September Snapdragons Birth Stories

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September Snapdragons Birth Stories

Please share your Birth stories here. No comments though! Thanks!

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On Tuesday, July 7th, I went in for my 31 week OB appointment. I told them that for the past 3 days I had been real crampy and that my back was hurting. I laughed and told them I knew that I was getting late in my pregnancy and that it was probably normal, but they asked so I decided to tell them. Wink So, my m/w went ahead and checked me and I was dialted to a 1 and completely soft. Usually this wouldn't have been a big deal, except for I was only 31 weeks. She went ahead and gave me a round of streoid shots to mature her lungs and I made an appointment for Thursday, July 16th. She told me that I was on pelvic rest until the baby comes. My poor DH! This was our anniversary! She told us we should have came in the next day, so that we could have celebrated it. lol

Monday night (July 15th) I went to bed as normal. I woke up at 3:30 am to have my usual potty break. I got back in bed and rolled over and I felt a little gush. Now, I have been having issues in the "leaking department" for about 10 weeks now, so I figured that it was that again. I layed there, not wanting to get back up because I had JUST went to the bathroom. After about 15 minutes, I decided to get back up and clean myself. I walked to the toliet, and realized that I was getting wetter and wetter. By the time I made it to the toliet, it was as if I was peeing on myself. I sat down (sorry for TMI) and there was water on the floor tinged with blood. I called to my DH, and told him I was pretty sure my water had broken. He gets out of bed from a deep sleep, and is the most calm I have ever seen him! I laugh about it now, because since he was so calm, I decided there was no need to rush, and took my time getting ready to leave. He finally had to tell me to hurry up. Lol

We get to our local hospital and sure enough my water had broken. They checked me and I was maybe dialted to a 2. They get an ambulance to transport me 45 minutes away to Pensacola. It was kind of embarrassing, because we went lights and sirens.

We got to Pensacola around 6:30 to 7 am. They get me situated and hooked me up to monitors. I was contracting, but it wasn't like I had thought they would be. I thought contractions were like BH where your whole belly tightens and it would hurt really bad all over. Mine were just really low cramps and my back was killing me, so I really didn't think I was having real contractions. :rolleyes: Silly I know, since I was watching the number go up, but it just didn't make sence to me at the time.

The resident doctor and a newbie resident came in and gave me a 45 minute u/s. I was wiggling around on the bed, trying to get my back comfortable. *Now, when they were giving me u/s, I was off the monitors. Remember this. lol* Next, they gave me a pap so they could swab me and check for infections and what not. After, an u/s tech came in and gave me another u/s. She asked if they wanted her to check my cervix (which hadn't been done yet, because they didn't want me to progress faster), and they told her no. By the end of this u/s, I was starting not to feel well. I was about to ask her to stop and come back, when she finished. She leaves the room and tells me that the nurses will be back in a minute to hook me back up to the monitors. So, I have now been off the monitors off and on for probably an hour and a half.

She leaves the room around 10 am. I told my DH that I was going to try to rest, so he left to go get breakfast. About 1 minute after he left, I started to get really nauseous and clammy from sweat. I ripped off the blood pressure cuff, and threw up in the trash can. I hit the nurse call button, but no one comes. At this point, my cramping is getting awful. I just kept thinking, if I'm only dialted to a 3 or 4, I'm never going to make it to a natural delievery. They are going to have to do a c-section ASAP, if this continues. I can hear myself starting to moan outloud. I'm curled up in a ball on the bed, trying to make it stop. I thought about calling someone out loud, since no nurse had called me back from hitting the nurse page button, but I was so scared that they were going to come in and tell me that I wasn't really in labor and I was basically being a baby.

Next thing I know, my DH walks in the door. I have never been so glad to see him in my life. I ask him if he would just wipe my face down, because I had thrown up and was real sweaty. He wipes it down, and I tell him I'm really not feeling well. He walks out to go get me a nurse. By the time he walks back in, I feel a huge gush on the bed. I grab a towel and put it in between my legs and hold it there. A nurse walks in and goes, "I'm not a high risk nurse, let me go get one of them." She leaves, and I then feel the baby starting to crown. I tell him, "I'm pretty sure I've either got to go to the bathroom, or I need to push. No, I'm pretty sure I need to push." He flies out in the hallway, and tells them I need to push. I try to get him to look down there to see if he sees her, but he says, "There's too much fluid, I can't tell." The high risk nurse comes in and moves the towel. I can see on her face that she sees the baby. She runs out of the room going, "We need to get her to L&D!!" I keep going, "I really need to push, I really need to push!!" I think I was on repeat at this point, because that is all I keep saying. The nurses were yelling at me to not push, but I don't know if you ever have tried to NOT push, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

They start wheeling me out of the room, when DH realizes that no one disconnected me from the IV tower. My DH disconnects me (luckily he used to be an EMT, lol) and they start wheeling me down the hall. We had crossed through the double doors, when I feel my entire body relax. I feel her head come out. I go, "I'm pretty sure her head just came out." The nurses tell me, "Don't push! Don't push!" Then in the next second, I feel her come out. I go, "I'm pretty sure that she's out." I swear to ya'll, I didn't push. It was like my body did it on its own when it relaxed. My DH lifts up the blanket and sure enough there is a pink baby on the bed. He goes, "The baby in on the bed!" They keep wheeling me down the hall. The resident dr goes, "She's pink and the cord is still attacted, she's fine." I hear the littlest cries coming from her. I go, "So, she's breathing?" And they say, "Yes." Then I went, "Well, is she cute?" lol My DH is going, "Is someone going to look at the baby? She's on the bed!!" Finally, a L&D nurse stops the bed as we are nearing the room. At this point, the pediatrician cuts the cord and takes her away (I never saw this happen). They wheel me into the L&D room, and deliver the placenta. I was all finished by 10:45 am. They guessed her time of birth being 10:30. DH says he looked at his watch and it was actually 10:22 am, but it was written as 10:30.

Anabella Juliette was born at 10:30 am, weighing in at 4 lbs 5.5 oz. She was given pure air over her right after birth, but never needed breathing assitance. She was doing so well, that the pediatrician laughed and told DH, "Sooo, are you going to get a camera and take pictures of your newborn?" So, DH had to run to the other room and get the camera and come back and take pics. As you can tell, there were a lot of reasons as to why she ended up coming out in the hallway.

I'll have to add her first pictures later, once I find a USB cable. But, here are some pics of her from the past few days.

After she was admitted into the NICU. The cords on her face were just giving her pure air, not breathing for her. She actually took it out herself and once this happened the doctor decided to leave it out. Wink

(*Look at her conehead!! This is why you should push when you really need to push.*)

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I really want to thank all of you ladies for keeping me sane lol and of course for all the great advice and opinions since i joined here, it really means a lot to me and I swear I'm not sure i would have made it without ALL of you!! I know for the past month and a half I was not an avid poster like i was before the kids got off school for summer but now that i'm breast pumping every couple hours, i actually have to sit down and be still so that is now computer time too LOL. I couldn't imagine this board would mean so much to me when i first signed up, but with all my past m/c losses i was beyond paranoid with this LO and honestly i probably would have ended up m/c from all my stress if I hadn't been here with such support. I truly believe 100% you girls made it possible for my Eva making it this far and eventually to be coming home with us Smile THANK YOU ALL for being here and being such great women I have grown to cherish so much!!!! All your warm wishes and congratulations were so beautiful

On August 2nd the family and I were at a graduation party in a park, where I quite possibly walked around over a mile! Which is way more than i'm used to right now.. Towards the end of the party I abruptly rounded up my family and said goodbye as I knew I needed to change my shorts, it is now confirmed my water broke that afternoon. Unsure at the time we ran a few more errands and even a carnival lol, eventually we came home and after several hours of trying to figure out if my water really broke, I called l & d and they informed me to come in right away. I told my husband to stay home with the kids in case it wasn't my water breaking (so he could get to work in the morning) So I called my mom and she took me up to the hospital.
I was admitted and taken to a bed instantly sunday night. The docs told me the baby would be here by morning, so I asked my mom to go to my house and send dh up to the hospital with me and she looked so sad. The docs started inducing me as i wasn't contracting or in active labor at all, just dialated 2cm. My personal doc wanted them to hold off on delivery and slowing the induction until morning when she could get there to deliver my LO so I it was longer then expected. Active labor didn't even start until late morning when they upped the pitocin---when they did that i was in so much pain i couldn't take much more and they gave me the epideral which thankfully helped, so much, i was even able to fall asleep for an hour Smile Now at this point (monday morning aug 3rd) I am 35.5 weeks but the baby had measured a week behind at the last u/s so she's around 34 weeks) and if you girls recall as of last tuesday at my appt baby was still sideways breech and i was nervous hoping she'd turned and..... YES she did Smile LO made it head down!!!

I had floods of doctors coming through the birthing room and 5 peds docs waiting in case anything went wrong, and i was checked for dilation at 1:20pm and was fully ready to deliver. Now at this point I'm feeling pretty guilty as i know how hurt my mom was having to leave the hospital and not be here as she was watching dd 1 & 2, so I called her to let her know the docs said in a few minutes the baby will be here. Well my mom being my mom and only being 2 minutes away came right to the hospital with the kids. 5 seconds lafter my mom got to the hospital my doc showed up at 1:30 and I heard her talking to the nurse... so the crying and worrying began, one mentioned something about the cord was going wrong, possibly coming out first and i started bawling my eyes out plus I was EXTRA concerned as she was so early and I already have a history of having small babies. Thank god it was fast and my doc is so calming, there was some issue going on with the cord when she asked me to push but she acted like nothing unordinary was happening and must have repositioned it, then had me push again. By 1:45pm baby Eva was here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The doctors said she was perfect just small but that was expected. She was crying within seconds and can breathe on her own, they even let me hold her when she was born!!!!! Which i never assumed as no one really knew what to expect health wise.
This was really a sight to see, I ended up having my dh, my mom and my two dd's with me and they all were able to see Eva born (well the kids were there but i didn't really want them seeing everything so they sat quietly up by my head.

