September Sapphire Sweeties Birth Stories

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September Sapphire Sweeties Birth Stories

We'd love to ready all about how your labor started...even those that were induced or c-sections...tell us all about it! Biggrin

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Alexander Patrick

My birth story is a bit of a long one. Everyone already knows that I'd been hospitalized twice for preterm labor; Memorial Day weekend, and July 31st. Monday August 8th I woke up and noticed some pink fluid. I'd been having increased discharge for a few days, which the doc said was normal, but being as it was pink I was worried. I called the doc first thing, and they set me up a 10:00 appointment. My doctor was out for the day, so I met with the other doctor in the office. She checked me out, my cervix was closed, but my water had broken. So it was off to the hospital. We arrived and got settled in. Since my water had broken early I had to have antibiotics every 6 hours. I saw the doctor again tuesday morning, and I had dialated to 1 cm. The tentative plan was to induce me at 36 weeks (monday the 15th). Every afternoon around 1-130 I would have really bad contractions for a little over an hour, then they would go away. On wednesday evening I was dialated to 2 cm. I met with my doctor, who ran a test of my fluid for lung development. He said based on how mature the baby's lungs were he would decide when to induce. Thursday morning (august 11) the nurse informed me that the baby's lungs were not yet fully mature according to the tests, and the doctor would be in later to talk with me. Well, around 130 as usual I started having really bad contractions. I informed the nurse that it would pass, I just needed to go to the bathroom (hence the constant cramping) and rest and I'd be fine. She checked my cervix and I was dialated to 4 cm. She proceeded to start an IV so I could be moved to the delivery room. At this point I was still being stubborn informing her that I just needed to use the bathroom and it would pass. At 230 they moved me to the delivery room. I was at 6 cm. They gave me a sadol (sp?) injection and called for my doctor. About an hour later the sadol had worn off. By this time I was at 8 cm, so they called for the doc to do my epidural. We got that all set, and waited for my doctor to arrive. He arrived a little after four. He was joking about my being in labor since my the test had came back at 19 for the baby's lungs, and fully mature is 45. So the doc hadn't figured out yet how to tell me he wasn't going to induce me for at least another week and a half. Oh well. No need to explain it now. Wink The other doctors arrived and were informed of the test results of the baby's lungs. In the delivery room was me, DH, my brother, my doctor, my nurse, and baby's nurse, a neonatologist, and a respitory specialist...quite a full house. After about an hour of pushing Alex was born at 5:26 PM. His left foot and right arm were bruised, and they were both up next to his head. The doctor joked with my parents the next day that he had to turn away for a second as that position looked rather painful both for the baby and I. Alex had no problems breathing on his own, and never required oxygen. He weighed 5 pounds 6 ounces, and was 18 inches long. He was taken to the NICU. He spent three days on antibiotics, since my water had been broken for a few days. He was on a feeding tube for the first day, but now is doing well on the bottle. Every day he gets more food and less IV fluid. His tests have all come back well, so we're happy about that. He's currently still in the NICU under the billilights, and we're hoping to have him home in a few more days. I was released after 24 hours (24 hours early, but the doc said I could go and after 5 days I was ready to get home). I'm doing well, just anxious to get my boy home with DH and I. I've included some pictures for you to enjoy, and I will keep everyone posted. I'm sorry the pics are so big...I can't figure out how to make them smaller, and it's really stormy here, so I just wanted to get them up. Smile I hope that you're all doing well. Take care. Always, Kristin

Make sure to check out our site for pictures and the newest updates on Alex. Smile

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Oh, congratulations!! I can't see the pics though Sad

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Still no pictures!! I want to see that cute little man!

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Congratulations! It's good (and bad) to know that doctor's and their tests can be wrong. Glad your baby is breathing great on his own. Sounds like Alex was just ready to come out and meet you!

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he's beautiful!

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My birth story is short. I was asleep, so I remember nothing from the quints delivery. This is what I've been told or read in the medical reports...

As far as I know they took me in to the OR and already had my stomach cut open. Marlin came in and Dr. Stewart said "Cut time 16:36" and proceeded to cut me open. Marlin says that they just started pulling babies out. One by the head, another by the legs, someone by the hips. He says that it was the most violent 4 minutes of his life. Lukas Marlin and Samuel Thomas came out at 16:37. Noah Aaron, Patrick Benjamin, and Peter Joseph were born at 16:38. They took the boys to two different areas to work on them and do resusitations as needed. They had Marlin sit down and gave him orange juice as he had been hyperventilating during the whole thing. Finally they sent him out to the waiting room as they cleaned me out, stitched me up, and did what ever else they did. Once it was all over (after a long time) they came out and told him that we had 5 boys, but that 3 of them had passed. I lost 1400ml of blood and they were giving me a transfusion.
I don't remember when they told me about the boys. Marlin tells me that he brought all the boys in one at a time and I named each one of them, but I don't remember that either. I do remember the boys being baptised that night.
I suppose between the morphine and the trauma, I'm probably not supposed to remember it. I really wish I could. I wanted to be able to tell the boys about the day they were born, but now I will never have that chance.

The boys came in this order and here are all their stats.
Lukas Marlin 1 lb. 14 oz., 14 ¼ in.
Samuel Thomas 1 lb. 15 oz., 12 ½ in. (Deceased)
Noah Aaron 2 lb. 3 oz., 13 ½ in.
Patrick Benjamin 1 lb. 6 oz., 13 in. (Deceased)
Peter Joseph 1 lb. 0 oz., 11 in. (Deceased)

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Sorry that you can't remember all the details of your babies birth. Go easy on yourself, you have been through a lot and your precious boys will understand that. Bless your family. You all are truely amazing!

