and the doctor would slowly work the cord back around his neck. Baby was never monitored, so we don't know if his cord was compressed, causing distress. But his head was a scary shade of white for about 30 minutes after he was born, and then suddenly he turned red! After the doctor unwrapped the cord, I gave one more big push and he was out! Jonah was born at 4:15 am. 8lbs 5oz, and 22 inches!

The doctor delayed cutting the cord on account of the blood flow because of the nuchal cord. After the cord was cut, we delivered the placenta with no problem. No tearing, no stitches! We had visitors almost immediately, I don't even think the doctor was out of the room yet. About on hour after Jonah was born the nurses brought in the consent to treatment papers for me to sign! Oh, and another funny thing, everything was happening so fast that the nurses were taking notes on their arms with ink pens!

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All day Saturday I was having mild contractions, which was the same like I had with DD, so we kept getting excited that perhaps labor was impending.. then the petered out and I went to sleep.

When I woke up, DD nursed and I started having contractions 6-7 minutes apart with a lot of pressure and cramps when I would stand and walk a lot. After about an hour, they started slowing down to every 10-20 minutes, but were much more intense than the day before. I also had some bloody show at about 10 in the morning, so I started getting excited that real labor would start soon. And so I just made sure to rest, drink, and enjoy watching DD play outside. By about 3:30 they were getting closer to the 8-10 minute range, but I still didn't feel like it was labor. DD decided not to nap that day, and by 4:30 she was a total wreck screaming about nothing and begging to nurse. I wasn't sure that I would be able to handle the contractions while holding her nursing, but she was so sad that I decided to anyway. She nursed, fell asleep in my arms, and immediately following (during) the nursing my contractions when to 3-4 minutes apart. At that point we paged the midwife. Didn't hear back so we paged another one. When I spoke to her and told her about my day, she originally said that we'd wait another 20 minutes and see if they stayed on, but they had already been pretty consistent, and when I told her that last time I almost slept through transition she decided to come right away.

The midwife arrived at 5:30 and assessed me and checked me. I was at 4-5cm and about 80% effaced. She said with a second baby this could mean real labor, or it could still not - I think she was just not used to how I handled contractions. She was going to stay for at least an hour to make sure (she was sure after another few minutes I'm sure).

Then the back labor began. Again. Ugh. But at least I knew what to do. So I got down on my knees with my hands and face on my rocking chair, breathed through the contractions, got DH to massage my back through the more painful ones, and watched tv Smile She called the student who was to attend my birth. When DD woke up around 6ish, she started leaning over the chair with me to labor with me. So cute.

The student arrived at 6:30, my mom took DD to her house around 6:40, and what I was watching was over just before 7. So it seemed like a good time to go up and see how things were progressing. By this time my midwife really wanted to know since I was handling the contractions quite quietly and not really making much fuss.

Got checked at 7pm and was only about 5-6. Which made me a bit annoyed since I was hoping things would go faster this time (don't worry they did!). The contractions were getting quite a bit stronger, and starting to be less than 2 minutes apart. So I lay down to get some rest, and had DH massage every time there was one. Then I got to the point where massaging only one side (since I was lying on my side) just wasn't good enough, and I went back to knees on the floor and hands on the bed. They had already called the second midwife, and she arrived at 7:30. Contractions were very strong then, very close, and quickly spreading up my back into my mid back, but I couldn't bring myself to change positions. Finally just after 8pm I decided that maybe I should lose the pants in case my water broke! After that I quickly started feeling the urge to push. It took about 3 contractions for that urge to become full on, (which gave them time to put lots of underpads underneath me to protect my carpet since I didn't want to move onto the bed). I started to push, as well as hold myself back from pushing to strong since I was really trying to go slow to avoid tearing. Then I had a huge push and felt my water break. I said: "Oh crap, that was my water? I was hoping it was the head!!" To which they responded, "it was the head, give another push!!!" So my water broke as the head came out. After the head was out, they let DH catch the baby. Then put him between my legs to I could see him right away and announce that he was a boy (since it was a surprise after all). It took me a couple looks since I was just so happy he was out. I also made sure to look at the clock the second he came out (we did need to know if it was before sundown or not for the circumcision, but I'm also weird like that). 8:37pm just 4 hours after I went into labor! We moved onto the bed, and I held him. He latched and nursed right away, and they gave me lots of extra cord time, and then DH cut the cord as well. They also gave me lots of time to deliver the placenta which made it much easier feeling than with DD since I didn't feel rushed to push again. It was all very calm, lots of time to do everything, they hustled around me quietly so I didn't feel bothered or rushed for anything. They checked me out and lo and behold no tearing! WOOHOO! DH had already called people, DD already came to see her brother, and everyone kept bothering us about his weight since we didn't weigh him the second he was born! I went to pee (only an hour after birth, and unlike last time where I sat on the toilet for half an hour trying to pee) it took me all of one second and was painless. I was SO happy! They brought me food and drink, helped me to the shower. Then we weighed and measured - 7lb 8oz (a lot smaller than we were expecting) and 20 inches of perfection!! And to top it all off, I was already home!

