Meet the Ladies and Babies of Feb 2008

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Meet the Ladies and Babies of Feb 2008

***Feb. 2008 Ladies and Babies***


-This is a NO COMMENTS thread. -
-Reserve your "space" and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the top right hand corner of YOUR post.
-Most importantly, update often we want to see those growing babies!
-Please remember that some members have slower internet connections, therefore shrink your pictures down to an appropriate size (approximately 320x252 pixels)

Link to Leap Frog Birth Stories

December 2007 Arrivals
DateTimeMommyBaby's NameHow far along?
19-Dec-20071:15 PMJustagirlinaz(Susie) Emily Christina 31 wks 5 d
1:17 PMEthan Tyler 31 wks 5 d
21-Dec-20077:48 AMAisha786(Aisha) Ahmed 33 wks 5 d
January 2008 Arrivals
5-Jan-200811:18 AMJGro(Jen)Cooper Elizabeth 36 wks 3 d
6-Jan-20088:53 PMHotstarr(Halle)Rish Aaryav 35 wks 5 d
9-Jan-200812:39 AMNibbiesmom(Ellie)Micah Robert Andries 34 wks 5 d
11-Jan-20084:32 PMJamers(Jamie)Jackson David 36 wks 1 d
12-Jan-20086:50 PMMelissa1983(Melissa)Noah Andrew 38 wks 3 d
16-Jan-20086:58 AMDisney Gal(Melissa) Brianna Michelle 36 wks 2 d
16-Jan-20085:09 PMPrayingforbaby(Heather)Fowler 36 wks 5 d
19-Jan-200810:18 PMMelindaCT(Melinda)Kyle McAllister 36 wks 3 d
21-Jan-200810:27 AMKat83(Kate)Alexander Letton 38 wks 0 d
23-Jan-200810:20 AMAngela724(Angela)Rowyn Lillianna Claire 39 wks 1 d
23-Jan-2008???shantelle36(Shantelle)Amani Tori37 wks 5 d
25-Jan-20087:36 AMFoxsummer(brandi)Alexander Elliot39 wks 1 d
25-Jan-200810:31 AMSouthernMom(Stephanie) Joshua Zachariah 38 wks 3 d
25-Jan-200810:31 AM~Angie~Wyatt39 wks 1 d
25-Jan-20083:22 PMAunt Lo(???)Anna Lillian38 wks 0 d
25-Jan-20086:23 PMAmyDS(Amy)Tyler Andrew38 wks 1 d
26-Jan-20087:28 AMJubilee(Sarah)Helena Dorothy Matilda 39 wks???
26-Jan-200811:42 PMAlley912(Alley)Avery Laine 39 wks 3 d
28-Jan-20085:42 AMReeveslady(Suzanne)Luke Gabriel39 wks 2 d
28-Jan-20084:49 PMMcstephens(Carrie)Scout Eleanor Presley 37 wks 5 d
29-Jan-20088:51 AMMarybuns(Mary)Amelia Brooke39 wks 2 d
29-Jan-200811:16 AMQueenbee0601(Lisa)Lauren Michelle37 wks 2 d
30-Jan-20089:05 AMblueindigo(???)Alexa Isabel39 wks 0d
30-Jan-20082:28 PMBethntexas(Beth)Jack Colton???
30-Jan-2008???Lyllirose(???)Kierstyn Isabelle???
31-Jan-200812:55 AMLemmons(Jenica)Declan William38 wks 2 d
February 2008 Arrivals
1-Feb-20087:45 AMun4getablediva(LaTasha)Jordin Simone38 wks 0 d
1-Feb-20089:11 AMmum2three(Petra)Willow???
1-Feb-200811:57 AMchichi7374(Sharon)Sophia Anamarie37 wks 2 d
1-Feb-200812:57 PMpeace1818(Megan)Ruby Cecilia38 wks 3 d
1-Feb-20082:05 PMhdme(Heidi)MadeLynn Jane40 wks 0 d
1-Feb-20082:07 PMMommymish(???)Katie Darice Marie39 wks 6 d
1-Feb-20082:15 PMginnb(Tanya)Alexander Michael37 wks 3 d
1-Feb-20082:16 PMginnb(Tanya)Anastasiya Julia37 wks 3 d
1-Feb-20083:51 PMcapricorns(Alexis)Nolan Kai38 wks 4 d
2-Feb-20086:13 AMcjwilkes(Cindy)Edmond Matthias38 wks 1 d
2-Feb-20085:24 PMsprintcarkelly(Kelly)Skyla Helen40 wks 1d
