Our May 2009 Ducklings
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    Default Our May 2009 Ducklings

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    Tiny One

    How very often I have dreamed
    A world of perfect bliss
    To be the mother of a boy
    Or of a tiny miss.
    To hold its tiny hands in mine
    To count its tiny toes
    And then to place a tiny kiss
    Upon its tiny nose.
    To hold it very close to me
    Warm against my breast
    To gaze into its tiny face
    Sleeping and at rest.
    Oh, what could be more perfect
    Or what could hold more bliss,
    Than to be a mother of a boy
    Or of a tiny miss.

    By Elizabeth Anna Fetters (Pachella)

    March 22

    Princess Leia/Carrie Dylan Marley Delilah

    KittenChops/Riss Tira and Chase

    April 5

    anns_angels/Andrea Tylor Henry Kenneth and Alexandrea KayLynn

    April 13

    Kenziesmama07/Jamie Brynna Paige

    April 14

    kristenlew / Kristen William Lewis

    April 16

    nasus84/Susan Melanie Lynn and Naomi Elaine

    April 17

    rachelperry1983/Rachel Jake

    April 19

    fudd8963/Tara Addison Bree and Brooke Isabella

    April 21

    Jessianne223/Jessi Samuel McClain (Sam)

    April 28

    MattiesMommy/Emily Morgan Isabella

    April 29

    RebeccaA'07/Rebecca Kaylin Gayle

    alyny/Alyson Finnian Henry

    Lovelightandinsight/Lizzy Miles John

    MommyJannah/Jana Delaney Anne

    May 1

    Pammi41125/Pam Kaitlyn Jane

    May 2

    lauriem822/Laurie Evan Jerome

    AK2663/Anne Beverly Grace "Gracieā€

    LullabyMommy/Ginny Samuel Dale

    May 3

    Gardenbug/Nana Marie Ivy Rayne

    May 5

    ColesMom1/Kelly Trey Jackson

    May 6

    Suzie-0225 / Suzie Emily Grace

    Laberglund/Lisa Hannah Elise

    GoVikes/Kirsten Anneliese Kira

    May 8

    AmberA/Amber Hailey Alejandra

    bethlynne/Bethlynne Phineas

    May 9

    jen_in_wa/Jen Chalen Richard

    mrslauriejean/Laurie Ellaina Lin

    May 13

    Vegasgrl/Terri Sarah Elizabeth

    May 14

    jnjebrown/Nicole Emily Elizabeth

    kjames106/Kristina Lily Faith

    onetiredmomma/Nikki Jack Lloyd

    Alikat30/Alison Erin Elizabeth

    May 15

    VTAlum01/Jenn Mina Grace

    kirsteng/kirsten Grady John

    boilermaker/Audra Alexandra Rae

    May 16

    kristin1012/ kristin Brody Thomas

    May 17

    schulzie/Sonja Olivia Catherine

    Sheanaalanna/Sheana Desiree Presley

    drewsmom1/Amanda Caitlin Iris

    Tina E. /Tina Logan Dean ChueFue

    May 18

    zoe08/Kalee Mason Richard

    May 20

    Mom2A&Bean/Stephanie Emma Isabella Claire

    May 21

    MarineCorpsBaby/Amber Mackenzie Maye

    May 22

    janelle08/Janelle Elayna Hayden

    May 27

    Readyforbaby1/Julie Michael Edward

    May 28

    ChristaPhillips/Christina Cody Thomas

    June 4

    lippy_woman Kai Adrian

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