May 2010 Moonbeams Arrivals and Birth Stories
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Thread: May 2010 Moonbeams Arrivals and Birth Stories

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    I'm a Texan!

    Talking May 2010 Spaces!

    May 2010 Mommas!

    Welcome to May 2010! A HH9M to you all!

    Please reserve your spot AFTER you get your BFP!

    Spaces are reserved for pictures of our growing bellies, ultrasound photos, and nursery shots.

    * This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

    * Reserve your "space" once you get your BFP and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of YOUR post.

    * Because this is already a picture heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by unchecking the "Show your signature" button before your hit submit to post your message.

    * Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!

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    ~*~*~Mara & Moonshine~*~*~

    I'm Mara (29), married to Joel, my very own Australian (33), since July 18, 2009- we found out we were pregnant 3 days before our 1 month anniversary! Yes, we got ourselves a honeymoon baby! I've been baby crazy for about oh, well, 25 years, so, I was gung ho to start ASAP! Good thing we didn't "go ahead and try" before the wedding...we got pregnant on our first try! And no, I'm not planning on drinking home-made booze through my pregnancy- we've started referring to the baby as Moonshine, because it was conceived on the honeyMOON.

    We are both teachers and we live and work in Luanda, Angola at an international school. We get paid well to be here teaching children from all over the world- but this makes our pregnancy plan somewhat unique in that it means that I will spend mos 7-10 of my pregnancy back home (in the States) with my parents while Joel stays in Luanda. He'll come for the birth.

    We are both very, very excited, yet somewhat disbelieving. Can't wait for the belly to start growing!

    Us! Soon to be parents! Yipes!

    Mara and Joel

    ~*~ Belly shots!~*~

    the day we found out!26 weeks and bloated38 weeks 310 weeks212 weeks214 weeks16 weeks 00318 weeks20 weeks22 weeks24 weeks3428 weeks30 weeks31 weeks32 weeks33 weeks34 weeks35 weeks36 weeks37 weeks38 weeks39 weeks

    ~*~The tests!~*~
    10DPO- 1st test~~~~~~~~19DPO- 4th test- love how dark that line is! Nearly opposite of the other picture!
    test one- yes it's positive!2 19DPO2

    ~*~Appointments and baby news!~*~

    1st Appt- Oct 22- HB 159, 7cm CRL, measuring 13w, 1d
    profile3scary alien baby3
    Nov 16- 16w, 5d- was that a flutter? I think it was! Hi baby!
    2nd Appt- Nov 20- HB 157, 17w, 1d
    second ultrasound- head
    Nov 27- Poke, tap, poke, tap! That WAS the baby! Yay!
    Dec 22- Met the midwife! Loved her! Joel found the heartbeat- 150bpm.
    Jan 4- anatomy scan! Everything looked good. All parts were accounted for and in the right place. Heart beat 130bpm. Baby weighs in at 1lb8oz.
    Jan 21- Asked LOTS of questions this appt. Spend an hour with the midwife! Mostly we talked about ensuring that I get the most natural birth possible in the hospital setting. Came away feeling good. For some reason she didn't tell me what I was measuring or the baby's heartbeat- though we heard it and it sounded great.
    Mar 5- 32w2d, HB 138 bpm, measuring 33 weeks, BP 110/64 All looks well... not sure if baby is breech... will check again next time! Passed glucose test (119- had to be under 135)
    Mar 17- 33w6d, HB 140- 160 (with movement), BP 110/64. Found out baby is breech.
    April 1- 36 w, HB good, BP 112/64, baby still breech and facing back- no fun shots at all!
    April 6- 36w4d, all good with me- baby still breech- measuring 39 weeks! Version scheduled for Friday, April 9.
    April 9- 37w, 1d- Version was a success! Moonshine is now vertex! WAAAHOOO!!!! Procedure was quick, easy and painless.
    April 14- 37w6d, HB 140s, measuring 39 wks, BP 110/68, 6lb GAIN!, Moonshine still vertex!!! Good appt! GBS negative!!!
    April 22- 39 weeks! HB 120s-140s, BP 118/76, 1lb gain. Moonshine still vertex- getting low.
    April 24!!! Benita arrives at 10:57am! 8lbs1oz, 19in long. Beautiful, beautiful girl.
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    Hey ladies, I hope you don't mind me leaving my space. I don't want to delete it as if this never existed, but also don't want to bring you ladies down! We lost our little bean at 11 weeks, but I enjoyed every moment of being a member of this board! I wish each and every one of you the best!