So far the hospital says she hopefully can come home within the next couple days as long as she is eating good, and holds her body temp steadily, Dh and I are waiting so impatiently! I go back every 2-3 hours at least to take milk in and visit but dying for her to come home.

Baby Eva
4 lbs 11 ozs
17 3/4 long


baby eva 3

baby eva 2

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Eleanor Grace
1:47 am

Our little girl's arrival was a total surprise - I really thought I'd be pregnant at least a few more weeks. On that assumption, I started staining a dresser for the nursery and made plans for the weekend to order bedding and pick up the the car seat, crib, hand-me-downs, etc. from my in-laws... and then my water broke last Friday morning!

My water broke pretty spectacularly - I had a lovely gush while sitting on the toilet, another on the way to the hospital, and then it felt like I just leaked the whole walk from admissions to L&D - I swear my pants were wet down past my knees!

Since my water had broken and I was having mild contractions 4-5 min apart, L&D decided to keep us. Unfortunately, my contractions stayed mild and I wasn't progressing very well, so they started Pitocin to get things moving.

At first it wasn't so bad... it just felt like menstrual or gas cramps in my lower back and hips. After two hours of steadily increasing amounts of the Pitocin, though, the contractions started to HURT. (According to DH, I went from very calm and joking around to 'Holy $#!& I want my epidural NOW!' in about 4.5 seconds.)

Sadly, I hadn't progressed nearly enough for that and had to settle for going to my happy place for a few hours. I don't really remember about that part...I was in a zone and tuned just about everything out. I think I sent DH out for dinner while I discussed what kind of cabinets we wanted for our kitchen rennovation with my MIL :rolleyes:, but I'm not too sure.

I do remember the relief when I finally got the epidural, though. It let me relax enough to nap while I finished dilating. The doctors kept me on my left side almost the whole time - the baby's heartrate kept dropping otherwise - so the epidural ended up wearing off on that side by the time I was ready to push. I wasn't too happy about that, but it did at least let me feel when to push.

Pushing was fun. It didn't hurt nearly as much as all the waiting - and I finally felt like I was doing something. DH was great - he held one of my legs and kept up a very detailed commentary while cheering me on. He thought watching her come out and cutting the cord was the coolest thing ever. (I don't know why that surprised me...he did ask to see my hemorrhoid after I complained about having one. Men. :rolleyes:)

The only thing I really disliked was the monitoring - for some reason it didn't pick up all of my contractions, so the doctor only had me pushing half the time. I got fed up with that and just did my own thing. It was much more effective - she crowned and then shot right out about five minutes later :D. I did end up with some tearing, but it was my own fault for getting impatient and going too fast.

I got to hold her for a bit while they delivered the placenta, then DH wouldn't put her down. The nurse had to chase him around the bed a few times to get her measurements. She was perfect - we were worried about her being early, but everything was just fine. Honestly, I think she handled things better than I did :D.

It still doesn't feel quite real yet - I can't believe she's mine and I get to keep her. She has my eyes and hair and DH's chin dimple...and the cutest little nose. It's very small and straight, and when she latches on or snuffles, she twitches it just like a little bunny. (I've taken to calling her baby bunny and silly rabbit when she makes the face at me.)

She's also a drama queen already - she'll go from pitching a fit to posing for pictures the minute a flashbulb goes off. And she'll hold the pose for a few snaps, too. :rolleyes: My MIL has some really great pics - I'll update again when I can get my hands on them.


brand new!

getting cleaned-up - look at those lips!

Some fun birth trivia:

DH took the wrong exit on the way to the hospital (we've lived in the area all our lives, been there multiple times, and his dad has been fixing the elevators there for at least the last 20 years).

My water broke on my grandmother's 82nd birthday (8-7-09). Ellsabunny was only 1 hour and 47 minutes too late to be a birthday present.

Because they waited till after midnight to deliver her, Ellsabunny was technically full-term according to their dates. (She was able to skip the NICU or any extra monitoring since she was officially 'full term'.)

Jan, the best labor and delivery nurse ever, is a fellow knitter and after we got to chatting, we realized we both patronize the same local yarn shop.

DH read Twilight the entire time I was in labor...I didn't mind since it kept him occupied, but he did keep trying to discuss it with me in between contractions. He now wants to watch the movie again.

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My story begins on Sunday June 28. I was three days shy of being 30 weeks along. I had gotten up early that morning to see dh off to work and went and laid back down in my bed with Mason. I think it was around 7:30 that I woke up and felt a little wet down below. I got up to go to the bathroom and by the time I got there I was wet enough that fluid had started to drip down my leg. At that point I wasn't even positive if it was actually my water that broke (bcs it never did with Mason, ended up with a c/s) so I called my mom and she suggested that I call the doc. So I called the on call doc and she advised me to head to L&D. Dh headed home from work while I got ready and got Mason ready to be watched by MIL. All the while I'm getting ready the fluid is starting to leak more and more.

So we head down to the hospital as soon as dh gets back and get all registered and blood drawn etc. By the time they get me into a little room in the triage my pants are soaked through. I got changed into the johnny and checked out by a doc who confirms that my water had ruptured. They gave me a quick u/s to check how baby was doing and he looked fine. After a bit of waiting they decided to send me up to a room on the high risk floor to monitor me. The doctor told me that I would be staying in the hospital until I delivered. They didn't think I would last more than two weeks, but more than likely I would deliver in a week. I got the first betamethasone shot to help LO's lungs develop and got hooked up to an IV for my antibiotics in case an infection developed.

That afternoon we got a visit from a NICU doctor who gave us a run down of what to expect once the baby was born. They also started hooking me up to the contraction/HR monitor for the baby three times a day. The next day I had the second lung shot and a more thorough u/s that showed that the baby was fine but the fluid was fairly low. They estimated his size around 3lbs 6oz. At that point it became a waiting game. I would sit in the hospital getting monitored and hope to keep LO baking as long as possible. The doctors said that if nothing happened then they would deliver the baby at 34 weeks when the risk of infection outweighed the risk of having a preemie.

So sit is what I did. DH brought Mason to visit every day and I had a fairly steady flow of visitors. After a week and a half they cut the monitoring back to twice a day because baby was doing so well, then they doctors gave me wheelchair priveleges so I could go around the hospital instead of being stuck in that one room. Everything was seemingly going fine. During my second week they gave me a BPP and baby was fine. I think they scored it an 8? I don't remember how that works Smile The fluid was obviously still low, I think that's what he lost the points on.

On July 20, after three full weeks of waiting in the hospital the doctors send me for another u/s. DH and I went down and the tech was new and had some trouble getting some of the shots so she had to call another woman to come help her. We were in there for quite a while and they were acting kind of funny so I could tell something was up. They kept rechecking things and looking at the results from the first u/s I had. But when I asked, they said everything looked fine... A few hours after going back upstairs my nurse that day came in the room and told me that I couldn't eat anything else for the rest of the day. After having a suprised look on my face she came out and told me that I was going to be having a baby that night but she wasn't supposed to tell me because the doctor wanted to. But she knew I was going to be like wth so she didn't want me worrying. (She was so funny about it lol, she ended up being one of my fave nurses there). I'm glad she did end up telling me though because another lady came to fill out some paperwork with me before the doc even came in to tell me anything so I would have figured it out anyway.

When the doctor did finally come in she let me know that the u/s showed that the baby hadn't grown at all (and was technically measuring slightly smaller than the first u/s) and that there was harldy any fluid left and so it was best to deliver. Since he was still breach they had me go in for a c/s. I ended up having to wait until after 6pm to get brought down because I had already had lunch and you can't go unless your stomach is empty. DH brought Mason to his father's house and came back. My mom was already there because she had been visiting that day anyway. I went down a little after 6 and got all prepped. My regular ob had made it in time to come to the delivery (she couldn't technically deliver him because once I got transferred upstairs at the hospital I was under the MFM care there). I was so happy to have her there, she was so comforting. DH got all suited up and brought in.

And at 7:29pm, Maddox James was born at 32weeks and 5days. He wasn't crying right away when he came out which had me a bit worried, but after a little stimulation he was fine. He weighed 4lbs 3oz and was 16.5 inches long. He didn't need any help breathing but they did end up giving him a bit of oxygen to make it easier. I got to see him for a minute before they brought him to the nicu. The doctor had told us that there was a knot in his cord which had probably caused him to not grow those last few weeks and it was a good thing they ended up delivering him when they did. After I spent an hour in the recovery room they wheeled me by the nicu to see him before going up to my room. He was hooked to an iv and in the warmer bed.

Maddox spent a day and a half in the nicu then got transferred to the step down special care nursery. He started eating ebm the next day and never had any issues with his breathing (thank goodness for those shots). He spent 12 days total in the hospital and came home with us on Saturday August 1st.

This is the night he was born, in the nicu:

Here he is a few days before he came home:

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Posts: 53852 it has been quite a few days! This birth is so much more complicated and different then I had expected! So let's see....why don't we start at the beginning.

Ryan and I got to the hospital at 10am. But 10:30am, we were all checked in, hooked up to monitors, had the IV in (which was TORTURE!) and were basically ready to go. At noon, they did a final blood clotting draw and wheeled me into surgery. I was a bit nervous, but once I hit the OR, I was SUPER nervous. For some reason, the prospect of a second c/s was really scary to me. The spinal hurt this time around but it wasn't so so so bad. I think I just had all of these negative thoughts going through my head about the c/s. I decided while I was in there that I was not going to have any more children Wink

About 12:30pm, they brought Ryan in and started the surgery. Nicholas "Nico" Kiyoshi was born at 12:50pm and came out screaming! The doctor threw him over the screen for me to see, but he was covered in blood. So in turn, *I* became covered in blood. It was gross to tell you the truth. It was just dripping on me and I could do nothing about it! ICK! They cleaned him (and me up) took his vitals and sent him to the nursery with Ryan while they finished me up.

They brought Nico to me in recovery (which I am SO grateful for) and we noticed he was wheezing. He continued to make this grunting noise the entire time I was with him.

When we were ready to go to the postpartum room, he ended up going ahead of me. By the time I got down there, Nico was being seen by doctors. Finally one came in and told me of his breathing issue (apparently sometimes c/s babies don't have as mature of lungs because they don't go through the birthing process) and that they were sending him to the NICU. They brought him to me before he went in, so we saw him as an entire family (Addy was here at this point) and then he was off.

