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    Deegan Christopher
    4/7/10 12:07pm
    5lbs 14oz 18 1/2 in
    35 weeks 2 days

    I had my regular Drs. appointment on Friday 4/2/10. I was complaining of lots of BH and alot of pressure in my pelvis. The Dr. decided to do an internal and the baby had already dropped and I was 1cm dialted and 70% effaced. The Dr. put me on strict bedrest till the end of my pregnancy since I was only 34 weeks at the time.

    Saturday 4/3/10 I was having more BH than normal and this sharp pain in my pelvis. I knew I wasnt in labor but I was concerned since I was put on bed rest. I called L&D and they had me come in for monitoring. It turns out I was having contractions every 8-10min. They checked my cervix and nothing had changed since my Drs. appointment so they sent me home.

    Tuesday night 4/6/10 I was laying in bed watching tv. My contractions started at 10:15pm. I knew they were the real contractions because I had to breathe through them and they were painful. I laid in bed at timed them for an hour. They were 3-4 min apart. By then I knew I was going into labor. I decided to get up and get ready and finish packing my bag and wait for my mom to come over to stay with Presley.

    Wednesday morning 4/7/10 at 12:57am we checked into the hospital. Since it was in the middle of the night we had to check in through the ER. That felt like the longest wait for me since I was in pain. When I was checked in at 1:35am I was 4cm dialted so the Dr. said I was too far progressed to try to stop the labor. At 1:50am they started the IV so when I would be ready for the epidural when I told them I wanted it. The contractions were hurting but not enough to get an epidural so at the nurse gave me a shot to help with the pain at 3:40am. I really helped with the pain, I felt loopy like I was drunk LOL. I wasnt even feeling the contractions for a while. At 6:07am I was 5cm dialted and was advised that if I wanted an epidural I should get in then because labor usual picks up by then. I didnt feel I need an epidurl yet because I was able to breathe through the contractions and they were only in the 60's on the chart. But I was scared if I waited too long it would be to late so I called my uncle up, who is the cheif of anesthesiology at the hospital and asked him to come over. He showed up by 6:50am and by 7:00am I had my epidual. By 7:55am I was 6cm dialted and by 8:47am they broke my water. By 10:00am I was 7cm dialted and by 10:03am they started me on pitosin since my labor started to stall out. I was started to feel alot of stabbing pain in my pelvis so the Dr. checked me again and I was still 7cm dialted at 11:00am so they game me more pitosin. 11:25am I was 8cm dialted and what felt like an eternity later...I started to feel pressure in my butt during contractions. 11:55am I was 10cm dialted and ready to push. 3 pushes later at 12:07am little Deegan was born. DH got to cut the cord which I was really happy about since he didnt get to do that with DD. Overall it was a very easy labor except for the part when I felt nauseous after getting the epidural. I really think I could have gone through the labor without an epidural. I didnt start getting hard contractions until the last 30min and they didnt get higher than 90. With DD they were well over 100.

    His apgard scores was 8 and 9 and was breathing fine at first. When he was under the warmer the nurses wanted to monitor his breathing more closely. They took him to the nursery for 2 hours. All I wanted to do was see and hold my baby but I couldnt because my legs were still numb from the anesthesia. Finally they brought him in to see me and he was already having trouble breathing by then. You could hear him weasing for air. They wanted me to try skin to skin. They said sometimes that helps them breath, but after 15min of holding him you could tell he was just getting worse. They took him away to the nursery again and ended up needing to put him on oxygen. To make a long story short they couldnt keep him at our hospital because there isnt a NICU so they has to transfer him to they next city 30min away. I about died when I heard that. I never imagined not being able to go home without my baby.

    It turns out since he was 5 weeks early his lungs wernt fully developed yet so he is needing oxygen to breathe. We dont know how long he will be in the NICU but I really hope soon. Its been a really hard situation with lots of tears but I know my little man is a fighter.
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    Deegan Christopher ~ 4/7/10 @ 35 weeks

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    Aaron Phillip: Birth Story

    Born Wednesday April 21st at 5.11am at 38w2d 7lb2oz(3.26kg) 20 inches long, HC 13 inches

    What a whirlwind pregnancy, from getting my appendix out at 17 weeks to having contractions as early as 25 weeks. It’s safe to say that I was pretty much done by the time I was at the end of the pregnancy. I suppose I should just start off from the Monday (19-4) night when DH took me in as I was getting regular contractions 5-8 mins apart all day. I was checked and was 2-3cm dilated and 60% effaced. They decided to keep in overnight to see if it turned into anything on my own but things kind of stalled though I was still crampy, the machine picking up the contractions that were now not very regular. My Ob came in to see me and told me usually he would get things going by breaking my water but unfortunately they were flat out, every woman decided to have their babies too that day so I was sent home 7am Tuesday morning, this upset me somewhat because I just knew this baby would be coming soon and I lived 30-35mins away from the hospital and was worried if I went into active labour I could have bubs at home (though my ob said I did the right thing coming in given my history of short labours.) He told me I could ring the office and get an induction booked for either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday; I made that call because I was so over it, she told me she would get back to me later in the day.

