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    Default May Ducklings Birth Stories

    Post your birth stories here!

    This is a no comments thread

    Feel free to make an independent thread with your birth story for comments, but please do not make comments about the stories here.

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    Dylan Marley Delilah ********
    Born 3/22/09; 8:12AM; 35 weeks
    4lbs, 11oz; 17 inches

    March 15-22 was spring break for me and Michael. Our plans included getting some plants potted, cleaning, and getting ready for Dylan to arrive. She still had 4 weeks until our scheduled c-section but I knew once school started, time would be precious, so I wanted to get as much done as possible. We got our pack and play set up, bassinet ready to go, and washed tons and tons of clothes and blankets. I also packed myself a hospital bag. On Friday the 20th, I got a haircut. I started having a few contractions that afternoon, but I thought they were braxton hicks since I’d been having those off and on for a few weeks. All afternoon and evening I felt them, but they were never regular and would go away for an hour or so at a time. I went to bed hoping they would go away overnight. I woke up two or three times during the night with one, but when I got up and went to the bathroom, they would stop.
    Around 5AM Saturday morning, I woke up with a very painful contraction. I thought they would stop, but this time they didn’t. They got worse and closer together as I laid there. I started timing them, and they were 7-10 minutes apart. I woke Michael around 6 and told him. By 7 I called my doctor who told me to go to labor and delivery immediately. Scout was still sleeping and the contractions weren’t extremely painful, so I drove myself and left Michael at home with Scout.
    When I got to L&D they were waiting for me. They put me on the monitor and found her heartbeat right away. I was there for a few hours and the contractions lessened. They were showing up on the monitor as “slight uterine irritations” but did not look like contractions. When the nurse checked me, my cervix was “basically closed, but possibly fingertip dilated.” My doctor came by and told me that I could go home, but I would be on bed rest. I asked him if I could go to work on Monday and he said that if the contractions went away it was possible, but if I had any while I was there, I was to come back. So, I went home.
    I stayed on the couch most of the afternoon and Michael took care of Scout. The contractions came and went, but weren’t as painful and weren’t consistent. We put her to bed around 6:30. He and I sat down to watch some TV. While sitting there, the contractions started to get bad again. At 8 I decided to go take a bath to try to ease the pain. It helped minimally and when I got out I took some Tylenol and went to bed. I dosed off between contractions but they wouldn’t let me sleep. So I started timing them and they were 4-5 minutes apart. I went downstairs where Michael had fallen asleep on the couch. I woke him up and told him we needed to go to the hospital. We called my doctor first hoping he would say just to rest. He didn’t call back and the contractions were getting pretty bad. So, Michael woke Scout up, we packed her a bag, and left.
    When we got to the hospital, once again, they were waiting for me. I guess my doctor had called them and told them to expect me. I went back to the triage room again where they put me on the monitor again. The heartbeat was clear and strong. They checked me and I was dilated to 2. The contractions were still showing up as irritations on the monitor. When they told me that I would probably be monitored overnight as a precaution, I told Michael to take Scout and go home. No sense in none of us sleeping. The nurse told me to press a button on the monitor whenever I felt a contraction. So, I started doing that. She came back a while later and looked at the sheet. Said she thought the placement of the monitor may be off and adjusted it. The next contractions were much more obvious on the sheet. She said that since I wasn’t even 35 weeks along, they were going to give me terbutaline to try and stop the contractions. I had to get 3 injections 15 minutes apart and then take the pills every 3 hours until delivery. I was not looking forward to remembering to take a pill so often for 4 more weeks. The terbutaline made me jittery – like I had drank a whole pot of coffee. They got me a bed in a room and left me on the monitor. My nurse asked me if I wanted to take an ambien to help me get some sleep and I agreed.
    The next thing I remember is my doctor coming in and checking me. I was 4-5cm dilated and had apparently “broken through” the terbutaline and was still contracting. It was sometime around 7AM on Sunday the 22nd. My doctor said the baby was coming today… very soon, in fact. I was having a repeat c-section and he was concerned about me tearing since my previous delivery was less than 14 months prior. So, I called Michael and told him to get down to the hospital ASAP. I can’t remember if he called my sister or if I did, but we asked her to come keep an eye on Scout at the hospital for us. Then I remember Michael and Scout being there in the room with me. They came to my room soon after and said that the O.R. was ready and it was time. They wheeled me down the hall to the O.R. while Michael waited for Sarah to get there. I sat on the edge of the bed and got my spinal. I remember it hurting more this time than it did with Scout. Immediately they were laying me down and prepping me. I heard them saying that they were still waiting on Sarah so Michael could come in. My doctor said a nurse needed to watch Scout because it was going to happen soon. I was worried that Michael wouldn’t be there. After what seemed like forever, he was there and things got started.
    At 8:12AM, Dylan entered the world. She cried immediately and I knew that was a good sign. They put her on my chest and I remember thinking that she had so much dark hair! Then she was gone again. I don’t remember the trip back to my room but by the time I got there my sister had Scout under control. I was told that Dylan was in the Special Care Unit (NICU) because she was having some breathing troubles and was so small. Later we found out that she also had a heart murmur. An echocardiogram revealed that a valve in her heart didn’t close properly and that’s what was causing the murmur. I didn’t get to hold her again for 2 days and it was so painful to go look at her but not be able to pick her up.
    She has been steadily improving every day. Now, 2 weeks later, she is still in Special Care, but is gaining weight, no longer needs help breathing, and is eating more. We are hoping to take her home soon.