Nico has been in the NICU since this time. He was in the incubator, hooked up to oxygen lines and IVs, and constantly monitored. Each day, he has made progress. He has been growing stronger and stronger each day, and I have been in to nurse him for every other feed!!! He latches on wonderfully and is an eager eater. We are hoping that he can come down and room in with us for our last day in the hospital. This little boy is such a strong willed fighter. We are so amazed by him and what he has done in his short time in this world so far.

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Thursday Aug 27th My husband and I took the boys for a walk and then play at the park
I was ready to go 2hrs laters cause my bladder was so full. By the time we got home and was walking up stairs felt like i had pee'd on myself. so i ran to the bathroom. 5 mins later i felt a like i pee'd on myself again. 20 min later I got this BIG gush all over the living room floor, so i knew my water had just broke.

My didnt have any min on my phone and my husband had steped out o use the compter at libary. it was already going on 45 min and i started feeling contrations. @ my 38wk apt i was 2cm so i didnt know how far i was then. so I had to call 911. then they call my husband who had took the phone.

We got to the hospital 30 min later and when i was checked I was 3.5cm Got to my Room 1hr later to start antibiotic cause i was + for stepB. My contrations had stoped and @6pm they started pitocin 2ml/hr. they had to keep increasing it cause my contractions was still 10 min apart. My mw cam in about 9pm and said i know how to get that smile off ur face up the pitocin and walked out a min later BAM i got a real bad contraction and they were 1.5m apart after that for 3hrs. I begged for a epi.

B4 the epi i was 4.5cm got epi and still felt all the pain and worse. My mw checked me and I was 10cm. so while getting the epi i went from 4.5cm to 10cm in 20min. I puched 3x in the 1min and he was Out.

Coby Ceiondre
6lbs 9oz, 20.5 inches
Aug 28,2009 12:07 38wks 4day

Thanks ladies for reading we are doing good and more pictures to come

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I want to congratulate all the mommas who have had their babies! I haven't been on here much, but I've been thinking about everyone here. Here is my very belated birth story...

Dylan was born on August 28th at 5:40am. I was induced on August 27th. I was put on IV and was given pitocin. I went from 1 to 4 cm very quickly. The pain of the contractions was not too bad at that point. I did my breathing and that really helped a lot. When I reached 6 cm, I felt a lot more pain and asked for the epidural. I was scared to get one, but once I did, I felt so much better. About 20 minutes after the epidural I fell asleep and the nurse rushed in and laid me on my side. The baby's heart rate dropped to 80 and I was given oxygen and taken off the pitocin. I was still contracting on my own and the baby's heart rate went back up, so they just kept me off pitocin. This was around 4:00pm. At this time too my water broke and I went to 7 cm. From then on I only dilated to 8 cm. Doctor checked me at 11:30 and I was still at 8cm. he came back at 1:00 and I was still at 8cm. I was also running a fever at this time. He said I needed to c-section as my contractions were not regular anymore and my baor was not progressing. I remember crying becauseI did not want a c-section, but I knew that it was best for me and the baby.

We had to wait a couple of hours before we could go to the OR because there was an emergency with a baby right before us, but then we went in and everything went quickly. At 5:40am, Dylan was born. He weighed 8lbs 12oz and was 21 inches long. He had a full had of dark hair. He is doing really well now. He just had his one eek appointment and has already gained back his birth weight. We just love him to pieces!

This is his newborn picture. He's wearing a dress that has been in my DH's family for 90 years. All the newborn babies wear this dress, so it was really eat for Dylan to wear it too.

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Chelsea Faith
10:43 AM

Born at 36 weeks, 3 days
5 lbs, 2 oz
17 in. long

It would NOT be an exaggeration nor cliche to call my pregnancy a "labor of love." It was easily the bravest thing I've ever done. We lost our first daughter at full term in April of 2008, and as terrified as I was to risk even the remote possibility of losing another child....I decided it was worth risking the loss --- in order to feel the joy and the love of a child in our lives.

The end of my pregnancy was by far the scariest, each day felt scarier than the one before as I neared the time that I lost my beautiful Ashlyn. I was at the hospital COUNTLESS times due to fear related to decrease in/lack of movement. Due to our history, the plan was to deliver the baby between 36 and 37 weeks, as soon as her lungs were mature. At 36 weeks, our doctors decided to do an amnio to determine lung maturity as I was a complete wreck and they were genuinely concerned as to the physical effects on BOTH of us because of my extreme anxiety. Unfortunately the amnio done on Monday at 35 weeks, 6 days was JUST negative...and we were unable to deliver. They were confident, due to how close to positive it was, to predict her lungs would be mature even the next day, but to be safe the new plan was delivery on Friday: 3 days later. Those next 3 days were so scary for me, that I ended up in the hospital to stay in between due to what I could only describe as a decrease in movement. In addition, it was discovered that I had a significant decrease in amniotic fluid. Combined with the fact that the cord was around her neck, the concern began to mount. Delivery was still scheduled for Friday morning, but I was admitted for constant monitoring on Wednesday night. Was it for sure a decrease in movement? Or was it my anxiety? I guess I'll never know...But I felt that I needed to protect our sweet second daughter and was SO glad that my doctors were equally as proactive in admitting me. Did they admit me because they truly were concerned? Or was it simply to quell my anxiety? Again, I guess I'll never know. That next day and a half in the hospital I did finally feel some relief emotionally. I knew she was constantly on the monitor, and I finally could breathe.

Friday Morning: I have never been so nervous. Even as the nurse wheeled me down to the operating room, tears were rolling down my face. As they prepped me for the c-section I still could not stop crying. I just kept praying that this sweet baby in my belly would be healthy and in my arms soon. To be honest, the next few minutes are a bit of a blur. I remember getting the spinal...I remember them bringing my husband in. And I remember the doctors talking about my history and the reasons behind her early delivery as they performed the surgery. But I don't remember much else. The next thing I knew, I felt tugging and pulling and then heard the sweetest most amazing sound in the entire world: my daughter's cry. My husband and I looked at each other and we both IMMEDIATELY began to sob. I think we both could not believe that we finally got the happy ending everyone kept telling us was coming. I kept asking if she was okay, and everyone in the room was telling me she was perfect. That her lungs were perfect, and that she was a "fiesty" little girl. Upon arriving to the nursery, we continued to get one piece of good news after another. She could NOT have been healthier, and was in fact healthier than most of the full term babies in the nursery!!!!!!

Chelsea Faith is the greatest blessing and gift from God --- the sunshine has returned to my life and I keep feeling like I should pinch myself.... Am I really this lucky to be the Mommy of the most perfect, healthy, GORGEOUS little girl in the world?

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Ok wow. Where to start? We got to L&D at 6:30ish and got our room. Got my IV just in case I needed it (wasn't hooked up). Dr. Tubbs giggle.gif was the Doc on call and he was great. He explained how it was going to go and we talked about Cytotec and the risks and benefits. He was very open to hearing my concerns and made me feel really comfortable. The nurses were fantastic. I can not even explain how great they were. They were attentive and sweet and hell bent on making sure I was comfortable and all.

Started Cytotec at 10 till 7 am. The nurse asked at one point "How was that contraction? It was a bit one!" and I was like "What?" Turns out I've been having contractions for a while and just thought it was her hitting me. So the contractions started off pretty easy. The doc checked me and I was 1 cm and 75% effaced. They set their goal that I would be 2 cm and 80% by the end of their shift (8pm). I was fine with that. I could handle a slow labor if everyone is healthy and ok. That's how I felt at 9ish am laugh.gif

So I was laboring for a while, pretty comfortable, until my doctor came in around 3 and checked me. I had only dilated to 2 cm, but that was the goal of the earlier shift so I was excited. While we were discussing the possibility of breaking my water, he broke my water. I started fuking bawling because he just DID IT. I thought S was going to punch him in the face.

Alright, so whatever, that's done, might as well go with it. Contractions started getting a little stronger but they still weren't bad. Doc started talking about going right to pitocin at 5 pm. I was like... what's the hurry? He broke my water at 3 and wanted to go right to pitocin at 5? Wasn't happy about that.

I was upset and so I told S to go get the nurse so I could talk to her. Even she said she was puzzled by his plan and did not agree with him just breaking the water while we were still discussing. She said to just refuse the pit until I'm ready.

Blah blah blah, fast forward to me refusing to start pit, and saying I'd rather just keep laboring on my own and checking progress.

Blah blah blah some more, he came back in at 8 pm (he was the on call overnight), and his tune changed drastically. I think the nurse or someone must have fussed at him giggle.gif So I was all going about it on my own as my contractions got more fierce and moved to my back. I was already walking around a lot, stretching, using the birthing ball, taking warm showers. That's when it got out of control. The pain was excruciating. I could handle the regular contractions, but the back labor was unbelievable. So I asked for some relief so I could get some sleep at least. Got some fentenol (sp?) at about midnight and the difference was incredible. I pretty much decided right then that I needed an epi. I just couldn't continue back labor on my own.

So we discussing the epidural and pitocin. My progress was really slow. I was 3 cm at 2 am. WTH. Got the epi and pit and was trucking along, got about an hour nap when my left hip and back started getting very very painful. The anesthesiologist upped the dosage at 4 am, no change, it was like I didn't have an epi on that side. So he had to re-do the entire epidural. I got two epidurals woot.gif rofl.gif Honestly, the epis weren't that bad. Uncomfortable, but bearable. Got another about an hour nap.

Then the contractions really started. I didn't reach 5 cm until about 7 am. So I was getting about a cm every 2 hours. I wasn't sure I could make it at that rate. I was exhausted from no sleep, miserable from being confined to the bed since 2 am. But, I was determined. I kept at it best I could. Progress sped up a bit, and I was 9 cm by 9 am. At about 9:30, I still had a lip over her head, and the cervix didn't want to move. We decided I'd start pushing and try to get her head past the lip.