    So off we go home, the girls were in school so DH and I decided to do some shopping (still had to get a present for each of the girls from the baby) and also to go to lunch at our favourite restaurant. All the while I was contracting so much I had to stop walking now and again. We went to see my MIL, she was having the girls for the first couple of days until my Mum had them, we organised a few things with her and would let her know what was happening as I hadn’t heard from the ob office yet. While I was there, still contracting, I shot up to go to the toilet and that’s when I had some more bloody show (so it was definitely ‘bloody show time’, this bubs was on his way!) We picked up the girls from school, I went to get Aleisha from her kindy class and the Mums were asking me when I was having this baby and I said I was in labour now and they couldn’t believe lots of well wishes and Aleisha and her little friend half expected me to already have the baby and were disappointed I still had my belly! I met up with DH and we went home to find I was booked in for the following morning, Wednesday 21 April, had to be at the hospital for 6.30am. I knew I wouldn’t make it because my contractions were 4 minutes apart and I continued to bleed a little, like a very light period.

    We had dinner (just some take-away though I wasn’t hungry but knew I had to eat something) and then I bathed the girls and got them in their PJ’s and headed to MIL’s. We get there and see all these flashing light on the main road behind their house. DH and I go to investigate. A major car crash had happened, a bunch of young kids wrapped themselves on a power pole, the car was a mangled wreck. Not sure if anyone died but was very serious. Apparently the driver was intoxicated and tried to overtake and had to swerve to miss an oncoming car he didn’t see...idiot...anyway!! We go back to say goodbye to the girls, tucked them into bed as it was about 8pm and I wanted to get some rest before the big day. I tossed and turned and contracted right through, visited the toilet numerous times and DH kept telling me to try and rest, not long to go now.
    At 3am I shot up out of bed and said to DH we have to go now, if I know my body then we’ll be having the baby at home. We both had a shower and packed the rest of our things into the to get through a half hour drive with these contractions that were now 2 minutes apart, the last 5 minutes of our journey DH had to step on it. We got to the hospital at 4am and headed up to the second floor of the family birthing unit to find nobody manning the desk! There was absolutely nobody around until someone emerged 10 minutes later and DH asked if we could see someone and they said to come through but I had to wait for another contraction to pass. The midwife who looked after me the night before welcomed us again, she was really nice. I hopped up onto the bed to be checked, she felt my tummy first and said, baby was way down low, much lower than the night before (and I didn’t think I could be!) and then came the fun part, checking the cervix. I just about died when she said I was an 8, could stretch to a 9 and I was going to be pushing this baby out very soon. Remembering my last labour I knew it was soon and no time for any epidurals. I was also amazed my water was still intact! They asked me if I could go to the toilet and I agreed as I had been dying to poop since home but now I was at hospital I felt it was ‘safe’ to do so! LOL

    I did my business and then I asked for the gas and air (laughing gas I believe) and sucked on that with each contraction, which helped me to relax so much that I forgot to note the times. All I know is I started to feel a bit of pressure and she had to check me again to see if I had progressed but I was 9cm and then she decided to get bubs to do the rest by breaking the waters. Just as she was about to, it happened by itself, then wow, bam, this baby was coming out! Apparently I wasn’t pushing with enough gusto because I was too busy with the gas and air so the other midwife took it away from me and my main midwife says “Gee isn’t she mean?” LOL I tell her “Oh crap now it’s going to be painful!” Yep now with nothing to zone out with I went full at the pushing which seemed like forever when only it was about 3 pushes and his head was out. I love it when they say when the perenium stretches enough it goes numb...yeah like hell it does!! I think I remember saying “get him out of me!” because the feeling of his body sitting there in the vajayjay way too much, hurt more than the crowning! So the rest of his body emerged at 5.11am and they put him to my chest and he cried straight away. He was absolutely covered in vernix, the midwife nicknamed him Mr Cream Cheese. My DH who still never believed he was having a son, announced that he was indeed a boy. My placenta came out about 5 minutes afterwards and then I was checked for tearing and I had nothing there so no stitches.

    Anyway, I am so in love with this little boy, he has been such a good baby. We are home now as of Saturday which was me and DH’s 5th wedding anniversary. DH had some flowers waiting for me. Although my nipples hurt like hell, breastfeeding is still going great. Aaron was weighed on day 3 and then on discharge on day 4 and in one day he had gained 90 grams so my milk was definitely in!