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    My twins born on 3/22/09 @ 34wks

    Tira Linnea
    4lb 1oz
    born 1:48am

    Chase Michael
    4lb 11oz
    born 1:52am

    My birth story starts on the 21st of March.

    Woke up that morning, felt pretty much normal (well, as normal as can be expected for being 34wks pregnant with twins, lol). Got out of bed, had some breakfast. I was having contractions but they were the same as the contractions I've been having for weeks, so didn't think much of it. Then I decided that I wanted to clean a bit and wash some of the baby clothes and pack the hospital bag. Mike asked what I was doing, I told him I felt like the babies were coming soon and I just wanted to be ready for when I go into labor. Then I had my slip on the stairs (which I posted about that morning), which wasn't at all painful but did startle me a bit. Still after that, everything seemed a ok, so I didn't call the doc or anything.

    About mid day, I started having some contractions, nothing major or very painful. They just felt like my normal BH contrax. But I did notice that they were about every 8-10 mins apart. I didn't freak out, but I did time them for awhile. Then they moved to about every 5-6 mins, and some of them would be fairly uncomfortable, some of them didn't hurt at all. Then I started having them every 2-3 mins, and that was about 5:00pm so I decided that I should probably call my doc. They still weren't super painful, some uncomfortable. My doc said to come in and get checked so we got our bags and left.

    When I got to the hospital, they checked me and I was about 3cm 50% effaced, my doc said I was in early labor and that he was going to go ahead and break my water on baby A..........que panic setting in for me. I wasn't really expecting to hear that at all. I figured they would tell me that I wasn't really in labor and send me home. Once he broke my water, it all became very, very real that this was happening and that very soon, my babies would be in the world. I cried a little, got over my nerves, pulled myself together and accepted that it was time.

    An hour or so later they checked me and I was at 4cm. The contrax still weren't too painful. They offered me the epi at that time, I declined because I wasn't in a lot of pain. Around 11pm they checked me, I was about 6cm and decided at that time, I would like the epi, before the contrax got unbearable.

    The doc came in to give me the epi, he was a nice guy. Getting the epi was a crappy experience. I don't remember it being uncomfortable with my daughter, but maybe that's because with her, I didn't get the epi until I was 8cm and felt like I was going to die from the pain. Anyway, yes the epi was uncomfortable and not an experience that I really enjoyed, but soon enough the pain from the contrax stopped and I was very relaxed.

    Then there were some complications. Because of the epi, my blood pressure dipped very low. All of a sudden I felt very sick to my stomach, I felt like I couldn't breathe and everything started getting dark. I knew I was on my way to passing out. They gave me epinephrine and something for the nausea, but it wasn't helping and my BP wouldn't stabilize. Then they started giving me several bolus' of IV fluids. I believe they gave me four bags total in order to stabilize my BP. It took about half an hour, but eventually they got it fixed.

    After that, things started happening very fast. Before I knew it, I was dilated to 9.5cm and they were wheeling me into the OR. For those of you who didn't know, my baby A was frank breech, my baby B was transverse. I had discussed with my doc how we were going to deliver them, and we decided that we would try delivering them breech. If it didn't work out, then we would do c sec.

