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    Kathryn Elisabeth

    It's a GIRL!!

    Born 5/3/08 @ 4:46pm
    8 lbs 7 oz ; 21.5 inches long

    All natural water birth ...2 hours 46 minutes of active labor ....went from 5cm to 10cm in 45 minutes.

    Birth Story

    - Woke at 2am 5/3/08 with light contractions. They were lasting about 40 seconds every 8-12 minutes. It was enough that I couldn’t sleep, so I got up to take a bath. I noticed I was loosing my plug. In the bath, the contractions subsided a little, so I tried to lay down. It hurt worse when laying down (in my back), so I got on up at 3:30am and went to surf the computer for a while.

    - At 8am they were still coming more, no less. Bob got up and we called his parents to come up and watch David.

    - His parents got here around 10am. Contractions basically stopped …bummer!

    - At 11:30am, I asked Bob to go walking with me in the rain to try to get them going again. We walked around the neighborhood and I had six contractions. We decided to ask the in-laws to take David to their house for the night, just in case, that way I could relax and concentrate. I didn’t really want David to go because I didn’t think labor was really starting. Bob said that if nothing happened we could get David in the morning …no harm …and at least David would have a change of scenery and get to spend time with his grandparents.

    - At 12:30ish, the in-laws left with David. Bob and I planned to go out to eat/go to a movie since my labor had stopped. It only really happened when I walked, so I thought it was over.

    - Well, the second David was out of the driveway, I got a STONG contraction. So strong, that I couldn’t walk or talk through it. 10 minutes later …another one …then another one. I was hungry, so Bob and I decided to order in, take a shower, and call the midwife. My midwife later told me that sometimes, women will actually stop their own labors in the presence of older children. Women, subconsciencly, don’t want their children to see them in pain. Talk about mind/body connection! She was not surprised at all that my labor stopped, then picked up once David left. I thought that was pretty cool!

    - We ate Japanese (I had rice, veggies/shrimp/water to drink), then I got in the shower. I told Bob to call the midwife as I was taking a shower. This was about 3pm. I started loosing track of time in here …when I was in the shower, contractions got tough and I had to moan through them.

    Last belly pic labor 39 w 2 d

    - The midwife went to the birth center and started the water tub …we got there shortly after. My times are all messed up in here, but I’ll tell what I remember was told about times.

    - We got to the center. We rang in and it was so peaceful! Bob, the midwife and myself were the only ones in the entire building! The nurse showed up about 20 minutes later, but it was so quiet and peaceful! I loved it! It was raining and there were roses outside the window beside the birth tub. Just a perfect day to give birth!

    - Okay, we got there and she asked to check me. I thought I was 1-2 centimeters ….nope …I was 5! Cool! I also remember it was painful to be on my back. So painful, I screamed and had to slowly bring myself back to control. I need to stand or be in the tub.

    - We went to our birthing room and I got in the tub. It felt heavenly!! I loved having the jets wash over my tummy. My midwife, Julia, showed Bob how to put counter pressure on my back to help relieve the pain. I was having lots of pressure in my tailbone. Baby was low!

    - I hung out on the side of the tub and drank some water …let the jets wash over me. Bob was AMAZING y’all! Bob sat in front of me, outside of the water, on a birth ball. He held my hand the whole time. When a contraction would peak, he would remind me to “low moan” and he would do it with me. He also turned on my hypnobabies CDs. I didn’t actually end up using them, but Bob said the music and the ladies voice is so soothing that even if I didn’t use them as tool, it was nice to listen to in the background. I actually wound up leaning on the Lord and Bob for my support ..and it worked perfectly for me. In Christianity, we believe Jesus lives within us, so I was drawing strength from Him.

    - I was handling things well …I figured I was still at a 5 or 6, just waiting for transition to start. My midwife asked if I needed to pee, and I realized I did. So, they helped me out of the tub and Bob and the midwife helped me to the toilet. Oh, leaving the water was painful! I don’t think I’d want to labor without the water!

    - My midwife asked to check me, and I agreed. I was pretty sure I hadn’t advanced though and wasn’t expecting much. I wasn’t keeping good track of time, but I knew it hadn’t been long (about 30 minutes or so) ….well …I was 9 cm!!!! Wow! She told me she could still feel a bulging bag of waters and gave me the option of breaking it. I declined as I felt labor was going fast anyway.

    - I got back in the tub, feeling very optimistic. I couldn’t believe I was 9cm!

    - Well, at this point …the contractions got much stronger and I started to loose it. Between 10cm and the pushing stage was the hardest for me. I remember looking Bob in the eyes and telling him “I’m scared.” It was just overwhelming and coming too fast. I concentrated on his eyes through some contractions and it helped so much. He breathed/moaned with me.

    - Bob asked the midwife how we would know it’s time to push. My midwife was so cool …she goes “Julya will tell us.”

    - A little later, I was starting to loose control again. My midwife came to my level and breathed through the contraction with me. After that one ended, she asked if I felt the need to push. I said I think so …it felt like I needed to poop! LOL!

    - Oh Lordy! The pushing was the most aweful feeling I’ve ever had in my life! I’ve heard people say they like pushing, but for me …owe. Transition was nothing for me, but pushing …goodness …that’s where I lost it. I felt like a freight train was moving through my body. My tailbone hurt, my perineum felt like it was going to break in two pieced AND I felt like throwing up on top of it all. During pushing, I didn’t want to be touched/talked to/helped ….nothing ….I just had to do my own thing. This is the point that I said “I can’t do this!” My midwife said “you ARE doing this.” And …yeah …I was …Kate was crowing.