I pushed for 2 hours. At just before noon, I finally got her head past the cervix. At this point, I don't remember much. I would literally pass out from exhausted between pushing, and would miss the beginning of contractions because I couldn't keep my eyes open. It was the worst I've ever felt in my life.

Because the progress was so slow (she simply would not descend), and I was so deliriously out of it from exhaustion, 29 hours into labor, I gave up. At just after noon, they wheeled me into the OR. They intended to numb me as per normal procedure. But guess what, the epidural wasn't getting to the left side. I felt everything when they did the pokey poke test. So much to mine and poor S's disappointment, I HAD to get general anesthesia.

Adelaide was born at 12:43 pm via c-section. 21 inches and weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds. It turns out that she wouldn't have fit through my pelvic bones, and was even born with a bruise on top of her head from my pushing.

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Happy's Birth Story
Born August 28, 2009 at 5:20 pm

Everything went really well. On Thursday night around 11:30, they gave me my first Misprostal pill, and the contractions started within a couple of hours. I had another one at 5:00 the next morning, and at 7:20 I woke up to a strange feeling. I knew right away what was about to happen, and sure enough, my water broke. I didn't dilate quickly, but the contractions were fierce so I got an epi around 10:30, and they started pitocin around 12. At 4:00, I was 6cm, at within an hour, I could feel the need to push. I feel like I went from 6 to 10 in minutes, that hour went by so quickly. The epi wasn't very effective; I could feel every contraction during that time.

I called the nurse to tell her I was feeling like I needed to push, and she came in and checked me and said I was ready, and to start pushing. I was a little concerned that the doctor wasn't there, but I was so ready to go that I started. Happy was stuck under my pelvic bone, so the nurse had me lie on my side and push. I've never done that before but it worked really, really well. It took me a good 20 minutes of pushing to get his head under the bone, but as soon as I did, he came right out! Robert Anthony was born at 5:20 pm.

He has a ton of black hair, which is so funny because both DS1 and DS2 have very light/blondish hair. He LOVES to eat. As soon as I saw him, I couldn't deny him of breastfeeding, so we're working on it. Because of his appetite, we're supplementing with formula because I can't give him all the food he needs right now.

He was 7 lbs 10 oz, 19.5 in long, with a 15 inch head!! The head size explains why he was stuck under my bone.

Anyway, Daddy is so proud of his little guy. It's so wonderful to see him holding Happy and feeding him. My two older sons are just in love with their little brother.

Me and my three crazy boys

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Cassidy Jo
8 lbs 1 oz
21" long
September 4th, 2009
6:55 PM

Cassie's birth story really starts on Thursday Sept 3rd at 3:30 am. I woke up unable able to sleep because my stomach felt upset. I went to the restroom and realized I was having contractions. They were not horribly strong, but they were definitely not Braxton Hicks. I timed them and they were anywhere from 5-15 minutes apart. I knew they would either get closer together or stop, so I tried to sleep as much as possible. However, I was unable to fall asleep and ended up staying awake. They spaced out as the morning wore on, so I took DS to WalMart. I was feeling pretty achy, but the contractions continued to be sporadic. My main fear was that my water would break while I was in WalMart. The contractions continued to be 15-30 minutes apart all day long and I started losing bloody mucus. I knew I was probably in early labor, but had no idea how long it would last. So I kept doing the last-minute things that needed to be done. That evening, DH and I took a mile and a half walk (our nightly routine). It felt so good to walk, and I remember thinking maybe I was just going to have contractions like this for several days.
I woke up Friday morning at 230 with the same contractions only they were a little stronger and now they were around 7-10 minutes apart. I was unable to sleep through them, but I was able to breathe and relax and sleep between them. I found myself instinctively moving around to get comfortable. I was on the exercise ball, kneeling, sitting straight up, standing and leaning on the counter. At around 5, they were 5-7 minutes apart, but I was still tolerating them well. I woke DH up and told him that I was probably in labor. He had to be at work at 7, so we had decide soon if I was going to go to L&D. I wasn't sure if I should go yet, as I wanted to be at home as long as possible.
We hung around and after he watched me during the contractions for a while told me WERE going to the hospital. We dropped DS off at my friends and got the hospital around 630. They checked me around 7:30 am and I was 5 cm and 100%. I was a little disappointed since I had been in labor for a while. I was hoping I would move quickly this time.
I got settled into a L&D room. DH finished a surgery and came down at about 830 (he works at the hospital I delivered at). The contractions were strong, but I was able to breathe through them and move around as much as I needed (they let off the monitors for 45 mins out of each hour). The nurse I had was really good about just letting me do whatever I needed to do and encouraging me to stay natural. At 1030, I was only 6 cm. The contractions were stronger, but not horribly close together. The most comfortable position was sitting straight up in bed with my heels together. So I alternated between this and getting up. At 1:30, I was 7 cm. At this point, I was getting frustrated. I did not want to be doing this all day!
At 3:30, I was still 7 cm. I could have cried. I could feel myself getting worn out. I hadn't slept Wednesday or Tuesday night very well at all so I was really low on sleep. The contractions were strong, but not unbearable so I tried to stay positive and just let my body do what it needed to. At 4 pm, I let the OB break my water. When she did, she said I was almost complete with just a small rim around the head. I thought, "Yes, I am really doing this!" The L&D nurse warned me it would make the labor more intense, but would probably move things faster. For an hour the contractions steadily got stronger. At 5, they were VERY intense, but I was tolerating them well with moaning and just relaxing. I got up to use the bathroom and it was very uncomfortable to get up (I started puking at this point), and I hung around DH's neck and squatted to make it through the contractions. I was hoping this would move baby down, but I never felt her budge. When I was back in bed, she checked me again and the "lip" was still there. At 530, it was still there. I was getting scared as the contractions were REALLY hard and nothing was happening. She had me roll to the right side and instantly my back felt like it was being torn apart. She had me roll over to the left side after a few contractions. She felt like the baby was somewhat crooked and needed to turn to be able to descend properly. While I was on my left side, she had me push a little. That was really hard, as there was NO urge to push and the contractions were worse on my side. She was getting concerned and the word "abnormal" was mentioned. The baby still wasn't moving. I was losing my resolve and pretty much begged DH to get me an epidural.
My OB assured me baby would be here soon if only we could get that "rim" of cervix out of the way. She wanted me to try pushing on my side again, but I felt like my body was working against me (I was on my side with my head lower than my feet). I was really losing touch with reality and getting scared that this baby was not going to be born vaginally. I tried to push but when the contraction came, all I could do was moan and say, "I can't". I asked if I could try to push on my back, as it felt better to be on my back or sitting up a little. We tried, but nothing happened. The OB said something about an epidural might give just enough relaxation to move the baby down. At this point, the anesthesiologist came in. I don't remember what time it was (around 6:15 or 6:30). I had three contractions during the few minutes it took him to get the epidural in and they were crazy intense because by this point I wasn't thinking about relaxing or trying to go natural. I just wanted the baby here and safe.
He just gave me a quick injection of medication since I was so close to delivering, but he left the catheter in "just in case we need to do a C/S". As soon as the epidural was in (before I even laid back down), I felt the baby move down and I needed to push. I could still feel almost everything, but my body took over at that point and it felt good to push. 3-4 good pushes, and a good yell, and she was born at 6:55. It was amazing actually feeling her being born. Even the tearing didn't matter. DH says I yelled when I felt the tear, but I don't remember it really being that bad. I just remember feeling her move down and thinking, "She's actually being born!". It hurt, but was so exhilarating.
After she was born, I was so awake and alert. With DS, I don't remember even being excited that he was born, I was so drowsy. This was so much better. It was an amazing experience and I am so thankful for a healthy baby girl.

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Forgot to post this here...

Friday 8/28
Arrived at the hospital at 6 am as requested and was placed in a temporary "holding room" of sorts since there was a serious baby influx and they had no more rooms! LOL. The c/s itself started a few minutes late, but was short and sweet. It was much more relaxed than last time, that's for sure. Alyssa Rose was born at 8:36 am EST. She was 9 lbs 15 oz with APGAR scores of 8 & 9. I got to hold her for a long time while the doc was stitching me up and doing my tubal. It was soooo nice to be able to do that since I didn't get to hold DS until he was 32 hrs old.
We went to recovery and decided on the name. We had been going back and forth on a couple, but Alyssa or Alissa was our top choice. We hadn't decided spelling. But after looking at her, she seemed more of an Alyssa than an Alissa. So we made the decision and announced it.

Alyssa initially did great at BFing...latched on like she knew what she was doing and suckled for a good 10+ minutes in recovery. Unfortunately, that didn't last. I'm not giving in yet, but right now her health is most important, so I'm back to the old pump. At least I know what to expect and am good at it right???? Alyssa's last weight check had her at 9 lbs 5 oz. I know it's normal to lose weight at first, but I want it back up. Good thing she's a big girl to start with or I'd be more worried. She's got a touch of jaundice, but not enough to make anyone concernced.

Monday 8/31
Released to go home!!! Wooo HOOOOO!! The crazy part here is that I was supposed to work with the hospital LC again today. After waiting like 3+ hrs for her, I said screw it, I'm going home. This LC is not the only game in town. My Pedi has several LCs on staff, so I'll be making an appointment with one there later this week. It would be really nice to be able to BF this time. I can see it will be A LOT harder to EP this time since I already have 1 active child running around.

DS is doing well...he's been a crankbutt today, but honestly, I think it's tied to being out of his routine for 4 days. He spent 3 days with his YaYa (MIL) and 1 day with our best friends. YaYa was in a horse riding accident last week, but still wanted him as much as she could. She's tired and sore, but doing well.

Anyway, that's the scoop...we're home and doing pretty well so far.

Update 9/9/2009 - We did meet with an LC and BFing is getting better and better. Smile

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I'll update with a real story soon....

Chase Everett
born 9-07-09
9:11 AM

8 lbs even
19 in. long.

loved and welcomed by, Beth, Carl and Bryce.