    I finished dilating (in which time they had disconnected my epi to transport me to the OR, but they never hooked it back up). It was time to push. So, I started pushing as hard as I could, but I could feel everything! I couldn't feel the pain from the contrax, but I could feel everything in my vaginal area. I could feel my daughter crowning and my doc was going to give me an episiotomy so I asked him to please numb the area, because I could feel everything vaginally. He put in the lidocaine, but right after that I had a contrax, so I had to push. Needless to say, the lidocaine didn't really have time to take effect, and he had to cut me in order for my girly to get out, so he did it. Not pleasant, but it had to be done. So I pushed her butt out (imagine her folded in half right now, legs going up her body, feet up to her head in a pike position) and apparently she didn't like that much, because she was kicking her legs in my vaginal canal which was making her butt wiggle back and forth (her butt hanging out of my vagina, legs still inside). At this point, as much pain as I was in, I just started cracking up because I could feel what she was doing, and the nurses were commening on how she was dancing and shaking her butt for them, lol!!! So then, one more good push and she was out. She was so beautiful and started crying almost immediately.

    Then came the retreival of Chase. Chase was still up at the top of my uterus. Apparently he didn't want to come out. They did an u/s to find out where he was, so my doc reached inside me (yes, pretty much up to his freaking elbow) and was trying to grab Chase. This hurt me much, much more than pushing out Tira. I think I might have yelled out some choice explitives during this process, but I really didn't mean to, it was just my reaction. Well, Chase's membranes had not ruptured yet, so my doc had to then break his waters because he couldn't get ahold of him because he was too slippery still being in that bag of fluid. So he broke the waters and started trying to manipulate Chase out. Finally he got ahold of a foot, then the other foot and started pulling Chase out. At this point, I was in a lot of pain and just wanted Chase to be out of me. Finally, my doc got him out and handed him over to the pedi. He was every bit as beautiful as his sister, but I was quite worried for him as I didn't hear him cry for a good 2-3 mins. Finally he cried and I felt so relieved.

    The rest is a blur. Afterbirth came out, but by that time I was holding both of my babies in my arms and could care less what they were doing to me down there, lol!!! Oh, except for when they were stitching me up, I felt that. Not cool, but like I said I had my babies so I was happy.

    So I would like to proudly introduce to you my beautiful twin babies, Tira Linnea and Chase Michael, born 3/22/09!!

    Tira Linnea

    Chase Michael

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    Brynna Paige
    Born 4/13/09; 2:27pm; 37.5 weeks
    7lbs, 12oz; 20 3/4 inches long

    Well I was being seen twice a week in the office for pre-eclampsia. This was my first visit of the week Monday morning 4/13 @ 8:00am. As soon as I went in I had my U/S for the biophysical profile of Brynna to make sure everything was ok since my BP was rising. She looked wonderful but she didn't move for 20 min on the U/S. She was breathing and doing the correct breating motions but not moving. After I had the U/S they took me did my weight, BP and urine test. I had +2 protein in my urine, my BP was 150/100 and I had gained 5 lbs since I was last in there thursday and it was all from swelling.

    So as soon as the dr came in I knew I was going to L&D and I wasn't arguing considering everything going on with me and now the baby wasn't moving. I had Mackenzie with me so I took her to my grandmother's and headed in.

    Got checked in, put in the monitors, took blood work and then had me wait. As soon I as they put me on the baby monitor she was moving like So atleast that concern went away. The dr came in right away and told me he really wanted to do the c-section but he was waiting on the bloodwork to come back and if ANYTHING looked abnormal he was going for it. He said at this point we were just waiting on something bad to happen by postponing another day or two. He left the room came back within 20 min and told me that my protein was high and that my platelets were very low. He said the OR would be ready around 130 or 2 and we were going for it. I love that dr he is awesome. He told me this around 1130 so I had a while to wait. I got DH on the phone and told him to go get everything from the house and get his butt in there.

    The surgery went smooth, no issues except apparently I had a hernia from Mackenzie's csection that I didn't even know about. The dr removed it and said everything was fine. She was born @ 2:27 pm and was 7lbs 12oz alot smaller than we all thought she was going to be. She is adorable and has a full head of BLACK hair..just like her sister did. She cried and cried and of course I cried and was so thrilled she was here! They let me see her and then took her up to get her bathed and all. DH left and they got me all back together and to recover I went. I was in recover about an hour and then back up to my room to visit.

    I was really sick Monday nite I guess from the anesthesia. My blood sugars have been great, I'm done with the insulin and hopefully @ my 6 week checkup it will still continue that way and I will be done with all those issues with the GD. Brynna's sugar was low when she was born but they have checked her many times and it's perfect now thank goodness. She is eating wonderfully. I am bottle feeding. Mackenzie really has no idea what is going on at this point. She thought the hospital room was a big jungle gym and was loving being the center of attention. We got discharged this morning we are both doing wonderfully. I am sore still but have been up and about. Brynna is great, she has to go for a checkup friday because her bilirubin levels are low but as of now they aren't concerned. Dh is off for another week thank goodness because its gonna be tough with a 2 year old and new born, but I'm loving it!

