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Sapphire Spaces

September Sapphire Baby Spaces!

A place for all of our Sapphire moms to share:
:neonflower: Pregnancy Photos/Info
:neonflower: Baby's Birth Story
:neonflower: Photos and Stats as Our Babies Grow

A few rules to keep in mind:
:!: Please turn off your siggy. You are welcome to add any tickers to your space you'd like though!
:!: NO comments! Feel free to post your new pics in a separate thread on the board so we can ooh and ahh appropriately, though!
:!: Only one space per member. When you want to add something, please edit your original space by clicking the "Edit" button at the bottom of the post.
:!: Finally, safety first! When posting pictures or other information, please make sure it doesn't include anything like last names, addresses, etc that could make it easy for someone to discover your real-life location or other details.

Eventually, our pregnancy spaces thread will be moved to the Keepers board. I will post a link to it here so you can still refer back to it! Here is our current pregnancy spaces thread:

~~Sapphire Arrivals~~
(Click on the momma's screen name to jump to that Sapphire Space)

June 22
Nicole (BrightEyes)
:angel7:Kailey Nicole (June 22-July 6)
13" long

August 1
Erin (tinker_toy88 )
4lbs 11 oz

4lbs 8oz

August 4
Dani (Danifo)
Vanessa Christine
4lbs 11oz

August 12
Melissa (lamonsgrl)
Carter Blake
8lbs 9oz

August 18
Cheryl (cherylfhorn)
Jayden Patrick
5lbs 15oz

August 20
Laura (LauraMae78 )
Kendra Marie
6lbs 2oz

August 23
Erin (bamsmom)
Leah Claire
7lbs 7oz

Jocelyn Kate
6lbs 10oz

August 28
Mandi (mandi04)
Isaiah David
7lbs 5oz

August 29
Janelle (Nell4Him)
Evelyn Janelle
7lbs 0oz

September 1
Sonia (SoniaNoemi138 )
Thalia Elizabeth
3lbs 15oz

September 2
Mari (synergy05)
Maya Sophia
?lbs ?oz

Erin (ekcanada)
Kyla Rae
6lbs 9oz

Julia (Chimmy)
7lbs 4oz

September 3
Kristina (BloomingRose)
Alyssa Renee
7lbs 10.5oz

September 5
Melissa (MelissaLynn13)
Logan Johnathan
8lbs 13oz

September 6
Heather (heatherliz2002)
William Ronan
7lbs 6oz

Krista (krista83)
Bradley David
5lbs 12oz

Kaylee Marie
?lbs ?oz

September 8
Lori (LizzyLaw06)
Addisyn Jade
8lbs 11oz

Emily (indianajones)
Eleanor Riley
7lbs 13oz

September 10
Chelsea (cmoriarty)
Molly Nicole
7lbs 5oz

September 11
Stacy (stacet947)
7lbs 1oz

September 12
Katie (Disneykat)
6lbs 7oz

September 13
Star (starflyr)
Cassandra Rose
6lbs 11oz

Robyn (getbuff63)
Jackson Ryder
8lbs 15oz

Brittany (BlackMoon)
Chloe Elizabeth

September 14
Whendi (dewittmba)
Julia Christine Hope
9lbs 8oz

Kalee (zoe08 )
6lbs 7oz

September 15
Wendy (AirForceWife1)
Selah Elianah
7lbs 13oz

Katie (katielee83)
Bode Warren
8lbs 2oz

Libby (Barbee06)
Kelsey Ashton
7lbs 7oz

Kat (Cherrykitten)
Reagan Jean
8lbs 1oz

September 19
Rachel (PeppermintPatty)
Daniel Robert
9lbs 2oz

Sarah (ceres)
8lbs 11oz

September 21
Sally (CanadianaSally)
8lbs 9oz

September 22
Prudence (Prudence)
Flynn Joshua
8lbs 3oz

September 26
Amanda (MandyMommyto1)
Elise Victoria
7lbs 13oz

September 27
Joni (jonibug)
6lbs 10oz

Scilla (Scilla)
Kyan Ashton
9lbs 15oz

Jen (skylersmomma)
Kesler Edward Albert
7lbs 1oz

September 29
Cristina (Maelani)
Jacob Henry
9lbs 6.6oz

October 1
Meghan (Roobear)
Audrey Elizabeth
7lbs 1oz

Beth (bethmcd_22)
?lbs ?oz

October 4
Heather (mom22sofar)
Lachlan Jason
8lbs 4oz

October 6
Lenora (nori_garsi)
Christopher Allan (C.J.)
8lbs 6oz

October 11
Stephanie (epiclesis)
Damien Joseph
8lbs 2oz

Official Tallies
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Girls: 28

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Vanessa Christine 33w5d
Pregnancy: Had heavy spotting 6w-12w but other than that was pretty uneventful. My water unexpectedly broke Saturday July 30th at 33 weeks. I had no contractions/dilation/effacement. However, I was told I was in the hospital until I delievered. After 1-2 days, they decided to induce me at 34 weeks.

Labour Story:
All day Wednesday my back was hurting a little. I thought it was from sitting on my butt too much and I was reading my e-books on the laptop because my e-reader charger never made it to the hospital. I thought maybe that made me sit wierd and also I hadn't pooped since Monday. Nothing too bad.

Around 11 I decided to go to try to go to sleep and I couldn't get comfortable. I got up to pee a whole bunch and tossed and turned a lot. By 2:30 am I thought it was getting worse but there were no contractions, it just hurt. I buzzed the nurse to see if it was back labour or just a pain in my back. She got me some Tylenol and paged the dr to see if they should monitor me. By now i do feel like I'm getting contractions. It either hurts a lot or hurts so much that I want to jump out of my skin. Evenutally she comes back and sets me up on the monitor. After 20 minutes of monitoring, there are no contractions showing up on the monitor but she decides I seem like I am having them so she pages the Dr again. By the time the doctor gets there, the monitor picks up little random contractions. To me it feels like every 2 minutes lasting for 90s. The doctor decides to check me because despite the monitor, I am obviously having problems. At 3:25 am I am 4 cm and I phone my DH. They call for a stretcher to wheel me down to L&D. By the time that gets there, the contractions are making me very sick and I can't see how I can go much more. I couldn't even put on my slippers when getting onto the stretcher. I get into the L&D room and I am hot and hurt. I also need to pee so I go to the bathroom, pee and have a small poop. I had a lot of trouble moving to get off the toilet but at some point I realized that i had to or I was in danger of having the baby on the toilet.

I stumble out of the bathroom and say I can't do this anymore and need the epidural. The nurse says she will call once she can get the monitor placed. Unlike every other time, she cannot find the heart beat. At this point, there is a little voice in my head that is concerned but the voice that is shouting at this time just says make it stop hurting. She looks for over 5 minutes. Around 4am I manage to ask, how do I know if I need to push. She asks if I think I need to and i say I think so. She finds the heartbeat very very very low and pulls back my panties to start the check and she doesn't even touch me, she just says that the baby is crowning and to not push. Another nurse comes in immediately and the OB is shortly after and the team from the NCIU. DH walked in the room and got to the side of the bed and I pushed with the next contraction.

After 1 push, Vanessa Christine was born at 4:06 am at 4lbs 11oz. After I delivered the placenta, they said I had a placenta abruption which was the cause of the back pain.

Thank God that my mom was here because if DH had to do anything with DD1 like drop her off at the neighbours, he would have missed the delivery.

Day 2- CPAP out
Day 3 -6 under lights for jaundice
Day 5 - IV out; onto full volume feeds!
Day 6 - moved to the intermediate room
Day 8 - moved to bassinet
Day 11 - First bath

Basically we are waiting for her to decide that she is able to use her mouth. She does latch but I get about 3-6 sucks over 5 minutes and then she falls asleep for hours. They bottle feed about 3 times a day and she drinks 1/3-1/2 of the bottle. They are alternating gavage (tube) feeding and mouth feeding because after she mouth feeds, she sleeps through the next feeding. She needs to be able to do all feedings by mouth before they will release her. Everything looks good and I am confident she will be able to BF eventually but it will take awhile. Pumping is going fine although I hate it. The best thing I bought was a bra that allows me to double pump. Day 1 I got 6 mLs and now I average 600 mLs.

Day 15 - Over 5 lbs Smile Now we can use our car seat when we go home.

Day 17 - First full nursing session!

Day 19 - She won't keep her tube in to eat so they are waiting and seeing how it goes. So far not great Sad but hopefully she clues in and starts eating more.

Day 23 - Home Smile

08/04/2011 birth 4lbs 11oz 17 inches
08/29/2011 4 weeks 5lbs 14oz 19 inches
10/19/2011 11 weeks 8 lbs 8oz 21.5 inches
11/17/2011 15w1d. 9 lbs 14oz
12/14/2011 4 months 10 lbs 14 oz 23 inches
12/30/2011. 4m3w. 11 lbs 11 oz. 23.5 inches

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Birth Story:
Mon 8/8 (36wk 4days)- Dr appt, cervix closed. Packed my hospital bag and got extra things together for Carter. I was having some cramping as I went to bed. Woke up at 1:30am contracting.
Tues 8/9 (36wk 5days)- Contracted all Monday night every 2-6 minutes or so. I sent my OB's nurse a text around 10am and she told me to come in to be seen. Once we got to the dr office, I couldn't walk, talk, or breath through contractions. He checked me and I was 1-2cm. He told me that I could go walk and see if that progressed things along and come back at 4pm to be rechecked. I really didn't walk alot so when I went back, my cervix hadn't changed. So, we went home to wait it out.
Wed 8/10 (36wk 6days)- Pretty uneventful. Just the normal contractions that I had been having for all those weeks before hand.
Thurs 8/11 (37wk)- Normal contractions again during the day. Woke up around 1:30am contracting again. Every 2-3 min. Throughout the contractions, I was texting DH to let him know what was going on since he was at work. Just decided to wait it out for a while.
Fri 8/12 (37wk 1day)- Contractions still going on. Sent the OB's nurse a text. She talked to him and he wanted to me go to L&D. So, we left around 9:30 or so. Once we got checked in, the nurse (Lora) checked me and I was still 1-2 cm. So, I stayed to be monitored for a while. I was contracting every 2-3 min. OB came in around 11:30. After discussing me being a previous c/s, GBS+, and contracting so regularly, we decided that the best thing to do was have a baby! I was completely freaked out. I had brought all my bags and was ready, but I wasn't READY! Lauren (LVN/scrub nurse) came in and started my IV and got all of my lab work. Lora came back in and did everything else that needed to be done. The CRNA came in and talked to me. So, around 2:30pm we went to the OR. It was such a surreal experience at this point. I'm used to being on the "other side". After what seemed like forever, Carter Blake was born at 3:08pm weighing 8#9oz, 21 in long. He was absolutely perfect.
I had a wonderful team. The nursery nurse (Stephanie), I delivered her last baby. The respiratory therapist (Margaret), I delivered her baby. My RN, Lora, my friend. My cousin, Jennifer, who is a RN and works PRN with us, came in to take pics for me. Then, Lauren, another friend.

