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    Here's the birth story I posted on the August board:

    Well I went to be induced at 6 am Monday September 5 only to find out it had been changed to Tuesday. Someone from the drs office was supossed to call but didn't. I was very upset. The dr called later that day to apologize.

    Anyway I went back Tuesday morning. The nurse started the pitocin around 7:30. I actually started having contractions. I had had like four of them in the past week. I believe this boy would have stayed in forever. The dr came in and broke my water around 9:30. It was the weirdest feeling just laying down and leaking fluid while family was coming inand out of the room. The contractions got stronger and I got some Staydol(sp?) around 11:30. That got me very loaded and I went to sleep.

    Around 2:30 pm I was awake and the contractions were really painful so I got an epidural. It wasn't a bad as I thought it would be and felt alot better than the contractions did. I was at 5 centimeters then. The monitor didn't show that I was having very strong contractions for the next few hours. After 5:00 the doctor came in and said if I didn't start making any more progress he would do a C-section. I got so upset. I started concentrating on dialating. Around 8:00 the nurse came and said I was between 7-8 centimeters and an hour later she checked and said I was ready to start pushing andshe began getting everything ready.

    My mom, boyfriend, and best friend stayed with me for the delivery. Pushing is the hardest thing I have ever done. The nurse was very annoying and I told her to shut up a couple of times. It took about forty five minutes of puhing and a suction cup to get him out, he was turned sideways. The had him half way out and I was said "please pull him all the way out!!" That was exactly 10 pm.

    I must say he was quite funny looking when I first saw him all purple looking. But he is the most beautiful, wonderful little boy. He was 7 lb. 3 oz. and 21 inches long.

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    Better late than never right? I've been really busy to get on the computer to post my birth story so here it is.

    I woke up the morning of 24th at 3:30 am with pain. I knew that the contractions were real. They were about 8 min apart. When DH woke up at 5am and asked if I was ok I told him no. He remembered from 10 years ago it took forever when we got to the hospital so he asked could he cook himself some breakfast. I told him sure. So he make a big bacon, eggs, ect. We woke up DD at 5:30, she was too excited to eat so she packed herself a bag of stuff to do. DH packed himself a bag too. I was ready, by 6 am the contractions were about 5 min apart and hurting pretty good. We left the house at 6:30am it's about a 20 min drive to the hospital. I called everyone to tell them we were on our way, while we drove to the hoptial. I checked in got into my room at 7am and the nurse checked me I was 3cm and we started to do the paperwork. I told her I wanted drugs I wasn't going to have another drug free delievery. As I was filling out the paperwork for the epidural my dr came in to check me. It was now 7:30 and I was 8cm already! I was beyond myself. How could this be happening. I looked at my DH and started to cry and told him I wasn't getting anything for pain. He didn't believe me, as the dr was dragging all the stuff in the room he asked for me and found out it was true. DD was in the room sitting in the chair in the corner with a blanket over her head the whole time. No one had time to get to the hospital before the baby came so she was in the room for the whole thing. She got to hold her first. Sofia was born at 8:32. It was tough since the contractions while I was pushing were right on top of one another. I kept telling my DH that I couldn't do it while I was pushing. But I did and Sofia was born. She had agars of 9 and 9. We still didn't have a named picked out while we were at the hospital and didn't name her until about 7pm the night of the 24th. She was 7lbs 14oz, 2 lbs lighter than DD. We named her Sofia Delcarmen. We are so in love with her. I'll try to post some pics later.

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