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    Here are her stats!

    Mina Grace E.
    Born: Friday, May 15, 2009
    Time: 11:21 PM
    Weight: 8lbs 9oz
    Length: 21 inches

    About 1 PM on Thursday the 14th, I noticed something was leaking each time I had a contraction - and the contractions were pretty nasty. I also kept going #2 constantly for several hours on end and it was pretty nasty and violent. Poor DS had no one to play with! I called DH and asked him to come home early to help me but he said he couldn't - I was feeling bad enough to ask him to take time off work, which wasn't usual.

    As the night passed, until about 10 PM, the contractions were pretty hard but the leaking was weird - I thought I was peeing and I didn't really suspect anything else, especially since there wasn't a huge pop or gush or any sensation like that. I figured I would just tell my doc the next day when I had a scheduled membrane strip to aim for a VBAC since the scheduled c-section was sneaking up on us.

    When I was walking to my car on Friday for the appointment, I felt a tiny gush. I thought maybe I'd peed again and ignored it - but when I gave the pee sample at the office, I noticed my pants were soaked so I asked for them to run a test for amniotic fluid. I was only worried at this point because of the leaking the day before - I was worried about infection, etc, but I really didn't think it would come out positive.

    My doc did the check and told me to head on in - the test was positive, but I wasn't progressing. I was nervous, anxious, excited, all in one! My original plan was to labor at home as long as possible but because I think I'd actually sprung the leak the day before, I got a little worried and really wanted to go in and be monitored, see what the situation was, etc. I was really apprehensive of my doctor - she was supposedly in my favor but I worried about the fact that the ultrasound the other day had come back with me supposedly having a big baby - and I didn't get a chance to discuss that with her before she left the room, I didn't know how she felt about it.

    When I got to the hospital, my wonderful nurse Erica came in - she was FABULOUS. I couldn't have asked for a more dreamy nurse for my situation, for what I wanted. She was a home birth momma with great intentions. I told her she was awesome and I wished she could be my doula - to which she replied "I wish I could, but those are illegal at this hospital". I went - holy CRAP! Not again. I had been told this information a few weeks before by a midwife I interviewed - I went back and researched it because it didn't seem right - and the hospital told me that LABOR COACHES were allowed - I thought that was a doula in ways or that they would qualify - she said absolutely not. Doulas are not allowed at the hospital and a labor coach is considered a spouse or significant other - she said she felt it was ridiculous. I asked her the actual percentage of c-sections at that hospital and she said "it's higher than anywhere else". That's all she would say. It was discouraging. I thought I had gotten past that.

    She came in a few minutes later and said she'd spoken with my doctor who automatically told her it was going to be a c-section because my baby was too big. I was so angry. Why in the frick frack was she turning on me now? I was so pissed. Beyond pissed, and so was Erica, and DH was livid too - I knew where this was going, she'd give me a few hours and then make up some lame excuse to cut me open. I refused at that moment to have my water completely broken and I also refused Pitocin which my doctor had immediately ordered without even seeing me. I also refused to sign informed consent until I'd seen my doctor and laid out my plans.

    My doctor came in about 1 and was a total witch. This wasn't the person I knew. I was so upset. She didn't even introduce herself to DH (whom she had never met, he was always babysitting DS) - she was cold the whole time, never made a face, and refused to look me in the eye. I told her flat out I wanted to be afforded the same right as any other woman giving birth - that my water breakage (okay so I lied but still) occurred at 8 AM, so I wanted overnight to labor. She was really hesitant but said that if I continued to progress that she would let me go as long as there were no problems - so I signed the consent.

    Erica was totally in my favor the whole time - she called off my doctor, she told her to leave me alone, she didn't bother me for an epidural, she really stood up for me - but in the end, DH and I were so informed that Erica really felt like we had a major advantage. We quoted stats to her, etc, and she said she wished she'd had us on tape - that so many women go in there and have no clue and end up getting themselves into deep trouble. I felt proud at that moment and she was proud of me too.

