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    The disappearing light switch:


    Our mini maternity shoot:

    Sweet girl is here:

    Love her :

    My sweet blog!
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    Some Background: Hubby (Tyler, 33) and I (Erin, 28 ) met in 2001, engaged in 2002 and married July 19, 2003. I have been in school for the last eight years so we only just started TTC in July. We have a kitten named Biggles.

    Nursery Photos:


    Maternity Photos:

    Hayleigh's birth story:
    Jitterbugs Arrivals and Birth Stories! (post 14)

    Hayleigh Bryn - June 6, 2009
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    Zane and I actually met online! We started talking in July of 2000 and finally decided to meet in person August 19. By the end of November of that year, we were engaged. We got married May 19, 2001 at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, MD. We officially started TTC #1 in January 2003 and on May 22, 2003 we got our BFP! Tyler Kenneth was born January 13, 2004 and we were officially a family. I had a copper IUD put in after I had Ty, since we didn't really know when we would try for another baby. In September 2004 I found out I had diabetes. We got it under control with meds fairly quickly, though. In October 2004, we moved from MD to TN and love it here!! We live in an old farm house, which is what I had always wanted!! It is perfect for raising a family. In the spring of 2008 we started talking more about having another baby, but we put things on hold since my mom was battling cancer. At the time, they thought it was stomach cancer. (they finally determined she had ovarian/uterine cancer) She went in for surgery on May 5 and had lots of ups and downs. In August we found out she was not doing well, so we decided to still have the IUD taken out and let things happen as they may. August 28th the IUD came out, and the very next day we went to MD so I could visit mom. She looked so good and seemed to really be making good progress! Ty and I stayed in MD for two weeks, so Zane and I never really had much time together to really TTC. Well, mom passed away October 4, 2008. We headed back to MD for the viewing and funeral. After we got home from MD I realized AF was a few days late, but I just chalked it up as my cycles still being screwy from having the IUD in or from stress. I did have AF on September 14, but it was literally only for one day! I bought a pregnancy test, basically to rule out pregnancy so I could talk with the doctor about my cycles still being weird, but on October 18 I got a BFP! I was SO shocked!!! We literally only got freaky once or twice since having the IUD taken out, with all that was going on. I sat there for a second, looking at the test and cried. I just knew mom had something to do with us getting pregnant so quickly and for the timing of it all. I am so scared to go through all of this without mom, though. I leaned on her so much for everything. It's going to be difficult to be in the delivery room and know that she won't be there. But at the same time, I know mom will be there in the room with us. I feel so much comfort in knowing mom is watching over our little blessing. And as someone else had said, mom is getting to hold our baby before we do, and that is also a great comfort to us.