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I woke up at 2:45 am Monday morning with mild back pain. The pain wasn't bad, but my wondering mind kept me from going back to sleep. I called the dr office at 9:00. They told me that I could either go to the hospital to get checked out or come in at 1:00. I chose to wait for the office visit so I wouldn't get sent home from the hospital. At the dr office, I was dilated 3cm and 100% effaced. My dr. said it was unusual to be 3cm, effaced and not be in labor, so he sent me to the hospital to get monitored. I got there around 2:00. By 3:00, I had dilated to 4cm, so they decided it was the real thing. At 6:00, I was 6 cm. They insisited that I get my epidural at that point. I didn't want one yet. I had hardly had any pain. But, I agreed. Well, the epidural slowed me down. It was midnight before I was ready to push. This is where things started sucking. I pushed and pushed and pushed until 4:38 when she finally came out. I was an emotional wreck during that process. I kept crying and saying, "I can't do this anymore." I think the pushing would have been better if I wasn't exhausted from being up since 2:45 am the previous day. My epidural either did not work or had worn out. But, they kept saying that it doesn't help with the pressure anyway. When she was born, I was horrified because she wasn't crying. You just expect to hear that sweet little cry. She had one heck of a conehead from being in the canal for so long. It was amazing. As soon as she came out, I was full of energy. I couldn't wait to get to her. I didn't get to see her for over an hour. Nobody said it would take forever to deliver the placenta and stitch me up. Then I couldn't take her to my room for almost two days because of the oxygen. I had to go down to the nursery to nurse. After everything, it was still the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. She weighed in at 6lb. 10 oz. and was 18 in. I had her at 36 w 4d. I am very glad that I didn't go full term. Could you imagine how big she would have been then? Her echo came back perfectly normal today. That is a relief. Her billi is still up though. If it is still high tomorrow, the will get me a "Walabee" to use. I am not quite sure what that is though. She feeds very well, painful for me though. If you would like to see a picture, pm me. I am not the best at figuring out the websites.

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congrats girls

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Wow! Congratulations!!! Smile

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Healthy baby Keira born at 37 weeks and 4 days. I won't spare the gory details for those who want to know. I am going to tell it the way it was, before the happiness of my baby makes me forget the horror. I'm already forgetting a little.

Well, last Sunday, I went into L&D for some pain and found out that I was about 2 1/2 cm dialated. I went home to "wait and see". Pain went away, but I did lose the plug that night. On Monday, I went in to the OBGYN only to find out that the labor had not progressed. We were so bummed. I knew I could walk around for 3-4 more weeks like that. So I thought I would try the things that are supposed to help - spicy food, sex, walking. That night at 1:30 am, my water broke and I woke up instantly! OMG! No turning back now. I didn't get any contractions for a couple hours. When they were strong and less than 5 minutes apart, I went into L&D - at 5am on Tuesday morning.

THE LABOR: By 7am, I was having strong, painful contractions about 3 minutes apart. I used the birth ball, DH gave me back rubs and hip squeezes, etc. It was just like the labors on TV...except, I was only about 3cm! Contractions were coming 1-3 minutes apart and lasting over a minute each. They came faster and harder. The baby's head was right up against the cervix - she was just waiting for the door to open. By 4cm, my body was shaking and convulsing, and the contractions were causing involuntary pushing. So dialation was slow, but the contractions were more what you would expect at 7-10 cm. The nurse convinced me to take a little shot that would take off the edge, so my body wouldn't push. I reluctantly did so, even thought my "plan" only included a possible epidural. So for about 30 minutes, my contractions were maybe 5% easier. But it didn't last. They got so violent and lasted up to 3 minutes each with multiple peaks. Time between contractions was only about 30 seconds to a minute, if I was lucky enough to have a "between" time. I was throwing up and convulsing. It wasn't pretty, but the nurse said it was wonderful that my body had such a strong sense of what to do. She said I needed to relax so the cervix could catch up. We ordered the epidural, which was hard to do, since my contractions would not stop for him to do his needle thing. He did a great job administering it though. Finally, I had some relief, yet I could still feel each contraction with enormous pressure at each peak. Over the next 30 minutes, that pressure grew greater and started jerking my body. The pain was back...not just back, but full force. What the hell!?!?!! When people get epidurals on TV, they sit and talk and laugh and sometimes get yelled at by doctors because they can't feel enough to push correctly. Me, I start convulsing and screaming for my body to stop trying to force the baby through an opening that is too small. Threw up again! The epidural guy had to put something else in the IV to take off the edge, so my body would relax enough to dialate. It helped about 3%, in my estimation. Finally, I was about 9cm and I swear the nurse went in and manually opened it the rest of the way and let me start pushing. THANK YOU GOD! It was some time after 1:30 pm, I guess. I got the towel on the bar that you pull with your feet up. Pushing was such a relief. I don't think she expected me to be such a good pusher, because just before the crowning, she had me stop! We had to wait for her to get the doctor. "Uh, no! I push, and you catch, lady! That's the way it is going to be". I resisted pushing for a contraction or two and convulsed instead. Dr. came, I pushed, head came through, he pulled the rest and placenta came immediately. Baby on my chest made all the pain disappear! I had no idea that I had torn until I felt the needle stitching me up an the thread being pulled through. Ouchy, but whatever. (tearing was my big fear going into this, but it turned out to be the least big deal)

DH was amazed and thought I was Wonder Woman or something. I was glad people felt that I did a great job, because it felt like a horror show. So, my pregnancy was pretty good, the labor sucked, but I am recovering great. Keira is breastfeeding like a machine, and it is really helping my body heal. I feel so lucky. She is 100% healthy and she is fascinating.

The one thing I cannot stress enough to soon-to-be FTMs is that the pain really does go away when that baby is born. I didn't believe it, but it is so true. It made me get over the fact that the Dr. had been showered in blood (big gush behind the baby), I had pooped during the delivery (humiliating), I ripped and so on. Speaking of the little things, I did escape stretch marks, which I still can't understand. And now, I have big boobs for the first time in my life. That's a bonus. I have lost 14 of the 35 pounds so far. Feet are still swollen - from the IV fluids. Milk has come in - about 2 days postpartem...kind of fast. I can't recommend the Boppy enough for first time breastfeeders. It makes things way easier. Well, off to feed the baby!!!!!