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[INDENT]Madelyn Brielle
June 4th, 10:39pm
6 pounds, 5 ounces
20.5 inches long

The first signs that labor could be near started exactly a week before her birth. I was just over 37 weeks and had a little bit of bloody mucus discharge. The longest I have ever "lasted" after seeing this kind of thing is one week. I was excited because I knew that chances were high I would have a baby within a weeks time. That had been a Tuesday. On Wednesday, I went to my midwife appointment. She checked me and said I was about 3-4 cm dilated, but my cervix was still very thick. She was willing to strip my membranes in I wanted though. Based on the bloody show I had had the day before, I figured it was worth a try. Well, I did have some cramping that afternoon along with a couple of contractions, but nothing major. I continued to have large amounts of bloody discharge for the next 3-4 days. Then, even that stopped, and still no baby.

On Saturday to keep my mind off of the fact that baby still wasn't here (and to hopefully help things along) we (the family) decided to hike/climb Sandia mountain. Well, we climbed ALL afternoon. I did get a couple strong contractions, but clearly, baby still wasn't ready just yet.

On Monday, I told the kids that perhaps baby wasn't here yet, because she liked things "extra pretty." The kids helped me clean the house spotless from head to toe. Then, we headed out to the store and they each picked out some nail polish (well the girls did anyway). We came home and painted our toes pretty in hopes that Madelyn would want to come out and see how "nice" everything was. Smile

On Tuesday we started off doing some errands in town, and then headed to my midwife appointment at 1. The midwife again checked me and found that I was still about 3-4 cm and 100% thick. Crazy that I was dilated, but not effaced at all. Anyway, she went ahead and stripped my membranes again. At around 4:30 I felt my first contraction. They seemed to keep coming regularly so, at around 5 I started watching the clock to see what was going on. They were about 6-7 minutes apart, but certainly not anything too strong. Well, they started to get stronger, and were down to about 5-6 minutes apart by 6. I called my DH to let him know this "might" be it. DH was working out of the area, but assured me he was on his way home. Around 6:30 I let my friend who was going to watch the kids know that this "might be it." At 7, I called the midwife to let her know (as she would have to head into the birth center as well - she was on call) that things might happen. Contractions were around 4 minutes apart at this point. At 7:30 DH arrived home. Honestly at that point I felt like my contractions were starting to space out, and didn't even seem as strong. I was putting the kids to bed and was feeling a little bit discouraged... After I got the kids all tucked in, I came out into the living room and BAM, a contraction hit that I couldn't walk though. About 2-3 minutes later another one hit! "This is it!!" I told DH. We need to go now. We called my friend who was going to watch the kids. She lives 2 miles away and said she would be there in 5 minutes... 15 minutes later she showed up, and I was SOOOO ready to get out of there. I knew we still had time, even though the drive would be an hour to the birth center, but I knew that the car was not the most ideal place to deal with the contractions, so I wanted to get on with it. ANyway, then DH goes inside to see about getting the TV working for her. Ummmmm, Let's go. My friend saw me go through a couple contractions, and got a worried look on her face. "You waited too long this time," she said. "Nope, we've got time, but we are going now!" With that, we got into the car and took off. It was just about 8:30 when we left.

