March 2009 - Our Lucky Charms' Arrivals, Stats & Birth Stories

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March 2009 - Our Lucky Charms' Arrivals, Stats & Birth Stories

*Please place comments in a separate thread. This thread for birth stories and pictures only. If you'd like your info updated, please PM me.

Please add the folllowing information to your birth story. This information will then be added to the arrivals list:

Child Name (username)
Born @ ?w ?d (EDD ???) time
Weight, Length

Our Lucky Charms' Arrivals:

Gender Count:

Boys: 17
Girls: 19

October Arrivals:

Oct 16th
Mackenzie Rae (stephstretch2001)
5.2 oz and 8"
Passed Away

Oct 30th
Patrick (stephstretch2001)
Passed Away

Abigail (stephstretch2001)
Passed Away

January Arrivals:

Jan 23rd

Savannah Faye (sometimes)
Born @ 33w 2d (EDD 03/11/2009) @ 8:09 PM
4 lbs and 17"

February Arrivals:

Feb 2nd

Phoebe Crimefighter (schafferak)
Born 37w 3d @ (EDD 02/28/2009)
4 lbs 7 oz

Feb 10th

Mykah Joleigh (vanessababe3)
Born @ 36w 6d (EDD 03/04/2009) @ 5:38 PM
5 lbs 9 oz and 17"

Feb 12th

Benjamin William (LawyerHolly07)
Born @ 36w 6d @ 8:54 AM
7 lbs 14 oz and 22"

Feb 14th

Sebastian (ashamom27)
Born @ 36w 4d
6 lbs 12 oz

Luke Tyler (aromaverde)
Born @ 37w 1d 4:29 PM
7 lbs 11 oz

Feb 18th

Gabriel Paul (MelissaLynn13)
Born @ 39w 3d (EDD - 02/22/2009) @ 3:38 PM
7 lbs 2 oz and 19 1/2"

Feb 20th

Kennedy Grace (eNJiNerd)
Born @ 36w (EDD - 03/20/2009) @ 9:24 PM
5 lbs 15.3 oz and 18 1/2"

Alexis Lee (eNJiNerd)
Born @ 36w (EDD - 03/20/2009) @ 9:28 PM
5 lbs 14.8 oz and 18"

Feb 21st

Chloe Rosalind (cuteartsygurl)
Born @ 37w 1d (EDD - 03/11/2009) @ 4:57 AM
7 lbs 6 oz and 20.5"

Feb 23rd

Kennedy Renee (bbcakes)
Born @ 37w 6d (EDD - 03/10/2009) @ 11:01 PM
6 lbs 13 oz and 21"

Feb 24th

Andrew Dylan (crazytoy)
Born @ 35w 5d (EDD - 03/26/2009) @ 11:47 AM
6 lbs 14 oz and 19.5 in

Blake Alexander (crazytoy)
Born @ 35w 5d (EDD - 03/26/2009) @ 11:53 AM
5 lbs 11 oz and 18 in

Feb 25th

Dylan Thomas (Sugarhigh)
Born @ 39w (EDD - 03/04/2009) @ 9:00 PM

Feb 26th

Tucker James (newlifeSA)
Born @ 38w 3d (EDD - 03/09/2009) @ 8:11 AM
9 lbs 13.5 oz and 21"

Piper Sarah Annastasia (Munchkin923)
Born @ 37w 4d (EDD - 03/15/2009) @ 8:17 AM
7 lbs 5.5 oz and 20.5"

Conner Joseph (I love my boys)
Born @ 37w 4d (EDD - 03/15/2009) @ 1:38 PM
6 lbs 10 oz and 18"

Lillian Perah (Lys83)
Born @ 38w (EDD - 03/12/2009) @ 6:30 PM

Feb 28th

Abigail Hyla (EJL)
5 lbs 4 oz

March Arrivals:

Mar 3rd

Elliot Wren (MrsSchepp)
Born @ 40w (EDD - 03/03/2009) @ 5:23 PM
8 lbs 5 oz and 21.5"

Jaden Michael (mikana876)
Born @ 39w5d (EDD - 03/05/2009) @ 7:22pm
7 lbs 14 oz and 21"

Mar 8th

Kylie Olivia Kimberly (nichole&andrew)
Born @ 39w 5d (EDD - 03/11/2009) @ 4:28 PM
7lb 8oz

Mar 9th

Hunter Christian (nadiabreckon)
Born @ 5:15 PM
7 lbs 12 oz and 20.5"

Cameran Nicole (baby4me0707)
Born @ 38w 4d (EDD - 03/19/2009) @ 1:02 PM
7 lbs 11.7 oz and 18.5"

William Thomas (AliciaD)
Born @ 40w (EDD - 03/09/2009) @ 9:10 PM
6 lbs 14 oz and 21"

Mar 10th

Cameron Sean (melly14)
Born @ 38w 4d (EDD - 03/20/2009) @ 3:50 AM
6 lbs 8 oz and 19.5"

Jaice Joaquim (kaylaannb)
Born @ 39w 1d (EDD - 03/16/2009)
6 lbs 13 oz and 19.5"

Mar 11th

Levi Trevor (tiekabell)
Born @ 41w 2d (EDD - 03/02/2009) @ 8:14 AM
7 lbs 13 oz and 53 cm

Emma Rose (JayJayGee)
Born @ 39w 2d (EDD - 03/16/2009) @ 8:15 AM
7 lbs 15 oz and 20"

Mar 13th

Conner Lee (Gabsma03)
Born @ 6:14 AM
7 lbs 14 oz

Amelia (Misstippy)
Born @ 1:01 PM
9 lbs 8 oz and 20.75"

Sophie Elizabeth (julia dunn)
Born @ 38w 3d (EDD - 03/24/2009) @ 9:18 pm
6 lbs 12 oz and 20"

Mar 14th

Emma Genielle (1stTimeDaddy)
Born @ 38w 4d (EDD - 03/24/2009) @ 12:04 PM
5 lbs 15 oz and 19"

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Savannah Faye

Savannah Faye C.
Born January 23rd, 2009 @ 8:09 P.M. @ 33 weeks 2 days gestation.
Actual due date March 11th
4lbs, 17 inches

Alright, I'll try to make this as accurate as possible. My memory is a bit fuzzy.

