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    Default Vaughns Quick Story


    Okay... for all the juicy details!

    The worst part was.... the IV! I am not joking... the epi was great (had an amazing Nurse Anest), the pushing wasn't bad (thank you epi) and well the end result is just amazing!

    We are definately in love with our new little boy!

    We got to the hospital at about 6pm on Tuesday, but had to wait about 30 mintues for a bed to open up. They finally got my IV after 4 previous stick and digs (ouch) at around 7-something. They checked me and started pitocin (yeah! no cervadil, I was an easy induce). At around 10pm (because Work Out was on Bravo) they gave me the wonderful epidural. I got some "rest" and around 5 am was feeling slightly like something was happening. My nurse checked me and was like, you are a 7. Not but 30 minutes later, I was really wanting to push, so she checked me again and I was a 10! Yipee! One hour of pushing later... MR. Vaughn was born!

    All in all, my "damage" is minimal and manageable! I feel pretty great!

    You can see all of our photos thus far by clicking HERE!

    Here are some of my favorite shots:

    Generations - Mum, Grammy, Great Grammy:

    Come on... every kid needs his first "emo" picture:


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    Default Birth Story of Brody William

    Birth Story of Brody William
    May 22, 2008

    Measurements from May 21st:
    1 cm, 90% effaced, baby at station 0

    4 am
    I woke up at 4 am having contractions. At first I didn’t think much of them, since I had been having contractions on and off since May 5th. The contractions were approximately 10-15 minutes apart and were strong enough to wake me up every time I drifted off. I was also woken up 3 times by soaked underwear. I started to think that my water was leaking, but wasn’t sure. I stayed in bed until 8am battling the contractions.

    8 am
    At 8 am I got out of bed and went into the living room to watch TV. I read somewhere to wear a pad and lie on my left side to see if my water was leaking or if it was my bladder. I did this for 30 minutes and it turned out that it was my bladder, not my water leaking. Apparently my son was putting tons of pressure on my bladder. The contractions continued to get stronger and closer together. However, they were not consistent. Some were 5 minutes apart, while others were still 10-15 minutes apart.

    9:20 am
    The contractions were now almost unbearable. I was hesitant to call the doctor since I went in the day before and the contractions were just Braxton Hicks. I decided to take a bath to see if I could relax. I was able to relax for about 20 minutes and read a few chapters out of a book. I had a difficult time getting out of the bath because of the intensity of the contractions. I sat in the bathtub with the shower on, since I couldn’t stand up.

    10 am
    I was finally able to get out of the bathtub and get dressed. The contractions were now 5-7 minutes apart and horribly painful. I spent the next hour walking around my house, on all 4’s rocking back and forth, and rocking back and forth on the couch.

    11 am
    I finally decided to wake up Sean so we could go to the hospital. I told him, through tears, that he should wake up and get in the shower. When he got out of the shower, he asked me what was going on and where we were going.

    11:30 am
    We arrived at the Outpatient Center to check in to Labor and Delivery. The ladies at the counter kept trying to get me to sit down, but the contractions got worse when I sat down. I stood at the counter for about 30 minutes, rocking back and forth, while they checked me in. I still don’t understand what took so long since I pre-registered.

    12 pm
    Sean and I were taken to the Labor and Deliver Triage room at 12pm. The nurse hooked me up to the monitors, which showed that I was having real contractions. They were inconsistent, varying from 2 minutes apart to 7 minutes apart. The nurse then checked me and I was at 4 cm, 90% effaced, and baby at station +1. I progressed to 5 cm and paper-thin within the next hour.

    1:30 pm (ish)
    We were moved to a Labor and Deliver room at 1:30pm. The midwife broke my water soon after we were in the room. I am so glad that my water did not break on its own. I couldn’t believe how much water came out! After my water broke, the contractions continued to worsen and get closer together.

    3:30 pm (ish)
    The midwife decided to give me some Pitocin since the contractions were still inconsistent. After about 10 minutes of the Pitocin, I got extremely light headed and nauseous. Brody’s heart rate also began to drop. They attempted to do an internal monitor, but it did not take. They stopped the Pitocin and I started to feel better.
    The anesthesiologist came in around 3:30 to give me the epidural. The nurse gave me a pillow to hold onto while getting the epidural. Apparently, the combination of the contractions and the epidural needle got to be too much for me. The nurse had to pull the pillow away from me, because I was suffocating myself! She said my heart rate skyrocketed and I almost passed out. Immediately after getting the epidural, I was at 6 cm, paper thin, and the baby’s head was “right there”. The epidural started to work within 10 minutes, but I had a hot spot on my left upper leg and pelvis area. The hot spot did not go away for about 45 minutes.

