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Our October Owlets Appointments and Milestones Calendar!

[LEFT]When posting please let me know the following:[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Real Name:
Screen Name:
Due Date:
Gender Guess: [/LEFT]


Mindy (decembermoon) officially on Team BLUE!!
Julia (rancherandcitygal) Officially on Team PINK!!

Julia (Watermelon_Gypsy) Officially on Team BLUE!!

Adrianne (shuiheart) Officially on Team GREEN!!




Noelle (Elleon17) Officially on Team BLUE!!
Suzie (Suz Q) Officially on Team BLUE!!

Holly (hollyberry3) Officially on Team BLUE!!

Michelle (Michelleey) Officially awaiting Sofija Michelle!!
Heather (Maybebaby07)
Colette (libmarm) Officially on Team PINK!!

Rachel (mikesrachel)

Kristen (Humblepen) Officially on Team PINK!!
Brenda (viahera) Officially waiting for Lexie Grace!!
Kendall (marchmom-to-be) Officially on Team PINK!!

Ellen (Ventana) Officially on Team BLUE!!
Tammy (tntd) Officially waiting for Ethan Bradley!!
Kimia (meemers) Officially on Team PINK!!

Jessa (Jessa_2213) Officially on team PINK!!!
Rebecca (Rebecca2057)
Taunia (Tbell) Officially Awaiting Dominick Keith!!

Jessica (Clyde2575)
Kari (mamamuse)
Jeni (Dragon42) Officially on Team PINK!!
Lauren (EllesMoM) Officially on Team BLUE!!
Jen (Csyvegas) Officially on Team BLUE!!

Shaelene (Mommy of 6 soon to be 7)
Mike / Cathy (NewEnglandDaddy/NewEnglandMommy) Officially on Team BLUE!!
Anita (abh413) Officially waiting for Addison Elise!!
Melissa (mel-k) Officially on Team PINK!!

Maria (Livjoyfully)
Vicky (vickydee) Officially waiting for William Joseph!!


Ayla (sweetmaxy03)
Denise (3babesmom)
Stephanie (whawuzthat) Offically on Team BLUE!!

Christine (chale)
Lindsay (lgibby25) Officially on Team GREEN!!
Carrie (cjmaxwell)

Lisa (festivity)Officially waiting for Callia Leighton Faith or Vann Levi Cosmo!!
Liz (TB34) Officially on Team PINK!!
Missy (aupetie87) Officially awaiting Bree Morgan!!
Nicole (Nicole518 ) Officially waiting for Christian Raymond!!

Molly (MommyMolly) Officially waiting for Stephanie Ann!!
Laura (Gertilda)
Lily (Lily55) Officially waiting for James Emmanuel!!

Brooke (BrookeL) wanting


Jessica (messyjessy1) Officially waiting for Savannah LeAnn!!
Becki (beckiwill) Officially waiting for Athena Jeanne or Gryphon Thomas!!
Amy (Teig2) Officially on Team PINK!!


Melissa (Missyk) Expecting Twins! Officially waiting for Kameryn Paige & Ashlyn Marie!!
Emma (MJsMum)
Amanda (a4ababy) Officially on Team BLUE!!

Jen (Jenn97701) Expecting Twins! Officially on Team BOTH!!
Russ & Lori (Max Power)
Jill (oojillymarieoo) Officially awaiting Katarina Soledad!!

Ruth (Sweetbabiesmama)
Karie (kaybee12)
Mel (J Mel J) Officially on Team GREEN!!
Sarah (Wishing&waiting) Officially on Team BLUE!!
Melissa (AnxiouslyAwaiting) Officially waiting for Aiden Robert Lynn!!
Jamie (Sunny_gal) Officially on Team PINK!!

Kendall (jkalmommy2b) Officially on TEAM PINK!!
Nikki (realestatemom) Officially on Team PINK!!

Melissa (Melissa42)
Tara (NovemberMommy)
Meagan (meaganmorse)
Kristin (KrisRN) guessing hoping Officially on Team BLUE!!

Noel (firstbaby09)
Amy (amytang)
Kristen (cruisingal) Officially waiting for Claire!!
Jeannie (kreativkoncepts) but hoping for
Chantale (Chantale N Marcel)
Denise (galeadenise) Officially awaiting Kaelynn Elyse!!

Michelle (6lilarrows) Officially waiting for Olivia Mae or Jacob Christopher!!
Julie (flaunt08 )
Amy (AmyW510) Officially on Team GREEN!!

Aimee (Aimee915) Officially waiting for Vanessa Katie!!
Laura (jitterbee)
Jen (Jenners319617) Officially waiting for Addison Dori!!
Cary (nyc10019) Officially on Team BLUE!!
Alicia (Sweetgoof) Officially on Team BLUE!!

Dena (denastelly) Officially waiting for Carl Jacob!!
Ashley (ashleykaryn)

Michele (Mamabaum77)
Nicole (mommyvolc) Officially waiting for David John (DJ)!!
Emma (emachan)
Wendy (wendy675) Officially waiting for Richard James!!

Kelley (COMom2B)
Marci (Hildare) Officially waiting for Hilda Marie or Kevin Buck!!
Katie (OliveOly) Officially on Team BLUE!!
Angela (Babynumber1) Officially on Team PINK!!
Natalie (happy_2_be)



Bonita (AlyssaEimers) Officially waiting for Caitlin Dawn!!