I had noticed how extremely swollen I was over the past several weeks. I mentioned it to my doctor but he thought no big deal because I had no other symptoms of pre-e. My ankles, feet, hands, face (I didn't notice my face until after I gave birth and realized what a huge difference there was). If you think you're overly swollen, press until you make sure nothing is wrong with you besides normal edema.


Thursday Jan. 22nd I had a check up at my OB's office. We get there and they take my blood pressure, rings in about 150/100. My normal is about 125/80. The nurse tells me to take it easy and she'll come back in about 10 minutes to retake it. Before she could come back the doctor comes in and says "Your blood pressure stinks, if it doesn't get better you're going straight to the hospital." He listened to her heartbeat and measured me, everything was alright there. Then the nurse came back and my blood pressure stayed about the same. They did a protein dip in my urine and it was +3. The doc. took us into his office and said to go right to the hospital so they could monitor my blood pressure and urine. I'm scared at this point, but trying to be optmistic. I kept telling my SO that I'm sure once I laid down and relaxed it would go down and they'd send me home.

So we get to the hospital around 3 (my appt w/doc was at 2). The send me to the triage room and get me hooked up to the blood pressure monitor. They had me laying on my side and on my back, but the blood pressure wasn't lowering enough. They had to insert a catheter to get a sterile sample of urine. That was fun. Anyways, after about 20 minutes of getting monitored the on-call doc. from my practice comes in. She tells me I'm not going home that night. She said in fact I probably wasn't leaving the hospital pregnant. At that point my blood pressure went to about 180/130. I was a tad upset. She said we'd try to make it to 34 weeks which would be in 5 days, but at that point I'd have to have the baby. At this point I just knew I wasn't going home, something was really wrong and my baby was going to come early.

They admitted me and got me set up in my own room. They immediately put me on Magnesium Sulfate and fluids. They had me strapped in to the heartrate monitors and all that for the baby. Every time I'd move the tiniest bit she'd slip right off the monitor. They came in and gave me a steroid shot for her lungs. This was all Thursday night still... I was thinking I'd still have a week before delivery. During this time I'd heard from several different people that I might get to go home, etc... but I had a feeling no one really knew what they were talking about and just trying to make me feel better. I barely slept that night because she kept slipping off the monitor, and they were in there every 30 minutes or so checking on me. They had started a 24 hour urine sample too... apparently my kidneys weren't cooperating well and I wasn't giving a lot of urine.

Friday morning rolls in and I see a differernt doctor. She said they were probably going to deliver me that day. I even had a time... 5:30. 5:30 came and went because they were waiting for a high risk doctor to come and see me and give the final answer. I was SO thirsty this entire time.. I hadn't had anything to drink since noon, and at that point it was only ice chips. Little did I know I wouldn't even get an ice chip until 14 hours later. Anywho, the high risk doctor comes in with her u/s machine around 6 and looks at all my charts. She said Savannahs belly is measuring at 29 weeks, which meant she'd likely had some growth restriction from my placenta. She didn't think she'd weigh the 4lbs that the last ultrasound place said she'd weighed either (that was Monday). At the end of it all she said we're going to deliver you today because your kidneys aren't functioning as they should. I had so much fluid build up. Earlier in the day the NICU doctors had come and spoke to me, let me know what to expect with a 33 week old baby, etc... I think it was all so unreal to me still at that point. I listened but didn't really believe it was going to happen.

They rolled me into the OR about 7:30 and did my epidural. The ansteolgist said he couldn't do a spinal block so had to do an epidural. I never knew there was a difference. It hurt. I loved how they told me not to move yet were putting pressure on my spine. Plus I was so nervous and scared. They get me all good and allow Josh into the room. I could feel them tugging and pulling and all the weird sensations. They pulled her out after what seemed like forever and she did a weak little cry. She was immediately handed over to the NICU nurses. I heard them say she scored a 4 on her 1 minute apgar and a 7 on her 5 minute. At this point I could still feel them in me messing around. I heard my doctor mention something about a piece of my placenta. I was starting to pass out. I was seeing double and felt really sick. I threw up and they showed the baby to me but I was so busy getting sick I couldn't focus on her. My blood pressure dropped to 70/30. That was the worst feeling... I felt like I couldn't breathe. I was kinda freaking out which made it worse. Josh had left me at this point to go to the NICU with Savannah.

They got me transferred back into a room on the L&D floor. Normally I guess I would have gone up one floor to the post pardum unit. I needed to get back on the magnesium sulfate though for 24 more hours. They were working on me for a decent amount of time after getting me back in the room... my blood pressure was finally stabilized but I was so shaky from the epidural. I HATED that. The uncontrollable shaking... god. I kept asking when I could see my baby and they said when I got feeling back in my legs. I could deal with that I thought... then my nurse comes in and tells me my doctor said I was not allowed to leave my bed until I was off the mag. 24 whole hours without seeing my baby. Everyone else got to see her, told me how cute she was.... I have to admit I was jealous.

The baby had to be intubated at first because the mag I was on made her system sleepy. They took her off that within the first few hours and put her on a cpap. For being so small she's doing well. There has been no talk of when she'll come home, but for now she's where she needs to be. 5 days later she's only on a cannula on the lowest setting. We're just working on getting her feeding and keeping it down. She is truly my miracle baby... had I had not had the appointment that day who knows what could have happened? I feel blessed they were able to catch it before anything truly bad happened.

I'm sure I've left out some details, and as I remember I'll edit. I'll post pics later too.

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Chloe Rosalind K______
Born February 21, 2009 at 4:57 a.m.
7 lbs, 6 oz
20.5 inches


We had a great day on Friday. It was the 20th of February and despite feeling huge and tired, it was a good day. I was only 37 weeks pregnant but again, I was really big. I will never be sure whether the fatigue was from late pregnancy or chasing my soon-to-be big sister around the house. I suspect it was a nice combination of the two.

Gwyneth awoke at her usual time. We got going quickly that morning since we had plans for the day. She ate her French toast sticks and yogurt as I took a shower. Then I did housework. We had a “date” with Janice and Eric shortly, for coffee and playtime. They were coming to our house. I was so excited to get to show off the nursery to someone. While it wasn’t super-fancy, I had done a few hand-painted items and just loved the feel of the room.