    - When I came into the birth center, I was praying during a contraction. This is the cool part for me …when I lost control with pushing, my midwife said “you were praying earlier and it seemed to help you. Is that something you want to do now?” I said “Yes!” She said “do you want Bob to pray?” I said “yes!” Bob prayed for the Lord to give me strength ….and He did! It was a neat experience. Bob, me, Julia (my midwife) and Pam (the nurse) all praying for strength during my hardest moment.

    - My midwife said “a few more pushes and you’ll meet your baby”, but it was too overwhelming for me. It was happening too fast for me to stay on top of the pain. So, I had to slow down. I slowly let Kate stretch me, and the ring of fire HURT!! Sitting there waiting for a contraction was painful. Finally, the contraction came and I pushed with all my might. I screamed at the top of my lungs (I know you are supposed to low moan, but I just couldn’t at that point …I lost control). I sat up on my legs like a baseball catcher (this is how Bob described it) and I pushed my baby girl out!!! Wow!!

    - 4:46pm - The midwife caught, Bob was behind me, and the nurse was to my side putting cool water on me with a washcloth (that felt good). Kate was right to my chest, and it was instant relief! She was beautiful!!! She wasn’t crying, which concerned me at first, but she was okay. Just a gentle birth, so she didn’t cry! I snuggled her, checked her legs, and I announced “it’s a girl!” LOL! It was amazing!

    - We snuggled in the tub for a few minutes. The midwife waiting for the “gush” that showed my placenta had detached. Then, Bob cut the cord (after it stopped pulsating) and we all moved to the bed to push out the placenta. I pushed the whole thing out …she didn’t pull at all. It was a perfect birth experience.

    - Kate/myself/Daddy snuggled in bed for over and hour …breastfed …everything before her weight/height and all was taken. They assessed her right on my tummy, and she slept right in the bed beside me. I LOVE the birth center! It was everything I ever wanted and I didn’t have to fight for anything. It was perfect!

    - After Kate was assessed, I did start to hemorrhage, but the midwives got it stopped quickly. That was a little scary, but they are good at what they do.

    - Both sets of grandparents and David came to visit in the birth center. David loves Kate! He asked “Baby, can I have it, Mommy?” So sweet!

    - We were released to go home at 11pm. We slept in our own bed the night before labor, and we slept in our own bed the night Kate was born!! I love that!

    So, all in all, the midwife said my active labor started at 2pm. I had 2 hours 46 minutes of active labor. I went from 5cm dilated to 10cm in 45 minutes. The pushing stage took 45 minutes because I wanted to take it slow. The midwives let me have total control and trust in my body, and that was amazing.

    While the pushing stage was hard …I’ll even say horrible …I 100% preferred this way of delivering my baby over the epi/hospital. It was just so nice. The birth center midwives respected my body and let nature take it’s course. It’s just so peaceful. I’m really happy.

    Oh – and I did tear – but only along my old episiotomy scare from when I had David. It could use two stitches, but she gave me the option of stitching it or not. I chose not to because she said it will heal without the stitching too. I think that if I didn’t have that weak spot, I wouldn’t have torn at all.

    Kate is so cute!! It’s fun being the Mommy of two!! I feel very very blessed!

    Another cool note – after we got home, Bob said “you’re stronger than I thought you were! You did it!” He had a huge grin on his face! He said, “I couldn’t tell you this before you delivered, but I was worried about how you would handle the pain.” I think all men worry about that, ya know? He is so proud of me though! That felt really neat. He’s just beaming. He doesn’t think he could do that ..which is cool! He’s keeps saying I’m tough ..ha! That’s totally not why I did it. I did it for the reasons I mentioned above – I wanted to let things happen naturally without hospital restrictions, but it’s really neat to have him say that.
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    Birth story run down:

    We went in on April 29th at 6 a.m. for the induction I was actually having consistent contractions when we arrived at the hospital; anyway we got checked in and got my IV started. The IV placement needed two tries, yes, two. I was almost in tears from the first stick because my vein blew (I have a very huge ugly bruise on my left wrist), then my second stick was in a really weird area (not used to pain there) that actually worked out very well when it came time to pushing.

    I labored for about 3 hours on the pitocin, since the contractions weren't that bad and at 10 a.m. I got my epidural placed. My contractions were becoming a little harder to take and becoming faster and much more consistent. My nurse asked me if I wanted an epi and I told her in a little while, luckily for me, she sent the anesthesiologist in, since there were more women getting admitted and asking for epis. The doc placed my epi and got it and flooded me with the wonderful drugs. Within a few minutes, I felt this pop and heard it on the heart monitor, and knew that was my water that just broke.

    At that time, my OB came in to check on me, and I was moving along quite nicely. I believe at that point I was about 5cm dialated and 90% effaced; half way there. With the epi in place and my pitocin going up, I starting dialating very quickly.

    Around 2 p.m. I was starting to feel my contractions again. I had an epi pump, but we later found out the button wasn't working so I called to have the anesthesiologist come back in and flood me with more drugs but I had to wait for those to kick in. During the whole time waiting for the epi to kick in 100%, I could feel Zoey coming through my birth canal. It ended up being time to push. So with every contraction I could feel so much pressure, and then I had my urge to push. Once I told Robin I had to push he called my OB, and a team of nurses and my doctor came flying in and got me set up in I swear 2 minutes.

    I pushed for 15 minutes and out came Zoey. Apparently, she came out into the world face up, just like her brother. The doctor said, had she been in the correct position she would have been out in 3 pushes. To much luck that day, our really close friend was working in the NICU and was able to come to the birth of Zoey. She actually got to do her assessment and AGPAR scores, which we thought was really neat.