2-Feb-20089:54 PMMrsMangobabe(Brittany)Tehani Lindsey Belle39 wks 3 d
3-Feb-20087:10 AMrebecca0308(Rebecca)Robert Brooks40 wks 1 d
3-Feb-200811:00 PMsummerpeace(Darcy)Emma James???
4-Feb-20087:05 AMchimmy(Julia)Isabelle Sariah39 wks 3d
4-Feb-20088:01 AMPee_truck (Christina)Jacob Michael39 wks 3 d
4-Feb-20082:49 PMcsyvegas(Jen)Gavin Michael40 wks 0 d
4-Feb-20082:52 PMKatie P (Katie)Lindsay Sue39 wks 3 d
4-Feb-200811:00 PMMOM-CHAR(???)Gianna Rose???
5-Feb-20088:56 AMerinkay(Erin)Karter Jon39 wks 1d
5-Feb-20089:05 AMslurpeegirl13(Trina)Kaitlyn Marie38 wks 4 d
5-Feb-200812:59 PMKrisRN(Kris)Donovan Aurelio37 wks 0 d
6-Feb-20083:26 AMMelvin76(Stacey)Phoebe38 wks 4 d
6-Feb-20083:59 PMWonderWomanExtraordinarie (Rebecca)Zoey Jane Elizabeth40 wks 5 d
6-Feb-20086:26 PMstacy_124(Stacy???)Lincoln Joseph???
6-Feb-2008???cprtnerd(???)baby Boy37 wks 3 d
7-Feb-20089:08 AMcgandtiff(???)Lilian Kim???
7-Feb-20085:26 PMLann (Lorie)Peyton Lewis39 wks 4 d
8-Feb-200811:50 AMmellybug(Melissa)Kaelyn Faith38 wks 5 d
9-Feb-2008???lalee828(Tiffany)Alivia Marie40 wks 4 d
10-Feb-200811:40 AMMammaGJ(???)Baby Girl38 wks 3 d
10-Feb-20083:23 PMCAPIGIRL07(Jennifer)Logan Dominic38 wks 6 d
11-Feb-20082:09 AMEssBee(Sarah)June Catherine41 wks 1 d
11-Feb-20088:39 PMcristina82(Cristina)Christian Alexander38 wks 6 d
12-Feb-20081:52 AMLMCH(Lauren)Nathan Andrew39 wks 5 d
12-Feb-20089:45 AMJadynsMommy21505Josie Lynn???
12-Feb-200811:00 AMbisbi(Sam)Rebecca39 wks 4 d
12-Feb-20086:01 PMjessant(Jess)Aiden Turner39 wks 0 d
13-Feb-200810:06 AMmissamy08(???)Matthew Robert38 wks 5 d
13-Feb-20085:30 PMAveyronaise(Stephanee)Lucien Robert Leonidas39 wks 3 d
14-Feb-20085:00 AMphotogalv(Danielle)Julia Lan Vuong39 wks 5 d
14-Feb-20089:56 AMtori729(Vicki)Micaiah Philip???
14-Feb-200810:40 PMbeemarie(Brandi)Camille Maria???
15-Feb-20089:59 AMren(Lauren)Rhys John38 wks 5 d
15-Feb-20081:33 PMLollylee(Laura)Magaret Virginia38 wks 5 d
16-Feb-20081:46 AMMaylady(Natalie)Lily Mae???
17-Feb-200812:29 AMbrug64(???)Natalie Marie???
17-Feb-20081:09 PMstar_leaf17(???)Audrey Elaine???
20-Feb-20087:18 AMlesetoiles(Helen)Kaitlyn Yuanyuan38 wks 4 d
20-Feb-200811:18 AMnoleprincess(Michele)Aaron Matthew39 wks 1 d
20-Feb-200811:51 AMMrsG(Monica)Emery Jane40 wks 2 d
21-Feb-20082:12 AMniccirae(???)Sophia Christine???
21-Feb-200812:01 PMSandicarr(Sandi)Tess Sofia43 wks 2 d
22-Feb-20081:56 PMLLcoolJ(Lori)Camryn40 wks 1 d
25-Feb-2008???Mommy~2~Hayden(Jennifer)Ryan Nicholas???
26-Feb-20083:48 PMbabysuzoo(Samantha)Sawyer James39 wks 5 d
26-Feb-2008???newmommie25(???)Aiden Jack???
27-Feb-20087:06 PMlaurene4(Laurene)Miranda Laurene40 wks 4 d
March 2008 Arrivals
1-Mar-20082:07 AM24me(Lara)Mia41 wks 4 d
2-Mar-20088:09 AMmumelove(Vennittah)Joseph Eli41 wks 5 d
6-Mar-200812:22 AMdana/2006(Dana)Gavin Alexander???
7-Mar-20083:08 PMmamat1234(Cheryl)Josephine Marie41 wks 0 d
13-Mar-20087:40 AMOperachick(Kristen)Sarah Eden42 wks 2 d
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****Melissa and Noah****

