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June Bud Spaces-No SIGGIES Please!!!

June Bud Spaces

Tell us who you are, show wedding pictures, family pictures. Your babies firsts etc. Include your birthday, anniversary or whatever you want to about yourself.


* This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your latest picture of your babies and your family if you wish.

* Reserve your "space" and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of YOUR post.

* To center a post, start your post with the word center between two arrows . At the end of your post, post the word /center between arrows again .

* Because this is already a picture heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by unchecking the "attach signature" button before your hit submit to post your message.

* Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing babies.

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Lenora's Space

Chris and I met on September 21, 2001. It was the first day of the new school year and my roommate and I went out to dinner. The place we wanted to go was crowded so we went to a bar/restaurant called The Yardhouse. Chris will say that he noticed me right away but that I didn't give him the time of day :rolleyes: After dinner we ran into a friend of hers and we stayed to hang out with him and his friends. Chris was one of those friends. It's funny because we weren't supposed to be there at that restaurant and his friends had to beg him to get him out of the house. Anyway, we both ended up exactly at the place that would lead us to each other. I remember saying to my roommate on the way home that he was different and I was right...We hit it off instantly and have been together every since.

Around my graduation from UC Irvine (about 3 years after we met) they had a special ceremony for the nerds like me. We went out to lunch and we took this picture:

On our first date we went to play miniature golf, ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, and then watched The Shining at his parent's house. Five years later we got the shock of our lives when we found out we were having a baby.

Here's my first pregnant picture taken in Maui where my parents renewed their vows. I didn't know I was pregnant then but I did notice my stomach was growing...I thought I was just eating too much. I was about 5 weeks at the time.

I first suspected I was pregnant in early October, right before a trip to Hawaii for my parent's 30 year anniversary. I POAS but I didn't realize that ANY line, even a faint line, means a positive result so I thought I wasn't. I assumed AF would show while on the trip...when she was still MIA by the last day I knew I was pregnant and five pee sticks later I believed the blazing postive lines staring back at me. I freaked, Chris freaked. A week later I started spotting and I was sure I was losing the baby...I didn't realize how common it was. My NP was very reassuring and informative and did an internal u/s and I was shocked to see my little guy in there, with a very strong heartbeat. I was six weeks at the time. It was a very surreal moment. They sent me to a specialist because of my other medical issues and I got my very first u/s picture at about 8/9 weeks. Once Chris saw it he said he realized we were really having a baby.

I didn't have much morning sickness other than a few bouts of mild nausea in Hawaii. What I did have was the desire to eat...and eat...and eat...By the time I was three months I was obviously pregnant and by Christmas everyone knew we were expecting a bundle of joy.

Here is the u/s from our 12 week u/s:

Here's some pics from Christmas-with my fabulous parents:

With my parents and godparents:

Here is one of my only full-on belly pics, taken at around 16 weeks:

Here are the u/s pics from my 18 week u/s. Chris was with me and we were so excited to find out that we were having a boy!!! I knew I was the whole time but it was still exciting, just the same. It was also the first time Chris went with me to an appt. which was really exciting for him:

Here's a pic of my cousins and I in March at my grandfather's 80th birthday party. I was about 24 weeks or so:

Here's u/s pics from my 25 week u/s:

Our first baby shower was in April. I was about 28 weeks at the time and feeling so big already. My cousin's ex who is a photographer took the pics for us.

My favorite picture from my pregnancy:

A picture of me and my cousin:

Chris and I:

Me and a very special little boy:

The women in my family all together:

Me and my parents:

My last u/s pics at 30 weeks:

We had our second baby shower around 32 weeks:

After the shower we went to Boardwalk 11 which is a karaoke bar:

I had hoped for as close to a natural birth as possible, no epidural, no interventions. At 34 weeks, I was admitted to the hospital after a routine u/s for low fluids. They wanted to take him right away but my perinatologist decided I would have 48 hours of IV fluids and terb. shots to speed the baby's lung development. My fluids increased to 6 (they had wanted 7 or Dirol but my blood indicated an infection so they attempted an induction. I never dilated beyond 1 cm. and the baby started to have decels and I started having a dangerously rapid heartbeat. I became increasingly more stressed out and hysterical as time went on. They broke my water to insert an internal monitor and it was finally decided that a c-section would be safest given both of our conditions. I was terrified but Chris was right there with me. Once he was out I just kept waiting for the cry and finally I heard it and I knew it would be ok. They showed him to me and I didn't have my contacts in but I could see that he had a lot of hair. After that they gave me something for the pain and I was out.