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Chloe's story

So we went in @ 6pm on Sept 7 to begin Cervidil, and after it taking forever to get me set up ( apparently 7:00 is shift change ) I started feeling basic BH contraction about 2 min. after insertion of the med. They got uncomfortable, so I was given a sleeping pill and Stadoyl (sp?). I was very loopy, and kept trying to explain to DH that it felt like I was underwater and had to swim to the top to speak complete sentences ( I was also talking about colors and blocks ) Anyway, I slept like 3 hours and mumbled the rest.
Next morning: the nurse removed the Cervidil, and said that I had not dialated anymore I was still @ 1 cm, but my cervix was soft. Hubby helped me take a shower, and as soon as I was dressed, my Doc walked in the room, and said ok, lets break your water/start Pitocin, ( I never even had a chance to brush my wet hair ) I felt the chunky..ewwww water and it was ON! Immediate STRONG contractions, they ordered my Epidural. Doc was laughing saying we needed to have the baby by noon, cause she had stuff to do, btw did I mention it was 7:30 am exactly when the show started?
ok Epidural man:you suck! It didnt releive my pain,and they kept saying "its ok, it takes it a minute to work, we just got started" So I said, "well it hurts to bad, you make him come back and fix it" so she checked me and said "um...your 5-6 already, you must have dialted to fast for the dose he gave to catch you" So she called him, my Aunt and cousin came in, and poor DH looked all helpless. Epidural dude comes back, I beg, he put more meds in...I am screaming, and begging someone to help me, so the nurse checks, and Im 8cm! Now...I HAVE to push, the nurse grabs a phone, and calls my doc, and said get here NOW! I just have to push, I couldnt help it, it was like saying "dont breathe air" Hubby and aunt are trying to hold my hands and say breathe through it, dont push...they really werent understanding how I had no choice in the matter. Doc comes in, bed breaks apart, she has her baby armor on, and gives me "bee stings" in my bottom for the episiotomy, my legs are in strups, ONE PUSH: her head is out, TWO PUSHES:shoulders, a quick PUSH # 3: and she was here. Labor:2hours and 15 min
Chloe Danielle (7lbs 11 oz) made her fast debut @ 9:45am on Tuesday September 8,2009. Mommy felt all the ouchies in the world ( Epidural never did catch me, but my left leg went numb after it was all over ) Daddy got the best birthday gift ever, Aunt and Cousin got a show, little sister was banned from the hospital due to a new swine flu policy, and we are Finally home. Oh, and she is PERFECT!




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Owen Leon Belanger was born 10:25pm Aug. 26 2009. 5lbs 14ozs, 18inches long.

I was released from my imprisonment in hospital prior to his birth on Aug 20. I had asked to get a pas to go to dinner with DH cause it was our anniversary. They had a severe bed shortage, so they asked if I would stay in town over the weekend and check in with my doc on Monday. At Monday's appt, my blood sugars had dropped and she asked me to go to hospital for additional tests on Tuesday. On Tuesday they told me to go home and pack, say good bye to Mia and be back at 5pm to be admitted. I was induced Tues. Aug. 25 at 8pm.

They inserted cervidil. I had mild cramping almost immediately. 2 hour mandatory NST.
DH stayed over with me and we watched movies and talked into the night. We both got a little sleep until my OB came on at 7am. I was so happy my doc was on call for the birth (Mia was delivered by another doc).
830AM, fingertip dilated (that's it??) OB breaks water. NO gush, not sure it will be effective, may have to try again later. Thinks baby's head may be covering the cervix.
9:30AM steady contractions, pitocin delayed for now. Body seems to be going into labour naturally.
10:30AM contractions 2 mins apart.
12:20PM 2cms, pitocin started to get things moving faster. Asked for epi since contractions were consistently 2mins apart for 2 hours and still a LONG way to go.
1:10PM Epi doc is GOD! Naptime
2:30PM 3cm. Pit up'd.
5:40PM no progress and contractions are slowing. Pit Up'd a BUNCH! Ouch.
6:45PM 4cm.
8:45PM still 4cm. Starting to get tired and frustrated. Pit up'd
9:28PM 6cm, fever creeping up. I warn them it's going to go fast. They doubt me. I tell them shakes are immenant....
9:40PM 9cm. I TOLD THEM!!!!! Violent shakes, nausea, fever. In shock from the speed of the dilation. Pit STOPPED! Baby HR dropping with each contraction. Baby needs to come soon.
9:50PM 9.5cm, doc called. Forceps prepped for no push delivery.
excruciating back pain, baby is sunny side up (just like Mia). OB finds the fissure in his skull and in the middle of contraction, spins him 180 degrees. Instant relief. This is incredible. Mia had lots of intervention because she was sunny side up. Vacuum and episiotomy.
10PM, I'm ready, in stirrups and all, doc hears a blood curdling scream and RUNS from the room. Nurses tell me not to push whatever i do. No worries, I'm not allowed to push anyway...right? Wink
10:11PM doc returns from delivering baby across the hall and grabs forceps, I make a lame comment about no wonder OB wears sneakers after seeing her run from the room. OB comments my laughing is causing Baby to deliver himself!!!! OMG it was so cool. she comments about nature at it's best. Nurses are shocked. They start telling chicken jokes, once I start giggling I can't stop. Owen arrives at 10:25pm, no intervention, no pushing, no pain.

Small 1st degree tear on my scar from last time. 2 stitches. I get to hold Owen for about 30 seconds (Awesome, I didn't get to hold Mia. He is weighed and measured in the room.) Apgars are 6 & 8. He needs to go to NICU, but they let DH carry him there. So happy for no emergency this time.

Spends one night in NICU to control his blood sugar. I am brought in to see him about an hour later. He has low birth weight, but they are sure he can overcome it rooming in with us. He is released to me noon on the 27th. Mia comes to visit minutes later!

We are both released Friday at dinnertime.

Saturday at noon we take Owen to walk in clinic as he is lethargic and not eating. Eyes have gone yellow. Clinic sends us to ER. ER doc admits us Saturday night. Under lights for 2 days. Nose tube as weight is dropping (5lbs 5 ozs) Oshawa hospital is livid we were released from NICU let alone the entire hospital so early. We are released from Oshawa hospital Tuesday evening.

Currently 2 weeks and 2 days. Eating well on a doc recommended time table of every 3 hours. Finally hit birth weight. Weekly doctor appts moving forward to check weight and feeding. Doctors feel he was born earlier then we thought. He was born with no nipples, just buds, which is a developmental milestone he should have reached if he was in fact 35 weeks 6 days. HOWEVER, he couldn't be too much younger or I would have got my BFP BEFORE he was conceived.... So it is up for debate if he was born earlier or later then Mia. Mia was born at 35 weeks 2 days.

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Who would have thought a regular Sunday afternoon would turn into such an adventure! I had been having BHs for a while now and thought my little guy was going to wait until my doctor's apt on his due date the following Tuesday. Well he had other plans! At about 4pm I was starting to have contractions 30 minutes apart and just kept busy doing things around the house. My family was over so I didn't want to make a big deal and thought I had plenty of time before we had to leave for the hospital. It was getting obvious that I was progressing faster than I expected so we decided to leave early. We had a 40 minute drive to the hospital so we wanted to be safe than sorry.

We got to the hospital around 8:30 pm and was checked into triage right away and found out I was 6 cm dialated! They admitted me and I tried to get settled into my room but it was amazing how intense the contractions were so my doctor decided to check me again. I had already dialated to 8 cm in only 30 minutes and I asked for an epidural then. By the time they were able to get things ready to do an epidural I was fully dialated and there was no time to get one- I had to do it without any pain meds! I must admit I was soo scared but I knew I had to do be strong and do it. The urge to push was soo incredible it's amazing and I also go to see the birth because I had a mirror. I don't think I have screamed soo loud in all my life when I saw his little head coming through and soon after his body. What an experience but once they put him on my chest I forgot about all the pain. Having both an epidural and going natural I can say that going natural made me feel like I really experienced birth. Turns out only about 20% of women at that hospital don't get an epidural so my nurse was very proud of me.

I feel soo lucky to have had two reality short stays at the hospital for my births. Skyla was about 5 hours and only 2 for Ty. My mom even took Skyla home because she thought we would be there all night. We thought he would be born on Labor Day and not the night before. The only negatives are that I had a small tear again and I bleed a lot more than with Skyla. Hopefully I will heal sooner this time around. Right after Ty was born he nursed really well and I didn't have any pain which is just an awesome experience! Sometimes I can't believe I am a mommy to two children and that life is really going to change but already Skyla seems to love her little brother so I know things will be great!

Tyler "Ty" Lyman B
Sep 6th
10:40 pm
7 lbs 15 ounces
20 inches


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Since it was a repeat there's not much to tell.

Had to be there @ 8 am Wed. morning. Got down to registration and found out that L & D had been swamped overnight and most likely our time of 11:30 am c-section would be pushed back.

Got up to our starting room @ 8:30am. Moniters hooked up and vitals taken.

Jared got on the phone and called everyone and told them that it was most likely not going to be 11:30 so take your time. About 9 am the nurse came in and said they had pushed UP my time and I would be going within the next hour.

So back on the phone Jared went. His dad is the only one who lives a great distance away from the hospital, everyone else is within 10 minutes.

Well, an hour went by and still not ready to take me back. Sigh!

About 11:30 (the normal time) they came in and walked me back to the OR.

At about 12 noon they started. At 12:16pm Miss Brooklynn made her apperance.

They cleaned her up, weight and all the good stuff.

Then took her and Jared down the hall to get her assesment down and met the rest of the family, while they finished me up.

I left the OR around 1:30 and went back to recovery. Jared went to eat with his brother, my mom was in there with me. Everyone else had went home/back to work/back to school (Jaden). At 2:30 mom and I heard Jared come back threw the doors and he was wheeling Brooklynn along with him.

Got to my post partum room @ 4 and finally got to BF her. She latched right away to the left side. We have had some problems with the right. My nipple is a different shape and smaller on the right, so I guess it has to do with that.

Her apgars were 8 & 9.

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Alexanders birth story.

My scheduled c-section was on the 9th of September at 8:30am. Because I had gone so early with my son and have a bicornate uterus they were giving me biophysical profiles every saturday along with a NST afterwards. Things were going really well he was staying put and I was getting closer and closer to my due date. I was so happy that we made it to full term and I wouldn't have another preemie.