Melissa and Chris... July 22nd, 2006

*Birth to 11 months*

Where has the time gone?

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Tim and Vicki - Married June 17, 2006 ~ Christmas (33 weeks):

EDD February 9, 2008

Micaiah Philip - Born February 14, 2008; 7lbs 15oz 20 3/4in


One Month (first pic is Easter)

Two Months

Three Months

Four Months

4th of July

Five Months

Six Months

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Nicole and Sophia’s Page


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Kelly and Skyla's Space

Feb 2nd- 7lbs, 13 ounces, 19.5 inches
Feb 19th- 8lbs, 2 ounces
April 2nd- 11.5lbs, 23 inches
next apt June 2nd

The day before our little girl arrived

our new family

mommy and skyla- 1 week old

2 weeks old

St. Patty's Day

1 month


2 month picture and sort of smile/laugh

our babies and daddy

my little girl in her hat

2 months and a few days

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Trina and Kaitlyn's Space

Trina and Mark, married June 24, 2006

Kaitlyn Marie - born Feb. 5, 2008

1 week, 4 weeks and 5 weeks old:

6 and 8 weeks old:

3 Months Old:

4 Months Old:
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(( I'm hoping these aren't too big! I don't have any way to tell their size at the moment. Let me know if they are & I will remove! ))

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Riley and Melissa's Space!

Brotherly Love...

Big Smiles!

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LesEtoiles & Kaitlyn Yuanyuan

Mummy and daddy married 9th June, 2007

Kaitlyn Yuanyuan, born 21st Feb, 2008. weight 3.35kg, length 21cm, head circumference 34cm

Month: One

Month: Two

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[LEFT]In the Hospital

Two Weeks Old[/LEFT]

Big Brother Loves Me!

All Dressed Up for Easter

Two Months Old

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Carrie and Scout's Space

Her birthstory:
Scout’s birth story

Name-Scout Eleanor Presley S-------
Weight-6lbs 10.5oz
Time-4:49pm CST
Date-Jan 28, 2008

On Monday, January 28th, I went to work as usual. I was 37 weeks, 5 days along and 10 days from my scheduled c-sec date. I taught my 1st 3 class periods and went to the bathroom at lunch time. I noticed that I had a little bit of leakage, but really thought I was peeing on myself. I ate my sandwich for lunch and went into my next class, which is a tutoring class. I help another teacher in her class. I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of that class and noticed that my pad was pretty full of what I still thought was urine. So, I took it off and went to the school nurse to ask her if I could have another one. I told her what was going on and she said she would give me one, but she would feel better if I would call my doctor’s office. So, I did. Of course, they told me to come into L&D (the cure for everything once you are full term! :lol:) I called DH, who was at work, and let him know what was going on. He asked if I wanted him to come drive him, but since I really thought it was just pee, I told him to stay at work and I would call him when I knew anything. I left work around 2PM.

