Meet the Ladies and Babies of Feb 2008
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Thread: Meet the Ladies and Babies of Feb 2008

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    Smile Meet the Ladies and Babies of Feb 2008

    ***Feb. 2008 Ladies and Babies***


    -This is a NO COMMENTS thread. -
    -Reserve your "space" and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the top right hand corner of YOUR post.
    -Most importantly, update often we want to see those growing babies!
    -Please remember that some members have slower internet connections, therefore shrink your pictures down to an appropriate size (approximately 320x252 pixels)

    Link to Leap Frog Birth Stories

    December 2007 Arrivals
    DateTimeMommyBaby's NameHow far along?
    19-Dec-20071:15 PMJustagirlinaz(Susie) Emily Christina 31 wks 5 d
    1:17 PMEthan Tyler 31 wks 5 d
    21-Dec-20077:48 AMAisha786(Aisha) Ahmed 33 wks 5 d
    January 2008 Arrivals
    5-Jan-200811:18 AMJGro(Jen)Cooper Elizabeth 36 wks 3 d
    6-Jan-20088:53 PMHotstarr(Halle)Rish Aaryav 35 wks 5 d
    9-Jan-200812:39 AMNibbiesmom(Ellie)Micah Robert Andries 34 wks 5 d
    11-Jan-20084:32 PMJamers(Jamie)Jackson David 36 wks 1 d
    12-Jan-20086:50 PMMelissa1983(Melissa)Noah Andrew 38 wks 3 d
    16-Jan-20086:58 AMDisney Gal(Melissa) Brianna Michelle 36 wks 2 d
    16-Jan-20085:09 PMPrayingforbaby(Heather)Fowler 36 wks 5 d
    19-Jan-200810:18 PMMelindaCT(Melinda)Kyle McAllister 36 wks 3 d
    21-Jan-200810:27 AMKat83(Kate)Alexander Letton 38 wks 0 d
    23-Jan-200810:20 AMAngela724(Angela)Rowyn Lillianna Claire 39 wks 1 d
    23-Jan-2008???shantelle36(Shantelle)Amani Tori37 wks 5 d
    25-Jan-20087:36 AMFoxsummer(brandi)Alexander Elliot39 wks 1 d
    25-Jan-200810:31 AMSouthernMom(Stephanie) Joshua Zachariah 38 wks 3 d
    25-Jan-200810:31 AM~Angie~Wyatt39 wks 1 d
    25-Jan-20083:22 PMAunt Lo(???)Anna Lillian38 wks 0 d
    25-Jan-20086:23 PMAmyDS(Amy)Tyler Andrew38 wks 1 d
    26-Jan-20087:28 AMJubilee(Sarah)Helena Dorothy Matilda 39 wks???
    26-Jan-200811:42 PMAlley912(Alley)Avery Laine 39 wks 3 d
    28-Jan-20085:42 AMReeveslady(Suzanne)Luke Gabriel39 wks 2 d
    28-Jan-20084:49 PMMcstephens(Carrie)Scout Eleanor Presley 37 wks 5 d
    29-Jan-20088:51 AMMarybuns(Mary)Amelia Brooke39 wks 2 d
    29-Jan-200811:16 AMQueenbee0601(Lisa)Lauren Michelle37 wks 2 d
    30-Jan-20089:05 AMblueindigo(???)Alexa Isabel39 wks 0d
    30-Jan-20082:28 PMBethntexas(Beth)Jack Colton???
    30-Jan-2008???Lyllirose(???)Kierstyn Isabelle???
    31-Jan-200812:55 AMLemmons(Jenica)Declan William38 wks 2 d
    February 2008 Arrivals
    1-Feb-20087:45 AMun4getablediva(LaTasha)Jordin Simone38 wks 0 d
    1-Feb-20089:11 AMmum2three(Petra)Willow???
    1-Feb-200811:57 AMchichi7374(Sharon)Sophia Anamarie37 wks 2 d
    1-Feb-200812:57 PMpeace1818(Megan)Ruby Cecilia38 wks 3 d
    1-Feb-20082:05 PMhdme(Heidi)MadeLynn Jane40 wks 0 d
    1-Feb-20082:07 PMMommymish(???)Katie Darice Marie39 wks 6 d
    1-Feb-20082:15 PMginnb(Tanya)Alexander Michael37 wks 3 d
    1-Feb-20082:16 PMginnb(Tanya)Anastasiya Julia37 wks 3 d
    1-Feb-20083:51 PMcapricorns(Alexis)Nolan Kai38 wks 4 d
    2-Feb-20086:13 AMcjwilkes(Cindy)Edmond Matthias38 wks 1 d
    2-Feb-20085:24 PMsprintcarkelly(Kelly)Skyla Helen40 wks 1d