    Last belly pic

    Just born

    Being weighed

    Daddy's first hold

    Aaron keeping warm so he can have a bath at some stage!

    Meeting big sis Emily

    Meeting big sis Aleisha

    Ready to go home

    All strapped in

    Home safe and sound

    Playing with the girls

    Hospital photo
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    Joel Scott born April 28, 2010 7 pounds 8 oz, 20 inches long

    I was a scheduled repeat csection. Since we live over an hour from the hosp we spend the night before the section in a hotel. I slept very little the night before d/t nerves and excitement. We got to the hosp around 5 AM. Got blood drawn and IV started. Then we just waited. The baby was VERY active that morning. DH made me laugh b/c he kept a running commentary of what the baby was thinking. DH kept saying "Let me outta here!" My parents showed up with DD around 6:30 and DH's family was there around 7. When DD walked in the room I started crying. I talked to anesthesia and the scrub tech asked what type of music I wanted and what scent. We went with David Crowder and vanilla. I don't really remember smelling the vanilla but the music was a great help. I was really anxious about the spinal and just being able to concentrate on music that was familiar to me helped me relax.

    I sat on the OR table to get my spinal and just started crying. Part of it was from nerves but with 2 m/c before this pg I just all of sudden felt this great relief that it was behind me and I was about to hold my baby. I was so overwhelmed. The spinal was not bad. My CRNA who did the spinal was great. I got anxious and nauseated and she just rubbed my face and neck with cool cloths and talked very calmly to me telling me what they were doing and just talked me through it.

    There was a lot of pulling and tugging and pushing. I felt no pain but a lot of tugging...then the big moment a cry and the dr said "It's a boy!" We had waited 9 months to know. Dh stood up and looked at him and when he sat down he looked at me and said "he's definately a boy" I could not see son...but I could hear him. Again I started to cry and just started praying and thanking God that Joel was here and safe.

    I got to see him for a couple of minutes before they took him to the nursery. He had some trouble transitioning with his breathing so it was 3 hours before they brought him to me. He was with me for about 2 or 3 hours when I noticed he was breathing fast so he ended up in the NICU to be monitored for his breathing but he comes out to eat. He's a great breastfeeder. We are just waiting to see if his breathing will slow down.
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    Alec Henry
    5/3/10 2:57 pm
    8 lbs. 6 oz 20 1/2 in
    39 weeks 5 days

    More to come!
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    The night before my scheduled induction, Tuesday, April 27th, I tried to sleep…I really did. I wound up being awake most of the night with insomnia. My alarm went off at 4:15 but I ended up snoozing for a few extra minutes before getting into the shower. I somehow managed to shave my legs!

    Rich and I left for the hospital around 5:40AM. We were taken straight back to room 101. Rich thought this was funny. “Baby 101”. When we walked in the room, we were greeted by two nurses. They instructed me to change into the gown and leave a urine sample. When I was done, one of the nurses made a comment like, “Having twins is so exciting” or something to that effect. I thought she was joking and said, “No there’s only one baby in there!” A few minutes later, she said something else about twins. And again, I said, “No, really there’s only ONE BABY!” At this point I was getting offended, like, do I really look THAT BIG? She then told me that on the schedule it said that this room should be set for a twin induction. That would explain the 2 sets of monitors on the bed and the 2 cribs in the corner!

    They set up my IV which took a little time and then took some blood. They started the pitocin at 8AM. On my orders it said that I should have my epidural as soon as my labs came back and they weren’t kidding! I had my epidural around 8:30AM along with a cathedar. At this point I wasn’t even having contractions. They assured me that the epidural lasts 12 hours and should I need more than that, they can add more meds.

    At 9:10, Dr. Freeman came in and checked me. I was 2cm and he broke my water.

    At 12:55PM I started not feeling well. I checked my own sugar and it was low. I told the nurses who contacted Dr. Freeman and they pushed a Dextrose mixture into my IV. It worked immediately and my sugar shot up to 180.

    At 1:05PM the nurse checked me and I was 4cm and 60% effaced.

    At 1:30PM Dr. Freeman came in and said the same thing as the nurse. He seemed pleased with my progress.

    At 2:30PM I was 5cm. I seemed to stay at 5 for a long time. At this point, the nurse turned me to my side. Well, my nurse and my husband. I couldn’t move so they had to turn me. She rocked me back and forth on my side and had me stay on each side for about 30 mins.

    At 5:30PM I was at 7cm.

    Somewhere around 6PM they told me that I was close but that there was a little bit of cervix left. The doctor had me push while he helped things along. He left the nurse to continue. After a few minutes, she said I was at 10 and called the doctor. The entire time, I could tell I was having contractions, they just didn’t hurt. I could feel my stomach tighten, so when it was time to push, I knew. I started pushing around 6:15PM. While I was pushing, during a contraction, the doctor would tell me to stop, trying to prevent me from tearing. I had never felt so in control of my body as when I actually stopped! All my body wanted to do was push! At some point, the doctor said, “This baby has red hair!” I immediately started to cry. The entire time she was inside me, I pictured her with red hair and my husband’s dimples.