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wow. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like quite the labor. Glad things are good. Congrats on a beautiful baby girl!

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Wow - congratulations!! That's quite a story - I hope mine goes less painful... :shock:

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The boppy is the only thing left on my registry that I want and haven't received!!! Glad to hear all of the details so I know what to expect. My DH already says he knows i'll poop on the table-lol. Maybe he is just preparing himself so if it does happen he won't get sick-lol. That sounds amazing though with what you went through even with the epidural! You are wonder woman! Smile

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wow,go you! such a beautiful little girl!! congrats!

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I was having contrax all night thurs night, well when they got to about 4 min apart I knew I had to go in. Well they checked me I was 3 cm & my water was buldging so they admited me...that was 3:30
By 6 I had my EPI & boy was that wonderful!!! They checked me I was still the same but much more She came back a little while later & I was 10 CM!!!! So by 8:50 I was pushing & he came out by was easy!!!I did tear a bit but that was the worst part!!
I feel great, he breast feeds like a champ & I have the overly sore nipples to prove it! My milk is starting to come in & man do I have some HUGE bb's!!!

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My water broke on Saturday morning (Aug. 27). We finished packing, dropped Jonathan off at the IL's and checked into the hospital at around 11:30. I was put on the monitor in triage, and I was having some very mild contractions, which seemed to be coming about 5 minutes apart. They were a little uncomfortable, but not painful. Then they started becoming stronger and more painful, and in little spurts. By that I mean, I would get 2-3 in quick succession, then a break, then 2-3 more. I was hooked up to an IV, and then the nurse checked me and said I was 3-4 cm dilated. I thought 'ok, still a ways to go then'. Shortly before they moved me to an L&D room, the contractions started to get really painful, and really close together, like a minute apart. I had to walk 2 doors down to the L&D room, and had to stop several times due to contractions.

I got into the L&D room (I think this was around 2 pm), and they put me on the monitor again (had to have constant monitoring b/c it was a trial of labour). The contractions were coming really quickly and really painful. I was starting to think that there was no way I could keep this up, and was thinking about asking for an epidural. The nurse offered me laughing gas to take the edge of off, and that did seem to help a little. At least, breathing into the mask seemed to help me slow my breathing down a bit through the contractions. Then I started to feel what I thought was the urge to push, so I told the nurse, but I was certain it had to be too soon. She grabbed the dr (a resident), and he checked me and said "well, I can't find your cervix, so you know what that means" I snapped back that I had no idea what it meant, figuring he was just incompetent, and then he said "you're fully dilated, you can start pushing when you have the urge", and he left saying "i'll see you sooner or later, probably sooner". So with some coaching from the nurse (who was fantastic), I started pushing with each contraction. I don't remember how long it was before I heard her say to DH that she could see the head, and did he want to see? He looked and told me that he could see the head. Then the nurse paged for the dr "saying I need a dr and a baby stethoscope right away!" I think I had been pushing for about half an hour. Both the resident and the attending dr came in (their names were Dr. Half and Dr. together they were half-brain...that made me giggle afterward ). And a couple more small pushes, and Nicholas was out!

I got to hold him while they wiped him off, and DH cut the cord. Then they took him over to check him out and DH went to take pictures. In the meantime I delivered the placenta. I was told that I did have a tear and needed stitches Dr. Half tried to do it, and was taking forever, and then he had to call in Dr. Brain (those names still crack me up They sound fake!) and she finally did it. This whole time DH was standing beside me holding little Nicholas (we hadn't named him yet, though), and he was sucking on his cute They finally finished, and I was able to hold Nicholas and let him latch on, which he did with no problem at all.

Finally, the nurse and dr's left, and it was just the three of us, and we chose the name Nicholas Matthew. After a bit of a wait, we were moved to the post partum unit.

Birth Stats:

Date: August 27, 2005
Time: 3:34 pm
Weight: 8lbs 4oz (3730 g)
Height: 22" (55.5 cm)

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hi everyone! well,almost a week later,here's my story.
it was about 2 or 3 in the morning on sept. 1st,and I was having some serious cramping. I got a few hours of sleep then woke up and after some debating decided to go in to work. dh and i work in the same place so i figured if something happened, at least he'd be right there. at about 9 in the morning,contractions got so bad that i couldn't talk through them anymore. I kept putting off going in to the hospital because i really didn't want to be sent home. but finally at about 11 i called my doctor and he said to come in and get checked. turns out he couldnt see me until 2 that afternoon. when i finally got in,he checked and i was at 5cm! he said yep,you're in labor,get to the hospital! it was so surreal. so off we went.we got there at about 3 and they broke my water half an hour later.then the contractions REALLY started. man,that was awful. at about 7 i had decided i wanted something for the pain.they checked me again and said sorry,but i was at 9 centimeters and it was too late.i panicked!! i remember looking at jeff(dh) and telling him to help me.i was so freaked out.i had one big contraction and was at 10 and was able to start pushing. 20 minutes later,and there he was! my 8 pound 6.5 ounce baby boy! i tore like crazy in two places,one was a tear from his fingernails. yikes! he's just beautiful and we're so excited to finally have him here in our arms. speak of the devil,it's feeding time!!

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Shane's birth story

It was Sunday and we had a very busy day. Our family woke up and went to church. After that, I needed to get Trevor ready for Tuesday. It was going to be his 1st day at kindergarten! I took him grocery shopping and we got his hair cut, and my Dh stayed home and finished the baby's room crown molding and needless to say, we were exhausted! I finally got the kids to bed at 8:00 and I was going to sit down and relax, when, GUSH! I sat on the couch and felt a big blob. I went to the restroom thinking it was CM, but then it was like I was peeing! I said to my DH "OH my gosh, I think my water broke!" I then went into a panic! I wasn't ready to go this early! My parents were out of town and we were going to the airport to pick them up in 1 hour! They were the one who were watching the boys for us if I went into labor.

Lucky, I have great neighbors. My neighbor and her husband came over and stayed with the boys. They were asleep and the wife went to the airport to get my mom and Dad. It was so funny, my dad call when he landed and had no idea I was going to tell him I was on my way to the hospital! They were so excited that they made it home in the nick of time!