Here's Brandon after he was born, on his way to the nursery. He was born at 11:06 a.m. weighing in at 5 lbs. 14 oz. and 20 in.

They monitored him for his irregular breathing and said he may have to go to a different hospital. He was a fighter though and in a few hours they brought him up to our room...finally. I was so afraid to hold him...my mom had to make me hold him.

Our first family photo:

Uncle Eric:



My little guy...you can see he's starting to turn yellow:

He had to stay in the hospital for two extra days because of jaundice, but a week after he was born we brought him home. My family was waiting for us:

My grandmother:

My cousins:

He was so small:

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Will update later!

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Janae & Zander's Space

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:butterfly: [SIZE=6] Janet's Space [/SIZE] :neonflower:


Here is a little about me: My name is Janet and I live in San Diego California.... I am a transplant and I love California but I am originally from New York so I have more of an East Coast attitude. I have been married twice before, my first marriage lasted 15 years and I have a beautiful daughter who is currently 24 years old from that relationship. I dont have any pictures of her recently but I am working on her sending one so I can post that. My second marriage was only 2 years long and now I am with Vince and I adore him but I am in no rush or don't feel any need to get married. Our relationship doesn't need the piece of paper.
Vince and I have been together since August 2005. We Dated back in the early 80s and went our separate ways. 22 years later we started emailing eachother and he invited me to visit him here in California. Within 3 days we knew that we had something special still and I moved here three weeks later. We never planned on having a family together but 10/2/2006 I received the news that we were about to start a new journey into parenthood together.

Emma's Beginning

Our Family

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Emma at 5 months old

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Emma & Max

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Mom & Dad with Miss Emma

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Our wedding day - Oct. 2, 2004

Two and a half years later... I'm knocked up. Wow do I look fat!

And along comes baby.... June 22, 2007

The happy family. OK, so the epidural increased my happiness a little bit at this moment.

Adrian Robert is a month old.

Three months old

At the pumpkin patch-4 1/2 months old

First Christmas - 6 months old Happy Holidays, everyone.

Seven months old.

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Melanie/Caitlins space

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Amanda and Drew's Space
DH (Mark) and I were married February 26, 2005

We got a dog, an Australian Shepherd named Trotter on April 8, 2005

On September 24, 2006 we got pregnant! We found out on October 11.

On June 12, 2007 Andrew Neil Regan came into the world.

He just keeps getting bigger!

Now he is standing tall at almost 8months old!

A cute pic of his big smile!

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Amy's Space!

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Heather and Gabriella's page!

[FONT=Verdana]My Dh and I, Mike, met at a bar in Chicago when I was home on break from college in TX. We realized we had so many friends in common; he graduated from U of Iowa the same year as my sis, knew her and all her friends, my friend dated one of his good friends. But we never met! When we finally did meet, it was great timing and everything fell into place! I love telling people (especially my grandma!) that I picked him up in a bar![/FONT]
We got married in 2005 and we had a huge wedding. We're both from huge Italian families, and we couldn't slim down our list at all. Here is a pic of just our bridal party, mostly bros, sisters, and cousins.

Here is our ceremony.

And on our way to the reception

More to come later...
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Abigail's spot!

here are a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure! Biggrin

Abby "riverdancing". If you watch long enough, it seems as if she is standing on her feet, and then just floating in the air.

Today she and daddy were on the bed getting her dressed and I heard him hollering... this is what I came in to find!

she's really started talking more lately... like this video a lot!

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Ruven and Heather married 5/6/06

5 months later, a few days before my birthday, we found out we were expecting....this is me the morning of the induction first time seeing her and then first day home. Smile

Avery's 1st photo shoot at 9 days old

Avery on my birthday...what a great present Smile

1st Christmas

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Jason and Nicole - Married August 4, 2006

It's all about family! My brothers, sister, mom, dad, and me

My brother Vinny and me

My handsome DH (I love this pic of him Lol

And of course.....

