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    Trey Jackson
    May 5, 2009
    9:43 am
    7 lbs, 13 oz.
    20 1/4 in.

    My c-sect was scheduled for 9am. I arrived at 7:30am to get all 'hooked up'. I was so dang thirsty b/c I couldn't drink anything for 12 hours and water is my LIFE! I asked for ice chips but they refused. They were pretty strict on having nada in my stomach.

    I relaxed as best as I could; just literally watched the hands on the clock go around and around while DH, my parents and nurses chit-chatted back and forth. I was in such a zone. I felt really nervous and I didn't feel that way w/ Cole.

    A nurse came in w/ DH's scrubs that said "Coach" on the back and he changed as I was walked to the OR.

    It was FREEEEEEEZING in there. I was shaking so bad. They gave me a pillow to hold as I was sitting there, I bent forward "like a cat" and it was spinal time. Didn't hurt too bad. I laid back and the numbness began. A few minutes went by and they were doing 'tests' to make sure the spinal took fully. My OB would pinch and I'd either say "pressure" or "pinch". I was still feeling too many pinches in the period of time I should have just felt pressure. They were starting to get concerned and said that they would give me another couple of minutes and if the pinches didn't turn into pressure, I would have to get put to sleep. My eyes just about popped out of my head when they mentioned this. I didn't cry but I really wanted to. I think I was in shock b/c my spinal w/ Cole had taken so well. DH came in all jolly and asked what was wrong and I whispered that they might have to put me to sleep... At last, ALL the pinches felt like pressure to me and there was a sigh of relief and my surgery began.

    This little bugger was in there real snug b/c my OB had to practically get on the operating table to pull/tug him out. It was very uncomfortable but I was giggling the whole time w/ DH - we were saying how in a few seconds, we were gonna be parents again and our world would be rocked upside down (in a good way ). She finally wriggled him out and asked, "Does he have a name??" and DH and I both said, "TREY JACKSON!" She held him up and his little cry just melted my heart. He looked COMPLETELY different then Cole. Less hair, lighter hair, a real pronounced chin, super pouty lips. He was so adorable to us and we were in love.

    Of course, he got swept away and DH went w/ him while they finished my surgery. I just closed my eyes and tried to relax. Then off to recovery. Where I zonked out for a bit. Then off to my suite.

    It was only about an hour or so until they brought Trey to my room. We nursed right away. Wasn't easy at first, he didn't want to latch. I didn't get frusterated b/c I remember the same thing w/ Cole. Finally, it became easier for us and now it is going tremendously well.

    Pretty basic c/s story, I suppose. I'm just stoked that I was AWAKE to see my little boy born

    Cole 7/26/06
    Trey 5/5/09

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    Jake Allen
    April 17, 2009 (36wk 1 day)
    6lbs 8oz, 19 inches long

    Well I had been having a lot of contractions and preterm labor with Jake. At 35wks the contractions came back every 3-4 mins so I went in to be checked out. I was contracting on the monitor regularly and was 1cm and 30% effaced. The OB said that I was probably in early labor and that now it was just a waiting game, but that if they came back or continued to go in to be checked again since the LO was still breech. Well Good Friday (the next night) they were back, so we headed to L&D, contractions were really strong on the monitor and my doc said he was “impressed” but they hadn’t changed my cervix any. So once again, we went home to wait it out. We went in for our 36wk appt the following Monday (actually 35wks 4days) and confirmed that our little man was FOR SURE breech! We were then just deciding on whether to do the version at 37wks or schedule the c-section. I was so frustrated with the decision that I just kept telling DH that I wish I would just go into labor on my own so I didn’t have to make the decision!!

    That whole week I kept waking up with horrible contractions at night, but when I would get up to go to work they would go away. I thought it was maybe from us dtd Wed and Thursday night. Well Friday morning was no different. I got up, went to work and then noticed about 10am that I was having contractions, so I started to time them online. They were about 7 mins apart or so, I thought they were nothing so I stopped timing for a bit. I noticed at lunch time I really just didn’t feel well, I didn’t feel like eating much (which never happens to me!) and I was very aggravated. It seemed everything was going wrong at work that day! I ate a little for lunch and then decided I better start timing them again since they had changed. By changed I mean I noticed my whole stomach was getting tight, way up high, unlike before. Some of them I was really having to breathe through! So at 1:50pm I called my OB and went in to be checked out at 2:30pm.

    I get there and of course my OB was out all week, he had been moving, so I saw another doc there who was really nice. I told her I was probably crazy for coming in and it was probably a false alarm again, but with him being breech I just wanted to make sure. She checked me and she says “ OOOO you are 3cm and 50% effaced hun” I just about shot up out of bed in shock! On Monday I was still 1cm and 30% and my doctor didn’t think I was going into labor this wk! She decided she wanted to put me on the monitor to see my contraction pattern. I was put on about 3pm and she said she was going to leave me on for a little bit rather then just send me over to l&d. Yep, sure enough I was contracting every 5 mins now and they were registering up in the 120’s and I was getting kind of uncomfortable! She came back in and said she was going to leave me on for a little bit longer, but that she wanted to check me soon to see if I had changed anymore. At this time I called DH to give him an update and I told him I thought he needed to leave work and go get the kids and get stuff packed in the car. He kept asking if I thought this was really it. I told him I just had a feeling that he needed to get the kids settled and get home and shower and get stuff packed!!

    About 4:30 they brought me back to check me again. She walked in and by this time I wasn’t feeling well at all, I was hurting and just felt like crap. She told me “ooo you have that labor look” I said “I feel like I’m in labor”. I was checked again and I was 3cm still but now I was 70% effaced and she said my bag of water was really tight and that she wanted to send me over to the hospital. Now at this time, I still didn’t know it was baby day! Lol

    5pm I walk on over to the hospital, one of the nurses starts talking to me. She asked how far along I was and I said 36wks and she told me “OH, we will try to keep you pregnant for at least another week or two” I told “yeah but I’m already 3cm and 70% and in labor with a BREECH baby”!! When she took me back to triage I KNEW things were different. I honestly thought they were just going to monitor me some more and then send me home. I walked in and the nurse told me “So today is baby day huh?!” That’s when I about crapped my pants and texted everyone! I told my mom and DH to hurry up, it was for sure happening!!! Good thing DH listened to me . Everyone finally got there and they were all so excited!! My mom was freaking out a little b/c she wasn’t use to not being able to be back there with me, they only allow one person in the triage area, so DH was with me. I got my IV(after 4 sticks) and now we were just waiting for a open OR. Finally at about 8pm I was brought back to the OR for all the prep. They gave me a spinal, which hurt less than the dang IV they gave me. I was super super nervous about being awake, so I kept telling them they better make sure I was numb!!! They finally brought DH in and little Jake Allen was born at 8:36pm!! I had joked with the doctor that he still better be breech! She said he very breech and so stuck in there that she didn't see him turning!! He score 9 and 9 on his apgar! They had the NICU team in the OR just in case he had some breathing issues since he was early, but he did great and didn’t need any help! DH left with Jake to get a bath and they stitched me back up. All of a sudden I told the nurse I thought I was going to pass out and that I was seeing spots. She checked my BP and I saw that it was 101/36 which is super low for me. She shot something in my IV and then I started to feel much better! About 30 mins after Jake was born I was bfing him in the recovery room! Here are some pics of my little man

    Mommy and Daddy

    Makayla-11, Andrew-6, Jake-3
    January '09 Angel 10wks 4days/Partial Molar 6.24.08

    May 2009 Host

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    Default GoVikes birth story

    Last Tuesday, 5-5, I went to my 40 week appt. and found out that I hadn't made any more progress despite having had tons of contractions the week before. I was still 3 cm and about 75% effaced. Doc told me I should consider being induced by the following Tuesday if I still hadn't had the baby 'cause I'd be over 41 weeks by then so I agreed and we scheduled that as well as a biophysical profile for that Friday. She then asked me if I wanted my membranes stripped and I hemmed and hawed, but finally agreed to let her do it. That hurt like holy heck.