I was getting pretty uncomfortable, I kept explaining it as a bowling ball laying in my pelvis. I know he had dropped and was putting a lot of pressure on me but I was so happy to be full term I didn't really care. I was having a lot of braxton hicks but nothing steady or painful so I just ignored them. I was almost 39 weeks so I just figured I wasn't going to go into labor and I would make it to my scheduled section. Well needless to say Xander had other plans.

We were having some water problems at the place im staying at so the water was turned off. They had a few gallons filled so we could was up, brush teeth and flush the toliet ect. I woke up around 4am feeling like I had a stomach ache and had to have a bowel movement. I really didn't wanna get outta bed and lug a jug of water into the bathroom to flush so i just tried to ignore it and go back to sleep. Well I finally fell back asleep just to wake up and feel uncomfortable again. It took me about an hr to realize that I was having contractions along with back labor and they were about 5mins apart. I stayed in bed and monitored them for about another 30mins and they started getting a little closer, some were 3 and some were 5, so I got up and walked around to see if they were going to go away or get closer. Well they immediately got closer and a LOT stronger. I was really having to breath through them and lean against something for support. I was having really bad back labor and was getting very very uncomfortable.

I decided to call my support person and ride to the hospital. Well she wasn't answering. This has been a pattern with her, she never seemed to be available to help when she said she was going to be and wanted to be. I was getting very irritated and a lot more uncomfortable. I didn't want to have to call 911 because they will not take me to my hospital, they have to take you to the closest one which I did NOT like. I also wanted my hospital and my doctors, of course. Well I found someone that would take me up there but she had to get ready. I guess she didn't realize how close my contractions were and fixed herself breakfast ect. By the time she was ready to take me one of the workers had already called the ambulance and said they'd feel safter me going by ambulance since the contractions were getting even closer.

I get to the hospital, do the normal pee in a cup, put on a gown and lay in bed to get hooked up to the monitors. By this time my contractions are right on top of each other and im feeling a lot of pain but the monitor isn't picking them up at all. Nurse takes my blood pressure and says it was high and that she wanted me to lay on my side so she could try the other side and see if it went down. Well it didn't so she paged the doctor to let him know what was going on and that by the look of me I was having a contraction about every 2mins that were lasting about 40-60 seconds long. The monitor still wasn't picking anything up. They tried a different monitor pad and yep sure enough, viola there were the contractions. Nurse says "Ohhh wow no wonder your in pain, these are pretty strong" all I could think was "yeah no sh*t sherlock I could have told you that". She said since she was finally seeing the contractions she was going to check to see if I was dialted. Said my cervix was thin and short and about 2cm dialated. I was shocked cause I thought I would still be closed like I always was before. She told me she'd be right back and next thing I know im being prepped for surgery. I started crying because I wanted them to transfer me to my hospital. I thought I had time but apparently Xander was not taking his time, he wanted out. They told me not only couldn't they stransfer me to my hospital, but that it was saturday and they couldn't get office records that day so they weren't going to be able to tie my tubes. Great..........just what I wanted to hear. They put in my catheder and give me something to lower my blood pressure which happend to be 160 over 108. Im laying in bed and all the sudden I felt like i was peeing. I asked the nurse if I should feel wet with a catheder in and she said it was normal and it was just cause Im not used to having a cathader. Well I kept feeling it and I told her my water broke and she said okay as soon as i give this strip to the doc i'll check you. Well she disappeared and never came back. They come in to get me to say its ready to walk to the OR and get the show on the road. As soon as I stand up there is water all over the floor. I said I told her my water broke she told me I was wrong. Well there was meconium so they said we needed to hurry and get into the OR so they could get him out. I was having contractions one on top of the other and I was SO ready to be out of pain. They started my surgery at 11:40 and at 12:07 I heard the sweetest lil cry. Finally my lil man was here safe and sound. They kept telling me he was going to be about 8 or 9lbs..........well again they were wrong. 5lbs 10.4 oz such a little thing!! One of the first things I said was he looked just like his brother when he was born.

Because of my situation the last year and where I am now I decided to give Alexander a better life than I could provide for him so I gave him up for adoption. It was not an easy decision to be made, but through a lot of debation, tears and fears I finally picked a family that I thought was suitable for him. I met them just after I had him when they came to the hospital (i kinda made my decision last minute so we didn't have time to meet before) and I instantly fell in love with them and knew they already loved my little boy as if he was their own. I chose an open adoption so I will receive letters/updates and pictures at least every 6mths. They took some pictures for me while they were at the hospital so I could have a picture of the 4 of them (they also adopted a biracial lil boy 2yrs ago and named him Zachary) and then some more of my sweet little boy. Its been hard not having my little man, i love him so much but I know he is so much better off where he is, and when he's older he'll understand why I made the choice for him that I did.

I've been reading up on all the birth stories and congrats to all of you and have fun enjoying your little bundles!!

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Hunter Lane's birth story
9/18/09, 6:10 PM
7 lbs 5 oz, 20.5 inches

I woke up on 9/18 just before 9 am needing to use the restroom as usual. After I went, I noticed that I was still dripping, so I sat there a minute, and that minute turned into two...then three...then four. I obviously realized I wasn't still going to the restroom, checked the color and it was clear, so I put on a pad and went to wake Logan up to let him know that I was pretty sure my water just broke. Apparently what I was telling him didn't quite get through his sleepy mind, he told me to let him sleep since he had to get up for work in 2 hours :rolleyes:

In the meantime, I took a shower, called the doctor who said to come in right away, then called my Mother in Law to come get the dog. Logan finally got up and realized it was actually time to go, and asked if I could tidy up the house and do the dishes while he got ready since people were going to want to come after Hunter was here. I was feeling fine at this point, so I did the dishes while I was in early labor LOL. We finally leave for the hospital around 11, stopping at Chick-fil-a on the way because I was hungry.

We got to the hospital around 11:30, at this point I had only had maybe 2 contractions, and they weren't even as bad as my pre-labor had been, so I was a little worried that things wouldn't start on their own, but my waters had soaked the huge overnight pad, so I knew it was the real thing. They checked me, and I was "grossly ruptured", and around 3 cm, 80% effaced. Right around this point the contractions started picking up, but still not bad, so they started my hep lock and did 20 minutes on the monitor. After a little while resting in the bed I started to feel the contractions stronger, so I ask if it's ok to use the tub, and the nurse said since my doctor didn't have a problem with it so no problem! I stayed in a little while, because it really helped me feel better between contractions, despite not feeling great during them. Around 2 I'm starting to get really restless during the contractions, and they are definitely stronger, so they check me and I'm only up to 3 1/2, but fully effaced.

This is when things start to get a little fuzzy for me. Contractions suddenly moved to about 2 minutes apart, and I moved from the tub, to sitting on the toilet, to the bed, to the birthing ball, and back to each one, mainly settling on the toilet during the actual contractions. Family started to arrive at this point, my sisters and both Moms were in the room for a while, at one point I think I dropped an F-word :oops: and my Mom said "that's what got you here in the first place!" I would have laughed if I wasn't hurting. I quite literally could NOT stay still during the contractions, even though moving didn't help at all, so unfortunately Hypnobabies was not a good fit for my birthing style, but it did keep me calm between. I did at one point mention pain relief, but my wonderful husband reminded me that I told him earlier in the week to say no because I didn't want one even if I asked, and as soon as that contraction ended I realized he was right and told him so Smile

I was doing a lot of vocalizing and moaning, not because it hurt as much as because it just felt really good to make noise. Around 4:30 my Mom noticed a change in my moans, and said the nurse should probably check me. Once I got out of the tub and got checked, they said I was between 7-8 cm, so I couldn't go back and sit on the toilet anymore since they didn't want me delivering there. I was VERY uncomfortable laying in the bed contracting, so I squeezed Logan's hand like crazy and moaned during each one. I also remembered reading in Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth something about a woman using lip trills (the sound a horse makes) to stay relaxed, and that felt GREAT, so I kept it up. By 5 pm I was complete, with just a little lip of cervix, and the next few contractions I started feeling pressure, so they let me start pushing through the lip. Pushing through the contractions was great. I finally felt like we were getting somewhere. At one point my doctor said he had a head full of dark hair, which gave me a new energy to push him out!

Hunter Lane was born at 6:10 pm, 7 lbs 5 oz, 20.5 inches long. I went from 3 1/2 cm to baby in 4 hours, which was crazy but great. I tore just a little, which I later found out was due to his 14-inch head and him coming out with BOTH hands by his face. He was alert and crying instantly, and he was immediately put on my chest while they checked him out. Logan cut the cord once it finished pulsing, and took a few pictures. He stopped crying after 40 minutes, and was up and alert while meeting the family.

My recovery was a little iffy at first, I passed out the first 2 times I got up to use the restroom, found out later my iron dropped by almost 1/3, which explained it. Hunter only nursed once the first 24 hours despite lots of tries, so we stayed another night. After pumping and feeding, we got a nipple shield and he latched like a champ and nursed several times through the night. By Sunday morning, we were both ready to go home! He is eating a ton better, and I am still having dizzy spells but feeling better!

That's our story, now to share more pics from the hospital, where he kept those silly little hands right by his face again.