    I went ahead and consented to full breakage of my water around 1:30 after having a long talk with my doctor but did not consent to Pitocin yet. I was still 1 CM and about 60%, baby was still kind of high but still engaged in the pelvis, she just hadn't fallen any further.

    I got off the monitors for a while, walked for about an hour, came back on the monitors for 20 minutes and then walked for another hour - Erica was great about letting me be up on my feet, etc. Around 3:00 or so, I was checked, and still the same. I was so upset. I felt like my body was just broken...I didn't really understand at that point what was going on but I said fine - let's do the Pitocin.

    I labored on the Pitocin for a while, through intense contractions, sat in the glider, on the toilet, walked the halls (I kept gushing fluid, I gushed for a good 4 hours, I had no clue that was all in there!). Around 5:30 I was checked and was 2 CM...I was starting to lose hope but DH and Erica were great about telling me to stay calm and let things happen. I opted for the epidural at that point, knowing it could either make a huge difference in a good way or totally stall me out. At 6:30 I was feeling a lot of pressure in my bum and it hurt a lot, so Erica checked me and I'd gotten to 4 CM and about 80% - we were so happy! The look on her face was classic! I was shaking really bad at the time too.

    Erica's shift ended at 7 but she promised me she was sending me a great nurse who would still fight for me. Eh - I didn't care for the second nurse, I really felt like she was on my doctor's side the whole time she was there and she wasn't nearly as attentive to me. DH wasn't thrilled with her either. Each time my doc came in to check me she'd just sit in front of the monitors and stare at it, look at my papers, tell me I was the same, and walk out - she never interacted with us - she just remained a blank face. That's all she was - a blank face in a dark room.

    Around 9 or so - she checked me again and I was still the same, at this point Mina's heart rate had been up near 200 for about 2 hours (she went down some but for the most part, she stayed up) - my doc was not happy with that lack of toleration to labor and also my failure to progress - I was also at the highest amount of Pitocin I could possibly be on for a VBAC. She told me one more hour and that was it - she wasn't going to feel comfortable with it anymore. I sat there and cried for the whole hour - DH by my side, who was livid with her and the nurse - the nurse who said to me first thing "I don't want to do a c-section tonight" - who was now saying "well, that's how the doctor feels"'s like give me a flipping break. DH asked over and over about the risks, etc, but each time the answer was " know" they never got into specific details. When 10 PM came around and there was still no progress, I said DH and I wanted to talk it over first before we came to a decision - in private - and my doc said she was going to tell anesthesia to replace my non working epi (which had stopped working a few hours earlier, surprise surprise) with a spinal for a c-section - I said it would be great to know that would happen since this was already looking very familiar.

    Meanwhile I noticed that my contractions had stopped - weird - so I asked the nurse, and low and behold, they had turned off the Pitocin. WTF. I said I hadn't decided on the section yet. What a bunch of idiots - I was like are you kidding me? DH just about had a fit on her. At that same time, it hit me out of nowhere and I barfed right there - like whoa. Where was that from? I thought maybe it was a good sign for labor but guess what, NO ONE CARED - and they handed DH his scrubs. He asked me several times if I was okay with it - and I basically had nothing else left in me - I felt ripped to pieces by my doctor, whom I don't plan on seeing again after this, and I really felt like " how is this happening...AGAIN?!". I just couldn't believe it -after all I'd done, the walking, the nutrition, mentally, being so good, PREPARING, researching - just being in the VBAC zone, that I still didn't work, that I was broken. I just cried and cried and cried.