    brandi and bebe #2

    My name is Brandi and I am 29 y/o. DH (Brian, 29) and I have one daughter, Camille, who was born in Feb 14, 2008. I am so excited that soon, she is going to be a big sister!
    My EDD is currently 4.28.10, and my first appt is Sep 17 for bloodwork,
    followed with an appt with my OB on Oct 1.


    Our family on Millie's 1st birthday...

    BFP: 8.18.09

    Belly: almost 5 weeks

    8 weeks

    10 weeks
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    Hi! I'm Hilda. I just turned 35 and have been married to JC for 8 years. We have an amazing daugther, Alanis, who is 16 months old. Today, August 21st, I just found out that she is going to be a big sister. Funny, 8/21 is my anniversary of joining pg. org.

    Anyway, I still can't believe it that we were blessed again and so quickly. I am just that everything goes smoothly.

    All I have so far is this:

    My first appt will be on 9/18. It feels so far away. I can't wait for confirmation that everything is going well. I am excited to be using a wonderful midwife practice this time around. Am looking forward to working with them and my body.


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    Claiming my space
    I'm Belinda and I've been married to my DH Mike 10 years next month. We have 4 beautiful boys, ages 8,6,3,18 months. We are thrilled to be adding #5 to our family. I believe my due date is May 7.

    BFP at 9dpo:

    Me and DH:

    my boys

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    Hi everyone!!

    My name is Michelle, I'm 28 and I'm a mum of 2 girls Emily (6) and Aleisha (3) and am currently expecting number 3 EDD 1st May 2010!! I live in Perth, Western Australia and came across this site when I was pregnant with my second but was an honest lurker! LOL So I joined a couple of months ago finally! Looking forward to sharing my journey with you!

    At 11DPO...I did 6 tests all up including a mistaking the word pregnant!

    These are my girls...sorry didn't have a current pic with a link! Must update!

    Well I am not showing as of yet (of course) but oh my goodness am I getting symptoms!! All exciting though!!

    US pic of baby at 10w6d:

    Belly pic 12w5d:

    US pics of baby 12w6d:

    Belly pic 14w3d:

    US pic at 15w4d (potty shot):

    Belly pic 15w6d:

    ** 23rd November, approx.17 weeks I had my appendix removed. I had pains the evening before and was in tears I was losing the baby. Finally the next day I went to the hospital and then to see my ob who admitted me to have my appendix removed...very scary stuff!! Bubs is currently doing well! I am still sore but with bubs growing I think the healing will be a slower process...we'll see!

    US pics at 17w:

    It's a boy!

    Belly pic 19w6d:

    Big US pics 19w6d:

    Definitely a boy!!

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    Myspace Comments, Glitter Graphics at
    Myspace Comments, Glitter Graphics at

    My name is Michelle, im 26 years old. Im married to my wonderful DH, Matt, who is 28 years old. We have been married for 3 years. We have an amazing daughter, Presley Tatum. She was born on March 3rd, 2008. We are so excited to be making Presley a big sister but very cautious since I just suffered a miscarriage in June. We are hoping this little bean sticks!

    pregnancy week by week

    Lilypie Maternity tickers

    Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers

    My Beautiful family!

