PAL's Lost Loves

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PAL's Lost Loves

This is a work in progress, so excuse the mess!
This is the place to remember your lost loves/angels. If you want to be added to the list, please post your username, name (if you wish to include it), the date of loss, EDD (if you want it included), and a brief (no more than one line) description of your loss. I also think it would be a good thing if every one who wished to share more, would post a longer version of their loss story.

Also, please remember to remove your siggies!

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Rachelrazzle (Rachel)
edd 22 Mar 2008
Loss: Sep 2008 (9wks)
Blighted ovum

edd 29 Dec 2008
loss: 30 May 2008
Our baby's heart stopped beating at 8wks.

ETA, this is probably a thread that should have siggies removed. Wink

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Aimee (formerly Olivia's mum)
edd 6 June 2008
Loss 12 December 2007
at almost 15 weeks

Our precious little boy went to sleep when his umbilical cord "overcoiled" cutting off his blood supply from his placenta to his little body...

He will forever be loved and remembered by his mummy..

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isabellabambina (Chris)
Early m/c's
Loss: Jan 2002 (5 weeks) chemical pregnancy
Loss: May 2002 (11 weeks) missed miscarriage
Loss: Nov 2002 (9 weeks) spontaneous miscarriage
Loss: Mar 2003 (7 weeks) blighted ovum

Our angel
EDD Nov 3, 2005
Birthday Aug 21, 2005 (30 weeks gestation)
Rocco Alexander was with us for 6 days fighting for his life. He was delivered early due to an infection that mommy had. He got the infection and he developed pneumonia.

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Sarah, mum to:

^i^ Zane - Born 16 October 2006 by crash c-section after a bleed and low heartrate. Died 17 October 2006 after fighting for 36 hours. Caused by undiagnosed Vasa Praevia

^i^ Ada - Born still on 7 September 2007 at 25 weeks. Cause unknown.

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2Denise1010 (Denise)
Spontaneous Miscarriage @ 6 weeks in 12/05
Angel baby, Jasmine, born 9/16/2006 with a blood clot in her lungs. Died 10/1/2006

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TTCDakota (Andrea)
2 Early losses:

1st Loss: 3/19/01 12wks 1day
EDD 10/1/2001

2nd Loss: 12/7/07 8wks 5days
EDD 7/19/2008

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My loss was at 9 weeks:
D&C: 1/29/08
EDD: 8/30/08

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Username: rubber_da_glove
Name: Sarah
Date of loss: 21st Jan 2008
EDD:8th August

baby was lost to a missed m/c at 10 weeks although baby died at 6wks 5days. I knew something was wrong at 6wks but I didn't want to admit it.

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kmg74 (Kelly)

2 Losses:

1st Loss: 9/6/06 7wks
2nd Loss: 2/22/07 10 wks

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Heidi (mrsschepp)
EDD: 12-14-08
Went to Heaven: 4-24-08 @7weeks
Our devestating loss after 4 beautiful sons.

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:angel7: at 13 weeks 1/26/07

I lost my angel at 13 weeks, though he measured 10--exactly the same as when we saw his heartbeat on the u/s. I named him Daniel.

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3 losses:

June 2001 @ 14 weeks-baby only measured 8 weeks. EDD 12/8/01

Dec 2007 @ 8 weeks-no heartbeat EDD 7/28/08

Vanishing twin discovered @ 8 weeks, gone at 10 weeks...Mar 2008

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EDD 10/10/2006
My angel went to heaven 3/03/2006, missed miscarriage at 6weeks 3 days.

Mommy loves and misses you

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Melissa (OneLuckyLady)
EDD 02/10/2008
Loss 06/23/07 @ 7 weeks 5 days
We had a feeling that the baby was a boy so we named him Nathan.
Mommy loves you.

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M/C @ 12 wks 6 days - February 6th 2007
Partial Molar Pregnancy
Underwent testing until Feb 2008 to make sure HCG dropped and stayed negative. A long journey..

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little love lost at 8 weeks, 5 days
EDD May 17,2008
No explanation...just that baby had stopped growing. Sad

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Rusty_Scotland - Corinna

Lost our Little Bean (I miss it everyday) at 7 weeks exactly
22 May 2008 EDD 10 Jan 2009

No explainations - just did't keep growing

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Dawn (Sandy)

Lost Baby at 9 weeks through m/c, cause unknown, on July 1st, 2008.
Survived by (surprise) twin, discovered via u/s on 8/22/2008, EDD 2/01/2009.

Each day is just one day closer to the time I get to meet my sweet Baby in Heaven....

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Eva and Erny

Lost our little love at 11w2d on April 18, 2008
EDD: November 5, 2008
I had a feeling she was a little girl. Always in our hearts!

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Our little angel grew wings @8wks April 5th 08
EDD 14th November 08
Ectopic Pregnancy our angel was growing in my left tube which they had to remove... Forever in my heart!

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Baby lost at 11 weeks 27/08/08
EDD 18/03/09

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13 weeks
Date of loss: Christmas Eve 2007
Her name was Cameron, no heartbeat via ultrasound. Suspected Trisomy 18.

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mrs.k (Jade)
Baby lost 5-16-08 at 10 wks
EDD 12-12-08

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No HB on June 20th, 2008 at 8 weeks
D&C: June 26th, 2008 at 9 weeks.

EDD: Late Jan 2009

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Noah Zakiah

I lost him when he was 6 months old. He was born with weak blood vessels in the brain that we were unaware of. He was so healthy and cheerful as far as we seen. I miss him so much. He passed away January 15th, 2009. I'm pregnant and so not ready.

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Becky & Craig
Parents of Atanasia
Lost 9/2/09
Missed miscarriage discovered at 16 weeks even though baby's heart stopped at 13 weeks (EDD 2/2010), scheduled for D&E but my body ended up naturally expelling her the same morning of the op while still at home. She died due to Potter's Syndrome (no kidneys), cause unknown. We had her cremated & had a short but lovely prayer service for her at my family's local church.

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Jamie Christian went to be with the Angels on 04/02/07
EDD 11/24/07
Cervical ectopic pregnancy

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mama-lion (Megan)

Baby Winter - lost December 30, 2009
EDD July 2010
Tubal ectopic

Lost August 11, 2009
EDD Feb 19, 2010
Spontaneous miscarriage at 12 weeks. Started bleeding and cramping, no one know why...

Henry Emmett
Lost hours after birth, October 18, 2008
Henry had CDH (Congenital Diaphramatic Hernia) and was born unable to breathe.
He is buried in the Storybook Gardens section of the central municipal cemetery.

We love and miss you all so much.

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desmondkr (Kate)
My angel Jordan
lost 10/15/2009
Edd April 2010

Missed miscarriage at 13 week appointment discovered (9/28/2009) by ultrasound, heartbeat stopped around 11 weeks, D&C performed on October 15, 2009.