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    I forget.


    Jackie's Space!

    For updated thoughts and pictures: Ramblings of a Dislocated Sea Monster

    My name is Jackie (27) and my DH is in the Air Force. Last August we moved to TX for DH to attend pilot training! Our little boy's name is Aiden Alexander. He is most special to us and we thank God every day for bringing him into our lives.

    My love for cooking-Recipes and Menus: http://mrsseamonster.blogspot.com/

    Married Nov 06
    Stopped BCP Jan 07
    Started TTC Aug 07
    Chemical Oct 07
    BFP!!! FINALLY!!! Feb 21, 2010
    It's a BOY! May 20, 2010
    EDD Oct 22, 2010
    Aiden's Birth Day!: November 2, 2010

    2 week appt: 9lb 1oz, 21 ½” long, 15” head
    Cooing: 6 weeks
    Social smiling (to dad and The Boobs): 5 weeks
    Social smile to mom: 6 weeks
    2 month appt: 12lb 13oz, 22 ½” long, 16 ½” head (think the length is too short though)
    First Laugh: 10 weeks
    First toy grabbed: Hanging monkey with ring at 10 weeks
    Picked up a toy by himself and tried to eat it: 11 weeks

    When I still had no signs of labor at my 41 week OB appointment, I scheduled an induction for 41 weeks, 3 days (Monday, November 1st). I arrived to the hospital at 3:30pm that day (still no signs of labor). The OB started me on cervidil at 8pm. At 10pm I started having contractions anywhere from 10-15 minutes apart. Throughout the night I walked and moved around and got contractions to be longer and closer together. At 4am they started me on pitocin. At 8am the OB broke my water. Contractions really took off from there (a minute long, 2-3 minutes apart). Since I was on pit, I had to be monitored off and on but was able to move around the room within reason. At noon on Tuesday, November 2nd I was checked to be 4cm. At that point contractions were very intense. I had been doing great until then dealing with the contractions, but that became very tough when they turned to 1 ½ minutes long (sometimes longer) with only seconds from the end of one to the start of the next. The next two hours were really rough on me as the contractions became even worse. The nurses insisted that I had to be monitored more often, so I wasn’t able to move around. DH later told me that the contractions monitor kept reading my contractions as so strong that they often went off their chart. At 2pm I asked to be checked. No progress had been made. I asked for the epidural because DH and I felt that the pit contractions were too rough for me to relax enough to let them work well. The epidural went great, but I absolutely hated it with a passion. While I welcomed the relief, I hated the loss of control over the bottom half of my body. An hour after the epi, Aiden’s heart rate dropped very low (down to the 50s at one point) for 3 minutes. It was awful. After that the pit was stopped. I still hadn’t made any progress. The pit resumed later on when the OB approved it. By 8pm that night I was told that I was having great looking contractions, but I still hadn’t progressed past 4cm and that Aiden’s head was at -1. DH and I discussed having a c-section at the OBs suggestion. By then, I wanted the whole fiasco over with. I was miserable and it appeared that Aiden was just not going to come at all. When I still hadn’t made any progress at 10pm, I was wheeled into the OR. Aiden was born at 10:23pm with scores of 8 and 9. He was 20 ¼” inches long, 8lb 7.9oz, and had a 14 ½” head. The OB said after the c/s that he didn’t think that Aiden could have ever been born naturally. I think if I had progressed, Aiden could have been born naturally but with injury to the both of us. Aiden as it was had bruises and broken blood vessels from the labor. I hate that I didn’t get the natural birth I wanted, but I am so grateful to finally have Aiden in my arms! He is absolutely perfect in every way. Once I was able to be united with him, he immediately breastfed well. A week later he is back up to birth weight and is a dream baby. I thank God every day for my healthy son.

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    Veronica's Space!

    I'm Veronica 30, married to Daniel 29, and this will be #2 for us! Our beautiful DD Lily was born 11/25/08.

