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    Kitty's Space

    Hello everyone! I'm Kitty! (aka Mona). I just turned 29 and DH will be turning 37 shortly. This is our second BFP! I had an ectopic in December so have been very cautious of this one. This will be our first child and we are very very excited! We also have a cat who is definitely our fur son!!!
    First beta 15 DPO on February 8, 186 and progesterone was 18.something. OB started me on 100mg prometrium twice a day, I guess she is just extra cautious since that number seems fine.
    Second beta 17 DPO on February 10 was 473!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEE!
    Third beta 19 DPO on February 12 was 1325!!!! WOW!!!

    March 15th, first official prenatal appointment. Nothing too exciting. Bloodwork, blood pressure, weight, urine sample, etc. Next appointment in 4 weeks.
    April 14 second appointment. Went in on April 12 due to bleeding. Heard heartbeat 167!!! Uterus measuring 14 weeks! OB says I can go off prometrium but I'm going to taper off.
    May 10 third appointment. Just the usual. FHR 155!
    Big u/s booked for May 31! By dates 20w1d, measured 20w5d.
    24 week appointment, heart rate 145-150s, fundus measuring 27 weeks!
    First ultrasound at 6w5d on February 26th! Saw the little beanie and a heart beat in the right place!!! Measuring one day behind where I thought I was so I am leaving my due date the same here.
    Big u/s May 31! Measuring 4 days ahead!
    Belly Pictures

    12w1d up 8 pounds!!!

    19ish weeks. Only up a couple more pounds, but people are saying they can't tell I'm pregnant! Geez, I dont normally look like this!!!

    25 weeks 2 days. Not sure of weight gain....I dont want to know!

    28 weeks 3 days. Definitely not keeping track of weight, but up at least 20ish lbs.

    32 weeks 2 days.

    34 weeks 3 days

    36 weeks 6 days

    38 weeks 2 days
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    I'm Cathryn, but you can call me Cat I'll be 22 in August.

    Dh is phil and I've been rocking his last name since 2007.
    Ds is Ethan who was born June 4, 2008

    Unfortunately we also have suffered through many losses. Our angel babies will never be forgotten & we know that they watch over Ethan and Gummy Bear.

    This pregnancy caught us by surprise. We had a loss and a D&C in December '09 and found out Feb 2 2010 that we were pregnant again before my period even returned.

    We are now sure we are on TEAM PINK! And awaiting Charlotte Rosemary anxiously!

    February 02, 2010- F/u for D&C--- WE'RE PREGGO! Prometrium 400mg 2x daily

    February 23, 2010- FIRST u/s, EDD moved to Oct 11, HB 141
    March 11, 2010- Meeting with the Nurse, nice uneventful appt to get more information
    March 24, 2010- got PAP smear and with doppler heard the HB 162
    April 20, 2010- HB good on doppler, set u/s date
    May 14,2010- BIG U/S! HB 158, weight 9oz measuring ahead 2 days, It's a GIRL
    May/June- no appts- complicated
    July 19, 2010- Glucose screen & RhoGam shot, HR 145
    August 6,2010- HR 130 measuring 31 weeks on Fundal Height
    August 16, 2010- HR 140 Measuring 33 weeks, baby transverse possibly breech
    August 30,2010-

    Feb 2 2010- hCG 189

    Feb 4 2010- hCG 379.7
    almost exactly double
    Apr 20 2010-PAP NORMAL!
    May 14 2010- IT"S A GIRL!
    July 19 2010- GLUCOSE SCREEN 131- nice and normal, hemocrit low

    Seven Weeks 1 Day

    Make a pregnancy ticker

    2/18- First Belly Bands came in the mail!
    a bonus Big Brother pic!

    Cabbage test says it's a GIRL March 19th 2010

    Started the baby pool April 1!

    April 2010- Feeling stronger movement & begin 3 am potty appointments
    May 2010- Daddy feels Charlotte for the first time!
    June 4th 2010- Big brother Ethan turns 2, has a meltdown when he feels sister for 1st time
    July 3 2010- IN the DOUBLE digits 'til baby girl's arrival!
    July 18, 2010- First trip to L&D, labor stopped with Terbutaline
    August 18, 2010- Emily has Jenna and Ethan gets to hold baby for first time
    August 20, 2010- Second Trip to L&D labor stopped with Terbutaline
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    Stephanie's Space

    About Me

    My DH and I were married in June 2009. We started TTC right away. This will be our first baby!!


    My current doctor won't see me until I'm 12 weeks along, so I'll wait a little ways before scheduling my appt.


    Coming Soon!