I will post some pics later.

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Reserving my spot for Thalia here.

Thalia Elizabeth born 9/1/2011, 9:40am
3lbs 15oz, 16 inches

Everything to follow...

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Evelyn's space

1/10/12-- 4.5 months. 4 month check up. 12lbs 15oz, 25 inches long. She went up in weight percentage and up in height. She's now 25-50% weight and 95% height. Long, skinny thing. After consulting in Medford with an IBCLC and consulting with our dentist and talking with a pediatric dentist over the phone, then after seeing an ENT locally, we came to the decision to wait on clipping her lip tie. It was too thick and prominent for anyone to want to clip it. They all suggested oral surgery which has to wait til she's big enough to be put under.

10/17/11-- 7 weeks old. 6 week check up (one week late) went decent. Evie is now 9lbs 4.5oz (between 5 an 10th percentile), 21.9 inches long (between 10 and 25th) and her head is 14.5 inches around (below 5th percentile). She has a lip tie that needs to be addressed and a possible posterior tongue tie. We have been referred to Medford (1hr away) for diagnosis and treatment. She was having issues with not pooping, but since I've gone completely dairy free as of last Monday, she's been pooping every day starting Thursday. Hopefully we've taken care of that problem. She does have signs and symptoms of reflux and the doctor has prescribed baby zantac for a trial period. I am hoping that the dairy free diet and fixing the lip and tongue tie fixes the reflux. So far she is keeping up with other babies her age as far as developmental milestones goes. Smile

Evelyn Janelle was born August 29th (1 day before due date) at 4:28pm. She was 7lbs even and 19.5 inches long. Her head was 13.5 inches.

Friday, Aug 26th, the doctor stripped my membranes per my request. The prodromal labor started Friday evening around 5pm and continued all weekend long with lots of bloody mucous. I was 3cm 50% effaced on Friday when the sweep was done and was 3cm 80% effaced on Saturday afternoon when contractions became 3 minutes apart and required deep breathing and vocalizing.

Monday, Aug 29th. The doctor requested I go be checked at the birthing center and we found I was still 3cm 80% effaced around 11:30am. DH and I went back home and walked to lunch, ate, came back and had sex. Contractions starting coming right on top of each other as soon as we were "done". We headed to the birthing center shortly after 3pm with contractions coming quickly and painfully. Upon arrival (about 3:30pm) I was 4cm+ and 100% effaced. Evelyn was born at 4:28pm.

Other than a slight issue with hemorrhage and jaundice, everyone is doing well.

We were both released Wednesday afternoon to come home to our now family of 5.

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Saving Isaiah's spot till I have time to update it more Smile

I'll have to copy and paste my birth story, it was a whirlwind so I won't have more details till after I see my midwife at my postpartum visit.

End of pregnancy stuff
8/3- 2cm 80%
8/8-8/10- hospitalized with preterm contractions, received magnesium sulfate to stop them and two steroid shots for baby's lungs
when I checked into the hospital 8/27 I was measuring 38 weeks! 3cm 80% -1, progressed to 4cm after a few hours and then stalled out there

Isaiah's stats so far
birth (8/28 )- 7lbs 5oz 19.5in
8/29- billi level was 8, weight was still 7 something, can't remember already
hospital discharge (8/30)- 6lbs 14oz, billi level was 6.8
9/1- 6lbs 14oz, billi was 14.2
9/2- billi was 15.2
9/3- 7lbs 1oz, billi was 15.1
9/6- cord stump fell off!
9/8- 7lbs 6oz, just under 20in.
9/29- 1 month appointment! 10lbs
10/7- visit for weight check and 'rash' on his face, cradle cap on his face Sad 11lbs!
2 month appointment scheduled for 10/31

Where to start. Saturday morning I cleaned the house and then went to the zoo with the kids, my sister-in-law and my nephew. I knew I was having contractions every 8 minutes beforehand but figured the zoo would either help them along or at least distract me, not to mention get the kids out. We finished maybe half the zoo before I decided we better not finish the rest. Luckily for me my sister-in-law was okay coming to our house to watch the kids until my in-laws could get there (they were at a wedding) and I called dh before we left the zoo and told him he should get out of work early and come pick me up. They were every 5 minutes at that point, so not too bad. So off to the hospital we went, I noticed about 3:30pm...called dh about 4pm and we got to the hospital around 6pm I believe? I was 3cm when they first checked me when I got there (contracting every 3 minutes) and then 4cm the next time. I didn't really pay attention to times but I think it was 2 hours later, so they admitted me and everyone thought we'd have a baby by morning. At some point I got off the monitors and took a shower to help my back pain...sometime around there I noticed the contractions didn't seem to be coming as close together, going back on the monitors confirmed it and at next check there was no change, they took me off the monitors and said to try to rest and we'd see how things were in the morning. Morning came and my contractions were far apart (every 15 minutes or so) and of course no change. With my past labors they just weren't sure what to do. I live a good drive from the hospital and have fast labors and was they had me get up and walk around, get on the birthing baall, go on all 4s...just all sorts, they even hinted that I could try their stairs as long as they didn't know and I did, but nothing was doing it. They gave me the option to keep trying there or to be discharged and around 10am (Sunday) I asked to be discharged. I knew nothing would start back up there and I was really worried that I'd be discharged late at night and then have to be home alone with all the kids and dh working 8-8 on Monday. My midwife reccomended we not pick up the kids and see if we could start things back up ourselves and she gave dh a quick run through on 'just in case you have to deliver the baby yourself' So, we left and went to the mall and a few stores, nothing seemed to be happening so we went and got some lunch and went home. I ate, and picked up the house and then hopped on the riding lawn mower and mowed our back yard (important to note we live on almost 2 acres ) I came in and showered and then we DTD and within 20 minutes STRONG contractions started up (about 2:30pm), they were down to every 5 minutes right away but I decided to stick them out a little, but by 3pm I told dh we better go. I suggested we go to the store right down the street from the hospital and we were in there less than 5 minutes before I told dh we had to go. I could hardly walk at that point and we were getting quite a few looks. We got to the hospital about 4pm and within 20 minutes things were rough. I told dh that I really didn't want to do this anymore and I wanted to go home which is when he knew that this was 'it'. They didn't keep me on the monitors long and I went straight into the shower after she checked me...still 4cm which had me SO disappointed (in hindsight I find it funny because of how strongly I was contracting at that point). I just sat in the shower and cried with each contraction. After about an hour they had me leave the shower to be checked and the nurse said about 5cm...again, I was super disappointed. She wanted to monitor me but I could not bear to be in bed so they let me go back in the shower and called my midwife down to see if she could break my water. She came in and coaxed me out of the shower, laying in bed at that point was pure torture but she needed to have baby on the monitor while she broke my water and said once that was done I could go back in. She checked me and broke my water and said i was 5cm and told the nurse to go fill the pool, that was about 5:30pm. She got me up and told dh to grab the camera and we walked down the hall to the room with the tub. I got in there and sat in the tub right away, that was SO nice! It really went so fast at that point, but felt like slow motion, before I knew it I was feeling pushy and the midwife was telling the nurse she needed to be in there now and the poor nurse was worried because the 'birth table' was all set up in my room, not that room. Baby was crowning at this point and I guess the hospital has NOT approved water births yet so the midwife and my dh picked me up and with just a few pushes baby was out, so I delivered standing up in the birthing pool and then they helped me sit down with baby He felt big pushing him out, with #2 and #3 I didn't have to push after the head was out and even standing up with gravity helping me I had to push for his shoulders. Nobody was really paying attention but they guessed his birth time at about 5:45pm. He definitely looked chubby but still tiny to me so I was in shock when they weighed him and said he was 7lbs 5oz! My biggest baby before him was 5lbs 13oz and they were delivered at the same 'gestation', both boys. The next day they did the ballard assessment (to assess gestational age) and came back with a 'score' of 39 weeks, which actually makes so much more sense than what they had me at (when they admitted me on Saturday my fundal height was at 38 too), based on when I got the positive test and when we dtd, I always knew they had me at less than I was because the 21st would have been impossible but even being 39 weeks made sense based on his size. All my other kids were about the same, he was a lb and a half to 2lbs heavier, about what they'd grow in 2.5-3 weeks.
What else, he had a lot of facial bruising because of how fast he came but it is actually clearing up quite fast compared to the bruising my DD2 had. The LC thinks his facial muscles are sore and contributing to his bad latch, hopefully that improves. His bili levels this morning were 8 and at discharge it was 6.8 this afternoon so that all looks great (all my other kids had borderline-high levels) and he sleeps GREAT! ***KNOCK ON WOOD*** The last two nights he woke at midnight and 6am to eat, I'd love if that continues. Everything was really such a whirlwind. He's a wonderful baby, looks nothing like my other kids but absolutely adorable in his own right. His discharge weight was 6lbs 14oz so not too bad there. Newborn clothes fit perfectly, and anything I had for 'up to 7lbs' or 'preemie' does not fit at all I gave the hospital a few of the preemie sized hats I knit for him too since those also did not fit. The kids all love him, even DS which has surprised me.....I'm sure I'm forgetting some but I'm exhausted and he's starting to wake up, so I'll add anything i forget, just wanted to get a rough birth story written before I start forgetting (and i already have, I had to ask dh about some details).

