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    Default March 2008 Stories

    To all our proud March Mama's:

    This thread is for you and your beautiful babies. Feel free to come post your birth story once your little one arrives so we can all celebrate. To help keep this thread uncluttered and focused on the babies and birth stories, please post any replies to a new thread.

    January Arrivals

    Tristan Jay, 3lb 7 oz ~ Born January 10, 2008 at 32w (Stars101)
    Robert Tucker, 5lb 15 oz ~ Born January 24, 2008 at 34w 6d (Speducator)

    February Arrivals

    Gracie, 5lb 6.5oz ~ Born February 18, 2008 at 36w 1d (MomofHopeandSam)
    Eleanor Claire, 6.4lb ~ Born February 20, 2008 at 37 weeks (Luckygirl25)
    Nico Xiaobin, 6lb 9oz ~ Born February 21, 2008 (Truekid)
    Jase Donalad, 7lb 14oz ~ Born February 22, 2008 at 38w 1d (RabidDolly)
    Noah Matthew, 8lb 1oz ~ Born February 23, 2008 at 38w 3d (Belindab)
    Soleil Helene, 4lb 15oz ~ Born February 24, 2008 at 38w 4d (Crimedawg07, aka Murjani)
    Connor Matthew, 5lb 8oz ~ Born February 24, 2008 at 35w (Oh_boy_or_oh_girl)
    Sophia Jean, 9lb 12oz ~ Born February 25, 2008 at 38w 2d (Oimiloy)
    Chloe, 6lb 8oz ~ Born February 25, 2008 at 37w 1d (Meme84)
    Coltyn Zane, 11lb 1oz ~ Born February 25, 2008 at 38w (Sneffiej)
    Edie Elizabeth, 7lb 2oz ~ Born February 25, 2008 at 37w 6d (Aimee)
    Chloe Lynne, 7lb 9oz ~ Born February 25, 2008 at 38w 6d (JenLily80)
    Dorian Jayden, 8lb 6oz ~ Born February 26, 2008 at 39w 7d (Jadeeye)
    Mason Randall, 7lb 3oz ~ Born February 26, 2008 at 37w 6d (MegR2004)
    Maya Grace, 7lb 4oz ~ Born February 27, 2008 at 38w 6d (LB66)
    Morgan Elizabeth, weight to be added ~ Born February 27, 2008 (jjolmckay)
    Chole Jade, 8lb 2oz ~ Born February 27, 2008 at 38w 5d (Spidermama)
    Rebecca Lee, 7lb 2oz ~ Born February 27, 2008 at 37w 6d (Potential'sMommy)
    Sean Edward, 7lb 15oz ~ Born February, 27, 2008 at 38w 2d (amygirl71)
    Jocelyn Renee, 7lb 9oz ~ Born February 28, 2008 at 38w 3d(Lizzylaw06)
    Wyatt, 8lb 3oz ~ Born February 28, 2008 (littlegirl87)
    Ryan William, 8lb 8oz ~ Born February 28, 2008 (Novafan)
    Zora, 9lb ~ Born February 28, 2008 at 39w (AnjaH)
    Ryan Paul, 8lb 1oz ~ Born February 28 at 38w 5d (deblynn87)
    Catalina Rose, 8lb 10oz ~ Born February 29, 2008 (MerriD)
    Tatum Leigh, 8lb 11oz ~ Born February 29, 2008 (EveC)