    We got into the OR and the anesthesiologist (Herb) hooked me up with the spinal. It took less than 10 minutes before everything felt heavy and numb - I mean I'm talking even my face. It was weird. It felt like a ton of bricks being loaded on me - and I got really tired. No one but my nurse and Herb even cared to talk to me. My doc came in and said hello and they lied me down. DH came in and we started - I gagged a few times and was trying to throw up but couldn't because literally - I was numb - it is odd trying to throw up when you feel you have no reflexes. They covered me with a plastic cape of heat, which was nice, and calmed down the nausea and shaking some for the time being. Honestly I had no clue what was going on because my doctor gave us no indication. She spoke not a word to either of us during the surgery, and she never introduced me to the other people cutting into me. I felt some tugging but wasn't sure if they'd started.

    About 10 minutes later, Herb stood up and looked down and said "Dad do you want to see your little girl come out?" - DH was fiddling with the camera and was like WHAT?! He had no clue we were anywhere close because...well...we basically were just in the background of this apparently top secret operation. DH stood up, and the next thing I heard was some suctioning, and Herb - who said "you have a little girl" ... did my doctor say anything? Nope. She didn't even say congratulations. They never asked DH to cut the cord. By the time he got to the table, it was done.

    I heard that little cry and immediately cried myself. How BEAUTIFUL to hear your child cry for the first time - no one showed her to me - she was immediately taken over to the table and I saw her little legs and arms flailing around. I started heaving again so DH was kind of torn between her and I. I could tell by that huge head of hair that she looked like her brother.

    Apparently I'd been the talk of the hospital when my doc spread the word that supposedly I was trying to VBAC a 9lb baby - everyone was excited to learn the weight - and it was announced LOUDLY "8lbs 9oz" - even while trying to barf my lungs out I thought I was hearing things - no FREAKING way! This ultrasound was ...CORRECT?! Holy crap.

    About 10 minutes later, they brought her to me and I kissed her and talked to her (which DH secretly captured on tape acting like he was taking pictures, he also caught her first cries at the table). She was adorable - CHUBBY CHEEKS - and looked a lot like Ayden.

    When the surgery was finished, my doc came around and said "She was sunny side up, and your pelvis is way small. No way she was coming under your bone"...and guess what - she smiled, and walked away. No congrats, no great job or good try, no nothing. She simply just walked away.

    I recovered for about 2 hours in the recovery room - the nurse was great, I was just shaking so freaking bad but luckily I didn't feel sick anymore - they put the heater pack on me again and it got better. I overheard the nurses talking ... my doctor was performing another 2 c-sections in a row after me - not for other doctors, but for her own patients. Surprise, surprise. The one girl came out just before I went to my room and the poor thing had pushed for 2 hours ... I know she was exhausted.

    I finally held little beautiful Mina Grace around 2:30 AM. She was so precious and sweet and I loved holding her skin to skin - something I missed with Ayden. She was so sleepy though - and didn't nurse for a while. She slept most of the night and into the day on Saturday.

    Recovery has been really hard this time around - at first it was easy but low and behold that's because they left an epidural in my back - lovely. I asked first thing that it be taken out in the morning - that I wanted to be able to see how I was feeling, to walk around and not be confined to my bed. My doctor came in to check me about 7 AM, said not a word (still no congratulations) felt my fundus and told me I could eat lunch if I wanted. She laughed when I told her I wanted the epidural out - but I wanted to be normal, I wanted to try.

    The pain was pretty darn bad yesterday - they took the dressing off my incision early in the day and my skin was pulling - I have to say they did a great job though of pressing me down - I flattened out pretty good pretty quick and I feel great about how things are looking this time - with Ayden I looked 9 months pregnant for about 3 weeks because of all the swelling - I'd say I look 4 months at best right now So yay for that. The staff kind of sucks in the post partum unit because they often forget things or they don't check on us a lot - but not a big deal, they're really nice and so caring for Mina.

    Of course this birth experience was better than Ayden's - I am definitely thrilled with my daughter and wouldn't have her any other way...but I learned a lot again in the process. No matter how prepared I was, I still had to face the same issues that I did with Ayden's birth, and I feel that DH and I handled it appropriately this time and that we are the ones who made this better - not anybody else, and certainly not my doctor.