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35 wks 1 day
Leah Claire 8/23/11 ~ 1:03pm ~ 7.7lbs ~ 19 1/4 in
Jocelyn Kate 8/23/11 ~ 1:04 pm ~ 6.10lbs ~ 19 1/4 in

So the evening of August 22nd I had a couple strong contractions, but nothing that I found too alarming although 1 was the worst I've had all pregnancy. I went to bed like normal and around 1am 8/23 DH came in to grab a tshirt. I heard him and also realized that I was having a contraction at the same time. I kept quiet and tried to go back to sleep, but that wasn't going to happen for awhile. I continued to have mild contractions for the next 30+ mins. and was in and out of the bathroom several times. I went ahead and lined my bed with towels just in case my water would break and tried to get some sleep. I was able to sleep on and off, but was woken up often with contractions and having to go to the bathroom. The contractions were the worst in my back and caused me to have trouble getting into a comfortable position in bed. I began to wonder if this was 'it' but I also knew that I had an NST scheduled for 9am at the hospital and figured I could hold out until then and I did. I got up and worked for ~ 1 hr and told DH what had been going on. I told him that I would let him know if things changed and I went to my appointment.

Once I checked in for my NST I told the nurse I was having random contractions and what had been going on all night. She got me nhooked up to all the monitors etc and sure enough I was contracting every 2-3 mins and they were lasting about 60-80 sec. After about 20 mins the on call midwife advised that I should rehydrate orally and see if it slowed the contractions and also gave orders to check my cervix. I had not shown any progress @ any of my previous OB appts, but with this check I was 1 cm, 70% thinned and the nurse could feel the baby hand and was actually able to count her fingers! She went ahead and called and reported her findings to the MW and I drank the ~60 oz of water which really didnt do anything. I told the nurse I had an appointment with my OB @ 10:15 and she passed that along to the MW because obviously I wasn't going to make it (it was 10:15 by this time). So I just sat back and tried to relax and watched the monitors like a hawk! LOL ... around 10:45 I got a call on my cell from my OB's nurse and she asked where I was! I told her I was @ the hospital and having contractions, no one had told them! She said that she was going to let my OB know, OK. So @ 11:05 the Hospital nurse comes back in and says that my OB had called and that he wanted me to stop drinking and not to eat anything else. He was going to come over at lunchtime and do my section :eek: I was in SHOCK! I really figured that they would try and stop the contractions as I was only 35wk 1 day. I said OMG.. I have to call everyone! So I called DH and my Mom and started to send text msgs to everyone (I was supposed to return to work). From here it was a blur...IV, shave, labs, 1000 questions etc. DH got there in about 10 mins and I just started to cry, I was so nervous the babies were not ready to be born and would have to go to the NICU. He was a great support and the nurses were great too! Around 12 my OB came in and scanned me and we got ready to go back for the csection.

They had a hard time getting my spinal in because I was so jumpy, I just hate needles! Finally they got it in and they laid me back... I could still feel them touching me and quickly let them know! They tried moving the table in different positions etc to help, but I could still move my toes on command! They actually told me that if it didnt take within 2 mins I was going to be put to sleep, I started crying all over again. Thankfully even though I could move my toes I could not feel any pain, so the surgery finally started. Baby A was born Leah, she was born at 1:03, I heard her cry and I lost it! HAPPY TEARS!!!! Everyone in the room was commenting on how large she was, it was like a little party. My OB didnt care for this and yelled "hey we still have another baby to deliver"! Baby B Jocleyn again was a great size and everyone was talking about that, but I could hear my OB talking about blood and other odd things. Turns out that Jocelyns aminotic fluid had alot of blood in it, he said it was a placenta leak and that had we not delivered the placenta could/would have abrupted. I also was bleeding alot and had to get some meds to slow things down. Including high doses on Pit in my IV for the next 24 hours.

Once in recovery I was freezing and shaking uncontrollably. As a matter of fact I was shaking so bad that I did not feel the earthquake that happened just 50 mins after the girls were born! The lactation consultant came in after about 20 mins and brought Jocelyn in and we were able to start nursing and she did great! I was advised that Leah had low blood sugar and would need to remain in the nursery until they got her stablized, which was about 4 hours.

Once they brought Leah out I realized that the spinal was not working and my pain was getting bad! I was having alot on afterpains and they were severe! After a couple hours of suffering they got a Demerol PCA hooked up and I felt alot better. The girls are great nursers, but my milk just wasn't coming in. We had to use a SNS supplementing system in hopes to encourage my milk to come in, but it took forever (Sunday night to be exact). The OB was ready to send me home on Friday, but the Ped wanted the girls to stay because their wt was dropping. I was able to stay another 24 hrs and we all got to come home on Saturday, during the hurricane! SH calls the girls the "natural disasters" because they were born during an earthquake and came home in a hurricane.

We went in for a wt and color check on Monday and after a bili test realized Leah would have to go back into the hospital for phototherapy, her levels were at 19.6. Thankfully we only had to stay ~20 hrs and then got to return home.

The biggest concerns has been their wts.

Leahs birth stat 7.7 lbs 19 1/4in...@ discharge she was @ 6.10lbs and dropped to 6.4 lbs before coming back up to 6.10 on 9/2

Jocelyns birth stats 6.10lbs 19 1/4ins @ discharge she was @ 6.1 and dropped to 5.15lbs before coming back up to 6.1 on 9/2.

We are still working on their wts and they are getting 1 oz of formula a couple times a day, but I am determined to breastfeed these babies.

All in all they are good babies, but are 3rd shifters and like to be held. The other kids are settling in well and we are just so happy with our completed family. We realize how blessed we are and that the ending of this story could have been SO SO much worse had Jocelyns placenta abrupted. God is good and I am so thankfyl my OB did the section when he did!

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Reserving Ronan's space!

William Ronan
September 6th, 2011
9:44 am
Successful VBAC!!!!
7 lbs 6 oz, 21 inches

Will add more later Smile

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Alyssa's Space!

Well, as you all know Thursday Sept 1st I went in to have my membranes swept. Started off as a normal kind of day, and didn't really expect anything to happen. Got to my appt and had a small wait as the Dr was off doing something else. The sweep itself wasn't too bad, I didn't feel a thing and actually had to ask "that's it?" when he was done, lol. Never had one before so was clueless. Upon being checked, I was still a good 3cms dilated and the Dr said I was about 70% effaced at that point - 20% more than I was a few days before, so that seemed promising that baby girl would be here soon. She was also in the head down position, so as of 3pm that day, we were locked in and ready to have a baby!

We talked to the Dr a bit about some other things, and off we went. Hubby bought us lunch, he wanted me - and him, to have a bit of food in us just in case the sweep worked and labor started. So, we ate then went and took a walk on the boardwalk, then went and picked up the kids, and went home.

We ended up visiting a friend for a bit, we only had the girls as the inlaws said they'd keep the boys. While visiting, my contractions started, and while I wasn't timing them, they were fairly close. So, after a bit, we decided to leave and ended up dropping the girls off again, and off to the hospital we went. This all started about 6pm, and after timing they were pretty consistant in the 3-5 min range. They were also a bit stronger than what I had been experiencing, too, and we knew that probably no matter what, baby girl would soon be born. At least, that's what we let ourselves believe at the time.

So, we do the whole admit, get changed, checked stuff. Contractions are still coming on regularily. We were told though, that chances are after a bit of monitoring, I'd probably be sent home, they were full. All their beds were filled already, and in the morning they had 3 more c-sections to do. At that point we figured we were screwed, and it was yet another 'wasted trip'. The Dr had told us though, that if we went back with steady contractions, and since I was now term, he would break my water, and not send me home. As many of you will recall, he didn't want to risk me delivering quickly on the side of the highway and that's what his plan was for me, to deliver in the hospital and not risk a worst case scenario. Oh, and when I explained to the nurses what was going on, and what the Dr's plans were, we were told basically it wasnt gonna happen because they were filled as it was, and that I should just go home. Uhh, sure, I was still contracting steadily, had a membrane sweep, and yet, you wanna send me home against what the Dr said? Don't think so!

So, we hung out a bit, and got told he'll keep me over night for observation, and probably break my water in the morning after all his c-sections were completed. At midnight I was given another sweep, and then we attempted to get some rest.

1AM - someone comes in who's in labor. Great, now we're REALLY screwed and will be sent home and the possible worst case scenario happening. We hoped for the best and that they wouldn't tell me to take a hike.

4:30am -I've slowly progressed to about 3 1/2 cms dilated, but now I have bloody show. Yep, sounds just like what we went through a year prior with Hailey. Super slow progression.

8AM - FINALLY we have some progression! I'm now 5cms dilated as checked by the DR, yet, he won't break my water because he has 2 c-sections to do. He didn't want to risk me zipping along and he's in the OR. So, we ended up having to play the waiting game. He also said NO I am not going home. He did say later though, if he hadn't checked me the day before at the sweep and not notice the change between then and 8am Friday, he may have considered sending me home just cause they were over filled etc. Ok, so if that's what it came to, we would have been alright with it I guess. I get they had more than enough on their plates, but thankfully I progressed enough on my own to warrent staying put.

At 1ish, hubby left for a bit, and the one nurse came in to check me. She had the nerve to ask if I wanted to go home, so I said no, he's going to come and break my water, he just needed to get the sections done with first and already said he was NOT going to be sending me home. So she was kinda snotty and was like "OH, how far along are you? Oh, you're only 37 weeks, he can't do that, we need to have a consult first, you can't do that till your due date" So I said, uh, no, he did it last year and no one questioned it, she said well, it's procedure and she has to do her job accordingly and save and cover her a$$ so she had to go and phone some other Dr and ugh. Yep, that started the stress factor! And besides, I was 5 cms dilated... and here she wants me to go home. We had no idea if my body was gonna do it's own thing or not, and what if it did, how totally screwed would I be to deliver on the highway because they're too full and don't wanna deal with yet one more person? The one nurse I had was alright, but she even seemed to suggest that I would be sent home, and the Resident that was working with my Dr seemed to think/feel the same thing, even though she heard what he had said earlier in the day when I got the sweep done. We didn't like her much, but we know that she was just doing her job and making sure she covered all areas, but she came off on it the wrong way with us. Oh and in regards to the nurse who needed to cover her behind, she wanted to check me and I said nope, sorry. Hubby isn't here and he said NO checks at all till he gets back. She looked at me funny and walked out. Sorry, but if things had taken off after being checked again, since you just never know, last thing we needed was him to not be there. I called him and told him what was going on and he best get back asap. I was pissed at that point.