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Samantha's Birth Story (long long long with pics)

Went in for routine OB appt 9/11, which showed no progress whatsoever beyond the "kinda mushy, maybe a fingertip dilated" stage I had been in for a couple of weeks. He did decide to try to help things along by stripping my membranes... bleh!! I was able to get him to agree to an induction on 9/13 if nothing happened on its own before, so we were scheduled to arrive at L&D at 6:30 am, no food allowed save clear liquids prior to arrival (meh!)...I mean, woohooo!! lol

Sunday, 9/13/09, 6:30 am: Arrive to a very deserted L&D department, the nurses seemed happy to have something to do. Took a bit to get everything all ready to go so Superman was having fun with the camera. Here is the only pregnant belly picture of me in existence, as big as a house at 40 weeks, 2 days:

So, we started my IV pitocin drip around 7 am. The hours crept by slowly, contractions not terribly noticeable, and by 3:30 pm my OB comes in to check me and I am only about 2 cm, maybe 50% effaced. He decides to break my water -- I was hoping to be delivering about now, so this gives me new hope. And yes, things did start to progress nicely: for the next 3 hours my contractions got more and more productive. At least, *I* thought they were being productive, based on my comfort levels anyway. For some reason I kept visualizing each contraction as a level from one to ten, moving upwards as my discomfort increased. By 6 I was at the midway mark and convinced that I was at LEAST 5 cm. I'm starting to think drugs would be nice at this point, and a few contrax had me in tears... the nurse was nice enough to check me and she said I was only 3 cm, 100% effaced.
ALL THAT and only 3 cm???? *cry* She was great, though, and went out of her way to reassure me that NOW things will start to be more productive and move along much faster. I kept saying " I can't believe I'm only 3 centimeters..." Another contraction comes along, I'm crying again and asking for drugs. She assures me that they're the most helpful early along like this to help me relax and take the edge off -- uhh, yeah, I know, make with the dope, lady! She comes back with Nubain, delicious, delightful Nubain which lets me sleep (ooooh, blissful sleep!) for about an hour. It felt like 5 minutes. Poor superman was charged with lightly running his fingers along my back, in such a precise pattern of movement that NASA would've found it difficult to master...and during the Packers game, too, bless his heart!

The next 5 hours or so are kindof a blur, I do recall asking the nurse if I chickened out about NOT wanting an epidural would it still be possible to have one, given that I had already had Nubain -- the answer was yes. I guess that's all I needed to hear, because I never mentioned it again lol.

My contractions stayed the same, just increasing in intensity. I kept waiting for actual pain, and it never came. I was able to breathe through them all, and it really helped that she kept reminding me that it WAS going to end and just take them one at a time. I remember begging her to let me out of bed, as my lower back was just screaming, and she would let me for a short time, then complain that she couldn't monitor the baby's heartbeat and make me lay back down. I got testy and told her internal monitors are great for that... she didn't take me seriously until about 11 pm...while I was in transition, no less. My contractions are really getting intense and she wants me to lay all the way back and let her shove this internal monitor inside me. I'm laying back with 2 pillows under my back and none under my head and she can't attach the darn thing because the baby has too much hair. I so hate my nurse right now. Finally another nurse tries and is successful and I can rise up to a less excruciating position...

...which doesn't matter because NOW I'm feeling lots of pelvic pressure, my body would love to push a baby out, thank you very much. Whaddya mean, I can't push yet?? *sigh* More breathing as they set up the room around me, scarier and stronger urges to push... apparently, according to the delivery report, this lasted 5 minutes. It felt like hours.

My doc shows up, I'm given the green light to push with the next contraction and we just sit there, waiting, for about 3 mins. Thanks for the break, body, but I'm ready to be done! Then it starts up again, and I totally noobed on the first push. Complete failure. Come on, Alice, this is where you shine! PUSH!!! 3 pushes later, heads out, once more - here's my baby. 11 minutes total. Biggrin I got to watch it all for the first time in my life thanks to a strategically placed ceiling mirror. She had the cord around her neck just one time, they cut the cord and placed her on my belly, covered in birth goo. I just pulled her up to my chest and held her, crying.

My Samantha Eleanor was born at 12:11 am on September 14th, 2009, weighing in at 7lbs, 14.7oz, 19.25 inches long. According to the delivery report, I was in active labor for a total of 5 hours, 52 mins. I was starved to death, however, for 20 hours. Stupid hospital policies... Smile Anyway, here's my baby girl:

Poor Superman. I got to sleep, he didn't. It shows.

My favorite picture thus far:

If you've read this far, kudos to you. Smile Thanks. Sorry it took so long...

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After my induction was delayed we waited all day and finally at 5:00pm I called to see if we should just reschedual for the next day. The head nurse told me to come on in that night at 8:00pm
We got there and got checked in, the nurse started taking some blood and blew the vein in my arm. Awesome. So she tried again in my hand and got it, but it hurt and didn't feel right the whole time it was in. She checked me but couldn't reach my cervix so she went and got a different nurse. So she checked me and said I was 3-4 cm, She gave me the first bag of antibiotcs and said they were going to start pitocin at 1:00am Seemed kinda odd but whatever. So we slept for a couple hours and then she came in and started it really low. I could feel contractions but they were light and I slept through them easily. At 7:00-7:30am my dr came in and said she thought they were going to have me come in that morning and would have come in earlier if someone had told her I was there. Oh well....anyway, she checked me and said I was 4-5cm and she broke my water and told them to up the pitocin and get me the epidural. So I started to really feel the contractions and was breathing and relaxing through them really well and almost opted out of getting the epidural until the nurse told me these contractions were hitting about 160 in intensity and she needed to up the pitocin until they reached over 200!!! Thats NUTS! So the dude came to give me the epidural and lo and behold had to try it twice before it worked! The funny thing is it didn't hurt half as bad as getting the stupid IV! So anyway, he finished up and said it would start to work in 15 to 20 minutes, and usually took about 1-2 hours to wear off after it was turned off.
Anyway, in about 5 minutes I was completely and totally numb! I asked the nurse if he gave me more then normal for a walking epidural and she said no.. but I could not move my legs or feel any contractions at all. So there went that! I had them turn it off hoping I would have some feeling before I was complete and ready to push. But half an hour later my dr came in again and I was complete. It was the weirdest thing in the world after two natural unmedicated births... not being able to feel when to push, or even if I WAS! They kept asking if I felt pressure or anything I couldn't, but they said I was pushing fine so I just kept doing what I was doing. Anyway, it only took probably 3 or 4 contractions before she was out, all pink and screaming with a full head of thick black hair. They laid her on my chest right away and she was so sweet smelling and instantly started rooting around for milk. So i put her to my breast and she latched perfectly right away! It was amazing Smile So I let her nurse for a bit before handing her to dh to have her weighed and measured and all that.
Soo..... Ivy Madelyn was born at 10:33am, on Tuesday September 8th
Weighing 8lbs and measuring 20" long
It took almost 5 hours for me to regain the feeling in my legs! ugh.
I am so glad to be home and sooo glad to have my little one in arms finally.
I am pretty sore and really tired but other then that perfectly happy Smile

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Woke up Wednesday feeling fine, then late in the morning I had some weird pain in my hips of all places that seemed to be 20-30 min apart for maybe an hour then stopped. Thought maybe I had to pee LOL.. yeah you get weird pains when you have to pee and your pregnant. Well to spare the squeamish the details what i found in the bathroom was promising. Called the midwife she came over about 1pm and checked me. I was 5cm dilated and effacing. The "pains" stopped and now were replaced by a backache and nausea. She said I was in early labor and that she would stay on this side of town and to call when things picked up or changed. I didn't believe her LOL.. things stopped. then Later in the evening the pains came back but irregular averaging 15 min apart. She told me to sleep some so i went to bed at 9ish. fell asleep though after 9:30.. got woken up at 11pm with a sharp pain that i couldn't ignore.. 7 min later another one. I figured it'd have to stop at some point. took a shower nope didn't go way, after a couple hours of 7 then 6 min apart of these "contractions" I texted the midwife, we then talked, and since they were steady and getting stronger we figured I could get in the tub, at about 1:30 am I got into the tub for the first time, it helped. finally at 2:30 Sherry and Tiffany showed up. I was managing but they were hurting... this continued, stronger, closer, etc.. like a normal birth should.. I have to admit that even laboring with a breech baby the thought of "i can't do this anymore" "its too much" "i'm too tired" etc.. NEVER crossed my mind.. it did repeatedly with this one!! my hips hurt more than ANYTHING. I finally had to give in and ask for help!!! which i never expected to do and I more than once was yelling at myself for not hiring a doula, in my head!!! Thanks to Sherry and Tiffany for jumping in when I couldn't do it by myself any more. This time i remember far more and was FAR more coherent throughout the whole labor. I remember more. I remember that i felt like pushing but that it hurt! so she checked and i had a little lip left at the front of his head.. finally got that out of the way and I could finally feel the need to push for reals!! wow! weird how your body takes over! well I pushed for maybe 30 min. It took more to get this damn head out than it took to get Violets entire body out!!!! but i don't remember pushing for more than a couple of contractions.. maybe 4? then he was here. and swollen LOL and quiet just like his sister although it was almost like he was tired and kinda just chilled for a long while.

we cut the cord, i got out and finished up with everything else, didn't have to go to the hospital, placenta didn't come out right away but i pushed it out. i heard it was sizable and flo called to tell me she ran out of capsules and had to go buy more because it yielded so much LOL...

well after all that they handed him back to me he was hungry and latched perfect first time and has been nursing like a champ since.. and pooping OMG this kid poops!!! did i mention he sleeps?? i think i got 3 hours straight last night? it was awesome!!!

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My due date was September 8, which came and went without any sign of impending labor. My first baby was induced on my due date due to extremely low amniotic fluid and my second was a c-section on my due date - so I had no point of reference for how my body might begin my birthing time naturally. At 41 weeks I asked for an internal exam - 1.5 cm, not very effaced, but the midwife said my cervix was in the perfect position for delivery and the baby's head was extremely low. In the meantime I was trying all sorts of natural induction methods, none of which produced more than a few twinges of pressure waves (contractions). Since I was a VBAC, my husband and I didn't feel comfortable going beyond 42 weeks so we agreed to go in for induction on September 22. My midwife was thrilled I was using Hypnobabies and was completely on board with only using pitocin to get pressure waves started and then let my body take over.

When we got to the hospital, we found that I hadn't dilated any more than I was at 41 wks and were also told my cervix was now extremely high and posterior, so we knew it would take a while. We agreed to the use of a foley bulb catheter to help me open up a bit more. I ended up laboring for 16 hrs on pitocin with no pain meds - Hypnobabies was GREAT! My hospital gown had a pocket on the front, so I clipped my iPod to it and kept one ear bud in the whole time. Even though the pressure waves did start to get stronger and more intense, I was able to stay calm and relaxed through them. It helped, too, to think of them as "rushes" - as Ina May Gaskin calls them...I pictured myself riding on the front of a bullet train as each one propelled itself forward.