    The membrane strip was about 4:30 and by the time DH and I got back to my work place and the parking garage at 5:00 I was already having some pretty bad cramping. The cramping only got worse and by the time we got home I was already starting to have some contractions. Despite the discomfort I managed to sit through dinner- figured if this was it would be the last real meal I'd have in awhile. I had DH start timing my contractions around 8:00ish and they were still only about 5-6 minutes apart and manageable so I decided to wait it out. After padding around a bit longer I decided the best thing to do would be to get some rest so I tried to lay down but found that I couldn't even rest through the pain so got up again and started walking around through the contractions.

    I had DH start timing them again about 9:30 and by this time they were coming about 3 minutes apart and lasting for a good minute to minute and a half. They were getting pretty intense to the point where I had to do some serious breathing and hip rocking to get through them. At this point we called the hospital and they said to head in so I could at least get checked.

    By the time I got the hospital it seemed as if the contractions had stalled out some even though they still hurt like the dickens. I was bitterly disappointed. I was sure they were going to hook me up, check me and send me home. When the midwife checked me I was 4 1/2 cm, YAYY!!! They were really busy that night so I asked if I could have my epi at that point. I had to wait to get the IV and fluids and by the time I finally got it around 1:00 or so I was writhing around in pain. Ahhhh, sweet relief!! For the second time in my life, I wanted to marry the anesthesiologist!!

    Two residents came in to check me and break my water about 2:00 a.m. One of them checked me and I was 6-7 cm. After she broke my water, I immediately dilated to an "easy 8". My L & D nurse predicted baby would be there by 6:00. My OB came in to check me at 3:00 a.m. and I was ready to go. I was prepped and started pushing around 3:30. After pushing for about 15 minutes or so, Anneliese Kira entered the world at 3:48 a.m. with a robust cry.

    She wound up having to be taken to the nursery because she was grunting and still had fluid in her lungs, but we got her back about 5 hours later. Nursing was rocky at first, but we've made it through and to my utter joy, I'm finally able to breastfeed. I never did get there w/ DS.

    Sorry so long. Here are pics, enjoy!

    Being held by daddy

    Going home outfit

    Chilling out at home

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    Default Benjamin Maxwell- Born on Mother's Day!

    The Birth Story of Benjamin Maxwell

    It was a typical Saturday afternoon, and we had stopped in a local park to do our daily walk. I was two days from my due date and we had recently discussed when we might have an induction if I did not go into labor by the middle of the following week. On our walk I mentioned to DH that it would have been nice to have had my baby in my arms in time for Mothers Day, and that it would make not having my mom around a little easier (she passed away from brain cancer in March). About half way around the trail I had a strong contraction which I chalked up to a strong BH and we just kept on walking. As the evening progressed I had several more of these contractions but they were anywhere from 30-40 minutes apart so I did not think it was the real thing. We watched a movie and ate dinner and just as I laid down to go to sleep, I had a strong contraction and-POP!!- my water broke!

    We jumped in the car and headed for L&D where they examined me and declared that we would indeed be having our baby! I was still only 3-4cm dilated and almost completely effaced so they just had me relax as they hooked me up to the monitors. Eventually I decided to get up and walk around a little bit. On our second lap around the unit I had an intense contraction that lasted about a minute and a half. I knew I needed to get back into bed. The contractions started coming every 1-2 minutes and VERY strong. I was breathing through them but finding myself getting more and more out of control, shaking violently in between and unable to recover before the next one. I was asking about an epidural but they said there was a delay getting me checked in (are you kidding me?!!) and that they still had to do two rounds of antibiotics (for GBS) so I would have to wait. I labored like this for another 3 hours before I started screaming for the epi. FINALLY the anesthesiologist arrived and gave me the epi, all the while my contractions were making me feel like I am going to pass out. The epi took hold after about 15 minutes and I was finally able to relax and even SLEPT for about an hour or so. It was heavenly.

    When I woke up, the room was full of worried looking docs, and they told me my BP was dropping so they were going to turn down my epi and put a monitor directly into the baby’s head. I was examined and told I was at 7cm and they said it would be a couple of hours yet before I would start pushing. After only 20 more minutes or so the doc came back and said his shift was almost over so he wanted to examine me quickly before he left. It was then he discovered I was already at 9cm and it was nearly time! He would be the one to deliver me afterall. I was left with the nurse and DH to start the pushing. I didn’t feel pain, just a lot of pressure which let me know when I should push. After about 20 minutes of this people started buzzing about the room, and soon the room was filled with students, nurses and the doc. That’s when the real pushing began. I remember feeling very calm and focused, eventhough DH was anxious as could be. I just knew everything was going to be fine. After another 20 minutes the baby crowned and after only a couple more pushes he was out. The moment they put him on my chest our ipod started playing “What a Wonderful World”! DH and I were sobbing. Our baby was here! Benjamin Maxwell was born at 8:56am on Mother’s Day- May 10th, 2009. He weighed 7lbs 10 oz, and was 20 inches long. I had a minor tear so they had to give me two stitches but I hardly even noticed them doing it. I was amazed by this little man who looked exactly like my husband! We spent the next two and half days in our room, the three of us together, just getting to know one another. It was bliss. I was so happy that my birth experience was as positive as could be. I know my Mom was there the whole time, paving the way for a beautiful delivery and a perfect baby. It was the best first Mother’s Day I could ever have hoped for.



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    Default Sarah Elizabeth's Birth

    Sarah Elizabeth
    8 lbs 5oz
    19.5 inches
    born May 13, 2009 2:35pm

    I went into the hospital Tuesday night and they started the Cervadil at about 10:30pm. I started feeling contractions almost
    immediately and by about 2am they were painful enough that I told my hubby I would never be induced again. Thankfully the
    nurse came in about 3:30 and was able to give me something that put me out like a light for about 4 hours (note to self, ask
    for the pain meds earlier next time lol).

    After having a shower and breakfast they started the Pitocin at 9am Wednesday morning. I started feeling the contractions
    right away again and by 10:30 I asked for my epidural. That was an experience in itself, it didn't really hurt but at one point
    I got this shock of pain from where he was inserting the needle all the way to my tailbone like I'd stuck my finger in a lightsocket.
    It's ever so reassuring to have your anesthesiologist tell you he's never had that happen before. lol Luckily, it only happened once then
    everything got blessedly numb below the waist.