I was a bit unsettled and having trouble coping with the contractions when we first got going. I even remember telling DH that I was ready for my epidural as we got into the car (said as a joke, because I knew there was no possibility of that even at the birth center), because I was really feeling the pain. Anyway, I knew I had to get "in the zone" or the ride would be excruciating. I managed to focus and concentrated on taking slow, deep breaths through the contractions. I tried staying on my hands and knees in the back seat, but that wasn't a great position. Then I moved to draping my arms over the back of the seat while sitting on my knees. That seemed much better. I did that for about half of the drive, but then I could feel my legs and feet were starting to fall asleep. I laid down then, on my side. I wasn't sure how that would work to get through the contractions, but I found that as long as I kept taking long, deep breathes I could tolerate them. The way I normally go to the birth center is not the shortest way, it's just the way I prefer. Dh asked if we should take the faster route, YES!! So, he was trying to get it to come up on his GPS, but it wasn't. He called his brother, and his brother was relaying directions to my DH on how to get there the fast way. As we were going along I could feel increasing pressure like I needed to use the bathroom, but I wasn't worried about it being the baby. It's normal for me to have one last bathroom trip toward the end of labor. I simply knew I was progressing. Then, I started to feel nauseous. Even though this is a classic sign of "transition" it didn't dawn on me at the time that I was actually "that far along." Finally the directions came through on the GPS and we were almost there. Apparently DH took a couple side streets. He hit 3 speed bumps. I think I dilated 1 cm for each bump he hit!! Those were NOT fun, lol. About 3 minutes later we were at the birth center.

I waited through a contraction, and then headed to the door. I could barely walk at this point even when I wasn't contracting, and once inside I did get down on my hands and knees for a minute (and another contraction). I can't remember if I managed to walk to my room at the end of the hallway, or if I crawled, lol. When I got to my room I stayed on the floor through the first few contractions. Then I did get up to use the bathroom, and I joked that I was "pretty sure" I wouldn't give birth on the toilet, but hey, they do water births, so if I did we could just fish her out. The midwife said that another woman was in labor and heading in as well, so she called in the other midwife just to be safe. Kinda funny that the other woman was going to give birth to her fifth child and she also only had one boy (and would give birth to a girl). Anyway, finally the midwife checked me. I said, "just please don't tell me I'm only a 4 (what I had been that afternoon)." I honestly, thought I was more like a 6 or 7. She said I was a 9 and 100% effaced. Whenever I was ready to break my water, baby would come fast. Wow, I was shocked, even though I had had all the classic signs of transition, I just didn't expect to be that far. The midwife said she was surprised too, since I was still joking around between contractions and in a relatively good mood. Wink Anyway, I opted to just labor on the bed on my side for awhile, and then told her to go ahead and break my water. She told me that I was complete when she broke it, and at any point if I felt like pushing I could. It was a relief when she did break my water. I was able to bear down a little bit during the contractions which really felt so much better then just breathing through them. The other midwife popped her head in the door and asked if we had a baby yet. Apparently, the other baby had just been born... about 10 minutes after the other woman walked in the door!! Well, that was enough for Madelyn to get the message, a minute later she crowned. They told me to ease up, and (knowing my body) I just pushed like mad anyway at that point. I wanted her out, and I knew I wouldn't tear. And with that she was out (and I didn't tear)! Her cord was REALLY short, so they could only lay her on the bottom part of my belly. We waited for the cord to stop pulsing and then went ahead and cut it. At that point I had to take off my shirt and bra. I had clothes I was going to "labor in," but never got to that point. Once my clothes were off, they put her up on my breast and covered her with a blanket. My DH called my mom to let her know that baby was here. I was actually talking to my mom just before I delivered the placenta. I remember hanging up the phone, and then gave a push and the placenta was out. The placenta was starting to show signs of calcification, so it was definitely time for Madelyn to be born (even though she was only 38 weeks). For about the next hour Madelyn laid snuggled with me and nursed. Then the nurse drew up the bath, and we both climbed in to wash up. I relaxed in the tub and continued to nurse her for close to another hour. Then, it was into the bed to relax/sleep a little for the next couple hours. At some point in there they did come in to weigh and measure her. She's a peanut at 6 pounds, 5 ounces, but she does have some length to her at 20.5 inches. At exactly 4 hours post birth, we were announced "healthy" and free to leave. So, we got to the birth center at 9:40, Madelyn was born at 10:39, and we were on our way home just before 3 am. We got home at 4, crawled into bed and slept for a couple hours, and then the girls started coming into our room shortly before 7. It was so cute to look up and see 4 little faces all peering in at us and whispering about their new baby sister!! Smile

