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Thread: March 2010 Spaces!!! *Sticky*

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    BF graduate - Hypatia nursed for 2 years 1 month and 3 weeks!

    Renay - due 3/24/10, born too soon 8/5/09

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    BFP Pics here:

    Belly Pics:

    Seven Weeks

    8 Weeks

    Thirteen Weeks

    Fifteen Weeks

    Sixteen Weeks

    Twenty Weeks

    1st Aug 12th - Heard the Heatbeat

    2nd Aug 20th - U/S
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    My girls

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    Kelli's Space

    Hudson Slade was born March 19, 2010 at 9 lbs 4 oz. and 22 inches long.

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    EDD: March 21, 2010

    Hi, my name is Jen and DH is Darin! We have been married for just over a year, and are currently expecting our first baby in March! I guess March is the perfect month for us, because we won't be finding out the sex until delivery day! So there is lots of green in store for this baby!

    BFP: July 8, 2009

    8 Weeks:

    12 Weeks:

    8.04.09 - Prenatal Interview! Filled out lots of medical history papers. Tried to get bloodwork done, but no one could find a vein!

    8.07.09 - Lab tech finds a vein! Woohoo! She takes 4 vials of blood and my pee in a cup!

    8.10.09 - Pink spotting in the early AM. Brought in for an ultrasound at noon -- baby looks great! HB 183. Measuring 5 days ahead. No reason found for the spotting. Put on pelvic rest for one week.

    8.17.09 - Brown spotting in the afternoon.

    8.18.09 - Brought in for pelvic exam due to spotting. Everything looks fine - no blood, cervix nice and closed. Thought to be residual old blood from spotting episode last week. HB found right away with doppler.

    9.02.09 - First official OB appointment! 12 week check. HB in the 160's. Doc says I have tons of pelvic room for a petite person! Everything looks great.

    9.10.09 - NT Scan. Baby wouldn't cooperate! HB 166. Still measuring roughly 5 days ahead. It took the tech an hour and a half, plus the doctor, to finally get the measurements! Gave a small sample of blood for hormone check, and will get our results in one week.

    9.16.09 - Results came back great! Our odds are 1 in 17,000 for Downs Syndrome and 1 in 36,000 for Trisomy 18. Genetic Counselor tells us that is excellent and perfectly normal. Phew!

    10.08.09 - 16 week appointment. Everything looks great! HB in the 160's again -- no problem finding it at ALL! Nothing too exciting at this visit, just a belly check! Starting to feel fetal movement this week!

    11.04.09 - 20 week ultrasound and appointment. Baby looks perfect! Measuring right on where he or she should be (except for the legs which are measuring a week ahead right now! Tech said that was normal for this stage, though!). Baby was weighing in at 13 ounces, HB was a loud, strong 148. Heart, brain, kidneys, stomach, bladder and spine check out beautifully! We even got to see the baby swallowing amniotic fluid during the 4D! Ultrasound tech knew what we were having (baby was spread eagle!), but we didn't peek!

    12.01.09 - 24 week appointment. Just your typical belly check! I've officially gained 15 pounds! HB was loud and strong and lovely! Had my belly measured with the tape measurer thing for the first time! Everything looking spot on.

    12.10.09 - Glucose test. Ew, awful! Orange drink wasn't cold yet (they'd just restocked the fridge) and it took her four pokes to finally draw blood! So instead of blood drawn at 60 minutes, I had blood drawn at 90 minutes! The lab technician said it shouldn't skew my results. We shall see!

    12.29.09 - 28 week appointment. Passed my glucose test! Yay! Doc said everything looked great and right on track (even though my belly is measuring a week ahead! ). Baby's HB was 144 and kept moving away from the doppler! So cute. Blood pressure was great, weight is fine (though I feel like a whale...). Nice, routine appointment!

    1.13.10 - 30 week appointment. Belly measuring 31.5cm (up 1/2 cm from my last visit) and looking great! BP was 110/70 -- looking good so far! HB was 150, and weight gain is right on target.

    1.19.10 - Having tons of BH's, so I called the doctor. They brought me in for an NST. Baby seems fine, but I am having contractions, so doctor does a cervical check. I'm a fingertip dilated and thinned. Prescribed 5 mg of Terbutaline to slow down the contractions, and bedrest until my follow-up on Friday.

    1.20.10 - Biophysical ultrasound. Perfect score! Baby looks great! No signs of stress, despite the contractions. We got the cutest little chubby cheek pictures!

    1.22.10 - Follow-up appointment. Cervical check shows no change... whew! I've decided I don't like the Terb, but I'm still having a ton of contractions, so the doctor puts me on bedrest until 36 weeks. That's 4 weeks from now!!

    1.26.10 - 32 week appointment. I've still been having a ton of BH's, even though I've been on bedrest, so the doctor lectured me about not taking the Terb and instructed me to take it from now on. He checked my cervix and I'm still only a fingertip, but very "flat". Boo. Baby's heart beat sounded great, though! Belly measuring perfectly, too!

    2.9.10 - 34 week appointment. Great appointment! Doctor says everything looks fantastic and right on track! Got my Group B Strep swab. That was unexpected! I thought it was done at 36 weeks! Hopefully I'll get my results next week! Also got a cervix check, and I'm still less than a centimeter dilated, and soft. So far, so good! Put on weekly appointments now just to keep an eye on the preterm stuff.

    2.16.10 - 35 week appointment.

    Lilypie Maternity tickers
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    EDD:March 23, 2010

    A Little About Me
    My name is Sarah and I'm 19. My boyfriend's name is Michael and he's 22. We live in Texas and are currently both students. I'm in nursing school (will be taking Spring semester off, starting back up in Summer semester II). Michael is in the fire academy, followed by EMT school in the Spring. Both of us are crossing our fingers for a baby boy, but of course will be happy either way! Michael has a 2 year old daughter, Talyn, and is taking care of her brother Tye as if he were his own. We're going to have our hands full for sure, but I'm definitely anticipating the future

    BFP:July 18, 2009

    8 weeks


    IT'S A BOY!!!!!!

    August 17th, 2009 Saw jellybean for the third time (first two times were in the hospital), so precious!
    September 14, 2009 Heard heartbeat, in the 160s. Set date for gender scan (Oct. 16!)
    October 16, 2009 Had our anatomy and gender scan today. Everything was perfect. Found out baby is a BOY!!! Every little part of his body is growing and developing perfectly. Heart rate of 145. I got amazing pictures and I couldn't have been more happy after this appointment. Since I conceived on the pill it's hard to say a real good estimate for a due date. But at this appointment baby boy was measuring about a week ahead. Got diagnosed with shingles, put on antivirals, and received flu shot. In two weeks I'll have a regular OB appointment. Total weight gain at this point is 10 lbs according to home scale, 12 according to OB's.

    My Growing Belly!

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