The Pumpkin Patch & November Raindrops (Update spaces for LO's)
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Thread: The Pumpkin Patch & November Raindrops (Update spaces for LO's)

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    Default The Pumpkin Patch & November Raindrops (Update spaces for LO's)

    Use this space like you did your original space. We want to keep up with our little one's and if I had been on the ball like I should've I would have put this up, oh, say 10 months-ish ago so we could have been updating on our LO's all along. But since I'm a slacker mod, you get it, it's just 10 months later than it should be

    Same rules as before. Please leave siggy's off, use your edit to add things to your space, this is a no comment thread, you know the drill. And Please, Please, Please, post pictures as

    Here is the link to the original October Spaces thread that is now kept in the Keepers forum just so we have it in a sticky still

    And Here is the link to the original November Spaces thread.
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    Default Lyla's Space!


    Lyla Klaire
    October 6, 2010
    7lb, 3oz
    18 3/4 inches
    7:02 am

    Still baking:

    Right after she was born:

    First Thanksgiving:

    First Christmas:

    First Easter:



    Month by Month

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    Default Aiden's Baby Space!

    Aiden's Baby Space!

    Aiden's Accomplishments
    Rolling over from back to front: 1 week, 5 days old 11/14/10
    2 week appt: 9lb 1oz, 21 ½” long, 15” head
    cooing: 6 weeks
    social smiling: 5 weeks (to dad)
    first social smile to mom: 6 weeks exactly
    2 month appt: 12lb 13oz, 22 ½” long, 16 ½” head
    First Laugh: 10 weeks!
    First toy grabbed: Hanging monkey with ring at 10 weeks
    Picked up a toy by himself and tried to eat it: 11 weeks (1/20/11)
    Finally tolerates tummy time and lifts himself up on his elbows!: 12 weeks
    Flipped tummy to back (but unable to duplicate it again lol): 13 weeks
    Flipped back to tummy (awake and several times!): 14 weeks, 6 days (2/14/11)
    Flipping back to tummy and then tummy to back: 15 weeks, 5 days (2/20/11)
    4 month stats (3/3/11): 15lb 9oz, 25" long 17” head.
    Starts using rolling as a mode of transportation: 3/4/11
    First food: Homemade pureed weet potatoes! 4/10/11
    6 month appt (5/2/11): 17lbs, 11oz. 27” long. 17 ¾” head. Meeting or exceeding all milestones!
    Caught sitting unassisted!: 5/3/11
    7 months: Starts low crawling for transportation!
    First tooth: 7 months, 2 weeks, 4 days (bottom middle left)
    9 month appt (8/8/11): 19lbs, 14oz. 28.5” long. 18.5” head. Meeting and exceeding fine motor skills. Tries to tell me he’s behind in gross motor skills because he’s not standing. Ha!
    Pulled up for the first time without immediately falling over: 8/16/11
    Slept through the night for the first time: 8/17/11
    Starts to cruise along the furniture: 8/29/11
    10 months: Caught crawling on all 4s - finally!
    Figures out how to climb one of his toys: 9/13/11 Eek.
    First “solo” art project: 9/19/11 He explored markers on white paper.

    Birth Day!

    First Thanksgiving:

    One Month:

    First Christmas:

    Two Months:

    Three Months:

    Four Months:

    Five Months:

    First Food:

    First Airplane Trip (flew to Las Vegas!):

    First Easter:

    Six Months:

    Seven Months:

    Eight Months:

    Nine Months:

    Ten Months:
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    Default Erin & Teagan's Space


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    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

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    First Birthday:
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    My Natalies Spot!
    Mom of 3 beautiful babes!
    1 mth 6mth, 11mth

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    Follow my life here!!
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    Ronin's road to one and beyond

    Here I am a couple of weeks old.
    Hi, my names Ronin Francis Noel S_______. I know a big name for a little guy, but this is how Mummy and Daddy came up with it
    Ronin- Mummy was reading a book one day set in Japan and there was a ronin as a main character. Daddy loves all things Japanese and Mummy mentioned the name to him and he loved it.
    Francis Noel- These are my two great grandfather's names. My uncle has them as his middle names as well. Mummy has always said she would give these names to her first son, especially if that son was the first boy on either side, and I was.

    My Mummy wrote a huge long birth story (which she will eventually link to, but she is slack right now) but the gist of it is I was born on 27 September 2010. I was a stubborn little guy and refused to turn around from breech (Mummy says I am a typical male who on't stop and ask for directions) so Mummy had to have a c section. Mummy says I was an itty bitty at 6lbs 8oz.
    Heres Mummy and I while I was still in hospital. It's the day I was born

    My first professional photo shoot at 5 weeks old

    I was baptised on 5 December 2010. Can you believe my Grandad and all his siblings, Mummy, my uncle and most of their cousins were all baptised in this gown as well

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