    So the wait is finally over! Here is Miss Brynna Paige!!

    Look @ all her hair!!

    Wide Eyed

    My girls and I

    Kenzie and Her sister

    All ready to go home
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    William Lewis
    Born 4/14 at 1:30 am; 36 weeks
    6lb 11oz, 21 inches

    I went to my 36 week doctor appointment, and everything looked good. She did the Strep B swab and my first internal check. I was 2 cm and about 70% effaced. I got my final shot of progesterone and went on my way happy that I was making some progress but pretty sure that I had at least one more week before Will’s arrival. I was crampy all the rest of the day and had some spotting, but just chalked it up to the exam. We spent that evening moving around furniture and cleaning out closets in preparation for having carpet installed the next day. I took things pretty easy since I was still kind of crampy, but didn’t think too much of it. Finally around 7pm, it dawned on me that my cramps were coming at pretty regular intervals and I should probably go lay on the couch for a while!

    The cramps continued to come every 5-7 minutes, and then, as I was just laying on the couch I had a gush of fluid. I still wasn’t ready to admit that I was in labor, but things were starting to feel suspiciously similar to when I went into labor with Walt. So about 7pm I went to report to Jeff that this baby could be on its way. Jeff spent the next 2 hrs frantically trying to finish the carpet preparations, while I continued to lay on the couch and time my contractions. Finally around 9pm we called MIL to come sit with Walt and headed to the hospital.We were admitted around 930pm.

    The nurse did a test to confirm that I was indeed leaking amniotic fluid so it looked like I would be staying. I was still about 2cm dilated. Because my water had broke, the nurse wanted me to lay in bed on the monitors and an IV, but I was worried about my labor stalling out and having to go on pitocin, so I had her call my doctor to confirm it was okay for me to be up walking around. The doctor agreed that it would be fine, so I started pacing my room dragging my IV around with me. Contractions were still regular, not too painful, though it was all back labor which was rather annoying. Around midnight, the nurse checked me again and I was dilated to 4. Not too much progress, but the back labor was getting worse, so the nurse showed me how to lean over the bed and sway my hips to help the baby move down and off my spine. Apparently that is exactly what the baby needed because things got really intense shortly after that.

    I went and stood in the shower, letting the hot water hit my back while I leaned over and continued to sway. I spent about 45 minutes like that while the contractions got really intense. Finally, I was about at the end of my rope and when the nurse suggested pain medication (for the 15th time) I was ready to consider it. I laid on the bed at she checked me – and hooray! The pain was crazy intense because I was now 10 cm and ready to go! Of course, my doctor was not yet at the hospital, so I had to spend the next 4 or 5 contractions trying not to push which was torture. But finally, she arrived and we were ready to go.

    I pushed about 5 times and Will’s head started to emerge, finally, I gave one final push, I tore a bit and Will literally shot out! Jeff described it as watching a whale jumping out of the water. If the doctor hadn’t been there to catch him he would have ended up on the floor! It still makes me laugh thinking about it.

    Will was delivered immediately to my chest and I got to snuggle him while I delivered the afterbirth and was stitched up. Then they weighed and measured him and gave him back to me to nurse. He latched immediately. It was so wonderful to have that time to snuggle with my son. I can’t tell you how happy I am that this birth experience was so…normal.

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    Violet Faye
    Born April 18th @10:30am; 34 weeks
    4lbs, 12oz.; 18 inches