Recovery has been an absolute breeze. I didn't even really "swell" down there, so other then a little achy the first couple days, I've pretty much felt 100%. Madelyn loves to be held, and thankfully we have lots of "holders" here. Smile Some things that surprised me about her. The first thing - she looks like her oldest sister. My oldest has always looked the most "different" from her siblings. The next 4 all looked like each other. Well, this one came out and I was surprised to see that she didn't look like the last 4 babies. She looked like big sis! The other surprising thing is how long her arms and legs are. They are MUCH longer then any of the other babies we have had.

A couple pics...


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Last belly picture from Tuesday morning...

We got to the hospital to start the induction at 7:15. Per this hospital's regulations, I wasn't allowed to eat from midnight the night before on so I was hoping this would go as fast as my last induction because I'm a wimp about not getting to eat. Anyway, my doctor wasn't here and asked the on call doc to break my water. I was only dilated to 1 cm still so she wasn't sure if she'd be able to get to it. Sure enough, she got in with some serious effort but then my bag was so thick it didn't want to break (had the same problem last time too) so it took a good 5 solid minutes of her and the nurse pushing on my stomach and prodding at the water bag to get that dang thing to go which was probably one of the worst parts of the whole labor. She said I was stretching to about 1.5 cm and about 75% effaced. So my wonderful L&D nurse gets me hooked up on Pitocin as well about 9 am and the monitors showed I was already contracting pretty well, but irregularly. She decided to check progress about 11 am and I was at 3 cm and 80%. She asked if I wanted an epidural and I said sure, might as well get it now and luckily I picked when I did because she said right after she put in my order, four more popped up immediately so I would've been waiting a while! The anesthesiologist was amazing and even despite being paged and having another nurse come in twice to try to move him along to her patient, he took his time and for the first time ever I had an epidural placed perfectly and it worked the whole time without issue (yay!).

My nurse was really great about not checking me nonstop which hasn't been my past experience with nurses during inductions so she let me labor about 2 hours, baby was tolerating everything great and my contractions were definitely picking up but when she checked I had only gotten to a 4 and 80%. Still at least moving in the right direction but a little frustrating. DH & I started playing Monopoly on his phone to pass the time and I watched Friends on TV. About 3:00, she comes to check me again and asks if I've had much pressure. I told her not really but I still think he's moved down a bit and sure enough I was 7 cm and 90% and baby had come down quite a bit so she said she was going to start getting things ready as she expected a third baby to progress quickly from this point. I was so happy because I'm seriously starving at this point (seriously, being hungry was one of the worst parts of my labor which says a lot for my comfort level). Less than a half hour later, she decides to quickly check again after getting all the supplies ready because I told her I was definitely feeling more pressure and my doctor's office is 20 minutes away and we wanted to give him notice. I was 9 cm and completely effaced so she says she'll call him and try my hardest not to push. Yikes!