    March Arrivals

    Zander Edward, 7lb 7oz ~ Born March 1, 2008 at 39w 6d (TalenaK)
    Owen Max, 8lb 7oz ~ Born March 2, 2008 at 39w 3d (al92109)
    Riah Jean, 6lb 13oz ~ Born March 3, 2008 at 39w (Relle21)
    Luke, 7lb 14oz ~ Born March 3, 2008 (heather100)
    Jaxon Connor, 5lb 13oz ~ Born March 3, 2008 at 37w 2d (momSarah)
    Presley Tatum, 7lb 6oz ~ Born March 3, 2008 at 38w 4d(Onlyn2urmoney)
    Jackson Claude, 7lb 1oz ~ Born March 4th at 39w (Lacey1985)
    Olivia, 6lb 8oz ~ Born March 4, 2008 (Kagegirl)
    Gabriel, 12.7lb ~ Born March 4, 2008 (MonkeyMoo)
    Dax Jeffrey, 7lb 12.8oz ~ Born March 4, 2008 (cadibugsmama)
    Carter Michael, 8lb 15oz ~ Born March 5, 2008 at 38w 1d (klwoodman)
    Hunter Warren, 7lb 11oz ~ Born March 5, 2008 at 38 w 4d (amandadonnie)
    Kristy Danielle, 8lb 2oz ~ Born March 6, 2008 (Karen0622)
    Paxton Marshall, 6lb 8oz ~ Born March 6, 2008 (mnbarmy)
    Alessandra, 6lb 15oz ~ Born March 6, 2008 (ESTEFANIE_LUNA)
    Addelyn Lilly, 7.6lb~ Born March 7, 2008 at 38w (Eathan'smommy)
    Trevor Anthony, 7lb 2oz ~ Born March 7, 2008 at 39w 4d (newlywed630)
    Garrett Wayne, 8lb 2oz ~ Born March 7, 2008 at 38w 4d (excitednewmommy)
    Elijah Thomas, 8lb 15oz ~ Born March 8, 2008 at 40w (Isreal'smama)
    Baby Boy, 8lb 7oz ~ Born March 9, 2008 (Cheryl3910)
    Christopher Michael, Jr., 7lb 11oz ~ Born March 9, 2008 at 39w 5d (Brittanyboylan)
    Christian Michael, 8lb 5oz ~ Born March 10, 2008 (K_Lo)
    Dylan Kirk, 4lb 14oz ~ Born March 11, 2008 at 36w (Joes_Wife) *Triplet*
    Ella Cynthia, 4lb 8oz ~ Born March 11, 2008 at 36w (Joes_wife) *Triplet*
    Caden Joseph, 5lb 2oz ~ Born March 11, 2008 at 36w (Joes_wife) *Triplet*
    James Parker, 9lb 7oz ~ Born March 11, 2008 (DianeInOz)
    William, 4lb 10oz ~ Born March 11, 2008 (Iconrad) *Twin*
    Micah Joe, 7lb 1oz ~ Born March 11, 2008 (Iconrad) *Twin*
    Landyn Titus Charles, 7lb 4oz ~ Born March 12, 2008 at 36w (CLY182)
    Camden Jesse, 7lb 5oz ~ Born March 12, 2008 at 38w 5d (Lizzie1234)
    Noah Michael, 7lb 8oz ~ Born March 12, 2008 (1beachymama)
    Tanner, 8lb 10.5oz ~ Born March 12, 2008 (Kristen Gouin)
    Chloe Emilie, 7lb 4oz ~ Born March 12, 2008 at 38w (mjosee)
    Brady Paul, 7lb 15oz ~ Born March 13, 2008 at 38w 6d (arussell1897)
    Barbara Jane (Basia), 6lb 8oz ~ Born March 13, 2008 (randi_christine)
    Evan, 11lb 2oz ~ Born March 13, 2008 (viiolet)
    Emma Peyton, 7lb 14oz ~ Born March 13, 2008 (mom2ally06)
    Gregory Michael, 8lb 5.5oz ~ Born March 14, 2008 (laurensmitty1982)
    Savannah Grace, 6lb 14oz ~ Born March 14, 2008 (LadyScott)
    Julia Elaine, 8lb 1oz ~ Born March 14, 2008 (DecemberDaisy)
    Shylah-Ann, 7lb 6oz ~ Born March 15, 2008 (Kortia79)
    Enrique, 8lb ~ Born March 17, 2008 at 39w 1d (Linds-)
    Charley Elizabeth, 7lb 6oz ~ Born March 17, 2008 at 40w (Triana)
    William Thomas Michael, 8lb 5oz ~ Born March 8, 2008 (gracie720)
    Torryn Grace, 8lb 12 oz ~ Born March 19, 2008 at 39w 1d (pirate_mama)
    Julia Elise, 8lb 4oz ~ Born March 19, 2008 (MamaMelis)
    Aria Lynn, 7lb 12oz ~ Born March 20, 2008 at 40w (FlutterbyKiss)
    Dylan Joshua, 7lb 13.5oz ~ Born March 20 (NogginMommy)
    Sebastian Noah Ellis, 9lb 8.6oz ~ Born March 21, 2008 (2Moms2be)
    Brennan James, 10lb 12oz ~ Born March 21, 2008 (Rhonda30)
    Gage Anthony, 7lb 5oz ~ Born March 22, 2008 (tinker_toy8
    Madalyn Ann, 9.8lb ~ Born March 22, 2008 (JBatic)
    Xavier Prince J. 7lb 9.4oz ~ Born March 22, 2008 (Shataramarie)
    Lucia Christina, 7lb 14oz ~ Born March 22, 2008 (valrenee)
    Hannah, 8lb 4oz~ Born March 25, 2008 (Jessica1623)
    Hope Liberty, 7lb ~ Born March 25, 2008 (MamaCarter)
    Jordan Ashlyn, 8lb 1.1oz ~ Born March 25, 2008 (SailorWife)
    Calleigh Elizabeth, 8lb 1oz ~ Born March 26, 2008 at 40w 2d (Alegna200)
    Makaela, 6lb 10.9oz ~ Born March 26, 2008 (vannah99567)
    Julie-Anna, 7lb 2.6oz ~ Born March 26, 2008 (JulieAnnasMom)
    Nicholas, 8lb 11oz ~ Born March 27, 2008 (Happileigh)
    Lucas, 8lb 15.4oz ~ Born March 29, 2008 (Ronell)
    Hayden, 8lb 1oz ~ Born March 30, 2008 (michelle1986)
    Aybra, 1lb 9oz ~ Born March 31, 2008 at 26w 4d (CourtneyS)