    2-Feb-20089:54 PMMrsMangobabe(Brittany)Tehani Lindsey Belle39 wks 3 d
    3-Feb-20087:10 AMrebecca0308(Rebecca)Robert Brooks40 wks 1 d
    3-Feb-200811:00 PMsummerpeace(Darcy)Emma James???
    4-Feb-20087:05 AMchimmy(Julia)Isabelle Sariah39 wks 3d
    4-Feb-20088:01 AMPee_truck (Christina)Jacob Michael39 wks 3 d
    4-Feb-20082:49 PMcsyvegas(Jen)Gavin Michael40 wks 0 d
    4-Feb-20082:52 PMKatie P (Katie)Lindsay Sue39 wks 3 d
    4-Feb-200811:00 PMMOM-CHAR(???)Gianna Rose???
    5-Feb-20088:56 AMerinkay(Erin)Karter Jon39 wks 1d
    5-Feb-20089:05 AMslurpeegirl13(Trina)Kaitlyn Marie38 wks 4 d
    5-Feb-200812:59 PMKrisRN(Kris)Donovan Aurelio37 wks 0 d
    6-Feb-20083:26 AMMelvin76(Stacey)Phoebe38 wks 4 d
    6-Feb-20083:59 PMWonderWomanExtraordinarie (Rebecca)Zoey Jane Elizabeth40 wks 5 d
    6-Feb-20086:26 PMstacy_124(Stacy???)Lincoln Joseph???
    6-Feb-2008???cprtnerd(???)baby Boy37 wks 3 d
    7-Feb-20089:08 AMcgandtiff(???)Lilian Kim???
    7-Feb-20085:26 PMLann (Lorie)Peyton Lewis39 wks 4 d
    8-Feb-200811:50 AMmellybug(Melissa)Kaelyn Faith38 wks 5 d
    9-Feb-2008???lalee828(Tiffany)Alivia Marie40 wks 4 d
    10-Feb-200811:40 AMMammaGJ(???)Baby Girl38 wks 3 d
    10-Feb-20083:23 PMCAPIGIRL07(Jennifer)Logan Dominic38 wks 6 d
    11-Feb-20082:09 AMEssBee(Sarah)June Catherine41 wks 1 d
    11-Feb-20088:39 PMcristina82(Cristina)Christian Alexander38 wks 6 d
    12-Feb-20081:52 AMLMCH(Lauren)Nathan Andrew39 wks 5 d
    12-Feb-20089:45 AMJadynsMommy21505Josie Lynn???
    12-Feb-200811:00 AMbisbi(Sam)Rebecca39 wks 4 d
    12-Feb-20086:01 PMjessant(Jess)Aiden Turner39 wks 0 d
    13-Feb-200810:06 AMmissamy08(???)Matthew Robert38 wks 5 d
    13-Feb-20085:30 PMAveyronaise(Stephanee)Lucien Robert Leonidas39 wks 3 d
    14-Feb-20085:00 AMphotogalv(Danielle)Julia Lan Vuong39 wks 5 d
    14-Feb-20089:56 AMtori729(Vicki)Micaiah Philip???
    14-Feb-200810:40 PMbeemarie(Brandi)Camille Maria???
    15-Feb-20089:59 AMren(Lauren)Rhys John38 wks 5 d
    15-Feb-20081:33 PMLollylee(Laura)Magaret Virginia38 wks 5 d
    16-Feb-20081:46 AMMaylady(Natalie)Lily Mae???
    17-Feb-200812:29 AMbrug64(???)Natalie Marie???
    17-Feb-20081:09 PMstar_leaf17(???)Audrey Elaine???
    20-Feb-20087:18 AMlesetoiles(Helen)Kaitlyn Yuanyuan38 wks 4 d
    20-Feb-200811:18 AMnoleprincess(Michele)Aaron Matthew39 wks 1 d
    20-Feb-200811:51 AMMrsG(Monica)Emery Jane40 wks 2 d
    21-Feb-20082:12 AMniccirae(???)Sophia Christine???
    21-Feb-200812:01 PMSandicarr(Sandi)Tess Sofia43 wks 2 d
    22-Feb-20081:56 PMLLcoolJ(Lori)Camryn40 wks 1 d
    25-Feb-2008???Mommy~2~Hayden(Jennifer)Ryan Nicholas???
    26-Feb-20083:48 PMbabysuzoo(Samantha)Sawyer James39 wks 5 d
    26-Feb-2008???newmommie25(???)Aiden Jack???
    27-Feb-20087:06 PMlaurene4(Laurene)Miranda Laurene40 wks 4 d
    March 2008 Arrivals
    1-Mar-20082:07 AM24me(Lara)Mia41 wks 4 d
    2-Mar-20088:09 AMmumelove(Vennittah)Joseph Eli41 wks 5 d
    6-Mar-200812:22 AMdana/2006(Dana)Gavin Alexander???
    7-Mar-20083:08 PMmamat1234(Cheryl)Josephine Marie41 wks 0 d
    13-Mar-20087:40 AMOperachick(Kristen)Sarah Eden42 wks 2 d
    Total Princess Count =52
    Total Prince Count =42
    Total Leap Frogs =94
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    ****Melissa and Noah****

