March 2008 Stories

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March 2008 Stories

To all our proud March Mama's:

This thread is for you and your beautiful babies. Feel free to come post your birth story once your little one arrives so we can all celebrate. To help keep this thread uncluttered and focused on the babies and birth stories, please post any replies to a new thread.

January Arrivals

Tristan Jay, 3lb 7 oz ~ Born January 10, 2008 at 32w (Stars101)
Robert Tucker, 5lb 15 oz ~ Born January 24, 2008 at 34w 6d (Speducator)

February Arrivals

Gracie, 5lb 6.5oz ~ Born February 18, 2008 at 36w 1d (MomofHopeandSam)
Eleanor Claire, 6.4lb ~ Born February 20, 2008 at 37 weeks (Luckygirl25)
Nico Xiaobin, 6lb 9oz ~ Born February 21, 2008 (Truekid)
Jase Donalad, 7lb 14oz ~ Born February 22, 2008 at 38w 1d (RabidDolly)
Noah Matthew, 8lb 1oz ~ Born February 23, 2008 at 38w 3d (Belindab)
Soleil Helene, 4lb 15oz ~ Born February 24, 2008 at 38w 4d (Crimedawg07, aka Murjani)
Connor Matthew, 5lb 8oz ~ Born February 24, 2008 at 35w (Oh_boy_or_oh_girl)
Sophia Jean, 9lb 12oz ~ Born February 25, 2008 at 38w 2d (Oimiloy)
Chloe, 6lb 8oz ~ Born February 25, 2008 at 37w 1d (Meme84)
Coltyn Zane, 11lb 1oz ~ Born February 25, 2008 at 38w (Sneffiej)
Edie Elizabeth, 7lb 2oz ~ Born February 25, 2008 at 37w 6d (Aimee)
Chloe Lynne, 7lb 9oz ~ Born February 25, 2008 at 38w 6d (JenLily80)
Dorian Jayden, 8lb 6oz ~ Born February 26, 2008 at 39w 7d (Jadeeye)
Mason Randall, 7lb 3oz ~ Born February 26, 2008 at 37w 6d (MegR2004)
Maya Grace, 7lb 4oz ~ Born February 27, 2008 at 38w 6d (LB66)
Morgan Elizabeth, weight to be added ~ Born February 27, 2008 (jjolmckay)
Chole Jade, 8lb 2oz ~ Born February 27, 2008 at 38w 5d (Spidermama)
Rebecca Lee, 7lb 2oz ~ Born February 27, 2008 at 37w 6d (Potential'sMommy)
Sean Edward, 7lb 15oz ~ Born February, 27, 2008 at 38w 2d (amygirl71)
Jocelyn Renee, 7lb 9oz ~ Born February 28, 2008 at 38w 3d(Lizzylaw06)
Wyatt, 8lb 3oz ~ Born February 28, 2008 (littlegirl87)
Ryan William, 8lb 8oz ~ Born February 28, 2008 (Novafan)
Zora, 9lb ~ Born February 28, 2008 at 39w (AnjaH)
Ryan Paul, 8lb 1oz ~ Born February 28 at 38w 5d (deblynn87)
Catalina Rose, 8lb 10oz ~ Born February 29, 2008 (MerriD)
Tatum Leigh, 8lb 11oz ~ Born February 29, 2008 (EveC)

March Arrivals

Zander Edward, 7lb 7oz ~ Born March 1, 2008 at 39w 6d (TalenaK)
Owen Max, 8lb 7oz ~ Born March 2, 2008 at 39w 3d (al92109)
Riah Jean, 6lb 13oz ~ Born March 3, 2008 at 39w (Relle21)
Luke, 7lb 14oz ~ Born March 3, 2008 (heather100)
Jaxon Connor, 5lb 13oz ~ Born March 3, 2008 at 37w 2d (momSarah)
Presley Tatum, 7lb 6oz ~ Born March 3, 2008 at 38w 4d(Onlyn2urmoney)
Jackson Claude, 7lb 1oz ~ Born March 4th at 39w (Lacey1985)
Olivia, 6lb 8oz ~ Born March 4, 2008 (Kagegirl)
Gabriel, 12.7lb ~ Born March 4, 2008 (MonkeyMoo)
Dax Jeffrey, 7lb 12.8oz ~ Born March 4, 2008 (cadibugsmama)
Carter Michael, 8lb 15oz ~ Born March 5, 2008 at 38w 1d (klwoodman)
Hunter Warren, 7lb 11oz ~ Born March 5, 2008 at 38 w 4d (amandadonnie)
Kristy Danielle, 8lb 2oz ~ Born March 6, 2008 (Karen0622)
Paxton Marshall, 6lb 8oz ~ Born March 6, 2008 (mnbarmy)
Alessandra, 6lb 15oz ~ Born March 6, 2008 (ESTEFANIE_LUNA)
Addelyn Lilly, 7.6lb~ Born March 7, 2008 at 38w (Eathan'smommy)
Trevor Anthony, 7lb 2oz ~ Born March 7, 2008 at 39w 4d (newlywed630)
Garrett Wayne, 8lb 2oz ~ Born March 7, 2008 at 38w 4d (excitednewmommy)
Elijah Thomas, 8lb 15oz ~ Born March 8, 2008 at 40w (Isreal'smama)
Baby Boy, 8lb 7oz ~ Born March 9, 2008 (Cheryl3910)
Christopher Michael, Jr., 7lb 11oz ~ Born March 9, 2008 at 39w 5d (Brittanyboylan)
Christian Michael, 8lb 5oz ~ Born March 10, 2008 (K_Lo)
Dylan Kirk, 4lb 14oz ~ Born March 11, 2008 at 36w (Joes_Wife) *Triplet*
Ella Cynthia, 4lb 8oz ~ Born March 11, 2008 at 36w (Joes_wife) *Triplet*
Caden Joseph, 5lb 2oz ~ Born March 11, 2008 at 36w (Joes_wife) *Triplet*
James Parker, 9lb 7oz ~ Born March 11, 2008 (DianeInOz)
William, 4lb 10oz ~ Born March 11, 2008 (Iconrad) *Twin*
Micah Joe, 7lb 1oz ~ Born March 11, 2008 (Iconrad) *Twin*
Landyn Titus Charles, 7lb 4oz ~ Born March 12, 2008 at 36w (CLY182)
Camden Jesse, 7lb 5oz ~ Born March 12, 2008 at 38w 5d (Lizzie1234)
Noah Michael, 7lb 8oz ~ Born March 12, 2008 (1beachymama)
Tanner, 8lb 10.5oz ~ Born March 12, 2008 (Kristen Gouin)
Chloe Emilie, 7lb 4oz ~ Born March 12, 2008 at 38w (mjosee)
Brady Paul, 7lb 15oz ~ Born March 13, 2008 at 38w 6d (arussell1897)
Barbara Jane (Basia), 6lb 8oz ~ Born March 13, 2008 (randi_christine)
Evan, 11lb 2oz ~ Born March 13, 2008 (viiolet)
Emma Peyton, 7lb 14oz ~ Born March 13, 2008 (mom2ally06)
Gregory Michael, 8lb 5.5oz ~ Born March 14, 2008 (laurensmitty1982)
Savannah Grace, 6lb 14oz ~ Born March 14, 2008 (LadyScott)
Julia Elaine, 8lb 1oz ~ Born March 14, 2008 (DecemberDaisy)
Shylah-Ann, 7lb 6oz ~ Born March 15, 2008 (Kortia79)
Enrique, 8lb ~ Born March 17, 2008 at 39w 1d (Linds-)
Charley Elizabeth, 7lb 6oz ~ Born March 17, 2008 at 40w (Triana)
William Thomas Michael, 8lb 5oz ~ Born March 8, 2008 (gracie720)
Torryn Grace, 8lb 12 oz ~ Born March 19, 2008 at 39w 1d (pirate_mama)
Julia Elise, 8lb 4oz ~ Born March 19, 2008 (MamaMelis)
Aria Lynn, 7lb 12oz ~ Born March 20, 2008 at 40w (FlutterbyKiss)
Dylan Joshua, 7lb 13.5oz ~ Born March 20 (NogginMommy)
Sebastian Noah Ellis, 9lb 8.6oz ~ Born March 21, 2008 (2Moms2be)
Brennan James, 10lb 12oz ~ Born March 21, 2008 (Rhonda30)
Gage Anthony, 7lb 5oz ~ Born March 22, 2008 (tinker_toy88)
Madalyn Ann, 9.8lb ~ Born March 22, 2008 (JBatic)
Xavier Prince J. 7lb 9.4oz ~ Born March 22, 2008 (Shataramarie)
Lucia Christina, 7lb 14oz ~ Born March 22, 2008 (valrenee)
Hannah, 8lb 4oz~ Born March 25, 2008 (Jessica1623)
Hope Liberty, 7lb ~ Born March 25, 2008 (MamaCarter)
Jordan Ashlyn, 8lb 1.1oz ~ Born March 25, 2008 (SailorWife)
Calleigh Elizabeth, 8lb 1oz ~ Born March 26, 2008 at 40w 2d (Alegna200)
Makaela, 6lb 10.9oz ~ Born March 26, 2008 (vannah99567)
Julie-Anna, 7lb 2.6oz ~ Born March 26, 2008 (JulieAnnasMom)
Nicholas, 8lb 11oz ~ Born March 27, 2008 (Happileigh)
Lucas, 8lb 15.4oz ~ Born March 29, 2008 (Ronell)
Hayden, 8lb 1oz ~ Born March 30, 2008 (michelle1986)
Aybra, 1lb 9oz ~ Born March 31, 2008 at 26w 4d (CourtneyS)

April Arrivals

Nicholas, 5lb 14oz ~ Born April 1, 2008 at 41w 1d (brandifawn)
Abraham Elijah, 8lb 8oz ~ Born April 1, 2008 (lilmama****ens)
Patrick James, 7lb 10oz ~ Born April 1, 2008 at 41w 4d (Caiomhe)
Alexander Mitchell, 8lb 2oz ~ Born April 4, 2008 (blkbltmom)
Alexandra Isabella, 8lb 13oz ~ Born April 5, 2008 (aerock)

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Well, currently Jackson and I are still in the hospital - not sure if it is my insurance or this hospital (really nice), but even after a vaginal delivery you are kept 2 days.

That's right ladies! I was able to overcome my fears!

Jackson Claude (after his late great-grandpa, RIP) was born at 5:31pm on March 4th, 2008 at 39 weeks. He weighed 7lbs 1 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long! (No wonder I hurt! I weigh 112 and am 5'6" normally and did not stretch even ONCE!) He was born eight months to the day of my BFP!

I got to the hospital at 6:30, got checked in, had all my vitals and everything checked, and had my antibiotic (GBS+) and my pitocin started at level 2 at 7:15a. I was 1.5 cm dilated and 70% effaced ( minus 2, whatever that means).

By 10:30 I was at level 14 with the pitocin, and only 2 cm dilated, still 70% and -2. My pain level was only a 3 though I was having regular contractions.

At 10:45 my doctor came in, upset (not at me) by my progress and checked me - still a 2, so he broke my water. (Can you say OW?) He still had the hook in me when another contraction started and it was a 6 on the pain scale. They are NOT KIDDING when they say that it hurts once your water has broken. (BTW - DH said he was glad my water didn't break at home. I asked if he had seen all of it, as he had been holding my hand. He said no, but he heard it, and it sounded like someone just poured about 2 gallons of milk out.)

By 11 I was having hard contractions which were really difficult to breathe through so I asked for some Iv pain medication. Not sure what they gave me, as I didn't catch the name, but nothing I'd ever heard before.

At 11:15 a nurse came into my room and asked me to roll over. I joked saying "Easier said than done" to which she replied "What if I told you that your baby was in distress?". I knew she was serious as each time I had a contraction I was unable to hear his heartbeat. My contractions were faster and harder than they had been and his heartrate dropped to 50-55 during each one.

They had me lay on one side, then the other, and nothing was working. I had an oxygen mask on and wasn't allowed to even get out of bed to pee- I had to use a bedpan. There were 3 nurses in my room at any given time, each watching the screen and trying to get a better pulse with the belt I had on.

I decided on an epidural around noon. They said if I was more relaxed it might help and I would do anything for my baby, so I took it. It actually did not hurt at all. The lady that did it was wonderful and it didn't even take 5 minutes, including the time it took her to set-up. I did have 2 cramps which didn't hurt but were uncomfortable, but she said it was normal and they stopped right after they began.

The baby was still not liking my contractions but his HB was up to 70 whenever I had them. My nurse had someone getting ready to deliver in the next room so I dozed on and off from 1p-2p.

By 2pm they began to discuss a c-section as baby was not handling the contractions well. My nurse decided to wait just a little longer since she knew I really didn't want one. I was checked at 2:30 and was still 2cm and 80% effaced, still -2.

At 4:30 I was checked one more time and I was 6-7cm dilated! At least according to my nurse. She had my doctor come check (as she said that was FAST progress) and he goes "Nope. Let's get this show on the road." I looked at him and went "What? I'm at 10?" to which he replied "That's the only time I'd let you have this baby." That's right - I went from 2cm to 10cm in 2 hours. I'm thanking the combination of epidural and my broken water for that.

The nurses began setting everything up and by 4:45 I was ready to start pushing. By 5:15 baby was crowning. It took the doctor about 10 minutes to get back (he was handling the emergency next door) but once he was there I started pushing. I only pushed maybe 10 times, doing my best as I couldn't feel anything so I was just trying to concentrate on what it would feel like to have a BM.

I heard the doctor say "Why don't we have a baby on this next push?" I was in the middle of pushing and took a few seconds to rest, then pushed as hard as I could. The doctor didn't say anything so I began pushing again right as he said "One more big push! One shoulder.. there's the other... and we have a boy!"

I was in shock, as he didn't say "we have the head out", or maybe he did and I didn't hear him. All I remember sound wise is my DH holding my leg up for me, then whispering in my ear "I can see our baby's hair. ... I can see our baby's ears ... I can see our baby's face." then hearing "We have a boy!"

I had DH cut the cord and then they took the baby away.

My DH wasn't crying but you could tell it was only because he was trying so hard not to. I was crying and watched as they cleaned and checked him. They didn't put him on me or let anyone hold him since they wanted to make sure he was okay since he hadn't been handling the contractions well, but about 10 minutes later the nurse wrapped him up and said "Here Mama." I told her I wanted DH to hold him first and she said "Wow. You sure?" and I said yes and she said "Wow. That's awesome, not many moms do that."

I also didn't want to hold him yet as I wasn't stretching enough so the doctor had given me an episiotomy (All the way. one hole to the other according to my mom (she was the other person in the room)). Other than that I did fine - no tearing at all! (No tearing and no stretch marks! WOO!)

We got to keep the baby for an hour until they took him to be tested/cleaned/etc so by then it was 6:30.

It took me about 2.5 hours to get moved to a PP room due to complications with another woman in another room. By then it was a few minutes after 9 and we asked for the baby to be brought to our room. By the time they actually brought him to our room it was about 9:45 so we kept him with us for a few minutes, but I was literally falling asleep with him in my arms so we had the nursery come get him. I slept from 10:30 until about midnight, then I guess my body remembered that I had a baby and woke me up every 20-30 minutes all night.

BTW - FIL did show up, but he showed up only about ten minutes before they discovered I was 10cm and then he was too preoccupied with the baby to bother me. (Or I was too preoccupied with baby to notice him - either way). I felt a bit better later on as he (and MIL) actually cried when they came back in the room and saw LO. He even held my hand (his version of a hug) for about ten seconds before they left and looked like he was going to cry again. I feel like he might be nicer to me now. My brother also showed up, but he stayed in the waiting room the whole time so it was okay.

We're still here at the hospital, and now it's feeding time, so I'll go for now! Thanks for reading and all the P&PT! It really helped!

2 day old Jackson!