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Married 11.08.03

Moved to Japan 02.07.04

Moved to Delaware 12.05.06 -no pictures needed for that- lol Wink

Taylor Marie
8lbs. 8oz.
20 1/2" long

1, 2, & 3 Months

4, 5, & 6 Months

7, 8, & 9 Months

10, 11, & 12 Months
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Leah and family's space.

I don't have any wedding pictures because DH and I eloped at our house, we had both been married before Smile

Here are DH and I right before we got married.

And here we are last Christmas, I was about 10-12 weeks pregnant here.

Here is our first picture of Preston

My favorite pic of my preggo

Our first family picture

Here is DH with his daughter and son

DH's daughter went to rural Mexico to teach for a year and we went to visit. Here is him and his daughter and her rommate.

And last but definitely not least, our pride and joy, Preston

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Simon & I met in high school, but were just friends until we were both 21 and ended up living in the same apartment complex. We had a blast hanging out and our friends blended into one group almost immediately. So one night out of the blue he asked me out, and we've been together ever since.

We were married on April 30th 2006 after dating for 4 1/2 years.

Getting ready:

The wedding:

I'll skip the honeymoon details Wink

On the day I found out I was pregnant I had a cold, and two midterms. I took one midterm in the morning, then went to pick up a HPT, since it was a month to the day since my LMP. I took it and was in total shock when that + popped up, even though we hadn't been using protection, I couldn't believe it! I ended up taking a total of 5 that day, and all were positive.

I took my next midterm in a state of shock (but still got an A!) and when I got home I gave Simon a gift bag full of the tests. When he pulled out the tissue paper the HPTs went flying all over the room, and one landed on my shoe. He just stared at them for about a minute, then slowly bent down and picked one up. He asked me "Why are you giving me a bag full of negative pregnancy tests?" Dork.

Me at 8 months at my baby shower:

I was induced on June 28th (4 days past my due date with high BP) and after 12 hours of labor, I gave birth to the most important little person in my life.

Here he is:

With his Daddy and my sister, Aunt Joanna:

2 days old (His first day home in Daddy's lap), and him at 2 weeks (In his bouncer for the first time - I turned on the lights and noises and that was his reaction)

3 months (Holding his own bottle of EBM), 4 months (Halloween - My chilli pepper)

8 months (At the park), 13 months (Eating noodles)

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Merry Christmas

Mommy & Daddy Christmas Party '07

Kawai Meets Santa @ Daddy's Command Kiddie Party!
Posing for a picture with Daddy
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Sally & Jack's Space

Jonathan and I got married September 2, 2006. I don't have any wedding pics on my computer.
Here we are on our honeymoon. I was about 3 days preggo here.

Here's the only belly pic I took. I had planned on taking morem but went into labor early.

Our first family pic. 5 pounds 5 ounces 18 inches. born at 36w

Jack in the NICU

2 weeks

4 generations

Family pic

Jack in a box

6 month birthday! cake and ice cream!

Jack and the bee!


Learning to crawl!

Riding in his wagon!

9 months...pulling up on EVERYTHING and still no teeth!

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Erin's Space....Myspace!!! Smile haha

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DH and I met in 1996, while both working on a farm....here we are early in our relationship.

We married on July 26, 2003, after being together 7 years.

We worked for a few years and then Harlee was conceived (it wasn't really planned, just happened!)

First ultrasound!

January and February:

March and April:

May and June:

Harlee Paige arrived at 11:38 p.m. on June 29th, 2007. She was 7 lbs 5 oz and 19.5 inches long. She was born naturally.

Harlee's first photo at the hospital:

One month old:

Two months old:

Three months old:

Four months old:

Five months old:

6 months old:

7 months old:

8 months old:

9 months old:

10 months old:

11 months old:

12 months old:

13 months old:

And a few videos:



Thanks for looking!!!!