We were off to the hospital and arrived there at 10:00pm. They confirmed that my water did break and if I wanted to see if I could start contractions on my own I could walk the halls. I walked for 45 min and nothing was happening, except the water leaking out. So I went back to the room. The nurse checked me and said that the baby was a -4 and couldn't feel my cervix because it was too high up. The Ob on call came in and verified that Shane's head was down and I was only 1 cm dialated. I decided to sleep and start pitocin at 4 am. I did have a few contractions that night but nothing constant. We started a low dose of pitocin and nothing happened until they upped it at 7 am. I started some good constant contractions 5 min apart at 8 am and the nurse advised me if I wanted to get an epidural, I should do it before 10 am because the anesthesiologist was going in for a c-section. I had her come back at 9 and I was ready to do it then. The contractions by that time were getting intense and I really had to breath throught them. I got my epidural at 9:45 and the OB on call( I loved her) checked me and I was at 5 cm and she said she would come back in a few hours to check me again, but to call the nurse if I felt any pressure. Not more then 40 min later, I had the urge to push. The nurse check and I was fully dialated and ready to have the baby. She went to get the Dr, but she was delivering in the next room, and I was going to have to wait! She finally came in 25 min later and I gave 4 pushes ( remember I have two other kids) and Shane came into the world! He weighed 6lbs 10 oz and was 19 1/4". I only tore a tiny bit, needing one stitch. He was perfect! Very short brown hair, and he looks like he will have blue eyes, just like his brothers! I still couldn't believe he came 2 weeks early, but I guess it was destinty to have another holiday baby! Now I have a July 4th, Valentine's day, and a Labor day baby! Our family is now complete!

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I had an appt. on Monday afternoon (the 29th). I was still about 4cm dilated and she said that the baby was nice and low and I had a bulging bag of water. My OB scheduled an induction for the following Monday (9/6) due to my PIH.
When I left my appt. I had some back pain but not contraction-type pain as it was a constant pain. More like a pulled muscle.
That evening we took DS to the mall to get his 2 year pictures done and I even chased him around in the mall play area. I still had the back pain.

When we got home that night I took some Tylenol PM to help with the back pain and to help me get a good nights sleep since I had to get up and work the next morning.

I work from home and I set my alarm for the next morning at 4:30am. When the alarm went off I got up and noticed I was having some menstrual type cramping that was coming and going. It wasn't severe at all though. I figured out they were contractions but they were mild enough that I didn't think at all they were real contractions. I started timing them though and they were 5 minutes apart.

I took a shower still thinking I was going to start working and then I decided to wait and continue timing them. At 5:30am (an hour later) I felt some sort of major movement with the baby and the contractions immediately got unbearable. They then were 3 minutes apart and I KNEW this was it. I woke DH up and called my mom to come stay with James.

By the time we got the car packed and left the contractions kept me from doing anything and were getting closer it seemed with each one. That was one LONG ride to the hospital. I was miserable. By the time we got to the hospital it was 7am and the contractions never seemed to stop. They pretty much took me straight back to triage after asking just a few insurance-type questions that DH had to answer. Before the nurse even had a chance to check me I was asking for pain meds Smile

She then asked me if I had been here and sent home before and told me she had to at least check me to see if I was staying before we could discuss pain meds. I'm sure I sounded rediculous.

The nurse was a bit shocked when she checked me though and I was almost 8cm! I wasn't too shocked since the contractions never stopped and when I tried to pee I had strong urges to push.
They monitored 2 contractions in triage and Addie's heartrate with each contractions dropped from about 150 to 60. So they took me to a delivery room and called the doctor from my practice on call.
They asked me if I wanted an epidural and told me that the doctor was fine with that and said it was a good idea as long as I had some cervix left. But they warned me that it wouldn't take full effect until after I delivered but that it would help. I didn't care and just wanted some relief-even if just for a few minutes!
The heartrate was still dropping with each contraction so thank goodness I was so far along or it would've ended up as a c-section.
By the time they got the epidural in I was 9cm and within about 15 minutes I was fully dialated and ready to push.
They had already told me that they were going to use the vacuum and possibly an episiotomy since she needed to be born asap due to the decellerations.
The contractions were still painful at this point but tolerable and I could feel everything but with just less pain while I was pushing and she came out. That was an AMAZING feeling.
Addie Grace was born at 8:20am on 8/30 with the help of the vacuum, an episiotomy and I had a second degree tear too.
She came out pink and crying Smile Her apgars were 9 and 9.
And shortly after the birth my epidural really started working and my legs went numb Smile But since they turned it off it didn't last long. It was in such a short time I didn't even have to have a catheter or anything.

The doctor told me afterwards that the placenta had started to seperate from the uterus (or something like that) and that played a roll in my labor moving so fast. He said it can be very serious but we were lucky and it didn't cause any problems. Thank goodness.

We stayed 48 hours in the hospital and Addie wasn't the perfect hospital baby like most are. She actually cried a lot and didn't let me sleep much at all. I tried to take her to the nursery but they kept bringing her back since she was breastfed and that was the ONLY thing that quieted her.
We all actually got along much better once we got home. Now she is a great sleeper and only feeds once a night.

Sorry this got to be so long!

Edited to add that she was born at 38 weeks and 2 days and was 6lb 6oz and 19.5 inches.

Edited to also add that at Addie's one month appt. we found out that she had broke her collarbone during delivery! Poor baby! No wonder she was so fussy in the hospital. Poor thing was in pain!
By the time we found out at one month she was almost completely healed and it shouldn't cause any more problems. Thank goodness.

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WHEW! I knew it would happen fast! I had a dr appt. on Friday, Sept 9 and was still 1 cm and 80-90% effaced. On Saturday around 5:30 we went to the Corn Festival (mini fair type thing in town) and walked around. We were there for over 3 hours, but in the first hour we were there, I started having contractions every 5 minutes. They weren't taking my breath away, however I had to stop walking sometimes and just breath slightly through them.