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Here is our story...(much abbreviated)
As has been the case with this whole pregnancy, birth day came as quite a surprise. What began as a typical Thursday on modified bed rest, turned out to be a fast and exciting adventure.
After experiencing yet another bleed at about 10:30 I went up to L&D. Once there, monitors revealed that there were a few contractions. Suddenly there were some sudden knifing pains down my side.
Nurses who had been calmly checking things suddenly went into fast forward. My OB and an anesthesiologist appeared out of thin air. In under 20 minutes I was in the OR with a spinal block and a doctor prepped to cut.
My doctor apparently has a touch of superman in him. Robert Tucker was delivered and mommy was in the recovery room inside of thirty minutes. They brought our 5lb 15 oz little man in but he was as white as the blanket he was wrapped in. They decided to send him to the next town over where the hospital has a level three NICU.
I was allowed a two minute visit as he was rushed out the door. By the time his transport was completed Tucker was already able to breathe without oxygen. Everything got even better from there. Tucker spent just four days in the NICU. While it was a tiring and stressful experience, we are so thankful that we did not have the truly difficult and bumpy road that many NICU parents endure.
We will have to monitor for some of the problems that may stay with us. Tucker had a possible grade one intracranial hemorrhage, severe anemia due to assumed blood loss in utero, and a very minor issue with being tongue tied. All in all a great outcome for 34 weeks and 6 days!
This is an entirely opposite delivery from my first non-medicated all natural experience. The recovery is quite a bit more involved and painful, but the outcome makes it all worth every second!

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Well, my baby decided he wanted to come at 32 weeks!
To summerize, I basically went to L&D with major back pain and my doctor checked me and I was already 2 cm dialeted. I had 3 days of back labor and then the baby was so low that he was on my bladder and it got distended and I had to be cathetorized.
I was able to hold him in for more than the 48 hours needed for the steroid shots to take affect, but the back labor became so unbearable and fast and no matter what they gave me, I kept dialating, so I finally got the epidural and calming medicine and had to deliver. The birth was actually the easy part! It was very smooth and he has excellent APGAR scores.
Tristan was 3 lb 7 oz at birth and he is now getting close to 5 lbs!
He was only in an isolet and on oxygen for less than a week and is now in an open crib with just a feeding tube and monitors. He basically just has to mature more and grow out of a couple of common preemie things like not remembering to breath sometimes and then the heart rate goes down. (very common for preemies and they outgrow it closer to their due date) He is already learning to do well on bottles they give him and I am a pumping machine!
It's hard having going back and forth to the hospital to see him instead of having him at home where we can see him all the time, but we are sooooo thankful that he is doing so well and we know he'll be home before we know it. We are extremely blessed.

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"hurleygirl" wrote:

To all our proud March Mama's:

This thread is for you and your beautiful babies. Feel free to come post your birth story once your little one arrives so we can all celebrate. To help keep this thread uncluttered and focused on the babies and birth stories, please post any replies to a new thread.

January Arrivals

Robert Tucker, 5lb 15 oz ~ Born January 24, 2008 (Speducator)

February Arrivals

Tristan, 3lb 7 oz~ waiting on date of birth (Stars101)

March Arrivals

April Arrivals

Hi! My baby was born on January 10th.

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Well, I started labor on Friday night. Contractions were every about 2 min. The contractions stayed about the same but I was dilating VERY slowly. Finally they decided to do an amnio since she is still considered pre-term. It looked to be developed, so finally this morning (Monday) they broke my water and started pit. I made it until about 2 or 2:30 without pain meds. Pit ctx are painful. I was getting one after another with only a few seconds in between to rest. I did end up with a epidural which I have no regrets about.The nurse came back about 20 min later and I was 7 cm. She left the room for about 10 min or so and when she came back my BFF mentioned to her that I was feeling more pressure (I did not want to bother her as she had just checked me 10 min earlier). She decided to check me because her heart rate was dropping with ctx. I was 10!!!!! They had me push once and her heart dropped so they made me wear the oxygen mask. I had to skip pushing the next ctx to wait for the resident. She came in and I pushed 3 times for 1 ctx and they decided she needed to get out fast so they used forceps. One ctx later she was born. I only pushed for 3 ctx!!!
She had great color and cried right away. She did have a little issue with keeping her temp up so she had to be under the warmer for about 20 min or so. She is doing great now!! She nurses like a champ and even had her first poo. She weighed 5# 6.5oz and is 18 1/2 inches long. She is beautiful and we are totally in love!!!!!
Pictures of Gracie and Montage:

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Jase Donald was born on Friday Feb 22nd at 11:12am, he was 7lbs 14oz and 20.4 inches long. Yes that's right ladies he wasn't nearly as big as they thought he was going to be, guess he just had a big head. They were saying he would be 9lbs or more. Biggrin

We arrived at the hospital around 5am and waited until 11 to go in for the c-section. My blood pressure would never come down and once time got closer they were pumping me full of lo pressure to get it to come down. Than I think I had a slight reaction and started to freak out a little bit just before I had to go in for the surgery, my family is almost sure they put too much lo pressure in my IV too soon. But I finally calmed down and was on my way to the operating room, once I got there, I seemed to calm down even more, I was still scared to death but at least I wasn't crying hysterically. I was fortunate to have an aunt who is a nurse at that hospital and she was welcomed into the operating room by her co-workers, and she took pictures for us. She also gave me the down low on what really happened from the nurses perspective. Jase had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck ... so another good reason why we had the c-section. It also took a little longer to get him to breath than normal she said, I guess they used oxygen on him. She said that she went over to him and told him "Jase this is your aunt Sandy and I'm telling you to breath!!!!" And she said that he started to breath, so I guess that was a sign that she was a little worried. And they didn't show me him until after he was already cleaned up, so I was waiting patiently to see him and once I did I was happy and than I'm pretty sure I went off to LaLa land because of the spinal.

Recovery was hard, because I was getting very sick and vomitted for the whole day after the surgery, I couldn't keep anything down. My blood pressure went up after the baby was born, even higher than it was before I had gone in. I was in the hospital for 5 days because of my blood pressure, so now I'm on meds that are slowly working. So that's my story... we are home and happy now and he's the best baby. Here are some pictures of the c-section and our precious baby boy.

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so here is my birth story....
had a BPP wednesday morning 2-27-08 turned out she scored a 2 out of 8,dialated to one and 50%.. so with that they sent me to the hospital to monior me. they said pack your bags just in case. we got to l&d about 11 am. at about noon they decided we were inducing. my vitals were good and she was moving around nicely, so we don't really know why they decided so, but i'm an NOT complaining:grin:
at about 2pm they cave me cervidil(sp?) said that could take up to 12 hours, and after 12 hours they would re-eval me and decide then if it would be more cervidil or about 6pm the cervidil started giving me the WORSE menstral like cramps EVER known to any woman!!! they had me in tears. and the fact that it was a CONSTANT pain didn't make me happy. and i was having random ctx measuring up to about 35 thoughout this time. then by about 8 or 9 pm they ctx were getting up to about 50. at 10pm i asked for a sleeping pill so i could get some rest. in tears from the cramps and ctx, i was really tired but i was in too much pain tofall asleep. so they gave me a pain med, nubane,and within about 10 i felt good enough to be able to fall asleep(i couldn't have help my head up if i wanted to:cool:). i slept from about 1130 to about 2am, when they came in to re-eval me. i was dialted to 2 then and 80% i think. about 3am i got the pitosin then. after about 30 mins the pitosin had my ctx to about 1 minute apart they tured down the dose so they could get them about 3 mins apart. i was crying through ctx reaching up to about 80...i tried to lay down and get some rest...about 415 am i was laying on my side on the verge of falling asleep and i felt a strong POP in my tummy. sat up and tried to get to the edge of the bed. thought it was my water but wasnt sure. went to use the bathroom and nothing...Dh called the nurse in and told her we thought my water broke...i got back to the bed..layed down, the nurse got there and i tried to sit up and with each time i lifted myself up to scoot forward we got a gush...then i stood up and the waterfall came:cool:. she checked me and i was about 4cm. i cried through ctx reaching up to 110 for about an hour. then the nurse came in and we asked for the epidural. that was finished about 6am....within about 10 minutes i felt GOOOOOOOOD:cool::grin:. too good actually, i couldn't even move my legs! the nurses let me be for an hour and came in and checked me around 7 and i was 8-9 cm:eek:. they turned down the pitosin some more. and the OB came in around 8 and checked me and i was complete and ready. but he didn't like the fact that i could assist none with my legs, and i couldn't tell at all when i was having ctx(so i knew when to push). so he had the epidural turned down, and decided to let that go for an hour for me to get something back in my legs. he came in shortly after 9am and said we were ready to start. we did some practice pushing w/ctxs. my OB had to go to a surgery so i was left with DH and my 2 nurses again. we pushed 5 times back to back with each with each of my ctx. i pushed through about 5 sets when the nurse said her head was "right there" she paged my OB, who before he left said he needed about half an hour and thought he would be more than ok, and told him we need him back here NOW! and we just find out today that our OB was running through the halls and waiting area at about this time, when a BIL said"oh that was your dr":cool: i pushed through a couple more sets and her head was just about out. I would be in the middle of pushing and look up at the mirror and see the top of her head and kinda get chocked up(tears) lose my spot in pushing and DH, OB, and the nurses would continue counting LOUDER to get me to continue pushing......another set, and her head was more set and she was here!

9:58 am 2-28-08 7lbs 9 oz 20.5 inches long apgar scores were 9 & 9

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Chloe Lynne was 7lbs 9oz, 20 inches long. The c-section went perfectly. I could not of asked for a better team of doctors & nurses.

I was in the operating room at 7:05, Chloe was here by 7:22, and I was back in my room with the baby and out of recovery at 8:30. She's been a perfect angel. Recovery this time around has been MUCH easier. I was up & out of bed around 4pm that afternoon.

The only potential complication was the true knot in her cord. Our kids' doctor said in the 20 years he's been practicing he's only seen 3 babies with true knots in their cords. 2 of them were mine, Corbin & now Chloe.

All cleaned up

Taking a nap with mom

Meeting her brothers

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2008 March Stories

Ryan Paul arrived 2/28/08 at 1:14 a.m. via emergency C-section.

I went to the hospital on the morning of the 27th with contractions. They sent me home because I wasn't dilated. Just a few hours later my contractions got so much worse. So back we went that evening.

I went in figuring they were just going to send me home again, but my contractions were every 30 seconds and I was 3 cm. dilated - so that was good - I had progressed pretty fast. I told the nurse that the baby might be breech from my last ultrasound. She felt my stomach and said no, he was fine. So I labored from about 7 p.m. to almost midnight when my Dr. arrived and I was assuming I was going to go vaginal. My Dr. did an internal and knew right away the baby's head hadnt descened into my pelvis. SHe hooked me up to an ultrasound and sure enough - he was breech. Why the nurse didn't do that hours earlier is beyond me.

So then everything got kind of panicky. My water had broke and I was fully dilated and ready to push - but couldn't. Everybody started moving fast and they told my husband to put on scrubs for a C-section. I started to get really scared because I thought everything was fine. Everybody was rushing around and telling me nothing.

Everything was a whirlwind from that point on. It seemed like as soon as I got in the OR Ryan was born - he came out so quick! Then it seemed like hours for her to stitch me up. I noticed the baby and my husband had disappeared. I thought something was wrong because nobody told me why they were gone - or if they did I was so out of it I didn't remember. I just remember feeling so alone and confused becuase nobody was communicating to me - my husband adn baby were gone and didn't know why. But everything was fine - I think they removed my husband because he was squemish!.

Ryan was born with an extra toe on his left foot - just like the US had told us! It's so cute. Even so, he's perfect!!

Here are his stats: Born 2/28/08 at 1:14 a.m. He weighed 8 lbs., 1 oz. He was 19.5 inches long. Apgar score of 9.

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We went into the hospital on Sunday the 24th at 3pm to start the cervix ripening gel. I was shown to a delivery room and Sophia was monitored for about half an hour. My obstetrician arrived and explained what would happen. He put the thing up around my cervix which was still high and 1cm dilated. This was quite uncomfortable as it had to go in so far. We decided that I should stay the night at the hospital as my blood pressure was through the roof. After an hour or so it was back to normal. They think that the blood pressure spike was from nerves! Baby was monitored for a further hour.

I was then moved to a nicer delivery room to spend the night there. This was the room I would give birth in.

At about 8.30 that night I started getting quite painful contractions. They were coming every 2 minutes but only lasting about 30 seconds. This was the gel starting to do its thing. I was given some pain meds, heat packs and a sleeping tablet and managed to snooze through the night. Ben went home for the night, we decided that he would sleep better at home and that he’d need it for the next day.

At 7am the next morning my obstetrician showed up to check me over and rupture my membranes. I was anxious as Ben had not arrived yet! My cervix was still very high but it had opened enough for the AROM. I had to be put in stirrups and the OB
did his thing. This was very uncomfortable. I got quite upset and worried from the pain and said “that’s enough now”, he hadn’t even broken them yet! When he finally did I felt like the tides had come out! My doctor got showered with fluid. Once this was done baby was monitored again and I was started on the pitocin drip. Finally Ben arrived! It turned out that there was a huge car accident. It took him 2 hours longer than usual to drive in!!

At about 10 I was contracting well. The contractions were taking my breath away and getting stronger. I wanted pain relief. I was only 3 cm, so we decided to go for the epidural. It went in easily and didn’t hurt nearly as much as the contractions. The problem was that it didn’t work properly. It had removed pain from my left side but intensified it on my right. I was getting very upset and anxious. I kept asking “why is my hip so sore, why is my hip contracting” and had to keep being reassured by everyone that it was ok. Finally they decided to call the anesthetist again. He removed the 1st epidural and put in another one. This did nothing. It was in my back and in the right spot but I had no pain relief. I was so angry. I was contracting hard and was screaming through the contractions. I was offered the gas but all this did was make my head cloudy. I kept trying to say things but couldn’t control my mouth and just mumbled out jumbled sounds. I gave up on the gas and kept on screaming, yelling and crying through the contractions.

It was now the early afternoon. My obstetrician came in again to check me. I was 8 cm dilated! I was having bad contractions that were on top of each other. I couldn’t do anything but yell and scream and cry. My OB said “we will wait another 2 hours, and then we will either deliver or have a cesarean”. I was screaming at him to just give me the section then and there. I couldn’t handle the pain any more. I was doubting myself. I remember saying to Ben “This is why we couldn’t get pregnant, because I can’t deal with the pain and the labour.” I was so upset and so anxious and scared. I was also having huge urges to push. I had to push and I did. But I was still only 8cm, so all this did was put me and baby under stress.

The midwife decided to call the head anesthetist. There was no way I could handle 2 more hours of this torture. He removed the 2nd epidural and inserted a combined epi/spinal anesthetic. The spinal was heaven. Instant relief. I told the anesthetist that he was the most wonderful man on the planet.

2 hours of snoozing through slight cramps, I was 10 cm!!! Baby had finally engaged and my obstetrician was ready to give delivery a go! I was put in stirrups again. I could feel pressure but no pain. I could feel the ob putting the forceps around baby and giving her a pull as I was instructed to push. I had an episiotomy as I started to tear. Again I could feel this being done, but I didn’t feel pain. Mum and Ben were shouting “I can see her I can see her, she’s coming!” 3 contractions later I felt a massive release of pressure and heard my daughter cry.

Ben cut the cord and Sophia was put on my belly. I was crying with joy. I couldn’t contain myself. I let the tears flow and started to get to know my daughter. I had a retained placenta. My ob sat there for a good hour controlling my bleeding. My placenta was delivered complete and I avoided surgery.

Sophia is perfect. She was born at 4.48pm on the 25th February 2008. She weighed 4.4kg (9lb 12) and was 54.5 cm long. Her head circumference was 36 cm. She was seen by a pediatrician an hour or so after her birth as she was a forceps delivery. She had a slight red mark on her face from the forceps. This disappeared over the next day or so. As did my voice from all the screaming!

I was so tired. I had my family visit and Ben’s family visit. I was feeding Sophia for the first time and fell asleep. I couldn’t hold myself anymore. We have photos of this, I think they capture the moment really well. I had lost a lot of blood and had to be taken to my room in a wheel chair. I slept so well that night.

After a hard labour our precious daughter Sophia is here. She is the most perfect thing. I can’t imagine life without her.

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Maya Grace was born 2/27 @ 12:23am, weighing 7lbs 4ozs, 21 inches long.

I had my weekly appointment on Thursday 2/21 & I was dialiated 2 cm. My OB had already scheduled me for an induction on 2/26, due to chronic HBP but wanted to see me again Monday 2/25, to see if I had dialated more on my own. If I hadn't dialated more, then I would need to go into the hospital Monday night, to begin the induction process. Well I guess I had visions of granduer b/c I just "knew" I had dialated more & would be coming back home after my appt.
Well I was still a 2 so I had to be at the hospital by the time it was 3pm & we lived about 1 hour round trip from the doc's offfice, back to the hospital...soooooo....DH had to check me into the hospital & go home to get our bags.