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My Families Space
Stephanie Kristina, Me, March 21, 1985
Shane Michael, DH, May 20, 1985
Victoria Emily, DD, July 28, 2005 Thursday 9:58 AM 6lbs. 14ozs. 18 1/2 inches born via c-section.
Vincent Chase, DS, June 5, 2007 Tuesday 10:32 AM 9lbs. 10ozs. 21 inches born via c-section.
Our Anniversary June 1, 2006
Our Wedding Anniversary February 28, 2008
My beautiful family of four. We have two S names born in two M months and two V names born in two J months, we also all have the number 5 in our birthday whether it be the month, day, or year. I thought this was so cool how this turned out for us and a little bit of fate for us. We had a rough beginning but we are doing great now. I love my family very much and work hard for them. I am a stay at home mommy but I also go to school for my accounting degree, I graduate in October of 2008. When I have my degree I had planned on going back to work, but now I am going to continue staying home with the kids until they start school and continue with my education. Shane has also started going to school for his criminal justice degree, which I am so proud of him for doing. He also got a big fat raise and promotion, now he is general manager of his own store. I am so proud of him, he has worked so hard and deserves this. They are moving our family to another city this September of 2008, I am so excited and can not wait for the big move although nervous about moving to a whole new city that I don't know. We are going to start looking for a house in the next month or two and hopefully will be closed and moving in by September 1st 2008. We are also thinking about having another baby, not anytime soon but when we get all moved and settled into our new home. I am so excited about trying and having another baby although nervous since I have to have another c-section. I am hoping by next year we will be having another little one join our family. Thanks for letting me share with all you wonderful ladies. Here are some pictures of my beautiful family.
Vincent One Month Old.

Victoria Two Years Old.

Victoria and Vincent, Big Sister and Little Brother.

Victoria, Big Sister.

Vincent, Little Brother, Three Months Old.

Our First Family Portraits.

Victoria and Vincent, Six Months Old.

Victoria and Vincent Sitting on Santa's Lap. Baby's First Christmas.

Spring/Easter Portraits

Vincent 9 Months Old


Vincent's Baptism Portraits
Victoria & Vincent

Vincent 10 Months Old

Vincent's First Birthday Portrait's.
Vincent One Year.


Victoria & Vincent.

Victoria, Vincent, & Mommy.

Vincent & Mommy.

Victoria's Third Birthday Portrait's.
Victoria Three Years and Three Days Old.

Victoria and Vincent.

Victoria & Mommy.

Victoria, Vincent, & Mommy.

Victoria and Vincent Eating Watermelon.

Vincent Blowing Kisses.

Vincent Blowing Sloppy Kisses.

Vincent Playing Peek-a-boo.

Vincent walking six steps.

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[COLOR=Blue]Cody's Space[/COLOR]

About me: My name is Theresa. I met my DH (Dan) when I was a few weeks shy of turning 16, we met on Valentines Day 1995, we officially started dating March 16th. We had our first son Daniel March 27, 1997, I was 18 at the time of his birth, he attended my high school graduation. We were married September 15, 2000. Next came Colton on November 6, 2001, we had just moved to Colorado in March 2001 after living in Nebraska our whole life, it was a big change, but a good one! I knew all along that I wanted more children! Five years later Cody came along on June 15, 2007. I feel very blessed to have my three healthy boys! I am a Medical Assistant, I work part time two evenings a week and Sunday morning, I love being a SAHM also!! DH drives a propane truck for Amerigas, his hours are great and he is home every weekend, it's a good job, he actually has a degree in Human Services but was not able to find a job where we live that payed well enough to use his degree (kinda sucks after all the money we spent). Well I guess that's about it for now.

Here is a picture of us:

Pregnancy pics:

Cody's Birth pics:

First Month:

Second Month:

Third Month:

Fourth Month:

Fifth Month:

Sixth Month:

Seventh Month:

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Custom Glitter Text

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Sorry, gonna BUMP for admin to see!!!