    When my nurse came in at 11 to see how far I'd progressed and see if we could break my water she found me at 4cm already and
    the instant she touched the bag it broke. My mom and sister arrived shortly after that and we chatted for about an hour and a half until
    my doctor stopped in. She said that we were probably looking at a delivery time of about 7pm if things kept on track for a first time
    delivery so my mom decided she had time to head home to pick up my step father. I was just settling down for a long wait when my
    nurse popped back in for another check at 1pm and found that I was actually at a 10 and ready to go right then.

    Poor DH ran out to the parking lot to try and catch my mom but was too late. The nurse wanted me to try acouple of pushes to see
    what sort of progress we would make but I refused to do anything until my mom got back, I had a feeling things would progress too
    quickly otherwise and it turned out I was right. We waited about 45 minutes, by which time the rest of the family had gotten to the hospital
    and as soon as mom got back we called my OB (who's office is across the parking lot) and tried a practice push.

    Literally from the one push Sarah was right there. At this point the plan got alittle screwy because my sister is a midwife but I wasn't
    comfortable with her being my doctor, it just felt awkward. But when she realized how close the baby was she went into full delivery mode
    and was down there setting everything up and getting everything ready so when she looked at me and asked again if she couldn't just
    deliver her I started laughing and told her she might as well, she'd seen everything already anyway. I was still laughing when she started
    hollering for me to stop laughing because the babie's head was half way out and she wasn't in her gloves yet.

    Have you ever tried to stop laughing once you start? Easier said than done. Which is why Sarah was born literally after 4 pushes into my sister's
    waiting arms with no gown or anything besides gloves on her. I could hear my entire family waiting in the hall laughing with us, it had
    to be the most surreal and amazing moment in my life.

    By the time my poor OB got across the street Sarah and I had already been cleaned up and my family was in the room with us. I guess after
    making me wait for so many years my little girl was as anxious to be here as I was to have her.


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    Default 3rd times the charm...or the c-section anyway

    Erin Elizabeth, 5/14/09, 7lbs 9oz, 19.75 in.

    My birth story started 5/5 (40w) when my doc sent me for my 1st induction. 24hrs....Failed. I didn't dialate at all and was so high in the belly most nurses couldn't reach the cervix!

    Sent back again 5/8 (40w2d).....36hrs....failed. I got contractions with this med, but only dialated to 1cm and that was generous.....still at -4 with nurses complaining about how hard I was too reach. (Um...sorry???)

    I switched doctors after mine wanted to induce again at 41w1d. My new doctor agreed to let my body cook until 42w as long as we got NST and fluid checks-which I was very happy with.

    So I trot off to my NST/Fluid check 5/14 10am. No bag or baby stuff of course because I'm going to be right back home......famous last words eh?
    I get my NST-all looks great, as it usually does. Then they send me for the u/s. The first suspicion I had was when the tech kept redoing measurements on the same parts, then left my belly gooey and said the doctor will want to check me as well. In comes the doctor with the accent so thick I can barely understand him and he starts his own measurements. Never a good sign when they don't say "looks good" as they are working. So he finishes and says he needs to run this measurement by my doctor. Ok, now I'm pretty sure I'm NOT going home. The tech came back in to check on me and I said, "So I assume my fluid is low?" She just smiles and says yes. Ah, crap....another trip to L&D where I won't dialate and they'll send me packing AGAIN without a baby.

    So upstairs I go to L&D. Ironically I'm greeted by the nurse who started my last induction, and says, "you're back???" Argh! A sign I have definitely spent tooooooo much time here! I called my hubby as I was waiting to get checked in because of course he's at work....where I told him to stay because if they decide to induce again it could be days before I deliver. I did have c-section in the back of my mind....but didn't dwell on that too much because it didn't seem like an emergency.

    I got all checked in and IV'd, etc. The doctor on call came to see me and decided misoprostol was probably our best route. (That was the only med that every got me moving-and I'd had all 3-pit, miso, cervadil). The plan was miso through the evening, cervadil overnight and start pit in the AM. At this point, I asked when they would call it failed and opt for a c-section. They said they would decide in the AM. So they start the miso and I begin small contractions. They check me 4 hrs change. CRAP! In goes 2nd dose miso. During this time, my mom had called to see how my appt was. She's a complete anxiety basket case so I tell her my fluid was low, but I'm just being monitored. (They had driven across the state twice before during my other inductions despite the fact I told them I would call when I had news. No, they call from the road and say they are coming. When they did come to the hospital they fussed over every machine and sat and stared at me asking if I felt anything know, like the "can you hear me now?" commercial. Ugh...not something I can handle.)
    I tell mom not to come yet because it will probably be days if not another failure. "Please just wait for me to call."

    My DH had shown up by now (after work was done) and we begin the tired wait for nothing to happen. Well, not to contractions get stronger and for the 1st time I got to use my birthing class breathing! I was actually thinking....hey this might work! Um...yeah....wishful thinking.

    My MIL & SIL come to visit and then left for dinner. Not really enough action to warrant visitors and it would probably still be days at the rate I was progressing. But then my phone rings and it's my parents.....telling me they are on the road and coming over. I lost it and started yelling at them about how I told them I would call when I had news and they should not come because we don't know anything yet. The last thing I wanted was a parade of anxious people when I was trying to use natural calming techniques for labor. I got off the phone just fuming. Which was not really helpful, but I just could not believe their narcisism.

    So I'm trying to calm down talking with DH when 3 nurses fly into the room, roll me on my side, put me on oxygen, and start moving the hb monitor around on my belly. I guess Erin's HB had had a severe dip during one of my pissed off contractions. They leave me on my side with oxygen and continue to monitor her. Each contraction was making her HB decel and so they decided to stop the induction. Her HB went right back to normal after the contractions subsided. They did a final check and I was still 1cm, -4.

    Now came the parade of oncall docs & OB's telling me about how I wasn't progressing and they could try cervadil or a balloon catheder, but didn't want to break my water......etc. I started asking if my body would ever be ready...I mean I'm getting close to 42w and nada. So they start debating induction/c-section risks and benefits. It was finally decided that Erin would probably not tolerate labor well, even if they could get it started-which wasn't guaranteed. So OB decides to schedule a c-section for Friday AM, but goes to consult another OB to make sure. About 10 minutes later, in walks on call OB and new OB and they start telling me how they would recommend a c-section. By this point DH and I had already figured that was the course, so we were fine with it. My hubby asks what time tomorrow they will do it, and the new OB says, "Oh no, we'll do it in about 20 minutes." Oh.....ok.

    So the flood of nurses come in and prep me and DH with our OR gear. We barely had time to call anybody----since we finally had news....
    They wheeled me off to the OR, gave me my spinal-which was not nearly as painful as a blood patch, tip me back and set up for the surgery.
    It was all so surreal. I remember mostly shaking a lot from the meds, but then being surprised by the smell. They use a laser to make the incision, but I didn't know they had started so I ask DH, "what's burning?" He just smirked and told me I didn't want to know. They pushed around for a while, they pushed on my belly and out she popped. My first reaction was "I can breathe" because I could finally take a deep full breath for the first time in months!

    They cleaned her up, sewed me up-or rather glued me together, and it was done. Ironically, the doctor was doing his final checks and says "oh, well now your cervix decides to come down." They never did find a reason she didn't drop or dialate.