    Her stats were:

    Time of birth: 2:33 p.m.
    Weight: 7 lbs. 11 oz.
    Length: 18 inches
    Gestation: 38wks 6 days

    I couldn't believe she weighed as much as she did. The doctor too. I just think what if I didn't induce and had waited, I don't think I could have gotten her out. In the end, I didn't tear, I had a superficial episiotomy which is healing quite nicely and I had my first BM yesterday (though I was scared to death).

    We weren't allowed to go home till late Thursday night due to Zoey's high bili levels (jaundice). She needed to be put on the bili bed for a minimum of 12 hours. We had to take her in on Friday for another bili check, and those numbers went up and so I think we have to go back on Monday. She's my little bili baby....

    So far we're doing really well. Zoey is a snuggler and loves to sleep snuggling up to something, she is feeding every two hours and I am pretty much doing finger feeds with formula and giving her whatever I have from my breast milk, since it came in on Friday. We have a lactation appointment tomorrow, so we shall see if we can get us going on the boob.

    The induction itself wasn't bad at all, I'd do it all overall again if I were to have any more kids. It was fast and I had no complications at all....

    That's Zoey's birth story. Here she is:

    On her birthday, the nurse made a new hat for her, one with a bow.

    4 days old
    Cheryl - 28, Robin - 29

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    Colin James Morris
    Thursday, 5/1/08, 8:03 am
    7 pounds even, 21 inches long
    born by C-Section at 40 weeks

    My birth story isn't that exciting b/c of the scheduled c-section, the worst part was the catheter insertion b/c this hospital does it BEFORE you go to the OR and get your spinal. But not the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

    After I got semi-prepped I walked down to the l&D OR and hopped up on the operating table, the anesthesiologist come in and gave me the spinal while my nurse Michelle hugged me then i got to lay down. My arms got strapped down, they put the sheet up, cleaned my belly and then Jim came in to sit by my head.

    The doctors said "you ready? let's go" and started the c/s. I felt some tugging but it was painless and pretty darn cool. Colin was engaged and I apparently was ready to go into labor on my own so there was some pulling to get him out and the 2 docs were joking with me that he was stuck and to just hold on, lol. Then they dis-engaged him and he came out yelling! Dr., Burk started to sing "baby face" to him while the nurse wrapped him up and brought him to our side of the sheet so we could see him. HE was so gorgeous even covered in all kinds of yuck and my heart just stopped with the overwhelming love that filled it for both Colin and Jim.

    While they were putting me back together Jim went to the "other side" to watch them measure, weigh and clean Colin up. He was allowed to take pictures at that point which I'm really thrilled about b/c we got him being weighed and such. They gave Jim the tape measure and then he made the mistake of turning around....let's just say there was alot more of me showing then he (or anyone other than a surgeon) should ever see, lol. They brought our still screaming little man back over so I could see him all clean and let me give him a kiss then asked if it was ok to take him to the nursery.

    So off Jim and Colin went to the nursery for al the things they do there. I was taken out of the OR about 25 feet to recovery where my nurse Michelle took care of me until Jim came back. Once i was in there for about an hour they brought Colin in along with my mom, dad and sister so I could really meet him. I (other than the professionals) got to be the first one to hold him - they wouldn't let Jim even before I could. Everyone but Jim left and the nursery nurse came in to help me feed him for the first time. He latched on pretty good but I apparently have flat nips so it's a battle we're still fighting.

    After another hour or so I could move my legs and toes so I was taken to my real room to settle in for the duration of my stay. They brought me "lunch" of all clears but it was jello and water ice which I promptly threw up. I have reflux (which I've mentioned to death) and I needed bread or something NOT sugary but it would be Friday mornign before the hospital ok'd that. Jim went out and got me a cinnamon bun from Wawa around 8 that night which I scarfed and kept down so they gave in the next morning on the food thing. I spent the day amazed at this little boy we made together and trying to bf then everyone came back later to visit after Colin and I had a chance to rest after our big morning.

    Friday at 6 they took the cath out and I started walking around no problem (kinda shocked the nurses) the LC came in a bit later and that's when we found out his left latch was not good and that's why I was hurting. By Saturday morning I was pacing the halls and begging for the doc to come in for rounds so I could go home. Around 3 she finally showed and said there was no reason for me or Colin to stay so we could go as soon as the discharge instruction for me and him were given. We got home about 5pm and went right to the couch to great Finnegan and Pooka - who wanted NOTHING to do with the "creature that makes noise".

    I had an easy delivery b/c of the section and I'm getting around no problem, get tired but it's to be expected, and I have to say a c-section is WAY easier than knee surgery. I'm almost completely off the pain meds - the only time I take one is if my hip of knee acts up.

    So today is his 14th day on earth and he'll be 2 weeks old tomorrow! I know I'm not going to want to go back to work on July 28th but I think I just found a great in home daycare that we may actually be able to afford. It's close enough to work 8-10 minutes that I can go over at my lunch to feed him and hang out with him for a little during the day.

    We're pretty much a breastmilk only baby, Colin has had formula a few times b/c I just didn't have enough to fill him (at least we didn't think so) and I'm pumping mainly b/c he had a crappy latch that wasn't corrected before the left balloon got a bit tramutized. He still eats great on the right so I don't think he'll have any confusion once I heal enough to handle the "pain". As long as he's getting it some way I'm happy and we'll keep working until we get it right.