    Once her head came out, the doctor told me to stop pushing and explained to us that the cord was around her neck and not to be alarmed, that it happens all the time. I was so focused on breathing and not pushing that I only heard part of his explanation. In the next few moments, the rest of her came. Alyse Nicole was born at 6:38PM. Rich cut the cord, Alyse cried. All of this is a blur. I know that everyone was crying, Rich was kissing me, and I couldn’t wait to see her! They took her to clean her up and everyone else in the room had seen her but me. This frustrated me so much! They told us she was 7lbs, 9oz and 19 ¾ inches. When they finally handed her to me, all I could do was smile. She is so beautiful. It was so surreal. Up until I was pushing, I was convinced that something was going to go wrong, or be wrong and I was scared. My baggage from previous experiences was heavy and I carried it the whole time I carried her. When they placed her in my arms, I felt like I could breathe again. My baby girl was here, and she is perfect.
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    My pregnancy with Daisy was not easy to say the least. I got every cold, flu, cough and sniffle the kids brought home from school and each one seemed to hit me twice as hard. The final straw was a stomach bug passed on from my darling kindergartener.

    Thursday April 15 I started to feel a bit queasy shortly before dinnertime. I managed to get done a little dinner, which later I regretted. The vomiting started right after the kids went to bed around 8pm. Severe diarrhea followed shortly. I spent the evening between the couch and bathroom. Dh went to bed between 10 and 11pm and I opted to stay downstairs as I still wasn’t feeling better and wanted to contain the germs to one bathroom. He left me with a couple sips of ginger ale, which I was leery of but knew I needed to avoid dehydration. Around midnight I realized how uncomfortable I was. I was definitely having some cramping, back pain and contractions. The gingerale seemed to be sticking with me so I continued to drink some slowly hoping to re-hydrate and calm down my uterus. I had to change positions several times couch to recliner and back – I was just really achy.

    At about 4am I woke from a dead sleep to vomit all the gingerale I’d taken in. The cramping and backache continued and the kids woke around 6am. I’d let Dh know that I still wasn’t keeping anything down and that I was having contractions. I honestly didn’t think much of them as I knew I was just dehydrated. I started drinking some water while dh got ready for work. Both kids were home that Friday (teacher workshop) and then April vacation started the following week. He was on his way out the door when he took another look at me and decided to stay. He had a conference call at 8am so I just had to keep the kids at quiet and decided to call into the doctor’s office when they opened.

    I called at 9am and left a message. I started timing on contraction master and they were 4-8 minutes apart. The nurse finally called back at 9:45 and I filled her in. She told me she was going to consult the doctor and call me back. I hopped in the shower as I figured I was going to be sent for fluids. She called while I was in the shower and asked for me to come to the office.

    At this time I was keeping down the water so went to the office and was monitored for a bit. She found there that I was having regular contractions. The doc checked me and I was 1 cm and thick. Since baby was breech earlier in the week she double check with u/s and she was still breech. From there I was sent over to L&D for fluids and monitoring.

    I was fully expecting to get a bag or 2 and go home. That’s not what happened! I was given 4 bags of fluids before I could even urinate. The contractions did not stop. After office hours the doc came in to check my cervix and there was a small change. From there I had a shot of Terbutaline which slowed things down a little bit for a little while then a second shot when it was picking up again. I completely lost track of time while at the hospital but once this second shot wasn’t appearing to work I was put on Magnesium sulfate over night Friday into Saturday. Dh stayed the night with me. The magnesium was increased several times over Saturday and into Saturday night. At some point I was given a catheter as my urine was still so concentrated and probably to keep me in bed more. My mom came and stayed with me Saturday night and dh went home. The final increase in magnesium Saturday evening was horrible. I was so sick. My sinuses swelled up and I had a horrific headache. I remember not being able to sleep even though the contractions had lightened up and just crying. I was so tired and hadn’t eaten or slept in days. It seemed that every time a mealtime came around the contractions would be returning and they wouldn’t let me eat (because I would need a c-section). I actually had breakfast in front of me Saturday morning and the nurse took it away!

    Things seemed to have calmed down overnight Saturday and when my doc came in to check me Sunday morning I was expecting to get sent home on bedrest. The contractions were about 20 minutes apart. Wrong again – I was 3cm. It was then decided that I needed to get to a hospital with a NICU. Our local hospital has a policy not to deliver before 36 weeks. I was now 35 weeks and 6 days. I really didn’t want to go but my nurse was so great in preparing us for the possibility. In hindsite, I’m so glad I didn’t put up a stink to stay.

