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Thread: May 08 - May Spaces, EDDs, Gender Predictions

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    Default Shyanna's May Space

    EDD~May 28, 2008 It's a girl!!!
    BFP~September 27, 2007
    DH~ TJ (married August 24, 2003)
    DS~Xavier (June 18,2003)
    DD~Alyssa (September 1, 2005)
    I don't have bump pictures yet on pc will soon )

    together Xavier Alyssa Xavier alyssa
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    Default Cheryl's May Space

    Many moons later I am making one....

    Cheryl - 28, Robin - 29

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    Katie's May Space!

    First u/s at 8 weeks 4 days!

    23 weeks!


    27 weeks!

    Belly Photo at 27 weeks.
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    Default Kimberly's May Space!!

    Well considering I am less than 3 months from my due date I figured it was high time for me to create my very own May Space!

    BFP: September 12th
    LMP Due Date: May 13th, 2008
    First Ultrasound: December 27th
    Second Ultrasound: January 2nd-Due date changed to May 20th
    3D Ultrasound: January 25th-IT'S A BOY!!!
    Me and my fiancee Tim in June 07

    Our handsome boy! Mr. Cael Ian Everett....

    Belly Pics!
    16 Weeks 20 Weeks
    24 Weeks28 Weeks
    32 Weeks 36 Weeks
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    Talking Das Boogs: The Preggo

    Long before I joined up at, I was doing pretty much the same thing on my myspace. Anyway, here's pics of my pregnancy...

    Somewhere in the land of 2004, I met Mein Booger, Jesse. We were friends at this time, but you would never know it.

    Around June 2006, we started dating. 3 months later, he left 500 miles away to go to school in Susnaville, CA to become a gunsmith. (Ironic fact: at the age of 15, Jesse shot his eye out with a BB gun but still has a profound love of guns.)

    We saw each other 6 times over the 9 month span he was in school. In June 2007, we moved to Reno together with Lulu, the Pug Child.

    Three months later, Sept. 29, 2007, we got married in Reno. No, he's not biting my lips off...

    And then we shot machine guns...

    Of course, September 7, 2007, I found out I was pregnant. I took two tests that day but Jesse wanted to go to planned parenthood to get another "real" test taken, so September 14, 2007, we got the confirmation of pregnancy slip. I was 6 weeks pregnant by then and this was what I looked like the day after we got our third confirmation:

    Around 11 weeks, maybe I'm bloated, maybe I'm showing, who knows...

    At 13 weeks, we finally broke the news to our family. My mom requested a photo. This is what I sent her lol!

    One of the Holiday Photos we took to send to our family at 17 weeks:

    Finally at almost 18 weeks, we get to see our little guy for the first time! He even looked directly at us in the first shot! In the center shot, you can see how perfect he is relaxing. And at the bottom, that's the doctor giving us proof that he is indeed male.

    At 20 weeks, people WANTED to see the belly. So I showed them. From that point on, I said "No one gets to touch the pregnant lady! I'm not a Buddah. Rubbing my tummy will not give you good luck or bring you fortune." lol

    Some 23 weeks and under a shirt, my belly doesn't look so big anymore, does it? And I still always play with Lulu to let her know she's always going to be Mommy's Baby Pug!

    Because these pics are all on my myspace, I thought it would be clever and funny to do the hipster "self portrait in mirror with camera showing" shot but at 26 weeks pregnant.

    Ok, I know I'm not showing any tummy here, but at 28 weeks, this was probably the most comfortable position for me to be in! My back was hurting. My ligaments were hurting. Having all the pressure of my belly hanging below me worked the best in terms of letting off weight. And having a warm Pug Compress on my back really helped my aching muscles. Especially whenever she decided to get up and walk around to try and get more comfortable. It was like having 4 little hands massaging you! Also, around this time, we finally decided on the perfect name for our little man: Charles Sig.

    Starting the 30th week, I still don't think there's much size change, but maybe it's just me and the fact I see myself every day and don't notice the growth...

    Again, at the 30th week, my belly button is neither here nor there. It's not an innie. It's not an outie. It's not even a flattie! I don't know what to make of it!

    Alright, I think I'm somewhere along 31w5d, I say 32 as those 5 days are 2 days short of a new week lol.

    Ok, this is almost at 32 weeks. I've got a lovely little head cold so I feel pretty crappy. I thought I'd wear a nice peutrid mustard yellow shirt to make me feel better...or make me think of that thick yellow snot I seem to have a never-ending supply of lol...

    And of course the ever growing bare belly shot. I have 2 little purple stretch marks on either side of my hips. Compared to stuff I've seen with friends, I am a VERY happy camper about this! However, I am so OVER being pregnant and waiting for all this to be done!

    So, 33 weeks on the dot here. In the dress my mom got me for Christmas that she keeps telling me to send her a pic of me wearing and 3 months later I still haven't got around to doing so, so here ma. Here's your picture! I think Charlie dropped last night. He seems to be sitting lower and now I can breathe again and I have a LOT of pressure on my pelvic bone and bladder. Fun! I think my husband was amazed at how I managed to go pee 5 times in the course of an hour...

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    Well I thought it was really about time that I got around to making my May space. So here goes:

    Little background info for ya. I'm Charlotte, 17 and living just outside London in the UK. I live with my Mum, Step-dad, Brother and Boyfriend. The boyfriend's name is Rob and he is 19.

    Right a few dates then:

    Day we got the positive test: 5th september 2007
    Due date LMP: 25th April 2008
    Due date from Scans: 2nd May 2008

    I'll try and put these pics up:

    First Scan at 9 weeks:
    9 weeks

    Second Scan at 18 weeks:
    18 weeks

    Third Scan at 20 weeks:
    20  Weeks

    20 weeks

    And a couple of me:


    Don't have any pics of the belly yet but i will try to get some and then put them up too.

    P.s Sorry the pics re so big hving a little trouble resizing them.
    Charlotte & Jen
    Lilypie 2nd Birthday TickerPhotobucket

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    Default MrsPB's May Space

    Copied and pasted elsewhere in fear of thread deletion!
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    Default sports line

    Are youa hustler? Sports Line me then punk!!!

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