    Colin sleeps about 5 hours at night and is a pretty content little guy. He loves to be held (who doesn't?) and really likes his bouncy and a toy giraffe daddy bought him. Mom's here until this Sunday and then I'll be on my own but I think I can handle it. We've been aout a few times now and he's an angel - I really couldn't have prayed for a better behaved baby!

    We went and had Sears pictures done on Sunday so here's a few of them!

    This is the one I used for his birth announcement

    Mommy, Daddy & Colin

    Colin and his giraffe, Geffrey

    I'm ready for this whole picture thing to be over
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    Marisa & Jim - Colin James
    Birth- 7 lbs, 21 in. Now: 20 lbs 14 oz. 30 in.

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    Default Birth story of Isaiah Rene

    At 39w6d I had my appt with my OB at 2:30 p.m she said I was 2 1/2 cm and 70% effaced. by 6 p.m I started to get contractions that were at first 12 mins apart but then quickly started to be 7 mins apart, I stayed at home until 9:30 dealing with these contractions in hopes when I get to the hospital I would be further along and wouldnt have to come home

    I reached the hospital at 10 and got checked and I was 4 cm and 100% effaced but my water had not broken. within 10 mins my water broke on it own. At 11:45 pm. I had received my epid. The contractions were pretty stong and coming 3 to 4 mins apart, me and the coaches were doing our breathing techniques and it really helped take my mind off the pain.

    At 2 am I had been 7 cm and everything was looking great, I didnt need PIT and was dialting pretty fast. at 4 am. I was a 9 1/2 close to 10 mins. the nurse had me flip over to my left side and the baby's heart rate started to go down. It confused all of us, because up to this point everything went beautifully.

    Then around 5 they tried to get me to push and again the heart rate went down, the dr. was getting nervous and didnt want to chance anything so they got me ready for a C-section just in case. They wanted me to let the contractions bring the baby down on it own and push right at the end with the help of the vacuumm. So I laid there from 6 am. until he was born. After 3 pushes and the help of the last vaccuum on the last push Isaiah Rene was born at 8:55 am. weighing 6 pds 2.5 oz and 19 inches

    He scored a 9 on the Apar I didnt tear nor did I poop

    Here are some pics of him.
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    This is the whole lead-up to birth, including the day before, so be warned, this is long and detailed!

    Wednesday, April 30, I was 37 weeks exactly and had a sizing ultrasound scheduled for the morning, since I had measured 40 weeks at my 36 week ultrasound. DH was still out of town and not scheduled to be home until Friday night, so my mom came with me.

    The ultrasound was great, we got some precious 4D pictures of him. He was measuring kind of big, at 7 pounds, 13 ounces, about 80th percentile. What was unexpected was the amount of amnotic fluid. They said a normal measurement was 5-25 cm and I was 37!! Sure enough, I could see that Iggy had PLENTY of room to swim around in there. I wasn't too concerned, the tech and I were joking about taking 4 beach towels wherever I went, because when my water broke, it was going to be a flood!

    But then the ultrasound doctor came in and explained that the excess amniotic fluid could signify something wrong with the baby, and it increased my risk for a prolapsed cord if my water broke. He was glad to hear I had a doctor's appointment the next day, so that we could "discuss my options".

    At that, I was just done. I wasn't going to make any decisions without DH here. Plus the prospect of something possibly being wrong with the baby made me realize that I needed him home. So I called him, and he got on the next flight home.

    Wednesday night, I picked him up at the airport, we went out for a nice dinner and just relaxed when we got home. Relaxed except for when I cried about something being wrong with the baby, and how scared I was that my water was going to break and I was going to have a prolapsed cord emergency. I didn't post anything to you guys because I wanted to have more concrete news, and also I was really scared. Still, it was a nice "last night" together, and overall I slept pretty well.

    I woke up several times to pee, and at 4:30, I went to the bathroom like normal. When I went to stand up, I felt a spurt of warmth and immediately sat back down on the toilet and called out (OK, yelled) to DH that my water had broken. I wasn't entirely sure until I looked into the toilet and saw that it was reddish pink. There was sooo much fluid that every time I stood up, I sent a splash onto the floor, so I had to stay sitting on the toilet so it would stop! Meanwhile, I am shouting out directions to my husband (who hadn't been home 8 hours, and who hadn't even unpacked) about what to pack last-minute for the hospital. In retrospect, it was kind of comical.

    I waddled into OB triage with a towel between my legs at about 5:15. It seems like it took forever, but finally they told me I was 95% effaced and 3 cm dilated. I was thrilled with this, since I hadn't had ANY noticable contractions until the one I had when we pulled up to the hospital. We got admitted to the room and I started walking the hallways, being monitored 20 min out of every hour.

    After 6 hours, my doctor (who was there the whole day with 4 patients in labor) wanted to start pitocin. I was reluctant, but realized that 6 hours and a ton of walking should have been enough to increase the contractions, but they hadn't at all. I also knew I was "on the clock" because my water had broken. I started pitocin around 11.

    I lasted two hours on pitocin before I wanted my epidural, which I was proud of, as the nurse had said most people last about 1 1/2 hours. I was so glad I called for it when I did, it took about 45 min to get everything set up and to get some relief, and if I had waited much longer, it would have been unbearable. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

    After my epidural at 1, I got checked and was at a 5. I was pleased that the pitocin was working. I just hung out for a few hours until at 3:30 I was told I was at a 9! I was really excited because I was almost there, and my doctor would probably be the one delivering!!! Also around this time, I got a top-off on my epidural. Ladies, if you are feeling increased pain, there is something they can do for it, just tell them you are feeling more pain and DO NOT WAIT (see below)!!!

