October Mommies Birthdays and Anniversaries and little boo's too!

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October Mommies Birthdays and Anniversaries and little boo's too!

October Mommies Birthdays, Anniversaries and Other important dates --sticky please--

January 11 Kara and Aaron's Anniversary (Kara1110)
January 22 Cole (Kris's son Krispsmith)
January 25 Anna's anniversary(annalicious)
January 31 Peggy's Birthday(peggy9)

February 9 Cameron's Birthday (Stephanie's son camerons mom)
February 21 Megan's birthday (Lily221)
February 22, 2008 --Kristin and Jeremy's anniversary (sausage toes)
February 25 Kyle Birthday (Peggy's son -peggy9)


March 9 Jen's anniversary(Jen97701)
March 16 Teagan's Birthday( Liz's daughter LizC)
March 19 LJ Birthday
March 20 ('82) Christa's Birthday (abby's.mommy)
March 29 Stephanie's anniversary (camerons mom)
March 29 Laura's Birthday (greece329)

April 1 Jenn's anniversary(jennbttr)
April 24 Peggy's anniversary (peggy9)
April 24 Sarah and Chris's anniversary (gte135)

May 8 Rachel's Birthday (Raybay58)
May 12 Ami and Abhi's anniversary (amip)
May 20 Jessica and Eric anniversary (Jereed)
May 28 ('04) Molly and Bryan's Anniversary (Mollydoll)
May 28 ('05) Stacie and Jonathan's Anniversary (smilesbaby1007)
May 28 ('05) LJ Anniversary (LJB07)
May 28 Tori Beth's Birthday (Chelle's daughter pccgirl813)

June 2 ('01) Natalie and Dan's Anniversary
June 2 Jessica's birthday (Jereed)
June 14 Ami's Birthday (amip)
June 16 (96) Kris and Bill's Anniversary (Krispsmith)
June 18 Elizabeth's birthday (Tommy_girl)

July 7 Mandy's Birthday (mandyt)
July 15 Regina's Birthday (futuremom2007)
July 19 Jen's Birthday (Jen97701)
July 20 Karen and Ray's Anniversary (MsKaren79)
July 24 Molly's Birthday (Mollydoll)
July 24 Regina and Kenneth's anniversary (futuremom2007)
July 24 Megan and Nataniel's anniversary (Lily221)
July 27 ('06) Amber and Mike anniversary (amberc727)
July 29 Kris's Birthday (krispsmith)
July 30 ('05) Mandy and Ian's anniversary (Mandyt)
July 30 Allison birthday (daughter of Anna Annalicious)
July 31 Tayna birthday (tan.mum.of.five)

August 2 Jenn's birthday (Jennbttr)
August 3 Holly's birthday (annalicious)
August 4 Tayna and Tony anniversary (tan.mum.of.five)
August 6 Erin's birthday (Jomeanin)
August 10 Erin's anniversary (Jomeanin)
August 13 Chelle's Birthday (PCCGirl813)
August 16 Karlee's Birthday (Daughter of Jen97701)
August 18 Kristen's Birthday (MissKristen)
August 22 Jenn's Birthday (Jenn12)
August 26 ('74) Liz's Birthday (LizC)
August 31 Anna's Birthday

September 7 Dusty's Birthday (dustyinwv)
September 10 Jenn's Anniversary (jenn12)
September 11 Alex Birthday (Kris's son Krispsmith)
September 11 Holly's Birthday (hismommy11)
September 15 Rachel and Jeff's Anniversary(Raybay58)

October 7 Bill birthday Kris's DH (Krispsmith)
October 9 Sarah's birthday (gte135)
October 14 Patty and Will's anniversary (pattyjc)
October 15 Elizabeth's anniversary (Tommy_girl)
October 16 Laura and John's Anniversary (Greece329)
October 16 Karen's birthday (MsKaren79)
October 18 ('75) Stacie's Bday--(Smilesbaby1007)
October 18 ('03) Liz's anniversary (Lizc)
October 22 Patty's Birthday (pattyjc)

November 3 Dusty's anniversary (dustyinwv)
November 4 Caroline birthday (Jen's daughter Jen97701)
November 10 Kara's Birthday (Kara1110)
November 13 Heather's anniversary (heth)
November 25 Steph's anniversary

December 3 ('82) -Kristin's Birthday (Sausage Toes)
December 5 Erin's sons birthday (Jomeanin)
December 12 ('78)-Natalie's Birthday (NatalieL)
December 15 Heather's Birthday (Heth)
December 16 Holly's Anniversary(Hismommy11)
December 21 Amber's Birthday (Amberc727)
December 28 Stephanie's Birthday (Cameron's mom)