Finally, 2:50pm the Dr shows up. I asked if he's here to do what he said he was gonna do, he laughed and said yeah, then "well, what do YOU want me to do?" So I said, well break my water and lets have this baby lol. So of course, that's what happened. Now we play the waiting game. After that, miss. snotty nurse was being as nice as could be... ha, don't mess with us, we know what's going on, and procedures and policys... ha, who needs em? Oh, yeah and she came in and mumbled "I don't care, my a$$ is covered" right after he came in and was getting gloves and whatnot. MEOW!

Upon being checked, he said I was about 5-6cms and we would wait 6 hours to start pitocin. Reason being is to give my body a good chance to do something on it's own before starting interventions. I was fine with that, and hubby and I both figured that being around 6cms was a good start. So again we sat around. Went walking, sat outside, hubby made a couple calls to update people. It was really nice out, kinda warm but was nice and far better than my delivery room, which had no window because we were in the other one, so it was gloomy in there. Oh, and the same thing happened this time as it did with Hailey - once my water broke the contractions died down to really random intervals. Till then they were still fairly consistant at 3-5 mins apart.

Didn't do much of anything after that. Hubby and I tried to get some rest, watched tv, walked a bit. Finally around 8 the nurse came in and said we were gonna start pitocin. Finally, there was gonna be an end and enough nonsense and bs. Now I knew that things were gonna hopefully zip along and we'd have our baby girl and not one single nurse could walk in and even think about suggesting that I go home, or that my Dr is an idiot and can't do what was discussed with me and hubby without having to consult other Dr's, blah blah blah. We were both tired and simply had enough.

9pm came and they got me ready to get the drip put in. I think it wasn't till 9:20 that the actual drip got started, but at that point I didn't care. All I was thinking was, hurry up and increase it already lol. Every 30 mins they up it by 10. So, again, we had a bit more of uneventfulness. I was glad too, they had called in a 3rd nurse because they had so many of us in there, and one has to stay with me at all times to keep watch on the monitors etc. The nurse called in was one of my nurses I had when I delivered Hailey, and while she says "sorry" alot, I liked her. Least she wasn't gonna try and say a bunch of bs to piss us off!

Hubby had fallen asleep and was snoring up a storm, probably about 10:30pm. Well, that made me and the nurse laugh because he was really loud and I told her he gets way worse than that. I think it was around 11pm when the Dr's Resident came in to see how things were going and to check my progress. Even she had to laugh at hubby, and while it seems mean to have laughed, at least it was a bit of stress relief, even if he was annoying the hell out of me! So, I got checked and She said oh, you're about 7cms, at which point I was shocked. Usually by 7cms I'm near, or in my teary eyed, holy hell this hurts stage. At this point, I was feeling very little discomfort, enough to say 3/10 but nothing major. Contractions weren't happening very frequent either, and by then they would have been frequent. THEN, she said, wait, I don't think that's the head I'm feeling, and I was like, WHAT!? She asked the nurse, and they were talking, and she said it's really squishy, whatever she's feeling, but it wasn't the head. Well that started getting me freaked out. She ran out and went and got the portable ultrasound machine, and did an ultrasound on me. Sure enough, after poking and probbing, they found that the head was down on the left side, and her bum was up on the right. I looked at her and asked in a really weak, almost squeaky sounding voice "does this mean what I think it means?". She said, well it could, but she would call the Dr and get his input. So, she left the room, and I lost it. My nurse asked what was wrong, and I told her, then I asked her to wake hubby up. Well, what a shock to him, I was crying when he got up and he assumed I was at that "holy this hurts, teary eyed stage". I couldn't quite fill him in, so my nurse took over... thank god for her!

The resident came back and told us that the Dr thought there could be a possibility of her flipping, even if it meant her going breech. He could still deliver if she was breech. So hubby and I kinda sat there for a bit stunned, and not sure what to think or do. At that point, the Dr had left the choice up to us - go for a csection or wait it out and see if she flipped. He was kind of confident she would flip one way or another. The resident however, in a shocking turn of events, asked if we wanted her to call him back and ask him to come in, it was as she put it "the least she could do". Remember, we didn't like her much because she was too much of a 'book thrower' so to speak, we had to do things by the book, though we understand being a resident she had to cover all grounds, but went about it in a slight wrong way for us. So, in comes the Dr, and he's just standing there, with this look on his face. Everyone in the room was quiet, then I asked what he thought the chances of her flipping would be. He said well, he's not sure but has seen it happen, they generally know to get into position, but he checked me. That's when everything went down hill.

He said no, we can't wait. Feels like a shoulder or something, and since I was 7cms there just wasn't time to sit and wait to see if she'd flip. He said we COULD wait, however, there's a chance that if we did that, baby wouldn't make it. We'd be in a worse position if we waited, because then it would be a rush against the clock so to speak rushing to OR to get her out if my body kicked in and did what it was supposed to do. You can just imagine my fear and my reaction to hearing that 1 - I had no choice but to combat my extreme fear of being sliced open, and 2 - if I chose to wait, my baby could die. Eventually I said, well, I guess so. We need to do what's best for baby girl. I know, I know, saying something like "well I guess so" doesn't seem fitting, but honestly, I had NO idea what to say or do at that moment, other than I knew she had to come out one way or another, and it needed to be the best way possible.

So, prep got started on me. My necklace and rings had to come off, my nail polish removed, and the cathetor put in. My god, as if being poked and prodded wasn't bad enough, but to have one of those put in was even worse. Hubby was taken out to get into his Dr uniform... I should have listened to the nurse and took a pic, it really was pricless to see him dressed like that, and I know the kids woulda thought it comical as well, but at that point, I sorta ignored what she said and was just thinking about what was to come - and freaking out. I do regret it now though not having that pic, but what can ya do. Then, we were told we couldn't have the camera in the OR, I have NO pics of her first moments in the heated bed getting checked out etc. I was really bummed about that, but I guess it had to do with germs and whatnot, so understandable in a way, but still kind of upsetting.

Well, into the OR we got, and then I REALLY started freaking out. I didn't know what to expect, what the outcome would be, nothing. Hubby had to stay out in the hall till they got me set up and ready to get the freezing in, and man oh man THAT HURT! What a strange feeling it was too, and one point my right leg started twitching, which freaked me out. I guess it was just because he was moving the stuff all around. He poked me a bunch of times, and nothing, then he said "well I'm gonna try once more and if it don't work, I'm gonna have to put you to sleep" Well that did it. I did all I could to hold it together, but the thought of going to sleep and waking up not knowing anything was enough to scare the crap outta me. Finally he said, ok, your bum should start getting warm, and it was. Ok, so down I went, then I was strapped in like some mental patient. I guess in my case I probably could have passed as one :eek:. He started explaining to me what I would feel, what I would hear etc. He said I'd hear a sucking noise from one of the hoses and that was my 1 minute timer to know that the baby would be out. He told the Dr that they should wait a couple mins to make sure I was well frozen, but it seemed in no time I was good to go. Again, I got some more explaining - I may feel sick, he was giving me shots of something and it would burn going in. My BP was real low but it picked back up after he gave me something.

I did get sick a couple times, yeah that's real fun tilting your head to the side to puke in a pan, then have to be wiped up by the anasthesiologist - I know that's spelled wrong, I usually don't even try and spell it lately I just call him the freezing man LOL. I got sick after they had given Alyssa to me, I wanted a bit more time with her, but had to have hubby take her so I could puke again :(.

All I was waiting for was that 1 min alarm to let me know she was coming out. I wanted to know she was safe and that we weren't going to be one of those unfortunate parents of something gone wrong. Finally, I heard it and the 'freezing man' said, oh, she'll be here in a minute. Then I heard her cry, then I cried, and freaked out some more. I do remember I was pulling up alot on the wrist restraints alot. Not sure why, I guess because I was so scared. Hubby got to go and see Alyssa when they took her to the nursery, and it took an hour to put me back together. At 230am I was brought into recovery for half an hour. Hubby joined me soon after I was brought in, then at 3am, I was brought into my room and finally really got to see my new baby girl.

It was by far one of the worst experiences I've ever had. I think things would have been slightly different had I had time to prepare for it, you know by say, a couple months. Making a choice like that and everything happening so fast in a matter of 5 mins or so isn't exactly thrilling and what one would call exciting. Even the Dr was rather bothered by it all, he wasn't wanting to have to do it either, especially since I've had 4 successful births prior. I did ask after the fact what he thought happened, and he said, while her head was there the whole time, she wasn't in enough, so when he broke my water, the force of the gush somehow dislodged her and she was able to flip, but didn't have time to flip back to where she should be.

So, Saturday September 3rd at 1:30am, Alyssa Renee was born. She weighed 7lbs, 10 1/2ozs and supposedly measured 21 1/2 inches long. They did this to me when Hailey was born and we were told that they measure the crevices etc "why I dunno", and she was only about 19 inches long, Alyssa should be much the same. Her APGAR scores at 1 minute and 5 minutes were both a 9. Couldn't ask for better!

Oh, and the next day the snotty nurse who had to have a consult done to 'save her a$$' walked in, saw me and was asking how I felt etc and mentioned about the section and said "And that's why we do consults". Uh, hello? The baby shifting could happen to ANYONE, and it's not in anyone's control when it happens. I was just the unlucky one to have it happen at the last minute with no time to wait and hope.

Pics will come later on today or tomorrow. This post has taken me a long time to type up lol. Thank god we had come up with her name a couple days prior, I wouldn't have wanted to go through trying to figure out a name through all of that! What an emotional ride it was, and still is.

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~*~Ellie's space~*~

After two miscarriages and a year of TTC, we were blessed with a BFP in late December, 2010.

This pregnancy was fairly uneventful, save for a couple episodes of spotting and passing out at work around 13 weeks!