    April Arrivals

    Nicholas, 5lb 14oz ~ Born April 1, 2008 at 41w 1d (brandifawn)
    Abraham Elijah, 8lb 8oz ~ Born April 1, 2008 (lilmama****ens)
    Patrick James, 7lb 10oz ~ Born April 1, 2008 at 41w 4d (Caiomhe)
    Alexander Mitchell, 8lb 2oz ~ Born April 4, 2008 (blkbltmom)
    Alexandra Isabella, 8lb 13oz ~ Born April 5, 2008 (aerock)
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    Well, currently Jackson and I are still in the hospital - not sure if it is my insurance or this hospital (really nice), but even after a vaginal delivery you are kept 2 days.

    That's right ladies! I was able to overcome my fears!

    Jackson Claude (after his late great-grandpa, RIP) was born at 5:31pm on March 4th, 2008 at 39 weeks. He weighed 7lbs 1 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long! (No wonder I hurt! I weigh 112 and am 5'6" normally and did not stretch even ONCE!) He was born eight months to the day of my BFP!

    I got to the hospital at 6:30, got checked in, had all my vitals and everything checked, and had my antibiotic (GBS+) and my pitocin started at level 2 at 7:15a. I was 1.5 cm dilated and 70% effaced ( minus 2, whatever that means).

    By 10:30 I was at level 14 with the pitocin, and only 2 cm dilated, still 70% and -2. My pain level was only a 3 though I was having regular contractions.

    At 10:45 my doctor came in, upset (not at me) by my progress and checked me - still a 2, so he broke my water. (Can you say OW?) He still had the hook in me when another contraction started and it was a 6 on the pain scale. They are NOT KIDDING when they say that it hurts once your water has broken. (BTW - DH said he was glad my water didn't break at home. I asked if he had seen all of it, as he had been holding my hand. He said no, but he heard it, and it sounded like someone just poured about 2 gallons of milk out.)

    By 11 I was having hard contractions which were really difficult to breathe through so I asked for some Iv pain medication. Not sure what they gave me, as I didn't catch the name, but nothing I'd ever heard before.

    At 11:15 a nurse came into my room and asked me to roll over. I joked saying "Easier said than done" to which she replied "What if I told you that your baby was in distress?". I knew she was serious as each time I had a contraction I was unable to hear his heartbeat. My contractions were faster and harder than they had been and his heartrate dropped to 50-55 during each one.

    They had me lay on one side, then the other, and nothing was working. I had an oxygen mask on and wasn't allowed to even get out of bed to pee- I had to use a bedpan. There were 3 nurses in my room at any given time, each watching the screen and trying to get a better pulse with the belt I had on.

    I decided on an epidural around noon. They said if I was more relaxed it might help and I would do anything for my baby, so I took it. It actually did not hurt at all. The lady that did it was wonderful and it didn't even take 5 minutes, including the time it took her to set-up. I did have 2 cramps which didn't hurt but were uncomfortable, but she said it was normal and they stopped right after they began.

    The baby was still not liking my contractions but his HB was up to 70 whenever I had them. My nurse had someone getting ready to deliver in the next room so I dozed on and off from 1p-2p.

    By 2pm they began to discuss a c-section as baby was not handling the contractions well. My nurse decided to wait just a little longer since she knew I really didn't want one. I was checked at 2:30 and was still 2cm and 80% effaced, still -2.