    BFP ~August 24th, 2009~11DPO

    Myspace Comments, Glitter Graphics at

    3weeks 4days, Day of BFP

    1st Beta 9-11-09~36,000
    2nd Beta 9-14-09~56,486
    1st ultrasound 9-18-09

    1st Drs. appt 9-25-09 8 weeks 1 day, gained 3lbs total.

    10-22-09 2nd Drs. appointment. 12 weeks, gained 3lbs total. My thyroid levels were high so I am now considred high-risk and have to take blood draws every 4-6 weeks to keep my levels checked.

    11-19-09 16 weeks, gained 3lbs total. My appointment went really well today. I got the H1N1shot, we heard the heartbeat and schedule the big u/s for December 9th.
    11-21-09 We had a 4D ultrasound to check the babys gender and...Were going to name him Deegan Christopher Miles

    11-29-09 definitely starting to feel the baby move and kick when I lay down at night
    12-3-09 18 weeks, gined 7lbs total, 142lbs. Drs. appointment with a specialist regarding my thyroid. Had and ultrasound done.
    12-11-09 DH felt him kick!
    12-12-09 DH felt him kick twice!
    12-17-09 20 weeks, gained 7lbs total, 142lbs. My thyroid levels are getting better. We got the hear the heartbeat. The ultrasound results didnt turn out so well. One of Deegan's kidneys are inflamed to 4mm. We have to watch it and have another ultrasound in 2 months to measure it again.
    12-23-09 20.5 weeks, 144lbs, gained 9lbs total. Went in to do a NST becase the baby hasnt been moving as much. The movement went from 90% to about 5% in the last couple days so I got worried. Since I was still early in the PG, the fetal monitor couldnt pick up the heartbeat. I saw a Dr. and checked the heartbeat with a doppler and everything sounded great. He said he wasnt sure of the lack of movement but is sending me for a ultrasound just to check measurements of the baby.
    12-30-09 21.5 weeks. Drs. appointment with the specalist again. I had an ultrasound and his legs were measuring 24 weeks and his head was measuring 22 weeks. Everything looked great and the baby was even sucking his thumb!

    1-1-10 22 weeks, you can see my belly move around when the baby moves and kicks. DH can also feel all kicks now!
    1-5-10 22 weeks 5 days. I had my check up u/s to check measurements.
    1-10-10 24.5 weeks 151lbs, 16lbs gained total. Regual check up today. Everything went well, normal appointment. I have to do my glucose test in about 2 weeks.
    1-30-10 we had a 4D ultrasound done. I think he looks just like his big sister!

    2-15-10 Had a follow up ultrasound to re-check his kidneys. He was head down.

    2-18-10 29 weeks 156lbs, 21lbs gained total. I took my glucose test today and will get the results at my next appointment. We got the results from the ultrasound and the babys right kidney is even larger now. It was 4mm now its 7mm. I have to see a specalist again to keep an eye on his kidney. If it keeps growing they may have to do surgery. I was also measuring 1 week ahead.
    3-4-10 31 weeks. I saw the specalist again about the babys kidney. He wasnt concerned about it and said if something drastic was going to happen, it would have happend by now. He said he sees this all the time.

    3-5-10 31 weeks 158lbs, 23lbs gained total. My glucose test game back and I passed! My thryroid levels are also checking out great. He said he wasnt going to do another ultrasound for the kidney because if it kept growing it would be time to deliver anyways. Im measuring 2 weeks ahead and he said more than likely I only have 6 weeks left to go. Hes going to induce me if I get too big because he doesnt want me to have a baby bigger than 8lbs.
    3-17-10 33 weeks 159lbs, 24lbs gained total. The NST turned out great. The baby was moving all over the place.
    3-25-10 34 weeks 162lbs, 27lbs gained total. NST turned out great again. The baby always moves like crazy when im hooked up to the test. I measured to date now. I have a ultrasound scheduled in 2 weeks to see how big the baby is.
    4-2-10 35 weeks 162 lbs, 27lbs gained total. The baby was very calm today and didnt move much during the NST but the Dr. was ok with it. I told him I was feeling alot of pressure in my pelvic area so he checked my cervix. I was dialted to 1cm and 70% effaced and the baby had already dropped. He put me on bed rest and wants me to try to hold out 2 more weeks to deliver.
    4-3-10 I made a trip to L&D today. I was having more pain today than usual and with the bed rest and dialting already it worried me. I was having contractions 8-10 minutes apart. They ended up sending me home because my cervix hasnt changed. Still on srick bed rest.