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    no space needed...moving back to TTC 2years+
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    Tara's Space

    BFP at 12 DPO!!!

    EDD October 19, 2010

    Will update with pic's later
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    Liz's space.

    EDD..or my guess is 20/10/2010
    Will confirm when see doc.

    Got BFP 18 dpo.

    Will update with pics when I work it all out.
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    TTC 2 Years +
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    Laura's Space

    About me:

    My name is Laura and I'm 30 years old. I have been married to DH for 5.5 years and we have two wonderful and beautiful children, Gavin age 3 and Sydney 15 months. We are happily expecting baby #3 on October 9th.


    My LMP was Jan 2nd and I got a possitive HPT on Feb 1st.
    Feb 16 - full blood work completed.


    Coming soon


    Coming soon


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    Christa's Space

    About me
    I did it, I turned 31 (shhhhh.....I'm not telling anyone else that I went and did that) recently. I have been married to the love of my life, Scott for 6 wonderful years. I have an 11 year old DD from a previous relationship and an 18 month old DS. We spent 4 years TTC DS, spent thousands on fertility treatment, finally quit and got pg within 3 months. This time we started TTC in June 09, got pg in August, m/c'd in September and finally got our BFP on Valentine's Day!!! We are elated, but very cautious. You girls are the only ones that know as of right now.

    I also play volleyball still on a competitive coed league, which I won't quit doing until I'm too uncomfortable.

    I live and breath horses and I really miss riding when I'm pregnant, but it's just too uncomfortable for me. I'll add some pictures later of the campsite we go to almost every weekend in the spring and fall with the family and the horses and spend the weekend riding. It's in the Shawnee National Forest and is some of the prettiest scenery in the world!!!

    EDD is October 31, 2010


    February 14th at 8 DPO


    I started spotting on 2/19/10 and spotted through 2/20/10. Called the doctors office on the Monday the 22nd and got in for blookwork. The beta came back at 424. They had me come back on Wednesday the 24th and do more bloodwork. That beta came back at 881!!! We were ecstatic!

    My first appointment with the nurse to do family history was on February 24th.

    Appointment with a midwife to discuss a homebirth is April 7th!!!

    My first doctors appointment will be April 15th. It seems like forever!
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    Molly's Space

    About Me:
    Molly, 25 my DH is 31. We got married Jan. 15 2005 and started trying in October 2009. We have 10 furbabies and 1 featherbaby. My biggest caution is my starting weight which is 255lbs. I currently work for a Neurology group, running one office and filling in at another. I love to scrapbook and collect Vera Bradley

    6-6-10 DH gets to feel Madison for the first time.
    8-20-10 3D Ultrasound
    8-21-10 Birthing classes

    March 29th- First U/S Baby moving all over the place, had blood work done
    April 23rd- HB 130's-140's, all labs were okay
    May 21st-HB still the same, had labs drawn again to get thyroid level. Doctor has a hunch it's a boy. Get new medicine script.
    May 24th- BIG U/S- It's a GIRL!! Hello Madison Marie
    June 24th- Last labs came back all okay. U/S came back great. HB loud and clear. Go back in 4 wks for my glucose testing, labs and Rh factor shot. Will see one of the other OB's in the group.
    July 21st- Got my RoGam shot, labs drawn. HB louder than last time. Next appt starts my every 2wks!
    Aug 5th- HB was great as usual she kicked the doppler. Got my PREP paperwork to call and schedule in a few weeks. Can't believe I'm 29 wks today. Also going off Lexapro and starting Wellbutrin. I hope this goes okay.
    Aug 17th- Saw a different doc today. She thinks I'm messing behind and since I haven't put on but one lb the whole pregnancy, she wants to do another u/s. So I have that tomorrow afternoon. HB around 135.
    Sept 9th- Saw my normal doc. <3 her. U/S was just fine, I was a little low on fluid but she said that was normal and nothing to worry about. Sounds like I've lost my plug. Next appt Strep test & first cervix check!
    Sept 23rd- 1.5 cm dilated!!! She is head down and dropped a lot. Doc had to move her head to get to my cervix to check.

    March 29th-253
    April 23rd- 248
    May 21st- 248
    June 24th- 250
    July 21st- 250
    Aug 5th- 254
    Aug 17th-254
    Sept 9th-262
    Sept 23rd- 262

    Belly Pics:

    BFP 2/15/10


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    Default joni's space!!!!!

    reserving my october space.

    bfp 14th feb at 13dpo!!!!
    1st betas 14th feb- 88
    2nd betas 16th feb (15dpo)- 230!!!!!!
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