    5:00 pm (ish)
    The midwife checked me around 5 pm and I was at 10 cm and ready to push! The epidural worked too well, which was a good and a bad thing. I was unable to feel anything from my waist down. My right leg was completely dead weight and I was unable to lift it on my own. My left leg was not much better. While pushing, I needed Sean and 2 nurses to help lift my legs and push my upper body forward. I had to get an episiotomy to allow Brody to fit. Sean was excellent during the pushing. He fed me ice chips, encouraged me to push, lifted my leg, and helped push my upper body forward. He even watched as Brody was coming out.

    6:01 pm
    After an hour of pushing, Brody William Johnson entered the world. He had a great cry when he first came out. Sean cut his umbilical cord and they handed Brody to me. I was able to hold him for a few minutes before they measured him. He was 8 lbs 2 oz and 20 ¾ inches long. Sean stood with him while he was measured. Sean said that he was quiet, very alert, and was looking around at his surroundings. I was able to breast feed Brody for about 15 minutes before he went to the nursery to get cleaned up. He latched on perfectly right away.
    I was unable to feel anything when I got stitched and cleaned up. The midwife said I had a slight tear and the cut from the episiotomy.

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    I think I may have the biggest May baby.

    Zachary Coleton
    5/30/08 7:58 pm (4 days late)
    9 lbs, 11.4 oz
    23" long

    Born naturally after an arduous induction. Details to come

    WAHM to Benjamin, born 2/3/06 and Zachary, born 5/30/08 at a whopping 9 lbs, 11.4 ounces

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    Default Birth Story of Tori Lynn

    I just realized I never posted her story

    We went to the hospital at 6am on May 9th, she was a scheduled c-section (my 3rd). We got there and the nurses got me all ready with my IV and all the paperwork you have to answer, as well as some monitoring.

    At 7am, my Mom brought my other two children so that they could say Hello and wait for the arrival of their new little brother/sister. (We were unable to find out the sex before the baby was born).

    At 7:15 they wheel me down to the surgery suite. The epidural/spinal was put in and all the rest of the prep was done. We had to wait a little bit for the pediatrician to show up, but once she did we were good to go. She wasn't the baby's pedi, but one that was on call for c-sections and it was her birthday, so that was kinda cool.

    Big Brother & Big Sister waiting patiently

    My DH came in and did really great this time. I always get so nervous until I hear the little one scream, then I know that they are here and are all right. They announced that it was a little girl. We really didn't care what sex it was, just as long as the baby was healthy.

    Here she is Miss Tori Lynn

    She was born at 8:11 am. Her APGARS were 8 and 9. She weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 20 inches long.

    Her is a picture the nursery staff took of her

    Her with her Big Brother and Sister

    Her chillin on her mommy

    The recovery went very well and I was up and about that night. Sorry if the pictures are too big. Thanks for reading about our birth story.

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    Ok this is very long, but it does span 36 hours and a few complications. There is a very happy ending though!

    Holly's Birth Story

    Matt and I arrived at the hospital at 7:30am on Monday 2nd June 2008 to begin the induction process for Holly’s birth. We had weighed up the pros and cons of induction very carefully, and decided at 42 weeks gestation that it was the right thing to do. We suspected the reason I hadn’t gone into labour naturally by that stage was because I had cryotherapy to remove pre-cancerous cells from my cervix 17 years ago. The surgery had left some scarring which can sometimes make it difficult for the cervix to dilate. We’d tried almost every natural method to encourage labour with no luck and had accepted we needed medical intervention. For many months I’d been hoping for and planning a totally natural birth. I was disappointed it was beginning to seem like that wasn’t a possibility any more. I was, however, determined not to let the circumstances spoil the most exciting event of my life. I walked into the hospital that morning with as much optimism and strength as I could possibly muster, and did my best to leave my fears and disappointments at the door.

    The first step of the induction process was 30 minutes of external monitoring to assess Holly’s condition. Her heart rate was nice and strong and she was moving frequently. At 9am the first dose of prostaglandin gel was applied. My cervix was still firmly closed at that stage. I was allocated a bed in the ward and was able to move around the hospital as much as liked until 5pm when I was to be examined. Matt and I spent the time walking around, going to the cafeteria and reading magazines. I had no contractions apart from a few Braxton Hicks during that time, and just felt a dull, period-type ache from the gel. We went back to the assessment room at 5 and had more external monitoring. The next VE yielded bad news: still no dilation! A second dose of gel was applied and we returned to my bed in the ward and waited for something to happen.