    While arrangements were made for transfer and we waited for the ambulance, I called Dh who was still at home. Not a call he was expecting! I was hoping to shower before making the 1.5 hr trip but I wasn’t allowed out of bed. They were really afraid that I would dilate quickly given it wasn’t my first and didn’t want any pressure on my cervix.

    The ride down to Portland was not terrible. I was still on the magnesium and strangely enough, the motion in the back of the ambulance kind of balanced out the dizziness from the magnesium. I started feeling sick again once we got there but it was a relaxing ride down. Dh and my mom went to the house to pack a few things then drove (very fast) to meet me there.

    I was whisked into triage and met about 20 different nurses, residents and attendings – much different from my small town hospital! At about 12:30pm I was checked and now 4cm and still breech. I borrowed a cell phone from a nurse to call dh and find out where he was. He and my mom had just arrived and were looking for me.

    After inquiring, the resident offered to try a version but recommended doing the section. She thought there was only a 30% chance of success. I thought about it a bit and discussed with dh and we decided there was just no way I could have handled going through labor and delivery at that point. I was just exhausted and sick so we opted for the c-section. They got things underway and had me in there in what felt like no time.

    The epi was so not a big deal! And felt amazing – like floating on a cloud – lol! They got started and brought dh in just in time. I could here the attending coaching the residents which is kind of cool - I wish I could have watched it. Dh filmed it but didn’t go over the curtain. They pulled Daisy out at exactly 3pm and she was handed over to the neonatologist and NICU team (standard for under 36 weeks). I heard her cry and dh got to go over and cut (or trim) the cord. She was 6 lbs, 8oz and 18.5 inches long. I got a quick peak before they took her to NICU but wasn’t aware of any problems at the time.

    I sent dh out with her but he got mislead back to the triage room and was there when I returned from the OR – I think. Lots of fuzzy stuff at this point. I started throwing up and when one med didn’t work they gave me another which really knocked me out. I apparently even got to go to the NICU and see her but I don’t remember it. I don’t remember getting to my room. Sometime in there dh went to be with her, got dinner with my mom and sister and took my mom to a hotel. I woke at about 11pm very upset because I hadn’t seen her and I didn’t know her condition.

    Daisy had some issues breathing and was on a ventilator and c-pap (not sure which was first). By time I saw her she was on a cannula getting oxygen. She was so ill from the magnesium that she didn’t want be touched. I reached in and touched her arm and she just whined like a cat. It was so sad!

    Thankfully she improved so much each day we were there. It was great to go in and see the tubes start disappearing. I was released on Thursday April 22 but Daisy had to stay. The nurse estimated a 2-week stay for her and I was really disappointed. It was so hard to leave but my other kiddos were so happy to have me home.

    We drove back and forth Friday, Saturday & Sunday. On Saturday things were really looking up and they told us to make sure we brought her car seat in with us the next day so they could test her tolerance in it so we did.

    Monday morning dh called to check in and she had passed the car seat test! She had now met all her homeward bound goals! When we got there to pick her up she was completely free – no wires or monitors – we walked in and could pick her up – a great feeling!

    DAY 1
    brand new

    meeting mommy


    first time I remember seeing her

    DAY 2
    kiddos meeting for the first time

    holding her the first time

    DAY 4
    Looking better already

    DAY 5
    oxygen gone!

    DAY 6
    first bottle from mommy

    DAY 7
    Open air crib - yay!

    DAY 8

    DAY 9
    Ready to go home!
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    Gloria Evangeline: May 3rd at 1O:31 p.m. 21 inches long, 7lbs 5ozs.
    38 wks 6 days
    Story to come later!
    Stacie, Jonathan and Wesley (10/11/07)
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    Benjamin Roy ~ May 3rd at 1238 pm
    7 pounds 8 ounces and 21 inches long.
    38 weeks + 4 days

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    Marcus Terrence Patrick ~ 18th May 7:40 pm, emergency c/s.
    7lbs 10 oz, 20.1 inches long.
    37 weeks + 4 days!

    We arrived at the hospital at 7am and were shown to my labor room. I had some monitoring while waiting for my OB to show up. Monitoring was good, OB went ahead and broke my waters at 8.20. He said that my cervix was nice and low, soft & about 2cm dilated. My waters contained some meconium, I was told that it would need to be watched. I spent most of the next hour and a half on the loo as I was having the constant urge to use my bowels. At 10am I was started on syntocin as I hadn't started contracting. I had continual monitoring from this point on. My midwife was awesome though and was very happy to go with how I felt comfortable. I started contracting and they picked up strength and timing pretty quickly. I spent my time bouncing on the birth ball, walking/swaying round the room and on the bed. I was coping well through the contractions. When I had them I focused on my breathing and said to myself "Breathe it away, breathe it away, I can do this, I can do this" over and over again. It got to a point where I started moaning with the contractions too. Heat was put on my back as I was feeling most of the contractions in my back.