So they started the cervix softening process Monday night, only had mild cramps & I think the IV in my hand, hurt worse than the cramps. All night I would wake up off & on to look at the babies heartbeat on the monitor & feeling in shock that the time was finally coming to meet my baby girl.

DH & I were awakened at 7am to head down to L&D to begin pitocin. That started around 10am & by 3pm the ctx were really bad. I requested an epidural & was soon feeling like I could sleep. The doc kept checking me & even after breaking my water I was dialating very very slowly. By 11pm I was exhuasted & only at a 5, so we both decided to move forward w/ a c-sec. I was really ok w/ that & wanted to do what was best for the baby & me.

So off to the OR we go....I actually got sick while they were prepping me....I never ever ever do that. So I was annoyed LOL. I don't even know what time the c-sec started but after pulling & pushing I heard him say "here she take a look" & there was my crying angel. I am so much in love & sometimes still get misty eyed when she looks up at me!

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So I was pretty depressed Sunday night, it was my EDD and I had never reached an EDD without a baby before. So I had a moan to G and fell asleep. I woke a few times during the night and felt very mucousy, I didn't let myself get excited though. I thought I had some contrax but thought I may have dreamed it as well. I woke at 6am with a few very irregular but painful contrax. I got up and wandered around, not being surprised when they stopped. I went to lay beside G in bed and had a big one as soon as I lay down. I lay there feeling as though the pain never really went away and 5mins later had another. It was mid-contrax that my waters broke (another first for me!!) and I jumped out of bed to stand on a conveniently placed bit of plastic and said 'shit, shit, towels!!'.......
G leapt out of bed and grabbed me some, not before gazing blankly at me for 30secs!! I was wearing pj's and he couldn't tell my waters had gone, and in a big way!
I grabbed the phone beside the bed and called my Mum (it was 6:50am and she was supposed to work that day) and asked her to come around. She said 'are you sure this is it?' and I said 'well, my waters just broke.....' and she laughed and said she'd be straight around.
I got into the shower and felt a little disappointed that my contrax weren't getting harder, stronger or more frequent. In fact, they seemed to get better!! I didn't worry too much though because I knew I'd have a fight on my hands to go past 24hrs (not that I wanted to) so figured I'd be having the baby that day, regardless of what my body did.
G called the doula, Sally, and my BFF, Bek. I was over the moon that it happened that day because her DH wasn't working and could look after the kids, so I got the people I wanted after all!!
I washed the towels I had 'watered' and G came into the laundry and said 'WHAT are you doing?!'. I still felt really good so I pottered around the house, made some porridge and pecked at it, got Zoe ready for school etc.
It wasn't until about 8am that my Mum made the comment about peak hour traffic. My worst fears had been realised!! I had gone into labour at a time it would take me 3 times as long to get to the hospital!!! At that point I was having very mild contrax and the occasional 'big' one. I made the decision to wait for Bek to arrive and then we'd head off. I didn't have to get admitted, just being there would give me the peace of mind I needed that I wouldn't birth on the way or be forced to endure painful contrax on the way.
I was incredibly lucky and only had 2-3 big contrax that I needed to breathe through before we got there. I simply sat quietly, talking to G occasionally, and thinking 'this is it'. I still felt so good that I walked from the carpark with Bek and G!!
Getting admitted was fuss-free, I filled out the paperwork, had a large contrax which reassured me I was doing the right thing by going in and then we went into our room. That's when the fun started, literally. We were left alone for awhile and we just laughed and joked, it was really quite amazing.
Sally turned up and it felt so great to have all three of them with their hands helping me through contrax. Sally massaging my lower back and belly, Bek at my shoulders and G holding my hands. I had some beautitful moments with G, 'dancing' through contrax, that I will never forget. He was strong and comforting, my head fits neatly into his chest and nothing else mattered but us for that moment.
We laughed our way to about 11am and then I wanted to retreat for a little while. I asked for my headphones (instead of having my ipod play through the speakers) and I lay on my tummy over a beanbag and let everyone massage me. I couldn't believe how achey my lower back was, and I felt so much better when someone was rubbing it.
I really ought to mention my MW at this point. She came in while I was on the birthball, facing away from the door. Bek leaned over and said 'she looks really nice, young, blonde'.... She apologised we'd had to wait so long but that they had kept us for her and she had been busy. She told us that she did most of the natural births and her speciality was birth plans!! She looked over ours and was happy with everything we had requested. We talked about the times that it may not go according to plan and then said 'let's not focus on the negative though, let's have a baby!'. She was very hands off and let my team help me through the contrax, only occasionally listening to bubs. She never offered an IE but was happy to give me one when I said I wanted one at 12pm, she checked to make sure it was what i really wanted first. She let me take control of the situation and lay down when I wanted to and was very quick and gentle. She told me that I was 8cm and that I would be meeting my baby soon. When she checked contrax for strength and length I remember her saying to me 'I'm just a hand, just forget about me'. It honestly as if she wasn't there for a lot of the birth but at the same time we created a relationship of trust.

It was soon after 12pm that I started to get vocal through my contrax. The MW, Lauren, came over and asked what felt different about that contrax and I said I think he's moving down. I took back more control of the contrax's after that but as the need to push grew, so did my fear. This felt very different to my last birth, pushing hurt - it didn't make the pain better as everyone kept telling me it should. At one point my pubic bone felt like it would split in two and I knew he was trying so hard to come out.
Bek encouraged me to get onto all fours as I'd expressed in my birth plan and it was then that I lost control over my fear. Pushing wasn't working, it hurt and instead of the powerful, productive pain I'd been experiencing previously, I felt as though I was fighting against something too big for me.
I ended up in a kneeling squat on the bed during contrax and lay limp over the beanbag between. Lauren came over and spoke calmly to me, explaining that I had reached the point that I had pushed for so long that it was becoming clear that I needed some help. (At this point I was drenched with sweat from working so hard and had asked them to pour the ice over me, which they did). I had started asking for pain relief, saying that I couldn't do this. The feeling that I was working so hard for nothing was overwhelming and I desperately wanted a break. Everyone was wonderful, telling me I *could* do this, that I didn't really want the drugs, I was so close.... I still chuckle when I remember saying 'no, you don't understand.....' Such a typical labouring woman thing to say, but I was trying to vocalise that this wasn't working.
I flipped back over to a side/back position and Lauren said 'Vicki, I can see your baby'. That quick change of position had done the trick and suddenly I was pushing with a purpose.

Lauren put up a mirror and for the first time, I saw my baby. I thought it would bother me to see the baby come out, but it gave me so much incentive. I remember Lauren saying 'see how much energy you have now that you can see him?'. She was right, I went from exhausted to pushing with power.
I still held fear about tearing as bubs crowned and I think it wasn't until I really let go of that fear that I became my most effective. Everyone was watching him coming down and I could hear the awe in their voices.
"Look at him, Vicki. That's our boy!"
"Oh my God, look at him come. You're so amazing!"
It was the voices and the positivity that made me close my eyes and just push with all my might. Lauren said, this is going to sting and burn, but it didn't as much as I thought it would. She said in hindsight that it was my controlled (read - scared!) pushing that stopped me tearing. I stopped when she wanted me to and gave little pushes when she asked for them. I totally trusted in her and let her guide me. I do believe that it was Gabe's size that made it that easy, he wasn't coming without the effort so I could stop if I needed to. Whereas Sasha came barrelling out like a greased piglet!
I had a vague comprehension that the head was out when Lauren said 'ok guys, we're going to need to use those techniques we practiced, his shoulders are stuck" (*remind me to mention this later if I forget). She told me to push and said, 'give me a nose, I need his nose, Vicki'. I pushed so hard and then she told me to stop. Everyone rolled me more to my back and grabbed my legs and pulled them back to my ears (McRoberts manoeuver) while Lauren helped turn Gabe. Another MW applied suprapubic pressure and they pulled him out. It was incredibly painful and it was at this point I screamed at Lauren to get him out. She said 'he's out' and placed him across my tummy. He was grey and still but they left the cord intact and gave him some oxygen where he was. After a thorough rub he pinked up and had apgars of 8, 9, 10.
Lauren talked to me about his size and said that even though I had wanted a physiological third stage, due to the size of Gabe, she recommended I get the injection. I agreed and don't regret it, nor the Vit K I agreed to have administered to Gabe. We were treated with so much respect when things didn't go according to 'plan' and everything made perfect sense.

It was at this point I should have been listening to my body, but I was very tired and excused it all away.
I was having after pains which put my contrax to shame, but I knew they get worse with each pregnancy so put it down to that. I also asked Lauren to take Gabe to weigh him after 10mins which went against everything I had wanted. I was too tired to hold him and felt a little distanced from him. All of these things pointed to something more sinister yet I thought I was simply too tired.
Bek and Sally left to go home and the Dr came to stitch me up. I loved the Dr, she suited my funny-bone down to the ground. This is an indication of the brief connection we made:-
'Ok Vicki, you suck on the gas while I have a quick look to see if you've torn'
After some long breaths.....and some spaced out pain.....
'you've done really well, there's only very minor tearing, almost nothing worth stitching. I want to make really sure though so I'll just put the local in and have a better look'
'couldn't you have just done that in the first place?'
'oh, the local causes the flesh to swell which makes it a bit harder to see the extent of the tearing'
'convenient excuse for being a b.itch'
Laughing 'I'm not as bad as the midwives!'

It was after she had left that G and I were left with a snack, Lauren went to have her belated lunch as well. I had just finished a crumpet when I felt incredibly thirsty. I practically ordered G to get me my drink and drank the whole lot. He was walking the room with Gabe in his arms when I said 'I'm not feeling good'. He looked at me and I said it again and then told him to get Lauren. It took him seconds to press the buzzer but in that time I closed my eyes and let the flashing lights and dizziness take me away.
Apparently Lauren was in the room within a minute and then the room was full of people. I woke to this bustle but couldn't fully come to. I could see G sat near the bed with Gabe with a rather blank expression on his face. I felt terrible for scaring him so, but could only tell him I loved him with my eyes.

Lauren came close to me and explained that they thought I had retained some placenta and that I had two options. I could take some gas and they could check me there and then and hopefully remove it or I could go to theatre and undergo surgery. She told me I was a trooper when I said do it here. I didn't want to be taken from my son and husband - I would go through any amount of pain to avoid that, and I knew how much this was going to hurt.
I kept enough of my sense of humour to say 'oh, you're the b.itch' when my original Dr came in and held my hand. She joked that I could hold it as hard as I liked because she'd hurt me before. It was that hand I focused on through the pain, I wish she could know how much it meant that she did that for me.
The MW announced that I would need surgery, she couldn't get to the clots. I started sobbing, huge gut-wrenching cries from my soul. I had just had my baby, my huge baby, without any meds, it was the most amazing experience of my life and now this was happening. I covered my face with my hands and cried as if my heart was breaking.
Lauren came over and talked to me about how I could be so proud of what I had done, and that this was the best thing for me. She was replaced by the anethesiologist who again was reassuring me that this was going to make everything better and there was nothing to be scared of. He went through the required questions and they began to prep me.
I was still sucking the gas due to the pain I was in, and I couldn't stop shivering, my teeth were chattering. I looked to G again, he was still sat holding his son, beside my bed but out of the way. I whispered 'I'm sorry. I love you. I love you.'

The rest of the experience was quietly terrifying in it's own medically managed way. Once professionals get down to business they stop being empathetic, and this was no exception. I couldn't wait to sink into the oblivion of the general, just to get away from how I felt. When oblivion finally arrived, I fell into it dreamlessly.
I woke up to G's voice and immediately opened my eyes. I had been floating for awhile but it was him who pulled me like a magnet from my musings. The recovery nurse came in and said 'oh, you're awake. That was your husband but I've told him you weren't ready to see him yet'. I desperately wanted to see him so I forced myself to keep my eyes open and wake up properly. I watched another nurse come and plead G's case to be allowed in but they decided to bring Gabe in instead. Lauren brought him in and lay him beside me, she told me 'G didn't let him out of his sight for a minute. I'll go get him in a minute'. Though as it turned out another nurse had been the b.itch from hell and fought to keep him out (for no good reason) and G had decided to go get something to eat with my sister. I had told G to call her to come and be there for him, thinking he might need someone to help stave off the fear.
He caught up when they moved me to my room and it was bliss to see his face.

I guess my birth story ends where my life with Gabe begins.....

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Addelyn Lilly
March 8th at 4:24 am
7.6lbs and 19.5 inches

We had a very fast night lastnight. I woke up about 11:45ish with really bad cramps but I thought I just had to poo (I have been constipated lately). I kinda dosed off alittle but I was in such pain with the cramps that I couldn't sleep. I told Dustin to get the rest of the bag packed cause I thought we should go get checked out. I puked alot so felt something was up. We got to the hospital at 2am and I was about 4-5cm. They started an iv cause I was so ready for my epi at this point. I started feeling alot of pressure and so they checked me again and I was a 7, this is like minutes later! I'm not handling the ctx well and feeling so much pressure. My body started pushing so they checked me again and I was 8-9. I couldn't get an epi, it was moving too fast! I was so scared. I am the kinda girl who could have gotten one lastweek, pain is not my thing. I was so not prepared to not have one. They gave me a shot of something but it did nothing at all. It was so weird feeling her and seeing her come out of me. I didn't have any of that with Eathan. We got to the hospital at 2 and she was born at 4:24! I went from a 5 to a 10 in under 2 hours without working drugs! I had a 2nd degree tear but am feeling pretty good.

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Well all of you know I got inducded on March 5 So we got to the hospital at 8:00 am and I was already 4 cms which we had known from the day before. My dr didn't show up until around 9:30 ish and instead of putting me on anything he decided to just irratate my cervix (did I ever mention that my dr is the roughest dr ever?) Well that got things going I started to have contraction within 30 minutes of him doing it. They were coming 2-3 mins apart and I was able to talk through them and everything but they were really high on the scale. My dr came back at 1:30 and I had only made it to 5 so he was a bit worried about that and thought that the best thing to do would be to break my water. So I let him (I didn't think I was going to let him do it since I had said I didn't want my water broken immaturely, but I figured it would help move things along a little faster, oh and the lead nurse kept telling me not to do it since my contractions were already really strong and I didn't want an epidural she said I wan't going to be able to handle the contrations if he did it) well within 5 mins of having my water broke my contractions went off the charts and they were coming 1-2 mins apart at that point my nurse who was back from her break told me she was going to get the tub ready so once I got in the tub the contractions eased up a bit. I wasn't able to talk through them or anything but they were not as bad as they were before I was in the bed. My dr came in to check on me again at 5:00 and I was only 6cms and he was a little disappointed since I was having really hard contractions and they seemed to not be doing anything. He recommened me to have an epi since he thought that if I relaxed my body things would progress faster. I still was refusing all pain medication. So he decided to strip my membranes again (which hurt like heck remember he is really rough). As soon as he was finished Johanna (my nurse who I loved) told me to get back in the tub since I was handling the pain better in there so I did. My dr started to come into the room ever 15 mins to check me but since he hurt me so bad when he checked my cervix I just kept refusing until about 5:45 he told me he really had to check me then since I seemed to be getting in more pain so he said I was 8 and it wouldn 't be much longer so Chris called my mom and told her to come on up to the hospital with Laryssa. So my mom and Laryssa and one of my aunts showed up around 6:15 ish but I didn't allow Laryssa back into the room at this point I was in to much pain and I didn't want Laryssa to see me like that, my mom did come in the room she kept trying to talk to me and finally Chris being a sweetie said to her she needed to just be quiet if she wanted to stay in there because that is the only way I could handle it. As long as I was able to breath through my contractions without anyone trying to talk to me I was fine. So my nurse (Johanna) had to leave it was 6:45 ish her shift ended at 7 I told her I felt like I was ready to push so she was supposed to call my dr and have him come check in on me ... He never showed up. The new nurse came into the room and tried to do the bp check and find his heart beat and all, (only thing I remember is me telling her can you please get my dr I really need to push and there is no point in checking that stuff now I want to concentrate.) So she called him right then and there and he walked in the room at 7 he started to check me and I pushed I had to my body knew what to do. Well with the first push Carter crowned so he told me to continue to do what I was doing. So with 2 more pushes his head was out. Then the dr said OH NO!!! talking about freaking! I was totally freaked out he had his scaple out and wanted to cut me but couldn't with Carters head out. Carter's shoulders got stuck.... I was able to get him out without any intervention. I did rip in the same place I did with dd which they said was very common. So Carter was 8lbs 15 ozs and 21 inches long, they let me hold him right away but because he was so purple they wanted to get him cleaned up so they cleaned him up and my mom went and got Laryssa. Laryssa walked into the room with a smile from ear to ear she was so happy she didn't say one word. Chris was crying hysterically and he handed Laryssa, Carter and she held him and was in just Awe ( I already posted the pic of her holding him for the first time). Well my mom handed him back to me where I could nurse him and the baby nurse said it was time for them to check his blood sugar and temp and everything and his blood sugar was very low so they had me give him a bottle and bundle him up more. He wasn't able to keep his body temp up so they took him to the nursery to put him under the warmer and to keep an eye on his temp. They called me at 11:30 and told me if I wanted to give him his bath he was ready and then I could take him back to my room. So me and Chris went and gave him his first bath.