    By 6pm I was beginning to feel light contractions low down in my uterus that were quite different to Braxton Hicks. The intensity slowly increased over the next couple of hours until I needed to move around during contractions and breathe through them. Matt and I were excited things finally seemed to be happening and were looking forward to my next assessment at 11pm. As the contractions became more painful we started trying out the different pain management techniques I’d prepared. I bounced on the fit ball which helped for a little while. Nausea set in about then and I thought my peppermint essential oil would help. Matt opened the tin my oils were in and all I could smell was a mixture of all of the oils which made me throw up! We got out my flash cards next. I knew I had to focus on the words, not on the pain, but it was easier said than done. I decided it was time to call Leah, our doula. She lives an hour’s drive away, but was ready to leave at a moment’s notice.
    By now I had a problem with the fact I was expected to labour in a shared room in the ward. There were 2 other women in the room who had already had their babies and would be wanting to get some sleep. I was feeling the need to move around a lot and maybe bring in some vocalisation, and felt very uncomfortable doing that in front of them. Curtains just didn’t cut it! I demanded to be moved to a more appropriate space. The birthing suites were all full at that time so I was moved back to the assessment room. I did have to share that (curtained) room with one other woman. She was also in labour so I wasn’t so self-conscious. I was finding the pain a bit hard to deal with by that stage. I’d hoped to avoid asking for pain relief, however had accepted that an induction could be more painful than a natural labour and I may need some help. I tried gas and air briefly but it didn’t help and only made me feel nauseous. I was wondering what to do next when Leah walked in. I was so happy to see her! She immediately put some spearmint oil on a tissue and had me take some rescue remedy, which both helped me feel a little better. When the next contraction came on she guided me by marching behind me with her hands on my hips and steered me around the room. She reminded me to “get bigger than the pain” and to increase my movement to match the pain. At about 10:30pm a midwife came in and said it was time for another external monitoring session. I was not happy about the idea of lying on bed but agreed to try it because I was getting quite tired. I laid on my side and rocked backwards and forwards during contractions. Leah suggested I try some vocalisation. One of the techniques we had previously discussed involved making a low pitched “AHHHHHH” sound. I’d expected I’d probably feel too inhibited to really get into it. Leah started making the sound herself to encourage me and I followed. She again reminded me to “get bigger than the pain”. We got louder and and louder and to my surprise I seemed to be feeling less pain. The other woman in the room was also moaning and groaning so I wasn’t too worried about bothering her. Matt and I squeezed each other’s hands and rocked while Leah made the sounds with me.

    At last 11pm arrived and the midwife was there to check on my progress. I was sure we must be getting somewhere now. I really wasn’t expecting to hear the words: “still not dilating, cervix still posterior”. I said “WHAT?!?! You’re joking!!!” The midwife said “No dear, I do not joke. You are not in active labour yet’. A mixture of disbelief, frustration and panic washed over me. If that wasn’t active labour, when was active labour going to start and what would it feel like!? I knew they couldn’t break my waters until I’d a least dilated a few centimetres. I had been hoping just the gel and AROM would get things going enough that I wouldn’t need syntocinon. I realised I was going to need to consider pain relief at this stage. I asked about my options, discussed them with Matt and Leah and decided to have some pethidene. I wouldn’t have taken it if the birth had been imminent though. It did take the edge off the pain a bit and enabled me to rest between contractions. Unfortunately by now the contractions were sometimes only 30 seconds apart and lasted for around 90 seconds. I hadn’t given Matt a lot of guidance beforehand about how I wanted him to help me. We'd decided to wait and let Leah make suggestions as to what he could do at the time. We discovered the best way to cope was for me to face Matt with my arms around his neck, Leah would get behind me with her hands on my hips, and the 3 of us would sway from side to side while counting backwards from 10. We all sat or laid down and rested in between. This got us through the next 7 hours. It was pretty tough going and we were beginning to suffer from exhaustion. I realised that if I still hadn’t made much progress I would need to consider an epidural if I wanted to be able to push my baby out when the time finally came.

