March 2010 Spaces!!! *Sticky*
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Thread: March 2010 Spaces!!! *Sticky*

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    Default March 2010 Spaces!!! *Sticky*

    March Mommas

    Welcome to March and a HH9M to you all!

    Please reserve your spot AFTER you get your BFP!

    Spaces are reserved for pictures of our growing bellies, ultrasound photos, and nursery shots.

    * This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

    * Reserve your "space" once you get your BFP and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of YOUR post.

    * Because this is already a picture heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by unchecking the "Show your signature" button before your hit submit to post your message.

    * Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!

    Also, check out this thread for some fun blinkies to add to your spaces & signatures!
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    I'm having such a hard time keeping up, I'm going to bow out and call myself a lurker.
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    The best Father's Day pressie ever! EDD March 2nd, 2010!!

    again, at 15dpo ("just in case ya know")

    gotta love that!
    First pregnant belly pic....

    6 weeks 4 days.

    almost 10 weeks.

    16 weeks 5 days

    23.5 weeks...growing and growing.

    25 weeks

    27 weeks

    31 weeks!

    34 weeks.

    35 weeks

    36 weeks

    Baby's First photo! 7 weeks 4 days. Measuring 8 weeks 0 days

    10/06/09 We found out we are having another beautiful BOY!!!! We are so thrilled!!!!! His name is Christopher Cohen. We'll call him Cohen.

    21 week u/s. Cohen weighs 15 oz.

    At Cohen's 23 week u/s he weighed 1 lb. 4 oz.!

    29 week 3D u/s.....he weighed 3 lbs. 3 oz!
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    Default Kim's Space :)

    6-23-09 #3 EDD March 2, 2010

    Bean's first pic 7-20-09 measuring 8 weeks 0 days.
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    Removing space...confirmed m/c 8/13
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    Default Here goes nothing.

    Baby #1 - ETA 03/05/2010

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    Default I can't beleive it...

    Metallic Text Generator at
    Multi-styled Text Generator at

    Metallic Text Generator at
    Hello! My name is Searcy and DH is Payton. We got married 2/14/09, but we've been together for 5 and friends for 6. He is my one and only. This will the first child for both of us. Both Ruby and Jenny said I would get a BFP in either June or July. I'm so excited to be having a baby boy!

    IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Metallic Text Generator at




    Metallic Text Generator at

    06/30/09: Bloodwork to confirm (Confirmed 07/02/09)
    07/13/2009: Initial bloodwork, family background, pap smear

    08/11/2009:Check for heartbeat: Heartbeat sounds STRONG, LOUD, and FAST!!!
    08/24/2009: First Sono, blood work, check heartbeat
    09/21/2009: Blood work

    Metallic Text Generator at


    Metallic Text Generator at

    Pre-Pregnancy: 205
    4 Weeks: 206
    5 Weeks: 209
    6 Weeks: 213 (taken at the Dr's office)
    7 Weeks: 211
    8 Weeks: 213
    9 Weeks: 213
    10 Weeks: 212 (Taken at Dr's office)
    11 Weeks: 211
    12 Weeks: 210
    13 Weeks: 207
    14 Weeks: 208
    18 Weeks: 212
    19 Weeks: 216
    20 Weeks: 219
    23 Weeks: 224 (Taken at Dr's Office)
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    EDD: March 8th!

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    DD - Jessica, June, 2005 ~ DS - Kyle, September, 2007 ~ DD - Michaela, March 2010

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    Chris and I are expecting our first child together and based on LMP my due date is Feb.26th, 2010 (I have long cycles and with ultrasound testing my due date is Mar.2nd, 2010). This baby will be my 5th child!

    Ultrasound at 6weeks 2days...

    Ultrasound at 9weeks...

    Ultrasound at 13weeks...

    Gestational Age: 13weeks2days
    Crown to Rump Length: 62.8mm (Head to Bum)
    NT: 2.2mm
    Heartrate: 158BPM

    Ultrasound at 20weeks...

    Ultrasound at 21weeks... IT'S A GIRL!!!!

    14 weeks pregnant

    24 weeks pregnant

    29 weeks pregnant

    30 weeks pregnant

    31 weeks pregnant

    32 weeks pregnant

    33 weeks pregnant

    34 weeks pregnant

    35 weeks pregnant

    36 weeks pregnant

    37 weeks pregnant

    38 weeks pregnant

    40 weeks pregnant
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    #3 is on the way!!! EDD 13th of March 2010!!

    I'm Amber and I'm married to Nathan. We have a DS Tyler (July 06) and a DD Addison (August 08 ). With DS & DD we found out what we were having and since we have one of each and this will be our last baby we have decided to keep this one a surprise!!!

    4th July - BFP
    25th July - First dr's appt, bloodwork
    1st August - First U/S, H/B 171 BPM, EDD change from 10th to 13th
    27th August - 2nd U/S, H/B 167 BPM, Measuring 1 day a head but keeping the same EDD
    24rd September - Was sent for a upper abdominal U/S because of bad pain the U/S lady was nice enough to take a small peak at baby to make sure s/he was ok. H/B 141
    17th October - Our BIG U/S but we stayed strong and didn't find out the gender!! Yay us lol. Little one looked great, measuring a few days ahead but keeping the same EDD. H/B 143

    ~U/S Pictures~

    ~Belly Pictures~

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