    Taken 10.18.08

    10.23.08 Saw regular OB. Had vaginal ultrasound done to verify dates. We saw the yolk sac, which was measuring right along with our dates!!
    10.28.08 Appt. with high risk diabetic doctor. Worked on insulin and had pressure meds changed.
    11.04.08 Saw regular OB. Had prenatal bloodwork done. Made appointment for our next ultrasound to see Lil' Nibbles!!
    11.20.08 A great appointment! Nibbles was measuring 9w6d and their heartrate was 174! Tyler was so amazed seeing the baby on the screen. The ultrasound tech added the name Little Nibbles onto the ultrasound pic for Tyler, and he carried that picture around all day, hugging and kissing it.
    12.5.08 Another great appointment! My pressure was great finally!! Also, we got a huge surprise. We thought we were going in for just a blood pressure check up.....but we got to hear Nibbles heartbeat for the first time!! It was the most amazing sound in the world.
    12.17.08 NT test scheduled ~ results came back just fine!!
    01.04.09 OB appointment for follow up from NT test/bloodwork ~ went just fine!
    01.22.09 The BIG ultrasound!!
    01.23.09 Appointment with high risk OB. Pressure was a little high on the 22nd, so they wanted to change my meds and do their ultrasound to get measurements. Reconfirmed we are having a boy! Also, baby is measuring right on track and weighed 9ozs. We also got some great pics!
    02.03.09 Great appointment, pressure was perfect!
    02.19.09 Follow up with high risk office to get a good measurement of Chase's heart....still didn't get it, as he was being a stinker! But the doctor said he looked good and was growing right on track.
    02.26.09 Good appointment!
    03.12.09 High risk office. I really don't care for the nurses and techs there...they are so snooty and cold. Chase is growing right on track still, but we found out I have gallstones. No biggie though, unless they bother me. We got some good pics of the ultrasound!
    03.26.09 Good appointment. Scheduled our 3D ultrasound!!!!! Doctor said they would induce around 38 weeks. Also found out we will do weekly appointments with possible ultrasounds until Chase is born. I love that they are taking such good care of both myself and Chase!
    04.13.09 Reg OB appointment w/ultrasound. Went good!
    04.20.09 3D ultrasound! It was SO amazing seeing Chase move and smile, and even suck his thumb! He is WAY head down and has his little hand up at his face. He is also facing my back, which is wonderful since Ty was sunny-side up when he was born and had his hand against his face. Let's hope Chase moves his hand away before he is born! The only downside is we had the ultrasound put on dvd and it doesn't work. We had to pay out of pocket for the ultrasound, so we're hoping they can do something about it for us. We did get over 36 pics, though! Now to scrapbook them!!
    04.24.09 Had to see the regular OB again for our first NST. It was SO cute! His heartbeat was great, but he was not a happy camper! He kept rolling and kicking at the machine. Everyone who walked past the room heard him moving and would comment on how active he was!
    04.27.09 Regular OB appointment w/ultrasound. It was so neat seeing Chase again! The tech said his head is even lower than last time!
    05.05.09 Not too bad. Ultrasound went great! Pressure was up slightly, but it went down before we left.
    05.06.09 Emergency appointment due to some bleeding. It was SO scary seeing blood on the pantyliner that afternoon! I called the doctor's office and they told me to come in. The doctor did an internal exam and said what she saw was old blood, thank goodness. They did a vaginal ultrasound to check my cervix and it was starting to thin out but that was totally normal. So we basically don't know what caused the bleed. Was put on pelvic bedrest for two weeks.
    05.11.09 Good appointment again! We also scheduled our last three appointments until Chase is born!! I should be induced at 38 weeks.
    05.19.09 An ok appointment. The OB said the fluid levels were a little on the low side. We had to make another appointment for later in the week.
    05.21.09 Follow-up from Tuesday. Ended up going to L&D because my pressure was up. Was put on light bedrest for two weeks.
    05.26.09 Not too bad. Lost 8 lbs since the appointment last thursday?!? I'm actually loving all the ultrasounds we're getting, though.
    05.29.09 Had the fluid checked and back up slightly. Still need to continue bedrest and drinking water.Lost another 3lbs, so i'm down a total of 11 lbs in about a week.
    06.01.09 An amazing appointment!! Ultrasound went great! OB checked my cervix and i'm 2cm dilated and super soft!
    06.04.09 Another great ultrasound! I'm still 2cm dilated. We scheduled our induction for the following Wednesday at 5:30am!!!
    06.08.09 Last OB appointment, as we found out I am being induced TOMORROW!! The fluid is dropping dangerously low now so it's time to "get out of dodge" as the OB said. We have to be in L&D at 5:30 tomorrow morning!!!!