I drove myself to L&D (not feeling any strong contrax, but everyone made a big deal about it!) and checked in around 2:30. The nurse checked my fluid with one of those lovely paper strips and said that while I did have some extra fluid down there, it was not amniotic fluid. At that point, I expected to go home but she said she wanted to check my progress, so I allowed it. Smile I was dilated to 3cm, 80% effaced and the baby’s head was engaged so she wanted to call my doc. While she called him, I called DH. Still thinking it was nothing, I told him not to worry and told him what she had said and that the doc would be coming soon. About 45min to an hour later the doctor came in and sat down to check me. He noticed some fluid pooling and asked the nurse to get one of those papers again. She did and it tested positive for amniotic fluid. So either my body was psychic and knew my water was about to break, or I had been leaking since about 11:45. He told me, “Looks like we’re having a baby today!”

Another frantic call to DH who was overjoyed and flew up to the hospital at what I am sure was 100MPH! He said later that he was almost hoping a cop would stop him because when else do you have a better reason to speed? It was a good thing he got there quickly because by the time he got there (maybe 20 minutes later) they were already giving me my spinal. It was about 4:20 when they brought me into the operating room. Scout was born at 4:49 and they finished with me at 5:02. For a long time, we thought 5:02 was her birth time because that’s the time we heard them say, but our bracelets told us otherwise later.

She was just perfect. DH was standing by my head holding my head and he stood up to look over the curtain. I remember asking if he could see anything and he said yes, he could see our daughter. She was here already! At that moment I heard her beautiful cry. I can’t even explain how many emotions ran through me at that moment, but I am sure anyone else who has ever given birth can relate. They showed her to me and then began to clean her. DH got to hold her and then they put her on my shoulder. That first little kiss on her cheek was magical. About that time was when we heard 5:02, and they took the curtain down and got me ready to move into my room. We all moved into our room and I got to sit up a little bit and hold her on my own for the first time.

DH and I had about 20 or 30 minutes with her alone before we started getting visitors. I was overwhelmed with how many of our family and friends came to see her and us. I was also a little overwhelmed by the presence of so many people as the feeling came back into my legs and I vomited a couple of times. So, while I was appreciative of all of the well wishes, I was grateful when everyone left (sometime around 10PM) and DH and I had Scout to ourselves again.

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[size=+2]Natalie Marie's Space[/size]

Mike, his mom, and I

Taken about 2 days before she was born

In the hospital


3 weeks old


One month old: Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Daddy with both of his babies Smile


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Ruby Cecilia ~ February 1, 2008 7lbs 18 3/4"

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Jennifer and Logan's Space

Mommy and Daddy

Big Sister and brother being cool

Day before mommy went into labor...38wks 5 days

Happy Birthday Logan!
2.10.08....8lbs 6oz...20.5 in

1 week

1st day in CD's, mommy had not mastered it yet!

Daddy and me

7 weeks old

2 months

3 months

4 months

12 Months

Weight Checks:
Birth: 8lbs 6oz 20.5in
Discharged: 8lbs
1 week: 8lbs 5oz
2 weeks: 8lbs 15oz 22.5 in
4 weeks: 10lbs 11oz
6 weeks: 12lbs 5oz
2 months: 13lbs 2oz 24.5in
4 months: 16lbs 2 oz 26.5in
6 months: 18lbs 28in
9 months: 21lbs 30in
12 months: 23lbs 31in

Next doc appt:
need to schedule

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Mommy's (tiffany) and Alivia's SPACE
Livi 02-09-08 40 weeks 4days
8lbs 14oz 21inch

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Mommy's (tiffany) and Alivia's SPACE
Livi 02-09-08 40 weeks 4days
8lbs 14oz 21inch

1month old

2months old

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All About Emily & Tyler

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Our Family

9 mo's

Born January 21, 2008 10:37 am 6lbs 4 oz 19.5 inches long


4 mos

6 mos


11 mos


Dr Visits
Born 6lb 4 oz 19.5 inches
Discharged 5 lbs 15 oz
2 wk-6lb 7 oz
2 mo-10lbs 21.5 inches
4 mo-13lbs 1 oz, 24.5 inches
6 mo-15lbs 25.5 inches
9mo-16lbs 4 oz, 27 inches
next apt 11/28 for weighing
weight on 11 28-17lbs
12 mo-18lbs 2 oz 30 inches
weighed 3/27-20lbs
next apt 5/1

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Saving a spot for Edmond!