Since DD1 had arrived before her due date, my doctor kept assuring me I'd NEVER make it to my due date. So when August draws to a close with no baby to show for it, I begin to get impatient!

My due date also passes with no signs of labor.

At 40w4d, I had an appointment scheduled for the afternoon.

10am- Slightest bit of pink when I wipe. Hurray! First sign of labor I've had!

2:30pm- My BH contractions become slightly more noticeable and uncomfortable, though certainly not painful.

3pm- I am in the waiting room at the doctor, able to time the BH as 8-12 minutes apart. I text DH, who was going to pick up DD from daycare, and tell him he might want to see if my mom was available and just drop DD off there, just in case, but no rush. He knows better, and rushes!

3:30pm- U/s (BPP). BH still slightly uncomfortable.

4pm- Pee-in-a-cup (oh, hello bloody show! Shouldn't have worn khakis that day.) and the nurse takes my blood pressure, then puts me in a room by myself for an NST. During the NST, the contractions are 5-8 minutes apart, and big enough that I need to squinch my eyes shut to focus on them. DH shows up during this.

My doctor walks in to check on me, sees the contractions on the strip, and immediately unhooks the monitors.

4:30 pm- The doctor checks me, and I am at 6cm with bulging waters. Doctor says if she breaks my water then, she'll be catching a baby there in her office! She calls over to L&D and tells them to prepare a room for me, and she'll meet me over there after seeing a couple more patients and doing some paperwork.

4:55pm- I arrive at L&D. Contractions 3 minutes apart.

5:25pm- I get nauseous and start heaving during contractions. On one particular heave, my water breaks (all across the room!). DH hollers for nurse. Nurse pages doctor. Doctor drops what she's doing, throws on scrubs, and comes over to L&D.

5:39pm- I push twice, and Eleanor Riley is born!
Birth: 7lbs 13oz, 20 3/4" long
2 days: 7lbs 6oz
5 days: 7lbs 11oz
14 days: 8lbs 6oz

6w5d: Baby starts daycare. Momma pumps milk to send with her.

10w: 12lbs 7oz (75%), 23 3/4" long (75%)
Someone turned on the drool at 2 months!

4 months: 14lbs 14.5oz (75%), 25" (75%), ?16"?head (50%)
Rolling from front to back (showed off for the pediatrician with this one), attempting to roll from back to front but unable to get over the arm, smiling and cooing and screeching and laughing, very happy, sociable baby overall! Sleeping through most nights. Sometimes wakes up at about 3:30am to eat, but falls back asleep afterward.

6 months: 16lbs 13oz (75%), 25 3/4" long (50%), ?head (50%)
Solidly into 6-9 month/9 month clothing. Able to roll either way but doesn't do it often. Has been sitting independently for about a month, still very happy, this week is beginning to babble (strings of sounds, like "bababa" and "hadadada"), pushes self up when on belly- not quite to a 4 point stance but pretty close. Sleeping about the same as 4 months. Swaddling helps a lot! Still breastfeeding when I'm home and taking bottles of pumped breastmilk when I'm at work. Attempted solids a few times in the last couple weeks but doesn't seem quite interested yet (would rather chew on the spoon than eat what's on it!)- will keep trying every so often. No hurry! Takes a pacifier, but also finds her thumb or fingers from time to time.

7 months:
Lots of chattering. Even uses inflection at times. Starting to show more interest in foods. Though we are introducing everything at home first, daycare gets permission and gives first serving of rice cereal at 7m10d. Moving all over the place, but not crawling. Scooting in circles, reaching, rolling, and pushing from sitting to laying and back to sitting. Just started clapping. Loves peek-a-boo. Favorite things to play with: Wipes box. Laundry basket. FP activity table (best $1 I ever spent, four years ago!). Paper. Big sister.

7 1/2 months:
Crawling! Pulling up to a stand.

8 months:
Starts fruits/veggies at daycare. First and second bouts of pinkeye and an ear infection. Climbing up stairs.

9 months: 19lbs 1 3/4 oz (50%), 28" (75%), ?head (50%) (can never remember the head numbers!)
Cruising along furniture. Perfecting the art of getting into everything! Crawling over/around/under everything. Starting to get a little tentative around adults other than Mom and Dad. Loves Daddy but sometimes prefers Mommy. Loves seeing other kids, especially babies. Starting to wave. Loves dancing and music. No teeth yet, but one tooth threatening to pop through (upper left center). Doing a little better with solids/chewing but not proficient yet. Favorite foods: peas, yogurt, peaches, pears. Least favorite: green beans! Gets a wound on her bottom that turns into MRSA.

Teeth update: First one pops through! Upper left center tooth at about 9 1/2 months. Within a week or two, the two bottom center teeth also pop through. This girl is biting down on everything!

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Kyla's space!

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Addisyn Jade was due on thursday 9-8-11. Our 5yr wedding anniversary. DD1 also started preschool that day. And DD and DH were in a wedding on 9-10-11. For the two weeks leading up I was dialated at 2cm and 50% and holding. Had 39w checkup on 9-1 and was still at 2cm and 50%.
So i was hoping to deliver the weekend before or wait until after the wedding so that i didn't miss anything from being in the hopital. But of course, things never happen as you would like them to happen...

the week leading up to my due date I was having very mild ctxs that would be 10-15 mins apart and would last about an hour or more, but would stop before increasing intensity or decreasing duration. I walked as much as my SPD could handle, DH helped;), I had pineapple after pineapple to try to get the LO hear just a bit ahead of schedule.

Tuesday 9-6 after DD1 had her "meet the teacher" at preschool we took her to the zoo so i could do some walking.

Wednesday 9-7 DD1 had orientation for dance and 6pm. took her there, then we had family hair cuts scheduled at 7:15. That evening and night(before bedtime) my ctxs were very quiet so i had no belief that anything major was going to happen, well, I was very wrong!

That night DH and I went to bed about midnight9-8. I probably fell asleep about 1230 for Addisyn was moving around well(as she normally did as i was trying to fall asleep) which left me feeling and "playing" with her as she moved.

At about 130am that night I was woken up with leaking. confused, i went to the bathroom and my pj shorts were indeed wet. by the time i got back to the bedroom i had a very intense ctx. Laid in bed and a short time later i had another. with not much sense of time i thought those seemed close together. so i pulled up my ctx counter app on my phone and had it ready. At the next ctx i pressed the "start" on my app and the "end" when it was over. The next one came and i did the same think. Those were 5 mins apart. I decided to time for one more, which came in under 5 mins later. So i woke DH and i called the dr. The doctor told me to head in to the hospital. So DH then called the babysitter to come and stay with DD1 so we didn't have to wake her.

Baby sitter got to our house about 2am. In the meantime DH put the bags in the car, got the last minute stuff(toiletries, laptop, camara...)together and i spent most of that time doulbled over on our bedroom floor in pain with my ctxs now being between 2-3mins apart.

We arrived to the hospital about 230am. By the time we finished checking in and got into the room and me in my gown in was about 3am. They checked my cervix and i was dialated to 6cm and I think 80%. they asked me if i wanted the epi and i said yes. They worked on my iv's as i suffered through several ctxs. they were still working on iv's and hooking up monitors when i had a ctx that made me scream out "she's here!"

that was about 320am and they checked my cervix then and i was dialated to 9 and completely effaced!. as soon as I heard the 9 i remember thinking, "oh great! no time for the epi now!" at that moment the lady who was to do the epi walked in. She and the nurses asked me if i felt i was able to sit for it. With ctxs still 2min ontop of each other that seemed impossible to me still with absolutley no pain meds in me yet. But i mustered up an yes answer to them and I was helped into position over the table tray with a pillow.

They gave me an epi/spinal combo because the spinal works alot faster and i was ready to start pushing. That was finished about 330. The medicine started its magic within minutes. after a few minutes i was asked if i could feel the ctxs, to which i replied not really. So the nurse said she would push on my belly to feel when i need to push. 345 we were getting ready to start pushing.

I pushed through one set(the hospital teaches you to push 3 times starting a ctx) and she had crowned! One more set and her head was out. The doc then did some suctioning from her nose and mouth until my next ctx. Then one more set of pushing and at

357am 9-8-11 on her DUE DATE 8lb11oz 21.25in and our 5yr wedding anniversary Addisyn Jade had arrived!!! apgars 8 and 9

Now! for the interesting part! that damned placenta!!
IT....WAS....STUCK!! are you friggin kidding me?!?! at the top tip of the uterus there was bit that would not release. I pushed and pushed, the doc would manually try to scrape it loose and nothing! the doc paged another attending on the floor to help. He came in and also tried to manually get it loose. A bit later finally at 440 the placenta had been delivered! I also lost alot of blood from all the manipulation to get the placenta out. To which to doc was concerened and ordered blood counts and told me there would be possibillity to need a transfusion for myself. thankfully when those results came back my counts we ok. though I did get a Rx for iron pills to take for a month

We are already in love of course and Addisyn had a fantastic big sister who just adores her!!!

on mommy for the first time

her checkup

meeting big sister Jocelyn for the first time


one month checkup: 10-5-11
Addisyn's checkup went well. 22.75in(95%), 9lb5oz(50%), up from 21.25 and 8lb11oz at birth and 8lb6oz at 1 week.

over the last couple weeks starting about 8pm the only thing that comforts her seems to be nursing or feeding from a bottle, lasting until 2am or later most nights. We were thinking she may be colic and after telling him how our evenings go he agrees. Gave us a couple cans of soy formula to try and told us to try gripe water. If the weekend doesn't get better he wants us to call monday to get a rx. Overall says she is great, growing great, eating habit are great (except the colic parts). Told us we should get some smiles in the coming weeks, and we go back at 2 months

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Alice's Space

Weight tracker
Birth: 6lbs 10oz
Discharge (2 days): 6lbs 7oz
3 days: 6lbs 9oz
2 weeks: 7lbs 6oz
3 weeks: 8lbs
6 weeks: 8lbs 9oz
8 weeks: 9lbs 4oz
10 weeks: 10lbs

12/5 update
After going to the doctor a couple times about Alice's reflux, we finally put her on Zantac. The difference has been amazing this week, she still cries, but cries for a reason other than being in pain (tired, hungry, bored). She looks great, and is growing great. She still sleeps a ton, going for 4-6 hours at night and sometimes only waking to eat at day. She gives all sorts of smiles and coos, and even mouths off when she is mad but it isn't worth crying over. She is strong, holds her head up really well, likes to stand when we hold her, kicks a lot and can scoot some. Breastfeeding is going well now that we aren't dealing with thrush. She even pets me or clutches my shirt sometimes which melts my heart. She LOVES the Christmas tree. Today she even played on her mat with the toys, batting at them and cooing.