They showed up around 10:30. We had a great visit. Janice and I enjoyed talking all things pregnancy as this had become our most frequented topic. Janice was 31 weeks this week, expecting her own little princess soon. I told Janice how Thursday morning had been promising in the way of contractions. They had been fairly regular- my only complaint was they had stopped. I even had some slick cervical mucus/discharge that morning. It was vaguely familiar as I immediately wondered if my mucus plug was getting ready to come. I also told Janice how Rich, Gwyneth and I had gone ahead to the Olive Garden on Thursday night. We decided since baby could come at anytime, we didn’t possibly want to miss out on forming our family tradition (we ate at the Olive Garden the night before we had Gwyneth). As we were talking and watching the kiddos play, Pat arrived. She had just finished up some of her care at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America for the week. The husband of a patient had volunteered to drive the 100 mile trip to our house since he worked in our town- bringing a very anxious Mimi. She was greatly anticipating Chloe’s arrival too. Pat immediately commented on the size of my belly the second she saw me. Thanks…but I knew I was huge. We all sat and discussed our plans once I was in labor. Janice had previously graciously offered to help with Gwyneth when the time came. This really, really set my mind at ease.

After our guests left, Pat, Gwyneth and I ate a nice Italian lunch (leftover Olive Garden). It was still yummy. After lunch we loaded into the car and ran a few errands. We all then came back home to take our afternoon naps. Since Mimi was back in town, Rich came on home around 5:30. It was a nice quiet evening. I made baked chicken, pasta and corn for dinner. Gwyneth was running a slight temperature that evening. Once she was in bed we rented “Body of Lies” on pay-per-view. Our poor little girl awoke shortly into the movie and was hysterical. I let her come out and lay on my belly. She dozed for most of the movie…just enjoying laying on her mommy’s big belly- something she had grown quite fond of lately. She really didn’t feel good on this particular night.

The movie was over around midnight. Gwyneth was out like a light- we put her back into her crib. As Rich and I climbed into bed, I commented on a couple of rather slightly-more-intense-than-usual contractions. I was asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow though….exhaustion induced by the combination of late pregnancy hormones and the fatigue of chasing a toddler all day, every day.

THUMP. It was a familiar feeling that flung me out of bed, still half asleep. Rich immediately asked me what was wrong. I just stood there for a second. I told him I thought my water had broken- but was gonna go to the bathroom to check. Was it a dream??? “No gush,” I thought, “odd.” It was 2 a.m. I walked out of the bedroom, across the living room, into the bathroom. As I pulled down my undies- GUSH. Yes. It was the same thump that I remembered when laying in the hospital bed in Omaha in labor with Gwyneth when my water broke. Back to the here and now- my waters were clear. That was a good thing. My mucus plug was in the toilet. Wow- the real deal was here again. I was having contractions. They were nothing too intense- about seven minutes apart.

I went into Chloe’s nursery. There Pat was sleeping. I told her since she had been so anxious about the pending labor that I had decided just to go ahead with it. The shock was more intense than my attempts at humor. I plugged up Gwyneth’s baby monitor by Pat’s bedside. I explained that I was leaving our cell phone numbers along with Janice’s home and cell numbers on the table. I grabbed a few more baby items for the baby bag and told her we would call.

Back in the living room, I called OU. I left a message with the triage nurse, who was then going to page Shanna- the midwife on call. Shanna called me back within a few minutes. I told her that my water had broken; I was having contractions (about 6 to 7 min apart) and had lost my mucus plug. She told me I could labor at home for awhile if I wanted. She just said if my contractions hadn’t gotten intense within about 4 hours, to head on to the hospital anyway. When off the phone, Rich told me we were going NOW. He was right. My labor was super quick with Gwyneth…no chances this time. Plus my contractions were getting closer to 5 minutes apart and were more intense. I was feeling the urge to poop- which was scary- I had heard stories of laboring moms trying to “poop” but rather birthing a baby in the toilet. I added a few items to my already packed birth and recovery bags…video camera- check, regular camera- check. Then we were off. We headed to the hospital in the howling Oklahoma night. The wind was so chilly, yet I didn’t feel it. I was about to meet my baby girl!

We got to the hospital. Valet parking was closed. Lovely. I had wanted Rich to get me a wheelchair, but we had to walk down to the ER opening to get out of the wind. Despite having to stop a couple of times for contractions we made it. Inside, the sign said, “Check-in after hours with security guard.” No guard was at the booth, so we walked past. There was a wheel chair. I got in it but immediately regretted my decision. Rich had wrist surgery a week prior to this night. He was consistently steering me into the wall. Finally, in my irritable state, I got up and told him I would walk. We got to the elevator. Of course the one opened that didn’t go to labor and delivery. We waited for that one to close- Rich was too quick with his button pushing. Again with the non-L&D elevator!!! Finally it closed and we hit the button again. At L&D we were greeted by the lady who was to check us in. It only took about 25 minutes to go through the paperwork. I contacted several times. There was another couple and expectant grandmother waiting to check-in behind us. From my assessment, the other mom wasn’t in half the pain I was. I wondered if I seemed dramatic. Finally after the THIRD phone call, I told the lady checking us in, “I feel like I NEED TO POOP- isn’t that a sign of needing to push???” She told me she was sorry- that I must be better at hiding my pain than some of the others. Whatever- it got us into the room to get checked. In the room- the nurse pointed me to the bathroom with a cup. She told me to get her a urine sample. I tried- but immediately told her I could not sit on the toilet without pooping. She told me, “DO NOT sit on the toilet then!” She had me come out and so she could check me. EIGHT CENTIMETERS. Wow. I looked at the clock. 3:30 am. They told me they would be skipping the computer input stuff at this point- I was wheeled on to the birthing suite. The nurse told the others that I was eight and to call Shanna immediately.

Once in the birthing suite the L&D checked me. She told me she thought I was more like a “good 7”. I know I must’ve given her a look like- “what the heck does it matter???” They went out and it was me and Rich. This was nice though. No IV. Just laboring. I started vomiting. Shanna arrived and came in to check me. I told her I felt like I needed to push. It was now about 4:20. She told me I was still around 8 cm. Shanna and the nurse left. Rich got me ice and a cold rag. The rag was the best. I just remember almost scrubbing my face during contractions. Eventually I was even biting the rag. It helped though. At 4:40- I yelled at Rich through my first push. I told him to go get them and tell them that I was pushing. I couldn’t help it anymore. Shanna checked me and said, “yes, we are having a baby.” Oh thank heavens I could finally push!!! I pushed a few times, then the burning started. Already!?! On about the fourth push, Shanna told me she could see the head. Oh it burned so badly. Shanna was stretching me. I yelled at her and told her she was hurting me. She just gave me a calm, silent look. Rich told me, “She has your hair baby.” Both Shanna and the nurse kept trying to get me to hold my legs; I just couldn’t seem to move though. I kept asking Rich to push my leg up for me. Ouch- I remember a thigh cramp. She was crowning. PUSH. Bite rag. Another contraction. PUSH. Bite rag. Then Shanna told me, “almost there…barely push, barely push, easy now.” It was hard to barely push with such intense contractions, but I did. Barely. Then AHHHH. The pressure released. Chloe was out. 4:57 a.m.