    Our family:

    Baby #2! EDD: 10/31/10

    Ultrasound at 10wks 2d

    Belly Pics!

    1st OB appointment and Ultrasound! 4/6/10 - 143 lbs; Saw heartbeat, and a squirmy baby putting on a show for us
    Appointment 5/4/10 - 147 lbs; Iron level, BP normal. Heard heartbeat, everything looks and sounds great!
    AFP Test 5/17/10 - Results normal
    Appointment 6/1/10 - 150 lbs; BP 92/68. Heard heartbeat!
    Big Ultrasound!!! 6/9/10 It's a BOY!!!
    Appointment 6/29/10
    3D/4D Ultrasound 8/10/10
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    Reserving my space

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    ~ Michelle

    DH- Jeff
    Expecting TWINS October 8, 2010

    IRL BFF- mlark1128

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    Default Reserve Nicole's Space!

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    Default Reserve Nicole's Space!

    Cole's Space!

    Personal Info: I'm 28 years old and married to "J" who is 29. (He'll be 30 next month although he wouldn't be too happy with me for pointing that out!) We got married last October after dating for 6 years. I'm a nurse in the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit and I just finished the masters program to be a nurse practitioner. I'm now studying to take boards so I can be an official pediatric NP! DH is in optometry school and will finish May '11.

    Our Story: I stopped my BCP Dec. '09 and started TTC Jan. '10. Here were are! This will be our 1st LO and we are both very nervous and excited!!

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    Sara's Space

    Due date: 10/2/10
    BFP: 1/24/10

    About me: 31 (will be 32 at time of birth), full-time student, work part time.
    About DH: 34, ridiculously excited to be a father

    Married 3 years, TTC since September, but skipped a month because I didn't want an end-of-August baby.

    First pregnancy for both of us. First grandchild on DH's side, fourth on mine. I'm pretty small, and my family has a history of giant babies, so I'm a little frightened.

    First ultrasound: 2/22/10 - saw the heartbeat!! DH managed not to cry in front of the doctor.
    Ultrascreen: 3/22/10

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    Small town, Iowa

    Default Karen's Space

    Good luck everyone!
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    Default Ashleys Space!

    Hi I am Ashley. I have been married to my wonderful dh,Glenn for almost 3 years.
    We have a perfect little handful of a son named Trevor.He was born March 7, 2008 after a hard labor that ended in a c-section. He was sunny side up and had his cord wrapped around his neck 3 times.
    This time we are going for a repeat c-section. This very well may be our last baby, so I am enjoing every second of this pregnancy.
    My handsome dh and ds!

    Last year we had a rough time ttc and that pregnancy ended with a ectopic pregnancy. That was one of the worst things that has ever happened to us..

    This december we decided to ttc again. We did not want to do charts. I admit I looked at my chart AFTER we dtd that month just to see if we even dtd near ovulation and.. for jan.. when I looked we didnt! low and behold God had a plan for us and we were indeed pregnant with a cute little beanie in the right spot.