So the next 20 minutes was tough because he was dropping down a TON and my body wanted to push, but I was trying to concentrate on how letting him labor down would probably make pushing faster and easier so I'd just close my eyes during contractions (which were coming about every minute at this point) and try to relax. Finally, my doctor shows up and has me do a push to see if I can move him and sure enough he quickly starts moving down. I think I only pushed for 3 contractions before he said his head is right here so stop pushing and let's try to ease him out. Whatever he did worked because HALLELUJAH I didn't tear at all when he finally told me to very softly push to get his head out! *insert my happy dance here* So then he had me gently push again but his shoulders didn't want to come out so I actually had to push hard through a few more contractions to get those suckers to pop around my pelvis, but finally they did. Probably less than 10 minutes total of pushing. The plan had been for skin to skin time once baby came out, but he noticed he had blood coming out of his nose and his cord was SHORT so he was worried he'd swallowed quite a bit of blood and that the placenta had been torn a bit so he wanted the nursery nurse to take him immediately to check him out. She probably had him at the warming table for 15-20 minutes because sure enough he had a belly full of blood she was sucking out and was having trouble getting pinked up. They didn't tell me his APGARS but they weren't great from what I was picking up (later found out they were 7 and 8 so not terrible). She had to suck out his stomach with a tube to get all the blood out, poor kid! My placenta took probably 10+ minutes to finally come out and we saw it had in fact torn slightly causing the excess blood (probably caused by his short cord which also explains why he wasn't dropping quickly).

Finally they got him all suctioned out and I got to hold & feed him. I was shocked at how bald he was (my other 2 had tons of hair) and his face looked pretty beat up initially but was looking much better after a few hours. He latched on like a pro and they let us spend time with him alone for over an hour before taking him to the nursery for the other typical procedures and a bath (the only thing I don't love about this hospital vs the one I had DD at where they do everything in your room). Well unfortunately, several babies were born within an hour either way of Hudson, plus he was having some problems holding his temperature so he was away for about 3.5 hours before he finally made it back to my room. DH was with him most of the time he was in the nursery though and towards the end, my mom showed up with my other 2 kiddos so that kept me occupied. My DD thinks she can take care of him herself (eek!) and got mad that we wouldn't let her hold him unassisted yet. DS1 kept telling us "There's baby!" and he'd give him kisses but that was about all the attention he paid to him. I had gotten them both small gifts "from" the baby and he was way too occupied by that.

The best thing was that I was up walking (okay, more like shuffling because my one leg took forever to completely come back from numb land) within a few hours and I can't tell you the difference on how I feel not having any stitches to deal with and everything seems to be healing down a lot quicker this time. At this point, I feel almost back to normal, it's crazy. When I BF, I get some pretty intense after pains but if I stay on top of my pain meds, that helps tremendously. OH and also I was given a Tdap injection because I hadn't had one during my pregnancy and they are really concerned w/all the pertussis cases we've been having here this past year or so and OMGosh(!) that might have been more painful than my whole labor (but I'm a total wimp at injections so could just be me). We're super happy to have our little guy here and it feels so surreal that I now have three kids! Eek!

*At his 4 day pedi appt, they measured him at 19.5" so we're pretty sure he was measured short at the hospital. Oh well!

Picture of our little guy on his birthday...

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Ethan Maverick G****
June 7, 2013
9:32 am
7 lbs 2 oz
20.5 inches

Thursday, June 6
40 weeks 5 days

I kept myself very busy during the day - I took Emerson grocery shopping at Superstore, we made a trip to Costco for diapers and wipes, baked banana muffins, did a few loads of laundry, and was busy cleaning up the house in preparation for my mom's arrival on Saturday, and what I thought would be my induction date on Sunday.
I had been having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions throughout the week, and Thursday was no different. They were sometimes accompanied by back pain, and I was hoping that they were making me progress towards getting ready for labour - at my appointment 2 days previously I was 2 cm dilated, but my cervix was still very thick and posterior.
Around 7:30 pm, I put the kids to bed. Chris was teaching a class from 6-9 pm that night, and I had joked that maybe I'd just wait til he got home and then go into labour. Shortly after I put the kids to bed, I noticed that the contractions I was having were not as sporadic as they had been earlier in the day, and maybe I should time them. I downloaded a contraction timing app onto my iPhone and started timing them. They were about 30-50 seconds long, and coming every 10-12 minutes. I started cleaning up in the kitchen and kept timing as I worked. By 10 pm Chris was home and my contractions were still 10-12 minutes apart, and about 50-60 seconds long. I also had a bunch of bloody show when I went to the washroom around this time too.
Chris and I watched a movie - he did some work on his computer and I timed my contractions on the couch. They were moderately strong, but easy to breathe through. At about 11 pm we decided to get into bed - I wasn't sure how much sleep I was going to get, but since the contractions were still 12 minutes apart, I knew Chris would be able to get a half decent sleep that night, even though I was pretty sure we' d eventually be heading to the hospital the next day.