Little Boos

Carrie (texsmama), Chayse Riley, September 3
Regina (futuremom2007), Annabelle Grace, September 4
Lkg4dmcrc- Cael Alexander, September 7
Lisa (~Lisa~), Georgia Signe, September 11
Robin (Bird74), Ellie Christine and Adam Nicholas, September 11
Nikki (2ndtimearoundinOct07), Ella Rae, September 17
Tiffany, (tsiebert80), Ava Jaymes, September 17
Kendall (GirlWSlingshot) Thomas Simon September 21
Patty (trishypoo), Drea Gisele, September 21
Ami (amip), Anvita, September 23
Laura, (greece329), Naomi Faith Skye, September 22
Tara (TaraJean), Owen Michael, September 23
amparker, Darian Everett, September 24
Amy (CAamyTX), Harrison Gray, September 24
Holly (bluerobinegg), Steven James, September 24
Tiffani, (Smittyznak), Jonner Allen, September 25
Stephanie (StephanietinMT), Parker Marie, September 25
Danni, (Danni1)- Madison, September 26
Kristin (sausage toes), Kenlee Hope, September 26
Crista (Lawmom13), Robert Diego, September 26
Amanda (teacher6264), Luke Matthew, September 27
Chelle (PCCGirl813), Lucas Mark, September 28
Amber (Amberella), Nathaniel John, September 30
Julie (sweetpetunia), Genevieve Elizabeth, September 30


Jayme (rob_jaymetrojan), Jude Isaiah, October 1
twinmommy2b, twin boys, October 1
Missy, (missy008 ), Amber Paige, October 1
Amy, Mommy2AMG, Riley, October 1
Sue (playwithlights), Gwen, October 2
Emma(lewanna), Josie, October 2
Rachel ( raybay58 ), Amaya Ashlynn Reese, October 2
Veronica (VCoates), Alexander Shaun, October 2
Tanya (tan.mum.of.four), Charlie Jaye, October 3
Amber (AmberC727), Evan Gabriel, October 3
Kara (kara110), Amina Florence, October 3
Shruti (Mom2beOct2007) , Aariv, October 3
Liz (mom2be), Alexander Robert, October 3
Peggy (Peggy9), Chloe Madison, October 3
Mandy (MandyT), Colin Patrick, October 4
Erin, (Jomeanin), Alina Piper, October 4
Patty, (PattyJC), William Edward, October 5
Morel_baby, Ava Morgan, October 6
Hooch (Hooch), Matthew, October 6
Nicole (ndougherty), Cora Lucille, October 7
Karen (kaiasmama), Jamil Aidan, October 7
Jenny (Jenhal), Mackenzie Jane), October 7
Erin, (rollerwings), John Gabriel, October 8
Dawn (dawnmaries1stbaby), Sabrina, October 8
Jackie (SouthFloridaMommy2Be), Alexis Nicole, October 8
Holly (HollyBerry3), Molly Elizabeth, October 8
Elizabeth (tommy_girl), Leonardo Joseph, October 8
Molly (MSM724), Isaac Matthew, October 9
Jenn (jennbttr), Emily Lynn, October 9
Melissa (LissyKay), Liddie Gail, October 10
LJ, (LJB07), Evan John, October 10
Rebecca (rkcs), John Elijah, October 10
Jenn (Jenn12), Spencer, October 10
Stacie (smilesbaby007), Wesley Owen, October 11
Jenn (Jenn12), Spencer James Isaiah, October 11
Kristen(MissKristen) Jason Timothy, October 11
Sarah (gte135h), Caroline Marie, October 12
FIRSTBABY123, Kent Allen, October 12
Jen, (jennelyn), Madeline, October 12
Lil, (lil96), Virginia, October 12
Megan, (lily221) Annika, October 13
LilnDera, Crystal Rose, October 14
Alissa (hedgehog), Presley, October 14
Karen (austynrj79), Chloe Nicole, October 16
Miranda (Day80), Harrison, October 16
Sandy (enchantedlife), Nicholas Ishaan, October 17
Deenie (NestinginNY), Riley Helen, October 17
Shelly (ShellyKP), Spencer Timothy, October 17
Jessica (Jereed) Hayden, October 17
Jenn (VTAlum01), Ayden Ali, October 18
Jen (Jen97701), Kaden John, October 18
Kris (krispsmith), Drew, October 18
Anne (abkinsey), William Allen, October 19
Holly (hismommy1), Cayden Matthew, October 19
Natalie (NatalieL), Thomas Anthony, October 19
Melissa (rynkysmom), Blain Allen, October 19
Jellybelle, Cal, October 19
Dusty(DustyinWV), Scout, October 19
Anna (annalicious), Bridget Grace, October 20
Regina (ReginaBFly), Benjamin Daniel, October 21
Michelle (tryingafter10yrs), Jason Michael, October 21
Christa (abby's.mommy), Abigail Ruth, October 22
Stephanie(Cameron's mom) Wyatt, October 22
Shelley (jesebelle), Arland Jace, October 23
Liz (LizC), Zachary Robert, October 23
Susan (susan777), Macy Brynn, October 24
Christine (cjasy21), Alexis Faith, October 24
Laura (Foreverlbsis), Lucy Lynn, October 25
Heather (Momof4As), Ava Leigh, October 26
Stephanie (rolla_mom), Abigail Marie, October 27
Valerie (ImogenSky), Ramona Soliel, October 28
mks1223, Kayla Faith, October 28
Jess (KunmingJess), Dylan Christopher, October 29
Lena (Pickle in Middle), Parker James, October 29
Maria (rhythmsofgrace), Shiloh Michelle, October 29
Heather (heth) Vienna, October 30