    But nothing happened. Turns out I was only an 8 after all, and it took me from 3:30 to 9:00 and several increases in pitocin to get to a 10. At this point, a replacement doctor (who was super nice) told me we would see how I pushed. Looking back, I know now that he was concerned about how long it took for me to get to 10. Even with pitocin, my contractions were never regular, nor really strong.

    I pushed for two hours. The first hour, I had an awesome nurse who was really helpful. I could feel pressure and knew how to push, so I figured everything was going just fine. Then the shift ended and I got a new nurse who I didn't like at all. I was starting to get more pain, but I fought it off, and by the time I asked for more medication the anesthetist was busy.

    I ended up pushing for the second hour with contractions about every 2 minutes and I'm not going to lie, it was the worst pain I can ever imagine. I can't imagine that the original epidural was doing much at that point. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think. DH kept encouraging me on how to push and I couldn't even take a deep breath, let alone relax my body. It was horrible, and it was horrible for DH to watch. (It might have been worse for me because ultimately my baby was going nowhere.)

    Finally I got some more drugs around midnight. At this point, they told me that my baby and I were in distress and I needed to quit pushing and rest for a while so we could both calm down. I pretty much passed out. After an hour, the doctor himself came back in and we tried a couple more pushes. Then he gave me his opinion: I had taken forever to get from 8 cm to 10. I hadn't progressed AT ALL with two hours of pushing. The baby's head was not straight on, it was a little cockeyed, so he was not able to pass under the pelvic bone. He was in distress, and even if I managed to get his head past the pelvic bone, the doctor seriously doubted that I would be able to get his shoulders out. So his recommendation was to move to a c-section.

    I completely flipped out. I had DH go get my mom from the waiting room so that both of them could talk to me. They both said I needed to have it immediately, but I was super scared. I can see that I wasn't thinking clearly, because I really didn't understand that the baby was in distress, so instead I started babbling about my singing and how I need my abs. Luckily, my mom and DH cleared things up very quickly and I agreed, after 21 hours of labor.

    They sent me in and to be honest, I think they gave me something to calm me down because I was a wreck. The surgery itself wasn't bad, I couldn't feel anything and DH was good about talking to me and distracting me. John Christopher was born at 1:25 a.m., weighing 7 pounds, 1 ounce. They showed him to me over the sheet and I thought he was beautiful!

    John and DH went to recovery while they finished sewing and stapling me up, and I joined them around 2:00. I was so in love with him, even though I can't remember much about the recovery room. I did ask the doctor afterwards why he thought I couldn't push him out, and although I can't remember the exact answer because I was loopy, it was something along the lines of: a combination of his cockeyed position and the muscle patterns of my uterus (?) So it seemed like it was a physical mismatch. He put it this way: an oval block can only go through an oval hole one way, if it's tilted even a little bit it won't go through. In fact, John still has a red circle on the back of his head where he was trying to push through but couldn't get past the pelvic bone.

    Overall, the recovery has been up and down. The first day was bad, but each day has gotten better. The nurses said I had it bad because I labored for so long and then ended up with a c-section. I guess the bonus is I don't have any tearing or episiotomy, my bleeding has been about the same as a period. Once I'm sitting I feel pretty good, though getting up and down is a challenge. I am usually pretty cheery in the mornings, but in pain and a hormonal mess by evening.

    John is doing really well, he is eating a TON, about 2 ounces every 1-3 hours. Turns out nothing was wrong with him, the amniotic fluid thing was fine. DH is actually more of a pro with him than I am at this point, since I wasn't able to do much at the beginning, and still am not up to par. But every time I sit down to feed him and look into his eyes I just fall in love with him even more!!

    I would advise moms-to-be to really be educated about c-sections, I refused to consider that I might need one because I was scared, and it turns out that the lack of info made me more scared. I was definitely disappointed in a few things, like that I couldn't hold him right away, but I know in my heart that I did everything I could, and I even ended up doing more than I thought I was capable of!

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    Typing one handed...(I'll try to add birth story later)

    Owen George, 5/1/08 (38w3d) 10:14pm, 8 lbs. 8 oz. / 21.5"
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    Default Isabell Grace Elise King Is Here

    We went in for an appt at 1130 to have membranes scraped, doc sent me for an nst just to be safe. That went well and I ran into her on my way out and she looked at my belly and decided that baby was just to big and since she was on duty that night she wanted to have me come in to be induced.

    We arrived at hospital about 630pm, got weighed and admitted into our birthing room. They monitored me for a lil bit and i was actually starting to have contractions-some i felt some i didnt-that were 3-4 mins apart. they put me on pitocin at the lowest level and it didn't take long for me to feel them pretty good. As the nurse put it-my body took that lil bit of pit and ran with it. by 11 they were getting way intense and with the epi guy half hr away i decided i wanted them to call him before we got either to far (i was SURE i was making progress by now) or it got to bad for me to sit still for them to put it in. Doc checked me-i'm at ONE CM! Doc felt that if i had epi i wouldn't progress any further and what was the point of inducing (how many of you progressed much quicker once had epi and relaxed???)