They didn't stop all night long-every 5 minutes and were getting a little stronger to where I had to breath through them. Woke up Sunday and same finally at 2pm I went to the hospital. She checked me and I was 2 cm. I walked around for an hour and a half and she checked me again and I was 3 cm so she admitted me.

From there, it progressed pretty least for me because they gave me Nubane and it knocked me out Smile I still felt the contractions, but I was so out of it I hardly remember the feeling.

I got my epidural (THANK GOD!) between 4-5 cm so I only had a few killer contractions to deal with before it kicked in. Man I can't imagine what they would feel like toward the end of labor!

Once that kicked in, I was in the best mood and enjoyed not having any feeling from waist down whatsoever. It did make it hard to push at first, but right before she came out I started to have enough feeling to get her out. I was in labor for about 12 hours at the hospital but it went so fast! She came at 2am. I pushed for 20 min.

I wasn't able to move to the recovery room until 8 am as my legs were still numb and I couldn't walk!

I just can't believe it's OVER! It was such an awesome experience and I don't think it could have gone any better for my first experience! Brynn is such a joy and I am so excited to have her home!

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IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max Angus Foster Negri was born on the 9th of September 2005 at 8.07am – two weeks early

Weight - 2990 grams (6lbs 10oz)

Length - 49 cm (19.3 inches)

Head circumference – 33.5cm (13.2 inches)

I am so sorry that I kept you in suspense for so long! I really wanted to tell you myself, after the long road that I travelled to get to this point I really wanted the joy of doing the announcing. We had the computer at the hospital but the phone just wouldn’t let us dial out. So here we are, day one home today and here is the story!!!! Time to stop hassling Colleen – she was under strict orders!!!

So here is Max’s birth story…..

As you know I went in on 9/9 for an elective c-section (needed due to breech presentation and low amniotic fluid). I must say, going to bed on the 8th was so weird! Knowing that when we got up we were leaving to have our baby!

My final belly pic! 5.30am 9/9 @ 38weeks

We arrived at the hospital at 6am, were admitted and then just sat around waiting. Next to my bed was a blanket all wrapped up with two baby name bracelets sitting in it. This was the blanket that my baby would first be wrapped in.


At about 7.45am I was wheeled into the theatre. The anaesthetist explained the spinal block procedure to me and then gave it to me. That felt really weird! He gave me a local first and that hurt a tad, after that I didn’t feel a thing. During all of this I was chatting to the theatre staff about how the Australian tennis player was going in the US Open and to listen to me you would never have known I was about to have a baby! Soooooo calm! And sooooo in denial!!

They then lay me down on the bed, put a screen stand over me and then used my gown to cover the screen. That meant that I was lying nude, in all my glory for the world to see! There were what felt like a million people in their, male assistants and all! When Mick walked in a few minutes later he came in at the feet end and got quite a shock to see me “out there!!!”. Thank goodness I couldn’t see how great I was looking!

Long story a bit shorter, they put a catheter in and then the fun began! Sorry to use this word again, but once they started cutting it was so weird!!! I could feel everything but there was no pain. If you have ever had a tooth pulled you can begin to imagine what it felt like! Mick was sitting next to my head but was invited to stand up when the moment came. I also asked for a mirror at this point so I could watch the birth. WOW!!!!!!!!!! One minute I could see a cut in my tummy and the next they were pulling out my baby – bum first! Max mooned the world!! It was soon very obvious that he was a boy and I saw first and called out, “It’s a boy!!!!”. He was handed to the paediatrician and then shown to me. Again so weird! He didn’t make a sound! A scary moment as I wondered if he was okay but soon enough he let out a scream! Such a beautiful sound!! Suddenly this thing that had been growing inside me was now next to my head. I touched him on the feet and then the head. Amazing!

My first touch…

(I do have all the pics from the c-section but will save those for a seperate post - they are pretty gory and I didn't want to freak anyone out. I LOVE them!)

The Dr and Mick then took him to do stuff. Eventually he was given to me for a cuddle. To be really honest with you it all felt like a dream. There was no surge of love, just one big surreal moment.

Our first family pic and my first cuddle with my beautiful boy

Soon he was gone and the Drs got back to sewing me up. Once he and Mick left the room it was like he hadn’t really even arrived. The theatre staff and I went back to just talking about stuff. Again – very WEIRD!

(An aside – my MIL and Mum were in the waiting room. Because my MIL has been convinced he was a boy since my 12 week u/s Mick and the midwife decided to play a trick on her. The placed a pink blanket over him and even put a pink card in his crib. The first thing both grandmothers squealed when they saw him was “It’s a girl!” Mick then said, the baby is called Max! My MIL replied, “ohhhh, Maxine!!!” I wish I had have been there to see her face when Mick announced, “Mum – it’s a boy!!” LOL!!!!)

Max about 30 mins after birth

After a time in recovery Max and I were finally back together again. He was placed on my breast and had a great feed.

Max and I

Sorry this is so long. There is so much else I could say but I will try and keep the rest short and sweet. The last five days have been some of the hardest yet most amazing of my life. It took me a few days until I finally felt that amazing sense of love for him but now that I do – it is amazing! Breast feeding has been a struggle and I have wanted to quit quite a few times now but am persevering and now am finally getting some where. He LOVES the boob and my milk is now well and truly in! The last feed it was squirting everywhere!! Hormones have been crazy and on day three many a nurse and my OB were greeted with an “I’m going to cry now” as soon as they walked into the room! I haven’t had the baby blues as such just the baby hormones in abundance!

As I said at the beginning of the epic piece we are home now and getting settled. As I write this I can hear Max (who is in a bassinette in the corner of our living room) stirring for a feed – it’s been just over three hours since the last feed and he is like clock work! Sleep is a thing of the past but so far so good!

One of my favourites…

Not long after we got home, Mick and I were standing over him as he slept so peacefully, we had our arms around each other and the tears of joy flowed. Finally I felt complete.