    Erin Elizabeth was born at 10:47pm, weighed 7lbs 9ox (so much for the doc who was freaked out over big baby), and 19.75 inches long. She went to the nursery got her basics done, came back to the recovery room and has been attached at the breast ever since.
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    Mason Richard
    May 18, 2009
    9:53 AM
    7lb 5 oz
    20 inches

    Sunday evening I thought I was supposed to call the hospital at 6 to find out what time to go in for the Cervadil, but they called me about 5:30 and told me to come in as soon as I was ready. So I took a shower and finished packing and we headed into the hospital. I got into a room at about 7:00. I was still only 1cm, but was 60% effaced, about 20% more than Thursday. Was still having contractions consistently, but they obviously weren’t doing much. So the nurse was getting my IV set up and my blood drawn. Well after she got all the blood and got the IV taped, I asked if it was supposed to hurt that bad. Turned out she went through a valve and my left arm is very purple. So another nurse had to come in and look for a different place. She got one other nurse to come in and look to get another opinion. The third nurse tried my right wrist, but ran into a valve so she pulled out and didn’t go through it. Finally she got on in successfully in my left wrist. After that I was certainly thinking I can see why people have births at home so they don’t have to be stuck with so many needles! It was my very first IV experience and I was very scared about getting an IV, and they did not ease my fears about it at all. I definitely dread the day I ever have to have another.

    Anyways after she got the third IV in, Baby’s heartrate dropped. They turned me side to side until he was stable again. She wouldn’t insert the Cervadil until he was stable. Finally his heart rate had been stable for a bit and they thought maybe he had grabbed his cord or something. So the nurse inserted the Cervadil probably around 10 or a bit before I think. It didn’t take long after it was inserted for my contractions to get a bit stronger and more painful. Justin left the hospital to go get something to eat and come back by the house to feed the dogs and such. So I was sitting in the hospital reading my book and heard the door open to the room. I barely had time to set my book down before I had 3 nurses surrounding me, my bed was thrown back and I was flipped to my side and they were giving me an oxygen mask and one nurse was messing with the baby’s monitor. So I was really scared at that point, they told me the baby’s heart rate had dropped to the 60s and 70s. He was not tolerating the contractions. So because it was the 2nd time his heart rate dropped they called my OB and she said she since he was not tolerating the contractions to pull the cervadil and we would do a c-section in the morning. So I spent the evening preparing myself for a c-section the next morning. I got maybe 1 hour of sleep the whole night. I was still contracting all night, though not as strong, but the baby was stable all night.

    So Monday morning my OB comes in and says that the baby has been tolerating contractions all night. They didn’t know why his heart rate had dropped, but I could try to labor and see how he does if I wanted. Well since I had already prepared for the c-section, and I was afraid if I got on the pit the stronger contractions would cause him stress again and I didn’t want an emergency c-section, I said we would go ahead with the c-section.

    On my way to the OR and sitting on the table getting the spinal I was thinking, why did I decide to go with the c-section? Is this the right thing? But I was soon relieved because as soon as he was out my OB announced that he had the cord wrapped around his neck twice and it was tight. So we would have ended up with a c-section anyway. So I was very thankful that I made the decision to go with the c-section. Just hearing him cry was the best feeling in the world and I just felt relieved he was here and healthy.

    My BP had been a bit high since I had gone in Sunday night though. Though it is understandable because I was very nervous and anxious about the induction. But in recovery it went up higher and in recovery I had a REALLY bad headache and neck ache. First the nurse gave me tordol, but then called my dr. cuz how high my BP was. My OB ordered some meds that would make my blood pressure go down. After 2 doses of that my BP was down and my headache was gone. But I ended up in recovery for about 1 and ½ hours instead of the normal 45 minutes because of the BP issue. After that though it went back to normal and I didn’t have any other issues.

    The anesthesiologist for my surgery was wonderful. I never felt nauseous or anything. Though during the c-section my shoulder was killing me, the anesthesiologist said it was because of air in the diaphragm. But he stood there by my head and made sure I was feeling ok, asked me if I was nauseous or anything and he told me everything that was going on. If I ever have to have a c-section again, I hope he will be my anesthesiologist again.

    Coming home from the hospital:
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    Default Kaitlyn's birthstory

    Really, really long. Just skim it!

    The Birth Story of Kaitlyn Jane P.
    Friday, May 1, 2009

    Worth Every Minute

    Kaitlyn's birthstory begins at the beginning . . . with conception. In August of 2008, Rob had been injured in an accident at work which resulted in third degree burns on his right ankle. This injury caused him to be off of work for 6 weeks. During his recovery, he was taking a strong dose of narcotics to combat the pain. I blame the influence of narcotics on our lack of judgment and, therefore, her conception. Of course, it could have something to do with our inability to control ourselves too!

    I have a disease called, polycystic ovarian syndrome, which causes me to have long, irregular cycles with late ovulation or anovulatory cycles when I did not ovulate at all. So, it was very difficult for me to conceive. It took 2 ½ years, including 6 months of Clomid, to conceive Jackson and another fertility drug which treats PCOS (metformin) to conceive Camille. After giving birth to Camille, I struggled with what birth control to use. I couldn't use the pill because I have hypertension and I didn't like the nuva ring because it caused me to spot throughout the month.

    So, one night in August of 2008, after Rob and I had been flirting in the kitchen, we literally asked ourselves, “what were the odds of conceiving without fertility drugs? About a million to one!” Since Rob was under the influence, it didn't take long to convince him to follow me into the bedroom.

    What I didn't take into consideration that fateful night in August of 2008 was the fact that I had lost 60 lbs after Camille's birth and that my cycles had become very regular. I'd have a period every 28 or 29 days. So, 5 to 6 weeks later when I had not had a period, I began to be suspicious. One Sunday morning, I locked myself in the big bathroom and took a Dollar Tree test. Bam! It was positive. I unlocked the bathroom door and Rob was standing in the hallway waiting for me. Even though we hadn't talked about me being late, he must've known what I was doing. The first thing he asked me what I was doing and I said “I have something to show you”. Two big, fat pink lines.

    Rob and I were both shell-shocked. It was impossible for us to believe that we were going to have an unplanned pregnancy. I think we both panicked too. There were so many good reasons not to add to our family and those reasons raised a lot of questions about how we were going to take care of a new baby for which we didn't have answers. How were we going to afford a new baby? Where was a new baby going to fit in our tiny home? We both worked. Where were we going to get time and energy for a new baby? How were we going to fit three car seats in the back of a Honda Civic?

    These questions kept swirling around in our heads as we searched for answers. I think that Rob and I both went through a little depression. But, we couldn't afford to be depressed, so I think we both just decided to deny the fact that I was pregnant.

    I did have one, wretched daily reminder that I was pregnant – morning sickness! I would wake up every morning and gag on my own stomach bile. Even with zofran, an anti-nausea drug they'd prescribe for chemo patients, I would still gag and choke on some mornings. There was something besides the zofran that would settle my tummy – McDonald's hamburgers washed down with real coke. No wonder, I gained too much weight – 50 pounds.