    By 1230a.m. My contractions were literally on top of each other, they would come down halfway and start again. I was done, without having that break in between to relax and breathe etc with as strong as they were (I had been moaning and crying through them for over an hr) I felt like such a wimp at this point!! the doc checked me again, YAY 3 cm and fully effaced she decided i had progressed enough to call for epi-and they turned that stupid pit off! (still only on lowest level) contractions were still a min apart and more then moaning through them when epideral guy got there and sitting up and forward made it hurt even when NOT contracting! (come to find out my water bag was bulging causing my discomfort throughout the night). They got to be mild enough I could breathe through with hubby supporting in front of me and my (awesome) nurses hand while they did epi-I had this sinking feeling when he warned me would feel in leg and it shot through my right leg enough to make it kick. But nothin on left! Sure enough I still could move both legs...but felt left side in bikini area and while....kinda where my labia was at. I also felt through my "bottom" and in lower back. The epi guy told me he didn't want me to be completely numb becuz I wouldn't be able to help the doc push (i beg to differ i had no feeling with my other two and they were pushed out in mins!) GGRRRGGRRR. I finally got epi in affect about 130-but within in an hr they were getting intense again. he upped it a lil bit and that numbed right side up again and just the left to deal with but edge was off.

    I labored for a few more hrs, and around 430 they broke my water and i was ten cm and fully effaced-but izzy was still not even at 0 station! she was then worried from amount of fluid (we knew ahead of time) that we had a prolapsed chord and decided she needed her down so to move along they turned my pit not only back on but UP AND turned my epi OFF!!! OMG! is about all I can say (you natural women are stronger then I, the pain was unbearable) baby was fine, no distress and as soon as she left room nurse turned epi back on ! About 15 mins later A diff doctor came in (head doctor of OB) as mine had to still hadnt moved down enough, and he wanted her to come down on her own some so i wasn't pushing for so long and over exhausting. This is about the time I start feeling the urge to push, pain is already about as intense as pre epi (basicly just diff places), i felt pressure repeatedly but she wasn't there yet. NOT pushing through those contractions, a min apart at most was HORRID and at 530 I told nurse I can't NOT push anymore! She finally consented if it felt better to just push, I finished one push and she stated if she moved labia she could see hair and figured we had a lil bit. One more push and it got hectic-she's yellin she needs the doc and is basicly using her hand to hold the head in (starting crowning) doc comes in (and oh yea-so glad i had read of the ring of fire cuz I knew EXACTLY what y'all been talking about now....and felt it all and all the way around while the doc comes in gets gown on , tray out, table dropped, lights down and me moved to end of table via three nurses......Isabell Grace Elise King was born at 545 at 9lbs 7 oz and 21.5, she looked huge! lol took 45 mins to finish cleaning up tests etc etc but its all done in room and she screamed whole time. I've got a second degree tear and we were told the next day that she had suffered a fractured clavicle during delivery-that it wasn't to uncommon for a baby her size vs. my size and would heal in a few weeks easily and with minor discomfort. We just have to be careful when changing, picking up and position for bf.

    Bf going Eh have a stupid side but hopefully back on track and appetite picked up so crossin fingers!
    Before first hold...

    First day home
    Wife to William
    Mother to three Earth Angels!
    DD1-Brianna Rose 6/12/99
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    DD2-Isabell Grace Elise 5/6/08

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    Smile Baby Boogs: The story of Charles Sig

    Hi everyone! I'm home from the hospital, after practically kicking and screaming at them to let me go! Thanks Kami, for posting the update and pics! Sorry if everything seems a little hectic/crazy, I'm still really tired and all over the place but feeling great. I had the grave disappointment of the pediatrician telling me yesterday he allowed for discharge Saturday so long as my doctor did. But then I found out my doctor said no so I had to spend another night and part of the morning in the hospital.

    The birth was alright. Ironically enough, when I was hooked up in pre-op, I was having contractions every 7 - 10 minutes but not feeling them and they were progressing! The worst part was the suspense of waiting to have it done. Once I was numbed it was a little freaky. I didn't like not being able to feel myself breathing or knowing that someone was cutting me open on the other side of a little screen. But Jesse was there and helped me stay calm. I knew Charlie was born when I could feel all the weight of my stomach relieved and then I heard him crying and I knew at that minute that boy was gonna have a set of lungs on him! Then I got kind of sad cos they called Jesse over to do dad things while I was chopped open like a turkey and having stuff yoinked out of me. Finally, they brought the kiddo over to me and I saw him for 30 seconds and he looked at me with his big blueish grey eyes and looked like an angry little old gnome. Then he was whisked off to the nursery and they finished me up and I spent 3 hours in recovery.

    I didn't get to see Charlie till around 5 in the afternoon. Jesse came in a little later followed by my sister and my mom. They hung out for a while, took pics, etc. etc. Then my sister and my mom left. I had to try to feed the kiddo. He didn't want to eat. The first night was hard. He didn't want to bf or anything. Eventually we had to bottle feed him and he didn't like that much either. Between trying to bf him and bottle feed him, the nurses made me get up and walk around. I didn't know I would be mobile so soon because I wasn't doing very well in recovery. It took me 3 hours before I could move my toe and they don't let you leave till you can at least move your toes.

    The next morning I begged them to take my catheter out at 5 instead of 6 because I was running around, my pain meds were wearing off and it was annoying me. We did that and after I was running around taking care of the kid. Jesse came over and we tried to feed him again and he took on with no probs and ate like it was going out of style. Then he got circumcised that day and totally forgot how to bf afterwards!

    Since the get-go, he has been really bad at night. Super fussy. My first 3 days I got maybe 6 hours of sleep. I feel super worn down from my lack of sleep and to a lesser extent my c-section. Oddly enough, I don't think the recovery is too horrible. I've been on top of my meds and I'm up and about as if no one ever cut me open!