    pregnancy calendar

     BabyFruit Ticker


    6 weeks 3 days

    10 weeks 3 days
    Photobucket Photobucket

    Belly Pics

    Coming once I don't just look fat anymore lol

    egg belly 25/26 weeks ish..
    Bare belly 35 weeks

    Apointments/ important dates:
    2/17 - first apointment. Saw baby with a heartbeat of 120bpm
    3/17 - 2nd apointment. Saw LO with a heartbeat of 178bpm! LO has gotten much bigger and its heart was flickering away! Amazing. I lost 3 lbs too!! Not trying to lose weight, I guess its the m/s
    4/9- Er visit, for cramping. Heard LO's heartbeat Nurse said hb was 138-148 but not sure if thats true.
    4/14 - heard Lo's heartbeat with the doppler. 158 or may have been 153. It took a little while to get because LO must have been moving away from it. Blood pressure was a little high. Still at pp weight. Dr doesn't want me to gain anymore than needed. I agree!! lol
    4/21- Started blood pressure meds
    4/28- blood pressure meds are working!!! Heard Lo's heartbeat 158bpm. Was told I will have to start seeing a high risk doc and will have ultrasounds weekly starting at 32 weeks
    4/29- Saw in home nurse, got my blood pressure machine and protine test strips. Heard LO's heartbeat but don't know the number, she didn't have a screen on her doppler.. unless I just didn't see one..
    5/6- AMAZING first appt with high risk doc. ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!! I am so excited! Had a really long awesome ultrasound too, got to see her kicking, running away from the ultrasound machine thing, crossing her legs. We saw her lips (she has mine), her arms legs, and fingers (all daddys- just like Trevor.. I only know because I am short and she has LONG legs, arms and fingers).
    5/9- Chose a name for a our little girl, Chole Amelia P. !!!! I felt like it took forever lol.
    5/26- Had a ob apt. HB was 153bpm! Nurse was able to find her hb right next to my belly button!! Felt her moving all day today too, up near my ribs again!
    6/2- In home nurse apt. Heard babys heartbeat and got a better blood pressure machine.
    6/9- reg ob appt. Went pretty well. Heard the heartbeat and talked about some cramping I've had.
    6/10- high risk ultrasound, went amazing!! So far, Chloe is not affected by my high blood pressure. She smiled at us!!!! !!
    6/23- Apt with ob. Things were good. Ob warned me to prepare for a sept baby. Hopefully he is wrong and I have a early oct/late sept baby. I have faith everything will be ok.
    7/7- ob appt.Bp slightly high. No real big changes thankfully!!!
    7/8- Growth scan!!! Miss Chloe is growing just fine. She is est. to be 2lb 2oz. She didn't really do much on the ultrasound. last time she was so playful with us. lol. She must have been trying to rest. She was kicking the probe away. She looks amazing.
    7/21- ob apt went well, had to do the 24 hour urine test.......yay! Chloes hb was 153bpm
    7/30- L&D visit, have a uti and I had a stomach virus. Not fun.
    8/4- went well. Good bp and I passed my 24 hour urine. I can be at ease for a little while. Dr. refused to schdeule c section. oh well. Chloes heartbeat was 149
    8/5-growth scan, went great Chloe is 3lbs 8oz!! Nice and healthy. Got to see her breathe!
    8/7- 3D ultrasound! Went amazingly. She is so cute. We got to see her yawn and smile! I love her so much!
    8/18- ob apt., went well. I was told my pain I have been having is more of a scar tissue pain. Chloes heartrate was 148bpm. Started weekly nst and ultrasounds. another 24hour urine! Chloe is est. 4lbs 8oz!
    8/23- l and d visit for heart pounding and headache.
    8/25- Nst and u/s appt. -went great. Chloe is est. to be 4 lbs 12 oz now
    9/1- ob apointment And u/s with nst. Went well Chloe is est to be 5lbs 9oz! Having a few contractions and I am a finger tip dialated...
    9/2- growth scan, final scan from high risk ob!!!! Went great Chloe is est to be 5lbs 12oz on their machine!! I got a great picture of her little foot! A end is in sight!
    9/6-stop taking baby asprin to prepare for c section!! !!
    9/8-got gbs swab, no fun! Chloe is doing good, got to hear her hiccups during my nst. Still contracting. She is weighing almost 6lbs... 5 lbs 13 oz I think??
    9/15- Had a great appt. C section scheduled for Oct 4th, 2010!! Chloe is doing great and measuring 6lbs 8oz!
    9/22-went well Chloe was playing with the nurse at my ob apointment, would not let her get the heart rate at first.. she kept kicking it away from her. Her ultrasound went well too so did the nst. I had pretty regular contractions this time, so much that I was looking and almost on target with another mom who seemed to be in real labor . 1 more apointment!!!! OMG!! shes 7lbs 2 oz!
    9/29-had my last ob apointment!! Went great, chloes heart rate was good and so was her bpp. She didn't get her nst because they were full, but I am ok with that. She is weighing 7lbs 10 oz!!!
    10/1- pre op!
    october 4th!- c-section!!