    At 20 weeks, at the end of December 2008, Rob and I went to “the big ultrasound”. We had decided not to find out the gender. Since the entire pregnancy was a surprise, we decided that we could keep the gender of the baby a surprise! Besides, we already had a boy and a girl and we would be thrilled with either a boy or a girl. During the big ultrasound, however, I thought I heard the technician slip and say, “there's his arm”. For the rest of the pregnancy, I was convinced that you were a boy and we were going to name you either Charles Robert or Nicholas Robert. As with Jackson, I was serverly sick and as with Jackson, the ultrasound techinicians kept telling me that the baby had a big head. I just knew that you were a boy.

    Despite our reservations about being pregnant and despite the morning sickness, this was my easiest pregnancy of all in some respects. Because I didn't develop pre-eclampsia, my doctor didn't put me on bedrest for a long period of time. In fact, I was able to work until the day before my scheduled c-section. As a precaution, my OB/GYN did schedule non-stress tests two times per week and ordered extra ultrasounds. At my 36 week appointment, my doctor surprised me by saying it was time to schedule my c-section. I was shocked because I didn't know that I was going to have Cammi until the morning of her birthday. At my next appointment, the medical assistant handed me some paperwork and told me that my c-section was scheduled for May 1st! And so the countdown began . . .

    The days in April slowly ticked by. I began to tie up loose ends at work by finishing the cases that could be closed and distributing the rest to other lawyers in my office. My last trial was on April 21 and I raced to draft my last appellate brief (which I did not file until the day before the baby was born!). At home, I began to nest at home by washing baby clothes, stocking the house with enough groceries to feed a pack of hungry wolves, bringing out baby gear and cleaning it, grooming the dog, and vaccumijng out the car. Rob and I did make a valiant effort to install a booster seat and two car seats in the back of my Honda Civic, but it's just not possible.

    Eventually, my last day of work – April 23rd – arrived. I celebrated by going out for dinner and drinks at Bravo in the Greene with the work ladies – Carolyn, Debbie, Sha, and Sally. I salivated over their cocktails and dreamt about the time I could have a sip myself.

    On the day before you were born, I still had three or four things on my “to-do list”. Chicago Grandma and Papa were coming to meet the new baby and I wanted the house to be clean. I also wanted to make and freeeze some casseroles. And, I needed to pack overnight bags for Jackson and Cammi. So, I asked Kim, our babysitter, to watch Jackson and Cammi fior the day. After dropping them off, I did manage to straighten the house and clean the toilets, but I never got around to mopping the floor or making my casseroles. I was absolutely exhausted by just doing those few simple tasks and I felt crampy and uncomfortable all day. I found myself laying on the couch counting contractions instead! I was starting to wonder if the baby was going to wait until her scheduled birthday!

    At 4 o'clock, I picked up your older brother and sister at the babysitter's at the babysitter's house. We had an hour to kill before Jackson's swim lesson. So, I decided to take them to activity center park. As soon as we got to the park, Jackson unbuckled Cammi and raced down the hill to the playground. Being as I was 39 weeks pregnant and could only waddle like a duck, I couldn't snag them in time and Cammi tripped and fell into a mud puddle at the bottom of the hill. There was no way we could stay at the park because Cammi was covered in mud from head to toe. So, I wiped her off with the napkins I had stuck in the glove compartment as best as I could and we raced home – all three of us crying – to change clothes before swim class.

    Once we got home, I decided to skip the swim class, we were all just to emotional – the kids were mad at me because I made them leave the park and I was just overwhelmed with nerves. Instead, I spent the time packing the kids' bags. I was worried about Jackon because he had a nightmare the night before. He didn't like the idea of me having surgery. So, I wrote a little note for Jackson and hid it in his bag.
    It said something like . . .

    Please don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Have a great time at Nana's house and be a good boy. When you wake up, you'll have a new little brother or sister and you can come to the hospital to see me. I love you with all my heart. Mommy”.

    When Rob got home from work, he took us out for “my last dinner” at Barleycorn's. My last meal consisted of grilled chicken and a baked potato. Then, we dropped the kids and their luggage off at Nana's house. It was very difficult for me on an emotional level to drop the kids off. So, I tried to make it quick and hold back the tears because I didn't want to upset either of them. I was going to miss them terribly and I felt like I was saying goodbye to our family of four. There was a major change about to happen in our lives – coming the form of a little, bundle of joy!

    When we got home from dropping off the kids at Nana's house, Rob had to pack his bag and we set out the video camera and digital camera for the next day. I think we went through the videos of Jackson and Cammi's birthdays and reminisced. We talked about the next day and I told Rob that the worst part of the whole c-section was getting the IV. I must have been prophetic. At midnight, Rob went to bed and I laid on the couch and flipped channels for the rest of the night. I did doze off and on, but I watched the clock turn 4:00 a.m. And I jumped off the couch and ran into the bedroom. I said “wake up, Daddy. It's baby day!”

    I took a long shower that morning. I took the time to shave my legs, underarms, and bikini area. That's quite an acrobatic feat at 39 weeks pregnant! After I got out of the shower, I did my hair and make up. Even though Rob thought I was crazy, I was determined to look nice for all of the new baby pictures. When I walked into the living room, Rob was eating his 3rd bowl of cereal. I shooed him into the shower. It took him another ½ hour or 45 minutes to primp and get dressed. Then, we packed the car and drove to the hospital.

    We were supposed to arrive at the hospital at 5:15 a.m., but we were about 15 minutes late because of Rob's primping. He had to look beautiful for the big day. We rang the front desk and they buzzed us into L&D. We met our first L& D nurse,who had the personality of a wet blanket, and she showed us into a labor room. I signed some paperwork and changed into a hospital gown. Next, I climbed into the hospital bed and the nurse strapped both the contraction monitor and the hearbeat monitor around my belly and the blood pressure cuff around my arm. My blood pressure was sky high at this point like 160/90. It was a physical manifestation of my anxiety. Eventually, a technician came up from the lab to draw my blood and another nurse came into to start my i.v. As I predicted, it was next to impossible for the nurses to get the IV into my rolling veins. The first nurse stuck the top of my left hand twice. When she failed, she went to retrieve another nurse who stuck the top of my right hand two times. At this point, I started to protest and ask for the anesthesiologist because it hurt me when the murse stuck the needle into my hand and started to fish around inside for the vein. I could only tolerate so much of that. Much to my surprise, they did honor my wishes and page an anesthesilogist. After a few minutes the doctor arrived, he was successful putting the IV in the front of my left hand on the first try! I could've kissed him.

    Dr. K arrived in the midst of the IV fiasco. She sat at the end of my bed and delivered the informed consent lecture where she explains the risks of a 3rd c-section. I know that she has to tell her patients the risks, but she scared me to death! On the flip side, it did distract me from the dude putting the iv in my hand.

    After Dr. K, there were just a few things left to do before I took the long walk down the hall to the OR to become a mother of three! A new nurse, who didn't introduce herself, came into the room. My first L&D nurse, the one with zero personality, didn't even bother to say goodbye. With all of the star treatment i was getting (insert sarcasm), I'm glad that I only spent 2 hours in L&D. Anyhow, Nurse #2, nurse no name, announced that she had to shave my pubic hair, whipped out an electric razor, and went to work. That was a fine how-do-you-do! She also gave me a shot of antacid that tasted like sprite with extra sugar. That isn't even a really good explanation of the taste. It had a nasty kick to it. I'll be happy if I never have to drink that stuff again.

