June Bud Spaces-No SIGGIES Please!!!
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Thread: June Bud Spaces-No SIGGIES Please!!!

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    Default June Bud Spaces-No SIGGIES Please!!!

    June Bud Spaces

    Tell us who you are, show wedding pictures, family pictures. Your babies firsts etc. Include your birthday, anniversary or whatever you want to about yourself.


    * This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your latest picture of your babies and your family if you wish.

    * Reserve your "space" and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of YOUR post.

    * To center a post, start your post with the word center between two arrows . At the end of your post, post the word /center between arrows again .

    * Because this is already a picture heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by unchecking the "attach signature" button before your hit submit to post your message.

    * Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing babies.
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    Lenora's Space

    Chris and I met on September 21, 2001. It was the first day of the new school year and my roommate and I went out to dinner. The place we wanted to go was crowded so we went to a bar/restaurant called The Yardhouse. Chris will say that he noticed me right away but that I didn't give him the time of day After dinner we ran into a friend of hers and we stayed to hang out with him and his friends. Chris was one of those friends. It's funny because we weren't supposed to be there at that restaurant and his friends had to beg him to get him out of the house. Anyway, we both ended up exactly at the place that would lead us to each other. I remember saying to my roommate on the way home that he was different and I was right...We hit it off instantly and have been together every since.

    Around my graduation from UC Irvine (about 3 years after we met) they had a special ceremony for the nerds like me. We went out to lunch and we took this picture:

    On our first date we went to play miniature golf, ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, and then watched The Shining at his parent's house. Five years later we got the shock of our lives when we found out we were having a baby.

    Here's my first pregnant picture taken in Maui where my parents renewed their vows. I didn't know I was pregnant then but I did notice my stomach was growing...I thought I was just eating too much. I was about 5 weeks at the time.

    I first suspected I was pregnant in early October, right before a trip to Hawaii for my parent's 30 year anniversary. I POAS but I didn't realize that ANY line, even a faint line, means a positive result so I thought I wasn't. I assumed AF would show while on the trip...when she was still MIA by the last day I knew I was pregnant and five pee sticks later I believed the blazing postive lines staring back at me. I freaked, Chris freaked. A week later I started spotting and I was sure I was losing the baby...I didn't realize how common it was. My NP was very reassuring and informative and did an internal u/s and I was shocked to see my little guy in there, with a very strong heartbeat. I was six weeks at the time. It was a very surreal moment. They sent me to a specialist because of my other medical issues and I got my very first u/s picture at about 8/9 weeks. Once Chris saw it he said he realized we were really having a baby.

    I didn't have much morning sickness other than a few bouts of mild nausea in Hawaii. What I did have was the desire to eat...and eat...and eat...By the time I was three months I was obviously pregnant and by Christmas everyone knew we were expecting a bundle of joy.

    Here is the u/s from our 12 week u/s:

    Here's some pics from Christmas-with my fabulous parents:

    With my parents and godparents:

    Here is one of my only full-on belly pics, taken at around 16 weeks:

    Here are the u/s pics from my 18 week u/s. Chris was with me and we were so excited to find out that we were having a boy!!! I knew I was the whole time but it was still exciting, just the same. It was also the first time Chris went with me to an appt. which was really exciting for him:

    Here's a pic of my cousins and I in March at my grandfather's 80th birthday party. I was about 24 weeks or so:

    Here's u/s pics from my 25 week u/s:

    Our first baby shower was in April. I was about 28 weeks at the time and feeling so big already. My cousin's ex who is a photographer took the pics for us.