    Out of the blue my water broke really late Friday night, but for some reason I thought I'd wet the bed or something. After another large gush an hour later, we decided to go in and just check to be sure. We dropped DD off and were at the hosp by 2:30am Sat morning. They confirmed my water had broken, checked me and I was only a 1cm. The DR decided to give me a csec because I wasn't even in labor and was having no contractions, and my 1st had been born via csec. We hung out in the exam room until 10am Saturday morning when they brought me back to the OR. I was doing my best to relax and stay calm but it was so hard and emotional not knowing if my LO was going to be ok. At exactly 10:30am Violet Faye was born weighing in at 4lbs, 12oz pretty good for having SUA and IUGR! She cried and cried and cried and got 9 and 9 for her apgars. After I got to see her all bundled up and breathing on her own, they took her immediately to NICU, since she was 6 weeks premature and I finished up in the OR. At around 1 or 2 my DH wheeled me back to the NICU so I could hold her and see how she was doing. She was doing great and I was able to hold her because she was requiring no air support, she looked so beautiful and wide eyed at me the whole time. We left because I got so naseaus I was throwing up over and over and you can't be doing that in the NICU room. As soon as I got back I began pumping my breast milk for her and later than night her DR came in and said she'd taken a turn for the worse and needed to have a tube put down her throught and be given surfactant to help her lungs be able to breathe on their own. She was also given an umbilical artery catheter so they could check her blood and BP more easily. After that initial 1st holding I wasn't able to hold her again until 3 days later when they extubated her and removed her UAC. She was then put under the bililights and her DR said we'd try feeding her expressed breast milk the next morning. Well late that night she acted so hungry they let me try BF her and success! She nursed bare nipple for 2 min before becoming so exhausted she fell asleep. They told me I'd have to use a nipple shield to help make her feedings more efficient and after reluctantly agreeing, I was so glad I did because she was able to feed for about 5 min before she became full! They moved her to a step down after that because she demanded to be BF every two hours and was already starting to gain weight! She remained under the lights and with an IV until the next morning when she was taken off of both, and but in an open crib. After many tests and making sure she was all healthy they sent her home with us on Saturday afternoon, 1 week to the day after she was born. What an emotional roller coaster I've been on!! I never left the hospital after my csec, even after being discharged because I just couldn't leave her there, except for 2 hours to go home and shower and change the last two nights. DD #1 hung out with DH and I stayed up 24-7 just watching Violet, soothing her, doing whatever I could to help and finally BF. She's doing fabulous at home and we've already weened her off of the nipple shield and she's doing great BFing and gaining weight steadily. She's still so tiny that she swims in her preemie outfits that are too short for her long 18 inches! Welcome Violet Faye! Oh and she has dark brown hair, and blue/gray eyes, exact opposite of her brown-eyed blonde big sister Ruby!

    5 or 10 minutes old still in the OR room with me:

    Late that 1st night with only canula assisted breathing:

    Me getting to hold her for the 1st time:

    Intubated with UAC day 4 with Daddy and big sister watching her:

    Hosp picture:

    At home at last with big sister Ruby who loves her and is constantly giving her "tiny baby sister" kisses:
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    Beverly Grace K*****
    May 2nd- 9:40pm
    7 lbs. 12 oz
    21 inches