    Melissa and Chris... July 22nd, 2006

    *Birth to 11 months*

    Where has the time gone?
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    Tim and Vicki - Married June 17, 2006 ~ Christmas (33 weeks):

    EDD February 9, 2008

    Micaiah Philip - Born February 14, 2008; 7lbs 15oz 20 3/4in


    One Month (first pic is Easter)

    Two Months

    Three Months

    Four Months

    4th of July

    Five Months

    Six Months
    Last edited by tori729; 09-13-2008 at 09:54 PM.
    VICKI & Tim 6/17/06
    DS Micaiah 2/14/08
    DD Noel 3/3/10
    DS Judah 4/10/13

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    Nicole and Sophia’s Page

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    Kelly and Skyla's Space

    Feb 2nd- 7lbs, 13 ounces, 19.5 inches
    Feb 19th- 8lbs, 2 ounces
    April 2nd- 11.5lbs, 23 inches
    next apt June 2nd

    The day before our little girl arrived

    our new family

    mommy and skyla- 1 week old

    2 weeks old

    St. Patty's Day

    1 month


    2 month picture and sort of smile/laugh

    our babies and daddy

    my little girl in her hat

    2 months and a few days
    Last edited by sprintcarkelly; 04-11-2008 at 06:46 PM.
    Kelly & John 9-30-06
    DD: Skyla 2-2-08
    DS: Ty 9-6-09
    DS: Quinn 8-17-13

    My kids are growing up soo fast!

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    Co-host of the Scrapbooking Board


    Trina and Kaitlyn's Space

    Trina and Mark, married June 24, 2006

    Kaitlyn Marie - born Feb. 5, 2008

    1 week, 4 weeks and 5 weeks old:

    6 and 8 weeks old:

    3 Months Old:

    4 Months Old:
    Last edited by slurpeegirl13; 06-22-2008 at 10:18 AM.
    Mommy to Kaitlyn, 2-5-2008 , TTC #2 Since February, 2009

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    (( I'm hoping these aren't too big! I don't have any way to tell their size at the moment. Let me know if they are & I will remove! ))
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    Riley and Melissa's Space!

    Brotherly Love...

    Big Smiles!

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    LesEtoiles & Kaitlyn Yuanyuan

    Mummy and daddy married 9th June, 2007

    Kaitlyn Yuanyuan, born 21st Feb, 2008. weight 3.35kg, length 21cm, head circumference 34cm

    Month: One

    Month: Two
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    In the Hospital

    Two Weeks Old

    Big Brother Loves Me!

    All Dressed Up for Easter

    Two Months Old

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