Well thanks for reading Smile

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Alessandra Centrello
Born March 6, 2008 @ 9:33am
6lb. 15oz. 20in
39 weeks and 4 days

BABY ALESSANDRA IS HERE!!!! Well I wanted to thank everyone for the help and advice given. Our baby girl was born on Thursday March 6 at 9:33 am. She was born a very healthy baby with tons of hair! On Wed. night I was feeling really bad cramps and decided to tell my husband Chris to take us to the hospital. When I got there I was only around 2cm. After going through pains all night until around 2 am I got the epidural and was around 5cm. I finally felt pressure relief and slept for a little while and woke up at around 8am. By this time, I was 9cm and the water had broken. Finally, by 8:30am the epidural wore off and I started pushing until 9:33am where our little bundle of joy was born. She instantly cried and made me cry. Here are some pictures.

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Garrett Wayne made his arrival into this world on March 7, 2008 at 10:35 pm via C-Section. My day goes like this...

6:15am - I got out of bed expecting to go to work that day. I felt a little wet in my underwear but thought nothing of it really. I had been having discharge so I just assumed it was more of that. Well, it continued to get wetter and wetter and I thought "hmm... this could be" so I went ahead and changed my underwear and lo and behold it was wet within 15 minutes.

7:15am - We finally decided to head into the hospital. I called my mom and told her to head on over. We get all checked in and as we were standing there I finally got to experience the "Gush". That was definitely an experience. So when I got to my room, the MW checked me and I was dialated to a three.

8:45am - I had dialated to a strong 4 almost 5 by this time and they allowed me to get into the wonderful bathtub. This was a glorious feeling. I hung out in there for about an hour and then I started to get really hot and tired and I just wanted to lay back down.

4:00pm - Skipping a few hours... cause all I did in between was contract like crazy! Around this time, I could not handle the pain any longer. I was dialated to an 8 and I hadn't had any pain meds so I decided to get was is called an intrathecal sp? It is similar to a spinal block but is not even half as intense. I could still feel the contractions but they were bearable.

6:30pm - Just like the doc said, the intrathecal would begin to wear off in about 2 hours or so and boy was it ever wearing off. But... the good news was I was dialated to a 10 and could begin pushing YAY!!! So I started pushing and pushing... It didn't seem like anything was happening. The nurse and MW let me push for forever and baby just wasn't moving down.

10:00pm - After pushing since 6:30, the decision was finally made to have a C-Section. Baby was not in distress but I was so exhausted and his head just wasn't moving down. So off I went...

10:35pm - Garrett Wayne graced us with his wonderful presence. He weighed 8lbs 2oz and was 21.5 in long. We are over the moon in love with him and couldn't have asked for a more beautiful baby!

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Well, On Thursday the 6th I went in for my appt with my ob, I was 39 weeks and 3 days. I sat and waited longer than usual, had to pee, and was growing very angry by the second. Finally, I went to go pee and then felt much better. When the nurse called me back, she checked my blood pressure and it was 132/100. My ob was very concerned and told me I most likely had pre-eclampsia. He said I was border line at 37 weeks and figured it was time for me to have Trevor. He told me to go up to L&D to get monitored and to go home and get my things.
I was totally terrorfied, I did not want to induced, but at the same time I was happy because I was getting so tired of being pregnant.
We went home ate and got my bag. Dh was so scared/nervous he started cleaning! He said he wanted things to look perfect for the baby when we came home ;)!
I got to L&D they took my blood pressure and it was ok again. The checked my urine and sure enough there was tons of protien in it. They told me they were going to wait until 2 to put a pill in me to start my labor. That of course didnt happen and I finally got it at around 4pm. It hurt like hell! I was completely closed and had made no progress.. I guess that tea was not working after all :rolleyes:
I started getting more regular contractions and they decided to wait until my contractions slowed down to give me more of the pill... which was fine with me. Around 9 or so.. they gave me my drip to get my contractions to get stronger..they were already close together but were not very strong.
I stayed up most of the night in pain because of the contractions (which were not that bad yet, of course I didnt know that). Id say around 3am or so my water broke! All hell broke lose then, my contractions went crazy and HURT so bad! I finally gave in and got some drugs, which did not even take away the pain, they just made me feel high. It was the worst choice I had made. They called my dr. I was a 3 almost a 4 and he decided it was best to get me the epi. since I was in so much pain.
The doctor came in to give me my epi, which did not hurt one bit! All of a sudden my blood pressure dropped, and they lost Trevors heart beat!
They were floping me around like a fish trying to get his heart beat back. Finally they put in a fetal heart montior and got his heart rate back that way. They had another dr. on call to give me a emergency c section. I thought I was in the clear since his heart rate seemed to have stablized. but, it started to go down with every contraction.
Around 6am my ob came in and explained that since this was happening, he would have to give me a c section. I was open minded to it, so I didnt really care at that point, all I wanted was my son here and safe. My dr. seemed so bothered by the fact that he had to give me one (which shows what a amazing dr. he is). He told me that a vbac would be hard to get around here but it would be possible if I got pregnant again and wanted one.
The c section was schedualed around 10-10:30 that morning (March 7th)
The rest of that morning I tried to get some sleep, which was hard. Dh was still pale as a ghost(and had been since I had the epi. ) he was sick and couldnt eat a thing.
They came in to wheel me to the operating room, dh had to tell me good bye and it was SO HARD for me! I wanted him to be with me the whole time, and now I had to say good bye to my husand and get wheeled into a room where they were going to cut me open and get my son out, once they opened the door to the room, I saw the big lights and the knifes and the tools, I got so SCARED. I started to cry and freak out.They transfered me to the table. The dr. who gave me the epi. told me to calm down and that they would take very good care of me. well, I didnt know it but they shot me with some drugs which totally made me out of it. (they went and told dh that they had to, since I was so emotional) The next thing I remember was my ob saying "go get her husband". The nurse told him "we have a few more minutes" and my ob said "I want you to get him now"..then Glenn was there! I felt so much better to have him by my side. I was so scared he would miss him sons birth.
A few minutes later Trevor Anthony was born!! The doctor held him up and said "its a boy!" He was covered in blood but was so beautiful! I looked over at dh and he has tears in his eyes. I was crying and so happy! They told dh to go see him, he left me and went over to his son, but before he did he gave me a kiss :). The next thing I remember was my dr. saying " we have alot of bleeding". I must of fell asleep while they were putting me back together, dh came and showed me my son, he was the most beauiful little baby I had ever seen! I gave them both a kiss and they left the room to bring him to the nursery.
The next thing I know I wake up in my recovery room. dh came and showed me some pictures he had taken of our son, and then according to him I cryed and then gave him a kiss and passed out. He left to get something to eat.
I woke up, no one was in my room. I was not sure what had happened. I didnt know if what I remembered was real or a dream. I started to freak out and tryed to use the call button to call a nurse.. it didnt work! Sad I started crying to loud that a nurse rushed in, she thought something was wrong with me. She calmed me down and told me that my husband left to get something to eat and that my baby was fine.
dh came in about 10 minutes later and told me that everything I remembered was what happened. I was happy that I was actually awake to see my son born.. I was scared that I wouldnt be.
They put in a new recovery room.. then let me see my son 4 hours after my c section :(. I was so angry I had to wait. I kept calling the nursery checking in on him!! Smile lol.
They got the point and brought him to me a little early! I was the best thing to hold him in my arms. He was wake awake and looking at me. He just melts me.
I had to stay there until monday, he is the best nurser (when he is not sleepy) and lached on with no problems. he sleeps in his own bed, and crys only if he is hungry. He is such a sweetheart. Here are a few pictures of my baby boy! Smile

He was 7lbs 2oz at birth 20 1/2 inches long

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I had been having breathing issues at night. I would wake up gasping for air. This started about 2 months ago, but only 1-2 times a week. It progressively got worse. I thought I was choking on spit or something. Since last week it happened everynight, usually 2-3 times. I had an appointment Thrusday, but I decided to call and get in Wednesday since I was sleeping so bad. I went in and my blood pressure was high. They rechecked me 3 times and it was about the same everytime. There was no protein in my urine though, so it wasn't a huge deal. Then I asked my dr about the sleep issue. He told me he thought I had sleep apnea due to rapid weight gain. He said the only way to fix it is to deliver. I said ok and he was like "well i'll call and get you a room at the hospital" I didnt know he meant deliver right then! He said if I am not getting oxegyn, niether is the baby, so it was best to have him soon.
He sent me to the hospital and said we would start the pitocin between 5 and 7 Thursday morning. He wanted to moniter me overnight to see if I had any episodes.
I went to L&D and they hooked me all up for the night. They gave me Ambian at 11 pm and told me not to eat or drink (even water) after midnight. I dosed off at midnight and around 1 am there was so much going moniter had broke and the room was full of people trying to fix it. ugh!!! Finally at 5 they moved us to another room cause it was something wrong with the harddrive. So, we sat waiting for the dr to get there. He finally arrived at 10:30 am. Here was what went on from there on....

10:30 am Dr starts Pitocin and breaks my water. I was 3 cm.
1 pm I was checked and still 3 cm and I asked if i could get my epidural
1:15 pm got epidural.
2 pm I felt like I needed to poop and I felt like the epidural was wearing off cause it was hurting. She checked me and I was 5 cm.
2:15 I told my nurse, I know you just checked me but I need to push.
She checked me again and I had went from 5-10 cm in 15 minutes___TIME TO PUSH!!! She said give me one trial push. I did and he crowned. She told me to stop and yelled for Brad to push the nurse button and tell the dr to get here quick!
2:22 pm Dr came in and told me to push. His head was out. 2 more pushes and out came his body. I felt it and it was amazing. .Not painful, but pressure and feeling him actually come out.
His birthday is March 13, 2008 at 2:26 pm

His apgars were 9 & 9.
7 pounds 15 ounces
19 1/2 inches long
He is perfect and nursing like a champ Smile
I am in love all over again.

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Gregory Michael Jr.
March 14th @ 12:23 pm
8lbs 5.5 oz and 21 inches long
40 weeks and 3 days prego!

I arrived at the hospital at 7:30 am and checked in. We went over paperwork, and they monitored the baby and then I had to have a catheder and IV put in. This was all done around 9 am. I was still waiting until 11am. I really started to freak out. The anticapation from waiting and having the cathedar was driving me crazy. I started to get really dizzy and I started to cry and then I just wanted to go home and say forget about it. Well then my sister and mom show up thinking I would of already had him, and that made it worse. For some reason I started to have a panick attack. I decided that I wasnt going to wait much longer and then the nurse said it should only be 10 more minutes. My dr. had a case earlier and it took longer than expected. 10 minutes later they took me to get the spinal. By this point I was still crying and thank goodness for my nurse. She really was nice and understanding about how scared I was. I got the spinal and they laid me back and I was telling them I needed them to put the curtain up. I couldnt take it mentally. My dr. came in and they started. They got dh and he was holding me hand. I just kept thinking OMG I am never having any more kids. I told dh that right there that I just cant handle the c-sec mentally. Finally they started to suction so I made dh stand up and take pictures. I started freaking out again and asked the nurse to hold my hand. I finally heard him cry and I was so relieved. I started crying and snorting and the nurse showed him to me all juicy. I will never forget that image of him. The nurse took him to the table and I could watch everything. They weighed him and I was suprised he weighed close to what the u/s said. It was a nice distraction but I still was panicky. It was a horrible feeling of the pressure and it was really bad when they put everything back in. Plus I could hear they conversation, about baseball, and my dr. kids. I was so glad it was over. I think it took about 30 minutes for the whole thing. Dh stayed in the room the entire time, and when they wheeled me to recovery I was able to hold him in the bed.

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Alright, I suppose I will finally post my story! I had been having contractions for 3 weeks or so. My mom was trying to fly in right around when the baby came so she could be here for his birth, but she could only stay a week so we were having a hard time coming up with when she should come. She called me Wed 2/ 27 and said that she decided she is coming Friday and bought her plane ticket. I was due 3/2 so it was risky because they would let me go a week past my due date before inducing and I wasn't dilated at all at my last appt. She came out Friday morning and I had been having much stronger ctx. since about 2:00 that morning. We went shopping at Target and started timing them and they were exactly 4 minutes apart for 2 hours and getting pretty painful. I finally decided to call the doc and they told me to go to l & d.
We got there about 1 pm and got settled and they put me on the moniters. The ctx weren't as regular at that point, they were anywhere from 4-7 min apart. They checked me and I was only a fingertip dilated. The nurse said that they would probably be sending me home. I was so sad, I just wanted to meet this baby! They had us walk the hospital for an hour. I walked with dh and my mom and we had a great time (except for the ctx., those hurt!). By 4 pm they checked me again and I hadn't progressed at all. The nurse got the dr. and I was preparing myself to go home, but I was scared because the contractions hurt so much. The doc came in during a ctx. and saw how much pain I was in and decided to keep me! By 7 pm they let dh and I go in the hot tub for an hour which was so great. By 11 pm, my mother in law showed up and I decided it was ok for her to stay for the birth. They checked me again and I was at 4 cm and fully effaced. I was so excited that we were making progress. I got an epidural at midnight, thank the Lord! I had been having one ctx after another with only about 20 seconds in between. It was getting to be unbearable!
By 4 am they checked and I was at 9 cm. They checked again at 5 and there was no change. I was so exhausted and frustrated. we were so close, but nothing was happening. My ctx. started slowing down and I started panicking thinking they were going to give me a c-section after all the labor I had been through. I did not want a c-section and I didn't want to have to go through labor and then recover from surgery! So I was crying constantly, even though they had never even mentioned a c-section. At 5:30 they decided to give me some pitocin to get things moving again. Finally by 7 Am I was at 10 and ready to push. My mom had one leg, my mother in law had the other and dh was at my head, counting. It was great, the nurses pretty much left us on our own during most of the pushing and my family was so supportive. I was more tired then I had ever been in my life. I kept falling asleep between pushes and it really freaked me out to wake up in the middle of a ctx. I could still feel them although they didn't really hurt. I pushed for a little over an hour and Zander Edward was born at 8:04 AM. He was 7 pounds 7 ounces and 20 inches.
Seeing him for the first time was amazing. Dh and I were in awe. He stayed with me while they stitched me up and cleaned and weighed the baby. He was great, and kept telling me how amazing I was and thanked me so much for this beautiful gift. It was such a great experience and I will happily do it again!! I got to nurse right away and Zander did pretty good. Within about 4 days he was a pro. I love bfing and I find it so relaxing and rewarding. He is such an amazing baby!

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VBAC Success story: Meet my baby!

My daughter was born on March 12 at 3h54 pm!

Here is her birth story:

Doctor striped my membranes at 37 weeks since I was a VBAC hopeful and he wanted the baby to be as small as possible at birth!

On March 12 at 2 am, I woke up as my water broke. Within 30 minutes, we made our way to the hospital and got checked. I had already been at 4 cm for 2 weeks and that night I was still the same. I had no contractions so they told me they would wait until early morning to see if they would induce me or if the work would start naturally. The doctors had me signed a form I understood the risks of VBAC... So from 4 am to 7 am, I was in bed debating if I should just have a c-section off the bat but thank god I kept that tought to myself!!!

At 7:00 am they started me on pitocin and the contractions started to be 5 min. apart around 8h30. Then, at 11:00, the ctx really got unbearable so I asked for the epidural and it took 45 minutes for someone to get me the drugs and then I was in heaven! At 3h50 they told me to start pushing and at 3h54 she was born with only 3 pushes!!!

They told me they had never seen a VBAC go that well so I was really happy and proud.

