Not what I was hoping for, but maybe? DYSAL?

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Not what I was hoping for, but maybe? DYSAL?

After another fun filled night of Insomnia, I decided to test this morning (with fmu) at 11 dpo according to fertility friend and the result is a bit frustrating. I originally told myself I'd wait until AF is officially late, but I'm so impatient. I know some people are hesitant with blue ink tests. Being only at 11 dpo, does anyone think (or been able to) it's possible to get a positive without using fmu with a different test? I must sound crazy, but I'm eager to know.


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At 11 DPO I would try a FRED. A lot of people get results starting at 10 DPO. I think I see something but the pic is so small I am not sure. I would try holding your pee today and test again with a FRED.

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Thanks, Kathryn. I'll have to pick one up today and try later on. I'll use my digi camera instead of my phone to try and get a more visible picture for round two. Biggrin

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if your gonna get a test test with a digital from walmart they are really expensive(under 10 for 2 tests!) I think I seen a line.

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I think I see a line but after hearing how unreliable the blue tests are I am not sure what to tell you. I got a bfp with dd 10dpo with a first response test. here is a link to a coupon for $2 off.
the link:

good luck.

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I think I see a hint of a line there, but 11 dpo is still early to test. I bet if you tested again in 2 or 3 days you will get your answer for sure! Smile

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I got a super feint BFP with a church & dwight (same as FRER) at 10DPO in the evening. The following day i got a good line with FMU on an FRER. Smile

Blue dyes suck.

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too hard to tell on that pic...I hope you get a clear result with another brand of test

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I think it's difficult to tell. I will say that a friend of mine on here got a very clear line on a FRER and a digital "pregnant" at about 11 o clock at night at 11DPO.

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Thanks for the replies/experiences all. I bought a regular FRED 2 pack today, and a digital just incase.

Last night I had wicked insomnia (which goes great with the all day fatigue) and was just overwhelmed with the thought of actually being pregnant. I don't want to psych myself up too much and be disappointed, but it will be nice to (hopefully) have a clear answer soon. I'll KUP with better pictures Biggrin

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to hard to tell in theat pic. hope you get the answer you are looking for

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I see the line but as everyone has mentioned, the blue dye tests are unreliable! I hope you get a nice line on a different test. I got a 2 pack of FRER for $7 at Target recently.