    After kissing Rob goodbye for the moment, Nurse #2 escorted me to the OR. A room full of people were already in the Orwaiting for me including Dr. K. I climbed on top of the table, sat down, and curled my tummy over a pillow,. The anesthesiologist untied the back of my gown, and went to work inserting the catheter into my back for the spinal. During the process, Dr. K was chatting with me in order to keep my mind off of the anesthesilogist. She asked me “what is this baby's name?' I replied that I didn't know if the baby was a boy or a girl. If it was a girl, it would be Kaitlyn and if it was a boy, it would be Charlie. The anesthesiologist finished and my legs started to get numb right away. It happened so fast that it was actually hard for me to swing my legs onto the table and lay down. Then, Dr. S arrived to assist Dr. K. When Dr. K saw him, she left to go scrub for surgery.

    While we were waiting for the docs to scrub, the nurse flipped my gown over the bar and I was laying there naked. She started to comment to the other people in the room about how great my scar from the other sections looked. I couldn't believe that she was inspecting my body that closely. How embarrassing. Oh well, I guess you lose all sense of modesty during child birth. I think a nurse during Cammi's birth said that same thing about the scar from Jackson's c-section.

    When the doctors returned to the OR, things started to happen quickly. Dr. K said “Pam, I am pinching you as hard as I can. Can you feel anything?” No, in fact, I couldn't feel a thing. How odd! The nurse finally led Rob back into the room, which was such a relief. I was beginning to think he was going to miss the birth! Rob sat in a chair by my head and held my hand. In comparison to my other 2 c-sections, the actual surgery was a lot more traumatic. While I didn't feel any pain, I could definitely feel a lot of pressure. The doctors were doing a lof of cutting and pushing and pulling in an attempt to get the baby out. Rob said that there was a lot of scar tissue (and fat) to cut through and that the baby was floating high up in my uterus and it was hard for the doctors to find her. At one point, Dr. S had his elbow on my upper abdomen and was leaning down on his elbow with all of his body weight trying to push the baby down. I thought to myself “wow, that's going to be sore later”. I started to feel nauseous and the pushing and pulling was getting unbearable. I was also starting to freak out. This was not like the other sections. The docs had Jackson and Cammi out of my stomach within 5 minutes of cutting me open. But, it was obvious the doctors were having a hard time getting a hold of the baby and pulling her out.. Like I said, I was starting to have a panic attack Just when I thought I couldn't take another minute of it, Dr. K finally managed to pull the baby out and announced “It's Kaitlyn!!!!!!!!!!” She lifted her over the bar so I could see my little miracle. I just couldn't believe that it was a girl. I was totally blown away. I was convinced I was having a little boy. I think I kept saying over and over again through tears “I'm so surprised!”

    The doc handed the baby over to the staff to be cleaned and assessed. Your APGAR scores were 8 at one minute and 9 at 5 minutes. Then, they wrapped you in two blankets and gave you to your daddy who brought you over to me. I instantly fell head over heels in love with my sweet, sweet daughter. Before her delivery, I was so worried about where I was going to get the time , energy, and patience to take care of three children. As it turns out, I needn't have wasted one second of my time worrying about that.. My heart grew about ten sizes that day and out of that love will come all I need to take care of her. It was only 8 o'clock in the morning and my life had changed forever.

    Dr. K and Dr. S tied my tubes and stitched me up, but I was too enamored by my new baby to pay any attention to that. Then, I was allowed to hold her as they wheeled me into the recovery room and I tried to nurse her while Daddy started to call everyone. The first person we called was Jackson, who was thrilled to hear about your big arrival and wanted to know if we could name the new baby “cutie, cutie girl”! I was only in recovery for about an hour. Then, I was transferred to the maternity ward. Thanks to Aunt Jen's brother, I was given the luxury suite. The maternity nurse, who was wonderful, bathed Katie right in the room and I spent the morning cuddling my new girl. Unlike with Cammi, I wasn't separated from the baby for hours while waiting for the nursery to bathe and examine her. Grandpa Don, our first visitor among many, arrived at 10:00 a.m.and was amazed by how cute Katie was. He was reluctant to give her up and go back to work.

    Instead of cigars or chocolate bars, Rob made birth announcements out of mini-Kahlua bottles and handed them out to our family and friends.

    Kaitlyn Jane Pinchot
    Friday, May 1, 2009
    7:35 a.m.
    7 lbs 9 ½ oz, 21 1/2”
    dark hair/blue eyes
    long fingers and toes

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    Default Birth Story of Miles

    Miles John A.
    April 29th 2009, 4:30 am
    37 weeks 2 days
    6 lbs 5 oz, 19.25 inches
    Apgars 9, 9
    44 hour labor- 41 plus 3 of pushing

    Monday, April 27th- 2009.
    I had 3 doctors appts scheduled for this morning....A friend I've known for 15 years had asked about coming to visit me from Nor Cal this day and I said ok but told her I had all these appts, and I thought to myself "what if I get news at this appt and never get to go home? Maybe she shouldn't come?" I told myself I was nuts and forgot about it...All weekend I panicked about labor and kept telling myself I had weeks to go. That morning first I had an OB appt at 9:30....SO and I went and talked about how after these appt we would start preparing more for baby and clean, etc. At my OB appt I was totally closed- no dialation, no effacement and he was high. OB gave me my papers and we discussed what happens when I go into labor down the road. Then we walked over to the hospital for my NST. We talked about how smooth this pregnancy has been health wise and how great it has been...SO said "Watch, its not all smooth and easy." I told him to shut up. My NST was great, baby was active and healthy. Miles has actually been more active then EVER in the days leading up to this. After my NSt I had an US that had been scheduled a month earlier because at my last US my fluid was a little low but still fine. Went to US and baby looked great but US tech mentioned the fluid was kind of low- but it seemed like no biggie. She said the perintologist would be in to talk to us...He came in and said the fluid was too low- there was no way I would make it to 40 weeks, possibly not to the end of this week. I was shocked! I couldn't believe it...He was so calm and laid back I still thought I was going home. He said no, your going to L&D and you're going to be monitered for a few hours. If baby looks perfect we might let you go home and drink tons of fluids and rest and see how your water is tomorrow, if it isn't perfect, you might be induced today! I started freaking...We weren't ready, the house wasn't ready and I hadn't weaned as much as I wanted to off a medication that worried me. I started crying, I had told myself I would have almost 40 weeks and I had time but it looked like I didnt. What if something was wrong?? I was so upset. Went to L&D and got hooked up to monitors...Baby looked great and it looked like I might go home. I had to pee and the nurse said she would rather I held it. Then she said "go ahead I guess, hurry". I guess in the time I peed and got back his HB did a funny dip but went back up- she said me getting up to pee did something negative to him and I would probably be staying and being induced. I started crying...SO was freaking out...we were just in shock. We thought we would be home already! My OB should up and confirmed what we already knew- it was time!
    It all happened so fast in the beginning...My first nurse (I had many since I was there so long) was GREAT, I loved her. She was very comforting and made me laugh a lot...She put a pill in my cervix to soften it and we noticed shortly after I was 1 cm and already having some contractions. I had NEVER had a BH my whole pregnancy so I was wondering if I would have gone into labor on my own, which is possible, but considering how unwilling my body was to progress and have this baby I don't know. I'll never know. Bart left to go take care of a few things, feed the cats and bring me a hospital bag. My friend Danika showed up with tons of magazines which was great and it helped me relax a little. Then my friend Michelle came and hung out for a little while. Having friends around made me feel a lot better. After a few hours my back was starting to really hurt so they moved me to an actual room so I could get the epidural. I got the epi and felt soooooooo much better! As you know I have a bad back and metal plates in my lumbar and sacral spine so labor was going to be tricky. My OB wasn't sure I would be able to push a baby out but I was going to try! My metal hardware is in the worst place for giving birth and I have a plate attached to my sacrem which baby passes by. Barts mom had planned on being at the birth and of course she happened to be in NY instead of Nor Cal, she was sure she would miss the delivery and was so upset. She started making flight arrangements to get here but we figured she'd miss everything. At this point everyone thought I would have the baby tuesday morning or early afternoon.
    The night went on and not much was happening...SO, Danika and Michelle hung out with me all night and left around 11:30. They waited for my last check to see if they should stay and I think I was still at 1 cm...I'd been at 1 now for almost 12 hours. I was disappointed but calm at the same time as it still didn't seem real to me that I was having a baby! It seemed like I was just hanging out at the hospital. I was dreading pushing so I didn't mind it taking a little bit of time, I was terrified.
    All Monday night /tuesday am SO and I tried to sleep but it was tough...I hadn't eaten since Sunday and was hungry but they wouldn't let me eat. They had a broken chair for SO to sleep in and of course he was uncomfortable and tired from running around all day trying to prepare.