Chloé Émilie was 7 pounds and 4 onces & 47 cm.
Born at 38 weeks

She is a really good baby and breastfeeding well! She even slept from 1 am to 6h30 am last night! We are so happy and in love! Here she is:

Very proud papa 30 minutes after birth:


In utero position:


At home with her big sister Fiona:


Wide awake at 5 days:


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Much like Jotham's birth, I started out having pressure surges several days in a row. They would get regular, but no closer together, and no longer. I continued on with life, while dh and the kids "encouraged" things to happen. They kept talking me into going on long walks, and other such things. I continued to bide my time though, and really didn't worry about it. I figured when the time came that he was ready, he'd come.

On Wednesday, mar 12, I continued to have these regular pressure surges all throughout the day. Caleb, my youngest at the time, began running a fever in the afternoon. I had more deja vous.. as I remembered that dd had the flu when I gave birth to ds1. By the time night rolled around, I was a bit fed up with the pressure surges, but figured they'd go away when we went to bed. Just before bed though, I had dh sift my belly with the rebozo because I'd read that it also helped with back pain. It helped my back feel better immediately, and afterwards the pressure surges stopped so we went to bed.

Around 12:30, Caleb woke up fussing and coughing, so I got up with him. While tending to him, I felt a little pop and got quite wet very suddenly. At this point, I knew I'd either peed on myself, or my water broke.

I went to the bathroom, and checked things out. More mucous plug... and the liquid was still dripping when I stood back up.. hmmm..... I knew this was it, but figured we still had a lot of time. After all, I always stall out at 6 cm for hours.

I hopped in the shower to clean up, and then headed into the living room to sit on my birth ball. Dh was still asleep, as I saw no point in awakening him just yet. Shortly after I went in the living room, Caleb woke up too. He was crying and climbed onto my lap on the birthing ball. At this point the pressure surges were lasting 1 1/2 min long, and there were only 3 min between. I cuddled with my little guy through a few surges, and listened to my birth guide, and then realized that I really needed dh to take Caleb and put him back to bed. I couldn't walk down the hall, and I didn't want to yell and wake up the rest of the kids. So, even though he was right down the hall, I sent dh a text message. I knew he had his phone on the nightstand, and he'd wake up to it. He got up, and came and took Caleb and put him in bed. Then came back and asked what was up, lol. I informed him that I was in full blown labor, it was time to call the midwife, and also time to call in our arranged childcare for the remainder of the night.

Fortunately, our friend was still up (she's young, college student, single, night owl...) and she consented to coming right over. By the time she got here, I had called the midwife and we arranged to meet her at the birth center in 30 mins time.

We headed to the birth center, and got there right around 2 am. Roberta got there the same time as we did, and we chatted a bit. She checked the chart because we didn't know the results of the last gbs test, and ended up having to call the lab. The lab told her that it was negative so we proceeded to check my progress. When she checked me, she told me that I was at 7 already. I let her know that in the past I'd progressed from a 6 to a 10 within 30 min time and she calmly stated that "we'd better get things ready then." We moved into the birthing suite and began running the water in the tub. About 5 min later at 2:30, I got in and settled into the water, while I continued to listen to my birth guide. It felt WONDERFUL.

Sure enough by 3 am, I was complete and felt pushy. I began to push gently with each surge, but could tell that even though I was complete and pushy, the baby wasn't quite ready to come out yet. I continued to gently push for the next hour, as I moved around in the water to whichever posiitions felt right. I rotated back and forth on my left side, right side, hands and knees, squatting, etc. I couldn't seem to find a position that felt right for more than a few surges.

By 4 my pushing was getting longer and harder each time as I continued to move around. Roberta also came in at this point and told me that the lab had messed up. The last gbs test had come back positive, and we talked about antibiotics. She got things out and got ready to give me the antis, but realized very quickly that we didn't have time for them.

Finally he began to crown with each push and then it seemed as though he were stuck for a couple pushes. At that point, Roberta asked me to stand up and put my foot on the side of the tub. We needed gravity to help just a little bit more. Dh, Roberta, and the nurse, managed to help me stand (all the while crowning) and ds came out on the next push at 4:46. I collapsed back down into the water with him, and sat in the tub. I started to bleed while waiting for the placenta, so we pulled the plug and I was given a couple towels to put over ds and myself. We waited for the cord to stop pulsing, and then it was clamped and dh cut it. After about 10 min the placenta came out and my membranes also came out.

I then got the shakes, so I handed Evan off to dh while I got rinsed off and made my way to the bed. Once in the bed, I had a heating pad placed on my tummy and Roberta checked me for tears. I'd waited and kinda nudged Evan in the direction of my breast while holding him before and he hadn't even tried to latch on yet. So, since I was shaking and he was content in dh's arms, Roberta proceeded to sew me up. I tore in 2 spots, 1 needed 5-6 stitches, the other only 1. Also while I was getting patched up, the nurse got the scale out and we weighed Evan. It was a shock to all of us when he was over 10 lbs. I had expected a good sized baby, 9-10 lbs. Over 11 lbs was a surprise.

Because of the gbs positive, and no antibiotics, after the birth Roberta was obligated by the backup agreement for the birth center to inform the hospital of the situation. They requested that we come in and simply get a blood draw, so that they had a baseline if anything happened. We consented, and so 3 hours after Evan was born, we headed out from the birth center, to the backup hospital. Once there, we were expected in the nicu, and and they proceeded to draw Evans blood. We stayed to wait for the results, and while waiting, one of the dr's on call, started asking questions about Evan's heart murmur. A few more tests and a few hours later, and we were released to go home. We got home around 1 pm, nearly 12 hours after we left to go to the birth center.

All in all, I am happy with the birth that I had. It was by far my fastest ever birth, as I went from my water breaking to complete in 2 1/2 hours. I was calm, and confident, and really didn't feel anything more than some small discomfort all along until the very end when he came out.

Since giving birth, aside from some soreness with my stitches, and being a bit more tired, I've been feeling great. It's really kinda funny, how I feel so much better as the mother of a newborn, than I did for the entire last 2 months of pg.

11 lbs 2 oz
21" long
born at 4:46 am, March 13, 2008

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We have such a nice simple story! Things didn't go exactly as I planned but, they went well. We found out on Saturday the 15th that he was breech. That was really hard for me as I wanted to have as natural of a birth as possible, but it wasn't in the plans. I had a follow up appt with my ob on Monday the 17th to discuss options. She mentioned that she didn't think he would flip on his own and didn't really want to try to flip him with his size. It took a minute to digest and then we decided to schedule the c section for the next day. My time at the hospital could not have been better. My nurse was wonderful! She got everything in order and had everything ready to go before I could get too nervous. I walked into the delivery room at 1:30pm on the 18th, they did a spinal (got it on the first try, I was soooo happy!), and he was born at 1:57pm! He was 8lbs 5oz and 21.5 inches and both apgars were 9! He is absolutely perfect!!! DH and I are both so in love with him! We came home on Friday the 21st and we are all doing wonderful!

Mama and Liam first meet

Proud Papa


Already making faces! That's my boy!

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It started early March 18th... I called the hospital at 7 am to see if they had a room for me. We were given the all clear to come in and we jumped in the car and made our way in to the hospital. After filling out paperwork and getting all dressed in that lovely lovely gown, I was checked by the doctor. It was 845 am and I was 1cm dialated, 50% effaced and having mild contractions of my own... so they started the pit.

I started having more intense contractions within 15 minutes. I was checked again at 11 am and had dialated to 2 cm... I was still doing fine pain wise and in good spirits, so they bumped up the pit and left me to do my thing. At 2 pm I was checked again and was only 3cm dialated... but Torryn's head had come down quite a bit and I was 80% effaced. They bumped the pit up again... I called for my epidural at 6pm when I realized I hadn't dialated anymore.

I took a bit of a nap once the epi was in place, but woke up when I realized that even though I was on my right side, I still had full sensation in that part of the body. I told the nurse and they came in and checked me and I was 6cm at 8pm... YAY! 30 minutes later I had full sensation in my left side and I tried my best to handle the pain, but within an hour I was having extreme back labor and called the anthesthiologist. They dosed me again and left me alone.

I was finally ready to push at 4am.... I couldnt feel my left leg and was more than a little upset over that. We tried me pushing on my back. 1 push and DH could see her head come down... but then it went right back to where it had been before. I pushed for an hour and a half and the nurse kept saying that Torryn was wiggling her head with every push and we could see her contorting her body through my belly in a really strange position. The epi wore off again and I rolled over and tried pushing on my side. I was trying my best and couldn't get her to crown and then I got a severe cramp in my back that was so bad I asked to speak to the doctor.

He came in like a burst of wind and told me my baby was probably over 11 pounds based on his estimates... I told him he was wrong and that I was pretty sure she was sunny side up and that's why I was feeling what I was feeling. He dismissed me and said he couldn't help me and that I had to do it on my own. I was given another dose through my epi and then I pushed for another 2 hours. Still Torryn didn't crown and I was starting to get worried.

They had me stop pushing for an hour so that I could rest. Another doctor came in and told me I wasn't being productive... she had me give her a push... she confirmed Torryn was posterior and we tried a few things to get her to come down the right way.

After another 2 and a half hours of pushing... and another epi failure... the doctor announced that both mine and Torryn's heartrates were elevated and they couldn't get Torryn's to come down. She explained that Torryn was basically stuck in the canal and it wasn't feasable to go in with forceps because of her position.

I was told I'd have to have a c-section at 10:45am on March 19th... 26 hours after being in labor and 6 hours of pushing. I burst into tears... I just couldn't help it. I've given birth to two children, vaginally... one was sunny side up and nearly 10 pounds and here I'm being told my body just isn't going to allow me to do it again. I felt like a total failure, betrayed by my own body and completely helpless in doing anything to fix things.

I was wheeled into the OR at 11:42am and dosed once again with the epi... They brought DH into the room and he held my arm and told me he loved me as they got everythying ready. I heard my daughter cry at 11:50 as she entered the world. They said they had a really difficult time extracting her from the birth canal because she had tipped in and turned her head sideways and gotten stuck on my pelvic bone... she had a flat spot on the left rear side of her little head from my efforts to push her out.

Torryn Grace burst into the world with the sweetest little cry you've ever heard and a full head of black hair. She weighed in at a very petite 8lb 12.2 oz and measured 21.5 inches long. She got a 8/9 on her APGARS and was fully alert the moment she came into the world.

DH got to go over and cut her cord as they cleaned her up and checked her out. He came back to show me pictures with tears in his eyes and told me how beautiful she and I were both were. Everyone in the OR commented on how cute she was... and then they brought her toward me so I could see her with my own two eyes... I was INSTANTLY in love with her and then just as quickly as she appeared, she was whisked away to the nursery followed by DH and I was left alone while they put me back together.

Right as they were stitching me up, my epi wore off again and they hurried over to dose my IV with drugs to keep me from feeling it all. The drugs made me incredibly ill and shaky all over. Once they were done, they wheeled me to recovery and I had to wait 3 hours before I got to see my LO again.

I cried when they brought her in to me... I tried to BF, she wouldn't latch, but then DH said she'd been given a bottle of formula in the nursery so I sort of let it slide. I was just so happy to have her in my arms. I was still so upset over the section... and just needed a few moments of loveliness with my little girl.

Just when I thought I was getting over the upset of having a section... the operating doctor came in to explain what was going on. She said the lower half of my uterus was in really bad shape... It was as thin as cigarette paper and was among the most difficult she's ever had to recontruct. She told me that it would heal in time, but that I should never be allowed to labor if I were to get pregnant again.

To say I was devastated wouldn't quite capture the moment... but at least I had my precious baby girl to make the pain go away. She's perfect and i couldn't be more blessed that she made it into the world safe and sound. We spent 4 days in the hospital because we came down with Chorio... Torryn never did latch, the LC said it was because she locked her jaw when she was being extracted. So I began pumping... no milk, but I wasn't giving up and even though she was being fed formula I was giving her whatever I could manage to pump.

So there's my story... it was traumatic. I felt ignored and betrayed... but it worked out great because Torryn Grace is the best gift I've ever been given. Every cloud has a silver lining... but to be honest, this one was lined in Platnium because I couldn't have been given a more perfect baby.

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Brennan James
March 21, 2008
10lbs12oz, 22 inches

My birth story with Brennan began with my midwife appt on Thursday March 20th when they discovered my blood pressure was high (150/100). It is standard practice to take blood pressure over an extended period of time at my midwife clinic to ensure that a high blood pressure reading is not a fluke. My midwife made arrangements with me to come to my home later that evening to check it and by that time it had dropped to 140/88..right on the borderline. My midwife explained that at this point we should really head into the hospital for a consult with the OB on call. I asked her what the likely outcome would be and she told me that since I was nearly 7cm dilated (and not yet in labour!!!!) that they would likely induce with pitocin. I was planning a drug and intervention free birth so I was incredibly disappointed with the thought of having to be induced. We talked about it and we decided it would be best if she stripped my membranes, left me until the morning to check my blood pressure again, and hopefully the membrane strip would be enough to stimulate labour. In the event that it wasn't, she gave me a homeopathetic regime to follow the next morning that is suppose to assist in inducing labour naturally (a mix of black and blue cohosh...something like that).

I went to bed Thursday evening around 11:30pm and Aidan woke up screaming around 12am. He was developing a cold and just wanted to be held so I ended up taking him in bed with me. Around 2am I woke up with noticable contractions but they were bearable and quite far apart. By 4am they were about 10 minutes apart and growing more intense. It was at this point that I regretted taking Aidan in bed with me because I was starting to toss and turn quite a bit more. By 6am the contractions were so intense that I couldn't stay in bed so I got my DH, who had moved to sleep on the floor because Aidan kept kicking him, to get in bed with Aidan so he could watch him. I went and took a bath hoping the bath would relieve the contractions somewhat. I got out of the tub and realized it was time to call the midwife. I called around 7am and she arrived around 8am. She checked me and finally my cervix was thinning. Because I was so far dilated it was decided we should go straight to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital shortly after 9am and my labour was going really well. I was impressed how well I was able to handle the contractions compared to when I had Aidan. Around 10:30am I told the midwife that I was feeling the urge to push. She checked me and confirmed it was time to push but I had asked not to have coached pushing so I was left on my own to do what my body was telling me to do. This began the longest, and hardest, part of labour. My midwife had made a comment about having a baby by lunch but noon came and went and no baby. It was decided that breaking my water might help to move things along so I agreed, even though I was fearful that after my water had broken I wouldn't be able to handle the contractions (my experience with Aidan..though my water broke naturally with him). My feelings were correct and shortly after my water had been broken my contractions were horrible. It was discovered while breaking my water that the baby's head was titled in the wrong directions so they got me to move into different positions to try and get the baby to move. During this time I began to lose focus and it was becoming increasingly difficult to breath through my contractions. My body began to get tense with each contraction and despite all my midwives' efforts to get me to relax it just wasn't working. Nothing I was doing seemed to work. At this point my midwife suggested nitrous oxide (aka: gas) to help keep my body relaxed and I gladly accepted knowing gas would not affect the baby and posed very little risk to me (although I was well aware that this wasn't going to be the natural birth I had intended). I spent about an hour with the nitrous oxide and still the baby was not budging. Eventually I was exhausted and in excruciating pain with each contraction. After a bit of a breakdown and several tears I asked for an epidural. At this moment I heard the room go silent and felt as if I had just disappointed everyone. My midwife, knowing I was about to deliver and knowing how badly I wanted an unmedicated birth, took her sweet ol' time arranging the epidural. From the time I asked for it and actually got it was about 40 minutes. I was actually so close that when the doctor was about to insert it I had a contraction where I was pushing so hard that he confirmed with me that I actually wanted the epidural. To which I gave a very adamant yes. The epidural was inserted and I kept complaining that it wasn't working, I was still feeling everything. The doctor told me it would take 20 mins (I honestly wonder if they even gave me a 'real' epidural because when I had Aidan it worked in a matter of seconds). After it was inserted I turned over and the urge to push was beyond anything I could have imagined. I started to push and all of a sudden someone (I think it was the midwife) yelled out "we are having a baby in here". Everyone came flying into the room. My mom and DH who had been sent out for the insertion of the epidural, the doctor (my care had to be transferred because of the epi), nurse and my midwife's student. The doctor started yelling 'don't push, stop, breath' was so hard to stop but I knew he was trying to keep me from tearing so I tried with all my might. A few pushes later and Brennan was placed on my belly and was screaming real loud. It was the most amazing moment ever. All that hard work and here he was and the pain was immediately gone...and not because of the epidural because it was stopped while I was pushing.