After 16 hours, I was at 6.5 cm, but the midwives had different opinions on what station the baby was at, so they broke my water, which seemed to be the start of things going off track. They wanted to do internal monitoring and had trouble getting it in. Two different midwives tried, which was extremely uncomfortable and really blew my focus. They had turned the pitocin down low (possibly even off? I'm not sure) since I was doing well, but then needed to turn it up again, so the pressure waves got a lot more intense again. I was stalled at 6.5 cm for a few hours and knew I was going to need an epidural to go any longer. While they worked on placing the internal monitors, the baby had a few decel's in heart rate, so that caused a lot of commotion! Even with having the Hypnobabies scripts playing and having my husband and doula there with constant support, it was very difficult to get back to that calm and peaceful state. While I desperately wanted an unmedicated VBAC, I knew I needed an epidural in order to have the focus to keep going.

Once I got the epidural, the midwives started talking to us about considering a c-section (because the baby just wasn't descending), but there was NEVER any pressure, which was awesome. We had total support in whatever we decided. It seemed like it took forever for the epidural to really kick in, but once it did, I knew it was better to go ahead with the surgery because there was no way I was going to have the energy and stamina to push for very long.

As it happened, the OR's were backed up and it took almost two hours for one to be available - so by the time they put in the catheter and started really getting ready to take me, we discovered I was fully dilated and complete! I know my husband would have liked to encourage me to try to push, but our doula helped him to understand that if I knew I didn't have it in me, his encouragement would likely only make me feel guilty - so I'm grateful she was there. Once we got into surgery, they discovered all kinds of scar tissue from my previous c-section on my bladder, so they had to spend a lot of time cleaning that up. I'm thankful to have a "reason" for the c-section...I never knew there were any issues and the scar tissue could have caused problems in the future.

Eleanor Elizabeth (Ellie) was born September 23, 2009 at 10:11 PM, weighing 9 lbs 11 oz and was 21 1/2" long. While it was not the birth experience I had hoped for, it did produce the outcome I desired: a strong, healthy, beautiful baby. I do believe we made the right decisions based on the circumstances. It was never an emergency situation and I'm thankful for that. The midwives and doctors were all wonderful, as were all the nurses I had. I am extremely thankful for Hypnobabies and how it worked for me, even in a Plan B situation. I know I have learned skills that I can continue to use well into the future!

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Lexi's Birth

Lexi's Birth Story
Alexis Faith
September 8th, 2009
20 1/2 Inches 8 lbs

At about 4 am my fiance and I got up and got ready, I was having very light random contractions. We got to the hospital for my induction at 5am and they put me in the same room I had my son in and was in when I was sick the week before. When I came in I was still completely closed and everything. They took blood, urine and put my IV in and by 6 am I was on the pitocin. I slept from about 6 to 10 off and on, still having light contractions at random times. As they gave me more and more pitocin the pain got worse and worse. At first I thought this isn't so bad - by the time I had her I was begging God to make it stop and screaming. I was in labor for 2 days with my son and had bad contractions 5 minutes apart the whole time - never screamed once. This was so much more painful - I thought no pain could be worse than my previous labor - man, was I wrong. By noon my contractions were horrible and about 10 - 20 minutes apart. They gave me pain medicine, which did nothing but make me out of it and sleepy. I kept telling them I needed checked and they made me wait and wait - saying this baby probably wouldn't come until tomorrow. They gave me another dose of medicine while I was waiting for my midwife to get there. About 1:30 or 2 the nurse finally checked me and I was dilated to 3 - I had way worse contractions after that and I felt the need to push. ( I also felt like my hip was breaking by this time.)

From about 1 until I had her I was screaming with every contraction, they were telling me to be quiet and breathe. I told them it was either scream or don't breathe at all. I begged the nurse to check me again - it felt like the baby was coming out. She said it's only been a few minutes, but checked anyway she said I was at four and asked if I wanted my epidural - I did. Shortly after the midwife arrived, checked me again and I was dilated to 5. When she was checking me my water broke and she looked at me and said well no going back now your water just broke. She called for the person to do my epidural but all of them were busy with other patients. I had to wait another hour and when the woman got there to do my epidural it took her forever I was begging the nurse to help me sit up which is what they did at my last birth - she was useless. They acted like I should just be fine and not need any help from them. If I ever have another child I will not have it there. Finally they got the epidural in and only half of my body went numb they made me try to lay on my left side - the hip that felt like it was breaking a so they could give me more medicine to numb it.

By that time my midwife was there and she checked me - it was time to push. Everything but the left hip was numb and it felt like it was breaking - every time I pushed the pain would stop I figured this out after the first couple of pushes so after that I just pushed constantly even when taking a breath. The widwife and nurses told me to stop anf breathe I said "will it hurt the baby if I don't?" She said no so I just continuously pushed until she was out - it was such relief and then I saw her and looked at my fiance who was crying and so was I. It was beautiful - best moment of my life along with my son's birth. I was so happy when they told me I didn't have to have stitches and I have healed quickly and everyone was so impressed with how much better I felt than the last time I gave birth.

Lexi is perfect - a beautiful angel and already spoiled rotten.



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Ian Christopher

September 20, 2009
8 lbs 8 oz
21.5 in long

So, here is my story...

Friday, Sept 18th I woke up in the early am with contractions. I sat on the couch timing them until I knew that they were close together and regular, then I woke DBF up. He showered and had a cup of tea before we packed all of our bags out to the truck and headed to the hospital. We got registered and put into a room where the nurses checked me over and asked me all sorts of questions. At this point when the Dr checked me, I was only 50% effaced and not dialated, so they sent me home on a day pass. I was to check in with the nurses by calling in later that night if nothing had changed.

Since I barely got any sleep, I had a nap, some lunch and then hung out at home... my contractions had tapered off eventually stopped. So, I ended up going for a 2 mile walk and then took a very bumpy quad ride with DBF. Nothing happened until early the next morning.

I woke up to more painful contractions early Saturday morning. I walked around the house and sat on the couch for a couple of hours before waking DBF up. We headed to the hospital again. This time I was completely effaced and dialated 1 cm. So, I changed into a gown and made myself at home. I quickly figured out that laying in bed made my back labour unbearable, so the nurse brought in the yoga ball for me.... SOOOO much better.

The Dr arrived around 10 am and attempted to break my water. OMG that was so uncomfortable! He couldn't break it but after sitting/rolling on the yoga ball for 3 hours, I got up to go to the bathroom and my water started to leak.... except it had meconium in it. I called the nurse right away and they confirmed my suspicion. I started to panic but the nurse said that one in four labours are like this and that it was just something that they had to check once he/she arrived.

At the staff change (3 pm) my friend's mom arrived (she's the head nurse) and was my nurse. I was sooooo happy. She was professional but very caring and sensitive too. At 5 pm, I was so exhausted and the contractions were getting worse so I requested a shot of morphine to help me relax enough to catch a few zzzz's. I managed to get an hour of "rest" while DBF snuck away to shower, grab supper and rest at home.

The rest of the day/night was a blur. I am not sure at what time I was dialated except at 1 am I was 5-6 cm.... that was almost 20 hours of labour and I was progressing soooo slowly. My friend's mom was suppose to go home at 11 pm but she opted to stay with me, which I have thanked her and thanked her and thanked her for. The Dr and my nurse both recommended that I start the drip to get things moving along. I didn't want to but I was getting tired and didn't know how much longer it would take until baby decided to make his/her arrival.

OMG OMG OMG.... they had to have me in bed because I was hooked up to the fetal monitor while I was on the drip. DBF was sitting behind me, putting pressure on my lower back as my back labour was horrendous. The nurse (my friend's mom) sat across from me, monitoring the results, holding my hand and helping me through my contractions which were sooooooo painful, 2 minutes apart and anywhere from 55 to 70 seconds long. They were so painful that I was passing out in between contractions. DBF was so tired he was sleeping in between my demands of putting pressure on my back. The nurse said that I was the youngest person she's ever known with such a high pain threshold. After 4 hours on the drip, the nurse checked me again. I remember praying that I was at least 8 cm. Then, I saw her put her fingers up to the chart on the wall and it was only at 6 cm still. She didn't even look over at me or DBF and she left the room. I looked at DBF and said "I'm having a c-section". He looked confused and I explained that I hadn't progressed and that the chance was VERY high that they would be sending me to the city for a c-section.

Sure enough, the Dr and my nurse returned 10 minutes later. My Dr sat on the edge of my bed and patted my leg. He said he was so proud of me and how hard I had worked and that I had done everything right... but that he was sending me to the city and that they were expecting me. I would have the choice of continuing on the drip but with an epidural or having a c-section. I said "I'm exhausted". He looked at me and said so nicely and seriously "Then make sure you tell them that". Minutes later I was being strapped to a gurney to go via ambulance to the city 30 minutes away. As they were prepping me, I looked at DBF's face and it was red and he looked like he was going to cry. He looked so scared for me and the baby. But, luckily the baby was not appearing to be stressed and I had already made the decision to have the surgery... I was tired and didn't want to try any longer for fear of stressing baby out.

The ambulance ride was awful... the hiway isn't the smoothest and the ambulance had poor shocks LOL. When they hooked me up to the monitor at the hospital my contractions slowed down to 8 minutes apart and only 30 seconds long... and they were a lot less painful. The OB GYN came and talked to us and explained our options. I told her I wanted to go ahead with the c-section. An hour later I was prepped for surgery. I was riddled with emotions: fear, excitement, thankfulness, etc. Once I was ready, they brought DBF in... he still looked scared. The staff were great and the anesthetist gave me a play by play.... oh yeah... the spinal was soooooooo weird feeling! Anyway, he gave DBF the word that he could look so he could tell me what it was and all he said was "I'm right". It wasn't until my baby boy was in my sight that I started to tear up. I couldn't believe he was hereand we were both ok... his apgar score was 9 Smile They cleaned him up, wrapped him and brought him over so I could see him before they whisked him away and started to stitch me up.

I spent an hour in recovery wondering and replaying the morning in my head. They took me up to my room where DBF and baby were waiting for me.... in pefect timing too because he was hungry. With the help of the nurse, he latched on right away and we ended up having few problems.

Sorry it took me so long to get this here..... you know how it is....:D