Here's a pic:

Alice’s birth story
Birth weight 6lbs, 10oz
Birth length 19in
Apgar scores 8 and 8
Gestational age 40 weeks, 0 days
Born on September 27th, 2011 at 9:02AM

I had been having prodromal labor for 2+ weeks and was stuck at 3cm, 75% effaced for all that time. At my midwife appointment on Monday, September 26th (39 weeks, 6 days), nothing had changed. We decided to induce by breaking water on Friday if nothing had happened by then, but my midwife had a feeling I would go before then. She stripped my membranes and gave me some black and blue cohosh tincture to try. She also gave me a recipe for castor oil, but I wasn’t going to try that until Thursday. The rest of that day I contracted, but it didn’t start to move together until the evening. I cleaned up the house and took a bath and they were still coming about 5 minutes apart and were getting a little more intense. I took a bath and they stuck around, so I really started to think this could be it. I called the midwife and she had me call my doula and have her come over. So I did that, David got Stella’s grandparents over and they took Stella to their house. My doula said she thought this was definitely true labor so we headed to the hospital at 12:30AM. When I got checked I was still 3cm, so I was pretty disappointed. We decided to walk the halls and see what happened. That caused the contractions to get much more intense. I finally said to my doula that I felt like everyone in their rooms probably were wondering what kind of madwoman was moaning in the hall so much and I wanted to go back in my room. David had been resting in my room and came out just then to say he was trying to rest but someone kept making noise in the hall and they sounded like a ghost or something.:rolleyes: I labored in a chair for a while, then moved to the bed to see if I could rest some.

That is when the contractions started to get really bad, resting was not an option during these contractions. I was checked and was at 5cm, to which I responded, “noooo!!!”. That’s actually how I responded every time I found out how far dilated I was. I decided to get in the shower, which felt really good. David kept annoying me by opening the shower curtain to check on me. At one point I shut the curtain in his face.:lol: I finally couldn’t take the contractions sitting anymore so I came out and lay in bed again. I had a really hard time coping at this point and kept saying that I couldn’t do it, but everyone said I was doing great. I really didn’t believe them at all. The only things I said were no and I can’t do this, otherwise I just moaned and yelled. I was hurting in my back, lower stomach and even my butt, hips and down the front of my legs. I kept rubbing my right leg because it felt like a horrible cramp and rubbing during a contraction really felt better. The midwife thought I was just doing a repetitive motion and tried to do the same on the back of my leg which made my butt hurt a lot worse, so I slapped her hand away. David came over and helped me rub the top of my leg, he really helped me there. I was checked again because I started feeling pressure and was 7cm. My doula convinced me to get on the birthing ball and she helped me through a few contractions, trying to open up and let the baby come down. I could only handle 3 contractions like that and finally had to move back to the shower. I realized I was now feeling pushy and it felt better to groan and push together (David says I sounded like a zombie). The midwives changed shifts at that point and the new midwife came in and made me get out of the shower. She checked me and I was 8cm. She had me lay on my side, slightly on my belly with a pillow under me and my left leg in the air. She got in my face and helped me breathe through several more contractions, but then the pushing really started taking over and she moved down. One of my good friends came in at this point and seeing her face really helped me buckle down and push. She and my doula held my leg up when I wasn’t contracting and I held my leg when I was contracting/pushing. Pushing felt soooo much better. The midwife was using oil to help stretch my perineum, especially where I had torn with Stella’s birth. The midwife started getting kind of excited because my bag of water still hadn’t broken and the baby’s head was halfway out. But the bag was keeping me from pushing her out all the way so the midwife broke it (it was bulging in front of her head). I was finally able to push her head to the point of the ring of fire, when the contraction stopped! So I burned for a few seconds and then pushed her head out completely. She immediately started screaming! The midwife told her “alright, alright, calm down”, which I thought was funny. I then pushed her out all the way and got to catch her and pull her up on me. I was so worn out and yet elated over finally getting her out and holding her, though the nurses had to suction her a lot because she was gurgling. The pediatric nurse and the midwife started a small war at this point. The ped nurse came over and lifted the baby off my belly to take her but the midwife smirked because she hadn’t cut the cord yet so the ped nurse stomped away. I nursed the baby and the midwife cut the cord but my placenta wasn’t coming out so I had to give the baby over to the ped nurse so I could sit up and push the placenta out.

Once that was done I needed a couple stitches so we had to wait for the ped nurse to bring the baby back over because the midwife knew I’d be able to ignore the stinging if I had the baby, but the nurse was ignoring the midwife who was telling her to bring the baby back to me now. She finally brought the baby back over and I nursed her again while the midwife gave me a few shots of Novocain and stitched me up. After a few hours I went to the bathroom. Walking was easy, peeing was not. I went up to my recovery room with David and Alice and we rested there for a while.

I was still having issues peeing, was only getting out 100 cc’s at a time. The third time I dropped a huge clot (about the size of my whole hand) and the nurses freaked out when I called them in and they saw it. While Stella was visiting with David’s parents, three nurses came in, ushered them all out and put in a temporary catheter. They thought the clot was because my bladder was full and pressing on my uterus. They were able to drain 550 cc’s of urine. After that I didn’t have any more issues. When Stella came back in she got to hold Alice and she has fallen absolutely in love with the baby.

When we left the hospital, Alice was at 6lbs, 7oz and the next day at the doctor was at 6lbs, 9oz. We are doing so well.

It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but also the most rewarding. I feel great still, with only a little pain every now and then. It is hard to follow advice and not do housework and stuff when I honestly feel better now than I did when I was pregnant.

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Markus Heinrich
September 21st, 2011 at 2:51pm
38.5 weeks
8lbs 9oz
19.5 inches
Stratford General Hospital

This pregnancy was definately my hardest, first with severe morning sickness and then with my pelvis separating at 22 weeks. I spent the last 6 weeks on partial bedrest as it was incredibly painful to walk. My husband Chris and I were married when I was 10 weeks pregnant, what was supposed to be the best day of our lives was made really difficult with the morning sickness - but we made it through (somehow!)

I had two boys from a previous marriage already when I met Chris. Tristan as born vaginally on January 1st, 1999 and Kieran was born vaginally on November 14th, 2003. I was also a gestational surrogate and delivered boy/girl twins on December 16th, 2000. The twins were delivered via caesarean section as I developed prolapse cord during their birth. I was thrilled to have a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) with Kieran in 2003 and also with our daughter Clara on March 1st, 2010 (our first child together!) However, Clara's birth turned out to be very traumatic for me as she was delivered in less than 2 hours and I never received any pain medication (Clara's birth story & pics). We live an hour from the hospital and I was very stressed with Markus' pregnancy that I would end up on the side of the road, or miss an opportunity again for pain relief!

My last belly pic at 38 weeks.

I had a really great OB this time and told him my concerns and he always assured us that he would do everything he could to make this a good experience. His one concern though was that with my previous csection I was risking a rupture with a vaginal birth and I was not allowed to be induced (only have my water broken if my cervix was favourable around 38-39weeks). I was a little confused that he felt this way since I had two vaginal births already since my csection but he informed us that the more vaginal births you have after a csection the greater the risk of rupture as every contraction strains the scar more and more. There had also been some babies lost this year at our local hospital from uterine rupture with moms with the same history as me so I found this really worrisome.

On Wednesday September 21st at 8am we went in for another OB appointment and I wasn't dialated enough for my water to be broken. I was in so much pain I broke down crying as I couldn't imagine another day with the pelvic pain. My OB said we could do a csection if we wanted and immediately I knew it would be the right choice with everything considering. I was terrified to have another natural birth, I was in pain and I didn't want to risk losing our precious baby to uterine rupture or some other complication with waiting another week. There was also concern that delivering a full term baby would permanently affect my pelvis and I would need corrective surgery. My OB said he'd give us some time to think it over and would come back in a few minutes. Chris and I both felt it was the best decision and agreed we should go ahead with the surgery. It wasn't an easy decision though as I knew I'd be in pain recovery wise and it was scary knowing it was going to happen that day. But we also knew that it would be the beginning of recovery for me as we could still face another week of pain and bedrest and STILL end up with a csection anyways.

We were sent down to L&D and were told the surgery would be around 3pm after general surgeries were over. At first we went to triage but requested a private room since we had Clara with us and wanted time to settle in. We called my mom to come in and stay with me while Chris took Clara back to our house to be watched by his mom. To say I was nervous was a huge understatement and I kept telling myself I just had to get through the bloodwork, the IV and then the spinal. I have a horrible time with IV's and have never had a good experience. Thankfully I had a great team of nurses working to make sure we had a great experience and they covered my hand with EMLA to numb it up and said they had the best nurse for IV's. Amazingly she got it on the first try! Chris kept telling me "you had such a horrible pregnancy but you are going to have an easy birth... just see". I tried to hold on to what he said and also the end result... our beautiful baby that I was going to be holding later in the day (hard to believe!)

At 1pm my OB came in and said we were ready to go but Chris had still not returned! He arrived soon after and everyone started to get everything ready for us to go to the OR. The nurses sat with me and explained how everything was going to happen and really helped to calm the fears I had. I started the walk down to the OR and Chris was told to get dressed and that he could come in once my spinal was placed.

Chris waiting to go in!