    Chloe Amelia Lee P. arrived 10/4/10
    She weighed 7lbs 12 oz and was 20 inches long

    Mile stone pictures
    1 week old
    2 weeks old
    3 weeks old
    4 weeks
    5 weeks
    6 weeks

    Weight gain
    birth 7 lbs 12 oz
    leaving hospital 7lbs 9oz
    1 week 7lbs 7oz
    2weeks 8lbs 5oz
    5weeks 10lbs 5oz!!!
    9months 23lbs!

    cute random pic's of my kids Photobucket
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    Kristi's Space

    I'm 28, DH is 29. We are high school sweethearts who married after dating for 4 years. Like all relationships we have our ups and downs, but we work well together.

    We have one DD who is 2 1/2, she'll be 3 in June. She was a surprise baby, but a good surprise I had pre-e with her and was on bedrest for about 10 weeks. At 38 weeks my water broke and I had a fast labor. At 8cm they realized she was breech and I was whisked off to an unwanted c-section. She has food allergies to wheat, dairy, eggs and peanuts, although she has outgrown her allergies/sensitivities to rice, oranges, and raspberries so far, so we are hopeful to one day cross off 1-3 more of those (not sure if I dare to hope she could outgrow all 4!). She has recently been diagnosed with a recurring fever syndrome, which means once a month (approximately 4 weeks apart) she will develop a high fever with sore throat that lasts 3-4 days. She is a high needs kiddo and always has been from day 1, but is so smart and loving. A wonderful, challenging girl!

    It took us well over 2 years to decide to have another, and for the first year (ok 2 years) after DD was born, we weren't sure that we were going to have another. However, our family felt incomplete, and we decided to try for one more. I got my BFP in January, after 3 cycles of trying (I have crazy cycles that last anywhere from 18-52 days, and I don't ovulate very often, but have never been diagnosed with anything). I have had 2 ultrasounds so far, one for spotting (it was so early, we didn't really see anything) and then the usual viability ultrasound where we saw a beautiful blob with a beautiful heartbeat.

    I am planning a VBAC with a midwife at a hospital an hour away from me (closest that would allow a VBAC) and am looking forward to the breastfeeding experience again. One of the most challening, most rewarding things I have ever done!

    My worst fear is developing pre-e again, or being forced into a repeat c-section (unless it is a true emergency).
    DD1: June 2007
    DD2: September 25, 2010 - My VBAC baby (in the car!)

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    Hi, I'm Cherry, 30 married to DH for almost 5 years. We started TTC in Feb. 09, but after 3 months we had to put TTC on hold until August of 09 due to some medical issues I was having. Finally got a BFP in Oct. 09, but at my first appointment in Nov. was told I had a blighted ovum. Had the m/c on Dec. 7 of 09 and was not planning to TTC until after one period (however, we did not prevent).

    Around March 1, I started noticing some light but unusual indigestion/nausea so I POAS and it was positive. I had never gotten my period after the m/c but I kept track of every time we DTD just in case and figured I was around 4-5 weeks pregnant. I had mild nausea/indigestion for about 2 weeks, then it disappeared. This was exactly what happened with the first pregnancy so I became absolutely convinced I was having a second m/c-I even told my parents I was having another one.

    My first doctor's appointment was scheduled for March 24 and I didn't want to go in early unless I started bleeding so I just waited for that date to confirm what I already knew. When I went in, I told the doctor what I thought and she did an ultrasound. To my shock, I was pregnant with a live baby and 10 weeks along instead of the 7 or 8 I thought- apparently I got pregnant at the end of January. When the doctor told me that I had a baby inside and showed me and DH the heartbeat, I was in total shock-it was the most surreal feeling I have ever experienced. I couldn't believe it was really happening. I was so prepared for bad news that I wasn't even able to feel excited until the next day-in my head I was happy, but it didn't feel real to me until it sank in overnight! Now I am so excited, but I am also scared that something will still happen. My next appointment is April 20 at which point I will be in the second trimester so I am anxious for that appointment to come and for everything to be ok so I can feel more confident about the pregnancy.

