Milestone Memories

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Milestone Memories

Mayra gave me a great idea - a thread to hold all of our memories for the next ever of our adorable munchkins. They grow up so fast and its hard to remember how little they once were.

So.... post your fav newborn, monthlies, and milestones - lets never forget those precious memories! Biggrin

When you have a new monthly or milestone just edit your spot (like our old preggo spaces), that way we keep everything together and we don't have to start a new thread and risk losing things.

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Got this of Luke's first smiles today

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Seth's Milestones

Myspace Comments

Seth's first tub bath 3-11-10
1 month old!

6 weeks -- starts cooing and talking, holds head up confidently

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Matthew smiling

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First at home Bath:

First Social Smile:

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Social smile:


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First real bath!

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1st real bath 2/14/2010


1st smirk caught on camera 3/16/2010

1st smiles on camera 3/22/2010

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first bath ever!

first at home bath

first dress(a big milestone if u have 3 boys!:D)


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~~ Daniel Blair ~~

Monthly Milestones:
1 month Milestone

Once upon a time...

In hospital (1/2 a day old)

First smile on camera (7w)

His "I see Mommy" face (7w)

Learning to hold + move objects (7w)

Sittin' up high (7w)

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Noel's Milestones

First Bath - 2 weeks old

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Santannah's first bath she likes a little better now

1st social smile