At 2:30pm I went into the OR. I was so nervous once I sat down on the operating table. Immediately the anaesthesiologist began to prep my back with the cold antiseptic and kept assuring me that all was going to be well and this would be over before I knew it! I put my head on my nurse's shoulder and held her hands tightly. I kept telling her how scared I was and she kept telling me I was doing great and that everything was going to be okay. The spinal wasn't so bad, I jumped with the initial local injection and then it was pretty much over. I kept telling the anaesthesiologist with the twins birth/csection I wasn't able to breathe and they knocked me out, he assured me I wouldn't have that experience again (they told me later it was because I had an epidural and then a spinal that was placed high which can affect your breathing). Not long after the spinal was placed they laid me down on my back and immediately I felt the numbing start from my toes all the way up to my neck. I felt someone put in the catheter but didn't feel any pain with it. Everything was numb and I could breathe! For the first time in months all my pain was gone and I told everyone "I can't feel the pain anymore!" I was so happy to be painfree Smile I did notice that I seemed to zone out a bit and was delayed in responding, my mind was working normal but it seemed my mouth/face was a bit frozen. Chris came in and sat down next to me and kept talking me through everything.... I felt so much better once I knew he was there.

My OB asked me how I was feeling and I told him good and he said "I've been pinching your belly with a sharp instrument and you didn't respond so you must be good". The OR staff all starting talking about this and that with their own personal lives and I felt a bit of pressure and tugging (very strange sensations) and then I heard the suction. I remember reading somewhere once that if you hear the suction your baby is less than a minute from being born. I suddenly got extremely emotional and started crying... it was maybe 15 seconds and I heard our beautiful baby crying! Chris exlaimed he's here, we have a baby! Our beautiful son Markus was born at 2:51pm. They took him over to the warmer and his cries were so robust and healthy sounding. It was the first birth I ever cried at, I was so happy it was over with and so happy he was okay Smile They held him up and I couldn't believe how precious he was and I couldn't believe his weight... 8lbs 9oz! He is the biggest baby I've had and he was born 8 days early! Clara had been my biggest baby at 7lbs 15oz and she was 3 days overdue ... I think it was the bedrest and one too many treats for mom Smile (My other babies weighed 7.12lbs, 7.10lbs, 7.8lbs & 7.7lbs)

Markus - 8lbs 9oz

Chris showing me Markus - instant love!

They brought Markus over to us and it was so heartwarming to see Chris hold his new baby son. I was so emotional! He looked absolutely perfect to me! It was around this time that the OB said it was a good decision having the csection as my uterine scar area was very thin. I'm so happy we didn't risk a vaginal birth and have a uterine rupture, it was at that moment I was so happy we did the csection. I told Chris he could go as they said I'd be out in a few minutes... I knew my Mom was dying to see what we had (she didn't want to know the sex the whole pregnancy).

Very proud pappa!

At some point they noticed the IV in my left hand had blown so they started another one in my right hand (there was a huge lump rising - it looked horrible). Once the surgery was completed they went to transfer me to my bed and accidently ripped the IV out of my hand. They then had to start another one and had a heck of a time getting a line in. The anaesthesiologist seemed a little panicked with the whole IV situation and I know they don't like it when they don't have a good line going. All I remember is it seemed like they were smacking my veins/arms for the longest time and jabbing and I couldn't feel a thing. Even my arms were numb thank GOD! They finally got one in and I was able to go back to my room.

I would say the IV's were the worst part of the whole process!

Holding Markus for the first time.

First nurse!

My recovery was pretty easy, I would say the lack of sleep and gas pains the next day were the worst part. I haven't had a lot of pain recovery wise, the first time you get up isn't the greatest feeling but they had medication in my spinal that lasted for almost 24 hours that was really great. I then went to morphine and T3's and some sort of suppository pain medication. The worst part of the hospital stay was the constant vital checks and nurses looking at your incision... I didn't get much sleep there!!

First Bath!

Going home from the hospital.

I left the hospital on Saturday morning... it was so nice to go home! We are loving every moment with Markus and the breastfeeding is going great. I nursed my other babies for over a year and hope to do the same this time. Overall it was a great birth experience! Markus is our last baby and I am so happy to be done with building our family Smile

Big sister Clara and Markus at home.

It was great to go home and nap with my two babies.

More birth & first month pictures can be seen here...

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Reserving CJ's space!

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EDD- Sept 21st, 2011

Birthdate- Sept 13, 2011

Time- 7:43


Length- 19

Chloe’s birth was defiantly an experience for me,

I know I was in early labor for a week and a half before she came but it didn’t do much in progress. Tuesday morning I woke up with contractions which were painful from what I was having, in the middle of a storm. So I got up walked around the house to see if they were real, which they didn’t so I walked around and up and down the stairs since it was about 4 am went to bed and laid there or 2 hours not being able to sleep. So I went down stairs roaming the house, until my mom got up and we ventured to L&D about 9 am.

Making it there I was checked and monitored I had no change from my appointment Thursday which was dilation 2 effaced about 80%. So we sat to labor a bit and to be monitored, she came back and checked me again still no change so she went to call the doctor, my contractions became even more painful then she said she twisted the cervix around to the front so hopefully it would help a bit more.
After calling the doctor she came in and told us I was being admitted because babies heart rate kept going too low then too high, she wasn’t liking the contractions, so we got to the delivery room, set up and I labored for another few hours waiting for the doctor to come in and break my water, but I had to wait for the antibiotics to be put in since I was GBS + about 5 they decided to put me on pit. Because her heart rate didn’t want to stable I was on that for about an hour before I was checked and was then 100% and dilated up to 5. I got the epidural because I knew I wouldn’t be able to breathe or make it with how it was going and I figured if I had some control I could help her come out easier.

At about 6:30 they checked me again and I was about 7 and put an oxygen mask on which had me almost in tears but they said baby was really low and not getting enough oxygen. I was checked again at 6:50ish and the nurse stopped and said that I was 10 and my water had broke sometime in between then and baby was at +2 she could feel her hair. People started rushing around I was feeling really out of it then, doctor came in and told me to push when I felt the contractions which was going okay until about 6 pushes in they were losing her heart beat a lot, the doctor kept stretching me out trying to do what was possible to get her out before having to cut me so I pushed another set of three and she had to get the vacuum because she was stuck and just not coming.

She then did a couple cuts because baby was in big distress then after a few more pushes the
doctor told the OR to go to stand by which then really had me paranoid. I pushed with another set of about 6 and she finally came out. They set her on me for a couple seconds then took her to clean her. Doctor after a few minutes said to push again to get the placenta to come out. She started and finished with sewing me up the asked me to push again for the placenta but still nothing so she felt around a bit more and realized it was still completely attached to me, she had to cut the stitches and manually remove the placenta, which took a bit but it finally came out she re-stitched me and it was all done then. I felt tired and then got cold and shaky, we were finally moved to another room where I had to stay on antibiotics for 24 hours. It was a long stay but everything came out fine. We learned she was coming out wrong so she had some bruises on her forehead/eyelids/head and her nose being squished down on one side.

I am just glad to have her hear now, labor was defiantly a new experience for me and it didn’t go at all of what I thought but I am glad we are both healthy.

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Jacob's birth story

Sept 28
We were scheduled for induction starting at 8am. I show up, SUPER excited to get the ball rolling. When we walked in, we were told, unfortunately, there was no room! We were asked to give them a few hours, so we went home and took a nap. At 11am, we returned and were told they were still a couple of hours away from being able to do anything with us. So we went and got some lunch, went out and sat in the car for a while. I read while Mike slept. At 2, we marched back upstairs for an update. They said they were closer but it might still be another couple of hours. This time, they sent us for some testing to see if Jacob was ready to make his appearance. Our first stop was for a non-stress test. I settled in and started it. Jacob was pretty sleepy and not moving. The nurse wasn't happy. We went for an ultrasound, then back to redo the non-stress test. Finally around 4, we went back to L&D to see the results of all the tests, and to see if they would do the induction today. After talking with the doctor and being nervous that they would send us home and reschedule the induction, we were told they would admit us. YAY! So into our room we went, settled down and waited.

Around 7, they administered the Cervadil, to ripen my cervix and hopefully start contractions. It worked! The contractions started almost immediately, though they were irregular and weak for a long time. The contractions were focused on my back, and while not very strong, they were more painful than I expected. Labor progressed slowly.

Sept 29
Sometime in the night, they started pitocin, a slow drip at first. By morning, I had only progressed to 3cm and 40% effaced. The contractions prevented me from sleeping, and made laying on the bed extremely uncomfortable. I was given a birth ball to sit on, and it made things alot easier, though it made me tired. I would spend about an hour on and then an hour off the ball to try to balance the pain with the tiredness. Around noon, I was checked again and only about 3 1/2, but up to 70% effaced. I was exhausted, in pain, and not progressing. The pitocin was increased to try and get things moving. At 4, I was really starting to struggle. The ball was doing nothing to ease the pain, and being on the bed was horrible. Finally they decided to administer an epidural. AHHH heaven. It was done quickly and very effectively. I was able to move my legs, though they were comfortably numb, and the contractions were greatly reduced in pain. At 7, I was checked again. I had progressed nicely, up to 7cm, and 80% effaced. My friends started to filter in from after work and I was happy to have my "family" with me. Around 7:45, the contractions really started to pick up. They were coming right on top of each other, and the pain was horrible! I don't know if the epidural had worn off or the contractions were just THAT bad, but I struggled alot, and I just knew I had hit transition. It wouldn't be long now!

Things got really crazy. They attached a birthing bar to my bed, and broke it down to prep me for delivery. They checked me and I was fully dialated and just a tiny lip of cervix left, but the baby was quite high. They could feel during contractions he would move down, but then come back up again after the contraction ended. He seemed to be stopped by my pelvic bone, unable to get himself into the birth canal fully. The nurse said we would try some pushes to see if we could get him engaged. Suddenly, I started to feel like I was gonna throw up, and I needed to push BAD. The first attempt at a push was terrible, the nurse pulled my leg back too far and the pain from that knocked my concentration and I ended up just yelling at her and wrenching my leg free. Then we got set up again, this time in a much more comfortable position for me. I gave a push and felt the sweet release of crowning! Suddenly the nurse tells me to stop, his head was halfway out on the first push! She pages the midwife, and I am laying back on the bed, staring at the ceiling and concentrating on NOT pushing when every fiber of my body is telling me to finish the job. Midwife walks in, and casually asks "So what's happening in here?" and everyone, almost in unison, says "A BABY is happening!" So she slaps on some gloves and runs to me, and FINALLY I can push again. By this time, Jacob had wiggled his whole head out on his own! I give a hell of a push and get his shoulders out. He was placed on my belly and clean up starts. After a bit, he is cut loose and I can get a good look at him. I pick him up and look at him and I'm just sobbing, overcome with emotion. He had a bruise across his entire forehead, where he had hit my pelvic bone on his way out, but other than that, he was absolutely perfect!