    Upon examination at 8am we discovered I was at 3cm. I was finally moved to a birthing suite. I requested the epidural and it was administered soon after. After 12 hours of considerable pain the relief was very welcome indeed. I insisted Matt and Leah both go home and get some rest. The contractions unfortunately petered out, so syntocinon was started. I rested for a few hours and woke to discover the most lovely midwife caring for me. Her name was Linda and she explained that Holly’s heart rate was showing decelerations during contractions and we needed to keep a close eye on her condition. I realised this could mean an emergency c-section at any moment and had mentally prepared myself for that possibility before the induction began. I told Linda to let me know immediately if I needed to call Matt to come back. I took comfort in the fact that she never told me to call him and Holly seemed to be ok. I wasn’t however making much progress and the dose of synto had to be increased 3 times. Sometime during the afternoon my waters were broken (I forget exactly when). My Mum arrived and she, Linda and I chatted away for a couple of hours. It so nice that Linda seemed to take a genuine interest in us considering we’d never met her before. She brought out my birth preferences to discuss with me. I said “Oh that’s mostly gone out the window now!” She said that wasn’t necessarily so and did her best to see that at least some of my wishes became a reality. Matt returned at 4pm and we all relaxed and chatted for the next couple of hours. I was delighted to discover with my next VE that I was at 8cm! We called Leah to come back. Before I knew it I was at 10cm and Linda said the OB wanted me to start pushing. The epi was turned down so I could feel what I was doing and I began to push while I laid on my side. That’s when Leah returned. Linda suggested I try pushing on my back. Matt and Leah got on either side of me and held my legs while I pushed. I could feel a dull ache as Holly’s head moved down into the birth canal. Linda held a mirror so that I could see Holly’s head, which really spurred me on. After everything we’d been through I was so happy that at least part of the birth was somewhat natural. It was a shame that I wasn’t able to go into labour naturally, so pushing my baby out myself meant a lot to me. After more than an hour of pushing we were most of the way there, but Holly started to show signs of distress. The staff recommended the ventouse be used to speed up the delivery and I agreed. Within a few minutes my darling little girl was born. I remember Linda saying “There’s your baby!” as Holly was placed on my stomach. I exclaimed “Oh my goodness she’s beautiful!” and then “Arrrggh! She’s sliding off!” After I’d had a few moments to look at and touch her, she was taken just a couple of metres away to be examined. Her apgar scores were 7 and 8, and very soon she was in her proud daddy’s arms. I was given more synto for the third stage because I was at risk of haemorraging. I had second degree tears which I wasn’t even aware of that were stitched up fairly quickly. Finally my baby girl was placed in my arms and Linda helped me get her attached for her first breastfeed. I’d never felt so overjoyed and exhausted in my life! Holly was weighed and measured afterwards. She weighed 6lb 4oz, was 53cm long and had a head circumference of 34cm. Linda showed me the placenta and explained it was showing signs of aging. Part of it was beginning to calcify. After seeing that I know we did the right thing opting for the induction when we did.

    We spent the next 3 days recovering in hospital. All of the staff were wonderful and very happy to help me get breastfeeding well established before we left. A funny thing happened as Matt, Holly and I were leaving the hospital. Between Holly and my bags we had our hands full and came to a glass door leading to the car park. Who should be on the other side but the OB who delivered our baby and he opened the door for us. I thought the symbolism of that was quite amusing! It was nice to have that opportunity to say thank you to him because the moments following the birth were a bit of a blur and we didn’t have the chance then.

    In retrospect I really am ok with the way things happened. It was a pity to have missed out on a totally natural birth. I have accepted though that it just wasn’t meant to be this time. I’m still focussing on the positives. Matt was truly amazing and our relationship is stronger than ever. I am so happy we hired a doula and have told Leah she is worth her weight in gold! Considering I was worried about being cared for by a midwife I’d never met before, I am thrilled to have had the wonderful Linda attending the birth. I feel very fortunate to have experienced a vaginal delivery under the circumstances, and when I look at my beautiful, healthy little daughter I honestly believe it was all worth it. The overwhelming feeling of love I have for my baby outshines everything else.

    Holly just loves bath time...

    She looks so tiny in this one!

    Getting to know big brother Jayden.