    I was looking forward to being discharged today. I got to go home by 9. They removed my staples and everything was all good. The kiddo was a little fussy when we got home but he's doing better now. He ate, pooped, and is sleeping. It took a while but everything worked out.

    Anyway, he's been on and off in terms of bf'ing. He was kinda dumb about it at first, then he took on nicely, then after his circumcision he forgot again. When we got home he forgot how great he was doing in the hospital. As weird as I am/was about it all, I think a huge part of the discomfort is how my husband would be around it cos it's not something we've talked about. But he was there while one of the nurses was telling us how to do it. He helped out in terms of getting pillows situated for me and getting me burping cloths, handing me the baby, burping, suggesting things to do to help make it easier. Anyway, when it was working, he'd sit there and hang out with me.

    Saturday was really f'd up because my sister's boyfriend or whatever he is was arguing with her and so she was taking it out on everyone else. She started yelling at my mom and then even at me right after I got Charlie to sleep! Inside the hospital room! Then she stormed out and slammed the door and Charlie woke up and started to cry. My mom left then so I could feed him since he was up and later her and my sister were really arguing to the point the two of them wouldn't even be in the same room together. So to make my mom mad, my sister comes into my room so my mom can't be in there. She starts giving me crap about things and I'm just ignoring her. The my mom comes in and they argue. I had called my husband to get back cos he went home to get the camera from charging and he comes back and my sister and mom aren't talking to each other. Then my sister goes off on my mom and starts yelling at her and then at me. I finally get frustrated and tell her to leave because she is upsetting the baby. She then starts yelling at me about stuff and my husband gets up and tells her to go and she is being a jerk to him saying "Oh now you have to get involved. You're not even part of this family so stay out." My husband gets up and is about half ready to chuck her out the door before she leaves on her own. My sister made me cry and I was just frustrated and Jesse was trying to comfort me. He tells my mom that he doesn't care if my sister is my mom's daughter or not, if she gives me or my mom crap one more time, he won't hesitate to throw her head into the wall. Long story short, because of my sister, my mom left earlier today than she wanted to and we didn't get to do Mother's Day breakfast.

    After that whole ordeal, Charlie didn't want to eat later on at night. He was fussy and crying. Jesse had gone home a while ago. I just went to sleep. A few minutes later Charlie was all upset and wouldn't stop crying. He wasn't hungry. His diaper was cleaned. I was in tears after trying for 2 hours to figure something out. Finally I called Jesse over and he said he was trying to sleep and I lost it and broke down. He came over right away and stayed from 2 am to 4 am helping me out. We finally accomplished getting Charlie to eat. Apparently he wanted to be with Daddy for a bit. After Daddy calmed him down he ate. Then he pooped later and went to sleep. At 4 am, Jesse tucked Charlie in, then he tucked me in, gave us both a kiss and went home to take care of the pug dog. Sure enough, 5 minutes after he left, Charlie started crying. So I spent the rest of the night just holding him while laying down in bed. I slightly fell asleep and woke up a few hours later. He was sleeping really well so I just let him be. I woke him up a little later to feed and change him and he went off for his final check up for discharge. I called my mom and Jesse and they all came to pick us up and that was the end of the hospital stay.

    Jesse made me breakfast at home. The house was messy. It was pretty sad. I was holding Charlie on my lap ready to bf him. Jesse was sitting on my left side. I fell asleep on the couch, boob out, Charlie sleeping in my arms. Jesse sat there and just watched us to make sure we were ok. He figured I hadn't got any sleep. Charlie was fussy all day. He'd just leave us alone.

    Anyway, details: Charles Sig was born on May 8, 2008 at 11:54 am weighing 8 lbs 9 oz and was 20" long. He responds to Baby Boogs oddly enough! It's so cute seeing Jesse holding him. He's so cautious about it.

    FYI, some more of my sister's negativity: she said how "fat" I got when she came up and that my stretch marks looked horrible. She was super pissed when she saw me today when I left the hospital cos my husband said how great I looked and he said I looked like I was only 5 months pregnant the day of my surgery. I LOVE whatever my OB did in terms of fixing my c-section cos I joke he must have given me a tummy tuck too! I don't have the cottage cheese tummy, in fact my skin is really tight. BF'ing is doing miracles in terms of making my uterus go down. The nurses who were doing my recovery belly rubs were shocked at how awesome I was doing. I'm only 11 lbs lighter than I was before I gave birth but I swear I feel like I look like I'm 30 lbs lighter! It's crazy! My sis was super pissed cos she was expecting me to look like crap and be all swollen and globby looking and instead I look and feel great! My swelling went down big time too! My face and legs look thinner already! I'm so happy! Also, I think my milk came in today. I don't feel super painfully engorged nor are my boobs huge. They just feel a little warm compared to the rest of my body and then depending how long I wait to feed it starts to feel hot/burn/tingle a little. They don't feel heavy. My nipples are sore but are toughening up. I think I'm doing pretty good w/ bf'ing considering my circumstances of being completely freaked out/disturbed by it. I guess it's different once you do it though. Especially after the other night when he was on my lap kinda lazy eyed and I took my boob out and both Jesse and I caught his look of his eyes opening huge and a big open mouthed "feed me" smile. We couldn't help but laugh! I actually like bf'ing him cos I get to see his little eyes. Even though the eye color isn't in yet, I can tell he's gonna have his dad's eyes!

    Here's a before/after of me and my c-section belly with staples.

    Here's the before at 38w5d


    And the c-section staples, note the "shelf" isn't that bad!

