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Thread: Meet the Ladies and Babies of Feb 2008

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    Born: February 1st, 2008 at 2:07pm
    Weight: 8lbs 12 oz
    Height: 20 inches

    4th month Milestones:
    -Eating Oatmeal Cereal Once a day (and LOVING IT)
    -Generally Sleeping 12 hours at night
    -Talks and "sings" constantly when awake (wants to talk so much that she's trying so hard)
    -can army crawl and scoot, but doesn't care to roll much
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    My big Girl...9lbs 15oz, 21"
    Miranda & Daddy
    on our way home from the hospital
    2 weeks old!!!
    4 weeks old!!!
    Big Smiley Girl
    Me & MOMMY!!!
    Me & my sisters - Melissa, Samantha & Cheyenne @ my Big Brother's Graduation
    3 1/2 mo old
    me & my BFF Haley
    getting tickles from daddy
    my brother is soooooooo funny
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    DH Chris: 12/5/99
    DS 1/90, DD's 11/91, 2/95, 5/97,
    Miranda: 2/27/08, Delaney: 10/11/10 (9lbs, 8oz 22.5")
    **grandma to Marley Ann Elizabeth: 3/6/11

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    Before her big debut! (Me at 33 weeks)

    At the hospital:

    First Month:

    Happy Easter!:
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    Laura and Maggie's Space

    Brand new Maggie!

    Sim Maggie


    Look who's getting bigger

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    saving a spot for Nathan

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    space reserved for Brittany and baby Tehani
    Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Mom to three adorable troublemakers
    Two time joyful Hypnobabies natural birthing mom
    My blog: Birth Unplugged

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    Default Aiden Turner D's space

    Myspace Comments, Glitter Graphics at
    Born Feb 12, 2008
    9lbs 12oz
    22 inches

    With Daddy and our new dog

    Playing Angry Birds after a haircut

    Passed out in some new pajamas on the floor

    Building with rock while hiking with cousin Noah
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    DH Chris 8-26-06
    DS Aiden 2-12-08
    We nursed for 2 years and 3 1/2 months!!

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    Default Zoey's Space

    Name: Zoey Jane Elizabeth
    EDD: February 2, 2008
    Birthday: February 6, 2008 @ 3:59 p.m.
    Stats: 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 20.5"s
    1 day old:
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    -Becca, mom to Jacob (5-3-2003) Zach (6-20-2006) Zoey Jane (2-6-200 Alex (8-11-2011) and Emma Grace (due March 2014)!!

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    Josie's Page

    LMP: 5/25/2007
    BFP: Father's Day, 2007 (June 17)!! What a surprise for DH!!
    EDD: Leap Day, 2/29/2008

    Josie's birth story

    March 5th: We had our 40+ week appt, and decided to schedule an induction for Friday, March 7th. I was dilated to a 4 externally (2 internally), but my cervix was still super posterior, so the doc thought we'd need pitocin to get things opened up a bit more. I was disappointed in this news as I'd hopped they'd just break my water & let me go on my own. But, eventually I got over it as I was pretty tired of being PG at that point.

    That night, DS Ray continues his nighttime fits of not going to sleep. He is screaming almost all night on & off, and I get absolutely no sleep. I cried most of the night just trying to get my head around dealing with a toddler & a newborn all at the same time. I'm starting to think we were crazy for having a second baby!

    March 6th: Happy Birthday To Me!! I actually head into the office for a short while to clean up some last minute files, and then meet DH for a nice lunch. That evening, DS is still sick and is now throwing up all over. That means no daycare for him the next we have a problem with our scheduled induction. After much debate, DH & I decide at about 9:30PM to cancel our induction. The baby is fine, and we just need to take care of DS and get him healthy first. We call the doc & cancel everything. The doc asks us to call the office in the AM to reschedule.

    March 7th: I call the doc office to reschedule my induction. They let me know that I need to schedule an appt for that day because I was 41 weeks - they just want to make sure baby is still doing fine. I suspected that I'd started leaking fluid at about 4am, so I was happy to be going in, but of course we still have the issue of a really sick toddler. My parents can watch him for awhile, but they have a doc appt of their own that they cannot move.

    After 3x back-and-forth with the doc, we get our appt scheduled for 12:45pm. I jump in the shower since my mom had stayed overnight to watch DS. My dad stops by at 9:30am to pick up my mom for her doc appt, when I suddenly have no doubt that I'm leaking fluid - and it is meconium stained. I asked DH to come upstairs & let him know that we'd be going to the hospital. My mom and dad quickly bundle up DS and take him with them to their appt. DH & I start to scramble to head to the hospital...we totally left all of our preparations undone since we'd cancelled our induction!!

    We get to the hospital around 11:30am, they admitted us & checked for amniotic fluid. It came back negative, but the nurse & I both agree that I am definitely leaking & it is meconium stained (which can alter the test results). I'm already dilated to 5 (interior and exterior) and my cervix has FINALLY moved anterior. The doctor breaks what is left of my water (not much at all) at 12:30pm, and they start a pitocin drip at 12:45pm since I'd not been having any strong contractions that day.

    I decided to wait on pain meds to see how I would tolerate labor (I never experienced this with DS). I was holding up great until I moved into transition. I was shocked how quickly I went from "I'm fine" to "OMG...get me some pain meds NOW!" . DH called the nurse ASAP, and we were lucky that the anesthesiologist was right there on his way to another call. If we'd have waited 1 more contraction, I'd have been SOL on pain meds because Josie was comin' like a freight train. The second the epidural was in place, the room flooded with hospital staff b/c of the meconium staining, and they prepped me to push. I'm guessing that I was already at a 9 when I actually got the epi...makes me wonder if I could have gone the distance. Once it took affect, my blood pressure plummeted (which we told them would happen) so they gave me a really high dose of ephedrine to keep me awake and to protect Baby Jo.

    I started pushing around 3pm, and Josie was born at 3:08pm. I pushed her out in about 4 contractions, which was AWESOME. All-in-all, my entire L&D experience was only 2.5 hours! Such a difference from the overnight stay & 11 hour L&D experience I'd had with DS (including 1.5 hours of pushing!). The epi was awesome this time. I could still move my legs/toes, and could feel the pressure to push so that I was being effective. It was fast and beautiful...and our little girl came on her own, which is what I wanted all along.

    Josie's stats
    Name: Josephine Marie (a.k.a. "Josie", "Jo Jo", or "Baby Jo")
    Weight: 7lbs 6oz
    Length: 21 inches
    Date/Time: 3:08PM, Friday, March 7th (41 weeks)
    APGAR scores: 9 and 9 (YEAH!)
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    - Cheryl
    DH:1/29/2005, DS: 5/31/06, DD: 3/7/08

    "Princess Josie"


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