    At about 3.30 I started having the urge to push, the pain got more intense and I got more vocal. I also got very very emotional. I was crying. At this stage I was thinking to myself "WOW, maybe this is it? Maybe I'm in transition? Maybe I'm going to have my son soon!” My OB was called to check me. By 4pm I was really suffering with each contraction, I was given gas to help. My OB arrived checked me out. He said to the midwife that there had been little change to my cervix. It had thinned. I learned later that it hadn't changed at all. Still 2cms like when my waters were broken.

    After this VE things got intense really quickly. The gas wasn't helping. It made my lips and nose numb and my eye twitch. My legs started cramping and I could no longer hold myself up. I sat on the edge of the bed and screamed through the contractions. I asked for the anaesthetist to come. At 5pm an epidural was put in. By 5.40 pm the epi had stopped working, or never started working. I was numb in my left but could still feel everything in my right. It seemed to be intensified in my right hip and leg.

    At 6pm the anaesthetist came back, I rolled over to my side to allow him to "fix" the epidural. As I rolled I heard my pelvis grind. It felt like my pelvis had broken in half. I screamed in agony. It was different to the contraction pain and the contraction vocalising. This was me screaming as I felt my pelvis break in two. It didn't go away, it didn't stop. It was unlike anything I have ever felt before. The anaethetist was trying to get a combined spinal & epidural in, I couldn't lie still, I couldn't stop screaming, I couldn't stop crying. I had a stupid midwife on the bed with me. She said "Go to your happy place". I was furious. No-one was listening to me, no-one had worked out that I'd broken my pelvis, I was terrified. I looked at my Mum and she took charge. She told the stupid midwife to call my doctor and call him NOW. I remember the nurse saying that she needed to be here to assist the anaesthetist. Mum said something along the lines of "there is 6 other people in the room that can help, this is NOT contractions, something is seriously wrong, you WILL call her doctor and you WILL call him NOW". Apparently she stormed out of the room pretty angry. I was still squealing, it felt like hours but I'm sure it was minutes. The anaesthetist got the spinal part of the anaesthetic in and I was no-longer in pain.

    I overheard another midwife say that there'd been no change in my cervix, they had hidden this from me earlier. I just broke down at this point. I cried and cried. I couldn't believe that I'd been through hours of labor with abo****ley no change. I was terrified. I honestly believed that I had broken my pelvis and that I wouldn't be able to walk again. My anaesthetist told me that as we had expected, the epidural hadn't worked. He had put in a light spinal block that would last about 90 mins. My OB then showed up and did another VE. He left the room to speak to the anaesthetist. They both came back in again. My OB came and sat with me and held my hand and said that I needed to calm down because I needed to make some serious decisions and it was best to do it while I wasn't in pain.

    My anaesthetist and OB gave me my options:
    1. try another epidural, have it probably fail again and use gas. OB said labor would probably be at least another 10 hours. I would be unable to leave the bed.
    2. have a permanent spinal block put in (like an epidural, but into the spinal column not the dural space). I was told to expect side effects to include a shocking headache for the next couple of days, possibly bad enough to not be able to get out of bed or care for my baby. Continue with the labor and have me not able to feel anything.
    3. Cesarean section strait away.

    Mum, Ben and I all asked lots of questions. My anaesthetist said that out of the vaginal birth options he would choose the permanent spinal, given that I had already said that I didn't want the labor to end up like Sophia's did.
    All hospital staff left the room to allow us some time to think it through.

    I said strait out to Mum & Ben that I didn't believe that I could get through another 10 hours of what the past few hours were like. I was still convinced that my pelvis was broken. I was anxious and scared. I was proud of myself for making it this far but I just wanted to curl into a ball and have a break down.

    Both Mum and Ben thought that the cesarean was the way to go. I asked the midwife (the good one who had been so encouraging and helpful earlier) to come in. I asked her about recovery after a cesarean. She told me what to expect. She also voiced the opinion that another 10+ hours of this labor would likely make me bed ridden anyway, especially given my pelvis.

    We all decided to go for the cesarean. My OB came in and said that he thought we had made the right choice. He said it was what he was recommending as the best option for me and for all that had happened.

    I was relieved, beyond relieved. An end was in sight. I was wheeled to the anaesthetic bay. Mum got changed into scrubs. Ben chose not to be present for the surgery. The anaesthetist had to give me a heavy spinal block as what he had given me earlier was not heavy enough for a ceaser. We were there for a good half an hour. The anaesthetist said that he was glad that I was still numb from the earlier light spinal as my back was not behaving. He said that I’d have some beautiful bruises on my back. I told him to take his time and get it right because I couldn’t feel anything, he could jab me a few times if he needed to! My obstetrician came in and explained what would happen. I was pretty confident as we had discussed cesareans in depth a few weeks earlier. My Mum & midwife also came in to sit with me while the anaesthetist was finishing up and doing the ice test.