    My favorite picture from my pregnancy:

    A picture of me and my cousin:

    Chris and I:

    Me and a very special little boy:

    The women in my family all together:

    Me and my parents:

    My last u/s pics at 30 weeks:

    We had our second baby shower around 32 weeks:

    After the shower we went to Boardwalk 11 which is a karaoke bar:

    I had hoped for as close to a natural birth as possible, no epidural, no interventions. At 34 weeks, I was admitted to the hospital after a routine u/s for low fluids. They wanted to take him right away but my perinatologist decided I would have 48 hours of IV fluids and terb. shots to speed the baby's lung development. My fluids increased to 6 (they had wanted 7 or but my blood indicated an infection so they attempted an induction. I never dilated beyond 1 cm. and the baby started to have decels and I started having a dangerously rapid heartbeat. I became increasingly more stressed out and hysterical as time went on. They broke my water to insert an internal monitor and it was finally decided that a c-section would be safest given both of our conditions. I was terrified but Chris was right there with me. Once he was out I just kept waiting for the cry and finally I heard it and I knew it would be ok. They showed him to me and I didn't have my contacts in but I could see that he had a lot of hair. After that they gave me something for the pain and I was out.

    Here's Brandon after he was born, on his way to the nursery. He was born at 11:06 a.m. weighing in at 5 lbs. 14 oz. and 20 in.

    They monitored him for his irregular breathing and said he may have to go to a different hospital. He was a fighter though and in a few hours they brought him up to our room...finally. I was so afraid to hold him...my mom had to make me hold him.

    Our first family photo:

    Uncle Eric:



    My little guy...you can see he's starting to turn yellow:

    He had to stay in the hospital for two extra days because of jaundice, but a week after he was born we brought him home. My family was waiting for us:

    My grandmother:

    My cousins:

    He was so small:

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    Will update later!
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    Janae & Zander's Space

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    Janet's Space

    Here is a little about me: My name is Janet and I live in San Diego California.... I am a transplant and I love California but I am originally from New York so I have more of an East Coast attitude. I have been married twice before, my first marriage lasted 15 years and I have a beautiful daughter who is currently 24 years old from that relationship. I dont have any pictures of her recently but I am working on her sending one so I can post that. My second marriage was only 2 years long and now I am with Vince and I adore him but I am in no rush or don't feel any need to get married. Our relationship doesn't need the piece of paper.
    Vince and I have been together since August 2005. We Dated back in the early 80s and went our separate ways. 22 years later we started emailing eachother and he invited me to visit him here in California. Within 3 days we knew that we had something special still and I moved here three weeks later. We never planned on having a family together but 10/2/2006 I received the news that we were about to start a new journey into parenthood together.

    Emma's Beginning

    Our Family

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Emma at 5 months old

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Emma & Max

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Mom & Dad with Miss Emma

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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    Our wedding day - Oct. 2, 2004

    Two and a half years later... I'm knocked up. Wow do I look fat!

    And along comes baby.... June 22, 2007

    The happy family. OK, so the epidural increased my happiness a little bit at this moment.

    Adrian Robert is a month old.

    Three months old

    At the pumpkin patch-4 1/2 months old

    First Christmas - 6 months old Happy Holidays, everyone.

    Seven months old.

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    Melanie/Caitlins space
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    Amanda and Drew's Space

    DH (Mark) and I were married February 26, 2005

    We got a dog, an Australian Shepherd named Trotter on April 8, 2005

    On September 24, 2006 we got pregnant! We found out on October 11.

    On June 12, 2007 Andrew Neil Regan came into the world.

    He just keeps getting bigger!

    Now he is standing tall at almost 8months old!

    A cute pic of his big smile!
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    Amy's Space!

    Amy & Leonard - Married 8/11/90
    Zachary - Born 7/14/94
    Garrick - Born 6/6/07

    My Life With the Guys Blog

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    Heather and Gabriella's page!

    My Dh and I, Mike, met at a bar in Chicago when I was home on break from college in TX. We realized we had so many friends in common; he graduated from U of Iowa the same year as my sis, knew her and all her friends, my friend dated one of his good friends. But we never met! When we finally did meet, it was great timing and everything fell into place! I love telling people (especially my grandma!) that I picked him up in a bar!
    We got married in 2005 and we had a huge wedding. We're both from huge Italian families, and we couldn't slim down our list at all. Here is a pic of just our bridal party, mostly bros, sisters, and cousins.

    Here is our ceremony.

    And on our way to the reception

    More to come later...
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