    At 4:30 I was checked one more time and I was 6-7cm dilated! At least according to my nurse. She had my doctor come check (as she said that was FAST progress) and he goes "Nope. Let's get this show on the road." I looked at him and went "What? I'm at 10?" to which he replied "That's the only time I'd let you have this baby." That's right - I went from 2cm to 10cm in 2 hours. I'm thanking the combination of epidural and my broken water for that.

    The nurses began setting everything up and by 4:45 I was ready to start pushing. By 5:15 baby was crowning. It took the doctor about 10 minutes to get back (he was handling the emergency next door) but once he was there I started pushing. I only pushed maybe 10 times, doing my best as I couldn't feel anything so I was just trying to concentrate on what it would feel like to have a BM.

    I heard the doctor say "Why don't we have a baby on this next push?" I was in the middle of pushing and took a few seconds to rest, then pushed as hard as I could. The doctor didn't say anything so I began pushing again right as he said "One more big push! One shoulder.. there's the other... and we have a boy!"

    I was in shock, as he didn't say "we have the head out", or maybe he did and I didn't hear him. All I remember sound wise is my DH holding my leg up for me, then whispering in my ear "I can see our baby's hair. ... I can see our baby's ears ... I can see our baby's face." then hearing "We have a boy!"

    I had DH cut the cord and then they took the baby away.

    My DH wasn't crying but you could tell it was only because he was trying so hard not to. I was crying and watched as they cleaned and checked him. They didn't put him on me or let anyone hold him since they wanted to make sure he was okay since he hadn't been handling the contractions well, but about 10 minutes later the nurse wrapped him up and said "Here Mama." I told her I wanted DH to hold him first and she said "Wow. You sure?" and I said yes and she said "Wow. That's awesome, not many moms do that."

    I also didn't want to hold him yet as I wasn't stretching enough so the doctor had given me an episiotomy (All the way. one hole to the other according to my mom (she was the other person in the room)). Other than that I did fine - no tearing at all! (No tearing and no stretch marks! WOO!)

    We got to keep the baby for an hour until they took him to be tested/cleaned/etc so by then it was 6:30.

    It took me about 2.5 hours to get moved to a PP room due to complications with another woman in another room. By then it was a few minutes after 9 and we asked for the baby to be brought to our room. By the time they actually brought him to our room it was about 9:45 so we kept him with us for a few minutes, but I was literally falling asleep with him in my arms so we had the nursery come get him. I slept from 10:30 until about midnight, then I guess my body remembered that I had a baby and woke me up every 20-30 minutes all night.

    BTW - FIL did show up, but he showed up only about ten minutes before they discovered I was 10cm and then he was too preoccupied with the baby to bother me. (Or I was too preoccupied with baby to notice him - either way). I felt a bit better later on as he (and MIL) actually cried when they came back in the room and saw LO. He even held my hand (his version of a hug) for about ten seconds before they left and looked like he was going to cry again. I feel like he might be nicer to me now. My brother also showed up, but he stayed in the waiting room the whole time so it was okay.

    We're still here at the hospital, and now it's feeding time, so I'll go for now! Thanks for reading and all the P&PT! It really helped!

    2 day old Jackson!
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    Here is our story...(much abbreviated)
    As has been the case with this whole pregnancy, birth day came as quite a surprise. What began as a typical Thursday on modified bed rest, turned out to be a fast and exciting adventure.
    After experiencing yet another bleed at about 10:30 I went up to L&D. Once there, monitors revealed that there were a few contractions. Suddenly there were some sudden knifing pains down my side.
    Nurses who had been calmly checking things suddenly went into fast forward. My OB and an anesthesiologist appeared out of thin air. In under 20 minutes I was in the OR with a spinal block and a doctor prepped to cut.
    My doctor apparently has a touch of superman in him. Robert Tucker was delivered and mommy was in the recovery room inside of thirty minutes. They brought our 5lb 15 oz little man in but he was as white as the blanket he was wrapped in. They decided to send him to the next town over where the hospital has a level three NICU.
    I was allowed a two minute visit as he was rushed out the door. By the time his transport was completed Tucker was already able to breathe without oxygen. Everything got even better from there. Tucker spent just four days in the NICU. While it was a tiring and stressful experience, we are so thankful that we did not have the truly difficult and bumpy road that many NICU parents endure.
    We will have to monitor for some of the problems that may stay with us. Tucker had a possible grade one intracranial hemorrhage, severe anemia due to assumed blood loss in utero, and a very minor issue with being tongue tied. All in all a great outcome for 34 weeks and 6 days!
    This is an entirely opposite delivery from my first non-medicated all natural experience. The recovery is quite a bit more involved and painful, but the outcome makes it all worth every second!