Friday, June 7, 2013
40 weeks 6 days

From 11 pm to 3 am, I tried to rest, and took a break from timing the contractions, but they were still coming every 10-12 minutes. At 3 am I decided to get up and go lie on the couch because I was becoming a little louder with my breathing and I didn't want to disturb Chris. From 3-4 am I timed my contractions on the couch (still 10-12 minutes apart, lasting 60 seconds) and wasted some time on the computer. At 4 am Chris came out to see how I was doing. I told him I was pretty sure these weren't going to go away, and they were getting stronger, even if not closer together. I had lots more bloody show when I went to the washroom at 4 am as well. Chris went back to bed around 5 am. At 5:30 am Eli woke up complaining that his eyes were watering (yes, he developed pink eye the same night I happened to go into labour! Lovely!) so I wiped his eyes, used some eye drops and sent him back to bed.
By 7 am, the kids were all up. I let Chris get up with them and went to lie down in bed again. I was pretty frustrated because the contractions were getting a lot stronger and harder for me to handle, but were still 12 minutes apart. I didn't want to head to the hospital and discover that I was still only 2-3 cm, so I thought I'd better keep waiting until they got closer together. I lay in bed until about 7:40 am - then I got up to get a drink of juice. As soon as I got out of bed, the contractions immediately jumped to 3-4 minutes apart and were lasting 60-90 seconds. They were painful enough that I needed to moan, vocalize and buzz my lips to get through them. I would lean on the counter, table, washing machine, or whatever I happened to be standing by when they came. I knew we were going to have to head to the hospital soon, but we didn't even have anyone lined up to watch our other kids!
We spent the next 15 minutes calling numerous people from church, lining up babysitters for our kids for the whole day (Funny, we thought we'd need babysitters for the entire day! We had someone coming right away, someone taking over at 1 pm and someone else taking over at 4 pm.) After we got that lined up we finished packing our things for the hospital. Chris packed himself a whole backpack full of work to do, anticipating many hours of waiting around in the hospital room. By 8:30 am I was REALLY struggling with the contractions and kept saying " we need to go NOW", but the babysitter hadn't arrived yet, because we told her to head over 40 minutes from when we called her. Finally at 8:45 she arrived and I barely made it out to the car. I could not talk or move through the contractions at this point. We started for the hospital - Chris had never been there before and didn't know where it was so I had to give directions! Thankfully it is a pretty direct route.
In the car I was contracting for 2 minutes at a time, with a 2 minute interval between each one. The drive was excruciating but I appreciated Chris driving fast because I was starting to get the sinking feeling that we had waited too long. With each contraction I was becoming louder and louder. I was also starting to feel pressure in my bottom each time, like I needed a bowel movement. This ultimately freaked me out because I was finally realizing how far along I must be. Between contractions I also started to feel slightly nauseous, and I kept burping. I thought about all the women who throw up during transition, and was pondering in my head what on earth I would do if I needed to throw up in the car. Thankfully nothing came up. I was also experiencing a tingling, numb feeling in my arms during the drive.
The drive to the hospital took about 20 minutes, and I'm sure there will be a number of speeding tickets in the mail on their way to our house! We pulled up to the emergency entrance and Chris helped me in. The receptionist at admitting took one look at me, grabbed a wheelchair, and sped off with me, running down the hall, leaving Chris to register and park the car. Up until that point poor Chris had no idea how serious the situation was - I hadn't been able to vocalize the feelings I had had in the car on the drive over. It was finally starting to become clear that we were in a real hurry when the nurse bolted off down the hallway with me!