    When the anaesthetist was happy, I was wheeled into the theatre and put on the table. Everything was explained again. I was really starting to freak out about being able to feel the operation. My anaesthetist then said that everything was going great and the doctors had already started cutting! I had no idea.

    10 minutes later, the sheet that was blocking my view of the operation was dropped and I saw and heard my son being born. He started screaming the moment his head was out. My doctor held him up and I could see him kicking and screaming. I started crying tears of relief and joy. I said “What happened to my big baby? He’s TINY!” My OB laughed at me! He was taken by the midwife and pediatrician to be checked. Everything was good so he was wrapped and brought to me. I didn’t feel confident to hold him just yet; I was full of drugs and not feeling very stable on the table. My midwife held him close and I touched his face and spoke to him. By this point I started feeling quite nauseous and panicky. I was asked if my Mum could hold Marcus, I said she could. She had cuddles with him while I was given anti-nausea medicine and oxygen was blown onto my face. As my doctor was stitching me up I started singing to Marcus:

    I don't get many things right the first time
    In fact, I am told that a lot
    Now I know all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls
    Brought me here

    And where was I before the day
    That I first saw your lovely face?
    Now I see it everyday
    And I know

    That I am
    I am
    I am
    The luckiest
    - Ben Folds

    This is the song that was playing as Ben and I signed our wedding registry, it also played as Sophia was born. It’s very special to me. Everyone in the theatre (and there were 12 people!) was silent as I was stitched up and sang. Some of the nurses got a bit teary! I certainly did and still am as I type this.

    Before I knew it, it was all finished. I was put back in my bed, Marcus was put in the bed with me and we were taken to the recovery room. Ben was there waiting for us. My Midwife assisted Marcus to latch and have his first breast feed. He knew what to do strait away. After he’d finished feeding Ben had a cuddle with him. Once we were finished in recovery, Marcus was put back in bed with me and we were taken to my room. After a good cuddle and another go at breast feeding, my midwife asked if she could weigh and measure him. I said yes. He weighed 3.45kg and was 51cms long. Perfect.

    I spent the rest of the night bonding with my new son.

    Even though Marcus birth ended with an emergency cesarean and I ended up with a difficult recovery, I am still very proud of how I handled the day. I won’t know if permanent damage has been done to my pelvis until I am 6 weeks post partum. I am healing better than I thought I would.

    I am so very happy and relieved that I can now start being Mummy to my two beautiful children.
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    Birth Story of Fiona Beatrice

    May 10, 2010
    5lb 14oz
    18.5 inches
    8/9 Apgar

    At 39w pregnant I woke up on Mother's Day and decided 'today is definitely not a birthday'. I could just feel it, so when little signs started happening I tried to ignore them. Stronger, more frequent contractions. Pink tinged mucous. Not wanting to be caught off guard I prepared just in case. I told Greg that I had a feeling something was up and to prepare himself. I turned up the thermostat. Showered and shaved. Trimmed my bangs and tidied the main floor. I even warned my little brother that I might wind up calling him later that evening, mostly half joking.

    At 7pm I was putting Violet to bed as usual but before I was able to lie down with her to nurse her to sleep I felt a familiar gush. My water broke. Immediately excitement surged through me. Expecting a fast labour again I called my sister first, since she would be the first one able to make to my house in time. I barely said more than, "My water boke" before she hung up and was in a cab on her way here. I called Greg to let him know that it was go time and to get home as fast as possible. I was alone aside from Violet and scared that the baby was going to just fall out, considering how fast Violet's birth was. I had to hold back tears but didn't for long cause Em showed up right away. I put a call in to my midwife who asked about the colour of the water, contractions and my temperature. She said to call her back when they got more intense. I called my mom and asked her to pick up Alison on her way out here.

    Emily got started on filling the pool as soon as she showed up. So, while I was yet to feel strong contrax, I headed upstairs to put Violet to sleep. She fell asleep fast and soundly nursing to sleep. When I went back downstairs, Greg was home and getting things ready as well. Putting out food and getting my Gatorade in the fridge to chill. Emily asked about contrax and though they were not intense they were close, every three minutes. We called the last two of my birth team to come out for the birth party. Allie and Arty headed out right away.