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    Well, my baby decided he wanted to come at 32 weeks!
    To summerize, I basically went to L&D with major back pain and my doctor checked me and I was already 2 cm dialeted. I had 3 days of back labor and then the baby was so low that he was on my bladder and it got distended and I had to be cathetorized.
    I was able to hold him in for more than the 48 hours needed for the steroid shots to take affect, but the back labor became so unbearable and fast and no matter what they gave me, I kept dialating, so I finally got the epidural and calming medicine and had to deliver. The birth was actually the easy part! It was very smooth and he has excellent APGAR scores.
    Tristan was 3 lb 7 oz at birth and he is now getting close to 5 lbs!
    He was only in an isolet and on oxygen for less than a week and is now in an open crib with just a feeding tube and monitors. He basically just has to mature more and grow out of a couple of common preemie things like not remembering to breath sometimes and then the heart rate goes down. (very common for preemies and they outgrow it closer to their due date) He is already learning to do well on bottles they give him and I am a pumping machine!
    It's hard having going back and forth to the hospital to see him instead of having him at home where we can see him all the time, but we are sooooo thankful that he is doing so well and we know he'll be home before we know it. We are extremely blessed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hurleygirl View Post
    To all our proud March Mama's:

    This thread is for you and your beautiful babies. Feel free to come post your birth story once your little one arrives so we can all celebrate. To help keep this thread uncluttered and focused on the babies and birth stories, please post any replies to a new thread.

    January Arrivals

    Robert Tucker, 5lb 15 oz ~ Born January 24, 2008 (Speducator)

    February Arrivals

    Tristan, 3lb 7 oz~ waiting on date of birth (Stars101)

    March Arrivals

    April Arrivals
    Hi! My baby was born on January 10th.

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    Well, I started labor on Friday night. Contractions were every about 2 min. The contractions stayed about the same but I was dilating VERY slowly. Finally they decided to do an amnio since she is still considered pre-term. It looked to be developed, so finally this morning (Monday) they broke my water and started pit. I made it until about 2 or 2:30 without pain meds. Pit ctx are painful. I was getting one after another with only a few seconds in between to rest. I did end up with a epidural which I have no regrets about.The nurse came back about 20 min later and I was 7 cm. She left the room for about 10 min or so and when she came back my BFF mentioned to her that I was feeling more pressure (I did not want to bother her as she had just checked me 10 min earlier). She decided to check me because her heart rate was dropping with ctx. I was 10!!!!! They had me push once and her heart dropped so they made me wear the oxygen mask. I had to skip pushing the next ctx to wait for the resident. She came in and I pushed 3 times for 1 ctx and they decided she needed to get out fast so they used forceps. One ctx later she was born. I only pushed for 3 ctx!!!
    She had great color and cried right away. She did have a little issue with keeping her temp up so she had to be under the warmer for about 20 min or so. She is doing great now!! She nurses like a champ and even had her first poo. She weighed 5# 6.5oz and is 18 1/2 inches long. She is beautiful and we are totally in love!!!!!
    Pictures of Gracie and Montage:
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    Jase Donald was born on Friday Feb 22nd at 11:12am, he was 7lbs 14oz and 20.4 inches long. Yes that's right ladies he wasn't nearly as big as they thought he was going to be, guess he just had a big head. They were saying he would be 9lbs or more.

    We arrived at the hospital around 5am and waited until 11 to go in for the c-section. My blood pressure would never come down and once time got closer they were pumping me full of lo pressure to get it to come down. Than I think I had a slight reaction and started to freak out a little bit just before I had to go in for the surgery, my family is almost sure they put too much lo pressure in my IV too soon. But I finally calmed down and was on my way to the operating room, once I got there, I seemed to calm down even more, I was still scared to death but at least I wasn't crying hysterically. I was fortunate to have an aunt who is a nurse at that hospital and she was welcomed into the operating room by her co-workers, and she took pictures for us. She also gave me the down low on what really happened from the nurses perspective. Jase had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck ... so another good reason why we had the c-section. It also took a little longer to get him to breath than normal she said, I guess they used oxygen on him. She said that she went over to him and told him "Jase this is your aunt Sandy and I'm telling you to breath!!!!" And she said that he started to breath, so I guess that was a sign that she was a little worried. And they didn't show me him until after he was already cleaned up, so I was waiting patiently to see him and once I did I was happy and than I'm pretty sure I went off to LaLa land because of the spinal.