Afterwards I begin to experience heavier than normal bleeding. Although this is apparently quite normal with big babies, it was of concern to the midwife and OB so it was decided that pitocin be administered. So I definitely didn't have the med-free birth I wanted!!! It actually took about 12 hours to get the bleeding under control.

My experience with the midwives was awesome. Although my care was handed over to the OB on call he allowed the student midwife to 'catch' Brennan and then he handed care back over to my midwife so she did all the after care. Aidan's birth was very 'medical' and I had so many regrets with it but Brennan's birth I am completely satisfied with, even though I didn't quite manage to go medication free. With Aidan's birth I felt as though all the decisions were made for me where this time I felt 100% that I made the decisions and that I made the decisions that were best for me, although if I had known quite how close birth was I would never have had the epidural inserted.

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Not much of a birth story but
Makaela Marie was born march 26th at 8:08am
6lbs 10.9oz and 20 1/2 inches long
She was born via scheduled c/s at 38 weeks.
She was not even out of my stomach when she started screaming the c/s was really rough this time around for some reason i was feeling the pain so they gave me something called ketomean (sp) after she was takin to the nursery by daddy. When i came to (well i was not actually asleep i was just totally out of it) i was being takin to recovery. Makaela was breathing really heavy so they kept an eye on her and i did not get to hold her for several hours after she was born. Anyways here we are now!!!

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After a week of waiting for something to happen from the membranes stripping, I finally went into labor about 11pm on Monday March 24th. Earlier in the day we had scheduled a c-section for that Wednesday the 26th because they felt the baby may not pass through the birth canal due to such a big birth weight and I couldn't get my son through at that size.

Around 11-11:30 pm I thought I was just having some strong braxton hicks contractions. My SO asked me if this was it, and I told him no, don't worry about it, I'll let him know if it is so for him to go back to bed. After laying there until midnight, I started thinking, well maybe this is it. The pain from the Ctx were pretty strong and they seemed to me to be coming about every 5 minutes. I got out of bed and figured I'd drink some water see if it would help. I sat on my couch and downed 20ozs in a few minutes. Then all of a sudden I had to go to the bathroom BAD. I kept peeing and doing a #2 over and over. Then I thought even more, maybe this really is it, since I had read your bowels emptying are something that happens during labor.

I continued to get up and pee, my poor SO kept coming out of the bedroom to check on me, he "knew" this was it, but I kept telling him I would let him know. Around 1am I realized okay, its been about 1 1/2 hours since this started and its been every 5 minutes, I called my Dr. who said to give it one more hour. If the ctx kept coming this close and the pain got more intense then to go to the hospital to get checked. I decided okay let me jump in the shower and see if that helps. I had 3 painful contractions in the shower in about 10 minutes. I then couldn't kid myself anymore, this was it. I got out of the shower and started dressing, making sure everything was in the hospital bags. My SO rolled over in the bed and saw me doing this and looked at me and said, "what are you gonna get all ready and then wake me to tell me lets go?" I said to him "lets go" lol He jumped up and got our 4 year old ready to go to grandpops.

We dropped our son off and made it to the hospital at about 2:30 am. It took a little while but the Dr. finally came in to check me after they took my urine and what not. She checked me and I was about 90% effaced and dialted to 4. She came back a moment later and told me my water had also broken. I had no clue about that, she said it seemed to be a high break because I still had a good bit of fluid in there, and thats why I kept peeing every 10 minutes, because my water had broken. They then said they were admitting me.

It felt like forever, but I was finally rolled to my labor room at about 4:45 am. The Dr. checked me and said I was at a 5 around 5:17am. My ctx were coming strong and hard, I felt like there was no break in between. My best friend kept telling me how proud she was of me because all I did was breathe hard through them. I don't know how I lasted so long without an epi. It was killer! I told them I wanted an epi asap. He came in right away. Before long, I got my wish, and boy was I glad I got the drugs. The epi wasn't really painful, I dont mind needles so much, the ctx was the hardest part. Then the epi slipped out and he had to do it again. I felt absolutely nothing with the 2nd epi because he had gotten medicene in me with the first stick. Once all was said and done I was in heaven, I never felt another contraction after that. At 5:30 am, right after I got the epi they checked me and I was at 7 . Dang dialter 2 more cms in a matter of 13 minutes!

For the next 45 minutes I laughed and joked with my SO and best friend. Called my mom to update her, and just really relaxed and enjoyed my labor. These 45 minutes were the best part of the whole labor. I was feeling great from the epi let me tell ya, I don't know how women do it without drugs. At 6:17am the Dr. came in and check me, I was at 8. She said if I felt any pressure at that point to call them right away. She was going to have my actual Dr. come in and take a look at me since I was dialating so fast in their eyes.

My Dr. came in and we talked about the c-section she told me why she was concerned about giving a vbac, but said it was my decision. She checked me, said I was at at 9. She did some more probeing, and said it seemed I had plenty of room for the baby to pass and we could try for the Vbac. I told her I was feeling a lot of pressure, She then told me, you are at 10 a moment later. She said lets try a few pushes and see what happens.

At exactly 6:30am I pushed 3 times and the baby's heartrate plumted. I could barely hear it beating. They had me turn on the side, put oxygen on, but I don't think it got above 60 in that minute or two. Then next thing I know they were yelling for surgery. All I kept hearing was shes crashing, crash to the OR. Everything was a blur for the next few moments. I looked at my SO he was as white as a ghost, my best friend looked at me and told me things would be okay. They were yanking plugs out of walls and I was being whisked away to the OR.

Time seemed to be crawling then and everything was still a blur. I started to wonder if my baby was gonna be okay because I kept hearing shes crashing over and over in my head, and they were still saying it running through the hospital. We entered the OR at 6:36am. They got me to the table and pumped me full of more meds, I was out of it then.

My doctor was a miracle worker, she got the baby out in no time. From the time they took me in the doors to the OR at 6:36 it took 10 minutes to get prepped and deliver my baby. At 6:46am 3/25/08 Hannah was born via emergency c-section. I didn't hear a cry at first and started to panic, but then I heard the most wonderful sounds ever, my baby crying. While they were stitching me up they brought her over for me to look at and all I did was cry. I was so happy at that moment.

I didn't feel a thing during the surgery and all I wanted was to get out of there and to recovery. My SO missed the birth. He later told me that they had given him scrubs to put on and someone then told him you aren't going in there. He took his scrubs off and threw them away. He said a minute later, a nurse or someone came out and asked him, don't you wanna see your baby? He said well someone is gonna need to get me some new scrubs because I was told I wasn't going in there. He was able to come in and see me but the baby had already been taken away to get checked out. My poor SO didn't see her until an hour after she was born and I was in recovery.

All in all, my birth was scary but a good one, and I am so happy that she is here! I love her so much!

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Calleigh Elizabeth

Well, I'm finally getting around to writing Calleigh's birth story. It seems so long ago already!!

I had a scheduled dr appointment on March 25th, the day before my official due date. I was already feeling frustrated and uncomfortable. It seemed as though there was never any progress. So the doc checked me, and I was just barely 1cm. I couldn't believe it! I was almost about to start crying in the office. I mentioned that her movement had decreased alot and the doc went ahead and had me do a NST right then. Well, I was hooked up for a total of about 50min, and had only 8 movements. The doc looked over the results and decided that she didn't like the way Calleigh's heart rate wasn't responding to contractions, or movement, so she decided to go ahead and have me induced.

Off we went to the hospital. Checked in at around 12:30, pitocin was started around 1:30. I made it to 4cm before I asked for the epi. Which I got just in time to relax me so I could watch American Idol! Once the epi was in it was wonderful!! Although, the numbness in my feet did cause me to panic a little. Dh was great though and was massaging them. I started pushing around 10:30pm and pushed for 2hours. Thank God it was pain free!! I only needed a few stitches for a couple of tears. Dh and Mum were awesome with holding my legs and getting me ice, and cold clothes!

Calleigh's official debut was at 12:37am, March 26th,2008 - 8lbs 1oz, 21inches!

Since then my recovery has gone fairly well, I did have a bit of a problem with pain from back spasms, but once I broke down and started taking the pain meds it relaxed the muscles and the pain went away after a couple days.

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On Wed afternoon (3/19) I was contracting, but nothing really painful. I started timing them at around 4pm and they were every 10 mins or so. They remained that way all night until I went to bed around 9. I figured they would stop just like they always did as soon as I went to sleep.

So around 12:30 am (3/20.. my due date! haha) I kinda woke up from my sleep cause I felt a little gush. Nothing big.. but like I had maybe just peed a little. But I've had great bladder control this whole pregnancy so something seemed odd. I went to the bathroom and had another little gush, this one I couldn't stop the flow of. So I knew my water had broken. I waited for a while and then my friend Bobbi and I headed to L& D around 1:40.

I was doing great until my contractions started coming one on top of the other around 4:30. At that point I couldn’t handle it anymore and asked for drugs lol. I had to wait over an hour (and yes I was NOT a happy girl at this point) and finally got my epidural at 5:30ish.

Around 10am I felt a strong urge to push, so they checked me and gave me the option to wait a bit or start trying to push. I decided to wait for her head to come down a little more since Alyssa had gotten stuck and I didn’t want to push for 3 hours again lol. I started pushing around 10:30 or so and she was born at 11:09am weighing 7lbs 12 oz and 20 inches long.

We left the hospital at around 8pm that night and have been home doing well ever since. (I’m just not a hospital person lol)

Nursing is going awesome. My milk came in yesterday so I’m pumping a little to relieve some of the pressure. But Aria nurses like a champ. We’ve had no issues. And lucky for me she seems to have night and day pretty well figured out already. She’s just an awesome baby Smile

It’s so hard to describe how precious she is to me. I was really worried about how I would be able to love 2 kids as much as I love Alyssa… and so far it’s not been an issue. I am in awe of it all really.

Aria Lynn
born 03/20/08 at 11:09 am
7 lbs 12 oz
20 inches long
born at 40 weeks

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Due to edema, headaches, dropping protein and potential blood pressure issues my doctor decided to induce me just past 39 weeks. We were scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 8:30am on Thursday April 3. Once we got settled in the nurse started my IV and the pitocin drip was started around 11:30am. At 12:45 in the afternoon my doctor arrived to check me and decided to break my water in hopes of getting everything to move a little faster. I wasn't dialating or effacing much yet. At 1:15 I started to feel my contractions.

I was doing pretty good and laughing through each contraction but decided to get an epidural around 4:00pm. Alex gave us a good scare around 5:00pm - my nurse was doing my normal check and two other nurses walked in, followed by the floor doctor and about 4 other nurses. They gave me oxygen and told me to roll over to my right side (I was on my left). A few moments later they told me to get on my knees and elbows while the doctor kept massaging my stomach. I heard them asking where my doctor was and I started to mentally prepare myself for a c-section. I was crying and holding onto DH's hand for dear life. Evidently Alex's cord got compressed and his heartrate dropped to 60. After massaging me they were able to get him to move a little and his heart rate came back up. I was left on oxygen for another 2 hours.

After that it went pretty smoothly. Around 1:00am the nurse checked me and said she was going to call my doctor who arrived at 1:35am. I started pushing at 1:45am and after 4 pushes and a small episiotomy I was told to open my eyes and look down and I got to see Alexander making his intro into the world. DH was awed by everything and is one of the proudest dad's I have ever seen.

Although his cord was around his neck when he was born he is a healthy and pretty happy little man. He has taken to BFing pretty well although we have to supplement with formula due to a drop in his birth weight. He was sent home with a phototherapy bed due to higher jaundice levels, which are dropping.

Alexander Mitchell
4/4/08 1:55am
8lbs 2oz
20.5 inches

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Finally a chance to post!

On March 4, I had an appoinment for an ultrasound, (actually a biophysical profile, but it was an US to me), to check growth etc. As some of you know I have had countless ultrasounds during this pregnancy due to my previous loss. I told the tech that I really wanted a pic of the baby's face, since he would never show us, and the closest we had was a profile shot from very early on. Well, lo and behold, the little stinker cooperated! We got to see him head on, and sucking his thumb. It was too cute! DH commented that it would be really funny if we waited til now to get a pic of his face and then he was born today anyway. I agreed that would be about standard for us, lol. Before I left the OB's office I let the nurse know that my headache was particularly bad and that I hadn't been able to relieve it for a few days. They checked my blood pressure, which was elevated, like it had been for the last month or so. This time, though, I got sent to the hospital for monitoring. They kept an eye on my BP and gave me some meds for headache which didn't help at all. The nurses kept telling me that they were pretty sure my OB was going to have the hospital keep me. I told them to stop teasing me, because we'd been there for monitoring probably 5 or 6 times by then and I just wanted my son to be born already! I had been having contractions for weeks, they would get strong and regular, then back was nerve-wracking! At the hospital that day they said I was having regular contractions but they didn't know if I was progressing or not. I was 3cm and 50% effaced when I arrived. Eventually, the on-call Dr. came in and asked me if I thought it was a good day for a birthday. We were thrilled! She said she didn't see the point in giving me stronger meds to counteract my headache when they would make me miserably sick. She said giving birth was probably the best course of action.
So, at 3:30pm on March 4th, they hooked me up to pitocin. (Took 5 tries to get an IV going-I STILL have bruises!) At 4:30pm, they broke my water. I was still 3cm but now 80% effaced. I was trying to hold off on the epidural until I couldn't any longer. They offered me meds in my IV and I consented at about 6:45pm. They gave me Stadol. I despised that med! It made me forget I was having contractions, so it became very difficult to stay on top of them and breathe through them like I had been doing before. I would relax a bit and feel sort of drunk, then WHAM a contraction would hit and I'd feel blindsided. I couldn't wait for it to wear off.
At 8pm I was 5cm dilated and went ahead and asked for the epidural. At that point, I felt like I was doing ok, but I was afraid it would take awhile for the anesthesiologist to get there and I didn't want to wait until it was unbearable. Well, while we waited for him to arrive, baby's heartrate dropped, as did my blood pressure. They put internal monitors in and had me change positions. When the Dr arrived to insert the epi, I was at 7-8cm. They finally got it in, after 4 tries, and I went numb from the chest down. They checked me again and said I was complete, and got me into position to push. I couldn't feel anything.
They told me that the baby's heartrate was falling and that he was not responding when the OB tried to stimulate his scalp manually. I tried to push as hard as I could, but I couldn't feel a thing, so I was worried I wasn't doing well. As his head began to emerge, the OB grabbed him around the forehaed and pulled him out with her hands. His cord was too tightly wrapped around his neck to dislodge, so they did a preliminary clamp and cut before DH got to cut it. Dax was purple but pinked up quickly and needed no special care. He roomed in with us for the two days we stayed. They even brought a bed in for our daughter to sleep in the room with us too!
Dax Jeffrey was born on March 4, 2008 at 10:04pm. He weighed 7lb 12.8oz and was 19 inches long. He has quite a bit of dark hair. We are in love with him!
Pics coming soon!

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Patrick James was born at 4:46 AM, Tuesday, April 1st - 7lbs 10 ozs - after an amazing 43 hours of labour, and 1 hr pushing.

Was induced at 10:30 am on Sunday, already contracting every 6 min. Was allowed to go home to continue labour.

Went in Sunday night around 11pm, ctx every 2 - but they weren't strong enough to change anything but effacement (now 50%)- given morphine and discharged - morphine had the effect I had dreaded it would and sent me spiraling into cramps along with the ctx which then hurt even more.

Managed a weak 1 1/2 hours of sleep and ctx spaced out to about 5 minutes apart. Came back to the hospital at 10:30 on Monday to what I thought would be a simple removal and replacement of my Cervidel – NOPE! I hadn’t eaten since 9pm Sunday, we had planned to go out after the placement – NOPE! My ctx were literally reading off the chart, and my OB thought it best to break my water since I was a week and a half overdue. I agreed – and at 2:20 pm my water was uncomfortably broken – and out came the meconium. Lots and LOTS of it.

I really loved, loved, loved the nurses at the hospital – I was stuck on the monitor for most of the time– ‘fraid I didn’t ever get to doing much walking around, I spent every monitor-free moment in the shower since my only pain relief option was the epi and I wanted to wait as long as I could on that. After the third shower I was put back on the monitor and his heartrate was dropping a little bit right after the peaks of my ctx, so the shower was now gone, and I was stuck being on the monitor from then on.