    -As you all know I went to L & D Thursday night, was contracting regularly, having terrible back pain, but no change in cervix from the previous day so I was sent home. Bad idea on their part. I told them I thought she was sunny side up, but they didn't care at that point because they didnt think I was in labor. I may not have been in active labor, but early parts of labor it was.
    -Friday spent a couple hours over the day on all 4s trying to relieve the back pain and was able to a degree. Got up to get dressed for my NST and wait for DH to come home. At 130pm I sat to go pee, but before I started I had fluid squirt out. I looked in the toilet and it was green and kinda looked like when you mix oil and water together because some was floating on top like oily. Didn't get too excited because it wasn't the usually 'clear, oderless, and huge gush'. I didn't even shower or anything because I was sure I would be sent home disappointed again. While on the ride up to the hospital I told DH what happened and I was still leaking. He was so mad I didn't tell him so he could put a towel under me lol. We got to the hospital and I told them I thought my water broke so they put me in triage to monitor me and check. Sure enough, fluid broke, miconium stained (was the green) and I was contracting the same as the night before. No change in cervix still, but because the water broke, now considered 'early labor'. Go figures DH and I were beyond excited to be staying finally, called everyone and had pitocin started by 530pm. Had contractions through the night 3 min. apart, but not very painful. I thought, wow am I going to be one of those lucky women who just gets to 10cm without feeling a thing? NOPE! Come 530pm the next day and 24 hours into pitocin-no change still. That morning they had let me come off of it, shower and have breakfast, then I had no contractions from 8am-530pm AT ALL! I pretty much had an emotional breakdown, kicked everyone out of the room, and bawled my eyes out for 30 min. When doc examined me they realized that my water had not all come out (head plugged it up) then sealed itself back up! WTF! So doc broke my water and immediate contractions started. First 2-3 were manageable, but then all hell broke loose. Between the level 38 on the pitocin (40 is top dose legal) flowing in the IV and back labor- I was a goner! Immediately rolling around in bed begging for an Epi. Got it within 15 min. Felt better for few minutes, then realized I was numb to my neck. Another emotional break down. I felt like I couldnt breathe and was wondering how in the hell I was going to push her out like this. I asked them to turn it down but all I had gotten was the initial dose, I was just VERY sensitive to it. I was also positive (as I was on Wednesday when all the back pain very first started) that she was face up. The challenge looked too great for me at the time and I started asking about a c-section. The docs and nurses said I was being premature and give myself time. I felt at that point that 3 days of early back labor, 27 hours of pitocin, and 24 hours since water breakage was enough time! I asked that if at 6pm I was not further to go in for one. At 6pm was checked, still 3-4 but 25% more effaced. Told I should wait it out. Cried even more. I just knew this wasnt going to work. 7pm- 5/6cm and told to wait it out. My sister at this point had started to agree with me on the c-section. I think she knew my mind and body were done. Everyone else, including DH, telling me to wait it out. MORE crying and breakdown. 9pm-checked at 7cm 100%. Now the doc agrees, baby is face up. He said, I still think we can get her out vaginally, but honestly Im not as confident as before. Shes a decent size baby, OP, and your struggling. He and everyone still says lets go for vaginal. Sister and DH agree with c-section at this point. Something in my heart had told me the whole time I would end up with a c-section, some gut feeling. Hearing she was def. OP sealed the deal for me and they prepped the OR. For some reason they gave me MORE epi meds for the surgery and when they laid me down I was literally numb to my jaw and struggling to talk. During the surgery I lost 1200 cc's of blood (which I was told was a lot due to the long amount of time on pitocin) and received 2 shots in my shoulders to help with the blood loss. I also was puking Not fun. I could barely keep my eyes open and don't remember much of the experience. Gracie emerged at 9:40pm and had an 8 both apgar scores. She was purple on arrival and so I didn't get to see her for several minutes. Turns out not only was she OP, but her head was stuck in my pelvis. Once they showed her to me, she and DH went to the recovery room and I spent the next 15 min. being stitched up. After the surgery the Doc comes over and says "Anne, I want you to know you made a good decision. She was def. OP and her head was stuck in your pelvis. This baby would not have come out vaginally. We would have gotten you to 10cm, had you pushing, then done an emergency c-section. Good instincts. If we had only known this yesterday when your water had first broken, we could have had you delivered right then". I WAS RIGHT!!!
    I was taken to delivery and got to see and start BFing my new baby. It was hard doing it so incredibly numb (I could barely feel her on there) but because she had troubles at first, they wanted her feeding within 20 min or they were going to take her to the NICU and give her a bottle. She fed for 45 min in recovery, then once upstairs in our room, she fed for another 30 min. I was pretty sore and completely out of it that night, but never got to sleep. I had 11 IVs while I was in because they kept blowing. I also had to receive another 2 bags of 40mgs of pitocin (normal is 1 bag of 20mg I believe) due to the bleeding.
    -Good news is I finally slept about 4 hours on and off last night, breastfeeding is still going great and I think my milk should be in tonight or tomorrow (tingly boobies ), will be heading home tomorrow, and I have the most beautiful baby girl. I just absolutely love her. I also love that I will never have to go through that awful experience again lol.

    If you made it through, you are awesome! And now some pics for your viewing pleasure!

    Still happy awaiting baby girl

    Incredibly swollen in recovery BFing

    Gracie in recovery waiting for me

    Proud parents and First family pic


    Day Two

    Thanks for listening and looking!
    DH Chris
    DD1 Gracie
    DD2 Emily
    Twin B

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    Default Trish123 / baby William's birth story

    Baby William's arrival! 4/29/09
    All was normal on the afternoon of April 28. I went to work that day and noticed a few stronger / painful contractions that afternoon. They were different from the braxton-hicks contractions I'd had for the month or so before. So what did I do? Why I did what any good person would do, I went home and went for a walk - - get some fresh air, it always helps! Well as the evening progressed so did the 'active labor' symptoms. I called the hospital's labor and delivery unit and the nurse asked me to come in.

    Grandpa came over to stay with Evs and Cor and I went to the hospital. At around 11pm I was dilated to a 4cm and 80% effaced. The OB on duty said I should stay overnight. Cor made up the sofa bed in the delivery room and proceeded to sleep like a rock! Me on the other hand, I was busy being ticked off all night because the contractions had slowed down and I was sure they would send me home. But at least Cor slept.... (jeepers Cor, havin' a baby here).

    By the next morning I was completely grumpy. As I started to move about the labor contractions started up again. My doctor saw me around 8am and said I was 5-6cm and definitely in active labor. He said we had the choice of "walking me around until my water breaks, which will be today", or that he could break it and keep the ball rolling. Cor, doc, and I discussed the options. I didn't want to make baby come out before it was time, but the doctor reassured me I would deliver that day either way. So we opted to have him break the water.

