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    Default My Story~ Posted by Momsluvx5

    so here's the lovely play by play of the last couple of weeks.

    we went to UT the day after Thanksgiving..we had alot of fun! I woke up the first night there with a sharp pain in my back...just assumed it was the bed so I spent the next little while trying to go back to sleep. Same thing happened again the next night..same time. I chalked it up to definately being the bed because I seemed to feel fine during the day.
    So...were on our way home Sunday when all the pain moved to my right front lung area. It wouldn't go away so I was miserable the 9 hour trip home. So I took some motrin the last 3 hours and I felt went on my merry way. The next day, Monday, I felt ok too..a little bit of pain but nothing to get in my way of things to do that day.
    Monday night..woke up again with awful pain in my back again..same time at about 2 am. This time I started to feel as if I couldn't ignore it anymore and I was back in my own bed . Went to the local ER and was told it was my gallbladder and I needed to call a surgeon for a consult. Silly me asked if I could wait til after the holidays..because I didnt have time for this..remember I thought it was a minor annoyance still. So they told me call after the first of the year to make an appt, gave me some percoset and sent me home. It was about 7 am and thats the last thing I remember for the next 2 and 1/2 days.
    So D' says we went home, he took the day off of course. I laid in the recliner curled up in a ball for the rest of the day. I don't remember talking to my sister on the phone..or Elizabeth (menaparker), I don't remember ever seeing the boys that day or my kids coming home from was so strange to be there, but not be there.
    So its like 5 pm that night (Tues), I sit up and I have to go throw up, which continued continuously. One thing I do remember is not making it to the bathroom and knowing my kids were watching me throw up in the kitchen trash can. D' comes in and then says I look yellow. I guess he had been argueing with the local ER on the phone telling them something wasn't right but they just said to eat clear liquids and they would change the pain meds (which never worked btw ) so he says screw that, I'm taking her to another hospital an hour from where we live..bigger and better and where I had the kids too.
    So I guess we got there..we could have flown for all I remember. he yells at them and they get me in right away. They run tests and tell D' and my MIL (who drove from Phnx to meet us) that it was indeed my gallbladder, it had to come out now but I was too sick to have surgery right then. They said the best thing at that point would be to make me comatose and start bag after bag of antibiotics (I never had a temprature, btw). They found out that my white cell count was in the 30,000 range and my blood sugar was 480. All kind of baffling to them since they thought my gallbladder was "inflamed" but looked strange on the after about 8 hours they decide not to wait longer and get me into surgery. My Dr. (so awesome), he said nothing prepared him for what he found. When the got in there the found the gallbladder had been dead for appx 24 hours, it had already turned black, gangrened, ruptured, and spilled infection everywhere. A 45 minute to an hour surgery, turned into about 6 hours. They filled me up with carbon dioxide (?) and flushed and irrigated me for the next 4 hours or so and the anesthesiologist (sp?) finally comes out and scares D' to death because all he said to them was its reeeally bad and he was taking a break, then he tells them I'm ok but its so much worse than they thought.
    I woke up the next day and was told all that had happened. weird. They told D' that another 24 hours the infection alone would have been it for me. I am doing so much better now, they thought I would half to be on oxygen at home for awhile. I guess some of the infection had started to affect my right lung..which is why I thought I had "lung pain". There all close together in there. I was turning yellow because it had started to effect my liver, causing a jaundice.
    Anyhoo, doing much much better now and thanks to some weird green breathing machine in the Hsp., that sacred my kids to death , my breathing is so much better and I didnt need oxygen at home. I get easily winded just walking to my room but it gets better everyday.

    so thats the most of it. I see my dr. this week and I hope to find out why this happened and why I never had any problems with it leading up to now. I didn't even know where my gallbladder was until all this happened.
    Its hard to just not be in denial about some of helps me cope better with it, I guess. That and I could never have imagined thinking what was actually going on when I was too "busy".
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    OMG, that sounds so scary! Thank goodness you're OK.

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    Wow! I am so grateful for your husband and his insistence. Sometimes that's what it takes for stubborn moms huh? Thank God you are okay Eryn...and I hope the dr. gives you an all clear girl. TFS your story with us.
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    So glad you are doing well and had a stubborn, insistent hubby. It's amazing the pain we put up with.
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    Give that hubby of your hugs a hug from me! I'm so glad you are OK and hope you are 100% soon!

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    Wow, what a story! Glad you are doing okay!! Continue to take it easy!
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    WOW! Thank God for you hubby! What a scary experience for you and your family. I am so glad you are OK and hope the doc can give you the answers you need, sweetie.

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    OMG! You make me cry thinking about how sick you really were. I'm so sorry! Hugs! I'm so happy to hear that you are doing well, what a blessing that your DH took and stand and took good care of you. Bless you this Christmas!

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    Your DH is a hero for sure! What a frightening experience for you and your family Eryn. This is certainly a lesson for all of us that we or our loved ones are our best advocates. Thank goodness D didn't listen to the original doctors. He knew better.

    I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better each day. Keep taking it easy!

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