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Amy and Matthew's space!

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Born: February 1st, 2008 at 2:07pm
Weight: 8lbs 12 oz
Height: 20 inches

4th month Milestones:
-Eating Oatmeal Cereal Once a day (and LOVING IT)
-Generally Sleeping 12 hours at night
-Talks and "sings" constantly when awake (wants to talk so much that she's trying so hard)
-can army crawl and scoot, but doesn't care to roll much

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My big Girl...9lbs 15oz, 21"
Miranda & Daddy
on our way home from the hospital
2 weeks old!!!
4 weeks old!!!
Big Smiley Girl
Me & MOMMY!!!
Me & my sisters - Melissa, Samantha & Cheyenne @ my Big Brother's Graduation
3 1/2 mo old
me & my BFF Haley
getting tickles from daddy
my brother is soooooooo funny Smile

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Before her big debut! (Me at 33 weeks)

At the hospital:

First Month:

Happy Easter!:

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Laura and Maggie's Space

Brand new Maggie!

Sim Maggie


Look who's getting bigger

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saving a spot for Nathan Smile

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space reserved for Brittany and baby Tehani

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Aiden Turner D's space

Myspace Comments, Glitter Graphics at
Born Feb 12, 2008
9lbs 12oz
22 inches

With Daddy and our new dog

Playing Angry Birds after a haircut

Passed out in some new pajamas on the floor

Building with rock while hiking with cousin Noah

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Zoey's Space

Name: Zoey Jane Elizabeth
EDD: February 2, 2008
Birthday: February 6, 2008 @ 3:59 p.m.
Stats: 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 20.5"s
1 day old:
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Posts: 4

Josie's Page

LMP: 5/25/2007
BFP: Father's Day, 2007 (June 17)!! What a surprise for DH!!
EDD: Leap Day, 2/29/2008

Josie's birth story

March 5th: We had our 40+ week appt, and decided to schedule an induction for Friday, March 7th. I was dilated to a 4 externally (2 internally), but my cervix was still super posterior, so the doc thought we'd need pitocin to get things opened up a bit more. I was disappointed in this news as I'd hopped they'd just break my water & let me go on my own. But, eventually I got over it as I was pretty tired of being PG at that point.

That night, DS Ray continues his nighttime fits of not going to sleep. He is screaming almost all night on & off, and I get absolutely no sleep. I cried most of the night just trying to get my head around dealing with a toddler & a newborn all at the same time. I'm starting to think we were crazy for having a second baby!

March 6th: Happy Birthday To Me!! I actually head into the office for a short while to clean up some last minute files, and then meet DH for a nice lunch. That evening, DS is still sick and is now throwing up all over. That means no daycare for him the next we have a problem with our scheduled induction. After much debate, DH & I decide at about 9:30PM to cancel our induction. The baby is fine, and we just need to take care of DS and get him healthy first. We call the doc & cancel everything. The doc asks us to call the office in the AM to reschedule.

March 7th: I call the doc office to reschedule my induction. They let me know that I need to schedule an appt for that day because I was 41 weeks - they just want to make sure baby is still doing fine. I suspected that I'd started leaking fluid at about 4am, so I was happy to be going in, but of course we still have the issue of a really sick toddler. My parents can watch him for awhile, but they have a doc appt of their own that they cannot move.

After 3x back-and-forth with the doc, we get our appt scheduled for 12:45pm. I jump in the shower since my mom had stayed overnight to watch DS. My dad stops by at 9:30am to pick up my mom for her doc appt, when I suddenly have no doubt that I'm leaking fluid - and it is meconium stained. I asked DH to come upstairs & let him know that we'd be going to the hospital. My mom and dad quickly bundle up DS and take him with them to their appt. DH & I start to scramble to head to the hospital...we totally left all of our preparations undone since we'd cancelled our induction!!

We get to the hospital around 11:30am, they admitted us & checked for amniotic fluid. It came back negative, but the nurse & I both agree that I am definitely leaking & it is meconium stained (which can alter the test results). I'm already dilated to 5 (interior and exterior) and my cervix has FINALLY moved anterior. The doctor breaks what is left of my water (not much at all) at 12:30pm, and they start a pitocin drip at 12:45pm since I'd not been having any strong contractions that day.