Date: Sept 29, 2011
Time: 8:38pm
Weight: 9 lbs, 6.6 oz
Length: 20.25 inches

Cutting the cord

My first good look at him

Getting checked out

Daddy holding him for the first time

Jacob and his crazy hair!

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Kesler's Story
Kesler Edward Albert
7lbs 1 oz
21 inch
born via c-section @ 4:54 pm September 27 2011

Well this pregnancy was quite easy compared to my first, I worked untill 6 months and felt quite good at 6 months I had placenta previa which put me on modified bed rest. at our 18wk u/s we found out that the baby had a calification on his diaphram but generally was healthy which was an awnser to prayers.
May 21 we found out he was a boy!!! (yes we named him Kesler from hockey )
We kept the pg hush hush until april 17 when we knew that baby was healthy the first ppl we told were families, Skyler was soo excited to become a big brother!!
Well I was 39 wks exactly i woke on tuesday morning in alot of pain behind my csection scar I just thought it was cause the baby was moving lots, I also had passed a few blood clots. I had an appt for that day at 12(altho today they were running quite late) so i didnt feel concerned since kesler was moving lots.
I went to my midwife appt as we had a c section booked for sept 30 the friday. when i got to the appt I told my mw appt my concerns and she sent me to l&d I called curtis who was off work and at home because he had got in a car accident the day b4 at work and told him i was headed to the hospital and my mw recomended he came. (so we had my dad pick up Skyler from schoool) the ob on call came in and checked me said I was 4 cm dillated and was concerned my uterus was thinning so she wanted to to a c section. I called curtis back and said I think we are having a baby today (in the background my mw yells "yes come now WE ARE HAVING A BABY TODAY LOL) I was totally in denial and felt completly un prepared.
Curtis got to the hospital and was taken to change into scrubs and I walked to the o.r.
All I could think was omg skyler is soo brave for his age (with all the needles and drs) I am an adult and i was terrified.
I didnt start to relax untill they brought Curtis in the room.
I dont remmber really anything untill 4:54pm and the I heard a wonderful cry Kesler was here, my second miracle in life that God had blessed me with was really here!!!
Considering It was an emergency c section I did get the best out come I got skin on skin in the o.r. and I fought to bf in the o.r. and got that too. I was in true bliss even tho i didnt get my vbac i still got to bond with my baby in the first minutes.
I had my tubes tied during the c section which turned out to be a blessing consider the events that followed the birth)
In recovery Curtis and I were able to have skin on skin with Kesler and Skyler was able to come in and be with us which was important considering we promised sky that he could be the first to hold his brother Smile
we were then moved to mom and babe ward where we were in complete bliss!! bf'ding was going great Kesler dropped down to 6lbs 3 oz but was feeding well and had a great latch so we went home on day 3!!
we got home friday afternoon and everything was good untill that nite I was soo engorged I couldnt get kesler to latch Sad I broke down and gave kesler a bottle and called my mw for some help we got a nipple sheild and got back on track. everything felt like it was gunna be ok untill 4 am sunday morning i woke up to nurse and had such a bad headache i had to vomit my chest hurt and I was having strong heart palputaions ( i figured it was just hormones or a spinal headache) i couldnt sleep thru the pain and cried to curtis i dealt with the pain untill 6 pm when i called the mw (as i had been vomitting and having some touble breathing by this point) she came right over and checked my bp sent me to the hospital right away.
we got to the hospital and into a room and there were drs there within 2 minutes iv's started and catherized ( i had no idea i just wanted meds and to go home) apparently my bp #'s were nearing 200's which can cause (sroke/siezures) i was told i would be moved to icu and baby couldnt stay (they also told me my heart was enlarged and i was at high risk for heart faliure so to say what i had to say to my family) i had heart scans, xrays and a whole bunch of tests my liver had problems with its enzimes(sp?) and fluid around it , fluid around my lungs and a blood clot in my lung (risk of my lungs collapsing from the fluid , enlarged heart, and both kidneys steadily failing , couldnt breathe and on oxygen) i couldnt believe it this was supposed to be the happiest time of my life and my boys were leaving the hospital with curtis and i was stuck here. i spent a wk in one on one nursing curtis was great making sure the kids got to come up and visit and making sure the times i was allowed to bf that kesler was there so I could nurse. I am blessed to have such an amazing suppot system.
Fast forward i got to come home the sunday of canadian thanksgiving (talk about something to be thankful for) I am recovering slowly but surely Kesler is on formula and I am on a whole whack of meds ( one for ppd too) but I am blessed to be alive to watch my kids grow up. it is a good thing i had my tubes tied as drs say next pregnancy will most likely be fatal. it was an intresting journey but one well worth it to have my bundle of joy!!!
(i will add more as I have time & as I think of more details)
God has bleesed me!

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Ashton's Space!

Ashtons Birthstory:

I had my little guy on Monday morning! It was my fastest and easiest labor yet and my shortest hospital stay. I'm sore but honestly feel amazing!

So for the past couple weeks I have been having major prodromal labor, usually at night or in the late afternoons and it would last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours before stopping. Sunday Sept 18th I started having semi-painful contractions around 6pm.

I had been in an awful mood that day because I was just SO done being pregnant. Saul at one point in the day had sprayed me with the sink sprayer as I walked through the kitchen as a joke and I burst out crying because I had to change my shirt. I was really just at the end of my rope. So when my grandma invited us over for dinner I was not thrilled to go hang out with the family and have everyone comment about my lack of labor/baby ect. We went anyway because it was one of my fave meals, homemade sauerkraut with pork ribs and potatoes. When we got there at 6pm I started my usual evening prodromal labor. I had semi-painful contractions every 5-8 min the entire time we were there. My mom and little sister timed them for a while and they were getting excited. Everyone commented on how different/low my belly was looking before we left to go home. My contractions pretty much stopped within an hour of us getting back home but my back began to ache pretty badly.

We put the boys to bed because Aiden had school in the morning and I wandered around the house while Saul played his computer games. Around 11:30pm I decided I really wanted to go to bed and I tried to lay down but my back hurt so bad that I couldn't fall asleep. I got up at around midnight and ran a bath to relieve the pain. After 20-30 min in the bath I finally felt like I could fall asleep so I drained the tub and stood up to get out. I put one foot down on the bath mat and POP! my water broke with a HUGE gush. I was seriously in shock for a few seconds and then I grabbed a towel and stuck it between my legs so I could go get Saul.

He was still playing computer games with his headphones on so he couldn't hear me calling his name until I was standing right behind him. He turned around and I said "Hi!" and he goes "Hi?" and I laughed and said "My water just broke." and a look of panic spread over his face. We called my Grandma to come stay with the boys and I grabbed my bag and a few extra things. I put on some pajama bottoms and a t-shirt and the towel and went and sat in the car. As soon as my grandma got here we left for the hospital. It was 1:00am

I had no contractions on the way to the hospital but Saul still drove like an old man, 25 miles an hour the whole way, taking corners at a snails pace. We pulled into the E.R parking lot and I got out and waled up to the door. By then I was leaking so much I left a trail to the door and into the hospital. They had me sit in a wheelchair and took me to Maternity Triage.

The triage nurse gave me an annoyed look at first because I obviously didn't look like I was in labor. I was actually laughing when we first got into triage because at that point I was SOAKED and there was a giant puddle under me in the wheelchair. I told her my water had broken and stood up and she laughed too when she saw the puddle and said to just go put on a gown so she could take me to the L&D floor, I didn't have to stay in triage.

As we rounded the corner to my labor and delivery room I had a contraction that was semi-painful. I got to the bed and they hooked me up to the monitors and I had another one. They put in my Hep-lock and started all the usual questions and my contractions were quickly picking up. I was still planning on a natural birth at that point and had hopes of laboring in the tub for a while. My nurse came back with a jug of ice water for me to drink and I asked to be checked so I knew where we were starting from. She checked me and I was already at 5 cm and VERY stretchy. She went to get my midwife right away because they knew I was going to have a quick labor. In the next few min. my sister arrived to hang out with us and my contractions at that point just took off. They were right on top of each other and lasting for a min or more. They went from going to 25 on the monitor to some reaching 60 and I could not catch my breath in between. I started to seriously panic and completely lost control. My nurse came back in and I asked for an epidural right away.

It was a slow night on the L&D floor so my epidural was placed within 10 min of me asking for it. It was quick, painless and perfectly placed. They checked me right after the epidural took effect and I was now at 7cm. My midwife went to take a nap while I went through my last bit of labor and my nurse left us alone to hang out (this hospital is pretty hands off about things, which I LOVED) They came in to help me change positions at 5:30am and I mentioned that I was feeling pressure with some of my contractions so the nurse checked me and I was complete with his head at +2. She called my midwife and we decided that I would labor for another 30 min so he could come all the way down on his own and help me stretch out a little more since my labor and been SO short.

At 6am my midwife came in, put on her gloves and told me to practice push. His head was halfway out with my first push and he was born with the second push at 6:09AM. He was right on my chest right away and just barely cried when they started rubbing him down. I held him for about 10 min and then let them take him to be cleaned off while My midwife stitched me up. Because he came so fast I had a few small tears that needed stitches. I tore both ways unfortunately, the tear up is pretty painful but it's small and should heal well. The tear down is on my previous episiotomy scar and it doesn't hurt as bad.

Ashton's apgars were 8 and 9. He weighed 8lbs 11ozs and was 21 1/4 inches long. He is my biggest baby! Saul got to cut the cord and was so happy that he was home for the birth. He had gotten home Friday and he will be leaving this weekend so there was a very small window for him to be here to meet Ashton

Ashton is nursing well but my milk has been slow coming in. His Billiruben levels are pretty high so we have done a little supplementation with formula just to avoid having him admitted for light therapy. We were discharged today around 2 pm and I am SO happy to be home now with all my boys.

Pics of my big boy:

At the hospital

First Month

Second Month