October 2007 Mommy's Spaces!

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October 2007 Mommy's Spaces!

The majority vote was definitely in favor of doing this, so here is how it works!

Add a post with your name at the top - hopefully eventually we get someone talented to make pretty blinkies with names on them OR if you want to make/find your own, that works, too.

I'm going to un-sticky the other picture threads. They won't be deleted but they won't stay at the top of the page anymore, so move them to your new space! Smile

Whenever you want to add to it, click "Edit" on your own post and you can add whatever you want.

NO COMMENTS - if you want to comment on someone's pictures, send them a PM or start a regular post Smile

If you want everyone to know when you add to your space, just make a regular post and let everyone know!

Enjoy! I think this will be a ton of fun!!!
Another note:
Good Morning Ladies!

If you have been following our discussions (and poll) about centering in the Mommy Spaces, you may have noticed by now that several users have voiced their frustration in having to scroll right to left in order to view all of the member spaces. I think, from our discussions, that the scrolling left to right issue is more the issue than the actual centering itself.

Thus, I would like to suggest that we all be courteous of one another in our posting on Mommy Spaces. Please, make sure that whatever format you use when posting, you do not cause the other users to scroll left to right. Several things cause this to happen: long sequences of pictures in a row (like belly pics) that do not fit within a normal screen width, giant pictures, and very large pictures within centering.

If we can keep our spaces so that other users do not have to scroll left to right, it may even be possible to retain centering, as people would not have to scroll in order to view the centered images (if that makes sense).

Please, take a look at your Mommy Space within the next day or so and make sure that you can view all of your images and other material without having to scroll. If you find that you need to scroll to view images, then please be curteous and edit your space to adjust that so that we can all enjoy looking at the spaces and appreciating how we are progressing through our pregnancies. It is always a blast to see how we are changing and reducing scrolling makes everyone want to keep up with your progress even more!

Much Love,


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Belly Pics:

Alina or Aliana Piper Due October 16

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21 Week Belly Shots!
(First picture is comparsion - 21 weeks pregnant with Tori)

And a full shot... ignore the look on my face - my camera was making me mad!

24 Week Belly Shots!
(First is again a comparison to last pregnancy!)

Ultrasound Pictures of Lucas Mark

5 weeks, 6 days /7weeks 1 day/ 19 week profile

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Here's a pic of me & DH taken in Dec '06.
With my girlfriends
Me with a silly face
We click just great Biggrin
Here's my belly progress so far Biggrin
13Weeks 15Weeks
18Weeks 1Day Front

22 Weeks 5 days

25 Weeks Belly!

Almost 27 Weeks today..

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Happily Ever After.....My gigantic wedding party!

So Happy!

It started with a kiss....

13 weeks 19 weeks 21+wks 33+wks

Amaya @ 27wks!

Nursery theme

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Melissa's Space

Our kids...

#5 is on her way!!!

20 week belly pic...

32 week belly pic...

...more belly pics to come!

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Laura's Space

Belly Pics: will be added when I can figure out how to resize them...

Family Pic- I was 4 weeks prego...

35 week belly pics

First Halloween outfit!!!

Fabrics to finish blankets


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~~~ Shelley's Space ~~~

About Us...

Our wedding ~ Sept 28, 2005

BFP ~ Feb 12, 2007

Me @ 18w5d

Me @ 31w6d

The Nursery (so far)...

Button Bear theme

Still to come: Glider & Ottoman

Some clothes I've received so far:


Sucking his thumb @ 25 weeks:

Yawning @ 25 weeks:

3D Pics @ 25 weeks:

Our Furbaby


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Michelle's Little Pumpkin

Being A good Daddy



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~Lisa's Space~

What is your guess?

Ultrasound Shots:
March 5, 2007

May 29, 2007

Belly Shots:

June 9th, June 24th

Nursery Colors and Chair:

Crib (but in white):

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My Growing Belly!

It's a BOY!!!

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All Visits are Free

How it all started...

Hubby and I on our wedding day, October 28, 2006

Lots of BFPS, finally confirmed on 2-28-07 at about 5 weeks

My Belly the week I was induced (39 weeks)!

Pictures of the day he was born, October 18, 2007, after a very awful c-section gone wrong, I met my son 2 hours later, here are the photos!

Our boy is growing!