My beautiful baby!!! Dark hair…so round and pink. They put her on my chest. She was so beautiful!!! My heart melted. I just couldn’t believe the immediate love I felt. They took her to clean her after asking if that was okay. She was getting weighed and cleaned while Shanna delivered the placenta. She checked my external bits. No major tearing- just minimal. She told me I didn’t need stitches. Shanna barely massaged my stomach…it wasn’t the vigorous uterus massage that I recalled with Gwyneth’s birth.

Chloe weighed in at 7 lbs, 6 oz and was 20.5 inches long. Her head circumference was 13 inches.

I had the urge to push again. Odd. I told Shanna and the nurse. I guess Shanna just thought it was my uterus contracting, since she told the nurse to give me Ibuprofen. Suddenly I pushed again (by accident) and gushed quite a bit of blood. Then they decided to give me a shot of Pitocin to help my uterus contract better. Then I got the vigorous stomach massage I thought I was avoiding.

I then got to hold my baby girl for the second time ever. She was so quiet and peaceful. I nursed her for the first time. She latched right on like a champ!!! They then let me try to go to the bathroom, and to clean up somewhat. I couldn’t pee. Rich sat holding little Chloe while I was in the bathroom. He told me, “You make it look so easy, baby; I might just have to let you go for a third one.” This was definitely something I wanted to hear…and definitely NOT the moment I wanted to hear it. After getting clean, I just came out and let them do a catheter to clear my bladder. I need to pee so badly but couldn’t.

Rich hung around until around 6:30. We decided he would head on home so that we wouldn’t have to call Janice at all to help with Gwyneth. I was in the birthing suite until around 7:30 or 8. I then was wheeled up to my recovery room. It was so nice to get up there. The nurses seemed so friendly and helpful. I ordered breakfast and after an hour or so took a shower. Nurse Patty gave Chloe her first sponge bath since I felt dizzy and light-headed from losing so much blood. I napped some. There had been lots of quick phone calls and text messages. We were having visitors that afternoon.

Sabrina came to visit. As she was leaving, Lindsey and Trace showed up. After they left Lori and Mattie stopped by. It was so nice to see all these ladies and kiddos from our playgroup. Once they left- Rich brought Pat up to meet our newest addition. Pat and I ate dinner together. She left around 7. Rich ran up briefly- just to check in on ‘his girls’. Pat and Gwyneth were in the car, parked on the curb, so he couldn’t stay long. We would’ve loved to have brought Gwyneth up to meet her new sister, but since she was sick (even higher temp this day) we decided against it.

We were released the next day, after a 24 hour stay. Janice stopped in at the hospital to visit with us before we left. It was about 2 or 3 in the afternoon before we actually left the hospital. Rich came and got us. I got so emotional as we pulled into the driveway. With teary eyes- as we unloaded little Chloe, I told Rich, “My two worlds are about to collide.”

It was such an amazing birthing experience again!!! Gwyneth is a natural big sister. And little Chloe is the perfect addition to our family. We are just so blessed and thank God daily for His blessings.

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Andrew Dylan A________
Born - 02/24/2009 @ 11:47 AM
6 lbs 14 oz
19.5 in

Blake Alexander A________
Born - 02/24/2009 @ 11:53 AM
5 lbs 11 oz
18 in


02/16 - 34 w 4 d: After a very hard weekend, I was feeling very tired and frustrated with being this pregnant and huge. I didn't feel like I could go one much more like this. I had been sleeping on the couch since Christmas and was now having such a hard time just getting up and down from there. We had a NST scan tonight and a regular OB appointment. My blood pressure was up again. The doctor didn't like this at all.... The NST took forever because Baby A was, as always, asleep by the time they got to monitoring him. But both boys looked great on the scans. At the exam, they did the GBS test and an internal exam. The doctors first comment after the internal was, "Well I can feel the head and you're dilated to 3 cm." This was shocking to me as I hadn't felt any pains or anything but it also gave me the strength to say I can make it to the end of this pregnancy.

02/20 - 35 w 1 d: I had a terrible headache in the afternoon. I checked my blood pressure and found that it was high. I laid down for a bit and slept but it was still up and the headache was still there. After calling the DR, he asked that we come in to get monitored for my blood pressure and checked for toxemia. We went to the hospital around 5 PM. My blood pressure came back down and the babies were looking good on the monitor. The nurse did an exam and said I was only 1-2 cm dilated. But when the doctor arrived later, he said that I was 3+ cm dilated. We were then discharged.

02/23 - 35 w 4 d: We had a regular NST scan and DR appt this afternoon at 3:30. Both babies showed up with no problems on the NST. When the DR came in, he started talking to us about how pregnancy was a delicate balance between the healthy of the babies and the health of them mother. He said that we want to wait as long as possible before delivering the babies to ensure their health but to not risk the health of the mother at the same time. He wanted to go ahead and do an internal exam. He said that this just complicated everything a bit more. Turns out I was now dilated 5-6 cm & the bag was bulging but the babies head was not completely engaged. His concern was that if my water broke that the cord could come down first and then become compressed. As the NST did not show any contractions, he wanted us to go to the hospital for the night and be monitored for contractions and dilation.

We went home first as I had to pack a quick bag and debated on even packing stuff for the babies. I hadn't had any pains that I felt were contractions so was betting on being sent home the next day. DH decided to stay home to work on finishing the house up and our DD was staying with the ILs. I drove back over to the hospital and checked myself in at 7:00 PM.

