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Thread: NEW June Spaces Thread

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    Default NEW June Spaces Thread

    Hey girls, come claim your spot!

    Remember -

    ~ Turn off your siggy (lots of pics already!)
    ~ No comments
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    Vance ShawnAlexander
    June 5, 2009

    My Family
    My name is Stephanie and I am married to my best friend Shane, we have two beautiful children Victoria and Vincent.
    Stephanie - me - March 21
    Shane -DH - May 20
    Victoria - DD- July 28, 2005
    Vincent - DS - June 5, 2007
    Baby V - EDD - June 22, 2009
    Pregnancy Tests

    12 weeks 6 days

    18 weeks 4 days

    19 weeks 3 days

    Belly Pictures
    taken 2-10-2009 at 21 weeks 1 day

    taken 5-9-09 at 33 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

    Baby Shower
    On Saturday May 9th, 2009 my family threw me a lovely baby shower and it was so much fun. They bbqed some yummy food and bought me a cute cake that said “Look Out World Here I Come” with little babies and booties on it. I got some really good presents; the crib, diaper bag, travel wipes, baby wash, a very cute outfit, two onsies, crib mattress, Mickey Mouse clubhouse Mickey, and two cards with money for the baby. We really appreciate all family members who came to the shower and the gifts they gave to the baby, although they were worried I only got a couple of things I got almost everything I needed. With the money we got I plan on buying the rest that we need which is his crib bed set, homecoming outfit, blanket, and sling. I feel blessed to have such a loving family to throw me a baby shower even though this is my third little one and having two little boys so close in age. I put all of the pictures up from the day so go take a look at my great family.
    Victoria trying to sneak some cake. My cute cake.

    Cute cake. Guilty Victoria, she is such a cutie.

    Shane's Grandma Kay, so now Great Grandma Kay. The guest of honor, me.

    My two cousins Brenda and Jessica.

    My sister Rose and my Mommy, they put everything together. My mommy and Shane's mom.

    My nephew Josue and my cousin Brenda's son Nelson.

    My Daddy. Vincent running around, my BIL Ramon in the background.

    Shane and me cutting the cake, he is being goofy. Opening presents, Mickey Mouse.

    Victoria insisted her new baby brother hold his presents for pictures. More present opening.

    Cute outfit it said Heaven Sent and onsies. The crib mattress.

    The best gag gift a bottle of tums. Victoria and Vincent drinking from straws together.

    Shane and me together inside the house after things are finally settling down.
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    Stephanie & Shane Proud Parent's To
    Victoria (7-28-05), Vincent (6-5-07), Vance (6-5-09), Viking (5-13-10), & Valiant Batman (6-5-11)
    3 monkeys

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    ~~~Lisa's Space~~~

    BFP at 13dpo on September 25, 2008
    EDD: June 5th, 2009
    Cycles TTC: 6

    The link to my FF chart:

    My BFPs

    First belly pics at 16wks:
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    Jessica & Kieran's Space!

    Kieran Daniel
    Born Saturday June 13, 2009, at 41 weeks and 1 day
    9:34 pm
    8 lbs, 3 oz, 21 inches long

    BFP: September 29, 2008 at 14 DPO
    Due Date: June 5 2009


    Belly and Ultrasound Pics:

    7 Weeks:

    10 Weeks:

    12 Week/First Tri Ultrasound:
    Everything looked healthy! Little bean was jumping around, sticking tongue out. Bloodwork Normal.
    *Will upload pic later... Photobucket sucks and won't edit it!*

    14 Weeks:

    20 Week Ultrasound:
    Normal, Healthy baby boy!!

    22 Weeks:

    32 Weeks:

    38 Weeks:

    After a day of relatively easy labor at home, and 2.5 intense hours at the hospital, our little man was born!



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    Pagan's spot

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    Izzie's spot

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    Delia - Mama (homebirthing, breastfeeding, cosleeping, baby wearing, cloth diapering type of a Mama!) to
    Jeena Kongju
    (Jan. 20/06) and Maria Konae (June 18/09)

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    Isabella's spot
    Isabella Grace- June 17, 2009

    Paisley Claire- May 24, 2012

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    Harmony's Space
    EDD: June 8, 2009

    Baby pictures

    Belly pictures
    9w6d ................................. 6 months even...................28w5d

    Family pictures
    A wedding picture and the cutest puppy in the world:

    *18 dpo hCG: 3220
    *23 dpo hCG: 18,000+
    *ultrasound #1, 5w1d: yolk sac detected
    *ultrasound #2, 6w1d: heartbeat detected, 116 bpm, measuring exactly 6w1d
    *ultrasound #3, 7w4d: heartbeat still there, 161 bpm, and still measuring exactly on time
    *First MW appt, 9w5d: heartbeat still there, saw baby moving around a bit
    *First visit during 2nd trimester, 14w2d: everything is still looking good, hb and all!
    *BIG u/s - perhaps a girl...? But more importantly, everything looks healthy.
    *Spontaneous appt due to fainting episode: everything normal
    *Waterbirthing class at hospital
    *Normal, boring appointment
    *1 hour Glucose test, failed - 144 mg/dL
    *Rhogam shot
    *Baby is head down!
    *Fundal height measures 28 wks at 34 wks. U/S on Tuesday
    *U/S showed a girl (yay for confirmation!) measuring just fine
    *Regular 35-week appointment, everything looks great
    *Baby shower #1 with church friends, got lots of very thoughtful gifts!
    *May 14 - regular 36-week appointment
    *May 16 - baby shower #2

    Weight Tracker
    Saw this on someone else's space - great idea!
    Initial weight: 125
    First trimester low/high weights: 123/126.5
    First trimester average weight: 124.6
    Week 5 to week 13 net loss of 1 pound
    Second trimester: 124.5 to 138.5
    Second trimester average: 1.08 pounds per week
    Twenty-eight weeks: 138.5
    Twenty-nine weeks: 140.5
    Thirty weeks: 140.5
    Thirty-one weeks: 141.5
    Thirty-two weeks: 144
    Thirty-three weeks: 146
    Thirty-four weeks: 145.5
    Thirty-five weeks: 146
    Thirty-six weeks: 147.5
    Thirty-seven weeks: 148.5
    Thirty-eight weeks: 150
    Thirty-nine weeks: 151

    Weight Goals:
    (this was DH's idea; I'm not going to obsess over these, but it's good to have a plan - otherwise I'll start eating for more than 2!)
    Third Trimester (wks 28-40): 1/2 to 1 pound a week (146 to 153)
    Total Pregnancy Weight: under 155

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    Philly Suburbs, Pennsylvania


    Kristy and Mary's Space

    BFP on 10/15/08
    EDD 6/27/09

    10/31/08 1st Ultrasound, 6w0d

    12/22/08 2nd Ultrasound, 13w3d

    Pregnant Pics

    The Nursery

    Mary Joyce
    Born on Sunday 6/28/2009
    8lbs 5oz, 20 1/4 in.
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