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Kim & Austin's Page

The beginning of us....
DH and I are transplants from our home state of Arkansas! Woo Pig Sooie! We met in college at the University of Arkansas in 1996. After he graduated, he got a job in Texas and I moved here to be closer to him.
Here's some early shots of us (so young looking, yikes!):

On New Year's Eve 2001, he asked me to marry him and we got married in June 2002.
A couple of wedding photos:

We both agreed...we were not ready for kids yet. In April 2005, we decided to take a leap and try for a baby. We got pregnant on our 2nd cycle, but it ended in a miscarriage at 5 weeks. We TTC for over a year after that, and got pregnant on Lucky Cycle #13! I was due June 1, 2007. We decided to wait until delivery day to see what our little one was!
Preggie shots:

Exactly 3 weeks before my due date, my water broke at 4 pm on a Friday afternoon...at work, no less! I drove myself to the hospital and my DH got there soon after. I had a relatively easy labor (BIG epidural fan here! Smile ) and our surprise (in more ways than one) arrived.
Austin Levi
Birthdate 5-12-07
6 lb. 12 oz.
19 3/4" long

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Kathleen and Brady

[COLOR=Black][SIZE=3]Dean and I met in September 26, 1992 at our best friends wedding, he was the Best man and I was a Bridesmaid. We had our first date and from that moment on we knew we were the "one" for each other! We lived an hour and a half apart as DH was finishing his college degree. He is a teacher so he had to do a semester of student teaching before graduating in January. The teacher he was a student teacher for got ill and Dean filled in for him as a long term sub until the end of the year, and then was hired on full time. During this time we would visit each other on weekends and talk a lot on the phone (our phone bills were outrageous!). In February we decided that I would relocate and move in with him, he asked me to marry him in May, 8 months after we started dating. We got married on July 16, 1994.

In October of 1994 I found out I was pregnant, I was at work and not feeling well. My co-workers talked me into running to the pharmacy to buy a test. I went in the bathroom and took the test, I left it in the bathroom (I worked in retail so there were only 3 of us using the bathroom) and went back to work. Someone else went into the bathroom and told me I had better go look at the test... It was positive! I called my DH at work on his lunch break and told him we were pregnant. Looking back, I wish I had waited and told him in person but I was so excited!
Zachary Charles was born on July 21, 1995 after 29 hours of agonizing pain and no epidural or medication I failed to progress past 5cm so we did a c-section. Zach was born at 2:03am and weighed 7lbs 11oz he was very healthy and was a beautiful baby.

When Zach was about 1 we started TTC #2 as we wanted our kids 2 years apart. We had a very hard time TTC after tests the doctor told me that sometimes it is normal to have difficulties getting pregnant with your second baby. We took Clomid and on the 3rd round we got pregnant! This time I took a test at home, right after I POAS a friend stopped by to visit. We left the test on the kitchen counter and I went back 5 min. later to check it and it was a faint positive. I went to the doctors and they did a test that came out negative, I was bummed because at that point we had been trying for a year and a half. For some reason on my way home from the doctors I bought a box of 2 tests and took 1 first thing in the morning the next morning. It came out positive again. This time I called my doctor and they made me wait a week and then I went in for a blood test and I was in fact pregnant. I was due on December 23, 1998. We were told we could try a VBAC. At 37 weeks we found out the baby was breech so they did a version and successfully turned her. Courtney decided she didn't want to come near her due date, I was scheduled to be induced on January 5th. I went into labor on my own in the very early morning hours of January 5, 1999 After 16 hours I delivered Courtney Marie in a birthing tub, she weighed in at 8lbs 13oz.

In September of 2006 we went on our first vacation ever without our 2 kids. We went to Niagara Falls, and Toronto to see the Red Sox play the Blue Jays. We did a few wine tours. A month after we got home I was feeling run down all the time and my Breasts were killing me. I never even thought about pregnancy because we had a very hard time conceiving Courtney and my doctor had told me we would probably need fertility treatment to get pregnant again. I had Dean go to the drug store and get me a test as it had been a while since I had my period. I took the test fully expecting it to come back negative, and was shocked when it was positive! I hollered for Dean and we both just sat on our bed stunned! I didn't believe it, and went to the store and bought more tests... all 7 of them came back positive! After a few weeks we adjusted to expecting our little miracle. My pregnancy was hard on me in the last 2 months, but I kept active. For this delivery I had to have a c-section. On June 11, 2007 Brady Thomas was born weighing in at 8lbs 2oz. As much as he was our little surprise, we love him so much!

The morning of delivery

Brady Thomas born June 11, 2007 8lbs 2oz 19.25 inches long.

