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    Lost at 11 weeks
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    Loss at 9 weeks 6 days
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    I'm Brandi, and my husband is Travis. He is enlisted in the USAF, and we are currently at Moody AFB. Our daughter, Madelyn, was born in December of 2006, and #2 should be arriving 3.20.09!

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    AF Baby #2

    BFP Sunday, July 13, 2008

    EDD March 14, 2009
    Aug. 5, 2008 appt. with nurse to fill out initial paperwork
    Aug. 27, 2008 first real dr.'s appt. Dating u/s with nurse midwife. Heard the heartbeat, was in the 160's.
    Sept. 29, 2008 second appt. with nurse midwife. Quick appt. Heartbeat in the 150's. Gained 2 lbs. since last appt.
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    DS 2/24/07, DD1 3/17/09, DD2 9/15/11, DD3 10/02/13

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    Kimberly's space

    postive home test 7/8
    dr confirmed 7/11
    First Midwife appt 7/29
    First ultra sound 8/5 we saw a heart beat YES !!!!!!
    midwife Appt 9/23
    got a call red flag for downs 9/24
    Specialist App 10/7
    Midwife app 10/23
    specialist app 11/07
    midwife app 11/19

    14 week Belly

    20 week
    20 weeks
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    Default proudly linning up

    Hey all... so here goes my spot.
    Julia 31
    DH- Will 26
    DD- Kathleen 11 ( who cried when she saw the test she is so happy)
    Digital test 7/18/08
    EDD March 20 2009

    I met my husband at work in january of 2006. I was in a terribly negative and abusive relationship. My husband told me then he would wait for me. I thought he was full of lines... he waited.. march of 06 was our first kiss. He told my mom spring of 07 he would marry me that summer. Shocking to me!!! we had not really talked about it. on july 8 2007 he told the world how much he loved me and my daughter. spring of 08 we started trying to concieive. late june we did the trick... july 18 i could not wait any longer and took a test while he was at work... Our Sophie Elizabeth or William Edward the third will be here march 20. To be here married to him and pregnant means everything to me.. This is truly a dream i never thought would come true.

    7/18/ 08 sent this in a text to hubby!!!


    Mom and Dad

    Big Sis..


    and the 12 weeks flabby belly!

    16 weeks.....
    Hubby took this one in same pants so i could really see....

    18 Weeks!!!
    [IMG]18 weeks[/IMG]

    [IMG]18 weeks[/IMG]

    here is Sophie elizabeth or William Edward


    October 6, 2008
    Daddy got to go
    Listen to heartbeat at 154!! Just might be getting my Sophie!!!!
    scheduled the U/S for Nov 3.. 9 30 am....

    after 2 gender u/s... our little babe decided to give us just a peek.... and its for sure SOPHIE!!!

    Feb 3.... u/s scheduled... due to low fluid and possible placenta issues....
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    YAY! Space #48!

    due 3/30/09

    8 week ultrasound:

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    ITS A BOY!
    Max Hayden born 3/31 at 7:28am 8lbs, 20inches


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    June 30& July 1 IUIs

    July 15 b/w beta #227

    July 17 b/w beta #567!

    We went for our first u/s on Aug 5 and were in for a big surprise. The technician said, "Here's the heartbeat, and here's the OTHER heartbeat!"

    Follow up U/s scheduled for Aug 18

    Sadly, bleeding started on Aug 17
    The following day's u/s showed that baby B was no longer moving and had no heartbeart.
    Two weeks bedrest.

    Dr. appt set for Sept 2. Saw that baby A was doing well on u/s! Bedrest was lifted!

    Dr. appt Sept 30 Baby's h/b at 164.

    U/S set for Oct 21
    Follow-up Dr. appt set for Oct 28

    5 Weeks
    week 4

    10 Weeks
    week 10

    13 weeks
    week 13

    15 weeks
    week 15
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    Aug 08 @ 8 1/2 weeks
    Gabriel July 1 05
    Evan March 29 09

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    I'm Glenda and I'm 28. My DH and I have been married since July 30, 2005. Although I couldn't wait to be a mommy, we put off TTC for a few years so we could make sure we'd be financially ready. Once we both finished our Master's degrees and bought our first home, there was nothing left holding us back! We started TTC in June '08 and were blessed to get our BFP after only 2 cycles! I feel like we're really ready for this and I'm so excited to be a first time mom!!! My EDD is March 27!

    Here are my BFPs from July 20, 16 DPO

    Monday, July 21 (4 wks, 3 days): Pregnancy confirmed, lots of bloodwork!
    Tuesday, August 26 (9 wks, 4 days): Heard a nice strong heartbeat! She didn't tell me what the heartrate was. Doctor felt my uterus and said everything feels on track!
    Wednesday, August 27 (9 wks, 5 days): Switching doctors; met with nurse practitioner at new office. Didn't really do anything but got to hear the heartbeat again! Scheduled an ultrasound for week 12.
    Wednesday, September 17 (12 wks, 5 days): Ultrasound for dating. Baby was moving all around and hiccuping! Everything looked good and due date is right on schedule for March 27!
    Thursday, September 25 (13 wks, 6 days): 1st appointment with new doctor. Baby's heartrate was between 160-170! Opted out of AFP test and signed waiver. Scheduled big u/s for October 29!
    Thursday, October 23 (17 wks, 6 days): 2nd appointment with new doctor. Blood pressure was 110/78 and baby's heartrate was between 150-160. Everything is looking good!
    Wednesday, October 29 (18 weeks, 5 days): BIG ULTRASOUND- IT'S A BOY! Brandon Parker B. was looking great and very active, measuring at 19 weeks, about 2 days ahead. His weight was estimated at 10 oz!

    Picture from first ultrasound, 9/17/08, 12 weeks 5 days. Baby's profile.

    Close up of baby's profile

    Baby facing us. What a cute little face already!

    Pics from 18 week ultrasound coming soon!

    12 weeks, just before leaving to see Wicked! This dress makes the bump look bigger than it really is.

    14 weeks. Bump is still pretty little but my butt is getting bigger! Argh!

    pregnancy due date
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