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MK's Space

Momma's Belly

Sweet Baby Boy

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This is our first child. We got married Nov. 2005 in San Antonio front of a waterfall, had a huge wedding and then in May 2006 we had a church wedding in Torreon, MX. I have a lot of family there that couldn't come to the wedding and a cousing who's a priest there, so he married us and I got to wear my dress again. It was great. I'll be 35 on June 30th and Dh will be 40 in August. I'm a family law attorney and my Dh is in managaement at a financial institution.

Our wedding 11/25/07.

Me and my cousins at her graduation 5/18/07-19 weeks.

Me and DH 6/2/07--21 weeks


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Amanda's Space!

:arrow: I married my husband on June 26, 2004

:arrow: We had our first son Nathan on May 26, 2006

:arrow: We are expecting another boy on Oct 5 2007.

My First Belly Pic at 7 weeks:


My Belly In June:

My Husband, Me, & our son on his 1st Birthday in May:

Our Baby Luke's Room:

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Karen's Space!

A little bit about me and my family:

My husband, Joe, and I met in college 12 years ago. He joined the Army after 3 years of college and after I graduated in 1999, we got married. On our anniversary the following year, we found out that we were expecting our first child! We were also getting ready to move to Belgium at the same time. Our daughter, Kaia, was born in August 2001 in Belgium. Upon returning to the states, my husband had to go to Iraq for a year. Upon his return, we started talking about trying for baby #2. We waited until after our move to southern AZ in December 2006 and got pregnant in our first month of trying!

I am (was) a pre-K/Kindergarten teacher prior to our most recent move, but will now be a SAHM as I was with Kaia.

And now on to the pictures!

Me at age 3/DH at age 2

College pics (ages 17 & 18 and then again at my graduation)

My favorite wedding pic (which I FINALLY got a copy of last weekend...it's only been almost 8 years)

7 months pregnant with Kaia

Kaia enters the world...

Baby pics

A couple of family pics

Carribean Cruise (celebrating dh's return from Iraq and supposed to be baby-making trip :D)

Kaia's kindergarten graduation

Me & Kaia the day before her first day of 1st grade

Ultrasound pics (20 weeks)

Baby's room

Baby boy clothes

At my baby shower

Belly Pics!

21 weeks

31 weeks:

37 weeks:

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Tara's Space

DH & me

Here is assending pictures of our growing baby from the outside.


Here are pictures of our growing baby from the inside.


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Jenn's Space

4 weeks, 5 days

7 weeks 2 days

29 weeks, 4 days

6 week U/S

19 weeks 5 day U/S[/img]

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Me @ 34 weeks... two weeks pre-delivery:

Thomas Simon was born at 1933 on September 21st at 35wks6dys by induction due to pre-eclampsia. He weighed 7lbs4oz and was 21 inches long.

And here are a few more recent photos...

And a video of him trying his best to crawl...

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Ed and I were married May 18, 2002 and we welcomed Larry into the world in July 2003. Ramona was born February 2006 and John was born October 2007.

I love this picture, taken at IL's when we first brought John home. Ramona was overjoyed to see us and her new baby brother.