Outlaw the blue dye tests!!!! Read me now now now!!!

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Thread: Outlaw the blue dye tests!!!! Read me now now now!!!

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    Default Outlaw the blue dye tests!!!! Read me now now now!!!

    At the urging of our members (and a recent horrific experience myself) we are starting a NO BLUE DYE campaign here on our board. we urge all members, new and old alike, to STEP AWAY from the blue dye tests!!!!

    WHAT are Blue Dye tests?

    Blue dye tests are the ones that use a blue ink rather than a pink or red ink for their lines. typically (although not always) blue dye tests will use a +, - sign method for pregnancy detection. The horizontal "control" line is visible before you even pee on the stick, with a "vertical" line indicating pregnancy.

    Brands offering "blue dye" tests are including but not limited to:

    Clearblue Easy
    Fact Plus
    Inverness (or Target)
    Equate (or Walmart)
    One Step (Walgreens)
    Also, there are MANY many "knock off" discount store brands that offer these (like Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, etc...)

    WHY? Why should we stay away from these tests???

    Sad to say, these tests FAR too often yield false positives. And we are NOT talking 12 hours later, maybe an evap positive... we are talking within the 3 minute limit -sure as you can be- no doubt in my mind- positives. Heartbreaking results for every woman trying their best to concieve. Here is a PERFECT example of a blue dye test gone bad. This was taken at 11 DPO, and picture was taken around the 5 minute mark (well under the 10 minutes they suggest for "disgregarding results.") The person taking this tested had AF show full force the very next day.

    Here is an expirement done by the Peeonastick.com lady (gotta lover her!) She did not yield the same results, but its a great testimony to the ambiguity of the test itself:


    HOW many people are getting these false positives?

    Well, I have tried to research some statistics. But all I can gather really is spotty information from here and there (mostly other bulletin board posts.) I will keep looking, but in the meantime, I encourage ALL members who have had a negative experience to post on this thread! Share your story with us! Perhaps we can be the first to gather some statistics! Encourage the ladies on your others boards to come post here as well!

    Here is a link to another thread we have with even more heartbreaking stories! CLICK ME
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    Yes, I say OUTLAW them. LOL I had 3 false positives last month and went to the dr only to find out i was not preggers.

    Ban Them NOW!!!
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    I don't have a pic anymore, but after my DH died and I was really trying to NOT be pregnant for obvious reasons, my periods STOPPED. Peed on a stick (blasted BLUE dye one) and I got a very much there BLUE positive line. Talk about FML. Wasn't pregnant thank GOD. Was diagnosed with PCOS though. After getting remarried and overcoming my widowness, I am now pregnant with a very much planned and wanted baby.


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    I no longer have the pictures, but in late July, early August, I had 5 faint positive lines on Wal-mart's Equate first response knock off.

    The lines were not there before I dipped the stick.. the lines showed up as soon as the urine passed them, they got a little darker as the 2 minutes were up, but not dark enough to be definitive. I had bought a 3 pack, and the first test made me nervous, so I took a second one with FMU. Same result. I took the third with afternoon urine and it wasn't quite as dark as the first two, leading me to believe I was pregnant. Not to mention, who gets three evaps right in a row.. especially in the time limit?!. I purchased the real FRER test (pink dye) and it was negative. I purchased another box (don't know why) of the Equate tests and got two more positive lines definitely within the time frame.

    I then went to the doc and got a neg urine test and a neg blood test (less than 2 hcg count -- I had 5 when I was 6 weeks out of my m/c).

    I will never buy a blue dye again.
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    Thats what my line looked like! Damn Target brand tests! I swear, the 2nd line showed up and went away on BOTH tests!!

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    I am yet another victim of these horrible tests. After doing an IUI cycle and taking a test at 13DPO I got one of these said lines, all with in the time limit. AF arrived the very next day.

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    I am confused I thought the blue dye test at least the walmart brand it had to be a + sign, not just a blue control line.? I may be wrong Sure I am LOl, Someone fill me in. I prefer the First response thats what I used when I found out I was pregnant with my son (now 10 mon)
    *tmi* I was afraid I would mess it up so I peed in a cup, I could barley pee lol not even enough to fully saturare the test and It showed within 5 secs 2 dark PINK lines and i did the 2nd test and the same results. I am currently TTC again in the 2ww So I will be picking up some FRER YAY....I am so excited We sooo want a girl.

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    I've had at least 3 separate occasions where I had a second blue line, and was most definitely NOT pregnant. It was heartbreaking, the one test was *so* clear, at least it seemed to me. Took a FRER the following day after being up all night thinking I was pregnant...BFN. I don't have that one where the blue was more like your pic above, I have the latest one from probably 4 cycles ago.....

    They are HORRIBLE and should most surely be taken off the market!!!!

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    Default Take the Blue Dye HPT Test Poll!

    In addition to the experience thread, I thought I would set up a simple poll as well. I will be spamming the other boards here, hoping to get more ladies to share their experiences with us!

    So please, take the poll... and if you DO have a story to share (with pics is EVEN better, lol) please do share it on OUTLAW THE BLUE DYE TEST!! (Just click that link and it will take you right to it!

    I am very excited to see what results we have!
    I'm back, baby.

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    I have never gotten a false positive, but wanted to share what a real positive may look like. This was also taken about 1 week past AF due arrival.
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