    I should mention that on this particular date the OB unit was full of expectant mothers. There are 4 delivery rooms and all were full (luckily I had one), and the recovery rooms were all full too. Evidently lots of babies were being made and fun being had last August!

    Back to Wednesday morning.... Doc broke the water and I walked up and down the hallway several times, and at the insistence of the nurses took a whirlpool bath (rough stuff, I know), waiting for the next level of contractions. Here I also need to mention that my father spent the morning with us in the delivery room. Oh he and Cor had a big time talking smart, making smart remarks, and surfing the internet. So when the 'next level' of contractions started (read: more pain) I looked at the two of them and said "ok what's the plan", which meant it was time for Dad to go and wait for word of baby's arrival.

    And wow it started getting serious around noon. Contractions that were really strong. There was only one nurse assigned to me since the OB unit was so busy, so she was great and helped me breathe through the contractions. She also massaged my feet and back when they really hurt. The doctor checked me again and said I was at an 8cm going to 9cm, and that it wouldn't be too much longer. I asked about pain relief and they gave me Nubane, which made me tired but didn't put a dent in the contraction pain.

    Here's where it gets interesting. Just as they're saying how close we are to meeting baby, the nurse asks me, "so how did you decide you wanted a natural childbirth?". WHAT?!??! A natural childbirth was never in the plans! Where's my epidural?? [Note: With Evan I had the perfect epidural and a 100% pain free delivery. Needless to say I was going for that same effect again.] Seeing me start to writhe in pain on the delivery bed, Cor steps in and said that we need to talk about the epidural.

    So basically it was too late to do the epidural. Once the nurse understood my wishes she scurried to get the anesthesiologist down to my room to administer the epi. When he got there (he took forever) my doctor said "I don't think there's time, let's do an intrathecal" (no idea what that is, but still in the spine). So then the anasthesiologist had to go get different supplies. I swear I wanted to wring his neck and tell him to hurry the #$@#$ up. I was shaking violently and had no idea how I was going to be still enough for something to be inserted into my spine.

    The anesthesiologist no sooner had his hands off my back and I had to start pushing. I was laying on my side and heard talk of "let's turn her on her back" and the doc saying "no, there's no time". Also something about there not being enough time to take the bottom half of the bed off for the delivery. I started to push, and much to my surprise I also started to scream because it hurt so bad. I had no idea that I could make such sounds and honestly I'm still embarrassed about it. Cory, the doc, and the nurse were all very supportive and helpful, telling me what a good job I was doing.

    13 minutes of pushing and there came the announcement from the doc: "You have a little boy!".

    I cried with celebratory tears and held my little boy. He was perfect and all that I wanted in the whole world.

    Baby William one day old at hospital

    Baby William six days old

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    Ella Grace
    Born: May 3, 2009 at 3:06am
    6lbs 6oz
    19 inches long

    So on April 30th, I had my routine weekly checkup. I ended up being 3cm dialated. Well, that Friday my DH and I went to the Taylor Swift concert in town and I ended up being on my feet for most of the night. The next day went to a birthday party for triplets who were turning 9. Later that night I started to feel yucky and by the time we went to the hospital my contractions were about 3 or 4 minutes apart. We got there around 8pm and I was admitted right away. Once they got me hooked up to everything, I got checked and was 5cm and completly thinned out and the baby was a a 0 station. So we went on like this for awhile, the contrations staied consistant and a few hours later, I supose around 11pm I was checked and was only 6cm. So miss Drama Queen was taking her time. I tried to get some sleep between the contration and most everyone left me alone. Around 2am Ella's heart rate started going all over the place. It was going up and down, and staying down. They checked me again and I was 8cm. They went on making sure the baby was okay and keeping a close eye on her and me. Well, her heart rate kept dipping really low and they were not comfortable with me being able to push her out and her being okay. An OR was booked and I was having an emergancy C-Section. I was freaked out and crying, they had to calm me down so they could do a spinal. I do not remember much until my DH came in. At 3:06am our little girl came. Come to find out, her cord was wrapped around her neck twice and that was what causing her heart rate to go down. She came out screaming and crying. She scored ann 8 and 9 on her APGAR. She was being a little Drama Queen and needed to come out right away. Later I got to BF her and she latched on and started nursing like a champ. She has been that way since. Brother and sister would never take a picture with her at the hospital. But little girl is here and doing great!!!



    Colby James 4/10/04 Ava Caroline 6/2/06
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    Emily Grace
    May 6, 2009
    7:20 AM
    6lbs 1oz
    19 inches

    Tuesday May 5, 2009

    9am - Went in for my 38 week appointment. Had a slight change in dialation and effacement, but nothing huge. Lost another 2lbs and my belly was measuring small so they sent us for a bio-physical scan, which she passed. They guessed she weighed about 7-7.5lbs. Came back down to see my OB and she stripped my membranes and said if it didn't work we would induce Saturday!