    I'm switching practices after my post partum appointment. Right now I'm mainly healing physically and I feel awesome that my daughter is here, safe and sound, and I tried the hardest I could for a VBAC - in the end, her safety came first, and as my doctor put it "you're just not built for natural birth".

    Well...thanks. Next time, grab a heart off the shelf on your way out the door to work.

    Anyhoo - breastfeeding is so much better this time around and she is such a wonderful baby so far. DS loves his sister so far and he couldn't stop giving her kisses. I really look forward to seeing how they grow together. I think we are definitely done having kids for now - if not forever. If we do have a 3rd, we plan on another c-section, but I don't know if I ever will really be ready for that. I think we are complete, we feel that way, and we are happy for the time being. I can't tell you how happy I am to not be pregnant anymore. I honestly didn't think I would feel that way and I'm sure I'll miss it some later ... but this time, after she was out, it was a huge sense of relief...and I feel so in love with her and with my son! We plan on being discharged tomorrow sometime. Here are some pics and videos of our day and our special lady. Thanks for reading my story!
    DS (Ayden):10-18-07
    DD (Mina): 5-15-09
    Jonah Anthony Due April 7, 2013!

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    Samuel McClain B*****
    7 pounds 7 ounces
    20 1/2 inches
    born 3 weeks early April 21, 2007

    So I went to the Dr. on Monday April 20th, 2009. Just a normal visit, vaginal exam, not too rough. I had been on bed rest for exactly 5 weeks 4 days. Our 2 year anniversary was the next day and we were going to get eggplant Parmesan (known for making women go into labor w/in 48 hrs). I came home, ate some ice cream and watched Oprah. Mom came by to get some muscle relaxers and then I thought Matt would be home soon. About 4:40 pm I got up to go use the restroom and I felt something in my vaginal sort of 'pop'. I went to the bathroom and it liquid started coming out, non-stop and fast. I called Matt, he rushed home, I called Dr. Street and she told me "go to the hospital". So we got our things together and made some phone calls and off we went!

    We got to Kennestone Hospital about 5:30 pm. We parked, signed in, and all the while I had a HUGE towel in my underwear. It wasn't too comfortable. We finally got to our room and things really sunk in! We are so thrilled.

    My Dr. came in a few hours later and checked me again. I was still only 1 cm, and 0 effacement. They started me on pitocin. I stayed on pitocin until I delivered. My mom and sisters came that night to see me. Also Matt's mom and sister came. I was sooooooo tired. I slept off and on the whole night, waking up for a few mild contraction, well, strong enough for me to attempt to breath through them. I was on a mild narcotic and a sleeping pill, but they didn't really help.

    By the morning I was ready for my epidural. I got it about 9:30 am. Matt said it was about 5-8 inches long, but I didn't feel a THING. The anesthesiologists put the needle in the wrong place and it caused my entire body to go numb. All I remember is about 5 nurses in the room, flipping me over and going a little crazy. I passed out. My legs stayed numb for about 10 hours. They had to regulate my intake of meds and things seemed to be going great.

    My family came back to see me and stayed all day. Pitocin was upped about every hour or so. Dr. street came back in and checked me and I was about a 3 cm. Finally at about 6 pm I was a 5, and progressed to a 9 by 8 o'clock. I remember Dr. Street came in about 8 pm, we were watching American Idol, she watched it with us. She turned my epi off. I felt like I was in a daze, dreaming. Dr. Street checked me and Sam was posterior, had been for a few weeks. I got the amazing urge to push, and she told me to go ahead and try. So I pushed and nothing was happening. She told me to wait a few minutes. I couldn't. I was in so much pain that I had to push. This went on for 45 minutes. He wouldn't BUDGE. I was miserable. He was still at a zero position and posterior. We were doing a c-section.