Meeting his big brother Zach and big sister Courtney for the first time

First Family photo

Brady's Baptism

And a few more pics of Brady


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Fawn & Mieka's Space

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Sylvia & Kristin's space

Joey and I got together in April 2002 at a bar...I was good friends with his sister and she convinced him to go along with us. What I had intented to be a 1 night thing Wink turned into so much more. We got engaged that Christmas after being together for about 8 months. We got married June 26 2004. We both wanted children, but decided to wait until he had his degree so I could be a sahm. Things didn't really turn out as planned, we found out we were pregnant in September '06. After the initial freakout, we were so excited. I loved being pregnant. Sylvia Katharine was born on June 5 at 6:48am after 11 hours of labor. It took me a little while to form a bond with her, the labor was a little difficult and I was in so much pain and in shock from blood loss. Once I was able to regroup a bit, I realized how perfect she was. I never knew how empty my life had been before she came!

Our wedding, 6-26-04

Ultrasound, baby shower


right before we left for the hospital, 1 day old

1 month

2 months, 3 months

4 months, 5 months

6 months, 7 months

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Married 7-9-2005

I'm Jamie Smile My Dh (Jeff) and I have known each other since 6th grade. We didn't actually start dating until our senior year of highschool...here are a few pics from our weddding.

I found out I was pregnant September 2006. Here are some pics throughout my pregnancy!

11 weeks-
17 weeks-
23 weeks-
31 weeks-
35 weeks-
38 weeks (last pic before delivery)-

The Miss Mackenzie Elizabeth was born via C-section on May 25,2007.
She is my pride and joy and I absolutely love being a mommy! I dont know where I would be without her in my life! Now on to the pics!
First pic after she was born-
@ the hospital-
July 4th-
Trip to Myrtle Beach- PhotobucketPhotobucket

More to come later

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Mel and Luke's space

My husband Jason and I met at work. We married 3 yrs later on May 24, 2002. We got pregnant right away, Jake was born in the water on Feb. 21, 2003, then 19 months later our 2nd honeymoon/waterbaby;) was born on Sept. 27, 2004. In the summer of 2006 we decided to start trying and found out we were pregnant on Oct. 16, 2006. Our 3rd waterbaby was born on June 16, 2007.

Stay tuned for more....
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Okay, I need to update my page. LOL!

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Kenalyn and Xavier

Dh (Tony) and I met while I was student teaching and he was doing an internship. We lost touch for a few months until he was student teaching and I was subbing. We started dating in June. We both started our first year of teaching and were engaged in Dec. On Aug. 16, 2003 we were married. We started trying to have a baby in Aug. 2004, but it took a lot longer... I conceived in Sept. of 2006 and Xavier was born on June 5, 2007. Weighing in at 5lbs. 2oz and 18 inches. Xavier is now 5 1/2 months old and the joy of our lives.

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Shelley & Shaylen's Space

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Deanna & Sam's Space!!!

I have a wonderful life. The best parents and sister, with 2 wonderful neices. I have the best group of friends who have been there for me through everything. I am married to the greatest man I know, who is also my best friend. DH and I have been together since September 1996. We bought a house together in January of 2001 and on Christmas Eve of 2004 he finally proposed. We married on September 17, 2005 after 9 years together! It was so worth the wait as we have been happily married for 2 years. I wanted to get pregnant as soon as we got married but becuase of issues it took longer than I wanted to. We were using clomid and one week after our 1 year wedding anniversary, we got pregnant. 9 long months later, Samantha Ann was born on June 19, 2007. I was induced as I was 6 days late. After 9 hours of labor the doctor decided I was not going to be able to deliver her the "normal way" and I had a c-section and at 4:35 pm, she arrived, 6lbs, 5 oz and very healthy. She is the love of my life and I can't imagine life without her. She was also worth the wait.....

Thanks for letting me share all of my pics with you!!!!!!!!!

Oue Wedding

Our Baby Shower

My Best Friend Kathy's 30th Birthday and my best friend / babysitter Meg, at the Cave ( a male strip joint )

About a week or 2 before Sam was born

Our first family picture

Samantha Ann

Our other babies

The Greatest Parents in the world

My Best Friend and Sister

Thanksgiving 2007

Sam and Daddy

Sam and her cousin, Regan

Sam and her cousins, Zoe & Gracie

Christmas 2007

Sam & Mommy February 2008

Sam March 2008

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A little background...