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Henry Morris' Story

You know, I've said all along that I thought I would at least see my due date. My dear Henry, who has always done things at the very last minute, didn't disappointment me. (My apologies - this will probably be a long post)

I had my 39 week check up on 9/8, and my blood pressure was high for the first time all pregnancy (probably the Chinese food we had the night before, but who'll ever really know). My OB is fairly conservative, so she sent me to the hospital that night for monitoring. Everything checked out fine, and I went back on Tuesday (9/13) for another check in the office. I had a major fight with my mother over the weekend, and surprise surprise, my BP was still high. DH, the doc and I talked it over and decided to induce. The hospital could get me in the next night for Cervadil to ripen my cervix, since I'd been about 2cm dilated for the last week and then I'd be induced on Thursday morning.

Tuesday night, I woke up about 3am with what I thought were gas pains. The pain would pass eventually, even though nothing else happened. I was back and forth to the bathroom 5 or 6 times before it was time to get up. Once I had breakfast and took a shower, the pains stopped, so I didn't think anything more about it. DH worked from home that day, and we went out to dinner before heading to the hospital at 7PM. About the time I was finishing my salad, I had another burst of "gas" pain, but again it didn't last very long, so I forgot about it.

At the hospital, I was taken to an L&D suite, and by 9:30 had the Cervadil in place. DH stayed until about 11, and I tried to sleep to get ready for a big day ahead. By 12:30, the "gas" pains were back, and I was in the bathroom "just in case" every 30 minutes or so. The fetal monitor wasn't picking up any contractions, so I thought it was just an upset tummy still. By 3 AM I started to revise that theory. Without warning, I threw up (thank God I was on my side) and the pains were more distinct, starting in my lower back, and moving around front to my pelvis - about every 10 minutes. I was sweating and shaking like I was chilled, but still no contractions on the monitor. Around 5:30, I woke up drenched, thinking my lower back and bottom must have been really sweaty. It was never confirmed, but it was pretty likely my water had broken while I was dozing. The contractions were 6-7 minutes apart at this point, still really low and not showing up on the monitor. I was absolutely sure at this point I was in labor, and considered calling DH, who was planning to show up by 6:30. Before I could get a chance, the nurse came in and started asking all kinds of questions. I had just finished asking for an epidural when DH came in at 10 past 6. I have never been more glad to see him! It took nearly 45 minutes for the anesthesiologist to arrive, since there were 4 other requests for epi's around the same time. Contractions were coming about 4 minutes apart, and lasting 45-60 seconds by that point. The worst part was trying to talk to the anesthesiologist like a rational human being while dealing with contractions through which all I could do was yell "OH!" Finally, the pain meds were in and I started to feel better. The resident laid me down to check me, and determined I was 4cm and 50% effaced. They left me lying down while the nurses went through the shift change, and about 5 minutes later I was grasping the edge of the bed, writhing, and yelling "I have the urge to push!" The doc had left by that point, so the nurse checked me, and was just shocked that I was 8cm and 95% dilated. (My goodness, does it hurt when you're having an internal exam during a contraction with the urge to push!) After the epi they had moved the contraction pad lower, so they could now see the strength of my contractions on the monitor. They paged my OB, and by the time she got there, the epi had kicked in, and I was in transition. The doc decided she'd go to the office for her morning appointments, since it looked like we had some time now.

The epidural slowed things down a bit, and I dozed through about 2.5 hours of transition with only mild contractions. Around 11:10, I knew it was time to start pushing. The resident came in and gave me the go-ahead. At the same time, they paged my regular OB, thinking she'd have plenty of time to make it back from the office. At 11:40, I was told "If Dr. P isn't on the way, she's not going to make it in time for this baby." They paged the resident and the attending, but the secretary at the desk was new and messed up Dr. D's name, so he didn't show up right away. The resident was there pretty quick, though, and in a very short time told me Henry was crowning. We waited a minute for the next urge to push, and the resident turned around to put on gloves so she could catch him. I felt tremendous pressure with the first push, a pop as his forehead came out with the second push, and with the third push I heard the resident go "Oh my gosh!" She hadn't had enough time to make it back to the bed before Henry shot out on his own and landed on the bed at 11:53 AM.

He didn't cry, but he pinked up almost immediately. They had him on my chest before Dr. D finally made it in. I was busy being amazed by my new baby boy, but I did hear Dr. D congratulate the resident for delivering the baby on her own, and the nurse reply that actually Henry delivered himself.

A few minutes later, Henry was in the warmer, and Dr. D got to the task of cleaning me up. It turned out I had a 2nd degree tear, which I didn't feel at all until they gave me a local anesthetic and started stitching me up. DH and Henry were hanging out by the warmer where I could see them, and I remember lying there just being amazed by what had just happened, and how quickly it all went. Once the stitches were done, I sat up, ordered a huge turkey dinner for lunch, and breastfed Henry for the first time. It was an amazing, amazing experience. I turned to DH and said "That wasn't fun, but for him, I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat."

There are multiple pictures around, but since DH is a software engineer and I'm not, I have no idea how to access them to post them. Unless he put up a security check, you should be able to go to to see pictures and other stats.

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These stories are awesome! I love the pictures even more. These babies are so sweet!
Great site Gillian!
Congrats to all of you!