After being hooked up to the monitors, the nurse stated that I did appear to have some irritation in the uterus and a few contractions but they were going to monitor. She came back probably 30 min or so later and said I was certainly having regular contractions. She asked if I was feeling any of them. I wasn't really feeling anything that hurt. I did notice the occasional tightening but nothing that hurt. Later they decided to go ahead and check me. I could have sworn that the nurse said I was 5-6 cm still. But just after 10 PM, the nurse came back in and told me that she has spoken with the DR. She told him I was 6-7 cm and he OK'd for me to have the epidural at any time. At this point, I called DH and he dropped everything to head to the hospital. I then called my parents and told them as they were driving 5.5 hours to get here.

Overnight, nothing much changed. The epi man came in and reviewed everything and later came back to give me the epi (even though I didn't really need it at that point). When the epi started working and my lower half had that warm & fuzzy feeling, I realized that I was tired and ended up napping for a bit.

02/24 - 35 w 5 d: Around 8:30 AM, they said that I was dilated to 9 cm and called the DRs back to the hospital. One was stuck in a surgery and the other was at a visit at their office. While waiting on them, I received a dosage of antibiotics. Finally after 10 AM, they moved us back to the OR for delivery. The epi was no where near as strong as it had been. I was actually able to use my legs and hips enough to move myself onto the OR table. In the OR, they started pitocin in small doses to help the contractions along. The DR broke my bag of water at this point. This was like the flood gates on the river opened up! Sadly enough, this was only the bag for Baby A.

The DR was massaging the cervix to help in dilation too (that's something I can go forever without having and not miss it one bit!). We started to try to push a bit but the baby still didn't seem to be coming down any. Our other DR arrived and had me do some pushes. We discovered that Baby A was sunny side up (Facing up instead of down) and this is why he wasn't moving. They said that I was going to have to push hard to get him moving. They were also having a hard time keeping him on the monitors. They went through 3 different internal monitors as well trying to get him to show up. I felt like I was pushing my brains out and so hard that I ended up not being able to breathe because my nose was stopped up! After pushing and pushing, Baby A did start moving and finally came right on out at 11:47 AM. Andrew Dylan was born weighing in at 6 lbs 14 oz and 19.5 in long. The DRs worked to deliver the placenta for Baby A while the first nursery team was checking him over.

Next they broke the bag for Baby B. I had a bit to rest but felt like things were just moving right on ahead even if I was ready or not! I started pushing to deliver Baby B. Just 6 minutes after Andrew entered this world, Baby B came into this world at 11:53 AM. Blake Alexander was born weighing in at 5 lbs 11 oz and 18 in long. The DRs then delivered the placenta for Baby B. When DH came over to tell me that both were beautiful and doing just fine, I finally let loose and cried at this point. Amazingly enough, I had only one single that was fixed with one stitch. I was laughing and commented that I was able to see my feet again already while still on the OR table.

Once the babies were cleaned up and checked over to make sure all was fine, they brought both over for me to see and kiss. At this point, DH went with them to the nursery and I was moved back to the L&D room for recovery. DH came in and told me that our DD kept asking for Momma. I cried as they rolled me out of the room and I saw her for the first time just standing there waiting to see her Momma. After an hour in there I was moved back to a postpartum room and was able to hold my boys for the first time. Now Baby B actually did not have his name picked until the next morning. We were still working on picking names out for both babies while in labor. Everyone thought it was just too funny that we were sitting in there with the name book going through different name combinations.

The first night was really, REALLY hard because neither DH or I had really slept since Sunday night. But with my mother staying here the first two weeks, things have not been really bad. I started trying to BF but that hasn't went so well. Andrew would latch on some but I could not get Blake to latch on at all. I finally decided to just pump and feed them breast milk as long as that lasts. With doing this, everyone else also gets to help take care of the boys feedings too.

We were all discharged normally from the hospital on 02/26. Each of the boys had only lost 3 oz each from their birth weight. They were both jaundice but as of a week old, both billirubin levels were on the decline finally.

Andrew (left) & Blake (right)

Blake (left) & Andrew (right)

I love my boys's picture
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Conner Joseph
born: February 26th at 1:38 pm.
wt: 6lb 10oz
length: 18"

I will post a birth story soon!

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Tucker James
2/26/09 8:11am
9lb 13.5oz 21"

I had a scheduled c-section for 2/26 but went into labor the night of the 25th. My labor really picked up and went from 6 to 5 to 4 to 3 mins apart from 7pm the night before to 4am. We decided to go in a little bit early just to have me checked, as I had been dilated to a 4 since Tuesday, the 24th. We left for the hospital at 4:30am, but all rooms were taken, so I had to wait until another baby was born. My c-section was scheduled for 7:15am, but my doctor was busy delivering other babies. I didn't get into the OR until about 7:45ish and then they had to do the spinal block. I had been really dreading that part more than anything, but my nurse was wonderful and let me squeeze her hands hard and tried to distract me by talking about my kids. The c-section began and they positioned a mirror at such an angle that I could see the side of my belly the whole time. It wasn't freaky at all because I didn't see the gory details. I watched the doctor pull out what looked like a cellophane shopping bag and puncture it. I couldn't believe that was the amniotic sac...way different than I had imagined! Then the doctor said, "Wow, this is a really big baby!" I watched them pull Tucker out and place him on my lap. He only let out a tiny little cry. The pediatric nurse worked on him but he was only gurgling, so they took him off to the NICU for the next 6 hours because his lungs were so filled with fluid that he was "singing" as they called it. I was terrified for him! They did weigh him in the OR and everyone in the room was astounded when the scale read 9lb 13.5oz! I had been guessing 9lb 2oz and my doctor guessed 9lb even. I never thought that I'd have such a large baby...but he still seems small to me, especially when Paige and Shawn are holding him.

The NICU nurses were wonderful at giving me updates on Tucker. He also had low blood sugar readings twice due to me probably developing gestational diabetes toward the end of pregnancy (which also explains why he weighs so much compared to my other two babies). At about 2:15pm 2/26, they finally brought him to me and he nursed like a champ! The post partum wing of the hospital was so packed, that I didn't even leave L & D until late that night! We were up most of the night because Tucker finally started coughing and clearing his lungs of thick mucous. Oh, and he doesn't even fit into newborn sized diapers. He went straight into size one! No wonder my body hurt so much, carrying around a nearly 10 lb baby! I'm not even 5'5"!
Of course, I'm totally in love and soaking up each baby noise :D. His skin is like velvet and his chubby little cheeks just make me smile. His hair is brown and I think he'll have brown eyes. He's got the same coloring as Paige and looks so much like her as a baby (despite a nearly two pound difference). He's 11 days old today and is such an easygoing little guy. I'm so blessed to have three beautiful, healthy children!