We had been told at the prenatal classes that epis weren’t given until 5 cm – to assure that labour was fully established and wouldn’t conk out, if you will. However the ctx were so close that I never seemed to have a break, and my coping was starting to fail. I was one of “those” moms, the ones who tell their significant others “I can’t do this.” I don’t know how we expect to get out of it! Hubby was such a great support, telling me I already was “doing it, and doing it great” and at the same time fully supportive when I decided to go for the epi. The nurses were very hesitant, but then the resident came in to check on me, saw my ctx and how I was coping – “just give it to her, she’s been through enough and needs to rest.” I love that woman.

The anesthetist was just finishing a surgery and should’ve been in within 10 minutes, so said my charge nurse. 10 minutes came and went, then 20, then 30, and the nurse returned to check on me – assuming that the epi would’ve kicked in fully by then – only he never showed! Another nurse had mentioned he went to another room instead – and when I relayed said message to the charge nurse she immediately said “I’ll be right back, I’m going to take care of this!”

He was in in 5 minutes. Wink

Unfortunately the epi was not – every time I would either still feel the needle or I got massive shooting pains in my right hip – 5 or 6 tries later he was quite frustrated and had another doc come in. He explained to him that he just couldn’t figure it out and he was doing everything perfectly and I must’ve been moving wrong or not been even or something. New doc gave it a go – same thing happened. “It looks like we’re scraping your bone” he tells me – and that they’ll have to maneuver around it, but it should be possible. (Oh thank heaven!) But, it might take a few tries. (No!!) And it did, I actually lost track of how many times – I just know it was enough that the new guy asked if I wanted a break or if he should give it another go – twice. My thoughts were that the pain was only going to get worse until it worked – and it’d just get harder to stay still – Keep going! First try after he asked the second time – it was in!! RELIEF! Even the cold sensation of the meds just going in was absolute heaven.

20 minutes later I was still shaking (had been since admission), and the nurse swaddled me in blankets, and brought a cot for James – we both managed a good snooze for about 2 hours. I woke to intense pressure to have a bowel movement and the nurse and I talked for a few minutes before deciding to check me – thinking it’d been only 3 hours since I was checked and still at 3-4 cm. Hubby woke just as she was pulling up the covers. “You’re at 7!” Not quite there, but after over 35 hours to make 3 cm in 2 hrs was fantastic news.

We started to talk, and I told James I had dreamt that I had had a c-sec and my baby was dead and all I could do was shout at them to give me my baby. He almost cried with me. It became better though, and we were able to talk without the pain interrupting us so much.

From then on it became a battle of wills – me vs. my body – to push or not to push. And slowly the pain started up again – my ass was frozen solid from the epi, and yet I was feeling everything “there” and my legs were working just fine. Another hour went by, and the nurse was permanently in my room monitoring me, and helping with my breathing from a distance, letting me focus on James as much as I could – he breathed with me, held my hand, told me how great I was doing – even brushed my hair for me. After the hour had passed I was literally repeating “don’t push, don’t push, don’t push” and starting to fail at it – my body was winning. Again, the nurse thought it was too soon, but I was insistent that I was not going to be able to hold out much longer. Lifted my blankets off – said “well, that’s a lot of show!” Checked, and I was at 9 ½!!!

So close! I was at this point only able to not push for about half the urge, and the pressure pains were as bad as the ctx I had been having. She offered to try to push the rest of my cervix out of the way while I attempted a push – to which there was wholehearted agreement. We tried, and I felt his head shift down – and so did she – I was now at station 0/+1 and ready to push. I asked if I could try to get up and squat – which she was hesitant about given the epi and I shouldn’t have too much control over my legs, but she was willing to let me try – and was thoroughly impressed when I was up and made it through 4 series of pushes before wanting to rest on my knees. I squatted, leaned against the top of the bed, kneeled on my hands and knees, and yes, pushed on my back when my legs needed a break.

It felt like he was stuck, I was so sure of it – but the first two times she checked me and said “definitely not”, and after that, she didn’t even need to check – she could see his head! I could feel him move forward and then slide back with each push. She offered to let James look – which I shouted a thorough NO to, (to her amusement) and again when she offered me a mirror – I did not want to see, I could feel enough, thank you! Blum 3 I later found out she had been trying to encourage him to look – my eyes were closed for concentration most of the time. I was so happy he didn’t, that was just a thing I did not want.

30 minutes in she decided to check again, lifting my gown up a bit, and told me to go ahead and slow down a bit – to give Nicu a chance to get there in time. “Amanda, he’s not stuck, not by a long shot!” That was probably the hardest part of the entire labour and delivery. Soon everyone had arrived, and my room was buzzing with people – 3 nurses, 1 resident, 2 NICU nurses, and my attending. 3 pushes later I was told to give a very, very gentle push – um, hard much. His head was out, not that I could tell – then he came out. It felt like he did a somersault! Shouts of “It’s a BOY!” were given, and he was given to the NICU nurses – still no cry, and he was soaked in meconium. James later told me the cord had been around his neck, he saw when Patrick came out and was lifted up. My eyes shut, hard. I was so tired, all I wanted was to go ahead and pass out right then and there. I fought to stay awake, and ask if my baby was alright. A minute or so later I had another urge to push and my placenta was out.

A scream. The most amazing scream I’ve ever heard. I let my eyes close again, tears were forming and a huge smile went across my face. I looked at James, and told him I loved him. A couple minutes later they offered James a chance to see his son, and he went over. Then they gave him to me:

All the rooms were full, so we were put into one of the overflow rooms, which meant that James wasn't able to stay with us. So he went with Patrick for his first bath while I got cleaned up and tried to rest a bit.

After 2 hours of sleep, which was sadly all I'd get for the next 2 nights:

With his Daddy (my favourite):

Being held by Grandma:

A few minutes before we left the hospital, my doc offered me an extra day, but I really missed home and hubby:

In his carseat, VROOM, VROOM, let's go mommy! There's too many nurses here and a very loud woman across the curtain!

April 4th, after a nice solid feeding:

:bwush: :bwush: :bwush:

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Barbara Jane's story

On Wednesday, March 12, 2008, we were scheduled to start the induction at 6 pm. They called earlier in the day, and asked us to come in at 4:30. We got there, checked in, ordered dinner, and got all of the preliminary things done. At 7 pm, she inserted the Cervadil. at 10 pm, she checked me, and I had began to dilate unexpectedly, so she took out the gel. At 11 pm, my water broke. Around midnight, there were some decelerations in Basia's heart rate, so they put me on oxygen and started an iv. A few minutes later, everything was fine. They told me that the contractions weren't strong enough to be labor. They were!! After 20 minutes of pushing, Barbara Jane was born at 2:24 AM with no pain meds! She was 6 Lbs, 8 ozs, 18 1/2 inches long and perfect!!

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Thanks for adding Aybra!! I will edit this later to add my birth story (I still have to type it out)

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Zora’s Birth Story
On Wednesday, March 27th I decided to check my blood pressure at the grocery store since it had been running borderline high for a few weeks and my doctor had asked me to monitor it a bit. It turned out to be 150/100. I went straight home and called the doctor’s office. Since it was already almost late afternoon, she asked me to go to Labor and Delivery to retake the BP, do an NST and check labs and urine protein levels. She also asked me to pack my hospital bags just in case. My BP was borderline, the NST great and no protein was found. So we thought, ok, false alarm, let’s go home. Nope. Turns out my liver enzymes were elevated, which can also be a part of preeclampsia. They weren’t terribly high, but the doctor was concerned that they might rise more unpredictably and that would indicate severe preeclampsia. In short, she decided that inducing me at 39 weeks was preferable to having PIH develop into preeclampsia all the sudden. Dh and I felt a bit overwhelmed at this point because I had been planning on going through birth naturally, but facing an induction definitely didn’t look favorable for a non-medicated birth.
So, we realized we hadn’t packed our bags for no reason. Before moving me to my delivery suite the doctor inserted a foley catheter to dilate the cervix. That really hurt. She explained doing it the mechanical way vs. using Cervadil or other drugs is considered safer at this hospital.
I was then brought to my own room (pretty nice, actually). I felt pretty overwhelmed at this time since this was not at all what I had expected.
Around 8 pm or so, the nurse started the pitocin drip. We started at a very low level and didn’t increase past 5 units the entire time. From what I gathered, the hospital feels that doing it the slow way is more akin to labor (and I’m thankful for that. Yet all night long I was having contractions that were much too close together, so the nurse had to keep reducing and increasing the drip. I actually couldn’t feel the contractions at all, the cramping from the foley was much worse (luckily it didn’t last beyond a few hours).
At 7am my doctor came in to check for dilation. We didn’t think I’d have progressed very much due to the low pitocin level and me not feeling any contractions, but surprisingly enough I was at a 4-5. My spirits really improved at that point. The foley was removed and we just kept the pitocin drip. The doctor also broke my water.
For the next 5 hours, labor slowly but surely became noticeable and then actually a bit painful, but nothing I couldn’t work through. The nurses commented how I was coping really well for being 5 cm dilated and that I shouldn’t have any problems. Wrong.
Around noon, we checked again for progress, anticipating that now that I was actually having painful contractions, something surely must have happened. Nope, turns out I was still at a 4-5. That was somewhat discouraging. The contractions became stronger and stronger all the sudden and were mostly in the back. Over the next half hour to hour, I was in excruciating pain from back labor. The nurses tried a few different positions with me to decrease the pain and to turn the baby, but it didn’t work and I could barely take it.
Finally I told my husband that this wasn’t going to work. This amount of pain due to the back labor and no progression after 5 hours really left me frustrated and in agony. So, even though I had planned on a natural birth, I decided to ask for drugs. Dh asked me a few times if that was really what I wanted (we had agreed beforehand that he would do that to make sure I wouldn’t do anything I’d regret later on).
I first received Fentanyl, and it left me really loopy with very little pain control to speak of. I quickly decided that what I really wanted at that point was an epidural. Luckily, the nurses were able to get the anesthesiologist within 15 minutes. I was soooo happy once the epidural kicked in.
They decided to let me rest for a couple hours, since I was still really tired from the lack of sleep the previous night. After that, they once again checked my progress. Well, all the sudden I had progressed to an 8! We decided to give it another couple hours and then hopefully start pushing. I was happy just to lay there and relax for a bit.
Two hours later, I was ready to push. Pushing itself took 3 hours and various positions, again to try to get baby to turn to a more favorable position (and it worked!). Finally, at 7.41 pm, Zora was born at 9 lbs even and 21 1/4 “ long. Even though we were really careful, I ended up tearing straight back and needed 4 stitches.
I was also bleeding a lot, and one nurse and the doctor spent what seemed like forever punching my uterus –it really hurt despite the epidural. They were pretty concerned that I would start hemorrhaging and it sounded like I barely did not. Dh left the room at this point for the first time, he had a very hard time dealing with the amount of blood. I received some drug (forgot the name) to stop the bleeding. I guess it worked somewhat, but I was heavily bleeding throughout the night (blood gushing everywhere, as soon as I moved …), so much so that the nurse ended up calling the doctor at home for further instructions. We ended up increasing the pitocin again and the bleeding slowly went down over the course of the next day.
Overall I am actually very happy with Zora’s birth, even though it didn’t go according to plan. No, I didn’t want to use any drugs going in, but the combination of back labor, no progress and being so tired just didn’t work in my favor and I don’t regret the epidural one bit. I’ll try again going natural next time though. I was really lucky to have such a great team. Dh was very supportive, and I had a great team of very experienced nurses (and I didn’t have to share nurses with anyone, they were with me 24/7) and my doctor.

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Edelyn "Aybra" Morgen

Thursday March 20th 2008 started as most other days had started. I did notice some extra discharge but just assumed it was the typical pregnancy junk, afterall I was 25 weeks to the day and knew that the discharge was going to be coming soon. I made a trip to the store to pick up some groceries and upon coming home started nesting. I had some back cramps the whole day but I assumed I had just overdone myself so I decided to take a nice long bath. That helped to "wash away" the discharge and ease things with my back. I went to bed feeling much better than I had during the day.

On the 21st things were going great. I had to wear a pantyliner most of the day because the discharge was back with a vengence. I really thought that I had a yeast infection. So, back to the bath I went... I washed up and then started sewing my first diaper on the sewing machine while I waited for Alos nurse Verda to come.. I was finishing the diaper right when she came. I gave her report then around 10pm headed into the living room to sit with Fallon.

We sat beside each other on the loveseat watching funny videos on youtube (one of our favourite pasttimes). Around 11:00pm I had to use the bathroom so I got up and went tinkle, came and sat back down to continue with the youtube funnies About 10 minutes later I felt the need to use the bathroom again. As I was standing up I felt a trickle of fluid and thought I was urinating on myself. I started walking to the bathroom and just stopped in my tracks not even 5 feet away. I was pouring fluid down my legs. I knew then that it was not urine. My water had definitely broken. I grabbed my crotch thinking it would really help it and told my sister that my water broke. I dont know how she reacted like she did but she jumped up, grabbed the telephone from Alos room and called 911. While she was on the phone with them she was looking around for a blanket for me to lay on in the floor so I wouldnt soak the floor. I asked her to find me a waterproof blanket (I had a specific wool blanket in mind but forgot that I had placed it in the washer that day).

She found no blanket but grabbed me a puppy training pad (like a chux pad). I layed on it in the floor while she was on the phone with 911. The entire time I was laying down I felt fluid just gushing out. When my water intially broke I did not even bother to change my clothes. As I was on the floor I started to feel some contractions. I started praying to myself "Please do not let this baby come right now. Please let me make it to the hospital."

About 10 or so minutes after the 911 call the fire department arrived. 3 fire fighters came into the house. The first one that walked in asked me what was going on. I told him my water had broken and he asked me why I had not had the baby yet. He was joking but I was very upset with his joke. My sister told him that I was only 25 weeks pregnant and he simply said Oh. The second firefighter started taking my vitals and the 3rd was just kind of watching everything. He seemed the be the "lookout" and kept going outside to wait on the ambulance.

The ambulance took a bit longer to arrive. Im sure it felt like much longer than it actually was. When they got to the house they brought in a stretcher and I got onto it. I was a little embarassed when I stood up because my pants were soaked and with every little step I could feel more fluid coming out.

I got into the ambulance and it seemed to take forever for them to leave the driveway. In reality it was probably just a few minutes before we started making our way to the hospital. Before that though they took my vitals again. I was pretty scared and nervous. My blood pressure was as high as it has ever been. It was 123/76.

The paramedic in the back of the ambulance with me was a guy and he was telling me all about his day and the calls he had been on. I must say he had a very interesting day and I laughed almost the entire way to the hospital.
When we got to the hospital I was taken straight to a Labour and Delivery room. It just so happened to be the exact same room that I delivered Alo in. It really brought back memories.

I got up off of the stretcher... More fluid leaked out... made my way to the bed, got undressed and into a hospital gown. Im normally not a fan of them in the least but it was a tad bit refreshing to get out of my soaked clothes and into something dry.

As I was getting into the bed the nurse that was going to be taking care of me used an amnisure strip, swiped it across my clothes and confirmed what I already knew. She said "You have definitely ruptured" as if it was not obvious enough from the amount of fluid on my clothes.

I was checked for dilation and was still the same 2cm I had been since around 15 weeks but I was now 60% effaced. I was hooked up to the monitors and was told I would be given an IV for mag and antibiotics and some steroids. I was very anxious to receive the mag despite the problem I knew it came with. It took almost 2 hours from the time I arrived for them to put in the IV, start the mag and administer the steroids.

Throughout the night I was very uncomfortable. On admission I was put into the trendelenburg position and was unable to move. I was having contractions every few minutes but could not get comfortable with them. I had started bleeding and was continuing to leak fluid.

The next day (the 22nd) things were still the same.. Contractions every few minutes and no way of getting comfortable. The mag was slowly increased throughout the day and I was given procardia to help stop the contractions.

What happened next was kind of a blur. The 23rd I remember my sister brining Alo to the hospital but I was so out of it from the mag that I could not even turn myself over in the bed. The contractions had slowed down but the mag was really taking a toll on me and wearing me out. My blood pressure was dropping really low (70/30's - 60/20's etc) so the procardia was stopped. My contractions had completely stopped by this time so they slowly started weaning the mag. On Monday the 24th I was moved out of the L&D room and into a room on the antepartum unit...It was the exact same room that I had been in only 2 weeks before. I was to remain in this room until my baby was delivered.