    1st Appointment March 24, 2010. Saw Ob/Gyn and had an u/s done since I thought I was having a m/c. Saw a baby with a heartbeat!!!
    Ob/Gyn said I was measuring around 10wks, 1day. Gave me a due date of Oct. 22 which doesn't really match 10wks, 1 day, it puts me at 9 wks, 5 days or so, but I don't mind a later due date since I don't want to be induced if I go long. I guess we'll see if they change it on me later.
    Based on the only date we DTD that would work for being around 10 weeks on March 24, I would have calculated myself to be at 10 weeks, 2 days, but who knows when I O'd so her evaluation of 10wks, 1 day seems quite accurate. Weight was 166

    Unscheduled Visit-April 1, 2010, Had some bright red bleeding so panicked and called my OB. She had me come right in and did a scan. Everything was fine, baby was kicking and swimming around. Bleeding seems to have been a one time thing, really hoping it does not come back-way too scary! I did get an u/s pic out of it-poor quality and bad angle but that's my baby!!!

    Measuring 11wks, 1 day Weight was 162, must have been bloated last week.

    2nd Appointment: April 22, 2010 - Heard the heartbeat on the doppler! Scheduled the big U/S for June 1 and next appointment for May 20. Now we can share our news w/ family and friends!!!
    Weight was 162 1/2

    3rd Appointment: May 21, 2010 - Heard the hearbeat again, yay! Next appointment is June 17-I will start seeing the midwife which I am excited about! Weight was 166

    Big U/S June 1-It's a girl!!!

    4th Appointment June 17-Met with midwife. Heartbeat was 158 and weight was 171.

    5th Appointment July 15 - Everything looking and sounding good. Weight at 173. Next appointment is in 3 weeks and then I will start going every 2 weeks. Glucose test next time, yuck!

    6th Appointment August 5 (29 weeks)- Did the glucose test, they will call me if I don't pass. Also got a rhogam shot. Gained 3.5 lbs up to 176.5. Heartbeat was 148. I get to wait 3 weeks til my next appointment instead of 2 because I'm not having any issues that need close monitoring. Have another ultrasound on August 25 to look at the kidneys-they were a bit dilated on the 20 week u/s, so hoping this will have resolved.

    32 week ultrasound August 25-kidneys are now measuring with the normal range, yay! Also confirmed she still looks like a girl-I was wondering because the kidney thing is a lot more common in boys. And we got to see the baby in 3D-she kept her hands over her face most of the time but we got one shot of it:

    7th Appointment Aug. 26- Baby's heartrate was 156, blood pressure good, I passed the glucose test, everything looks good. I can wait 3 weeks again because I'm not having any problems, yay! Weight is now 180 putting me at 18 lbs total for the pregnancy-looks like I'm not going to keep it under 20 which I was hoping, but maybe I won't pass 25 lbs (fingers crossed). That means I probably shouldn't repeat last week's splurge of a gallon of chocolate milk and a box of donuts, the both of which I consumed over way too short a time! Next appointment is Sept. 16, hoping to have my birth plan to discuss w/ my midwife. Also hoping to do the hospital tour on Sept. 20, need to check w/ DH to see if that day works with his schedule.

    10 weeks, 2 days

    11 weeks, 4 days

    16 weeks, 2 days

    18 weeks, 2 days

    22 Weeks25 weeks 3 days

    26 weeks, 3 days27 Weeks, 3 Days

    30 weeks, 3 days32 weeks

    My Cabbage Test results: Red for boy! 4/10/10 (and I have been getting major boy vibes w/ this pregnancy. Can't wait to find out for sure!)

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