The night before he was born:

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William Thomas (AliciaD)
Born on his due date - March 9th
9:10 pm via c-section
6 pounds 14 ounces
21 inches long

Posted my birthing story on the board already

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Levi Trevor M....
Born Wednesday March 11th 2009 at 8.14am
Weighing 7lb13oz and 53 cm long
Born at 4w2d

Considering this little man was due March 2nd i was due to be induced on Wednesday at 3.00pm. I started having irregular contractions on Monday 9th at 5.17pm. Was timing these on the contraction master lol. They were so crazy, 10mins, 6 mins, 15mins all over the place. I didn’t get much sleep at all Monday night and ended up in Levi’s room on the floor with my laptop timing my contractions. At 4am i called the hospital and asked the midwife what i should do. By this time i was having contractions about 7-5 mins apart. The midwife said to wait till they were consistently about 3-5 mins apart and then to call them back. So i went back to bed and tried to get more sleep.

Tuesday 10th was still having contractions, all over the place all day at 11.30am i called the midwives again and they said there was nothing they could do until they were 5 mins apart. 9pm and i was in total pain. I said to greg that i wasn’t gonna have the energy to give birth to him if i didn’t get any sleep. So we called the hospital and went in to see what was happening. The midwife did and internal and i was still only 2cm but my cervix was getting ready. They gave me some panadine to make the pain a bit better (not that it helped) and sent me home, the pain was horrible i just threw everything up. Every contraction was making me feel sick and i threw up all the water that i kept drinking.

2.00am and i woke up for the hundredth time from a contraction, they were about 5 mins apart from what i could tell so i told greg to call the hospital again. Of course we got a different midwife and she said they were prob BH and we could come in if we wanted. So we went into the hospital and they did another internal and i was only 3cm, they gave me a peth injection so i could get some sleep at 3am. I finally got some sleep and woke up at 5 am with more contractions. I got into the bath and started having the gas. I think i was in there for a couple of hours. When i got out my contractions were 2mins apart. At 7.30am they did the midwife change over and the new midwives came in and could see that i was obviously in labour. They got me onto the bed to see how i was going. I was in so much pain at this point, they did another internal and i was now 8cm. They broke my waters at this time and saw that Levi had done a poo, they put the monitor on his head and got me standing up.
As soon as i stood up i felt the instant feeling i needed to push. The poor midwives had nothing ready.

I was pushing for about 15 mins and my little boy was born. A nice shade of blue lol. I had no tearing or need to be cut just have a few internal scratches that didn’t require stitching thank goodness.

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Marley Claire
Born on march 15th 2009 6:19 am
7 lb 11 oz, 20 1/4" long

My contractions started on Tuesday March 10th at 2:00 am. I called my doctor and was sent to the hospital. I was having strong contractions, but not dilating. They could only make me comfortable because I was considered pre-term because of an early ultrasound that dated my due date to April 6th. After contracting at home all week, finally on Saturday night the contractions got so bad I couldn't even walk and was in so much pain that I was crying, so at 9:30 I decided to go back to the hospital even if they couldn't dilate me I needed something. Luckily they checked me and I was at 5 cm so considered me to be in active labor and decided to admit me. I was up in the air about pain management and asked to get into the tub first, but they told me I couldn't because my blood pressure was borderline high and they didn't want me to sit in the hot water. So I decided to go with the epidural. SWEET RELIEF. I don't think I would have made it through the night without it, especially after contracting and no sleep all week long. They knew this so I had the epi in before I was there even an hour. I continued to contract every 2 min with very strong contractions all night long, luckily I couldn't feel them anymore, just see them on the monitor. I was contracting so hard that my body was shivering even though I couldn't feel the pain. They checked me a couple hours after recieving the epi and I was dilated to an 8!!! I was so excited I thought it would take forever, but my body just needed a little break to help itself progress. At 4:30 am I was checked again and was at a full 10, but the doctor was in a surgery and the baby had not made her way down yet so they let me enjoy my epi a little longer so the baby could work her way down a little lower. My doctor came in a little after 5 am and checked me and said I can try pushing if I was up to it, so I said yes I am!!! I really had the urge now.... So with every contraction I gave 3 huge pushes. I don't know where I got this burst of energy, but I gave my all when I was pushing. Finally at 6:19, after 59 min of pushing Marley Claire was born! It was such an amazing delivery after that long week and everyone was so emotional. She was amazing and healthy! They laid her on my belly and cleaned her off, then took her to be weighed while they doctors finished up with me. I just had a tiny little tear right night to my pee hole (not the fun spot when you have to go to the bathroom) and had to get two stitches. DH stayed with her the whole time she was on the warming table and he put on her first little diaper. We are both so in love with her, I just can't believe how amazing being a mommy is! She has a full head of dark hair, and a little birth mark above her right eye.

Here are some pictures of my girl....

Right after she was born:


Daddy putting on her first diaper:



Getting ready to leave the hospital:

Sitting in her swing:

The faces she makes crack me up!

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Gryphon kendrick
Born March 25 @39w5d
8:02am 8lbs 3.7oz and 18.5 inches long

will post a birth story later. Right now i am just to tired to think lol.

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Claire Inara L
April 1st 6:36 pm
40 wks 4 days
7 lbs 7 oz 20 inches