    Waiting for things to kick into high gear seemed long. I was expecting to rocket this baby out. Indeed I would, but not til the next day. Contractions were little more than annoying and we were all just hanging out, enjoying each others company. So, outside for a walk I went. Greg and I did our block a few times. He had had a long day at work, so I sent him to shower and bed so I could have a rested husband for when the baby decided to finally make his/her appearance. Arty did some acupressure on me hoping to trigger things. Then Emily took over walking outside with me. We came back in after awhile though and I realized that if I were to have a calm before the storm I needed to take advantage and get some sleep. I headed to snuggle in with Violet.

    My head was racing and it was hard to sleep but I did manage to get a few hours. Coming downstairs a few times to check on my girls who were all camped out in my living room. Mom camped out in the spare room for awhile too. Emily made blueberry and banana muffins. Delish!

    By 5am or so I couldn't sleep anymore and got up to socialize some more. Violet woke around 7am and came to join the party. I rocked on the birth ball and bounced on some on it too. I even used my breastpump to trigger contractions. They were not even or strong. Barely noticable really. Which completely frustrated me. Now and then I'd worry something wasn't right, and half figured it was the baby's position. I could tell he/she was not in the best position.

    Just before 10am (15 hours after my water broke) Alison became my walking buddy. We went on a longer walk this time and I didn't stop to rest for my contrax. I powered through them. Which definitely made a difference. Upon arriving home they were consistently at 4 minutes apart and getting more intense, finally!! I was hungry so mom made me a delicious fried egg sandwich on a bagel with cheese and tons of ketchup. I noticed that my contractions gave me a break somewhat while I ate. By the time I was done it was time to put Violet down for her nap. I hoped nursing her to sleep would help bring things on again.

    Boy was I right. As soon as she was asleep I couldn't lie down through these contractions anymore. They were getting strong. I tiptoed out of her room and went straight into where Greg was sleeping to wake him up. I said things were getting intense and I needed him now. He was up like a shot and went down to prepare the tub- again. Making my way downstairs it felt like everyone was staring at me and I could tell they all knew then that things were different and labour had finally kicked in. The work began.

    I leaned over the couch for awhile and that was nice. For a few contractions I stood up. I definitely credit that for helping move babe down some more. We paged Carolynn to come out and she arrived just after 11:30am. I was swaying and vocalizing against the kitchen counter at this point and was zoning out during contractions.

    Carolynn checked the fetal heartrate. 136bpm. Excellent. She asked if I wanted to be checked and I declined not wanting to hear if I wasn't close. Within a few really tough contractions I was not wanting to wait any longer before getting in the tub. It was so heavenly stepping into the pool. The warm water relaxed me and I swayed through the more powerful contractions. It soon offered no help though, as this baby was coming rapidly now. I do believe I hollered through the last 20 minutes. It hurt a lot more than Violet's birth. Technically speaking labour with this baby was much faster. From active to birth was an hour and forty minutes. With Violet it was 4 hours. So, even though my water had broken the day before, not much happened until 11am on May 10.

    I remember Carolynn telling me to open my legs. I had my hand on the baby's head as it was trying to crown. What I really wanted was to push that baby back up and not actually push it out. That sounded like the best idea. But birth is a force of nature that can't be stopped and I realized at some point that I was going to have to let go and just do it. So, in letting go, I yelled. And yelled some more. And swayed and gripped my sister Alison's hand. I was on hands and knees so Greg and Carolynn were behind me ready to catch the baby at the moment of birth. A few good pushes (and primal screams) and out came our baby into her dad's hands.

    Immediately I felt amazing! Funny how that works. I sat back and was handed my baby daughter. So tiny!! I knew the baby I was growing wasn't going to be big. But she was just so much smaller than I expected! We learned later that she was 5lbs 14oz. I rubbed her up and smooched her. She was having a bit of a time keeping warm and was sputtering up foam, so the cord was cut after 10 minutes or so, and she was swooped up to be cared for by Greg and our secondary midwife Jay. I made quick work of birthing the (also very tiny) placenta. Our little daughter was put on the warming bed and hatted and covered in warm towels, fresh from the dryer. She was put on CPAP for a few minutes and pinked up quickly and nicely. A healthy girl, whose APGAR was 8/9 just like her older sister's.

    We named her Fiona Beatrice. She came to me on the couch, where I had my exam (no tears, not even any skids). Clearer birth water than with my first birth, which means very minimal blood loss. I nursed Fiona while she had her exam. Head circumfrence, heart rate check, weighing.

    What started out slow, boring and long turned into a fast and intense labour. Violet was amazing through the whole thing and cared for very lovingly by her Auntie Emily. I'm told everyone was a big help during my active phase, but I was in labour land, so it was all a blur to me.

    My sweet second daughter, born at home in the water. She's a joy and adorable with her dark head of hair and her dimpled chin. And if she's anything like her birth, she'll be a quiet soul but quick to be fiesty when the moment calls for it. I can't wait to get to know her and watch her grow.

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