    4pm - The back pain and cramping really started to get noticable. Went to eat some yummy La Siesta for Cinco-De Mayo with my mom. At dinner I noticed the contractions were coming every 6-7 minutes but only lasting about 20-30 seconds.

    9pm - We got the boys in bed and DH went to bed. My back was killing me so I stayed up and washed clothes, laid the boys stuff out for school the next day and cleaned alittle. Got on the computer and started watching the contractions via the online thingy.

    11pm - The contractions got to 60 seconds long and every 8-9 minutes. They were starting to make me go "ouch" out loud so I called my OB. They said come on in and we will check you. Called dad to come stay with the boys and DH and I went to the hospital

    Around Midnight - Got checked in and hooked up to the monitors. They told I had no change since my appointment that morning and told us they would watch us for 1 to 2 hours and re-check and go from there.

    2am - Nurse came in and checked me, no change. The contractions still "hurt" but more to the front, not the back (little did we know she flipped from sunny side up to the right position", hints to what was to follow. The nurse could tell I was hurting and at that time a bad storm system was moving into the area. She said she wanted to try and get the doctor to keep me and let me take the ambien to sleep at the hospital and send us home in the morning after the storms.. I was wanting to go home b/c I knew the contractions were not close enough to do anything. DH on the other hand wanted to stay so between him and the nurse we stayed.

    They got DH a cot out to sleep on and gave me my ambien. I told the nurse I needed to go potty before I laid down to pass out from the ambien. Now this is were it got weird. I litterally went pee and came out and on the walk to the bed had one of those "holy sh*t" contractions that about brought me to my knees. Got to the bed and not 2 minutes later had another. Then about 30 minutes later I screamed at DH to wake up I needed help. I could no longer stand to sit on the bed so I litterally held onto DH and and held me up and I rocked. For about 30 - 45 minutes then I started crying telling him I couldn't do this anymore they were gonna have to give me something if this wasn't real labor. DH started pounding the nurse call button.

    3:30-4am - The nurse came in and checked me. I was 5cm, she litterally reache in and said your 5 Im off to get your epidural, did I mention she was an angel! DH jumps on the phone and calls my mom and sister and everyone else. A few seconds later the nurse is back with my fluids and IV line. I don't know how long later, but seemed like minutes Randy the epidural guy came in. Now I had 2 failed epis with DS1 and natural birth with DS2 so I had no clue what was fixing to happen. Let me just say Randy was my hero. Within 2 contractions I was feeling awesome! I could still feel my legs and feet, they just felt like your jaw does after novacaine.

    6:30am the nurse comes in to tell me the OB coming on call is my second fav OB other than mine and that she is on her way. Checks me again and all I had was a rim of cervix and a buldging bag. My OB comes in and breaks my water, which she said was clear yet had blood in it. Told me I could start pushing.

    7:05am - THey put me in the sturips (sp) and I push 3 times in one contraction and the nurse said STOP, call the doctor back in. My OB walks back in and teases me she didn't have a chance to grab her coffee I was so fast. Suits up and sits down. They bring the mirror around, which btw I highly reccomend, and I get ready to push. we do two pushes and her little head comes out. watching it was amazing! She had the cord twice around her neck and my OB tried to get it off but it was to tight, so she told me to push one more time and out she popped! She had her cord 2 times around her neck then around her tummy and between her legs. Im telling you the girl was flipping!

    All my dreams came true with this labor and delivery. She went straight to my chest while I delievered the placenta (oh and no stitches or tearing at all - woop woop), then to the warmer. DH brought her back and I got to nurse her within 20 minutes of her birth. She stayed with us for an hour and a half before daddy took her to the nursery.

    A few interesting things when she was born she had 2 small blisters on her arm. They did some cultures on it and we should hear back. They said it might be from the fifths, but they were not sure. They also sent my placenta and a peice of the umbilical cord off to the state lab for testing b/c of the fifths disease. My OB said its basically b/c they are interested in the whole thing, not for reasons we should worry or have something to worry about! They said it would be a few weeks before we hear anything.

    Miss EMily is doing amazing. The blisters have dried up and are gone. She is nursing like a champ. And I am in total awe of the past week!

    Here are some pics - hanks for reading my novel!

    After my epidural

    My Cheesy Girl

    I want MOMMMY

    First moments together after her wipe down


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