Wes and I were married on August 6, 2006

About a month later I got my BFP, 1st month of trying.

Lola's 20 week u/s

She was born June 4, 2007 weighing 8 lbs 10 oz, and was 21 inches long

One day old

One month

2 Months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

Lola and her cousin Isabelle are excatly 2 months apart, and very close Smile

7 months

8 Months

9 Months

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Custom Glitter Text

Amy & Jarred, met in April 1996 in college, engaged March 1997, married September 2003
8 months pregnant, 9 1/2 months pregnant

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at the hospital, on Eva's birthday! Smile
and ready to go home (bottom right), and 3 days old (bottom left)!

1 week old, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, 6 months

7 months and 8 months:

9 months and 10 months:

11 months and 1 Year Old!:

13 months and 14 months:

15 months (walking finally!) and 16 months now!:

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Heather & Gavyn's space!!!

I will jump in here & work on this as I go, I suppose.

I met my DH Kip at marching band camp (insert your own bad joke here...) August 2000. We started dating on March 31, 2001 & were engaged by June 10, 2001! We got married on July 19, 2003. Both graduated college May 2006 (Me - Bachelor of Science in Nursing, DH - Bachelor of Science in Education - Instrumental music). Got pregnant first try in October 2006 & had the light of our lives, Gavyn Noah, approx 10 days early on June 29, 2007. He weighed in at 7 lbs, 8 oz & was 20 3/4 inches long.
Our wedding day;Our post-graduation trip to Jamaica
Photobucketsilhouette resized
Let me just say, my pregnancy was NOT a pretty one. I was carrying approx 25 lbs of fluid by the end...:eek:
The day after I got my BFP; 4 weeks later!
20 weeks; 38 weeks
But...it was all worth it in the end...
Gavyn newborn; Month 1
Month 2; Month 3
Month 4; Month 5
Month 6; Month 7
Month 8; Month 9

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:neonflower: Kat's Space :neonflower:

:love3: My Wedding :love3:

:cloud9: Big News :cloud9:

:preggo: My Belly :preggo:

5 Weeks & 6 Weeks

11 Weeks & 15 Weeks

18 Weeks & 25 Weeks

30 Weeks & 35 Weeks

:female: Welcome Hailey Jane :female:


1 Month:

2 Months:

3 Months:

4 Months:

5 Months:

6 Months:

7 Months:

8 Months:

9 Months:

10 Months:

11 Months:

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Dh (steven) and I met when we were both working at wal-mart. He was 17 at the time and I just turned 20. At first, I didn't like him beyond a friend. He was a great friend and he listened to my problems. One day, we were working and he just grabbed me and pulled me to him. He planted his lips on mine and I was hooked since then.

The only picture of us that I wasn't pregnant


Well we moved into together on sept 23, 2006, which was steven's 18th birthday. Then we found out 2 and a half weeks later, on Oct. 11th, 2006, that we were pregnant. It was a shock, but it was a wonderful surprise.

Pictures of me and dh, as my pregnancy progress


Our first christmas together. I was 2 and a half months pregnant.

5 months pregnant

6 months pregnant


nine months pregnant and still fishing.

Thought he was a boy, but wasn't 100 percent

Found out, he was definitely a boy!

My baby shower - May 19, 2007



Kaeden's side of the room




On june 20th, 2007, I was admitted to the hospital for induction the next morning. I was GBS+, so they had to run antibiotics all night. They broke my water at 4:45 am and had my first contraction at 5:15 am. I labored for 12 hours and they discovered that he was posterior (sunny side up). They tried to turn him, but nothing work. So I wheeled off for a csection. I got sick twice and had to puke out to the side. Kaeden Ray was born at 6:01 pm, weighing 9 pounds 6 ounces and 21 and a half inches long, on June 21st, 2007.


Gracie Ann

kaeden's cousin that was born 3 weeks after him

First year of Kaeden's life



First birthday


We finally decided to tie the knot on May 10th, 2008




Random pictures





We are now currently ttc#2.