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December 3 ('82)- Kristin's Birthday
February 22 ('08 )- Kristin and Jeremy's Anniversary

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Hi ladies! I thought we would start a birthday and anniversary list so that we can start birthday threads.

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"smilesbaby1007" wrote:

Hi ladies! I thought we would start a birthday and anniversary list so that we can start birthday threads.

Love it!

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great idea!

12/7/78 - my birthday
6/2/2001 - anniversary

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Awesome idea!
Rachel's Birthday 5/8
Anniversary 9/15

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my bday january 31st
Kyles bday feb 25th
chloes oct 3
anniversary april 24

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Ami's b'day - June 14th
Anniversary, Ami & Abhi - 12th May
gr8 idea...love it Biggrin

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September 7--Dusty's birthday (not happy about having my Dirty Thirty this year)
October 19--Scout b-day
November 3--Anniversary


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Jenn's birthday - Aug 22 (30 this year!)
Spencer's birthday - Oct 10
Anniversary - Sept 10

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Stephanie's B-Day: Dec 28
Anniv: Mar 29

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July 15 - Regina's Birthday
July 24 - Kenneth and Regina Anniversary

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You are going to have to PM Missy J and ask for her to sticky. I don't know if it will happen so you will have to just copy and paste it until the sickies are back up.

THanks for doing this!

Mandyt's birthday July 7th
Mandy and Ian's anniversary July 30th 2005

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vienna's bday 10/30/07
mine 12/15
anniversary 11/13

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November 10- Kara's bday
January 11- Aaron and Kara's anniv


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oct 3rd was a big day for babies Blum 3

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My birthday is 8/26/74
My anniversary is 10/18/03

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bday 8/13
anniv 8/30

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Also add Wyatt to the little boo b-day list 10/22/07

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My birthday 08/06
My anniversary 08/10

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Birthday 10/22
Anniversary 10/14

Can you tell October is a special month around my house?? Biggrin

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"smilesbaby1007" wrote:

Christa (greynpisces), Abigail Ruth, October 22

I am now (Abby's.Mommy) and my birthday is March 20th 1982 please add, thank you!

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kris 7/29
DH Bill 10/7
the rest is in my siggy

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My bday is Aug 2nd.....and my anniverary is April 1st. Smile

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"Peggy9" wrote:

oct 3rd was a big day for babies Blum 3

It sure was Wink

Charlie - 3 October
My Birthday - 31 July
Tony and Tanya Anniversary - 4 August

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Could you add ours too please?

Jessica and DH anniversary May 20
Jessica Bday June 2
Hayden Bday Oct. 17

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You already have Kaden's b-day up there (thank you!). My birthday is 7/19, and DH and my anniversary is 3/9. Great idea!!!

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my b-day: 6/18
my anni: 10/15

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my birthday: 12/21
Amber & Mike's Anniversary: 7/27/06

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Good idea!!
Hollys birthday is 3rd August.

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Thanks for this!

My birthday- Aug 31st
Alison's birthday- July 30th
Stephanie's birthday- Nov 25th
Our anniversary- Jan 25th


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Kristen's b-day 8/18
Jason Timothy 10/11

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Hello! You can add us, too!
Megan's birthday - 2/21
Megan & Nathaniel's annvy - 7/24/04
Annika's bday (LO) - 10/13/07

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Please add me too...i don't know how I missed this!!!

4/24 - Sarah & Chris (DH) Anniversary
10/9 -Sarah (gte135h) Birthday

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Thank you for putting Naomi's bithday on here... Please add my anniversary to DH
Laura & John - October 16th

and my birthday is
March 29th

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Can I add my b-day and anniversary Wink

My b-day October 16

Karen & Ray Anniversary July 20

Thanks Smile