Ayden's Nursery

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Our Wedding Day

Our Anniversary-The Making of Will (LOL)

OMG It's a BFP (right before starting IVF)!!!

Fur-Siblings, Patches, Suki, Snowball, and Smokey

Early First Trimester (4-6 weeks)

Second Trimester (19 weeks)

21 weeks, 6 days

It's a BOY!! Introducing Will Biggrin

Nursery Furniture

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Born September 4, 2007

Baby #2 is on the way...

4-5-6-7 Weeks

Thanks for looking!!!

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:multilove: First there were two... :multilove:

:binky: And then a much-awaited SURPRISE came along! :binky:

:preggo: And Mommy grew, and grew, and GREW!! :preggo:

:Iloveyou: What a sweet little baby, with his hand over his eyes like Daddy! (12 week ultrasound) :Iloveyou:

A few cute pictures from our 22 week ultrasound: :biglove:

I'm a gymnast, mom!

Aww, hand by his face - sleeping like mom and dad!

Did you ever see such a precious profile??

Yahoo IT'S A BOY!!!! Yahoo

:sleepyboy: Baby BOY's first outfit! :sleepyboy:

Outfit detail:

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Mandy's Space

A little about me: My name is Mandy and I am married to the most wonderful man in the world Ian. We are expecting our first child a little boy October 26th. We are very excited and can not wait to meet our little one.

Ian and I:

My pregnancy photos 24 wks.

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Anna's Space
Baby due October 26th, 2007

Baby at 12 weeks:

Baby at 19 weeks:

Me at 31 weeks 4 days:

35 weeks 3 days:

Me at 37 weeks 4 days: (excuse the stupid expression on my face, but it pretty much says how i'm feeling right about now!)

Big sisters- DD Alison- 4, DD Stephanie- 22 months, DS-D Nicole- 8


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LilnDera's Space

~Under construction~


32 Weeks


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August 2000

April 2007

July 2007 (25 weeks)

May 2007

My kitty kat

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Proud parents: Lynsey & Shawn 6/25/2005

Big brother: Owen Henry 7/14/2006

Cody Jay is on his way due 10/14/2007!!

12 weeks

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It's a boy!!!!

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14 weeks (new ones coming soon!)

22 weeks

24 weeks

My little man, Evan @ 18 weeks

Evan @ 22 weeks

Pictures of me (and one with my hubby) at my sisters wedding on May 27. I was one of her bridesmaids.

The nursery set we've picked out

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20th Week Ultrasound Pics...

My Belly Pics...

My Furbaby Ginger...

Nursery Pics...

We hung the name letters that I hand painted. It's hard to see but each letter has a Winnie the Pooh character painted on it.

I think he will have plenty of stuffed animals to keep him busy! Half of them are mine actually, including that massive Tigger that talks. I got Winnie the Pooh at my shower.

The blanket was handmade by a friend of the family's. So we got a shelf, my parents painted it for us and Dan hung it this past weekend.

Here is a closeup of his name that I painted:

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Natalie's Space

Our Wedding

16 Weeks 1 Day

21 Weeks

30 Weeks

34 Weeks

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My Husband Tony and I on our Wedding Day August 2001

My beaautiful Daughters,
Emily (who is almost eight) and Larna (who is four).

[size=18]And My Georgous Boys -
Kade (who is 6 1/2), and Ethan (who is 13 months)

And our newest Addition - Another daughter


Due 13 October 2007

Belly pic @ 22 weeks -

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under constr

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Danni's Space!!!

Expecting a baby girl!!! Due 19th October!

4 Weeks

7 Weeks

10 Weeks

13 Weeks

17 Weeks

19 Weeks

25 Weeks


19 week Scan

I've been doing some prints for the walls!

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Tiffany's Space

My BFP!!!!

3weeks 6 days

5weeks 6 days

20 weeks

25 weeks 26 weeks 27weeks 30 weeks

32 Weeks 33 weeks

Furbaby Karli (toy poodle)

Our home

Sweet baby girl...


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Here's Holly!!

Me and my husband, Earl, on our wedding day

One of my passions-costumes! This is me in my Slave Leia costume. I am 8 weeks pregnant in this photo. Little did I know when I began making this in January that I'd be wearing it when I was pregnant!! I also made a costume for my dear friend, Angela. (No, she's not anorexic!)

Here's a cool bellydance picture, pre-pregnancy on the left, 16 weeks on the right.

My precious little boy!