    Tuesday am: 4-28-09
    I dozed on and off through the night maybe a total of 2 hours and my OB arrived. She checked me and I was still making NO progress...I think I was still a 1 even though I was having contractions all night. She broke my water and was pleased it was clear and ran this tubing and a monitor up into my uterus to monitor contractions and run water through my uterus. It was funny Miles would kick the the contraption and wiggle it around. She said if I hadn't delivered or made much progress by that evening (it was 8 am) then I would have a csec. SO left to go to babys r us and use a gift card we had to get the crib- we drained my account and returned some gifts so we could get it, I was so scared of disappointing MIL! She ended up not even caring! She had decided to fly from Buffalo, NY to Chicago, to San Fran. Then she was going home to pack a bag, heading back to the airport and she would arrive in SD late tuesday night. Through the day people were calling nonstop but nothing was happening. I had not wanted to call my parents but SO and my IL told me I should...the nurses told me to notify her after the last flight from Tucson left Monday night so I did. She wanted to fly out but told me she would wait until I told her to-so she understood it was up to me. I stressed all tuesday about what to do-let her come or not? I really didn't want her there. Anyways, I barely made progress all day tuesday. That afternoon (like 30 hours after induction) I was at a 2/3.Through all of this I was on oxygen for a lot of it (most of it) and there were some concerns about Miles but he would bounce back everytime. I was starting to get nervous because I wasn't progressing, They upped the pit and said if by 6 pm I wasn't at a 4 I would have a c-sec...Well at 6 I'd just made it to a 4!! Wahoo!

    Tuesday night:
    Michelle came back over and so did Danika... Around 8 or 9 that night I started feeling really sh*tty. The pain in my back and uterus was getting worse and worse. I was finally progressing...MIL showed up finally after travelling for forever around 10:30 pm very happy to not have missed the birth. I contined to deteriorate and was laying in my bed writhing and yelling in pain. It felt like the epi wasn't working anymore! They finally redid my epi, I said I wouldn't be able to handle this much pain. The anesthesiologist noted I was on my 4th anesthesiologist and couldn't believe how long I'd been here....He said that epi's do wear off over time. Great. Time went on and I was in so much pain still I couldn't speak...the nurse I had now seemed nice at first but ended up being a b*tch! Ugg.

    Wednesday, 4-29-09.
    At about 1 am I was dying from pain and she checked me-10 cm. Bart planned on being a part of the labor- but not helping deliver! She told Bart to grab one leg, she grabbed the other- and Bart and the nurse basically delivered me! He was a trooper- he saw a lot of crazy stuff! He had to coach, hold my legs, time contractions, do everything. Danika, Michelle and MIL had ran out to get a drink and in that time the nurse had Bart grab one leg, she grabbed the other and they told me to start pushing!
    The pain was excruciating....Unbearable...I was so tired. I hadn't slept in 3 nights and hadn't eaten in 3 days. My spine felt like it was being ripped apart...I screamed and screamed and screamed. I guess Danika and everyone else were about to come back in the room and heard them telling me to push and decided to go wait in the waiting room. I was really glad I didn't want them to see me like this.

    I pushed for 3 hours total, 2 hours the first time, and it was the worst experience of my life. It was like i Had no epi...I could feel everything. My back was in soooooo much pain- on a scale of 1-10 it was a 20! I'm not a loud person but I was screaming- I asked for God to kill me out loud! That bad? WTF?? I love life! lol, but this was worse than I can ever explain! I felt like I couldn't go on...every second I didn't think I would make it to the next second... I was begging to die, thrashing all over the bed and I was out of control! I felt constant excruciating pain but had trouble distinguishing contractions- the pain would just get way worse but I didn't feel pressure...So we had to guess when I was having contractions which was really tough. After 2 hours of pushing I had had it! I was begging to be taking to the OR for a csec, I mean it had been 43 hours! With constant contractions and no food or sleep! The nurse was acting like I was annoying and like my back shouldn't be bothering me which was so rude-and wrong, everyone else couldn't believe I was delivering vaginally. She kept saying "oh your back is fine, its just from laying in the bed for so many days." I was like "ummm do you have 3 plates and screws in your spine? and connected to my sacrem which needs to MOVE to let the baby through?" She was just ignoring me and telling me to be quiet. She checked me and realized there was still a lip on my cervix so the baby couldn't come through. I was soooooooooo upset. She said i needed to hang out for 30 minutes or so and not push...I was crying, screaming and said no fing way! I couldnt NOT push and I couldnt go on anymore. The baby was BARELY moving- after 40 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing. SHe said she would get the anesthesiologist and left- it felt like an eternity...I actually wanted to die, it was that bad. He finally came in and adjusted my epidural-I begged him not to leave I was so scared of it not working enough, I couldn't take it anymore! My OB showed up and now it was about 4 am. She checked me and said it was time to push again, I was in less pain because of the new epi and tried to keep pushing. She had been about to use forceps for a while and I was hoping she wouldn't have to. As soon as I started I began to vomit...I hadn't eaten in 3 days so I was just throwing up bile...It was so sick. They tried to hold a bucket for me but it was so violent I had bile all over my face and all over me.
    I guess the vomiting was a good thing because it helped push Miles a little bit! They said vomiting is just as good for pushing! I finally finished vomiting and baby had descended a little...I found the strength to push for 30 more minutes... I felt him moving down and gave a big big push my Ob yelled "Stop stop stop!" I didn't know what had happened but I guess the cord was around his neck and he had his hand and arm outstretched above his head, his hand came out first.
    I pushed a couple more times and felt him crowning....then, out came all of Miles! FINALLY! 44 hours later!!!!!!!! April 29th at 4:30 am, 6 lb, 5 oz, 19 and a quarter inches long. 9 and 9 apgars.
    I pushed for 3 hours total...Was in labor 44 hours total...