Fiance and I got to the hospital at 445 am and checked in for my induction, which was set for 5. We got up to the room, I changed and a really wonderful nurse came in to start a three mile long list of questions. For the hour she was taking care of me (shift change was at 6) she was amazing. She was friendly and talkative and very funny. The next nurse wasnt so fun. She was very to the point and only occasionally made a joke or tried to be super friendly. Anyway, the first nurse got me hooked up to the monitors and she asked me if I was feeling the contractions. I turned to the screen and gave it, and her, the most confused look. Turns out I was have regular contractions 3 minutes apart, but it just felt like the baby was moving around. So then she got the IV in and started the pitocin and got me on my way. I sat there for two hours, not really feeling anything except the slightest bit of back pain (hooray for 13 hours of back labor!) My OB came in at 7 and broke my water. That was definitely an unusual feeling. When he was done he told me that little monster had already let loose some meconium so when it came time to push, I would have to stop once her head was out and let them suction her throat. After that contractions got bad, and fast. They checked me several times over the next few hours, and I stayed at 1-2 cm for at 3 hours, managed to eventually get to 3, and then 4. During one of the internals the nurse made a comment that made me so excited. After the first 3 or four hours of contracting painfully and nothing actually happening, I finally dilated enough to get the epidural. She said that baby had a nice head of hair on her. Unfortunately it took at least an hour to prep me and wait for the anesthesiologist to finish with the woman next door. Finally he comes in, asks a billion questions that I've already answered many times before. He asked me if I would be ok with student doing the epi. My fiance (who has always hated the idea of an epi and worried endlessly about my safety) was probably close to having a fit when I didn't immediately say no. The anesthesiologist said the student was just about to graduate, and was very good at it.He had just done the lady's before me. It took a little convincing, but my fiance agreed to it (I know it's my decision and I probably should have been more worried about a student doing it, but I let him decide because I know he's just looking out for me). The guy came in, set everything up, and it turned out to not be bad at all. The meds finally kicked and my legs were so numb, it actually almost hurt a little. Things were kinda slow and boring for a while after that. My brother, several of my SIL's, and some friends visited for about two hours. Somewhere in the midst of that the epi started wearing off, but only in one small area of my belly. The pain got back up to where it was before the epi, so they gave me another dose. That lasted until about 430 pm.
So after 9 hours of boring, and generally unevental labor, I finally got 5 cm. About an hour later the nurse came in to check me again (she had an errand to run, and last time she did that during someone's labor, the baby was delivered before she even got back) and I was a full 10. That shocked me. I had to get out my phone and start texting my mom to get her back in the room.
The nurse had me do a few practice pushes, and she said nothing was really happening ( I was still COMPLETELY numb, everywhere) and baby hadn't dropped enough. They had me sit with my legs in a weird and uncomfortable position for half an hour to get her to come down a little. Then, even though I was still numb, she had me started pushing. By that point the epi had started wearing off on my left side again. I pushed for at least an hour and a half before the nurse called my OB in. When he got there I guess things were picking up so he started doing a putting-on-his-scrubs-and-gloves dance. It was comical. That man is the greatest doctor ever. I pushed for a few minutes and apparently baby wasn't quite fitting so he tried to make room without cutting. That didn't work so he made a small cut on the inside (that's fiance says. i couldnt actually see that part) but that didnt work either so he to finally give me a 2nd degree episiotomy. Another few minutes of pushing and she eventually crowned, then her head came out and I spent a painful 5 minutes waiting for them to suction her throat. A few more pushes and little girl was out and screaming. It was so amazing. I was surprised to find myself watching everything happen. It was kinda mesmerizing, not weird like I expected. The OB spent a good 10 minutes sewing me up, which wasn't fun, but I spent the time listening to the funny conversations, and watching little girl being cleaned up.

Overall, it was pretty pleasant as far labors go.
I've got some pictures of her right after she was born.

Fiance started crying so hard when they handed her to me. He had to go to the bathroom and try to calm down, but it didn't help much. So when he went to the waiting room to announce her, the first reaction everyone had was "Oh S***, what happened." He said that his mom immediately exclaimed "Nooo!" (she's the only mother we know who has had a loss like that) and my brother said it was the scariest moment of his life. My fiance had to reassure everyone little girl was ok and that he was crying because he was happy.

my brother holding her.

her first bath

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May Victoria
April 5th 7:52am
42 wks 1 day
9 lbs 8 oz 21 inches

She finally made her entrance on April 5th at 7:52am. She weighed 9.5lbs and was 21" long.

She was 15 days overdue, so they had me come in Friday pm for a cervical ripening--which I was less than thrilled about, as I really wanted to avoid an induction and have a natural childbirth. The nurse told me that they had to do constant fetal heart monitoring, which I refused. I was going to go home when the midwife on call called to talk to me. We agreed to do 20min of monitoring per hour, so in went the cervadil.

Around 3-4am I started having bad cramping and hip pain, and labor started on its own (no pitocin needed) around 8am, although it felt like it had started hours before thanks to the cervadil. I was happy to avoid pitocin, though.

I dialated pretty rapidly, and was at 8cm by 3:30pm Sat when they broke my water--which they had a very hard time doing. The midwife finally had an OB come in, and even he struggled for quite awhile before getting it to break. No meconium in the fluid, so that was good. I was soon at 9cm, but then things came to a halt. Contractions weren't getting closer together, and I was in absolute constant misery from the hip pain. May must've been in a bad position in my pelvis. The only relief I got was in the shower, but even then when the contractions came, it was horrible. As I had been at 9cm since about 5-6pm, I thought for sure I'd have the baby before midnight, but I was wrong. Around 11pm I got stadol, but it didn't do a thing for me. I was afraid the lack of progress, and the fact that I was dead tired (falling asleep standing up between contractions) would make me end up with a c-section. So after talking to my midwife I agreed to an epidural. So much for natural childbirth, but at that point I didn't give a $%&@. I just wanted relief and to get that baby out!! Unfortunately the anesthesiologist had just gone into a c-section when they called in for the eppy. So I ended up waiting nearly two hours before I got it. But it was instant relief and I was blessing whoever created epidurals. Biggrin I slept from 2-4am and when the nurse checked me at 4am I was at a 10. So they had me "labor down" for an hour and then started pushing. The baby was pretty low in my pelvis, but my contractions were still 4-8min apart, despite a pitocin drip that was started when I got my eppy. They had me push anyway, it just took longer b/c I had to wait so long between contractions. After over 2hrs of pushing (which wasn't as bad as it seems b/c I had lots of rest between pushes), she crowned, and I had to wait ages before the next contraction to finish pushing her out. That was very painful, but it helped to stretch my perineum so that she came out during the next push--all 9.5lbs of her without any tearing at all. Yahoo

Then I hemorrhaged a gallon of blood. My midwife was awesome, though--calm, cool and collected. She took care of it by shoving 3 cytotec pills up my rectum. I had May on my chest and we were occupied with her, so I didn't know how badly I had hemorrhaged until much later. She anticipated the hemorrhage b/c of my age (37) and how long I'd been in labor. Plus, she said I had a "funky" uterus so she was expecting it to take a vacation and think it didn't have to contract anymore. They kept me on a mild pitocin drip for the next 12hrs to make sure my uterus kept contracting. After that, I was fine. The eppy wore off quickly, and the nurse couldn't believe how quickly I was up out of bed considering how much blood I'd lost and the eppy making my legs numb.