    Chase's birth/induction went SO perfectly!! I couldn't have asked for a better experience. We arrived at the hospital at 5:20am for the induction. They finally called me back to get me all registered and get the iv's started. I have to say, the IV went in SO easy! I hardly felt anything at all! Once I was all settled in, they called everyone back into the room. At 7am our OB came in to see if I was dilated anymore, but I was still at 3cm. At 7:20am they started the pitocin. By 10:30am I was contracting pretty hard but they were still kind of sporadic……I would have three good hard contractions in a row, then none for a little bit. At 11:40am the OB came in to break my water, which wasn’t bad at all…in fact, it felt good to get rid of that extra pressure! The contractions really picked up then….they felt like they were back to back with very little breaks in between. By noon I was SO ready for the epidural! The anesthesiologist came in and by 12:45pm I was feeling good. And the epi went in perfectly….no pain what so ever! They also put the catheter in a few minutes after the epidural and that was awesome as well! It felt so good to finally not have the feeling of having to pee constantly! The OB came back in and as of 1:10pm I was 4-5 cm dilated and 100% effaced. At 2:15pm I was still having some painful contractions, but only on the left side….my right leg was completely numb but the left leg was barely tingly. So the anesthesiologist came back in and added more meds to my epidural and I felt amazing!!! I actually was able to dose off for 30 minutes! A little before 3pm the nurse came back in and asked how I was feeling and I told her I felt great!! Boy did things change fast after that!!! She no sooner left when I started feeling contractions with TONS of pressure. At 3:15pm Zane buzzed the nurse and told them I was having contractions with tons of pressure and she came into the room quickly. I told her how I was feeling and she said she wanted to check my cervix. Well, when she checked my cervix she said “Ok, do me a favor….do not push! The baby is RIGHT there!” She grabbed her phone and called the nurses station and told them to get the doctor into the room STAT! Within 5 minutes the OB was in the room and we were ready for a baby!! After only 3 pushes, Chase Robert Marshall entered the world! He was so perfect in every way! I did have a 2nd degree tear, but I felt so good after delivery! And the best part of all, Tyler was in the room the whole time and saw his little brother being born! He was SO excited and amazed with everything!! When Chase came out and was crying he asked Zane’s mom why he was crying and she said all babies cry when they are born, and he gave her the biggest hug ever!! *Added info* After they got Chase cleaned up and Z left to get my dad and his dad to come in, the nurse told me they like to do skin to skin contact to help keep the baby warm and asked if I would mind doing that.....I told her I LOVE that!! When they placed him onto my chest and he looked up at me my heart melted and I just fell in love. The only thing I’m dealing with now is horrible cramping…….it is TOTALLY kicking my butt!! I swear, the contractions didn’t even hurt this bad. I’m now taking motrin and vicodin for the cramps and as long as I don’t wait too long to take them they seem to be working. I’ll be so glad when they are gone for good, though!! Also, my sugar is now right back to where it was before I was pregnant and so is my pressure!

    We are all so happy to have him here with us........

    **I forgot to add that I actually called the day and time Chase would be born!! (well, close to the time, anyway...LOL) Last week when we saw the OB everyone was saying he could be born any day, but I said I just had a feeling it would be Tuesday the 9th....and that was with the OB saying if I didn't go on my own I was scheduled to be induced on the 10th. On Monday we found out we were going to be induced on Tuesday instead and when we left the office I told Z I just knew Tuesday would be the day and I got quiet for a second, then said "I think he'll be born around 3:45 in the afternoon......that sounds like a good time." Boy was I close, huh!!! LOL

    His stats:
    Born: 06.09.09
    Time: 3:32pm
    Weight: 5lbs 15ozs
    Length: 18.5 inches long




    18w5d....I can't wait to kiss and tickle those feet!

    25w4d Chase saying "Rock on!!"

    31w1d 3D ultrasound of Chase sucking his thumb!!!

    32w1d Love those little hands.....

    My regular everyday blog

    If you visit my blog, please feel free to leave a comment. I love knowing someone stopped by!
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    * Here's "our" space!

    BFP on October 10th 2008 - Due Date: June 20, 2009

    Hi y'all! This space is for Heather, 37 and Chris, 41 and our new little bean we're calling "Pumpkin Seed"
    I was born with 1 kidney, 1 ovary and a uterine malformation, likely unicornuate, meaning only one side of it developed. We were TTC religiously from 2005 to 2007 and I have 2 years of detailed FF charts. But 2008 was very busy for us and although we've kept trying, I haven't temped in ages and lately I've been haphazard in what I record. I guessed at my LMP on my chart for September 2008 - and wouldn't ya know it - that's when we're blessed! We had given ourselves until the New Year before pursuing adoption. It has taken us 3 years to achieve this BFP and we are very cautious but at the same time esctatic to finally be:

    10.28.08 - u/s to prove that we are indeed expecting and that little one is in the right place
    Result: s(he) is!
    11.10.08 - first official OB appointment and first time meeting my new (highly recommended) doctor
    Result: we really like him!
    12.16.08 - first appointment with fetal development specialist & 2nd OB appointment (First Trimester Screening incl. NT scan)
    Result: saw our LO and heard the heartbeat! Unbelievably wonderful appointments! We came out low risk on the NT scan and declined the bloodwork.
    1.15.09 - detailed u/s with fetal dev. specialist & 3rd OB appointment
    Result: HOORAY! Everything measuring right on track - 8 oz., healthy developing heart, spine, TWO KIDNEYS.... aaaaand -
    IT'S A BOY!!!! We are shocked but very happy!
    specialist checked my cervix - 3.5 cm - normal
    2.6.09 - no more mat/fet specialist - just 4th OB appointment
    Result: everything fine
    2.19.09 - OB for cervix check u/s
    Result: measured 4 cm - Yippee!!!!
    3.03.09 - regular OB appointment & gestational diabetes test
    Result: learned we may have to go c-section due to my retroverted cervix
    3.30.09 - regular OB appointment
    Result: passed my diabetes test (104), I'm measuring a bit small, checked cervix and I'm fingertip dilated. Growth u/s next day to make sure T.J. isn't running out of space
    3.31.09 - u/s appointment and quick doctor chat
    Result: Trace is measuring right on track (51st%) @ 2.8 lbs. Thank heavens. But he's frank breech - another point towards c-section - ugh!
    4.21.09 - regular OB appointment
    Result: Mum is visiting and goes with me, doctor treats us to quick u/s. Trace is still frank breech, but pushing into my right side - interesting! We bring the doctor Mum's homemade cookies!
    5.14.09 - regular OB appointment plus u/s for growth check
    Result: Doctor not able to come in, saw his nurse. GBS swab - icky!
    Growth check shows T.J. now smaller (11th%) @ 4.12 lbs. - talk of possibly doing amnio to check lung development if doc wants to deliver him early, ack! T.J. is now complete breech. Nurse calls me back and says Trace shows "symmetrical growth appropriate for the baby's genetics." No worries, he's just a small guy, but head and abdomen are on track - phew! NOW GOING WEEKLY - WOWSERS!
    5.21.09 - regular OB appointment (35.5)
    Result: saw my doctor this time, checked cervix and I'm 1 cm and 80% - hmm. Quick u/s and T.J. is frank breech again. Had nice talk with doctor who was apologetic about the c-section. Photos from u/s made T.J.'s lips look funny - bit worried.
    5.28.09 - regular OB appointment (36.5)
    Result: Saw nurse, got checked and she said no change - 1 cm and 80% - yay! Showed nurse the lips pic - she thinks it's just the u/s seeing through bone. Signed c-section paperwork and got Pre-Op appointment - getting nervous and excited!
    6.4.09 - *last* OB appointment (37.5)
    Result: Saw Dr. S. - Stats good: T.J. HB fluctuating a bit from 130-140, my BP: 110/62, weight grand total of 24 lbs. Declined the cervix check - what's the point. Quick u/s T.J. still frank breech and cord is around his neck (ack!) Doc says that's fine, happens in 20% pgs. Glad it's a c-section now. Made my postpartum appointment - unbelievable!
    6.10.09 - Pre-Op at the hospital
    6.12.09 - Trace Jackson's Birthday! @ 7 a.m.

    t/v u/s 10.28.08 - Pumpkin measures 6w3d - 4 days off from my initial guess. We saw the HEARTBEAT! WOW!

    regular u/s 12.16.08 - Pumpkin measures right on track at 13w4d - 1 day off from guess. Incredible experience and amazing pictures:

    OK. That shot on the right? That is MY nose!

    Doesn't it look just like (s)he is reclining on a hammock with her or his little arms behind their head and blowing bubbles in this one?

    The week of my BFP (week 5) I was so bloated it was unbelievable. You can still see it in the first pic at week 8 and then it seemed to go away and be replaced by a wee bump!

    The "wee bump" is growing!!!

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    Madison's spot
    Rick and Jackie 06/19/99
    @ 8 weeks May 2001

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    Tyler's spot

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    Lucia's spot.
    Hilary (32) + DH: P
    DD: L
    DSD: K
    No. 2 due May 30

    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

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