    Anesthesia came back in and gave me my epidural back. They forgot they put it in the wrong place. I cannot explain to you the feeling I had. I did not know where I was. The same thing had happened earlier, but they 'drained' it off by flipping me over. Because I was cut open, they couldn't do the same thing. The anesthetist kept having me squeeze his hand, I asked him 'why'. He said 'if you can squeeze my hand, you can breath'. Freaked me right out. I did not even know when they pulled Sam out of me. All I know is I looked over and Matt was standing there with all the nurses and there was a screaming baby. I kept looking at Matt and asking him was Sam ok. He wouldn't answer me.....I know now that I wasn't saying anything. I asked the anesthesiologist to knock me out, that I couldn't feel that way anymore, I was loosing my mind. They attempted to knock me out, but it didn't work, they had to do it again. Between the two times of attempting to knock me out, I was out of it, and freak my entire family out. I tried to get up, pull my IV out, flip over, asked could I lay on my stomach, told everyone I was 'trying to get control of the situation'....all kinds of craziness. It was not a fun time to say the least.

    I remember about 12:30 am waking up in a room, the same room I tried to give birth in, and everyone was there. Matt,Sam, Mom, Dad, sisters, Matt's entire family. I saw a sweet little baby being held by my sister Laura. I started crying and saying "my baby, my baby, my baby." She brought him over to me but I was shaking so bad I couldn't really hold him. Everyone left by about 1:00 except my Mom and Matt. We didn't get moved to our room until 4:30 am. I was fully aware of what was going on at this time and was so thankful that everything was okay. We didn't end up leaving the hospital for 4 days after that, but did have a wonderful time after the c-section experience.

    I am so glad my sweet baby is here, so thankful for my wonderful husband Matt and my loving family and extended family. Oh, and the nurses there are awesome!

    Here are some pics of my little man! I missed the first 2 hrs of his life and I cannot stand that!

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    Jessi and Matt 4.21.07
    Sam 4.21.09
    Judd 9.13.11

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    Birth of Alexandra Rae
    7 lbs 2 oz. 21 inches
    born May 15, 2009-- 531p

    Planned homebirth, turned unassisted birth bc of the speed of labor-- both daddy and the midwife missed it.....

    Me in our bathtub. I was sitting in there trying to slow things down, but had just checked myself and realized that things were going very 3yo Callie is watching. I'm waiting for a break to move to the birth pool.

    The room-- pool had just been inflated and filled by my MIL. Miles entertaining himself-- and a good thing bc my mom and MIL were focusing on me and the kids were just kind of "there"....

    We don't have pics of the actual birth-- but I can tell you the timestamps on these pics. The one where I was in the tub was 524p. The one of Miles on the floor is 526p, and this one is 534p. Yikes....I felt my water break about as soon as I got into the birth pool. Trey was listening on speakerphone, which was set on the window sill behind me.

    My mom is behind the camera-- but here is everyone present at the birth.

    Like Taya's orange headband? lol

    The phone so that Trey could hear what is happening....

    She was pink and crying. And we just hung out in the tub waiting for MW to arrive (we called her again right after baby was out and she thought she was 10 minutes away yet....)

    Baby was happy and I wasn't really bleeding at all (not even a seperation bleed yet.....)
    So the "bigger" kids got in the pool with me while we waited....

    Midwife arrives--all is well

    I eventually moved from the pool to the bed to deliver the placenta. Once it was out, we just put it in a big plastic ziplock and left it attached and left baby naked until Trey was home. He got home just after 7p-- so she'd been out for about an hour and a half. This pic is when he'd just walked in the door....

    Daddy cutting the cord (and he is the one with the hospital bracelet on....)

    The newborn assessment with all of her siblings watching....