    Miles came out and I was in shock but also ecstatic. He started crying which was the best sound ever-best moment of my life! She handed him off to the pedi's and they checked him over and I watched in shock- so scared just that something might not be right. SO went over to cut the cord and take pics. My OB had trouble getting my placenta out and said it was "hanging on for dear life" but finally did which wasnt pleasant, then she stitched me up for quite a while because I tore.
    I think SO was in shock too...It was weird,I didn't cry or anything- I was just in shock and he pedis said he looked perfect and handed him to me finally. I held him and he had his eyes open, just looking beautiful! SO went to grab everyone and as soon as they walked in I went on a tirade about how people were insane and I would never ever give birth again. I had had it! Danika, Michelle and MIL say my tirade was hysterical, out of a movie, and one of the best parts of my labor. They also couldn't believe how beautiful he was.
    Unfortunately, I began having a breakdown- my back felt horrendous, the pain was at a 15 out of 10, just horrible...I was screaming in pain and nobody was doing anything. Everyone left around this time to go to work (after staying up all night) and i just screamed and cried. My nurse was telling me to be quiet and how women give birth all the time, whats the big deal...She kept telling me my back was no big deal! I was so mad! My epi had long worn off, it was pretty much gone for most of my delivery. My OB didn't think I would be capable of pushing a baby out with my back- so the fact I did was amazing then I have this rude woman putting me down. I just went through 44 hours of labor and shes telling me I'm a wimp for being in pain. As they were moving me to PP another nurse showed up who has a bad back too- she was so nice, I was crying hysterically and unable to hold Miles because I was in so much pain. She said people who don't have back pain don't know what its like, and she would try to help because of course my back would be killing me at this point, according to her. She took over and they took me to PP-I couldn't walk or get out into my wheelchair very well bc of my back. i just cried and screamed the whole way there. In PP they gave me a vicodin- a vicodin??? I have a tolerance to pain meds from having back surgery and a broken back for a year- I knew this wouldn't do anything. Thats nothing for this type of pain either way! I just lost the time after my birth was pretty bad, almost just has bad as when I was pushing. I was out of control from the pain- my back felt like it had been broken a million times. After like 6 hours in PP they wanted me to walk and realized I really couldnt walk because of my back...they finally gave me some more meds which were weak but it dulled the pain a little. The first day in PP was really hell, almost as bad as labor.

    Eventually it got better. My mom arrived. That kinda sucked but whatever. A bunch of people came to visit me that evening and we ordered pizza and had a nice time. My stitches and stuff hurt pretty bad but I was ok other than my back. They had a bed for SO in PP and we spent our first night with our son...I was hoping to sleep after that many days without sleep and in labor but Miles stayed up all night.
    There was a problem with his blood work- a pedi came in with very sad news about a disorder that showed on his blood work- but said he though there might be a lab error because he looked wayyyyyyy too healthy to have this blood disorder. We were pretty freaked out...They redid his blood work twice and it turns out it was a lab error! He was perfect and didnt have the platelet disorder...Thank god! So, labs DO screw up!
    I was released thursday (day after delivery) in the late afternoon and he came home with me, which was a dream come true!!....I was admitted MOnday morning. Quite an ordeal for a vaginal delivery. It was so great going home..MIL had gotten everything ready.He was perfect, it was more than I could have ever asked for...I was nervous something would be wrong but he was just perfect! I did well! I am so grateful! We also really thought I was going to end up with a csec after such a long labor but I did it somehow! Luckily he held up great during the whole labor- which very stressful for him too and there were some scary times when they thought they might rush me to the OR. Hes just a wonderful, perfect, healthy little guy! All my worries were just worries, he is perfect...

    2 weeks later- hes great, I'm great, its tough taking care of him since I started a new semester of grad school and SO is working very late nights but we are managing somehow. I'm just exhuasted...Alone with him AGAIN because SO has to work until 4 am. Ugg.
    He is a happy baby overall and only cried when he is hungry or wet, etc.

    Overall, a horrendous delivery but a wonderful outcome. I do want more babies and have babies on the brain! I don't think I could make it through another delivery like this one but hopefully next time I won't have to be induced and my back will be better. It really was hell. Yuck I can't even think about it!

    I love being a mom and I love my little guy I feel very blessed! SO says this has been the happiest time in his life and I agree though its been hard too and emotional.
    Anyways, If you read this- bless you! I had a lot to tell since I was in labor for so freakin long! Oh, and Miles is soooo healthy- he has gained almost 2 lbs in a little over 2 weeks! Hes always eating! lol. Here he is...
    He is the best thing that ever happened to me......

    just out






    first bath

    gettin chubby!
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    Lots of Love,
    Lizzy and Bart-since 2/06
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    Hannah Elise
    May 6th (39w 2d)
    7 lbs 8oz 20.5in

    Hannah's story begins at 37 weeks when at a routine OB appointment, we found that she was breech. I was referred to a different OB, as my OB didn't deal with breech babies. 3 days later, Hannah flipped back to head down, and we were very happy that I wouldn't have to go through a version or C-section, but she had other plans. She ended up flipping several times over the week, but at my 38 week appointment, she was head down, so I went straight over to the hospital to be induced. After 2 straight days of pitocin, I only ended up at 3cm and 50% effaced, so I decided to go home and try again the next week if she was still head down.
    Fast forward to my 39 week appointment, she was back to breech, so we scheduled a version for the next day. I arrived at the hospital at 7:30 and attempt number 1 at flipping her started at 8am. Several minutes into the version, my BP dropped very low from the pain and they had to stop trying. They decided to get my IV started just in case something else happened. It took them 8 trys to get a vein that didn't collapse, and the vein they ended up finally getting right was right in the crook of my elbow, so I couldn't bend my arm through labor and delivery. I was just glad to stop getting poked!
    After the several hours it took to get the IV started, they went ahead and tried the version again. This time, it only took a few seconds and she flipped! They put in a suppository to ripen my cervix and put a belt around my stomach to keep her from flipping back in the meantime. At 3:20pm, they felt I had progressed enough to break my water. I labored on my own for quite awhile but then got stuck at 5cm for several hours. They decided to start pitocin. I had gotten an epidural right after my water broke, but by this time, my left side was feeling all the contractions. It was several more hours of laboring with the pitocin, and finally I was making a little more progress again. Around 11:30pm, the pain was unbearable, so they fixed my epidural and it helped a little bit, but I still had to breathe through all my contractions and was still in a lot of pain. At midnight, I felt the urge to push, and they found that I was at 10cm. I pushed until 1:23 when finally she was out, but her cord was wrapped around her head twice and around her body once. She had also let go of some meconium at the last few minutes, so they had to suction her out before I could hold her.
    All in all, it was a much harder labor/deliver than with my first daughter, but I'm so glad I got to have her vaginally instead of ending up with a C-section. I have also recovered much quicker this time.
    Hannah has been a great baby so far--she is very content--only cries when she's hungry or uncomfortable. We are in love with her!

    DD Gracie 9/06
    DD Hannah 5/09
    DD Sophie 4/11

    DSC_7692 by laberglund, on Flickr

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