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I woke up around 5 am Saturday 9/10 with some back pressure. Decided to relax in the tub for a bit to see if that helped not realizing I was contracting every couple of minutes. Around 5:30, contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes, lasting maybe 30 seconds. Shortly before 6, we decided it was time to head to the hospital. As soon as we left for the hospital, the contractions picked up and were every 2 minutes lasting a minute. Got to the hospital and sat in triage for almost 2 hours before I was checked, finally around 8 am I was checked and was 5 cm dilated, 80% effaced, -2 station. Got the epidural around 9, checked again, 6 cm. By 10 the epidural was starting to wear off, same thing happened with Isabelle. At 11:20, I felt a pop and gush of fluid, first time my water has ever broke on its own. Dr checked me, 6-7 cm, fully effaced, 0 station. After my water broke, I felt a ton of pressure in my back, and left thigh, Matthew was occiput posterior (facing my stomach rather than back). The anesthesiologist came back twice before 1 pm to add lidocaine to the epidural to see if that would help with the pressure, nothing worked. When checked around 1, I was fully dilated, time to push. Pushed and pushed and pushed, around 1:55, his head was almost out, needed to have a 2nd degree episiotomy to get his head out. After his head was out, pushed some more, shoulders were stuck. Had to be cut again, turned into a 3rd degree episiotomy, at 1:59 pm Matthew was born (no vacuum/forceps, other kids I needed assistance). He weighed 9 pounds 4 ounces, length 21 inches, head circumference 35.5 cm, apgars 7 and 8. At birth he was grunting a lot due to swallowing some fluid, after some work he was breathing better. We were discharged on Sunday shortly before 2 pm.

At his 3 day checkup he weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces, a bit jaundiced, cyst on hand looks good (nurses drained it in hospital against peds instructions to let it go), and he has some fluid in his right testicle which we are watching.

Recovery for me has been a breeze, can barely feel the stitches and I had barely any after birth pains. Nursing is going great, sometimes a bit challenging with Isabelle wanting to nurse every time Matthew is nursing.

or if first link doesn't work

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I've finally had time to read the stories posted before mine. You are all awesome women, and these babies are all just plain beautiful.

Oh, and have I mentioned that stitches suck! I have the utmost sympathy for everyone who had a tear or an episotomy or a c-section!

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Well.. we got to the hospital at noon as planned. The first round of antibitotics were started around 1pm. Jeff and I sat around by ourselves while we waited the 4 hours to start the second dose and have my water broken.

At 5:45 p.m. they broke my water. And the waiting began. I was told the choice was mine. Since I already had gotten 2 doses of antibiotics in, I was able to wait as long as 12 hours for contractions to start. While I had some here and there...nothing was changing. So at 10 pm, I opted to start on a very low dose of pitocin with the agreement that if at any point I felt I wanted to stop it, we would.

5 min. after the start of the Pit. contractions began. Hard, but not too hard. Within 15 min. I was feeling much pain. And the nurse was coming back in around 10 min after that to up my dose again. When she came back I told her I couldn't do it anymore. To get my CNM in there and I wanted the Pit. turned off. The contractions were coming so hard, so fast I couldn't grip the fact that my cervix was still at 4cm. And It was just going to take too long.

At about 10:30 p.m. my CNM came in, watched me through a few contractions, and agreed with me to stop the Pit. Let me get into the shower to "regroup" and then we'd restart. So they stopped the Pit..I hopped in the shower, and much to all of our surprise (Well, my CNM and the nurse had told me that the Pit. on that low of a dose should not have been causing that much pain) I was contracting all on my own. Apparently my body just needed a small shove.

From that point on I lost track of time. My contractions just kept getting stronger and closer together. And lasting SO long. Somewhere around 11p.m. I was begging for an epi. My CNM and Jeff had to keep reminding me that the epi's don't work on me. My CNM was SO great through this point in my labor. She sat just outide the shower and just kept reminding me to focus on one contraction at a time. But at this point, contractions were lasting about 3 min long, and I was only getting about 15-20 second breaks in between. But what we found was each one of these LONG contractions..was dialating me a full cm each time. So from 11 p.m. to about midnight I went from 4 cm to 9. At this point I started pushing, well my body did. My CNM reassured me that my body was only going to do what it knew it was supposed to do, and to not fight it. Let it open the rest of my cervix. So I did.

So around 12:20 am I got out of the shower and into the bed. I was about 9 1/2 cm and just about ready to push. Here is where birth to me, a mom of 3 children already, became brand new. With my boys when I got to about 9 1/2 cm. They were always able to push the rest of my cervix out of the way, and the boys would come "sliding out". They were so small. Abby was over 1 lb bigger than my largest boy. So this was not to happen for me. My CNM tried several times to push the cervix out of the way. But alas...I had to wait it out like any normal women. LOL But I was allowed to push with contractions to try to bring her head down more to get rid of that "brim" of cervix. So I pushed, and I pushed. And I sat up straight in bed....and I pushed some more. It just seemed like no matter what I did, her head would not budge and any more. Then suddenly within a matter of a minute, the cervix fully dialated, and Abby came "sliding" out. She came out so fast that she popped blood vessels in both eyes, and bruised the top of her head. Daddy helped her all the way out. Biggrin

So at 1:21 am on Friday Sept. 23, 2005. Abigail Dawn Kreischer came into our arms. She hardly cried. But she pinked up right away. She had just proven to us what we all knew all along. She's lazy! Lol But so perfect. All 7 lbs 15 oz of her. And 21 inches long. Perfect from head to toe. I might be biased, but I don't think God has ever created a more beautiful angel. Biggrin

She is nursing like no body's buisness. She is a tad yellow, so she had blood drawn for jaundice today and will have more drawn on Tues. or Wed. whenever I get her into the drs. office. They will also schedule her Upper GI for I *think* later this week. to rule out the malrotation that Landen had. She is just the most laid back baby I've ever seen. She almost seems to love the noise in our house with her 3 big brothers running around. They are all SO in love with her. Landen amazes me. He is constantly kissing her. And tonight I heard him say "sissy" for the first time. Yes, I cried. LOL

Ok, now for the long awaited pics. Enjoy Biggrin

Long night....Grandpa Pat couldn't quite stay awake!

Taylor and Riley missed the birth...we tried to wake them LOL

And she's here!

Ok hard I know I look half asleep! LOL

Big brother Taylor

Big brother Riley

Proud Daddy

She grabbed on to my thumb...she's not sucking it..just holding on to as if she never wanted to let mommy go Biggrin

And Abigail Dawn herself Biggrin

Sorry no pics of Abby and Landen...LOL He was more interested in what he could get into at the hospital! LOL I'll have to get some of him here with her. As he is just SO great with her.

