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Thread: Meet the Ladies and Babies of Feb 2008

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    Default Lauren and Greggies Space!~

    Lauren's Space! and Greggies Space

    Dh and DW

    July 16th -hcg 782
    Oct. 14th Finally felt movement !!
    Oct. 19th -First USA appt. HB 150/ Measuring 18 weeks/ gained 4 pds! 146pds
    Oct. 23rd -Big U/Smeasuring 20w0d
    Nov. 9th -MOMS appt. total weight gain 9 pds.. She thinks its a girl!! 151 pds
    Nov. 13th-Surprise u/s.. Its a boy!!!
    Nov. 15th-2nd ob appt. HB 150/measuring 22 weeks/ Ive actually only gained 8 pds. 150pds
    Nov. 26th-Glucose/labs
    Nov. 29th-25wk appt. Possible leaking fluid.. u/s 30th..HB 144/measuring 26wks /gained 4pd! eek
    nov. 30th-u/s looked fine. Fluid level 15.3/Hb 150/ measured at 24wk 6days. Still a boy!!
    Jan. 8th-4th ob appt. HB 135/measuring 30wks/ gained 5 pds.. Dr. guestimated the weight of baby and he said 2 1/2 pds. I hope he's bigger than that.. Glucose 85/ moving on w/ Vbac.. My last pregnancy I had 2 layered suture(sp).. 159pds.
    Jan. 11th- MoMs appt. HB 133.. Set up lamaze classes for Feb.4th.. Possible doula!!
    Jan. 23rd- 5th ob appt. HB 135/ measuring 33wks/ gained 4 lbs. 163lbs.eek!
    Feb 5th- 6th ob appt. GBS swab taken! HB 140/ measuring 36wks/ gained 2lbs. 165lbs total. Head down! Weekly appt now!
    Feb 14th- 7th ob appt. GBS + booo/ HB 138/measuring 37 wks/ gained 4 lbs boo.. 169lbs.. booo/ dialated 2cm/ 50% effaced!! woohoo
    Feb 21st-8th ob appt. HB 132/measuring 38cm/gained 1lb.. BP 116/62
    Feb 25th-9th ob appt. NST-measuring 40cm/gained 1lb.. No change
    Mar 6th- 10th ob appt. HB 140/ measuring 39cm/ gained 2 lbs.. 174lbs total! dialated to 3cm/50% effaced and -2 station.. Come on Baby!!
    Mar 13th Nst/u/s and profile! Everything looked good but scored low. 6/10 c/s scheduled for the 14th.

    Huge mama!

    Happy Birthday!



    5 Weeks!

    2 Months

    3 Months

    4 Months

    5 Months

    6 Months

    7 Months

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