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    June 2, at 6:30pm I went to the restroom to be followed be DH and told tonight was the night and we are going to have a baby soon (like within hours).**TMI** As I was standing up I lost my plug and ALOT of it! It was clear, no blood at all, and no signs of labor. At 6:45pm I started the normal contractions I'd been having since April. I thought DH has been right twice about me going into labor "maybe" he's right about tonight and started timing them. At 7:30pm DH asked if he should go take a shower (for the hospital) or go back to sleep for sleep, I told him to take a shower now just incase because the contractions have increased over the hour and have lasted at least 55 seconds each one. So while he was in the shower I called my MIL to tell her to be ready just in case and jump on the board and posted about the contractions. The post "And we have contractions" "Every 4-6 minutes lasting about 55-67 seconds!!!! I'm going to wait it out some because they don't hurt that bad..Wish me luck!!!!" LOL, BIG MISTAKE!!! Right after that post I went to the restroom because it felt like I had to pee, nope just more plug and the contractions was to the point where I couldn't walk and had to lean onto the wall just to balance. So at 8pm DH was getting dressed and calling into work (where he had to be in 2 hours) and calling MIL to tell her we was heading to the hospital and she should also. Seeing that she lives 97 miles away from us we didn't expect her to make it in time. I think I called the hospital at 8:30 and told them I was coming in and we got there a little before 9 but didn't go in until 9:10 because DH needed a cigarette and we called to see where his mom was.
    We check in and go upstairs and have 3 nurses rushed us I guess my OB had already told them I have fast labors... They check my cervix and I'm still 4.5cm's!!! The same I had been for at least 6 days. Right the and there I knew this wasn't going to be easy, normal, nor fast. So they ask me all the questions blah blah blah, Why do they make you sign papers when you're contracting? A little before midnight my MIL got to the hospital and took the kids down to eat. They checked me again nope still 4.5cm's. MIL and the kids came back up because they had just closed the cafe' and the hospital Cafeteria didn't reopen until 2:30am. At at 1am, I was begging DH and MIL to keep the kids from touching the bed during contractions because the movement made the contractions 10 times worse, and I was trying to not let them see the pain I was in. At 2am MIL asked me about the contractions because it looked like they was back to back. They was back to back and have been since 12:30am which I told her and she decided to take the kids down to eat and out to watch cartoons. I told DH it was okay he could go smoke his cigarette I would be okay and I wanted to try and rest some. It was 2:34am when they checked and I was ALMOST 5cm's!! The pain was AHHH!! Just thinking about it lol. When DH came back up about 2:45am I asked him to make a fist and dig into my lower back with his knuckles, he tried he really did but it just wasn't like I wanted him to do. We tried the birthing ball from about 3am to 3:10am during this time DH was able to talk me into not going all natural. I then agreed to nubain which allowed me to relax enough to fall asleep between contractions about a whole 90 seconds, but by that time any sleep was good by me. The nubain wore off by 3:30am, and I asked for another dose at 5am which I got. Only this time it didn't work at all everything still felt the same and I began to beg them to break my water so I could dilate more. Me knowing my body and last labors knew it was the only way to get to 10cm. The on-call OB was in the room next to mine delivering a baby so he then said no to breaking my water and the nurse checked my again I was almost 6cm.. Okay fine by me at least we are moving up some. Every time I would have a contraction I would lose my hearing, I could hear DH and Nancy (My nurse) talking but I couldn't understand what they was saying and the distorted conversation I could hear was 10 times louder I just couldn't understand it and it was mixed with a ringing in my ears. Around 6:30am I actually yelled at them and told them both to stop talking. I later explained why but I'm sure they both thought I was just being a rude B**** right then. Nancy checked me again and I was 6cm so at 7am they called my OB who was on her way to the hospital to ask if she wanted them to break my water. So after hours of begging at 7:10am they broke my water. at 7:13am I got the extreme urge to push, she checked and I was told I was about 6.5cm's at 7:15am my OB walked in.. The second I seen her I said Oh my god I've never been happier to see you! She goes well you timed it right I got a surgery at 8am. So Nancy checked me again at 7:20am and I was "almost 9cm" still with the urge to push and shaking all to hell... they start running everywhere getting everything ready and get me set up and my OB checks me and I have just a "lip" left and tells me I can push the next time I have a contraction. So I get my 2 WEAK pushes in just me getting ready. 2 all hell pushes and they say push again... Well I can feel where her head is and taste the puke in my throat and nose from pushing so hard and yell at them "I have to breathe first", 1 more push and they yell stop stop STOP so they can suction her and I yell at them to either pull it out or let me push because they was taking their sweet ole time.. Which would have been fine if I had meds or an epi! 2 more pushes and at 7:34am June 3rd, Mackenzie Grace was born. 8lbs 7oz 21in!

    Xavier 7
    Alyssa 4
    Mackenzie 2

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