    Getting weighed. 7lbs 2 oz. 21 inches long

    Some time with daddy- now free from her cord and dressed

    She still doesn't have a name...we're working on it. But she is doing great. Very content, great eater and getting lots of love from her siblings. I feel good. I was really tired (as was Trey) yesterday....but today we are both feeling better. I just couldn't sleep that first night and he was still recouping from two days in the hospital....but today we are good. I actually feel really good-- the afterpains when I nurse are strong, but to be expected with the 4th baby I suppose....
    DH Trey
    DD 8.03, DD 6.05, DS 3.07, DD 5.09, and DS arrived 6.17.12

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    Grady John
    May 15 2009
    2:41 am
    8 lbs 12 oz
    39 weeks 6 days

    My birth story began with my water breaking around midnight on Wednesday. Whereas my previous 2 births had been incredibly fast - my second baby was born 20 minutes after my water broke - with this one, nothing happened! I went to bed an hour later as I knew I wasn't in labour yet and thought I'd need my rest for the next day.

    The next morning I called my midwife to let her know my water had broken and I still wasn't contracting. She had me come in to check if it was indeed amniotic fluid, which it was. She stripped my membranes as we needed to get labour started fast as I was Group B strep positive. My cervix was only a fingertip dilated and not effaced at all - which she called an 'unfavourable' cervix. I was surprised as I was only 2 days away from my due date on a third baby, so I thought I'd have made at least a LITTLE bit of progress by that time!

    I went home and spotted a bit from the stripping, but still no contrax. The midwives checked on me 2 hours later - still nothing. They recommended I rent a double electric breast pump and pump for 10 minutes at a stretch, then take off 5 minutes to walk around to get things going. They also gave me some homeopathic treatments. I’d have occasional short contrax with the pumping, but nothing of any importance. I got tired (and sore!) from the incessant pumping after a couple of hours, but I stuck with it as I was really hoping for my home water birth and didn’t want to end up in hospital on pitocin.

    By 5pm my midwife called to check progress (still just sporadic light contrax) and told me it was now 18 hours since my water broke, so we’d have to try something fast if I still wanted to avoid an induction. She recommended tinctures of black and blue cohosh, which we then spent 45 minutes calling all over the city trying to locate. No luck. So then we were left with castor oil, her last ditch attempt to kickstart things. That was easy to find at our local pharmacy.

    I took the castor oil around 6pm and the midwives stopped by to check on me at 7pm. It tasted absolutely awful and I kept burping up what tasted like engine oil for hours. My stomach started bubbling and roiling almost immediately, and I knew I was in for an awful couple of hours. It felt like the early stages of a nasty stomach virus. But while the midwives were there between 7 and 8, they found that I’d begun contracting roughly every 6-8 minutes, although lightly. They left around 8pm with instructions to call if things progressed, and to check in at 10pm regardless.

    We watched Survivor and I began timing the contrax, which were now regular and building slightly. By 9pm the diarrhea started in earnest, and I spent lots of the next hour very close to the bathroom. It was hard to separate the contractions from the stomach pain caused by the castor oil during that time. We checked in at 10, still not sure that things were happening, but by then I felt fairly certain we’d be having a baby that night or the next morning. The midwives told us to call if things progressed.

    The diarrhea took a break between 10 and 11, then came on strong again for an hour or so. After my time in the bathroom, we decided to start timing again. Between 12 and 12:30, the contrax were every 3 to 4 minutes and stronger now, so that I’d have to breathe through them. By 12:30, some of them were even 2 minutes apart, so we called the midwives to say that the baby was coming.

    The midwives arrived around 1am, and I still felt well enough to chat with them and offer them herbal tea. All of the contractions took my attention now though, to breathe and concentrate through. They built quickly after that, so that by 2am, I was moaning through them and my legs had started to shake. I remembered this feeling from my previous labours and knew I was starting transition. I vomited shortly after, although there wasn’t much as I hadn’t been hungry at dinner time due to the castor oil appertif.

    I tried to get into our birth tub at that point, and quickly realized that it wasn’t going to happen as it wasn’t deep enough (the hot water had run out while DH was filling it) and it felt like I was just sitting on the hard floor having a contraction. I got out pretty quickly and spent most of the rest of labour either on all four’s or leaning over the side of the bed.