As I was being moved I just kept thinking to myself that things were going to change and I would be moved back into the L&D room but things seemed to be holding steady. When I got into the room and settled I rang for the nurses so I could use the restroom. One came in, unhooked all of my machines and told me I could get up to use the restroom... *SHOCK* I was not expecting that. I had been using the bedpan so I assumed I would continue using it. Needless to say I was pleased that I was able to use the restroom on my own but a little worried for my baby.

Anyway, on my way to the restroom I felt fluid running down my legs. When I got into the restroom I was turning around to close the door and noticed a puddle of blood on the floor. I thought to myself "Here we go" but nothing happened. I continued to bleed off and on, heavily then not heavily for the next few days.

Every few days I received ultrasounds and Biophysical Profiles. Twice a day I had to do NST's. The baby seemed to be tolerating everything well. My WBC was being monitored every day. It fluctuated but nothing too majour. I was still on the antibiotics so they just kept watching the WBC.

On the 29th I started having decreased fetal movement. It continued on to the 30th. A BPP was repeated and the score was lower than what it had been. The doctor wanted to wait the day out and see what the next day brought. I was expecting things to change and the baby to do better, but the baby only got worse. The heartrate started dropping and I still felt very little movement. The BPP was repeated on the 31st and the numbers were no better.

The decision was made to deliver the baby that day only 26 weeks and 4 days along. I had a very hard time with this choice because it meant a c-section, but I agreed because it was what my baby needed.

I called my sister to let her know but I could not get her to answer the phone. I called Courtney and asked him to call my mother and have her call me at the hospital. She called me and I let her know what was going on. I continued to call my sister for about 40 minutes when she finally came into the room. She had been on her way up to the hospital to surprise me and had no clue that the decision had been made to deliver that day.

The neonatologist came to speak to me about my care plan.. He gave me hell for some of the things on it but quickly realised that I was serious with everything in it and he backed down. He knew that I was not going to change my mind on some things.
The NICU nurse that had taken care of Alo when he was born came to speak to me as well as a whole slew of other people, mostly NICU related.

The anesthesiologist came to speak to me about epidural and spinal options.
Everything was falling into place for a smooth c-section delivery.
We were given a time of around 5.30 - 6pm but as things would go the doctor had to do a delivery at another hospital so we got stuck waiting. While I was in no rush to get my baby out I was anxious to get things over with. Around 7pm I was taken into the operating room. The spinal/epidural was put in and I layed back.. I was prepped for surgery then Fallon and Eden were allowed into the operating room. In my birth plan I had requested that if a c-section be needed that I be allowed to watch the entire thing, or for somebody to tell me everything that was going on as it occured and for the curtain to be dropped as my baby was being delivered so I could see it happen. Luckily they agreed to the first. I was allowed to watch the entire surgery and no drape or curtain was ever put up. I was positioned under a mirror. Fallon and Eden got to sit at the head of the bed and they could see everything as well.

Things were going great... then I heard the doctor say "footling breech". No big deal I thought.. Babies are delivered breech c-section all of the time... But this was not expected. The ultrasound earlier that day had shown the baby head down. The incision was not cut big enough for the doctor to deliver the baby breech. I was informed that the doctor was now doing a "T" on my uterus. My heart sank. I knew this was not good. The doctor just casually told me that because of the "T" I would never be able to have another vaginal delivery and that all future babies would have to be c-section. My mind was made up right then that there would be no more future babies. I would not have another c-section. I did not even want the one that I was in the middle of.

The doctor continue to cut away to try and free the baby. After a few minutes that seemed like many more the baby was delivered (8.28pm) and handed off to the awaiting NICU team. I heard little cries. My baby was breathing. I lay on the table trying to listen to every little cry I could... Then the cries stopped. My baby was intubated. This is when I overheard the neonatologist say "She" this and "she" that giving my doctor reports on how my baby was doing... My baby girl... I had a girl.. I was happy about that but very sad that they announced it without letting me find out on my own. I was very specific with that in my birth plan that nobody was to mention the gender until I found out on my own. Signs were hung in the OR and everybody was told... Apparently everybody but the neonatologist.

Around this time I was starting to feel a lot of pain as the medicines were starting to wear off and the doctor was still working on delivering my placenta which ended up being another problem as I placenta accreta and it was not detected with any of my ultrasounds. The problems did not stop there. My placenta was in pieces as it came out. Parts of it had literally dried up inside of me. No wonder my baby was having problems!

I started to somewhat dose off from the pain medicine they had given me. As I was falling asleep my sats started dropping so I was startled awake by the nurse telling me to take deep breaths. The doctor was still working on the placenta at this time and I was still feeling pain. The nurse that was helping the doctor asked me if I wanted to find out the gender before the baby was taken away.. I told her no that I had overheard the doctor mention it and then I started crying. One small thing that I wanted control of was taken away from. It was a minor thing compared to everything else but to me it was HUGE.

My baby was then walked around to me so I could tell her bye as she was being taken to the NICU. I could not see her face at all. The only thing I saw was the ET tube.
The doctor had removed as much placenta as he could and was just starting on sewing my uterus up so it was going to be a while still before I could get an even better look at her. About 30 minutes later he was finally finished and I was taken into a recovery room where I was made to wait about an hour before I was wheeled on a stretched into the NICU to see my girl.

She was perfect. The nurses assured me that she did not have spina bifida and that she was doing well. She was placed on a ventilator, given umbillical lines and a blood transfusion, all things very common with preemies.

Her weight was stated as 885 grams - 1# 9oz but turned out to be wrong. She *was* 885 grams but it translates differently. She was 14 inches long. After seeing her, making sure she was ok and getting the vital stats I had to be wheeled into my new post partum room so I could rest and recover from the most horrible c-section ever.

The entire c-section took about 1.5 hours. During the c-section I lost a bit of blood and a few days later had to have an iron infusion before going home from the hospital. A few hours short of being 2 weeks exactly from the time I went into the hospital I was released. I was so happy to finally be going home but the worst was yet to come. I had to leave my baby at the hospital knowing it would be months before I could take her home.

People who helped welcomed baby Edelyn "Aybra" Morgen:
Mother - Khourtniey
Father - Eden
Auntie - Fallon
Grandmother - Debbie
Uncle - Courtney
Brother - Aloshua

After a few days big brother Kaia and Grandpa Jerry got to welcome Aybra earthside.

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I just noticed Liam's birthday is listed as the 8th. He was born on the 18th. I am going to check and make sure I didn't mis type it in his birth story. Sorry and thanks.

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Nicholas Alphonse B Jr
April 1, 2008 10:14 p.m.
5 lbs 14 oz 19 inches

Well, Nicholas is 3 1/2 weeks old now and I am finally getting around to posting his birth story. It was a little traumatic.

I went in for my 41 week appt to have an NST and an US and schedule an induction for later on in the week since my LO had decided he wasn't coming out until he was 18. The NST was great, he was doing well, then I had the US, she kept checking things and making concerned faces, but didn't say anything, then I saw the midwife. She said "guess what you get to have a baby now!" She went on to explain I had no fluid left and although Nicholas wasn't showing distress he needed to come out. I was kind of annoyed by this because I was in four days before and said I thought my water had broken, but they told me no since there wasn't much fluid. She went to speak with the dr. on call because she warned me this would probably have to be a c-section. I told her I really didn't want a c unless I had to and she promised she would do what she could. Since the NST was good they decided to let me labor, but at the first sign of trouble they were going to do a c.

I was sent down to labor and delivery and admited. they put in the cervadill (sp) for the night and hooked me up to all the monitors to mke sure Nicholas was doing ok. At 7 a.m. they came in and started my pitocin. Things were pretty easy for the first few hours, but by about 1 p.m. the contractions were getting pretty intense. I was given I.V. pain meds that worked well for a little while although I had crazy dreams, very similar to the scene in Dumbo where he and the crow get drunk and see all the crazy shapes. Anyway, after that wore off I said I wnated the epi. I was determined to do this naturally, but the pit was making it unbearable. My contractions were lasting over 2 minutes with about 15 seconds in between and they were PAINFUL.

They kept putting off my epi since the dr on call was convinced they would be doing a c and then I would need a spinal. I finally got my epi at 5 p.m. after 10 hours of laboring on pit. It was horrible, by then I was throwing up w each contraction and couldn't get out of bed. Then the epi didn't work. So, they called him back and he did it again, this time it only worked on my right side. So, he was back again, they couldn't do it over so he upped the dosage and I had to lay on ly left to get the meds over there. It finally worked and I drifted off to sleep for a little while. At that point the midwife told me if I hadn't made significant progress by 8 p.m. they were doing a c. After all this I was only a 3! At 8 she checked me again and I was fully dialated! We waited a little while until I felt the urge to push, which came a little after 9. I pushed in a couple different positions on the bed and then they realized his arm was up over his head (he still likes to sleep this way), so my midwife kept trying to pinch his fingers to get him to move it. He finally did and at that point he was going into distress. They told me I had 10 minutes to get him out or they were doing a c. Needless to say he was out 5 minutes later.

There was a lot of miconium (sp) so the NICU team had been called in. He didn't cry immediately and it was really scary because he was grey. It was the scariest few minutes of my life. Finally I heard him cry which made me cry myself. He had swallowed quite a bit, but they said he hadn't inhaled anything. His respiration rates were still high, so they wanted to monitor him, but he was staying with us.

He was very alert from birth, and his respiration rates weren't going down, so instead of being sent home with us he was sent to the NICU and given fluids and IV antibiotics. They determined he must have inhales a little of the miconium and he was developing an infection from it. Finally, five days after he was born we got to take him home.

He is a wonderful baby and is doing great now. We are bf with a shield since he is tounge tied and drs here won't clip it and he is already getting into a pretty good schedule.

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Shylah-Ann Nichole Anderson
Born 3-15-2008 @ 11:58 am
7lbs 6 0z- 19inches

Due date was for March14th..... Well i go in the day before foor finally( fingers crossed last appt) And he looked at me and told me he never seen anyone as big as me ): and that i was well OVERCOOKED he put it so he looked at me and said so tomrrow then .. Iwas in shock hell yeah tomrrow.. i was excitied and nervous.. You know it goes, Get home get my older girls ready to go to my ex mom in law house... and Rob and I packed for our final things for Shylah and us.... Well friday March 14th here im nervous all day .. soo nervous... I was at teh computer Im a friends I feel a leak .. so i get up and a lil more leak comes out.. Im like no way .. so i go pee i peeded and peeded more.. ( my thought my water broke) so I rush and get 5yr in the bathtub and feed her.. etc.. and my oldest was inschool so freaked out.. but the leak stopped so i fuigured.... i peed myself... so goes on all day never called rob didnt want to wrry him.... etc.. he gets home..... around 4 ... i show him see imleaking you think( in my mind im thinking if water breaks its agush ) i guess nto .. so i see off the girls.... and we get readyt o go eat our final meal at applebees.. i l reall gushed this time but figure if it brokw ill be inthe hospital in a few hrs anyway... so we still head to dinner..... Im in applesbees and leak all over the booth ( at the end of our meal) good think i had extra underwear... so we finsih we go .. i can barley walk with leaking..... AND GUESS WHAT HOSPITAL CALLS ME TO RE SCHUDLUE MY INDUCTION!!! WELL i tell them i dont think so .... i think mywater broke and im right outside the hosptial.. she goes you sure im like i dunno or i have an bladder soooo fulll it keeps leaking.. LOL.......... So i get there they ask " well does it feel like " how do you know" etc... i get from the staff... etc... Well i say i dont that why you need to tell me ... DUH ... So I HAD to wait in a waiting room .. not kidding you ... WTF... for 45mins... ugh then i went to triage.. and she said... deflitley broke DUH... So anyway get my room chillout.. started hruting at 4am .. got my epi...... everything went well...3 pushes ... and bam she was out!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah .....

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It was pointed out to me that I never posted my birth story here. Oops. So here goes.

This will probably end up being the longest birth story I’ve ever written.
Catalina Rose definitely made it interesting. Since it gets kind of chaotic I want to start with the end. I got exactly what I wanted, a healthy baby, delivered with the minimum amount of intervention needed for her birth.

On Feb. 28th I started having contractions around 2pm. They got more frequent and by 8 they were about every 3 minutes. Jesse got both the boys ready for bed (my mum is staying with us) and we headed off to L & D. I really thought she was close to being born. My midwife checked and I was only at 2cm and 50% effaced. I was having regular contractions every 2 minutes, but they weren’t doing much. My blood pressure was pretty high and my pulse was really elevated. My midwife decided to keep me and check again in 2 hours. Around 11 she checked and I was only 3cm 80% effaced, but still having constant contractions and elevated blood pressure. We talked about it and decided that the best option was to be admitted and see what happened.

My contractions eventually spaced out to about every 5 minutes, but became a lot ore effective. Just before 3 I felt an intense need to push. She checked again and I was at 10cm and ready to go. I pushed for about 45 minutes and then my water broke. Everyone thought it was going to be super quick after that. I kept pushing and by 5 there was still no sign of baby coming. My midwife decided to check again and was pretty sure it was eyebrows that she could feel. That was the first definite sign that she was in the wrong position.

I kept pushing another couple of hours, but my contractions were getting really weak. My uterus was pretty much worn out. My midwife really prefers not to use pitocin, but we decided that we needed to do something to make it so the contractions were actually helping me push. I started on an extremely low dose of pitocin at around 7am and they slowly increased it. We tried every single birthing tool my midwife could think of. I used the ball, the squatting bar, the birthing stool, on all fours, basically anything to get her to shift. It was all kind of a blur. By this point I was exhausted and beginning to get a bit dejected. I vaguely remember sitting on the birthing ball while my midwife rebraided my hair.

Around 9 (at the six hour mark of pushing) my midwife decided that I should hear my options. At this point her head was only about an inch from crowning, but would not budge. A doctor from the hospital (I was at a birth center that is on the same grounds as the hospital) came in and told me I basically had 3 choices. The first choice was to just keep trying. Her heart rate was great, so she didn’t seem to mind all the pushing and having her head stuck. My second choice was to try forceps or a vacuum. He seemed to think that since her head was so close that this was a good option. My third choice was to have a c-section. The first choice was really the only one that appealed to me, but I listened to the others. They had the anesthelogist come in and talk to me. I answered all the pre-op questions and actually signed the consent, just in case. I figured I would rather sign it when I was alert and in a non-emergency situation.

After talking to everyone I was determined that I was not going to have a c-section. Even with the pitocin turned way up (I was at 16, whatever that means), I still wasn’t having strong contractions. I was basically making myself push, but the urge just wasn’t there.

Around 10 I decided that I had enough and that this baby was coming out. I made myself push, even though my uterus had just about giving up. I created my own little mantra “I want you out now” and just kept repeating it. After 15 minutes of making myself push her head finally moved down that last inch. After that the pushing became easier.
Her eyebrows came out first and then her eyes and nose, and sure enough she was looking at the ceiling. We already knew she was in this position. Then her right arm came out, which completely surprised everyone. After that, for her final surprise, her right shoulder came out towards the floor and then her left shoulder, which was towards the ceiling.

I got to catch her, which was really amazing. I pulled her right up onto my belly and just laid there for a moment. At first she didn’t cry much, so they had to suction out her mouth and nose. She was absolutely covered in vernix, completely white from head to toe. I didn’t think to check the gender for a few minutes and I was completely shocked that she was a girl. Once the cord had stopped pulsing Jesse cut it. She was rooting around, so I tried to nurse her, but she wasn’t that interested.

After about 30 minutes Jesse took her over to get cleaned up a bit. They weighed her and she was bigger than she looked. We all guessed around 8 lbs, and she was actually 8lb 10oz. He brought her back to me and this time she latched right on. After that Jesse held her so I could have a shower. Shortly after that the boys came to meet her. The looks on their faces were precious. It was a long, hard ride, but definitely worth every moment.

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Hi all. Here is my birth story. I was on bed rest for months. My orginal due date was March 15, 2008. I kept having high blood presure and had to be induced on March 5, 2008. After 14 hours of labor I was told that the babies heartbeat kept dropping after every contraction. The doc advised us that a c-section would be the best.

Hunter Warren was born March 5, 2008 at 7:12pm and was 7lbs 11ozs and 22in long. He is my angel and I can't remember my life before he came along.

Now, I found out 2 weeks ago that we are expecting again. I was shocked to say the very least. i go to the doc Friday to confirm. Will keep you guys posted on results.