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    Baby lost.
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    in total disbelief :o


    anxiously awaiting miracle #4
    EDD 5/4/10

    my name is Juliet (33) and dh is Bill (35) we have 3 children Parker (4), Vivian (3), and Charlie (1). we are adding to our family with TWINS!! we are a little shocked but so happy to be having our last pregnancy add double the fun to our family! we have to use fertility drugs to help us get pregnant and luckily it's worked the first time with each of our pregnancies. when we went for our follie scan we saw 3 really good size follies and left the office a little shocked! needless to say we were even more shocked when we went for our pregnancy confirmations u/s and found out it was twins dh said he had a feeling it would be 2 or more but i never really thought it was a possibitlity. but we are happy with the additions to our family and can't wait to meet them!!

    we learned at our "big" u/s that we lost twin "b" at 15.5 weeks. i'm keeping everything in the above the same and pictures up because he was and will be always with us and very much loved.

    HPTs!! i took a lot cuz no matter how many kids you have you never actually believe you're pregnant!!

    and just for good measure the ever faithful digital

    here is the first picture of our twins!!
    6wks & 3 days

    10wks & 3 days

    12wks & 2 days

    13wks 3days

    15wks 3days (the dr took the bottom picture just to show that they are indeed twins with 2 different sacs)

    Doctor Appoinments:

    9/11/09 (6wks 3 days)~ confirmation of pregnancy appointment and check to see how many are in there. saw and heard 2 heartbeats in shock but excited!
    9/25/09 (8wks 3 days)~went and saw the babies again and all is well. they were moving around and i caught another quick glimpse at their hearts beating! they're definitely fraternal too so that's a good thing. going back in another 2 weeks. didn't get another pic this time but will hopefully next time.
    10/09/09 (10wks 3 days)~ everything was good. babies moving around like crazy again. could see little arm and leg buds flailing all over! the dr spent time on each one to see the hearts, to look for nasal bones, and look at nuchal folds. each baby had a distinct nasal bone and good looking nuchal folds. seeing each of these things is a good arguement against downs. according to the dr's scale i've gained 5lbs so we'll see how much i gain this pregnancy!
    10/22/09 (12wks 2 days) First View U/S~ we got to see the babies for almost 30mins!! they were moving all over and so cute. the tech measured each baby's nuchal fold several time so they could get the most accurate measurement. i'm thinking all went well since the dr didn't have to come in and talk to us. we did find out that the results are going to mailed to us sometime this next week and they'll tell us what the %'s are for any kind of abnormality in the babies. we also scheduled our "big" u/s for Dec 2!
    10/30/09 (13wks 3 days)~ the dr went over my nuchal fold tests we had done the week before and all was good! baby A has a 1 in 2000 chance of downs and baby B has a 1 in 3000 chance. it goes up when it comes to their chances of trisomy 13 and 18 so we're very happy!! i gained 9lbs in 3 weeks and that had me a little upset. so in total i've gained 14lbs not really where i wanted to be but my dr wasn't too concerned and said i could gain up to 45lbs and still be healthy. so, if i average 1lb a week i should be ok. also saw the babies and they are long and skinny
    11/13/09 (15wks 3 days)~ quick in and out appt. only gained 2lbs in 2wks so i'm on track for a pound a week!! dr looked at the babies moving around and all was good! i can't believe that i'm going for the "big u/s" in 3wks!!! too bad we're not finding out what these little guys are
    12/2/09 (anatomy scan)(18wks 1 day)~ unfortunatley the appointment didn't go as well as we would've liked. we found out that baby "b" passed away around 15.5wks. needless to say we were shocked and now deeply saddened. we did find out that the baby was a boy. baby "a", however, is doing well and growing as he/she needs too.
    12/3/09 (18wks 2days)~ went to my ob for a regular appointment and he said the baby looks good. the other baby is reabsorbing into my body as needed and the process looks like it's going along. he wants me to come in 2x a week to monitor the reabsorbtion process and the health of the surviving baby.
    12/7/09 (18wks 6days)~ another trip to the ob today revealed that all is going well with the process now. the baby is now 1/3 the size of the surviving twin. the other baby had a very strong heartbeat and looked very robust the dr said. needless to say, i'm very paranoid with this pregnancy now. i've taken my other 3 pregnancies for granted since i never worried about anything in any of them. but, luckily my dr is very sensitive and said that he will monitor me very closely for the duration of the pregnancy. hopefully that'll put my mind at a little bit of ease.
    12/11/09 (19wks 3days)~ all went well today. the absorption is going well and the surviving twin looks really good. very strong heartbeat and moving. very glad i got a doppler so now i can listen to his heartbeat whenever i want!!
    12/28/09 (21wks 6days)~ all went well with the heart scan. at the other anatomy scan they didn't get a good look at the heart. they didn't think anything was wrong but just wanted better pics. everything looked beautiful!
    12/29/09 (22wks)~ doc said that everything looked wonderful with baby boy. the other one is teeny tiny, being absorbed, and taking up very little room. this little guy is getting so big. already over 1lb! can't wait to see what he looks like
    1/25/10 (25wks 6days)~ great appt and all looks well. can't believe that i'm a little more than half way through!
    2/25/10 (30wks 2days)~ not a regular appt but had some cramping and bleeding so just went to check everything out. dr said everything looked fine and cervix is still high, closed, and tight. keeping my reg appt next week. did find out mr man is breech!
    3/1/10 (30wks 6days)~ everything still looks good and no more bleeding. found out that i have a bladder infection so the dr put me on antibiotics. also found out that the little guy has flipped and is back to vertex! on to my every other week appts now
    3/18/10 (33wks 2days)~ all went well! baby boy looks a little big but nothing to worry about. next visit at 35 weeks!!
    3/29/10 (34wks 6days)~ turned down the strep B test and will just be treated for it anyway since i tested (+) for it with Vivi. my urine test showed that i do have some strep B bacteria so just gonna play it safe. didn't reallly want to be tested either! all is well with little man and he's still head down!
    4/5/10 (35wks 6days)~ all went well. BP was 110/60, no weight gain, and do dilation. so, i'll just go back next week and see what all is happening!
    4/12/10 (36wks 6days)~

    belly pictures

    my other kiddies

    Parker was born on June 17, 2005 (1 day old and almost 4.5yrs old)

    Vivian was born on February 21, 2007 (1 day old and 33 months (almost 3yrs!))

    and our youngest, Charlie, was born on June 21, 2008 (couple hours old and 16 months)

    other bellies from past pregnancies

    39wks and 2 days with Charlie and 39wks with Vivi. unfortunately i don't have any of me with Parker on this computer

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    May 8 2010

    I'm Lacey, 31, married to DH, 32, for 5 years. We have a beautiful 2 1/2 year old dtr and after 2 m/c, a full thyroid work up and several months of on again off again ttc we got a bfp at 10dpo. No belly pics yet but will post soon.

    8/24/09 first beta hcg at 11 dpo = 64 and progesterone =25
    8/26/09 2nd beta hcg at 13 dpo= 369 How's that for doubling!
    9/2/09 3rd beta hcg at 4wks 4d= 8298
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