Here's my 2007 renfest gypsy costume...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photos from July 2007 of my bellydance performance from Convergence Science Fiction Convention:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My tummy on 5-27-2007

Maternity fashion show time!!!

My baby's room theme is Dinosaurs and GODZILLA and other Tokyo Monsters!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

His "nightlight"...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Here's me on September 21st, 2007. I had to attend a coworker's wedding. Thank god my dress still fit...barely.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Stephanie's Space

Little Boo EDD October 29th 2007

Belly Pics:

4 weeks & 12 weeks

16 weeks & 20 weeks

24 weeks

28 weeks

Ultrasound Pics

8 Weeks

20 Weeks--We are having a boy!

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The Boy

The Belly
4 Weeks8 Weeks12 Weeks
16 Weeks20 Weeks24+ Weeks
28 Weeks32 Weeks36 Weeks
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Caleb (Father) and I

Caleb and I at the Orange County Fair Friday July 13th 2007



20 Weeks

24 Weeks

28 Weeks

33 Weeks 2 Days

37 Weeks 5 Days

My lil pumpkin 12W2D








Nursery Theme

The Crib

The Stroller

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Under Construction

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Belly Shots

My wonderful DH, Todd:

Big Sisters: Karlee and Caroline:

The Nursery:

His room is already when he is ready to make the big move:

For now, we like to keep Kaden close by, so here's the bassinet we set up in our room. Both of our girls also slept in this bed.

Maternity Photos: Baby on board!!!

Kaden John Is Here!! Oh how he is growing:
Born 10/18 @ 9:22 PM PST 7 lbs, 7 oz, 21 inches


1 week:

2 weeks:

3 weeks:

6 weeks:

7 weeks:

Thanks for looking!

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Nikki's Space!

Wife to Christian 8-18-03

Mommy to Christian Nicholas 7-18-05
















Ella Jade coming via C-Section September 27th, 2007!





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Hooch's Space

Who am I?
I'm 32. Married to my awesome DH for 9 years. He is the love of my life. We've been parents to furbaby Maggie for 10 years. She's our "well-loved" dog. Career-wise, I've been a computer trainer for almost 10 years now. Overall, I love it. For fun, we enjoy racing stand-up Personal Watercraft. Obviously, I'm not racing this year.

This is our first baby. No, we *think* the name will be Matthew.

The nickname Hooch comes from an old college nickname. I love dogs and I love the big ol' dog from the movie Turner & Hooch.

3/28/07 Ultrasound:

5/21/07 Ultrasound:
Gender shot!

6/19/07 - 23 weeks 1 day

23 weeks 6 days....trying on my new dress!

35 weeks 1 day

36 weeks

Our Furbaby, Maggie

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Pregnant by a few days January 10, 2007.

20 Week U/S

John and I

CJ's Birth first pictures

DH John and Connor

Family January 2007

Momma and Connor

July 07 3 D

The Belly

Miss Naomi


It's Spring!!!

CJ & Naomi

My 5 kiddos...On Halie's 17th birthday

Madilyn and Naomi June 08

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****Coming soon!*****

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Peggys Space

Miss Chloe Madison

Watch Me Grow!

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Heathers space
coming soon!
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LilBit's Mama's Space!

Kristin's Space

"S/O": Jeremy
Mama to: Kenlee Hope
Birth Buddy: Nikki (2ndTimeAroundInOct07)

Belly Shots @ 22 Weeks

@ 24 Weeks

@ 27 Weeks (You can JUST BARELY see my toes...)

I've Given Up on Trying to Look Pretty...

Memorial Day in New Orleans

One of my FAVORITE pictures of J and me Smile

Kenlee @

13 Weeks

21 Weeks

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34 weeks

Proud Big sister

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Stacie's Space

Our favorite pic

Wesley at 3 months

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Update 6/26/07

I'm LizC. Mom of 2, wife of 1.

DH and I were married Oct 18, 2003
A pic taken after we cut the cake- Jeff bit my finger!

Teagan Ann was born Mar 16, 2005 at 8 lb 6 oz.

Teagan at 1 year

Christmas 2006

Teagan at 2 years

And now she's almost 3...

And she's a big sister!

Born Oct 23
9 lb 9 oz 22 in

Just a few minutes old


6 weeks old

Around 2 months old

Around 3.5 months

4 months

Love chunky baby thighs!!!