She ran me all the way to the labour triage unit, where I was helped immediately into a bed and checked - I had no charts, wristbands, or identification of any kind still! At 9:10 am, the nurse declared me fully dilated and I sorrowfully and very pitifully begged her for an epidural, even though I knew it was too late! She said, "No, I think we'll just push a baby out instead!" I responded with an, "Oh, crap!"
Chris arrived just in time to run with the nurses and my bed down the hallway to the elevators on our way to the delivery unit. One of them said, " You'd better hurry up and come along Dad, she might have this one in the elevator!" Unfortunately, the elevator was out of order(!) so we raced down another hallway to the service elevator. I was lying in the bed as they wheeled me, pretty much hyperventilating, having trouble getting through the contractions. My arms were getting continually more numb, and my legs started as well. By the time we reached the delivery room, my entire hands had frozen and seized up into a very demented shape, and were completely immobilized. My arms were stuck in a bent shape, as were my legs and feet, and I couldn't move a single limb of my body. They had to drag me onto the delivery bed and pry my hands open to hold onto the handles down by the stirrups. The Dr. on call confirmed that I was fully dilated and could proceed with pushing as soon as I had a contraction.
The pushing stage is a huge blur to me. I was completely out of it and not focused. Having never done a delivery without an epidural before, I nervous beyond belief, which probably didn't help. They put the oxygen mask on me to calm me down. I still had no control over my hands, arms, or legs, so I had nurses and Chris holding my legs up for me, and numerous nurses and the Dr. attempting to coach me through the pushing. My water broke sometime during the pushing as well. I have never been very vocal during the pushing phase before, but this time I couldn't help myself. Chris says I wasn't too loud, but there were a couple pretty nasty screams that escaped me as I attempted to follow their guidance and push him out. Finally my body did what it was supposed to do, and baby boy came into the world at 9:32 am, 22 minutes after we arrived at the hospital, and less than an hour since we left home.
I was still wearing my own shirt, having had no time or inclination to change into a gown. They placed a clean towel over my shirt and placed a very quiet, calm, and purple baby on my chest! He also was covered in meconium, since he pooped about 10 seconds after being born. He cried a few small cries to clear out his lungs, and then lay perfectly still on my chest, sleeping for about 30 minutes while I delivered the placenta (9:40 am) and was stitched up (small second degree tear). Because he came out so fast, baby was quite purple for a while, and I received a shot in the leg to aid in the contractions to bring my uterus back down. Also, my hands, arms and legs gradually began to regain movement, and about 5 minutes after he was born, I could actually move my hands again! My body chose a very odd way to cope with the pain! After I was stitched up, I breastfed him for 20 minutes and Chris and I wondered about how big he was, since he hadn't been weighed yet. He seemed very small to me and I knew he wasn't going to be anywhere near as large as his brothers.
We finally weighed him at 10:45 am, over an hour after he was born, and he was 7 lbs 2 oz, and 20.5 inches long. This was the biggest shock of all - our very smallest baby! Over 2 and a half lbs smaller than Emerson, he seemed absolutely tiny in comparison. We spent the rest of the morning getting cleaned up and letting the nurses catch up on all the paperwork, since none of it had been done before I delivered! Chris was able to go home just after lunch to be with the big kids at home. As soon as Emerson was up from his nap, they whole family headed to the hospital to meet our new arrival!
We carried on our "E" name tradition by naming him Ethan Maverick G****. Chris has been wanting to use Maverick as a middle name every time we have a boy, and I have turned him down every time! After the way this little boy decided to enter the world with such excitement, I decided it was rather fitting to finally use the name - he was quite the little rebel.
We stayed at the hospital for just 24 hours and were home by lunchtime the next day! Our family is now complete!