I decided to wait on pain meds to see how I would tolerate labor (I never experienced this with DS). I was holding up great until I moved into transition. I was shocked how quickly I went from "I'm fine" to "OMG...get me some pain meds NOW!" :grin:. DH called the nurse ASAP, and we were lucky that the anesthesiologist was right there on his way to another call. If we'd have waited 1 more contraction, I'd have been SOL on pain meds because Josie was comin' like a freight train. The second the epidural was in place, the room flooded with hospital staff b/c of the meconium staining, and they prepped me to push. I'm guessing that I was already at a 9 when I actually got the epi...makes me wonder if I could have gone the distance. Once it took affect, my blood pressure plummeted (which we told them would happen) so they gave me a really high dose of ephedrine to keep me awake and to protect Baby Jo.

I started pushing around 3pm, and Josie was born at 3:08pm. I pushed her out in about 4 contractions, which was AWESOME. All-in-all, my entire L&D experience was only 2.5 hours! Such a difference from the overnight stay & 11 hour L&D experience I'd had with DS (including 1.5 hours of pushing!). The epi was awesome this time. I could still move my legs/toes, and could feel the pressure to push so that I was being effective. It was fast and beautiful...and our little girl came on her own, which is what I wanted all along.

Josie's stats
Name: Josephine Marie (a.k.a. "Josie", "Jo Jo", or "Baby Jo")
Weight: 7lbs 6oz
Length: 21 inches
Date/Time: 3:08PM, Friday, March 7th (41 weeks)
APGAR scores: 9 and 9 (YEAH!)

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Lauren and Greggies Space!~

Lauren's Space! and Greggies Space

Dh and DW

July 16th -hcg 782
Oct. 14th Finally felt movement !!
Oct. 19th -First USA appt. HB 150/ Measuring 18 weeks/ gained 4 pds! 146pds
Oct. 23rd -Big U/Smeasuring 20w0d
Nov. 9th -MOMS appt. total weight gain 9 pds.. She thinks its a girl!! 151 pds
Nov. 13th-Surprise u/s.. Its a boy!!!
Nov. 15th-2nd ob appt. HB 150/measuring 22 weeks/ Ive actually only gained 8 pds. 150pds
Nov. 26th-Glucose/labs
Nov. 29th-25wk appt. Possible leaking fluid.. u/s 30th..HB 144/measuring 26wks /gained 4pd! eek
nov. 30th-u/s looked fine. Fluid level 15.3/Hb 150/ measured at 24wk 6days. Still a boy!!
Jan. 8th-4th ob appt. HB 135/measuring 30wks/ gained 5 pds.. Dr. guestimated the weight of baby and he said 2 1/2 pds. I hope he's bigger than that.. Glucose 85/ moving on w/ Vbac.. My last pregnancy I had 2 layered suture(sp).. 159pds.
Jan. 11th- MoMs appt. HB 133.. Set up lamaze classes for Feb.4th.. Possible doula!!
Jan. 23rd- 5th ob appt. HB 135/ measuring 33wks/ gained 4 lbs. 163lbs.eek!
Feb 5th- 6th ob appt. GBS swab Sad taken! HB 140/ measuring 36wks/ gained 2lbs. 165lbs total. Head down! Weekly appt now!
Feb 14th- 7th ob appt. GBS + booo/ HB 138/measuring 37 wks/ gained 4 lbs boo.. 169lbs.. booo/ dialated 2cm/ 50% effaced!! woohoo
Feb 21st-8th ob appt. HB 132/measuring 38cm/gained 1lb.. BP 116/62
Feb 25th-9th ob appt. NST-measuring 40cm/gained 1lb.. No change:(
Mar 6th- 10th ob appt. HB 140/ measuring 39cm/ gained 2 lbs.. 174lbs total! dialated to 3cm/50% effaced and -2 station.. Come on Baby!!
Mar 13th Nst/u/s and profile! Everything looked good but scored low. 6/10 c/s scheduled for the 14th.

Huge mama!

Happy Birthday!



5 Weeks!

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

7 Months