Peggy (baylin)

:bluesperm: :male::sleepyboy:
Boys: 25
:pinksperm: :female::sleepygirl:
Girls: 26
Moms who guessed right: 17
Moms who guessed wrong: 19

Our Angels:
Katrina (kambam) Twin Angels- Boyd Andrew:angel2: & Angel Lynn :angel2: 4/27/09
Oris (Oris) :angel2:
Kelli (kellibug) :angel2:
Mary (FLSunshineMom) :angel2: 2/2/09
Katie (kmm123) :angel2:
Candice (maybethisismymonth) :angel2:
Donna (donnadaz) :angel2:
Nurahjennah (nurrahjennah) :angel2: 2/21/09
LGinNC :angel2:
RH1430 :angel2:
LStiff :angel2:
Macknaya :angel2:
Calbear :angel2:
ML2007 :angel2:
Ellen (ventana) :angel2: Twin


♥ ♥ Please post to this thread with any corrections or changes that you may have, or with new information. I will update as often as I am able. If you are changing your due date, please be sure to tell me what your old EDD was! ♥ ♥

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Change mine to the 19th please!

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my EDD has moved from the 29th to the 28th! Smile


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If anyone sees any other angels up on the board, please let me know, I am trying to do this by memory and well, its not really working! Thanks for the help ladies, I will get better as I go...

oh and how do I get this to be a sticky? thanks ladies!

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My due date went from the 21st to the 28th.

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Glad to know you're doing this. I was going to volunteer, but if you've got it, great! Let me know if I can help.


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Real Name: Melissa
Screen Name: Anxiously Awaiting
Due Date: 10/25/09
Gender Guess Girl

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Updated to here

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[LEFT]Real Name: Holly
Screen Name: Hollyberry3
Due Date: 3rd October ,09
Gender Guess: [/LEFT]

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Real Name: Ashley
SN: AshleyKaryn
EDD: Oct 29th
Gender guess: Girl

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screen name- nyc10019
real name- cary
EDD- 10-28-09
gender- ???

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Real Name: christine
SN: chale
EDD: Oct 14th
Gender guess: dont know, and leaving it a surprise

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Done to here

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I'm on the list but I put down my sn wrong on the original post. Don't know how I got that extra 9 on the end, lol.

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Will you add a second little bean face for me in honor of my twins. I think one is a boy. The other can be green, because I think it's either two boys or one of each. THANKS!!!

ETA: on the 22nd

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Gender guess - boy (but secretly hoping for another girl!) Wink

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Real Name: Tara
Screen Name: NovemberMommy

Due Date: October 22nd (for now)
Gender Guess: suprise

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Can you add another little baby next to mine, make it a boy, I am guessing one of each Smile :) Smile Thank you!

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Change mine to the 28th please.

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My due date has changed to Oct. 7. Tammy (tntd) Smile

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Hey ladies, if you want your EDD changed, PLEASE give me your old EDD so I can locate you quickly instead of reading through the whole list to find you, thanks.

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Real Name: Natalie
SN: Happy_2_be
EDD: Oct 31st
Gender guess: Boy

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my due date went from the 22nd to the 25th

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Could you please add my angel baby twin to the angel list? Thanks! Smile

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Done to here Smile

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Real Name: Russ & Lori
SN: Max Power
EDD: Oct 22nd
Gender guess: it's a surprise

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Real Name: Michelle
SN: 6lilarrows
EDD: Oct 27th
Gender guess: it's a surprise

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Hi! My EDD changed from the 12th to the 8th of October. No rush to change it, just wanted to let you know. Smile Thanks so much for keeping this up for us!

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Done to here.

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Well after my OB appointment today, looks like were going to go with my original edd which is 9/28/09 instead of 10/1/09 *shrugs* So if you wouldn't mind changing it for me, I sure would appreciate it Smile

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Real Name: Adrianne
Screen Name: shuiheart
Due Date: Sept 29, 2009
Gender Guess: Girl

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Going to be suprised

Joined: 03/16/15
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You have me under October 29, but I am due Sept 29.

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Done to here. SOrry Adrianne :eek: lol

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Sorry to be a pain again! Can you change mine from Oct 28th to the 19th.

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Mine has changed to Oct. 25th

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my due date has changed to October 14th (originally october 12)

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done to here Smile

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Peggy Rowland/user name baylin
EDD: November 4, 2009

Hope I can still be here??

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Nikki (realestatemom)

due Date : Oct 27

My guess is a boy

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Real Name: Amy
SN: Amytang
EDD: 10/26
Gender guess: Girl

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Done to here, welcome to the new ladies Smile

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Real Name: Anita
Screen Name: abh413
Due Date: 10.10.09
Gender Guess: ???

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real name: Julie
screen name: flaunt08
EDD: 10/27/09
gender guess: boy

Joined: 03/16/15
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Hi again,

Can you please change my due date from the first to the 6th?


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Done to here.

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Can you please move my edd back to 9/28? Guess that's the one were going to go by.

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Real name: Jeni
Screen name: Dragon42
EDD: 10/9/09
gender guess: ?

Joined: 04/10/09
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Hi - real name: Emma
EDD: 30 Oct - probably via elective c-section - keeping it a surprise!

Joined: 04/10/09
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Hi, could you please add me to the list....
Edd: 10/23/09

Thank You!!!

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can you please put me officially on team BLUE!!!