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Thread: May 2010 Moonbeams Arrivals and Birth Stories

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    I'm Steph! Baby #2 is on his or her way in May. I'm married to Kyle, we're both 27 and have a fantastic daughter - Parker Marie. She rocks my frickin world!


    Sept 24th & 26th - blood draw - HCG numbers are perfect!!!
    Oct 15th - ultrasound and appointment went fantastic! Heart was 163 and baby measured right on.
    Nov 5th - another ultrasound, all is well. Baby looks amazing.
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    Reserving my space.....More to come soon.

    EDD June 4th 2010
    BFP 9/20/09

    *** Ultrasounds ***

    *** Belly Pics ***

    *** Appointments ***
    9/21/09 Preg Check +!
    10/1/09 Ultrasound having pain on left side. Baby is where it should be
    10/15/09 Dating Ultrasound changed edd to 6/4/09 hb 141
    10/20/09 First OB appointment
    11/13/09 NT Scan and Genetic Counseling
    11/17/09 OB appt
    12/17/09 OB appt
    12/31/09 Anatomy scan and gender check!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's a BOY!
    1/12/10 OB appt

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    May 20th 2010
    BFP 9/11/09
    First Dr Appt 9/16/09, everything was great - lot's of tests done
    U/S 9/24/09, Saw the heartbeat Baby measured 5 wks, 4 days 140 bpm.
    Appt 10/13/09 Everything was great, got flu shot, scheduled NTScan, gained 3lbs.
    Appt 11/10/09 Heard the heartbeat (YAY!!), gained 2 lbs.
    NT Scan 11/11/09 - Everything looked great!
    Appt 12/9/09 - Hard time finding the h/b but it sounded fine when we finally did, gained 10 lbs - eek!, schduled anatomy scan!
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    DS, 5/10
    DS2, 9/12

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    Claiming my space, although I don't have anything to put here yet.

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    My name is Katelyn (21). I am married to my hero, Drew (24), who is a US Army Soldier, currently deployed to Iraq for the next 12-15 months. We ran off to Vegas to get married on July 10, 2007, and despite everyone calling us crazy, we are still going strong and happier than ever! I am living at his duty station, Ft. Benning, GA, while he is gone and love it here!

    BFP Story
    We had been TTC since October 2007, but it never happened so we decided to stop trying and wait until after the upcoming deployment. Two weeks before he was due to leave, I went to a wine tasting party with a couple friends. Even though I didn't drink a lot, the next day I could barely get out of bed and was extremely nausious all day. Drew kept making fun of me and saying that I'm probably pregnant, which I knew I was not... wine never agrees with my stomach, so that was a perfect explanation. Finally, around 10pm, he started to annoy me so bad that I told him to just GO to the store, get a test, and I'll prove to him I'm not pregnant.

    So he did. 15 minutes later, we were standing in the bathroom looking at this:

    And then...

    I was shocked and it took me a couple days to really get excited, but for him the excitement settled in instantly. Despite me telling him to wait to tell people, he started calling all of his friends to share the news, and within 24 hours we had announced it to everyone.

    Friday, Sept 25 -- Doctor confirmed pregnancy
    Monday, Sept 28 -- 1st official appt. Pee test, pap smear, prenatal vitamins prescribed, and lots of booklets to read! Unfortunately no ultrasound. Drew got to go with me... Only appointment he'll be at throughout the pregnancy.
    Friday, October 2 -- Bloodwork
    Next appt. Monday, Oct 26 -- Talked with doctor about how I've been feeling. Very basic appt... No dopplers, no ultrasound. Hopefully will hear the heartbeat next time.

    Belly Pics

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    hello my name is marie and we just found out we are pregnant on sept 18 th , i have been married to my dh for 4 yrs this past may but have been together going on 8 years we have 2 beautiful boys ages 3 and 6. we live in florida where i am a stay at home mom and husband drives for septic company. i am now 7 weeks 2 days the morning sickness comes and goes other than that this is great
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    Hi! My name is Elizabeth. I never made a space on my last birth board, March 08, so I think I'll try to make up for that. We have 5 great kids, the three oldest are girls and the youngest are boys. The newest addition is due on our oldest's 9th birthday! I can't wait to tell her. She'll probably think she should have naming rights
    I will post a picture eventually.
    Mama to DD 9, DD 8, DD 6 , DS 4 , DS 2, DS new
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    My name is Cristina Im 24 from from Riverside, Ca. Ive been Married to Dh since June 28, 2006 and after 2yrs of TTC WE decided to stop TTC & let nature take it couse and 3wks later 9/28/09 and we got our 1st BFP!! last night YAY!!! ...


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