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Well, we arrived at the hospital at 6:30 am for a scheduled c-section. When we got there, the night nurses were surprised, because we weren't "on the books." We got a room anyway, and they hooked me up to the monitors. I got to sit there and listen to my little man's heartbeat for several hours with my parents, DH, DD and in-laws. My doc finally came in at 9:30 and said that they were doing a hysterectomy and I would be next. So, they called the anesthesiologist for my epidural. Ok, this was truly a scary experience. I had no problems with my first one, but this woman stuck me six times before she found the right spot. She kept saying, "I just keep hitting bone." It was uncomfortable, but not painful. When she finally found the right spot, she hit a nerve and it felt like someone had set me on fire all down my left leg. By this time, I was in tears, but she finally got everything going right and I was eternally grateful that she was no longer sticking needles in my back.

They wheeled me into the OR at 10:55. My mom and DH were in there with me. Surgery went without complications. Tyler had his umbilical cord wrapped around his chest, but not tightly. He had a beautiful loud cry before the doctor ever pulled him out. Mr. Tyler Lamar White finally made his appearance into the world via c-section at 11:28 am on Friday September 16. He was 8 lbs 14.8 oz and 21 inches long. He has a head full of dark hair, dark complected like Meagan and looks exactly like a tiny version of DH. As soon as I get film developed and have a cd I will post pics
We got home Tuesday afternoon due to some jaundice problems. Tyler spend nearly 36 hours under the bili lights. His levels were still a little high. we are had more labs drawn Wednesday morning. We spent Wednesday night at the hospital feeding 2 oz two hours and under the bili lights again. But thankfully he's color is much better now. We have a follow- up appt tommorrow.
I had the experience from hell at the hospital with a nursery nurse. I even ended up turning in her in! I am breastfeeding and she came to get him in the middle of the night for a lab draw. I fell asleep, and she did not bring him back to me for 5 1/2 hours! This means my child did not eat for 5 1/2 hours! Or she supplemented him with a bottle which I did not want. When I asked her about it, she said, "Well, he was sleeping the whole time." I reminded her that breastfeed newborns need to eat every 2-3 hours and jaundiced newborns needed to eat even more often. She just walked out with no comment. (AND yes, I was actually nice about it and did not chew her out like I wanted to.) Anyways, she was the nurse the next night and I guess she was mad I turned her in, so she simply did not come into my room for 12 hours. I was pissed!

But anyway, we are home now and he's nursing beautifully. I am so glad he is here. I feel like my family is complete.

Thanks for reading!

Proud Daddy


DD, Tyler and Me

My last belly pic!!!

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Here's a link to Jacob's birth story. Hope you enjoy!

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Here's the birth story I posted on the August board:

Well I went to be induced at 6 am Monday September 5 only to find out it had been changed to Tuesday. Someone from the drs office was supossed to call but didn't. I was very upset. The dr called later that day to apologize.

Anyway I went back Tuesday morning. The nurse started the pitocin around 7:30. I actually started having contractions. I had had like four of them in the past week. I believe this boy would have stayed in forever. The dr came in and broke my water around 9:30. It was the weirdest feeling just laying down and leaking fluid while family was coming inand out of the room. The contractions got stronger and I got some Staydol(sp?) around 11:30. That got me very loaded and I went to sleep.

Around 2:30 pm I was awake and the contractions were really painful so I got an epidural. It wasn't a bad as I thought it would be and felt alot better than the contractions did. I was at 5 centimeters then. The monitor didn't show that I was having very strong contractions for the next few hours. After 5:00 the doctor came in and said if I didn't start making any more progress he would do a C-section. I got so upset. I started concentrating on dialating. Around 8:00 the nurse came and said I was between 7-8 centimeters and an hour later she checked and said I was ready to start pushing andshe began getting everything ready.

My mom, boyfriend, and best friend stayed with me for the delivery. Pushing is the hardest thing I have ever done. The nurse was very annoying and I told her to shut up a couple of times. It took about forty five minutes of puhing and a suction cup to get him out, he was turned sideways. The had him half way out and I was said "please pull him all the way out!!" That was exactly 10 pm.

I must say he was quite funny looking when I first saw him all purple looking. But he is the most beautiful, wonderful little boy. He was 7 lb. 3 oz. and 21 inches long.

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Better late than never right? I've been really busy to get on the computer to post my birth story so here it is.

I woke up the morning of 24th at 3:30 am with pain. I knew that the contractions were real. They were about 8 min apart. When DH woke up at 5am and asked if I was ok I told him no. He remembered from 10 years ago it took forever when we got to the hospital so he asked could he cook himself some breakfast. I told him sure. So he make a big bacon, eggs, ect. We woke up DD at 5:30, she was too excited to eat so she packed herself a bag of stuff to do. DH packed himself a bag too. I was ready, by 6 am the contractions were about 5 min apart and hurting pretty good. We left the house at 6:30am it's about a 20 min drive to the hospital. I called everyone to tell them we were on our way, while we drove to the hoptial. I checked in got into my room at 7am and the nurse checked me I was 3cm and we started to do the paperwork. I told her I wanted drugs I wasn't going to have another drug free delievery. As I was filling out the paperwork for the epidural my dr came in to check me. It was now 7:30 and I was 8cm already! I was beyond myself. How could this be happening. I looked at my DH and started to cry and told him I wasn't getting anything for pain. He didn't believe me, as the dr was dragging all the stuff in the room he asked for me and found out it was true. DD was in the room sitting in the chair in the corner with a blanket over her head the whole time. No one had time to get to the hospital before the baby came so she was in the room for the whole thing. She got to hold her first. Sofia was born at 8:32. It was tough since the contractions while I was pushing were right on top of one another. I kept telling my DH that I couldn't do it while I was pushing. But I did and Sofia was born. She had agars of 9 and 9. We still didn't have a named picked out while we were at the hospital and didn't name her until about 7pm the night of the 24th. She was 7lbs 14oz, 2 lbs lighter than DD. We named her Sofia Delcarmen. We are so in love with her. I'll try to post some pics later.