    On that note, here's links to all our pictures. Click for a bigger image:

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    Well I was scheuled for a c section on May 5th. I had an amniocentesis done at 9am that morning to make sure that her lungs were well developed. We then came back home for a couple hours while waiting on the results. We returned to the hospital at 1pm and prepped for surgery. Alexis Kay was delivered at 3:59pm with the cord around her neck twice. Everything went well and we returned to our room to cuddle and BF. We spent 2 days there and was released on Wednesday afternoon. She didn't need any help breathing or any other issues. The doctor did say that it was a good thing we did the c section rather than try for a VBAC because they could see the bag of waters through the uterus wall because it was so incredibly thin at the scar. Nothing out of the ordinary to report here. We are both healthy and doing great! Oh but I did start labor before the c sec. my contractions were about 4 1/2 mins apart and quite regular while getting prepped for the surgery.

    Alexis Kay
    Born Monday May 5th at 3:59pm
    6 lbs 9 oz and 18 inches

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    baby development

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    Nicholas (Cole) Zachary's Birth Story

    As my friend Robin posted, Nicholas (Cole) Zachary was born on Thursday morning, May 15 at 5:44 am (39w4d gestation). Labour actually started on Tuesday evening (I had seen my OB in the morning and she had swept the membrane) and progressed through the night until Wednesday morning when the contractions were about 6 minutes apart but starting to get to the point where I couldn't "silently suffer" through them anymore - and I hadn't slept. DH and I went to the hospital at that time, only to be told after an hour that the contractions were slowing down and I was still only 1 cm dilated.

    DH and I went home to wait things out and the contractions started getting even further apart. It was really unpredictable. Then, sometime on Wednesday evening, the contractions were about 20 minutes apart and really painful, but we knew not to attempt to go back to the hospital until they were 3-5 minutes apart. Well, at about midnight, I couldn't take the pain anymore even if the contractions were only 6-7 minutes apart. By the time we got to the hospital, just after midnight, I could barely sign in and then walk to the L&D area because they were probably about 2 minutes apart.

    I was hooked up to the monitors and Cole's heartrate decelerated quickly on the first 2 contractions that they saw, so there was no way they were going to send me home. It seemed to be a problem with me lying on my left because everything was okay once I was on my right.

    Unfortunately, even though I was in a lot of pain, the anaesthetist had just gone into a c-section so I had to wait for the epi. When I finally got it, I could barely sit still because I was shaking so much, but the nurse (who was there for the entire process) was great, and put up with the crushing pressure I put on her hands. I was a much happier woman once the epi kicked in, but when I look back, I probably had less than 2 hours of any relief. Still, I was able to doze off for a bit.

    DH, of course, was with me but we decided not to call my dad (my 2nd "coach") until I was actually ready to push. At one point, the contractions slowed down again (argh!) but they broke my water and administered oxytocin to speed things up again - I think because by this time I'd already been "labouring" for over well over 30 hours. Just before 5am, I was measuring about 4 cm but I could feel the pressure of the baby's head and the contractions started to come really fast and painfully. (I wondered if the epi was doing anything!) I was told to start pushing, and within 40 minutes, Cole was born! It was really painful even though I tried to work with the contractions. I was assured during (and afterwards) that I was an excellent pusher and had really good control because I wasn't letting the baby slip back. Right at the end, the nurse told me to rest between contractions, but really, there's a point where there's no way it's going to be the least bit comfortable to stop in between so I asked if I could just keep pushing. I knew that if the baby's head made it out, the rest would be a breeze!

    At about the point when Cole entered the world, DH started to feel faint and had to sit down, so my Dad was able to cut the cord without any argument. (Not that I expected one.) My Dad's been retired for 3 years but he knew the delivering OB, so seeing him get into things was part of the reason I wanted him to be there. He's normally such a quiet guy, but he gets really animated around people he knows and used to work with.

    When they showed me my baby boy, one of my first thoughts was: He's so cute that even my mom will have to think so! She is notorious for thinking babies are all ugly at birth, but there have been exceptions to her rule and Cole is one of them. On the funnier side, now that I look back, my other thought was that I wasn't sure I wanted to touch him at first because he was covered in blood! They also asked if I wanted to touch the baby's head as he was crowning (no way!) and if I wanted a mirror (again, no way!)... Seeing the baby for the first time was what I was there for, not all the other stuff. Strangely enough, I had a harder time holding still when the doctor was stitching up my tear. They actually had to give me gas which made me dizzy but did the trick.

    We spent 2 days at the hospital (a standard stay) and Cole turned out to be a pro at latching on. I'm dealing with a certain amount of pain which I attribute to the fact that my right breast was essentially "flattened" for an instant when I was in that car crash in March, so my right nipple is really sensitive. I may end up pumping on that side and only presenting the left breast for breastfeeding if my nipple doesn't "harden up".

    The only little incident we had was on the second night, just hours before the second test for jaundice. Cole had a borderline level for jaundice only due to the fact that levels are different for babies with part Asian heritage, but he was looking good and feeding well so we figured he’d get through with flying colours. Well, he threw up just as we were about to start a scheduled feeding, and then he wouldn’t eat. He was actually 45 minutes behind schedule already. This wasn’t good! We opted to give him some formula and that was just the jumpstart he needed. An hour after the formula feeding, he wanted the breast back and he was all good to go home in the morning.

    So, we’re home. I’m a bit sore but have lived through 2 BM’s in spite of having a few hemorrhoids. I think the stitches are the most sore now and the really bad bleeding is mostly gone. (Thank goodness! I hated those “mama diapers” you have to wear!) So, once I’m just a bit more comfortable, I am going to start sleeping on my stomach. I can’t wait!


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