    Recovery was hard, because I was getting very sick and vomitted for the whole day after the surgery, I couldn't keep anything down. My blood pressure went up after the baby was born, even higher than it was before I had gone in. I was in the hospital for 5 days because of my blood pressure, so now I'm on meds that are slowly working. So that's my story... we are home and happy now and he's the best baby. Here are some pictures of the c-section and our precious baby boy.

    Caleb 2 & Jase 5

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    so here is my birth story....
    had a BPP wednesday morning 2-27-08 turned out she scored a 2 out of 8,dialated to one and 50%.. so with that they sent me to the hospital to monior me. they said pack your bags just in case. we got to l&d about 11 am. at about noon they decided we were inducing. my vitals were good and she was moving around nicely, so we don't really know why they decided so, but i'm an NOT complaining
    at about 2pm they cave me cervidil(sp?) said that could take up to 12 hours, and after 12 hours they would re-eval me and decide then if it would be more cervidil or about 6pm the cervidil started giving me the WORSE menstral like cramps EVER known to any woman!!! they had me in tears. and the fact that it was a CONSTANT pain didn't make me happy. and i was having random ctx measuring up to about 35 thoughout this time. then by about 8 or 9 pm they ctx were getting up to about 50. at 10pm i asked for a sleeping pill so i could get some rest. in tears from the cramps and ctx, i was really tired but i was in too much pain tofall asleep. so they gave me a pain med, nubane,and within about 10 i felt good enough to be able to fall asleep(i couldn't have help my head up if i wanted to). i slept from about 1130 to about 2am, when they came in to re-eval me. i was dialted to 2 then and 80% i think. about 3am i got the pitosin then. after about 30 mins the pitosin had my ctx to about 1 minute apart they tured down the dose so they could get them about 3 mins apart. i was crying through ctx reaching up to about 80...i tried to lay down and get some rest...about 415 am i was laying on my side on the verge of falling asleep and i felt a strong POP in my tummy. sat up and tried to get to the edge of the bed. thought it was my water but wasnt sure. went to use the bathroom and nothing...Dh called the nurse in and told her we thought my water broke...i got back to the bed..layed down, the nurse got there and i tried to sit up and with each time i lifted myself up to scoot forward we got a gush...then i stood up and the waterfall came. she checked me and i was about 4cm. i cried through ctx reaching up to 110 for about an hour. then the nurse came in and we asked for the epidural. that was finished about 6am....within about 10 minutes i felt GOOOOOOOOD. too good actually, i couldn't even move my legs! the nurses let me be for an hour and came in and checked me around 7 and i was 8-9 cm. they turned down the pitosin some more. and the OB came in around 8 and checked me and i was complete and ready. but he didn't like the fact that i could assist none with my legs, and i couldn't tell at all when i was having ctx(so i knew when to push). so he had the epidural turned down, and decided to let that go for an hour for me to get something back in my legs. he came in shortly after 9am and said we were ready to start. we did some practice pushing w/ctxs. my OB had to go to a surgery so i was left with DH and my 2 nurses again. we pushed 5 times back to back with each with each of my ctx. i pushed through about 5 sets when the nurse said her head was "right there" she paged my OB, who before he left said he needed about half an hour and thought he would be more than ok, and told him we need him back here NOW! and we just find out today that our OB was running through the halls and waiting area at about this time, when a BIL said"oh that was your dr" i pushed through a couple more sets and her head was just about out. I would be in the middle of pushing and look up at the mirror and see the top of her head and kinda get chocked up(tears) lose my spot in pushing and DH, OB, and the nurses would continue counting LOUDER to get me to continue pushing......another set, and her head was more set and she was here!

    9:58 am 2-28-08 7lbs 9 oz 20.5 inches long apgar scores were 9 & 9

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    Jocelyn Renee 2-28-08 ___________________________ Addisyn Jade 9-8-11

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    Chloe Lynne was 7lbs 9oz, 20 inches long. The c-section went perfectly. I could not of asked for a better team of doctors & nurses.

    I was in the operating room at 7:05, Chloe was here by 7:22, and I was back in my room with the baby and out of recovery at 8:30. She's been a perfect angel. Recovery this time around has been MUCH easier. I was up & out of bed around 4pm that afternoon.

    The only potential complication was the true knot in her cord. Our kids' doctor said in the 20 years he's been practicing he's only seen 3 babies with true knots in their cords. 2 of them were mine, Corbin & now Chloe.

    All cleaned up

    Taking a nap with mom

    Meeting her brothers

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