We've been home nearly a week now, and May is doing really well. She's breastfeeding well, and is very good--only cries when she's hungry or when she's getting her diaper changed--or disturbed in some other fashion. I'm really lucky to have such a good baby. I thought throughout my pregnancy that I was having a boy (we didn't learn the sex), so it was quite a surprise when dh announced she was a girl. It took me a few days to wrap my head around the fact, but now that I have, I can't imagine her being anything but a girl. Smile

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DISCLAIMER: This birth story is filled with some pretty negative medical stuff. If you are lurking and are trying to focus on positive birth experiences, I would maybe skip this one.

After being diagnosed with high blood pressure and protein in my urine on Thursday 3/26, I was placed on bed rest. I was dilated to 3 and 60-70% effaced, so the doctor expected I would go into labor on my own over the weekend. We scheduled a non stress test and ultrasound on Monday 3/30 to see where we were at. I didn't go into to labor on my own that weekend and we were pretty disappointed.

On 3/30, my urine came back very high in protein, my blood pressure was even higher, and the ultrasound showed a decrease in fluid level. After lots of discussion, for the sake of my health and the baby's, we decided it was time to induce. I talked the doctor into a very low level of pitocin, just to hopefully get me started. We started that at 7pm. Because of the blood pressure, I had to also go on magnesium, which I was told would stop me from having seizures.

By 10:30 I had made no progress and was not really contracting. We decided to rupture my membranes. Almost immediately I started a regular pattern of contractions, but the doctor was having trouble with the outside monitors, so I had to have internal monitors placed in for measuring contractions and fetal heart rate. I also had to have a catheter since I was now completely strapped to the bed. I think placing all these monitors inside hurt worse than any of the contractions.

DH was wonderful and helped me through each contraction which were now coming on strong and frequent. I had previously wanted to try and go natural as possible. However, my blood pressure kept increasing with each time it was taken. At one point it was 168/107. All I could think about was how I was going to have a seizure. I couldn't calm down. I knew the epidural would lower my blood pressure, so I requested one at 1:30am.
When the epi took affect, my blood pressure immediately decreased. Unfortunately, the epidural only lasted about 45 minutes. It seemed to just wear off. I tried to get through more and more of the contractions. At 5am I was fully dilated and effaced, and the nurse said I could start pushing.
Pushing actually helped relieve the intensity of the contractions.Each push was absolutely exhausting. The nurse was confused about how much pain I was in considering the epidural. She gave it a "booster", but it pretty much did nothing to help. At one point she gave the booster button over to DH and told him to push it as needed, but nothing helped relieve the pain. By 6:45am I was still pushing at not making any progress bringing the baby down. I was wearing out completely.

The doctor came in a little after 7am and did an internal exam in between pushing. He said that the baby was in a transverse position, and I was not going to be able to push him out without intervention. He called for forceps and a vacuum. I was hysterical. I did not want either, but had been pushing for over two hours with no progress. The doc said my only other option was a c-section. We decided on the vacuum. The doctor told me this needed to be the push of all pushes. The next contraction came and he came out at 7:28am. It was so amazing. My DH started crying like a baby himself. They placed him on me and we said "what is it?" and started crying all over again when they said boy. I got to hold him a few minutes and then they took him to the other side of the room to be cleaned off.

My doc was doing all the after birth stuff, but I wasn't paying too much attention. The doctor's tone began to change and get more serious. He started massaging very strongly on my stomach saying the placenta wasn't coming. He tried that for several more minutes. I heard him tell the nurse to get an anesthesiologist team and an OR booked STAT. The next thing I know, I am signing papers that say I can be given a blood transfusion if needed and they are wheeling me out. They hand the baby to DH and say they will come and update him, and everyone leaves the room. (DH said he was unbelievably freaked out). I get in the OR and the anesthesiologist says he can use the epidural during the procedure instead of a general anesthesia. I tell him the epidural didn't work and I could feel everything. After checking a few things, he agreed and I went under general anesthesia. The procedure to manual extract the placenta took over an hour where I lost a LOT of blood. I was also in recovery for 1 1/2 hours. Next time I saw DH and the baby, the baby was cleaned up and in our room.

The whole experience was so vastly different from what I was expecting. I so wanted something natural, but I think short of a c-section, I had about every medical intervention there was. I do know for sure, that he was worth every second of it all!

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The Birth of Whitney Kristine
Here it goes:

on Sunday 3/22 i was having on again off again contractions that I attributed to braxton hicks. We put all the kids to bed at 9pm and I started feeling crampy. I tried walking around, eating something, laying in bed taking a bath etc etc but the crampy feeling would not go away. (My DH has sleeping problems and sometimes takes sleeping pills) at 11pm i told him to go ahead and take one Im sure I am fine. at 12:15 I called my MW and said the cramps wont go away it hurts but i can still talk through them. She said go ahead and come in...

My dh was totally out LOL and when I woke him up was so confused as to what i was saying to him. Originally we were going to take all the kids but i decided I didnt want to wake them up incase this was fake. So i tried calling my sister and mom and no one answers (of course) so i told my DH to go over to my sisters and wake her up. He goes over luckily they left their front door unlocked and he had to go wake her up my BIL said it was so surreal to have my DH whispering Melissa Melissa I need you to wake up. (we have laughed pretty hard a few times over all of this) So she comes over and we left for the birth center.

My Dh is drving like he is drunk (because of the pill) and i of course am telling him how to drive becuase it is really hurting.. we make it there fine! I got right in the tub. They checked me and i was only 3 cm but she said I was in labor so at least it wasnt a false alarm. at that point they were coming every 2 minutes.

My Dh sat at the end of the tub in a rocking chair drinking coffee.. his only job was to fill my tub with hot water, get me water and talk when i said lol! at one point he and the midwife were trying to show me how to moan "low" and i just told them both to shut up

at 3am I was still only at 6 but the baby was super low. I opted to have her break my water because it was still in tact. After she broke my water I had one more strong contraction and then said I was going to push. She was born at 3:14 am.

She is absolutely beautiful and i cant believe she is finally here. The best part is that she does NOT have downs. Talk about an emotional bubble being popped. i cant even explain how we feel about having her here and NOT have downs.

We dont know who she looks like but we dont care! I got the birth that i wanted and loved it!