    We decided to wake our two children up around 2:15 am so that they could see the birth (they’d both wanted to very much). They came down but I was only partially aware of them being there as I was going through transition. I remember my daughter bringing me a stuffed animal and patting my back between contractions. I would have liked to comfort them more but the contractions were fast and furious now and so painful that I didn’t know what to do with myself.

    I think I was probably ready to push quite a bit before I actually did as the midwives were really in the background as opposed to in a coaching role. I’ve never had a strong urge to push in any of my 3 natural deliveries – I just get very strong pressure through my bum and vagina. That again happened, but I wasn’t sure if I should start pushing or if I still had some cervix.. By the time I asked them to check I was complete and the baby’s head was almost visible. I pushed once and the head was showing almond sized, then again and it was showing about as much as an orange (so DH says).. and the third time the head and body were delivered all at once. I shouted at the midwife not to touch me at that point as I thought they were doing perineal massage, but it was just the feeling of the baby crowning and I didn’t realize it. Our two kids ran out of the room at that point as they were scared at the loud shouts I was making, and DH went to get them in the hallway so that they returned just as Grady slithered into the world. My son’s job was to announce the gender of the baby, and he did his job well as I couldn’t see from my angle what the little bundle was on my tummy. We had all expected a girl so it was surprising and wonderful to find out that it was a little boy (and my son was thrilled). I’ll never forget his tone when he said “It’s a …. BOY????!!!!”.

    Grady was born at 2:41am, perfectly healthy and a chubby 8lbs 12 oz.

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    Erin Kadie
    May 26th
    6lbs. 7 oz. 19 in.
    39 weeks 4 days

    After 2 weeks of being stuck at 3cm and 50%, my ob decided we could go ahead and induce bc he figured normal labor wouldnt happen for me lol so on the 26th of May, we hit the hospital at 7am for induction.

    At 8am, they had just started my pitocin, and things began to go fairly quickly (ok real quickly LOL). I started having horrible contractions one right after the other somewhere around... 10:30am I think. And OMG were they BAD. I was literally sobbing I was hurting so bad. I haven't even experienced anything that awful IN MY LIFE! No matter what position I got in, nothing helped. The nurse came in and asked what she could get me and I said a shot gun LOL They gave me the epi around 11:10am I guess, and I started to feel much better. I was checked about 15 minutes later, and I was at 6cm.

    The nurses let us be for a bit, and then at 11:50am the nurse came in and started asking me questions about feeling pressure and stuff of that nature. I kept thinking lady why are you asking me this??? Well, Erin's heart rate on the monitor had been doing whatever it does when the baby is about to come out (dropping or something she said, hell I can't remember lol) so I said no I can't really feel anything lol. Well she checked me, and barely got her hand in and her eyes got HUGE! She looked at the other nurse and said "You need to call Dr. Bradley NOW or we're going to have to deliver this baby! She's at +2!" So I was thinking omg and I didn't even know! Well, Dr. Bradley couldn't make it in time, so one of the other dr.'s in the practice, Dr. Ashmun, had to run downstairs to deliver LOL

    Well, they hauled me up into the stirrups. John said everything happened so fast, that he doesn't really remember anything but a blur lol. The first push was more of a practice, even though it put her pretty much crowning lol the 2nd push brought her head out, and the third brought the rest of her out. Even though I couldn't feel her down that low, I was able to feel to push and I could feel her come out, but no pain. It was a lot different than with Justin. She laid my new baby on my chest and I just couldn't believe how tiny she was! Dr. Ashmun let John cut the cord, and they cleaned us both up.

    *John was actually in the bathroom when the Dr. came in to deliver! He didn't even know what was going on when he came out lol!!!

    May 26th 2009 12:08pm 6lbs. 7 oz. and 19 inches long

    Erin Kadie May 26th 2009

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